Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Don't Speak

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico Aliens are amongst us, working to undermine the very fabric of our society.
My dad knew about aliens.
That's how I got the autopsy.
(GASPS) Liz confronted me last night.
She knows that Rosa was killed by an alien.
If Liz Ortecho turns on any of us, you will get inside of her head and erase it, make her leave Roswell, just like you did ten years ago.
I don't think I'm strong enough to change Liz's mind.
Liz Ortecho's looking for a murderer.
I'm gonna confess.
After all, I'm the one that killed those girls.
(GASPING) Your valve cover was shot.
I'm not letting you turn yourself in.
Look, why don't we hit the road, the three of us.
You're not hitting anything unless you get a new coolant temperature sensor.
If you tell Liz you did it, she's not gonna stop until she gets justice.
Okay? If you get exposed, Isobel and I get exposed.
You don't think they're gonna wonder where you came from? Huh? Is that Look into your history? I mean, the three naked, mute kids who just appeared one day? If you go down, we all go down, whether you like it or not.
Hey, man.
What, uh, what brings you out here? Early morning rations run.
Figured the three of you could use it.
Well, thank you.
Where's Iz? She's not here.
Well, she didn't come home last night.
And when she doesn't come home, she's with you guys.
Yeah, she was.
She-she passed out on my couch, you know.
Gave her some wine, old home movies, you know.
- A lot of wine.
- Yeah.
And now she's? Go at yoga.
Yeah, we'll call you if we, if we hear from her.
I'll talk to you guys then, yeah.
S-See you.
All right, sounds good.
Thanks, Cam.
Her car was picked up by Cowboy Ruckus on 285.
There was no sign of a struggle, but the keys were still inside.
Ah, when I dropped her off last night, she was exhausted.
Noah wasn't back from work yet, so I figured, I figured she'd go right back to sleep.
- You want to try calling her again? - Yeah, all right.
(SOFTLY): What the? (KNOCKING ON DOOR) What's up, Doc? - What? - Nothing.
You're just Wow.
(CLEARS THROAT) Uh, what's got you so dressed up? Interview for that research position.
- Huh.
- Okay.
No offense, but you do not look so "wow.
" I've been up all night, processing the fact that everything I knew about my dead dad was a lie.
My mom gave me this.
When he died, she went through all his stuff and put anything unsavory into this box.
So far, I've learned that my dad had two stints in rehab for booze in the '80s, multiple affairs over his entire marriage, and, oh, yeah, a pervasive obsession with aliens.
Rosa drew this.
I still hoped I was wrong about them having an affair.
Me, too.
Teenage addict with a record and the town sheriff The optics are ugly.
Listen, this has been a lot.
I have to work, and I haven't slept.
Is it okay if we maybe pump the brakes on the sleuthing for one day? My dad and your sister aren't going to be any less dead tomorrow.
I got stuff to do, too.
I'll call you tomorrow.
June 8, the night Rosa died.
Go ahead.
I'm pretty sure someone is trying to tip my cows.
I-I'm pretty sure it's my husband.
OPERATOR: Roswell Police.
Go ahead.
Ortecho? Uh, Dr.
- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.
Please, come on back.
LIZ: Our study was controversial.
There were some ethical complaints regarding componentation.
- The usual.
- Right.
But the work that you're doing with vessel regrowth is amazing.
I mean, a few years ago, people never could have imagined this kind of progress in stem cell research.
I mean, it's borderline science fiction.
Look, this kind of science, healing what others believe to be irreparable, is important to me.
It's all I've ever wanted to do.
OPERATOR: Roswell Police.
Go ahead.
WOMAN: Um, my boyfriend thinks he's a cabbage MAN: Hello, 911? I have regretfully become a cabbage.
OPERATOR: Roswell Police.
Go ahead.
MAN 2: I'm at the turquoise mines working on my documentary and, uh OPERATOR 2: Sir? MAN 2: People are, uh, floating in the middle of the desert.
Th uh, three of them.
OPERATOR 2: Floating in the air? MAN 2: You know, never mind, I got to go.
Just try to stop me.
Send the lizard people, another earthquake, another phony tidal wave.
I cut through the scrim of falsity that you'll believe is a concrete wall.
I don't have time for your hilarious mockery today, lady.
Me neither.
I just want to know exactly what you saw in the desert the night my sister was murdered.
I heard you on the police tip line that night.
You said you saw three people floating? I have no idea what you're talking about.
I recognized your voice.
Because you subscribe to my podcast? Because it haunts my nightmares.
Okay, look, I know people say they don't believe you, but I do this time.
I need details.
I need the video.
There is no video.
You said on the tape that you were making a documentary.
Nothing is an accident, got it? No.
People who talk end up dead.
