Room 104 (2017) s02e11 Episode Script


[MUSIC PLAYING] GIRL ON TV: Hey, Natalie, what's the problem? GIRL 2: No problem, if my test was on Kool & the Gang.
[LAUGH TRACK] If you're referring to my singing, it helps me think.
If you don't put that thing away, I'm gonna sit on your neck! [LAUGH TRACK] [WATER RUNNING IN SHOWER] GIRL 1: I hate that hat.
[SHOWER TURNS OFF] GIRL 2: This is my exam hat.
I wear it twice a year, every year.
She knows that.
[DOOR OPENS] That is some motherfuckin' water pressure right there, man.
That is some Zestfully clean shit right there.
[TV CONTINUES PLAYING] What you watchin'? - I don't know.
- What's it about? I'm not sure.
Is it good? Yeah.
Is it this good? Ollie.
Knock knock.
Crack attack! [LAUGHS] Yeah.
Keep you on your toes, man.
[PAPER BAG RUSTLING] [TV CONTINUES] [DROPS CUBE IN GLASS] [POURS LIQUOR] Little bit of heaven right there, man.
[CLEARS THROAT] [CLEARS THROAT] MAN ON TV: Heavy words from the Soviet leaders All right, Ollie, m'boy let's see how we did tonight.
Still can't believe that motherfucker Larry dude comin' up in there with them dinosaur-lookin' motherfuckin' yellow-assed crusty toenails pokin' through his sandals like that.
Who the fuck he think he is, disrespectin' a place like that? I swear, man, every now and then I start to feel sorry for one of these stupid motherfuckers we put the hustle on, and then I meet somebody like Toenail Larry, disrespecting the joint.
Make me want to drop a pool cue right through his fuckin' dirty-ass, fucked up foot.
Should've took his dumb ass for everything he's worth.
- I thought we did.
- Huh? I thought we did take him for everything.
Didn't we? Yeah, his cash, we got him for all his cash, but I mean like his his fuckin' house.
His car or some shit like that.
Be nice for us to have our own car at some point, instead of ridin' around in fuckin' buses all the time.
You know what I'm sayin'? Mmm.
All right.
Here ya go.
Took out 14 for the room.
That leaves, uh, 47 for you.
What else is on? MAN ON TV: Everyone in the community is still in a bit of a shock We only made $47? No, 94 total.
I took out 14 for the room.
That's 47 for you, 47 for me.
Man, I played a lot tonight.
Yeah, I know, I was there.
I was settin' that shit up.
I know, it's just It's just what, Ollie? We used to make more money than this.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
We did.
In the bigger cities with the bigger halls, bigger idiots, bigger wallets yeah, sometimes we did.
But we played those places out already, so now we gotta hustle more.
Smaller venues, smaller paydays.
Just the way it is right now.
It's just, don't make sense, man.
What don't make sense to you, Ollie? Seems to me a person gets better at a job as he goes along, right? Works more years at it, gets better at it.
The pay should be going up instead of down.
We been on the road four years now, we makin' $47 a night? At this point? Shit don't make sense, Franco.
Look at you, Ollie.
[LAUGHS] You got a motherfuckin' business mind up here after all.
[FRANCO LAUGHS] I agree with you.
Does seem kind of wrong.
They call the kind of shit we doin' a race to the bottom.
The harder we work, the more people out there realize that you are a real player and I'm a real hustler.
So we start makin' less and less 'cause nobody out there wants to play us.
But it's gonna be all good because I got a plan, my cuz.
My cuz-cuz cousin.
I got a motherfuckin' master plan.
Like I always do.
[LAUGHS] Always lookin' out for Franco and Ollie.
Ever since we was kids.
Got all that shit up here cookin' in my noggin.
What is this? The Jewish Activist Center No.
That is the next phase of Franco and Ollie.
That is the Atlantic 9-Ball Open Rally.
$250 to enter, $25,000 cash prize for the winner.
Hmm? Yeah! That is how we get out of this dead-end road hustle bullshit and take it to the fuckin' bank.
Right? Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! We got it! MAN ON TV: would continue to push our deficit even higher.
- I don't know, man.
- You're not gettin' it.
Don't you see? This is what we been training you up for these last four years on the road.
Hell, we been training you up ever since I moved in with you when we was kids, when we was 7 and 9 years old.
