Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

So Much for the Afterglow

1 - LIZ: It's been a long time.
- MAX: Ten years.
I used to think about what I would say if you ever came back to Roswell.
(SCREAMS) ISOBEL: 20 years I've been keeping this secret, - and now you up and resurrect someone? - (GASPS) You can't ever be with her.
There are too many secrets.
Things she can't ever know.
- Whoa.
Liz, what happened? - Nothing.
ALEX: Our families have long been in the business of keeping people safe.
And if you saw a handprint, that means the violence isn't over.
I need answers.
MAX: The handprint is a psychic bond.
Right now what you're feeling is an echo of what I feel for you.
You're telling me you're an alien? MICHAEL: What did you do? Everything I've ever done has been to protect - Isobel and you.
- Stop it, Max.
Both of you.
Everything you've ever done has been to protect yourself.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) LIZ: Every story varies depending on who's telling it, and my sister's story died with her a decade ago.
I would give anything to be able to ask her why she made the choices that she did.
To understand her.
But like so many who died before their time, Rosa took her truth with her.
And I'm left here endlessly searching for it.
Uh, this place closes at sunset.
I jumped the gate.
It's after midnight, so it's officially the ten-year anniversary of Rosa's accident.
So, uh you gonna arrest me, Officer? (CHUCKLES): No.
Too much paperwork.
It'll be our secret.
Another one.
Can I drive you home? Weirdly appropriate, getting driven home by a cop tonight of all nights.
- Rosa would be proud.
- Happy to oblige.
Have you been avoiding me these last few days? I thought maybe you were freaked out.
I wasn't avoiding you.
It's just I never really planned on staying in Roswell long.
I was just passing through.
So, you're leaving.
I'm a scientist, Max.
It's what I do.
I got a grant for my vascular regeneration study.
In San Diego.
You're gonna change the world.
I always knew you would.
I don't know why that was so hard to tell you.
Maybe the same reason it was so hard to hear it.
Well, good night, Liz.
I still want to kiss you.
I-I just I got to get through this one really crappy day, but afterward, at sunrise.
Meet me at the old turquoise mines? - I can't, Liz, I told you.
- Look.
The handprint's fading fast.
It'll be gone by then.
You'll know that my feelings are real, not just some sci-fi side effect.
It's been ten years, Liz.
You don't know me like you think you do.
(LAUGHS) Max Evans, right? Sort of bowlegged, way into Tolstoy.
Really nice handwriting, for a guy.
It's just a kiss, Max.
You don't have to come, but I hope you do, and I think you will.
(BUZZING) ALEX: That's Hector Valenti, your ancestor.
Taken the night of the 1947 UFO crash.
It was the incident of aggression that was the catalyst for Project Shepherd.
Now, you said you saw a handprint last week, Kyle.
Take a good look at that.
That is your legacy.
This project is your legacy.
You gonna reject it? If your father knew you were doing that My father taught me principles.
The Valenti code.
If that code includes breaking patient confidentiality to hunt aliens, Dad failed to mention it.
Confidentiality doesn't apply to a dead body.
My patient is alive, Master Sergeant.
It's late.
Thanks for the family history lesson, but I'm gonna pass on all this.
The existence of Project Shepherd is classified, Kyle; if you breathe a word, you become a red-level threat to Homeland Security.
And my freedoms are no longer protected under American law.
I get it.
Brooding level "teenage girl on a family vacation.
" (GASPS) No.
On a road trip with her grandparents.
This is serious.
Yeah, well, Britney's mom said I could go to the beach, so Did you get the traffic cam footage - from the Crashdown shooting yet? - Yup.
But Valenti said the shooter was apprehended.
Gerardo Guerrara.
A witness saw him loitering nearby that night.
He went into county a few hours ago.
Let me see that footage.
All the vandalism at the diner has been racially motivated.
It's slurs.
There's bricks through the windows that say "go back to your own country.
" I know Guerrara.
He wouldn't do that.
Ever since the mayor started pushing his anti-immigrant agenda, there've been a lot of convenient witnesses showing up.
Wait, zoom in.
I recognize those naked cowgirl mud flaps.
Wyatt Long.
Hate him.
His sister died in Rosa Ortecho's car accident.