Clear? (BIRDS CHIRPING) (DOORKNOB JIGGLES) ALEX: You could try knocking.
It's less of a felony, but it's also less dramatic, so depends on what you're going for.
NOAH: I'm getting worried, Iz.
But call me when you get this.
Big alien fan? Sure.
I'm Liz.
You're Isobel's husband, right? Noah Bracken.
You haven't seen her around today, have you? No, sorry.
NOAH: Yeah, I'm secretly a nerd for this, too.
Well, if you're looking for alien scoop, Grant Green's got all his stuff in storage during the renovations.
It's just north of the Long Farm.
Slip him $20, and he'll give you a private tour.
- If you see Isobel - Yeah, I'll tell her to call you.
KYLE: I'd forgotten about this place.
Our dad's old hunting cabin.
Your dad's, technically.
So you want to tell me why you drove all the way out here? Legacy, I guess.
This place wasn't part of the assets in his will.
Guess I wanted to know what happened to it.
Well, when I got back from Iraq, he left me the key and a letter telling me I could have the place.
I figured that you knew.
Why would he leave this place to you, instead of me or my mom? I I don't know.
When I got back, he had already passed.
I never got a chance to ask.
You recognize this? Yeah.
Key chain looks like mine, but that key's too small for the door.
Mind if I poke around and see if I can find the lock? Then I'll take off.
When I got here, I put everything that reminded me of the good ol' days in the closet.
Go nuts.
What the hell are you gonna do, shoot her? We don't know what we're walking into.
She could be in trouble.
She could be the trouble.
Her car was picked up from this spot.
What brought her out here? Doesn't matter unless we find her.
Oh, you don't have questions? We don't even know what causes these blackouts.
I do.
Last time she had an episode like this was near the end of high school, when she was afraid I was gonna abandon her.
Okay, now she thinks she's gonna lose you, she thinks she's lost me to Liz; she's freaking out, man.
It's triggering her.
Or maybe it's all this talk about Rosa.
Max maybe it's time we tell her the truth.
That is out of the question.
Just try and call her.
Let's go.
Got her.
That's not a lock.
Yeah, got distracted.
Do you remember that night your dad made us set up that tent to teach us extreme weather survival? Yeah.
Your dad had driven home for the night, so mine concocted a brand-new form of kiddie torture.
(GRUNTS) We found a way to sneak back inside.
(GROANS) We were a good team.
Until you grew one chest hair and instantly became a nightmare of a bully.
Like some bro jock from an '80s movie.
I don't know why I was like that.
Because I was gay.
People started to notice, and you were afraid that, if you were nice to me, people would think you were gay, too.
(CHUCKLES) I'm sorry, I-I didn't think that Don't.
I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been through a lot worse than your locker room taunting at this point.
(SIGHING) How much longer do you think this is gonna take? I don't know.
Damn it.
Hey, um, uh, help me move this.
ALEX: What the hell? Did you know about this? No, dude.
Okay, so this is the point in the horror movie where the audience starts screaming, "No, don't do that.
" What's the worst thing we can find? What Literal skeletons.
(DOOR CREAKING) MAX: There she is.
What happened? I don't know.
It's happening again.
Just like it was before.
It's okay, it's okay.
We're here, we got you.
We're not gonna let anything bad happen to you, okay? KYLE: I think I'd prefer skeletons.
Why did you really come here? I'm looking into Rosa Ortecho's death.
Liz's sister? The DUI? Liz has questions.
What, you think that your dad had something to do with it? I think Rosa and my dad were having an affair.
Your dad was a good guy.
You know why he left me this house, and not you? Because you were fine.
You were popular.
You were at the top of your class in med school.
Your mom loved you.
I wasn't loved.
My mom was gone.
My dad was a homophobic, abusive dick.
And your dad saw it.
He left me these keys so that I would have a place to go.
He wasn't the type of person who would take advantage of a desperate teenager.
He would help them.
Hello? Grant? (GASPS) Qué susto.
NEWSMAN: Roswell, 1947.
While the men, women and children of this quiet New Mexico town slept, - a force greater - (RECORDING STOPS) (SIGHS) (GASPS) Who sent you? Look.
This is for detoxing.
My dad had been through the 12 Steps.
A couple times.
Maybe he was trying to keep her in here to get her clean? Or maybe I'm just thinking wishfully again and I need to get a grip.
Something isn't right.
Uh, yeah.
"Wrong" would be closer to my choice of words.
It's locked.
Your key.
Okay, I just want to talk, Grant.
Can you put the gun down? Please? Yeah.
- (LOUD POP) - GRANT: Oh! I'm on a watch list.
(SIGHS) Okay.
I am actually interested in your documentary.
I know I was skeptical in the past, but you may be right.
You don't think that.
I have seen things, Grant.
I want to know who sent you.
