Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s01e01 Episode Script


1 - Every small town has a story, - but my hometown has a legend.
Roswell was a sleepy cowboy settlement in postwar America, full of farmers and military men, until, one day, something extraordinary happened.
Or so the legend goes.
Ever since, UFO enthusiasts have flooded in, searching for some cosmic phenomenon to prove we're not all alone in the universe.
As a kid, I was searching, too, - in my own way, - until I realized that Roswell is just a small town, full of small tragedies and small people, people I never plan to see again.
Go further.
You've got to be kidding me.
So you let the Joneses and the Jenners through, but you're gonna stop the Latina and tell me - this is just a DWI checkpoint? - Ma'am I know Roswell is well past the 100-mile border zone, vato.
Ma'am So I will have the ACLU so far up your ass, you'll be reciting the Tenth Circuit Venzor-Castillo verdict in your sleep.
It's been a long time.
Ten years.
You're still in Roswell.
And you're finally back.
Problem, Evans? Elizabeth Ortecho.
Sheriff Valenti.
Well, Kyle will be thrilled you're here for the reunion.
Don't think anyone expected you to come back for it.
Reunion? This weekend? Are you gonna breathalyze me, or? Nah.
You were always a good girl, Liz.
Tell your dad I said hello.
I know you think you're safe, but you're not.
Aliens have already ruined your life.
Aliens are the Illuminati.
They're conditioning us.
You ever tangle with a Beyoncé fan on Twitter? Relentless.
They're brainwashed by subliminal messaging in the music.
And soon the war for the soul of America will be on.
This is The Gravity of It All podcast.
Now a word from our sponsor, Alpha Testosterator gelcaps.
You really think aliens are after America? It's the greatest country in the galaxy.
Are you a believer? That's why I'm in Roswell.
My great-grandpa was impregnated by an alien here in 1947.
Your great-grand father? Abducted, probed.
Ever since, only men in the family carry children.
Liz, what have I told you about toying with the customers, huh? 14 months I carried you, and still you don't listen.
- Alien gestation.
Que bárbaro.
- Papá.
Our little genius, finally home.
It's late.
Are you off the clock? Oh, Carl's wife had her baby.
I'm covering his late shift this week.
- How was the drive? - Awesome.
There's so much nothing to look at between Denver and Roswell.
Tell me That we belong together There was an ICE checkpoint on 285, Dad.
We can sell the diner, move to a sanctuary city.
I need to know you're not gonna get deported.
I like it here.
I like making milkshakes for tourists dressed like little green men, hmm? Go upstairs, get some rest.
I'm already caffeinating.
I can cover until closing.
I can do it in my sleep.
You rest.
You have to wear the antennae.
No way.
Men in Blackened salmon with Scully's sweet potato fries and extra flying sauce to go.
One, two One, two, three, four.
Well, I woke up in mid-afternoon 'Cause that's when it all hurts the most I dream I never know anyone at the party And I'm always the host If dreams are like movies We're closed.
Then memories are films about ghosts Yeah, I'm sorry.
I, uh, I just came to tell you your left front running light is out.
What? You, uh you peeled out before I could say anything, but that's why I stopped you.
I'm not one of the bad guys, Liz.
Anyway, it was, uh it was really good to see you.
You want a milkshake? I could put a couple shots of bourbon in.
Least I can do after I was a total bitch to you.
No, you weren't.
Truth is, Immigration has been all over us.
Crime spiked, suits want to blame the undocumented, but tearing families apart, that is not why I joined the force.
You wanted to be a writer.
You remember that? Oh, you can see a million miles tonight So why did you join the force? Why does anybody do anything? Come on.
I like protecting people.
It helps me sleep at night.
Haven't heard this song in a while.
This is my song.
Song that makes me feel better when nothing else can.
My sister loved it.
Whatever she thought was cool, I thought was cool, so I never got to tell you how sorry I am.
It was a long time ago.
So where you been? Denver, working on an experimental regenerative medicine study.
We were onto something special, but of course we lost funding because someone needs money for a wall.
And now I'm here, wearing antennae, and, uh sharing a shake with my high school lab partner.
Are-are we sharing? Yeah.
You know, I used to think about what I would say if I ever saw you again.
Get down! Get down! No.
Liz? I'm here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's just I'm here.
- I'm here.
- I was shot? - I was shot? - No, no, no.
It's It's just ketchup.
Please tell me.
Tell me.
Tell me you're all right.
I'm all right.
I'm all right.
Shots fired at the Crashdown! Perp is armed.
I'm in pursuit on foot.
Stop! Sheriff's Department! I need you.
You like when I'm in control? Uh-huh.
I need you.
- I have to go.
- What? Don't question me.
You agreed to obey all night long.