And now I feel like a dick.
That's a motive, Cam.
I just A long time ago I let down Liz Ortecho, okay? I just want to do right by her.
(SIGHS) We'll visit Long after you've had a few hours of sleep.
You look like garbage, partner.
Ruggedly handsome garbage, but garbage.
MICHAEL: Got it.
No booze, except for the old man's tequila stash.
You should get a liquor license.
How did you The door was locked.
Mm, was it? I didn't notice.
(STIFLED LAUGH) What do you want? Just a little late-night snack.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) I'm a chocoholic.
I get it.
You want me to be scared.
I'm not gonna tell your secret.
I care about Max.
Okay? We care about Max.
You were hooking up with Kyle Valenti in the Wild Pony parking lot five minutes after Max risked his life to save you.
You don't know anything about me.
We know a few things.
Like you don't really seem to care about anything for that long.
How's your fiancé back in Denver, Liz? We broke up.
- Mm.
- Oh.
Does he know that? 'Cause according to his Facebook, you bolted.
Just changed your mind.
MICHAEL: Let's be clear.
You change your mind about Max, about our secret, no lock will keep me from you.
Stay away from her! You stay away from her.
ISOBEL: Oh! Stop it.
I come by to check on the diner, and you two are terrorizing her now? Hasn't her family - been through enough? - By all means.
Whatever it takes to protect her family, Deputy.
Hey, Max That's cute.
What, you're punching him now? What is wrong with you? - I'm fine.
- No you're not.
Is she right? Is something wrong? No, I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
Red or green? Christmas.
Why are we closed? I was gonna help out.
Every year, on the anniversary of Rosa's death, someone vandalizes us.
After the shooting, I didn't want to risk an escalation; someone could get hurt.
And what am I gonna do if the next person who gets hurt is you? Dad.
Come to California with me.
You don't have to stay in this place where you're constantly reminded of the worst day of your life.
You think that's what I remember? The day we lost Rosa? Mija, no.
I remember your mother teaching Rosa to play guitar in that booth.
The party for your quinceañera When Rosa got high and puked on Alex Manes' shoes.
There was more to Rosa than the bad things that she did.
Era tu hermana.
She loved you.
No, Dad.
I loved her.
You have to find a way to forgive her.
If you don't, the ghosts will follow you, and you will never really get away.
Por favor, amiga.
For me.
Take me to your leader I'll put on a show Watch me beg to love you Oh, I'll never let you go, are you so damn High river girl So damn Mmm, mmm, mmm (WIND WHISTLING) You keep showing up like this, I'm gonna start thinking you like me.
Sale of the ranch went through.
This land is now property of the U.
You have 24 hours to move out.
Why don't you tell Uncle Sam I'll think about it? Guerin.
What happened at the reunion cannot happen again.
Okay? What happened? I was pretty wasted.
Just move your trailer.
What's the Air Force want with the land anyway? It's the third dairy ranch you've shut down.
We're building a new facility.
Well, isn't there some law about building on a historical site? What do you mean, a historical Oh, because the UFO crashed here? (CHUCKLES): Yeah.
We're not supposed to build on top of Santa's workshop, either.
Some lady swallowed a double-A battery.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) I'm glad you called.
I wanted to apologize for running out on you.
It's cool.
The mid-makeout abandonment was very sophomore year.
- Hmm.
- I got all nostalgic.
But I did want to follow up.
That bruise on your shoulder looked pretty bad, and I wouldn't be a very good doctor, or friend, if I didn't give it a second look.
Uh, it's almost gone.
I'm fine.
- Have you told anyone about it? - No.
Doctor-patient confidentiality.
You can trust me, Liz.
Could you um, do you have access to the morgue records? I want to see Rosa's toxicology report.
I'm doing this thing where I'm trying to forgive her.
And how is that going to help you to forgive her? - She was an addict - If I can look at it scientifically, if I can see the chemicals that made the bad choices for her (SIGHS) I don't know, Kyle.
Maybe I just need something else to blame.
I'll call you when I pull the autopsy.
Thank you.
But, Liz If you're gonna forgive her, don't focus on the science.
Focus on the memories.
NOAH: Uh, too tight.