Workin' on bank shots and top spins and all of the shit in the back room at Willie's.
It was all leading up to this moment right here.
Hmm? Me and you.
Me with the smooth pretty face [CLICKS TONGUE] you with the pool shark hands.
Hmm? Perfect team.
Like we always been.
Like fuckin' brothers.
MAN ON TV: But now, more to come on this evening's report.
Ever since hazardous classroom conditions your m I'm gonna turn this shit off.
College basketball heats up.
This and all [TURNS TV OFF] When your mama took my ass in like I was her own, fed me, clothed me I ain't never gonna forget that shit.
It's a debt I owed to her, and now that she's gone, it's a debt I owe to you.
And I'm takin' you all the way, baby boy, we doin' this, you and me.
You hear me? You and me.
You with me? Hmm? [PATS OLLIE'S BACK] Hmm? [SING-SONG] Franco and Ollie, about to make dough, Franco and Ollie, always on the road.
Come on, man! Hmm? What the fuck is up with you, man? You hearin' what I'm sayin', right? You get it, right? Hmm? I'm not stupid.
I hear you.
What the fuck is with you tonight, Ollie, man? Damn! - It's just, like - Just what, Ollie? It's just, you didn't tell me that the plan was for us to be doin' tournaments.
OK, so now you know the plan.
I know, but, like if we doin' tournaments, that's that's a whole different thing, like, I mean, if we doin' tournaments, I'm gonna be the one doing the playin', right? Uh, yeah.
So what are you gonna be doin'? - I'm the manager.
- I know that.
So I will be fuckin' managin' you.
Look, Ollie, I know you ain't the brightest bulb and all, but this makes sense to you, right? Look, man, I'm not stupid.
You keep sayin' that.
I'm not stupid, all right? I get it.
What I'm sayin' is, like, when we out on the road hustlin', I get it, like, you do important things, you do stuff, you go in, you Yeah, I do things.
I D-Damn right, I do things.
I do a lot of things.
You do stuff.
You do things.
That's what I said.
You go places, you do stuff.
Why you seem so unclear on that? - I'm just - Yeah, I do things.
But when it come to the tournaments I got the money set aside for that fee.
I'm doin' the playin'.
The games is already set up.
I don't see that bein' a 50-50 thing.
Well, OK.
All right, I see, man.
- It's a question of my value.
- Franco, I'm not tryin' to No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You got to talk.
Let me say my piece now.
Let me explain something to you, Ollie.
Hmm? I don't think you realize how much fuckin' hard work, skill, dedication, brain power, goes into this operation I created for us here.
Somebody gotta book the bus tickets, gotta find the cheapest room to stay in town.
Gotta find a pool hall that don't know about us yet, gotta sniff out the player in there that you can definitely beat to get things rollin'.
Then I gotta make sure I sniff out any other hustlers in there that got us beat, avoid them, set you up with just the right sucker who got more money than skill, make the deal with him, or his motherfuckin' piece-of-shit-ass manager, then distract said piece-of-shit manager with conversation while you're playin', but still keep my eye on the game so I know how much to bet - come next round.
- I know all No, no, no, no, no.
Let me fuckin' finish, Ollie.
And I do this shit over and over and over again, plus I gotta keep it all positive and shit all the time 'cause you up here questionin' me and everything, man, and acting all moody all the time, like tonight.
So So I ain't just the manager, I'm your fuckin' shrink, too.
- But I don't need a shrink.
- Yes, you do, whether you realize it or not.
Whether you ask for it or not, you do.
And you need me to do all the shit I do for you and to take care of you, and the only thing you gotta fuckin' do is go out and play with some fuckin' sticks and balls when I tell you to, and with who I tell you to play with.
That's it.
That's your whole fuckin' job.
That's not all I do.
That is all you fuckin' do! Ollie! That's it! But you don't see me complainin' and questionin' your value in the 50-50, do you? But I'm workin' with what I got, and what I got is a fuckin' half-wit who plays with sticks and balls as a partner, and he's up here tellin' me that I ain't worth my weight in the 50-50? What the fuck are you talkin' about? Let me tell you some shit.
That sounds like a big old "fuck you" to me.
Because I think I'm worth my 50 percent, and a hell of a lot more, if you ask me.
[TAMPS OUT CIGARETTE] [CLOSES WINDOW] So, I guess that's why you been takin' extra.