This is part of the thing? Yes.
I think it's called "hoverboarding.
" I'll check the book.
- Isobel! - I love you! I never should have let you close.
Why? The ten-year anniversary of Rosa's death reignited some anger, okay? Why do you stay in this town that hates us for no good reason? They have a reason, mija.
Your sister took drugs, and she drove, and when she died, she took two innocent girls with her.
Does anyone need medical attention? How long have people been coming after my father's diner? Our home? I have been back for five hours, and someone just blew out the window.
Liz, were you hurt? No.
No, I'm-I'm fine.
Oh, my God.
What? - How did this happen? - I'll explain everything later.
Just please, help me, Iz.
Shh, shh, shh.
Okay, here.
Thanks for seeing me, Kyle.
My mom texted that you were back.
So, we could do the awkward exes small talk thing, but I'm guessing that's not why you're here.
I-I think I might have hit my head.
I'm-I'm confused.
I think maybe I have a concussion.
Is it safe to do a CT scan on someone who has a bullet in their body? What? Liz, were you shot? Obviously not.
Right? Th-There was gunfire at the café, and I swear something hit me, but I'm-I'm fine, and Okay.
It's okay.
You're reacting to trauma.
I'll order the scans.
Liz seem okay after you left the diner? She was fine.
A bit shaken up, maybe.
Mouthy as ever.
Just leave a full report on my desk, and then get some sleep before your patrol.
For God's sake, Evans, shave.
I heard you ranting about patriarchal dress codes and grooming standards last week.
I'm just aligning myself with your feminist agenda, Sheriff.
- Oh, by the way - Hmm? There's a present for you in the drunk tank.
There are cameras in here, Michael.
Mysteriously, they all shut down.
Let me guess: another drunken fight at the Wild Pony? Sober up a little bit.
I'll get you released the right way.
But I was looking forward to the self-righteous lecture.
"Why you got to cause a scene, Michael? "Why don't you drive the speed limit, Michael? "Why don't you spend your nights like I do, "crying and masturbating to Russian moralistic literature, Michael?" Hey, brother.
Had to untie some loose ends at home, but I'm here for your explanation.
You have 30 seconds, or I will melt your brain.
What did you do? 20 years of keeping this secret, and now you up and resurrect someone? Rosa Ortecho's sister.
You weren't there.
Okay, you didn't see it.
I couldn't just let her die.
So you do CPR.
You pray.
You don't decide to be a hero.
How would you know? You've never done anything for anybody.
Stop it, Max.
Both of you.
That you would do this to Isobel is ridic Everything I've ever done has been to protect Isobel and you! Everything you've ever done has been to protect yourself! Max, the cameras.
He shut them off.
Don't worry.
Don't worry? I have been worried my entire life that someone would find out about us.
That we would end up dissected, imprisoned.
I am married to someone who can't ever know who I am, and that kills me.
But I keep this secret because you, me and Michael swore that we would.
And now in one moment, you've thrown that all away on some girl you had a thing for in high school.
I hope she was worth it, Max.
Came knocking.
You were gone.
So you call in the cavalry? The Air Force is acquiring the land.
You got to move your rig.
I'll miss you.
Hey! Hey, that's private proper Alex.
You're back from Baghdad.
Your father must be proud.
Load up the samples, and I'll meet you back at base.
Yes, sir.
Finally a real Manes man.
Three-quarters of one.
What are you doing in this trailer? Sure as hell doesn't look legal.
A little weed.
A lot of casual sex.
Oh, and covert plans to violently overthrow the government.
Quick, Alex.
Run and tell your daddy.
Really? Max Evans? So vanilla.
It's like I've taught you nothing.
All our lives, that kid's made moon eyes at you, and now two weeks before graduation, you look back at him? I guess I've been thinking about things I'll miss, and maybe I don't want to miss Max Evans.
He's already in the rearview mirror.
Trust me.
Brought you a milkshake.
To make up for the one that got rudely interrupted last night.
And to thank you.
Look, I didn't do anything.
Okay, the shooter missed.
We were lucky.
Can you keep a secret? Of course.
My mother is mentally ill.
My sister Rosa, too.
I think that's why she got into drugs when we were kids.
Self-medicating, quieting voices.
And I was always afraid I would end up like them.
You know, I thought I was shot, - so I went to the hospital.
- You saw a doctor? I saw Kyle.
I made him check to make sure that there wasn't a bullet in my body.
I mean, that's insane, right? I'm insane.
Nothing happened.
Okay, maybe you were just tired from the drive.
Or losing my mind.
Wait, Liz.
Ma'am, are you hurt? - Um, I'm okay.
Let me just - Okay.
Come here.
Come on.
Let's get you checked out.
I'm all right today Your love line is really strong.