Next time we do the thing I like with the thing and the thing, let's not use my lucky tie.
- (CHUCKLES) - I've got court today.
I know.
Seems pretty lucky where it is.
I missed you last night.
I know.
Just had some things to take care of.
BOTH: Max and Michael.
So predictably codependent.
I'm actually really worried about Max right now.
His whole wavelength is off.
Just a freaky twin thing.
I don't know.
I'm just getting a vibe.
He's angry.
You want me to take him out for a beer? I can totally do the cowboy thing.
Grunt, stare off into the distance.
Talk about belt buckles as a secret metaphor - for emotions - Aw, babe.
If he won't talk to me, he won't talk to you.
Maybe he'll talk to Michael.
(SCOFFS) (SPEAKING SPANISH) Are you sassing Jesus? I got your message.
You okay? You know, this place used to bring me comfort? I loved science and facts, but I believed in something bigger.
I don't anymore.
Do you believe in God? (SIGHS) I read a lot of religious texts.
Like, all of them.
The stories don't generally end well for guys like me.
You know, men who work miracles with their hands tend to die bloody.
That's why I asked you to meet me.
Your hands.
The other night, when you showed me your memories of us, I didn't just see them, I felt them.
It was like I was back there.
I was thinking, maybe you can show me your memories of my sister.
So that I could feel her again.
Liz, I can't.
I barely knew her.
You knew her a little.
She knew you.
- Wait, please (BREATHING HEAVILY) (CRYING) Thank you.
Thank you.
If you're done praying or whatever, I got a 20 on Wyatt Long.
Care to serve and protect? It's okay.
(SIGHS) I'll see you at sunrise.
(SIGHS) Hey What's - Oh.
- (CHUCKLES) Why are you here? I love this bar.
You said this bar was as disgusting as a senator's sex life.
Max is shutting me out.
I thought maybe you could talk to him.
Something is wrong with him, Michael.
And when that happened the last time, you were the only one he would open up to.
And as you can see, I'm very busy.
I heard they're shutting down the Foster Ranch.
Is that why we're day brooding? - You're gonna get another job.
- (SIGHS) Maybe one that's not on the site of the crash that killed our family members - in a fiery explosion? - Oh.
I like it there.
I always have.
When I was a kid, nights when I had to get away from whatever crap home I was in, I would hitch a ride to Foster Homestead Ranch.
So what would you do out there all by yourself at night? Wait.
Figured, that was the last place I saw my family, maybe they'd be back.
Or maybe, maybe somebody would come and take me home.
Oh, for a genius I was a real dumbass.
Investigating a noise complaint.
We're here honoring my dead sister.
Hope you got good reason for interrupting.
You been honoring your dead sister any other way? Like, I don't know, riddling the - Crashdown Cafe with bullets? - Me? Nah.
Heard they picked up Gerardo Guerrera for that shooting.
Got to say, though.
that family hadn't come here from Me-hi-co, my sister would still be alive.
That's a nice piece.
You a decent shot, Long? I could hit the sweat off a wet Wyatt, there's, uh There's ladies present.
What were you gonna say? Hmm? Go on.
Say it.
I forgot already.
Felt like you were about to challenge me.
Cam, would you like to do the honors? CAMERON: Who? Me? Oh, but my hands are so small, and your gun is just so big.
(LAUGHS) Watch and learn, Cop Barbie.
Let your hair down, spin around downtown (WHOOPING) And a night that's a little bit crazy (MEN GROANING) (LAUGHS) Oops.
MAX: Tell you what.
In honor of your sister, how about we don't fine you for discharging a firearm this close to the highway? (MAN LAUGHING) (LAUGHTER) - You could have done that.
- I keep telling you, I'm a feminist.
You wanted him to lose to a girl.
Also that.
Yeah, I wanted to impress you Alex Manes.
Are you lost? This is not your normal scene.
Yeah, well, besides you, these are not my usual people.
Oh, Guerin? Agreed.
Though he got kind of hot, in a sex in a truck, smells like a river, never introduce him to your mama kind of way, you know? - Hadn't noticed.
- LIZ: Alex? How are you? Or, um, uh, thank you for your service.
You know I just did this for attention, right? (LAUGHS) Oh, my - '90s night? - Mm-hmm.
