Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Smells Like Teen Spirit

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico I know that my sister was murdered by an alien.
So was it you, Max? MICHAEL: Liz Ortecho's looking for a murderer.
Let's give her one.
I'm gonna confess.
I'm the one that killed those girls.
We don't even know what causes these blackouts.
I do.
Last time she had an episode like this was near the end of high school, when she was afraid I was gonna abandon her.
Okay, now she thinks she's gonna lose you.
She's freaking out, man.
Isobel! What happened? It's happening again.
LIZ: You have no idea how much I know.
MAX: The morgue.
How is that possible? That's not your hand.
Yours is too big.
And-and Michael's was broken then.
That is why you have been lying.
ISOBEL: What is it, Michael? I didn't kill those girls, Isobel.
You know who did; you've always known.
LIZ: It was Isobel, wasn't it? Yes.
MAX: There are moments that define our lives, and there are moments that divide our lives.
Incidents that separate us into two people: who we were before and who we will be after.
Kate Long's having a boy-girl party tonight.
Everyone is there.
It's Michael's year to pick the birthday plans, Iz.
It's not even our real birthday.
It's just the random day we were found wandering around in the desert.
(SIGHS) I got to pee.
She's been extra annoying lately.
(LAUGHS) - So I can move stuff.
- (COUGHS) Isobel can mess around in people's thoughts.
Figure out your thing yet? Other than causing a power outage every time I have a dirty dream? (LAUGHS) Worst superpower ever.
- I'm defective.
- Are you kidding? Every time I get mad, I accidentally throw furniture with my brain.
- (SCOFFS) - I'm defective.
Is that still happening? - I'm mad a lot.
- (LAUGHS) The lady that runs the group home got a priest to come over and expel my demons last week.
Turns out an exorcism kinda hurts.
Geez, Michael.
I don't think Jesus had much to do with it.
I'm fine.
I don't want to talk about it.
(DRIFTER GRUNTING) He's got a knife.
(GRUNTING) Ah! (SCREAMS) Max? What the? (SCREAMING) (GRUNTS) (PANTING) (SHUDDERING) Is he dead? - H-How'd you? - I just suddenly knew I could.
Well, bring him back.
I don't think it works like that.
Iz, what do we do? Iz.
(PANTING) MAX: One day we were children.
And the next we were something else.
What are you doing? What's it look like? I'm digging a freaking grave.
MAX: I was a killer.
Michael, an accomplice.
And Isobel Isobel was broken.
After we went camping, Isobel started having these blackouts.
And they were brief and rare.
Just little moments where she'd fade away.
I read somewhere that after trauma, people can have some memory loss.
I didn't realize at the time that I'd lost a piece of my sister that night.
Start talking about the night that I lost mine, Max.
Context matters.
Look, who we were then matters.
Do you remember what we were like before Rosa died? It was the end of our senior year, the universe was ours.
We could do anything.
We could be anyone.
Wow, it's like a useful superpower.
(LAUGHS) Uh, so I got a full ride to UNM today.
- MAX: What? - MICHAEL: Yeah.
Dude, that's awesome, man.
Oh, man, I told you.
Your test scores are money.
You gonna still stick with the plan? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I'll tutor over the summer, I'll earn enough to travel.
Hostels, backpacking.
European girls.
I'm just gonna focus on writing.
- All right.
- I got a novel in me.
I just got to find it, okay? I know.
Come on, aren't you gonna say something? Congratulate him.
I meant every word I said.
(SCOFFS SOFTLY) What is her deal the last few weeks? Maybe she's just freaking out 'cause high school's ending? Or it's her latest ploy for attention.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Who gives a about an Oxford comma? Only three more shifts at the Crashdown before I can buy the car off of Rosa and then freedom.
What about gas money? - You're a joykill.
- (LAUGHS) Hey, Liz.
Hey, Max.
What are you reading? Oh, just Take your handbook, it's no trick (GROANS) I'll take "high school clichés" for $500, Mr.
Put it on your lips (LAUGHING): Oh, my God.
Know your boyfriend, unlike other guys Mmm.
I got into Michigan.
- You got off the wait-list? - Yeah.
- That's amazing.
- Yeah.
Go, Wolverines! Why would you lie about anything at all? - First the window - (SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Then it's to the wall (INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENT OVER P.
) Whatcha doing? You're supposed to be in AP History right now.
(SIGHS) You're blocking my sun.
You get one more truancy, you'll be banned from the prom.
I don't care about prom.
Who are you right now? (MOUTHS) (SCOFFS) Well, where are we supposed to get the stuff, then? I told you, Kate, I'm not dealing anymore.
We need your hookup.
If you ruin prom, Jasmine and I will ruin your life.
ROSA: Stop going through my stuff! ARTURO: Stop lying to me! ROSA: I'm 19! ARTURO: You're under my roof! Wait, where are you going? You said we were gonna make popcorn and I just, I can't breathe in here anymore, Liz.
It's like a prison.
Well, Mom will be back soon, and Dad will relax.
She said she'd be here in time to take me prom dress shopping.
I don't care if Mom ever comes back, Liz, and you shouldn't either.
Aren't you tired of trusting her? Cover for me with the warden.
What are you doing? Looking at the stars.
(SIGHS) I'm so glad you're here.
I had such a crap day.
Me, too.
But, hey, it's over now.
I found my favorite constellation.