You're gonna marry Lindsay and have - three kids.
- Hmm.
Isn't that the Ortecho girl? I thought she went back to her own country.
Uh-uh, Hank.
You're not distracting me from my money with your thinly-veiled racism.
Ten bucks a reading.
I'm gonna leave it all out there Maria.
Wild Pony is strictly a locals bar.
Tourists usually party at Saturn's Ring.
Two blocks over.
Okay, I guess I deserve that.
I'm gonna leave it all out there You could at least have the decency to get an Instagram so your high school BFF can stalk you from afar.
I was on my way home, but I came to thank you.
I saw what you left at Rosa's memorial.
When you're up all night Afraid of what the future might bring I can't stay long.
I have this project.
To Rosa.
To Rosa.
I've had a long day, Isobel.
I need a high school photo of the three of us.
I worked too hard planning this reunion to be underrepresented in the freaking slideshow.
The good old days.
Just three happy kids who aren't in danger of being dragged off to the Pentagon by men in hazmat suits because someone couldn't keep his superhuman healing hands to himself.
I'm gonna tell Liz the truth.
That's very funny.
She already went to a hospital, Isobel.
If she talks to their forensics teams or decides to run tests of her own, I mean, - the mark could show up - Michael would never forgive you.
I am trying to do damage control here.
You can't just bring some stranger in.
I am not asking permission! I'm sorry.
What are you, like, in love with her? I haven't seen her in a decade.
You can't ever be with her.
You know that, right? Because even if you tell her what you are, there are too many secrets.
Things she can't ever know.
Fall in love with someone else, Max.
Anyone else.
It's been ten years, Iz.
If I could have, I would have.
I still can't believe you and Max almost got murdered together.
It's so romantic.
You know, I thought I felt a spark there, but he gave me the cold shoulder when I asked about the shooting, so I'm an idiot.
- I know a cure for that.
- Let me guess.
More tequila? Random sex, different guy.
I got to go, before one of these townies becomes an option.
Welcome back.
I was kind of hoping I might find you here.
How's the head? Fine.
I just I feel like an idiot.
And I feel like a tipsy idiot, which should be better but actually isn't.
There's a deejay tonight, if you want to stay, dance it out like old times.
I don't dance in this town anymore, Kyle.
We don't need to dance, then.
Let's grab a bite, see a movie.
This is probably a bad idea.
I thought we were ignoring that - in favor of the whole sex thing.
- Right.
It's just, uh, maybe I'm just a distraction.
Is that a problem? No.
Use me.
- Okay.
- Use me.
What happened? Uh, nothing.
This is probably a bad idea.
If only someone said that earlier.
Uh, I'll call you.
My homemade alien wave detector is never wrong.
Ever since the blackout the other night, it's been off the charts here in old Roswell.
I'm telling you, aliens are coming.
And when they do, they're gonna rape and murder and steal our jobs! Liz.
I was looking for you.
I need answers.
I was afraid that might happen.
Will you take a drive with me? Master Sergeant Manes.
Got your message.
You didn't have to come all the way here.
I don't like phones.
Look, um when my dad was dying, he was barely coherent toward the end there, but he'd repeat this crazy mantra.
"If you see the handprint, go to Manes.
" Where did you see it? With all due respect, sir, I'm gonna need a few answers first.
I did get shot, didn't I? I told you I'll explain everything - when we get up there.
- I'm an idiot.
Who goes wandering in the desert with a stranger? - I'm not a stranger.
- This town makes me stupid.
I will never understand why anyone ever stays here.
I stay here because I like it.
Look, I know people were terrible to you when Rosa died.
But people here are good to me.
My family's happy.
You know, Isobel and Michael won't leave.
Why? Michael outscored me on every AP exam.
He I thought he would get some scholarship, change the world.
I don't think Michael likes the world enough to bother changing it.
Come on.
Any indication that you're not gonna murder me and bury my body 20 feet beneath the desert would be super.
You're gonna need to see this to believe it.
We think these are what kept us safe during the crash.
The crash? 1947 UFO crash.
What are you, Max? You already know the legend.
But 50 years after the incident, in 1997, I woke up in here, in one of those.
Michael and Isobel, too.
We had no memories or rudimentary skills, just each other.
A long-haul trucker found us, naked, mute, wandering the desert.
Our parents adopted Isobel and me, but Michael was harder to place.
He, uh, he ended up in foster care.
And we just assimilated.
Swore to keep our secret.
You're telling me you're an alien? I know it sounds crazy.
I spent the last two days thinking that I needed to have myself committed.
This is better than that.
I mean, your squamous epithelial cells are not human.
Of course you stole my cells.
Magical healing does not make sense to me.
DNA does.
You know, it's the science that scares us the most.
