Rosario + Vampire (2008) s01e03 Episode Script

Witchling and Vampire

1 Dear Father and Mother, Youkai Academy is pretty much the same as any other human school.
Oh, I'm ranked in the top 200.
I'm ranked 222th, that's bad! I'm envious of you.
What's with their standards? In comparison to her The gap is too big.
You're amazing, Moka-san.
Not only are you the most beautiful girl in the school but you are smart too.
Having brains and beauty is the best description for her! Tsukune! You're really great, Moka-san.
It's just a coincidence.
If it's alright with you, then next time Next time? Let's study together.
Thank you, Moka-san.
What? Studying together with Moka-san! I'm envious.
Congratulations, Sendo Yukari-san.
My classmates As predicted, you're number one again.
As expected from the genius girl.
I guess you didn't skip grades for nothing.
But, you will suffer if you get too cocky.
Cocky? For example! Your attire looks like cosplay! No matter how you look at it, it's against the school rules.
This is Seriously, as the class representative, your existence is a headache to me.
Serves you right.
You What did you do just now? You snobbish little brat.
No! You are Please don't use violence against girls.
Moka-san? Huh, what's the commotion over there? Aren't those the people from the second class? We will leave it at here for the moment.
All right, let's go.
Seriously, being in the same class with that filthy race makes me want to puke.
Thanks for your help just now! You saved me.
I'm Sendo Yukari.
I've heard about you! That you're younger by four years, even though we're classmates.
Here you go.
If she's four years younger So that means you skipped ahead a couple grades? You must be really smart, Yukari-chan.
And the clothes are nice too.
It's nothing, really! Moka-san is much more beautiful.
Other than that, actually I I Erm I I I love Moka-san! I love you even more when I see you pass by my classroom.
And I've made up my mind after you saved me.
Eh, by saying that you have made up your mind is Please go out with me! What? About that It's fine if it's as friends I'm so happy! What a surprise Erm Yukari-chan? Moka-san's breasts is even bigger than it looks.
Moka-san breasts actually being abused like this I cannot forgive this! Mine are as flat as a washboard, this feeling is like a dream! This is bad, my strength is leaving me Wait a minute! What are you girls doing? You still came in the end, Aono Tsukune.
Grades are so-so, Athletic abilities are that of a humans.
No interest, and no special traits.
You are like those half-assed males in a manga.
Half-assed male, half-assed male I don't wish my beloved Moka-san to be defiled by the likes of you.
That's why, I'm challenging you! Tsukune! Why are the brooms moving on their own? It's magic.
Magic? Yes, I'm a witch! And from now on, those people who try to come near Moka-san, I will use my magic to dispose of them.
I heard that.
Revealing your true identity is against the school rules.
You're getting in way over your head, brat.
Sendo Yukari? Ouch.
That really hurts.
Hey, what the hell is this? I just debuted on the previous episode, can't you let me appear earlier? Who are you talking to? Anyways It seems like it hurts, right Tsukune? Yeah, thanks to that, I can't get close to Moka-san and I got into this mess.
Yahoo! Thanks to her, I can be alone with Tsukune.
Nice one, Sendo Yukari! I have heard rumors about that girl.
Kurum-chan too- Although they say that she's a genius, she's still a selfish child, and got teased by her classmates.
Oh, really? She probably acts like that because she thinks she's a genius.
Regarding my love rival, Aono Tsukune, I must defeat him thoroughly.
A magic item, a Voodoo Doll! Add Tsukune's hair to it.
Tsukune? It's way too early for you to play with Moka-san's breasts.
You can go ahead and fondle the big-breasted girl's breasts.
I finally got rid of Yukari-chan.
You're mistaken, my body just What are the two of you doing? Kurumu-chan, you must have used your "charm", right? How would that be possible? Then why?! Eh? Geez.
Tsukune It's a misunderstanding! I got you, I got you! Yukari-chan.
That's how it is.
Please do something about her! I'm very angry now! I don't really mind though.
Well Tsukune, Yukari is still young.
You can't use that as an excuse.
For Yukari-chan's sake, we must teach her not to do those bothersome things to other people.
Even so You are going to be hate by everyone and sooner or later you are going to be alone.
I'm fine with that.
I'm a genius after all, so I don't need friends of a lower-intelligence.
And first of all, I was alone from the beginning.
Yukari-chan You got tricked! Wait Tsukune, getting angry with a little kid is going overboard.
Moka-san, you are the one who needs to leave her alone.
Tsukune I heard that kid is a witch.
How can this be?! Why is she in the same grade as us? Saying "desu, desu" like she's trying to charm those lolicons.
Isn't the witches job to play tricks on males? All she does is play around.
Speaking of that, aren't witches more similar to humans as compared to demons? There's no need for her to be in this school, right? Yes, no need for it at all.
I'll bet her grades are good because she uses magic.
Even if I'm alone I'm fine with it.
It hurts, you idiot! Why don't you watch where you walk! Well, compared to you we really are idiots.
