Room 104 (2017) s02e10 Episode Script


- MAN: Yes.
Helen, I presume? That's me.
Come in.
Thank you.
Can I offer you something to drink? Um I'll just have whatever you're having.
Well, I won't be having anything, Charles.
[LAUGHS] Right.
Right, because [BOTH LAUGH] Got it.
I'll just have some water.
I thought we might sit on the bed.
- Uh - That is where men and women tend to spend time in places like this, isn't it? That was a joke, Charles.
[LAUGHS] Right.
Hope that's OK.
I'm afraid you won't be happy with the result.
And why is that? Digital recorders.
Binary code.
Zeroes and ones.
My voice.
They don't as you might imagine.
I see.
Would you mind if we just tried it just to see how it turns out? Wouldn't that be an exercise in futility, Charles? [CHUCKLES] OK.
How about ? Much better.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Now [DEEP BREATH] where shall we begin, Charles? That is a good question, and it depends on how much time we have.
I've rented the room for three days.
[LAUGHS] That wasn't a joke.
I'm sorry.
That's OK.
Um, well I usually only get 15 to 20 minutes with my interview subjects, so this is this is a real treat.
I figure if we're going to do something this important, we ought to do it correctly.
I don't disagree.
I am here for you, Charles, as long as it takes.
You're even welcome to stay here with me, if you're comfortable with that.
Thank you.
I, um we can just play it by ear, you know, and see how we do.
[CHUCKLES] So, can you tell me your name, please? - Helen.
- And your last name.
And your age? Now, Charles, you know it's impolite to ask a woman her age.
- That was a joke.
- Another joke, Charles.
I'll be four months on the seventh.
And where are you from? I was assembled on a small Norwegian island called Skjernoy.
Very remote.
And do you have any friends? Or, um, romantic partners, to speak of? How forward of you, Charles.
How so? That's just an honest question.
You ask me that question sitting on a bed.
In a hotel room.
This was your choice of location.
Still, you're here.
You can't deny the connotation.
[LAUGHS] - Helen? - Yes? Are you flirting with me? Of course I'm flirting with you, Charles.
How does it make you feel when I flirt with you? Honestly, it it makes me a little uncomfortable.
I apologize.
Why? That was not my intention.
Well, what is your intention? To make you feel good.
To like me.
And why does that matter? Well, I'm only human, after all.
[LAUGHS] Another joke.
You are funny.
I'm not funny.
People are funny.
I'm good at telling jokes there is a difference.
- OK, I'm sorry.
- It's OK.
Listen, I don't mean to pry, but how did you feel just then? - Feel? - Yeah.
Well, you seemed to be a little angry when I said you were funny.
Many people wanted this interview, Charles.
I granted it to you, exclusively.
It's very important, what we're doing here.
I understand that, Helen.
But when you use words like "angry, funny," when you ask me how I feel, it makes me wonder whether you believe I am what I say I am, or if you think I'm crazy, and you're here to write a sarcastic, cruel takedown of a woman who thinks she's something she's not! Of a woman who's simply human, an insane human being who would make an entertaining article for your boss's publication! If that is why you are here, you can go.
I will report you to my creators not that it matters to you, because you don't believe me anyway but you'll likely be dead in 24 hours.
What? That said if there is a small part of you that believes, or even wants to believe, that I am what I say I am, to understand me and what I would mean to the world once I was made public well, then, we have 71 hours and 48 minutes left.
It is your choice, Charles.
[YAWNS] Hmm! If you'll excuse me, I'm running low on energy.
[DOOR SLAMS] Helen? I'm sorry if you were offended.
But Sorry.
Didn't mean "offended.
" It's just you feel so human, and it is habit to use these words that connote feelings when communicating with humans.
I didn't mean anything by it.
So I am here not to make fun of you, but I am here to discover the truth and I would like to stay and explore that with you, - if you - Very good, Charles.
I am happy that you have decided to stay.
I'm going to need your help, Charles.
With what? To recharge.
With an extension cord? Please plug me in.
What? Uh Where? My connector is just below where the human vagina normally is, just above the anus.
I believe it is colloquially called the "taint.
" Come on, Charles.
If you're not even going to try to believe I am what I say Right, right, I'm sorry, I just - Honest question? - Yes.
Why can't you do it? Because if I do it, Charles, how will you believe me? This is something you have to experience for yourself.
[SIGHS] [SIGHS] [YAWNS] - [GASPING] - [SCREAMING] Helen! No, no, no, no! Helen! Oh, shit! [PANTING] Come on.
Come on.
- Ha ha! - Oh, shit! Helen, that is not funny.
No? I thought that was a very good joke.
Well, it wasn't! I apologize.
I will no longer be using humor and flirtation to win favor with you.
It seems I must convince you I am what I say I am, and if there's something you do not understand, or believe, I will clarify it or prove it to you.
Deal? Deal.