We've always been terrified that if anyone found out, they'd put us in a lab and, I don't know cut us up, experiment.
Nothing has ever mattered to me more than protecting Michael and Isobel from that, until I saw you bleeding, and I just I'll keep your secret, Max.
I promise you.
You know, I was gonna spend my Saturday night at my high school reunion.
I've been working out.
I'm a surgeon.
It was gonna be awesome.
You know, your father was very proud of you when you went to med school.
Our families have long been in the business of keeping people safe.
And for the past 70 years, your ancestors and mine have led an operation to protect this town.
This entire planet.
Welcome to Project Shepherd, Kyle.
I came to have my fortune told Can't imagine what she saw Why are you here? This is so not your scene.
There are no peanut shells on the floor, and everyone in the band has teeth.
Look, this matters to you, so I'm here.
We have to go about our normal lives, maintain cover, - from your parents, Noah - "Maintain cover"? Look, Max trusts Liz.
But if he's wrong, you're gonna have to do something about it.
If I can't evade my fate I don't do that anymore.
I don't mess with people's minds.
If I could do it, I would.
But I can't, so start preparing yourself.
Hey, Izzy.
Because if Liz Ortecho turns on any of us, you will get inside of her head and erase it.
Make her leave Roswell leave Max.
Just like you did ten years ago.
Those pods kept you incubated in stasis for 50 years? We think so.
Can you all heal people? No.
We all have specialties.
Like what? I'm I'm treating you like a science experiment.
I'm so sorry.
Liz I wish I had answers for you.
There was never anyone around to help us understand.
We grew up watching movies where aliens abduct people and violate them and blow up the White House.
I'm a son.
I'm a brother.
I'm a cop.
I My life is ordinary, which was fine, until you blew back into it two days ago.
You asked me what I am.
I'm just a guy from Roswell.
That's it.
I considered leaving once, after high school.
If it hadn't been for Michael and Isobel, I would have followed you.
I mean, I would have, I would have followed in your footsteps.
You know, to see the world, or whatever.
We just, uh I need to get to the reunion.
It's important to Isobel.
I'll come with you.
You hate those people.
Not all of them.
So are you, like, some benevolent vigilante who goes around saving people and then convincing them they're crazy? I don't save people all the time.
I I never save people.
But you're a cop.
You must see hurt people Max why me? Do you remember the first time we met? I I feel like I've just always known you.
I remember it.
I can show you, but I need to touch you.
Do, um do whatever you want.
After high school you would have followed me.
Max, I thought No, the handprint is a psychic bond between us.
That's how I can show you my memories.
Right now, what you're feeling is an echo of what I feel for you.
It'll wear off, just like the handprint will.
So I can't.
When will the handprint fade? Couple days, maybe a week.
I'll kiss you then.
You know, your dad was my closest confidante.
I've been wondering if you might come knockin'.
Everything I'm about to show you, Kyle, everything I tell you is fact.
The 1947 crash.
That's real.
And the unidentified flying object was a ship, carrying an army of monsters.
Most of them died that night, but at least one survived, and if you saw a handprint that means the violence isn't over.
The red sandstone, it fell Right smack on top Of Sedona Arabelle Are you cooking meth? Yeah.
I'm serious.
My chemical engineers found high levels of phenyl-2-propanone around your Airstream.
It's not P2P they're detecting.
You should find yourself some better engineers.
You are wasting your life, Guerin.
You trying to hold my hand, Private? Does the macho cowboy swagger thing ever get old with you? Did it get old for you? The blacklist and its hosts Thank you.
He came down so swift Seriously? Ugh.
Is this a joke? I see you dying alone, probably pretty soon, of, um syphilis.
We're all out of work, I guess that's better Look at her.
I thought Liz Ortecho went back to Mexico.
Wasn't she, like, deported or something? This was a bad idea.
- Uh, this town - Yeah, I know.
Listen, we don't have to stay.
All right? Isobel will understand.
Rosa's sister.
Do you see that? Her sister murdered two people.
Come on.
I'll take you home.
One, two, three, four.
Well, I woke up in mid-afternoon 'Cause that's when it all hurts the most I can't leave now.
- This is my song.
- I dream I never know Anyone at the party And I'm always the host If dreams are like movies Then memories are films About ghosts Nostalgia's a bitch, huh? I thought for sure when I got back from Iraq you would be long gone.
Is that what you want? We're not kids anymore.
What I want doesn't matter.
- So you told her.
- I did.
She wasn't scared.
She wasn't angry.
She didn't run away.
We can trust her.
They are a violent race.
They despise compassion.
They despise freedom, love, and they thrive on our tragedy.
So I'm guessing you didn't tell her the truth about She can never know about that.
She can never know about what happened to Rosa.
They are, at their very core, killers.

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