Class president! This brat is the one who broke the school rules.
The president sure is angry.
That has nothing to do with you guys! There sure is, you know We have to punish the one who causes class disruptions.
Like I said, you're too nice to Yukari-chan! But when I consider her feelings Then you should also consider my feelings after getting beaten up by her! It's not the same! You too Why can't you understand her? About Yukari-chan Why? Don't you feel she's pitiful? I can't simply leave her like this! As expected from a witch, she's not affected even if she's despised by others.
What do you mean by that? Don't you know? Aren't witches an existence crossed between monsters and humans? In the past, it was said they were beings who bridged the gap between both dimensions, but now they're called half-breeds.
Half-breeds And also, even in the human world, there have been 'Witch Hunts', 'Witchcraft Trials' and other similar events They are truly hated by humans, and they aren't accepted anywhere.
That girl could be really lonely.
She's the same as me Seriously, don't you still have me? Wait up! What are you doing? Desu, desu.
Shut up~desu! What a filthy sound.
Filthy indeed Filth! Die!!! Lizardman - a beast that has an appearance of a lizard, yet possesses a higher intelligence~chuu.
Our class doesn't need a filthy brat like you who smells like piss! Our class doesn't need her What's with the witch? Becoming complacent just because she gets good grades.
Our class doesn't need such a cocky girl like her.
You said it.
After causing so much trouble for everyone, she's going to be abandoned.
Why Suddenly!? No way Yuck! What a pleasant feeling! It's that girl! That's too much! You're really a despicable witch! I don't want to be friends with you girls.
Why're you so silent now? Shut up! My magical wand That tasted disgusting.
How should we take care of her? Eat her! No one would notice in this dense fog.
That's right.
Sampling a filthy brat would be a nice change in tastes.
No No!!! Get away from Yukari-chan! Moka-san! You again? Lets eat her up too! I agree! This one looks really tasty and juicy Most importantly, such bouncy breasts, nice hips and hot back! Please don't worry about me and run away, Moka-san! I can take care of such low-level monsters myself! That won't do, Yukari-chan! Don't act so tough! When you're afraid, it's alright to ask for help.
You need to be true to yourself, Yukari-chan.
I You don't have to force yourself You don't have to be alone.
You're still young, so you have to be a little more honest.
I didn't force myself.
You're really very lonely, right? If you're lonely If being alone pains you, it's alright to say it.
I've always been alone too.
Moka-san too? That's why I can't leave you alone I want to help you, Yukari-chan.
Moka-san H-How did they change the mood so quickly? They ignored us! Unforgivable How unforgivable! Since we're not forgiving them, allow me devour that juicy body! What the hell are you doing, you brat!? No way Not you too!? I'm sorry about just now.
I can understand the feeling of being lonely You lie! I don't want someone like yo- That's why you have to let me help you.
Hey you all, this dramatic soap opera that's been dragging on, must be some kind of a joke! Just leave this to us! Class president, you handle that girl! Tsukune! Yukari-chan! Are you alright, Tsukune? Kurumu-chan! Gosh! Heavy T-Thank you.
This is all for Tsukune Yet there's one more? How displeasing.
With things coming to this, let's eat 'em all together! Come, if you dare! Tsukune-san Tsukune, protect me! Tsukune! NOW! Eat! Eat!!! How dazzling! W-What is this? Such a monstrous demonic aura! Once the rosary on her chest is removed, The hidden side of Moka.
The Vampire blood within Moka will awaken.
Stand down, you inferior beings! T-This is Moka-san's true form!? Dyed hair is against the school rules! A skirt too short is also against the school rules! The legendary super monster - vampire! H-How could Within a moment! I couldn't see what happened! You can only bully the weak by ganging up on them.
Pitiful trash.
Your power is against the school rules! Shut your trap.
I'll remember this! This week's winner was decided within 59 seconds~chuu! Amazing As expected from Moka-san Why? I did such awful things to everyone Why do you still save me? Didn't I tell you? Everyone wanted to help Yukari-chan.
You're not alone anymore Just like that, a few days later~chuu I've heard that Yukari-chan become better behaved.
She apologized to the class for her past misdeeds too.
On the contrary, everyone began to think about their past actions towards her.
It seems like they're gradually getting along together.
That's great.
I love-love Tsukune-san! Y-Yukari-chan? Good afternoon! My classroom is right beside here, so let me play here too! Play That's because I love Moka-san, and I've also fallen in love with Tsukune-san! When I was pushed down by Tsukune-san, I felt a mature atmosphere! In other words, I hope he'll push me down a few more times! We can't do that That's right! Tsukune is mine! Mine! What're you saying!? You can't, Yukari-chan Tsukune is mine! W-Wait, Moka-san! Kappuchu~ Not this again!!! Yukari's magical classroom! I'm going to pull a bird out of this bowl! Eh Yukari-chan, this isn't the time for jokes! Tsukune has Eh? Next episode, A Farewell and a Vampire, and a kappuchu for you!