How you heard that police tip I thought you would be impressed with my passion for uncovering the truth.
I'm "intrepid.
" I told you, there's nothing on the tape.
Look, before The Gravity of It All podcast, I was a peyote documentarian.
Highly respected in peyote documentary circles.
So you were tripping that night out in the desert? Out of my mind.
That's why they didn't worry about silencing you.
They figured no one would believe you anyway.
You weren't a loose end.
Who's "they"? You tell me.
A couple of guys showed up later that year.
I, uh, gave them a tape.
It was either that or a slow death.
Of course, it wasn't the tape.
I thought you'd be well on your way to San Quentin by now.
Guessing you didn't confess all your sins? Nah, he's not going anywhere.
Max thinks my idea of me confessing is what set you off on this little spirit quest.
What do you mean? Well, I mean, the last time you had an episode was in high school.
I thought maybe something triggered old trauma.
You know? I don't know, like your fear that someone you love will be taken away from you? Who, Michael? What, are you kidding? No.
I'm already dreaming up ways to convert that Airstream into a shabby-chic Instagram trap.
(SOFT LAUGHTER) No, I don't think it's trauma.
I think I just exhausted myself trying to use my powers to get Liz out of town.
(SIGHS) I don't think I anticipated how much harder it was gonna be this time.
Harder? Yeah, you know, 'cause I'm out of practice, so everything is harder this time.
That's not what you meant.
- Max, that's what she - Isobel.
Have you messed with Liz's mind before? MICHAEL: She told you.
She tried at the drive-in.
That's why you suggested it.
Not because it was some brilliant idea y'all had come up with, but because it worked before.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) You made Liz leave.
After Rosa, after high school.
She didn't abandon me, you sent her away.
Say it.
Give me that much.
I'd recognize his hands anywhere.
My dad didn't have an affair with Liz's sister.
He had an affair with her mom.
That's why he was trying to help Rosa sober up.
That's why he was never the same after she died.
Rosa was his daughter.
I always knew we weren't alone.
Now, as I got older, I tried to fight it.
You know, deny what I knew in my core was true.
They exist.
(LIZ GASPS) Rosa They're floating.
Y-Y-You had this the whole time? Why didn't you tell anyone about it? Because I'm not stupid.
I took the money, rather than a slow death.
What money? What no, I've said too much.
People who talk end up dead.
You literally talk more than anybody has ever talked ever, in history.
Well, not about anything real.
(GASPS) I get it.
S-So someone pays you to-to flood the airwaves with-with bogus conspiracy theories and extremist propaganda, and anything real seems small in comparison.
Alien fake news.
You should hear my 9/11 theories.
- Who paid you to stay quiet? - MAN: All you had to do - was not talk.
- (GUNSHOT) (SHOUTS) - I should have known! - Quiet, for once.
(PANTING): Bars on the windows.
We got to figure out a way to get out of here.
No! Every general and scientist who investigated the original crash dead.
Okay? Your sister, I bet she knew.
Jim Valenti, he knew.
Now Liz Ortecho and Grant Green.
(SHOUTS) (PANTING) How many shots was that? What? Shots.
Six, and he has to reload.
That's our chance.
(GUNSHOTS) That was four.
- We have to split up.
- No.
You broke in, I tried to stop you.
What are you? Five, six.
We were just trying to protect the secret, Max.
ISOBEL: You were all smitten and messed up and you wanted to tell Liz.
I wasn't smitten.
I loved her.
- How was I supposed to know that? - I don't know, Isobel, maybe if you were a damn mind reader! I thought you had a crush.
A dangerous one that could threaten all of our lives, including yours.
A-And you've made the rules our entire lives.
"Never be extraordinary.
" Just once, we made a game-time decision.
It was for your own good.
You lied for ten years! Sometimes you keep things from the people that you love to protect them.
Hey, kind of like how you've been lying to the love of your life about this little murder thing.
You know? Rosa and her friends? Well, ever since Liz drove away, I have never been happy.
Not once.
I have been idling because I don't think I deserved a goodbye.
And do you know what got me out of bed in the morning? How much I loved you two.
This is ancient history.
- (GASPS) - (GRUNTS) It's not! It is right now.
I need to talk to Liz.
Where is she? I don't know.
How would I know? You got into her head a couple days ago.
The connection is still there.
Find her, Isobel! (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) What-what, what is it? She's in trouble.
Give me your keys.
Give me your keys! She's near the Long Farm.
While the men, women and children of this quiet New Mexico town slept, a force greater than any of them could ever have imagined hovered above.
It started out as a burst of light burning through the night sky.
Was it a shooting star? A comet? Or something more? Aliens landed that night, proving we are not (LIZ SHOUTS) (GRUNTING) (PANTING) WYATT: Who did you tell? Wyatt! Who did you tell? LIZ: I'll tell you everything.