Excuse me? I said, so that's that's why you been takin' extra.
What the fuck you talkin' about, Ollie? Pull your money out and count it up next to mine for me.
You think I'm cheatin' you Just count the money, Franco.
- Why? - Who not? - So you don't trust me now? - Should I? I been livin' with you for over 30 years, your mama raised me like I was her own.
- I know.
- Like brothers.
I know! Just count the money, Franco! No, thank you, Ollie, I already counted it.
Well, I did, too.
While you was in there hittin' them high notes, singing that "Zestfully clean" commercial.
You went through my shit? I ain't as dumb as you think, Franco.
I know how to count, too.
I know how to count up to $94, and I know how to count to $95, too.
- Yeah, it was around that.
- No, it wasn't around nothin'.
You said it was 94, and it was 95, I counted it twice, damn near three times! And I know that big-ass head of yours don't miscount.
You never miscount! So you tell me why I'm the one who gets 47 and you're walkin' around with 48.
Answer me that.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
A dollar? That's what this whole motherfuckin' thing is about, a-a dollar?! You lied to me.
Whoa! [LAUGHING] Whoo! A do A fuckin' dollar? I didn't have any change.
I couldn't split it.
So I figured I would give you the extra dollar next time we had a odd number.
So why not tell me that? 'Cause I 'Cause I didn't think it was important! So it's important to lie to me instead and say it's 94.
I didn't want to confuse your brain with the details.
- Stop sayin' I'm stupid! - Well, if you're gonna take me to the mattress over a fuckin' dollar, I think you're pretty fuckin' stupid, Ollie.
It's not about the dollar.
I don't know what the fuck this is about, man.
It's about you thinkin' you're better than me! - Shut the fuck up.
- You just said it! You just said it.
That I'm not good for shit but a stick and balls! You could've gave me that extra dollar, but no, you chose to keep it for yourself and lie to me about it.
The fuck, man? We're supposed to be brothers and that shit right there, that fucks up our brotherhood, man! That breaks our trust! And I can't trust you no more, Franco.
This is insane.
Why'd you lie to me then, man? Why not say something truthful for once? What do you want me to say, Ollie? Huh? I gave myself an extra dollar.
Yeah, sure.
Maybe the fuckin' back of my mind told me to do it because I think I'm worth more than 50-50.
Or maybe that shit was just random, I don't know.
But if you're willing to blow this whole enterprise up over a fuckin' dollar, all I got to say is fuck you, my brother.
Fuck you.
Because I'll go out there and I'll find another player who will appreciate me and what I bring to the table.
- You can't find nobody.
- Yes, I can! I can find somebody who appreciate me! 'Cause your ass is fuckin' ungrateful.
And petty.
And temperamental and fuckin' fragile.
So you want your dollar? [RUMMAGING] Here.
You happy? I hope so.
'Cause I'm done with you.
We done.
But you can sleep here, though.
I pay for half this room anyway, and you snore like a fuckin' grizzly bear.
- Get the fuck outta here, man.
- Whatever, Ollie, man.
I just don't want to see you when I get up.
[RUSTLING] [CLEARS THROAT] Actually fuck that.
I changed my mind.
Give me the dollar back, Ollie.
What dollar? Hand it over.
I don't know what you talkin' about, Franco.
You said it was $94, right? We split it 50-50.
Ha ha.
Shut the fuck up.
Don't piss me off.
Give me the fuckin' dollar.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
I'm gonna be real nice about it.
Give me the dollar, please.
Well, since you asked so nicely Mmm.
Taste like chicken.
Beat your ass.
[BOTH GRUNT] Ahh! [YELLING] FRANCO: Give it OLLIE: Aah! - Get off me! - Give me the fuckin' dollar.
- Fuck you, man! - Give me the dollar! [YELLING, GRUNTING] Come on, bitch.
Give it to me! Give it! Let it go! [OLLIE YELLS] Come on.
[LOUD CLATTER] - Give me that fuckin' dollar.
- No! What's wrong with you? You gonna kick me? Yeah! Back up! Come on, man [BOTH YELLING] - Give me the dollar! - Fuck no! [PANTING] - Punch you in your dick.
- No, you not.
- Fuckin' dollar, man - Get the fuck off of me.
Oh, fuck.
Fuck, your face.
I know what you're thinking.
"Why am I subjecting myself to this war zone?" 'Cause I want to.