Rosario + Vampire (2008) s01e02 Episode Script

Succubus and a Vampire

1 Dear Mum and Dad, I'm relieved to say that the dormitory I am staying in at Youkai Academy has single-rooms.
Why, you ask? What a good nights sleep! Hey, you transformed while you were sleeping.
Oh crap, that's against the school rules isn't it But hey, isn't it the same for you? Yeah, you're right.
Yes, this is a school built and designed by monsters, for monsters to attend.
I have to wait a month for the bus to come back and return me back to my world Until then, I can't let anyone know that I'm actually human.
Look, it's the lengendary new student, Akayashi Moka-chan.
She's radiant, so radiant! Moka-chan! Good morning, Tsukune! Good morning, Moka-san Damn! What the hell?! It's that Aono Tsukune guy! He might not look like it, but he carries the power to defeat that delinquent monster, Komiya Saizou! Okay, okay, okay, thanks for the explanation ~chuu.
Since when did I defeat him? What's wrong, Tsukune? Let's go! They're holding hands?! TL Note: This is a pun on the words for rhyming for these three lines: I'm jealous! This is painful! So envious! Hey, Tsukune.
I think it must be lonely for you to be in a school full of monsters, But if something is troubling you, please come and tell me.
I'll do my best to help you.
Even though it scared me when she suddenly turned into a vampire, Moka-san is really friendly, after all.
Tsukune Moka-san Tsukune Moka-san I can't I overslept and haven't had my breakfast, so Could it be? Moka-san Sorry I'm not your breakfast! Tsukune! There's no wound, and it doesn't hurt that much, but but Moka-san is a vampire after all.
If that scary Moka-san was her true nature What am I doing in such a scary school! Someone Excuse me All of a sudden I got a little dizzy I'm sorry, but could you give me a hand? Yes, of course Are you alright? What is wrong? N-nothing! Anyways, I have to take you to the infirmary.
Thanks for helping me.
I'm really useless.
When I smell Tsukune's blood, I can't resist at all.
At any rate, I have to apologise! Sorry to bother you, Tsukune-kun.
Oh, it's nothing.
Wait, how did you know my name? Geez, aren't we in the same class? Huh, is that so? Yes.
See? Even if you say see Although she's a cute girl, but she's a monster too, right? Are you okay? Sorry.
I've been weak ever since I was born.
Sometimes, my breasts will Breasts? Squeeze just like this, like it's about to burst! It's bouncing It's squeezing See, so much She's a monster, but even monsters feel great! What was I thinking? Tsukune-kun.
W-what is it? Look at my eyes.
I'm Kuruno Kurumu.
Please be my friend.
What beautiful eyes And it's bouncing and squeezing That's right, it doesn't matter if they're a monster or human.
Oh my, Tsukune! That's weird, my body is moving on it's own No Tsukune Who is that person? My, aren't we in the same class? Right, Tsukune-kun? Yeah same class Again, my body is Let's go, Tsukune-kun.
Class is about to start.
Okay Wait, Tsukune! No, I won't wait for you.
Because Moka-san will treat me as her breakfast.
Why did I say those things to Moka-san? That's so mean! Treating you as breakfast.
Let's get going, before you get eaten.
Yeah, you are right.
No, that's not it.
Tsukune Among famous novelists who are cat lovers, Uchida Hyakken stands out! He was a pupil of Natsume Souseki TL Note: Uchida Hyakken (Real name Uchida Eizo) was a Japanese author who wrote many novels, one of them being "I am a Cat: The Fake Version".
Everything Teacher Nekonome is saying refers to modern literature.
So that girl is Kurumu-chan What is her relationship with Tsukune? Why did I say those things back then? I need to talk Moka-san later.
She's looking.
Just a bit more.
My, it looks like it's time.
Then we will end here today.
Moka-san Geez, he's gone head over heels for her.
You are a vampire, right? That's one of the rumors, Akashiya Moka-san.
Did you just see that? Yes, it's pure white! There's that, but the most important is those bouncing breasts! Her body is so small, yet why are her breasts are so big? It must be from the lineage of 'milky way' breasts! I came here to challenge you.
A challenge? You are in the way of my grand plan.
Plan? Yes, to turn all of Youkai Academy's boys into my love slaves.
The Youkai Academy Harem Transformation Plan! Eh? This is the succubus Kuruno Kurumu's flawless plan! Isn't it against school rules to reveal your true identity? But you, Akashiya Moka, Instead of falling for me, all the boys are falling for you instead.
Ignoring that, the school rules You guys, this conversation is off topic.
I won't forgive you.
My charms shouldn't have lost to you! They're going at it! It's going to be a big storm! That's why I've decided to steal Aono Tsukune from you, and defeat you completely! But This has nothing to do with Tsukune! Ah, found you! I was searching for you, Moka-san.
This'll be hell.
It's gonna rain blood.
How dreadful.
Tsukune Erm About earlier Tsukune-kun! Sorry, but I need to talk to Moka-san.
There wasn't anything to talk about Tsukune, let go of her.