Just let me out first, please.
I have nothing to lose.
(SCREAMS) Wyatt! Why are you doing this? Wyatt! (SNIFFLES) (LIZ COUGHING) Wyatt! (WOOD CRACKS) (MUFFLED SHOUT) Liz! It's me.
It's just me.
Are you okay? It's Wyatt Long.
(EXHALES) I am sorry for dragging you into all this.
How many men do you know who were a father to any and every kid who needed one? That's who Jim Valenti was.
And he was yours.
The dad I got was a monster.
Is a monster.
Because he sent you off to war? My father was my war.
And your dad saw it, when we were kids.
Do you remember the summer - that we built the tree house? - Yeah.
That's the summer that my dad found out I was gay.
He knew before I did.
He thought he could beat it out of me.
Jim tried to intervene.
But you can't make someone stop hating someone.
And my dad hated me.
(SCOFFS) You've got it wrong, you know.
My dad didn't leave you that key because he thought you were weak.
He would've never thought that about you.
You're the bravest person I know.
(DOOR CLOSES) (KNUCKLES CRACK) (EXHALES DEEPLY) - Is there anyone else here? - Greg Green.
- Somewhere.
- Okay.
Follow me.
Stay close.
Don't move.
On your knees now.
(GASPS) MAX: We got to go.
Stay behind me.
I'm so sorry.
- (GRUNTING) - I'm sorry.
(SOBS) Max.
(SOFTLY): Max.
- I'm sorry.
- (GRUNTS) Max.
(SCREAMING) (SOBBING) (SIGHING) (WINCES) I went to the hospital; they said you left.
Did you do self-surgery? MAX: I'm not wired like you.
I can't have doctors finding out.
(GROANS) This thing doesn't make any sense.
Wyatt is a racist with a chip on his shoulder, but he's also a coward.
A-And murdering Grant Green, going after you Max.
Can I look at the wound, please? I'm fine.
You're obviously in a lot of pain.
(SNIFFLES) Why are you here? You showed up when I needed you.
So ("DARKNESS WITHIN" BY MICHAEL LOGAN PLAYING) Ooh Ooh Nothing is as it seems Hi.
Questioning I know this looks a little crazy.
You always wear your nightgown to goat yoga? What yoga? Um I'm gonna, uh Die trying I'm gonna, I'm gonna go.
Ooh Is there someone else? (VOICE BREAKING): No.
No, my God, no, no.
Listen, I actually can explain.
Where can you run when Can you explain that? My grandfather used to hide his booze in old laundry detergent bottles.
Is that what this is? They were hidden all over the house, Isobel.
- (CHUCKLES WEAKLY) - I want to be here for you.
But you have to come clean, you have to tell me the truth.
That is the only way this can work.
Where can you run When the war is in your I can't do this, Isobel.
I can't tell you.
You fight Noah, I'm sorry.
In the dark I'm sorry.
I thought you might say that.
Where can you run (WHIMPERING): No.
I just need some time.
(SOBS) Where can you run Noah.
(GROANS) I'm just so tired.
Me, too.
I was terrified tonight.
Yeah, you had that weasel pointing a gun at you, so Not for me.
You know, when you showed up, I knew I was safe.
(EXHALES) I knew it in my bones.
But my gut still tells me not to trust you.
How does that make any logical sense? The heart isn't logical, Liz.
I mean, love makes you do crazy things.
It makes you do beautiful things.
And terrible things.
Things you'd never do.
Y-You're not talking about me.
You're talking about someone else.
Is this about Rosa? Max? Everything I do is a cover-up.
I don't know how to feel about my husband because I don't know how he feels about me.
Because he doesn't know me because I don't know me because everything I do is an act.
Maybe it's time (INHALES) we all tell the truth to the people we love.
Or the secrets are just gonna tear us all apart.
(SIGHS) (HEAVY SIGH) Well (SNIFFLES) at least there are no more secrets between the three of us.
Not anymore.
What? LIZ: You didn't cover up my sister's murder because you killed her.
You covered it up because someone you love did.
Those The three bodies.
Floating out of the cave, that was Michael.
He He-he couldn't move them be His hand, it was broken then, wasn't it? So, h-he moved them with his mind.
How do you know about the cave? You have no idea how much I know.
The mark.
How is that possible? What is it, Michael? What's the secret? I didn't kill those girls, Isobel.
You know who did.
You've always known.
That's not your hand.
(SHUDDERING) Yours is too big.
(STAMMERING): And Michael's was broken then.
So that is why you have, you've covered all of this up.
That is, that is why you have been lying all of this time.
Because the person that you love most in the world is the one who did it.
Tell the truth for once.
It was Isobel, wasn't it? (SNIFFLES) Yes.

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