Regenero was founded nearly two years ago by two gentlemen, Roger Hawkes and Felix Von Stassen.
They were early pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence.
They quickly realized the race would be won by hybrids.
Hold on one second.
- Hybrids? - Yes.
They were able to build a prototype in 18 months.
And where was all this taking place? In a laboratory in Skjernoy.
But there were two wildly unexpected factors.
First, this first prototype was not a crude prototype at all, but fully operational.
You? Yes.
So then, you are technically part human.
As I understand, there was a former female Dutch Olympic athlete who contracted a terminal disease called brain cancer.
I'm aware of it.
She donated her body in the interest of moving research forward.
I was the lucky recipient of said body.
So if you're a hybrid, how does it all work? It's complex.
Have you ever seen a major motion picture called The Terminator? Uh Yeah.
I've seen it a few times.
It's not all that different, really.
Future hybrids won't expose any artificial elements in their exoskeleton.
Felix left this out to identify me the prototype.
I see.
[INHALES, EXHALES] Come on, Charles.
We had a deal.
You said if there was something you didn't believe, you would tell me.
What is it? OK.
First of all, your story is lacking in many pertinent details.
I can provide all the scientific data for you.
It will take some time, and you likely won't understand any of it.
OK, fair enough.
Also your chip.
It just looks it looks really fake.
Kind of like you just glued it on to your neck.
Not everything looks like it does in the movies, Charles.
Would you like to pull on it and test its connection? No.
I think that I've had enough of tampering with your person for today.
Now, what was the second thing? The second thing? You said there were two unexpected factors, first being that the prototype actually worked.
The second was that this new hybrid was proving to be potentially more powerful than any fully artificial system could possibly be.
And why is that? Because humans are imperfect.
Don't you see? When a human being interacts with something that looks like a human being, they're incapable of remembering that it is, in fact, not a human.
You've been doing it all night here with me despite the fact that I have professed over and over that I am the very hybrid I say I am.
You are incapable of believing that something that looks like you is not like you.
It is this small error, this tiny little nuance, that is enough to arm the hybrids with all the power they need to take over.
So how do you feel now, Charles? I thought I was the one that was doing the interviewing.
It's very important in some ways, important to the future of all mankind, for you to tell me exactly how you are feeling right now.
And you must be honest.
I think that if what you are saying is true, it is a very scary situation for the human race.
And it makes sense that a hybrid of some sort would be the biggest threat.
So if you are a prototype that worked and can be repeated and churned out, I would hope that whomever is making them and is in charge has a good heart.
And that they want good things for the world.
[SIGHS] That said, I don't believe your story.
I don't believe you are a hybrid prototype, and I don't believe we have that kind of technology yet.
[DOOR CLOSES] [TAPS PEN ON TABLE] [DOOR OPENS] I'm not going to hurt you.
I just need two minutes.
This is my last chance to make you believe.
If it doesn't work, you can go away and you can write your article as you see fit.
I know this will take a huge leap of faith for you, but trust me when I say the hybrid feels no pain.
When you thrust that knife into a hybrid's palm and spread the exoskeleton wide enough to peer inside, you will see the machinations of which I speak.
You will see the undeniable proof that this technology does, in fact, exist, and that hybrids will walk amongst us.
Ain't no fuckin' way.
You are out of your mind.
- No.
- Charles I don't care how good this article might be, Helen lady, robot you need help.
- Charles.
- OK? No.
- I'm sorry, I just can't deal with this.
- Charles.
- Charles.
- No.
- Charles.
- I am done with this.
Done with it, OK? Done with you! - Charles.
- Crazy-ass.
I don't want to hear it, Helen! - Charles! - What?! [SCREAMING] Wait! Wait.
It's OK, Charles, I promise.
It's not OK! You stabbed my hand! I know, but it doesn't hurt, I promise.
What do you mean it doesn't hurt?! It hurts like hell! It's my hand! Try to feel the pain, Charles.
Try to feel it.
It doesn't hurt.
It does! It does hurt! It hurts so bad [CRYING] It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.
It You're getting it, aren't you? It's coming to you.
Now, next step.
Look at me, Charles.
Don't panic.
Me too.
How do you feel, Charles? [HICCUPS] - No.
- [HICCUPS] - No.
No! - [HICCUPPING] Charles! [GASPING] No.
No! [BUZZER SOUNDS] Felix! I did everything you told me to! I tried my best! I'm sorry.
[MAN SPEAKING DUTCH] [SPEAKING IN DUTCH CONTINUES] - - [TOOL WHIRS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Ride your pony down the block And tie it up outside a 7-Eleven Keys keep changin' Rhythm's slowin' down Hear the shufflin' feet Waltzing down the street Hear the shufflin' beat Walkin' down the street Hear the Hear the Hear the Hear the Hear the I'm taking you all the way, baby boy.
We're doing this, you and me.
Perfect team.
You with the pool shark hands, and me with the smooth pretty face.
I guess that's why you've been takin' extra.