Eh? Why? Why what? She's dangerous! There's no such thing I just noticed that you smell really good, Tsukune-kun.
Yes, just like a human.
His blood must be tasty.
That's not it! I'm not using him or anything, I just I see.
That's why Moka-san wanted to befriend me.
Just like this morning Why am I saying things I don't mean? What? Seems like I really am just breakfast for Moka-san.
No, you're wrong! Akashiya Moka is smashed! Yay, I made that wench cry! Why did I say such terrible things to Moka-san? Moka-san's tearful face is just priceless! No matter how I think about it, I said too much.
Tsukune-kun? I have to apologise to Moka-san.
Wait! You must be feeling depressed, Tsukune-kun.
But, it's alright, because I'll comfort you.
It would be too dangerous to broadcast the following scenes ~chuu.
Do I really just want Tsukune's blood? I don't even know what is what anymore.
Is this the time to be depressed? Tsukune is only enchanted by that succubus' lure, It's called "Charm", and he's merely being controlled by it.
What's this? The rosary Those who receive the succubus' kiss will be subservient, and their energy will be sucked from them until they die.
That can't be! Hurry.
Hurry? Where to? Hey! Tsukune! Kurumu-san? Don't move.
But I'm also very nervous.
You'll be the first one I've tried this ability on.
That's why Don't run.
It's no good I can't move.
Alright? Not like that Not so tightly! Be gentle, alright? I'm sorry.
I just can't do it.
How could that be? One more "Charm"! I said such terrible things to Moka-san just now, and also Is that woman so great? I even did something like this! I even did such embarassing things to get you! Enough! I'm angry now! I'll destroy everything that's related to that woman! Stop it! Moka-san! Don't lay a finger on Tsukune! Take this chance to escape, Tsukune! You came to save me, Moka-san? That person's true form is a Succubus.
Her gaze has the power to enslave men.
Then, those terrible things I said to you Tsukune! O-Ow Are you alright, Tsukune? Alright.
I'll just kill both of you together.
Watch out, Tsukune! like a knife through butter Were you hurt, Tsukune? Moka-san Thank goodness.
Seems like you're fine.
Moka-san Please, take the rosary on my chest off quickly.
At this rate, we will It won't come off.
How could that It did come off the other time Akashiya Moka! The rumour of you being a vampire is only to trick guys, right? It's just as well, You two can die in each others arms! No! Spare him and kill me instead! You're still trying to protect your precious food, Akashiya Moka!? You're wrong! It's not that I want his blood! I want to protect Tsukune! I don't want to lose him! Because he's my first precious friend! Moka-san! What friend!? Don't make me laugh! Guys exist to become slaves! They're meant to submit to you! Even me, even if it's me, I'm still Moka-san's friend! How can I become a burden to her!? That light is What a terrible monstrous aura Once the rosary on her chest is removed, The blood of the Vampire hidden within Moka will awaken.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
This is the extremely rare S-class super monster.
Is this the true form of vampires? Whether the rumours are true or not, Will be determined with your own body, little succubus.
Don't joke with me, I won't lose! I shoulder an important mission to ensure my race's future.
Important mission? That's right.
We Succubi seek our destined partner by enslaving men.
So, to ensure we don't become extinct, We have to choose our "Destined One" from a large number of men.
You, Akashiya Moka, who hinder me Only you I'll never forgive you no matter what! That's why you bear your fangs at me? How foolish.
Moka-san! How quick You're too slow! Realise the difference in power! I fully understand it This week's fight lasted for 76 seconds ~chuu.
You're an especially unpleasant sight.
I'll snap those wings and tail so that you won't ever fly again.
N-No Not that, please forgive me.
What do you think you're doing? Move.
As expected, the transformed Moka-san Not only did you get tricked by that woman, she almost killed you too.
I-It's enough Kurumu-san didn't have any malicious intentions.
How would you know that? Because, Kurumu-san doesn't look in the least like a bad girl.
We can definitely get along, Just like Moka-san right now.
Don't be so serious.
Aono Tsukune, you've misunderstood.
I just don't want anyone else to snatch your blood away, Unlike that other, sentimental, Moka.
Then Moka-san.
The rosary spoke to you!? That's strange Could the seal be weakening? Seal.
To me, Moka-san is a precious friend, no matter which one.
That's why giving you a little blood isn't a problem for me.
Tsukune! I'm sorry about yesterday No Moka-san! Tsukune You guys! Stop gazing at each other so much ~chuu! Good morning, Tsukune-kun! I baked some cute cookies for you! If you want, we can eat them together! Why me? Seriously, didn't I mention I was looking for my Destined One? Yes, yes.
I've decided It to be Tsukune! Eh!? Didn't you risk yourself to protect me, Tsukune? I've fallen for you! Here, here, here, here Try my cookies! No, Tsukune is mine! Yahoo! I'm Kurono Kurumu! Was Episode 2 "Succubus + Vampire" interesting? I have an appearance next week too! Kurumu, you got it wrong! Next week introduces a new character! Next, Witch + Vampire! A kappuchu for you!