Is this all for Rosa? She was my family, too.
Wyatt's our guy.
And once forensics matches this to the bullets we found at the scene, we can pick him up.
Feel like grabbing a beer while we wait? It's the anniversary of the accident.
And he's embarrassed.
He might want to show off.
Last time Wyatt did that, someone got shot.
Think I'm gonna keep an eye on the diner.
Love letter? I've been meaning to ask for Max Evans details.
Does this mean anything to you? "A fraudulent zodiac.
" You're into all that astrology stuff.
Where's that coming from? I just had a memory of Rosa.
It was written on her hand and I can't place it.
Yeah, it's not astrology.
It's a Third Eye Blind lyric from "God of Wine.
" That's one of the songs she used to play on the jukebox.
(CHUCKLES) She was always scribbling lyrics on her hands, her sneakers.
Maria, what's wrong? I thought you didn't see her that night.
How do you remember that? - What night? - Well, she She left the diner, then she came here.
She was singing that song.
She wrote that lyric on her hand right in front of me.
That's the night she died.
- MAN: Madam - LIZ: Dr.
Valenti called me! Let me in.
- Kyle, are you in there? - It's fine.
It's okay, she's fine.
I have to see Rosa's autopsy.
It's important.
Listen to me.
You can't tell anybody what I'm about to tell you.
I need you to trust me.
That's the autopsy I found on file.
Benzos, barbiturates, blunt force trauma to the head, postm Postmortem burns to over 80 percent I'm sorry.
This is what everybody said I would find.
She was a drug addict who drove her car into a tree.
But remember when we were kids and I was at your house when Rosa was rushed to the ER because her appendix burst? This marks her appendix as present.
Crappy medical examiner? Or a fake autopsy.
I did some digging and I found the real one, but (CRYING) Rosa Your sister's death wasn't an accident, Liz.
And I know how crazy this sounds, but I think she was murdered by an alien.
- Go home, Isobel.
- I'm not leaving until you agree to talk to Max.
Come on.
This is the perfect opportunity for you guys to get over all the ugly history of the last decade and be friends again.
Max and I were never meant to be friends.
We're family.
We're not.
We all just happened to hitch the same doomed ride on the same intergalactic Titanic.
The day Mr.
and Mrs.
Evans walked into the group home, and they-they picked you two, and they left me behind, that was decided.
Max has spent his entire life trying to make up for that one awful moment.
It wasn't his fault.
We were seven.
He was a grown-ass man last week when he chose Liz over us, Isobel.
- MAN: Pow! Pow! - (GLASS SHATTERS) I mean, I must've hit a transformer or something 'cause the whole place just exploded.
So you shot out some light bulbs.
Those illegals killed your sister.
So let's send them back where they came from.
They're going to the Crashdown.
If something happens to Arturo or Liz I'm sure Deputy Evans will come to the rescue.
Yeah, exactly, he'll lose it.
He's not himself right now, Michael.
I don't want him to do something he can't take back.
Yes, Max risked our lives to save Liz.
Okay? I am mad, too.
- But she was dying - Mmm.
Right in front of him.
Come on, Michael, is there really nobody in this world that you wouldn't risk everything to save? Sad.
DISPATCH: Central three.
1000 Chestnut at 918 NOAH: Yo, Maximo.
I'm headed home to woo your sister.
Did you get my message about Gerardo Guerrera? Yeah, yeah, I looked into it.
He was cleared of the shooting charges, but turns out Guerrera is undocumented.
So it doesn't matter that he's not the shooter.
He's in ICE custody now.
(GASPS) NOAH: I'm sorry, man.
Immigration is untouchable these days.
- You should get some sleep.
- You're probably right.
See you.
(ARTURO SHOUTS) That's for my sister.
Get him up.
If he ends up in the hospital Then he's gonna end up in a van headed straight to the border, ain't he? Come on! Let's go! You okay, Mr.
Ortecho? - I-I think so.
- Okay, I'll be back.
Liz, I saw the handprint on your chest the other night.
I need to know who put it there.
(CRYING) (CRYING): He saw her.
- He saw her that night.
- Who? Liz? I have to go.
MAX: Wyatt, stop! You gonna arrest me for doing your job, huh? Be a man.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) The Ortechos were worth all this? Mexico would've wanted them.
You have a taser? He'll be fine.
He was gonna kill him.
He killed Liz.
Okay? She was dead right in front of me, and he came back to finish her dad off.
People like him don't stop, - they don't change.
- So that makes you - judge, jury and executioner.
- Michael.
ISOBEL: This isn't you, Max.
Something is wrong.
It has been for days.
I can feel it, and so can you.
(PANTING) You're right.
Ever since I healed Liz, there's been this poison inside me.
I I don't know.
(EXHALES) (CHUCKLES) All right, who's the guy? Oh, come on.
I know that look.
From high school.
Senior year, the night that mystery guy kissed you at the museum.
Remember what you said to me? That I'd stay in Roswell, if only he kept kissing me.
I was a dumb kid.
(BOTH LAUGH) It was the first time I liked our hometown, though.
Well, home doesn't have to mean a white picket fence house and a family.
It can be a person.
I need to talk to you.
(KEYS CLATTER) Papi, who did this to you? The Long boy.
No te preocupes.
The cops have him.
Which cops, exactly? Max Evans.
You just missed him.
He patched me up.
He's a good kid.
Comes in a lot, orders coffee.
Never drinks it, but he tips well.
He asks about you.
He saved my life tonight.
So Wyatt Long shot me.
For revenge, because Rosa killed his sister.
It wasn't just revenge.
It's racism, you know? Guys like that Listen, I don't-I don't want to talk about him.
Okay? I have to tell you I lied to you.
Ever since I healed you, I've felt wrong, like there's a like there's a tornado inside me, and I can't fight it and I can't run from it, except when I'm with you.
I'm sorry.
Max, the-the handprint faded, and you were right.
I don't feel the way that you do.
Yeah, no, of course.
I-I get it.
Uh I'll just Max.
When's the last time you saw Rosa? I've been thinking about her all day, and I was just wondering.
Uh, that day, when, um, when I asked you to drive out to the desert with me for the bio project.
Of course.
I thought so.
So when are you leaving town? Uh, I-I think I might stay.
My dad needs me, obviously, and, um, maybe I could help with whatever's wrong with you.
Do some tests? I don't want to be an experiment.
We could get to know each other.
(EXHALES) (SNIFFLES) Every thought that I repent There's another chip you haven't spent And you're cashing them all in Talked to the sheriff.
Long is in custody.
You didn't file an official report about Mr.
I don't want him in the system.
He could get deported.
Which Long probably knew.
He'll spend the night in jail, and his daddy will pay the fine.
(THUDS) The god of wine comes crashing through It's been a minute since you showed up at my door unannounced.
Want to blow off some steam? Than you thought you'd ever want to go We can't get back again ALEX: Where are you gonna go? Tennessee.
Really? We can't get back again No.
No, there are a couple people who still need me here.
Pick up, uh, work at the junkyard till I figure something else out.
And soon the cells give way Good? Cancels out the day I spent the night with some old friends.
Made me think about I don't know, who I was when this started.
Before I went to war.
Where I stand, nothing's changed.
Including the way you look at me.
That's a problem for me, Guerin.
'Cause every time you look at me, I'm 17 again.
And I forget that the last ten years even happened.
And then you look away, and I remember all over again.
And it almost kills me every time.
I never look away.
Not really.
Every glamorous sunrise Throws the planets out of line What are you doing? A star sign out of whack A fraudulent zodiac And the god of wine is crouched down in my room You let me down, I said it Now I'm going down And you're not even around And I said no, no, no I can't keep it all together I know, I know, I know, I know I know, I know, I know I can't keep it all together And there's a memory of a window, looking through I see you A sadness I can't erase All alone on your face.
KYLE: I've been looking everywhere.
You just ran off to confront an alien psychopath on your own? I didn't confront him.
I was scared of him.
Who was it, Liz? Who did this? Every bone in my body is screaming to get the hell out of this town.
Run away and never look back.
But I'm not going anywhere.
I'm gonna find out who killed my sister, and I am gonna bring them to justice.
I'm gonna fight like hell.
Even if it was Max Evans.

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