It's a man and a serpent.
Maybe the man's killing the serpent.
Maybe the serpent's killing the man.
You can't tell where the man ends and the snake begins.
What's it called? Ophiuchus.
(GUITAR STRUMMING) What the hell, Guerin? You can't just steal instruments from the music room.
- This is mine.
- I was gonna return it.
And-and it was out of tune, so you're welcome.
You really do live in your truck.
All the rumors about you true? You're kinda lucky, you know.
Things at my house suck.
There's this toolshed out behind my house.
It's warm and I go there when things get bad.
So Put my hands above my head, a little closer Uh-oh.
Here comes your favorite waitress.
Are you gonna tell her how her milkshakes bring you to the yard? Max, hi.
Uh, Little Green Man shake - with whipped cream and two cherries? - (LAUGHS SOFTLY) You remember my shake order? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) Yeah, my brain is my superpower.
Anything else? Yes, uh, three burgers and three orders of fries with flying sauce, to go, please.
Uh, two orders of fries.
I'm on a prom dress diet.
You know that.
You're not going to prom.
Hi, I'm Isobel Evans.
Have we met? You said you didn't care about it.
And then you missed history and gym, and Markham told you you were banned from extracurriculars.
Do you not remember any of this? I'll get Markham to change her mind.
My brain is also my superpower.
Thank God.
My shift's over in, like, 20, and then we can go.
Um go where? To see The Last House on the Left.
Um thanks for the invite.
That's cool.
I'm not really in the market for new friends right now.
(MOUTHS) I'll meet you in the car.
I am so sorry.
She, uh hates horror movies? SINGER: Two, three, four.
POTTER'S LULLABY" BY COUNTING CROWS PLAYING) (SIGHS) (BOTH GROAN) (BOTH LAUGHING) Well, I woke up In midafternoon 'Cause that's when it all hurts the most I dream I never Know anyone at the party And I'm always the host.
Hmm? I, uh speak Spanish.
I know.
(LAUGHS) You look Wow.
Um Mm-hmm.
You found a different dress? Sometimes a girl's got to wear red, Papi.
Está lindo.
You look so much like your mother.
I was kind of hoping that she would show up today.
It's okay.
We'll show her the pictures, hmm? (CLEARS THROAT) (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) Ooh, one with Rosa, too.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) - All right, get one - Oh, yeah.
- Let's do a real one.
Oh, yeah.
- Stop.
- MICHAEL: Want a serious one? - Just a normal one.
- Hey, normal? - Serious.
Normal serious? - Yeah.
- Stop.
You guys are the lamest dates ever.
Dates just limit your options.
Yeah, well, at least Max should've asked someone.
You know Tess likes you.
- No, thank you.
- She's cute.
- Hot.
- Nah, I'm good with you guys.
Besides, you know, this is all almost over.
Can't say I felt such twisting in my heart this way We pitch a tent and I won't sleep, I might just stay awake The fire's burning, softly singing songs so close to you Do you believe in love at first sight? I think you do Those are the best days of my life.
Where the hell you going, Manes? Huh? (LAUGHS) What are you so afraid of? Say it again.
Oh, I don't see what the big deal is, Alex.
We just have different tastes.
I like tacos, and, well, you like hot dogs.
- That's not what you said.
- What did I say? Kyle! (CLEARS THROAT) You know, I just think you're blowing this whole thing out of proportion, Manes.
So, what, you don't want Liz to hear what you called me? You're gonna be one guy with your friends, and another with her? You are a coward.
You always have been.
- Kyle! - (GRUNTS) Get off - You okay? - (PANTING) - Liz, wait.
- Don't follow me.
Alex is right.
You need to grow up.
We're closed! Hey.
Hey? Seriously? You were such a bitch to me the other day.
You think you can just come in here and like, "Hey"? You don't want your brother to know that we're friends, do you? When we first started hanging out, you said that you didn't care about my reputation.
I'm not ashamed of you.
So then why act like you don't know me? I'm sorry.
I know I've been acting weird lately.
I've just been going through a lot.
I wish I could be who I am with you all the time.
Did prom suck? I just don't care about those people.
What's the backpack for? I'm thinking about leaving town for a while.
There's a guy that says he thinks he can help me stay clean, 'cause it's been really hard.
What guy? It's not like a guy guy.
He's more of a father figure.
He's in recovery, too.
I just feel like I need a change of scenery.
This town is just suffocating me.
And I was gonna stick around for Liz, but she's got plans now, - so - So let's leave.
(LAUGHING): What, you and me? Yeah, Rosa.
Run away with me instead.
MAX: Liz? Max.
Uh, do you want to be alone? Kyle isn't all that bad, and I see I see good in him, honestly.
It's just, he got football captain and-and homecoming king.
His ego just blah.
Well uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, I guess.
I'm sure you two will work it out.
No, we won't.
I'm sorry you're hurting.
I wasn't crying 'cause of Kyle.
I was crying 'cause I just I had a tough day.
And I want my mom.
If she were here, she'd probably just be drunk and selfish.
But I'd still want her here.
Maybe she just thinks I'm I'm all grown up, or I can take care of myself, but I'm not.
I'm just I'm not done being taken care of.
Was that Shakespeare? That thing you said about the crown? (LAUGHS) It was Henry IV, Part 2.
(LAUGHING): You are something else, Max Evans.
- (BOTH LAUGH) - MICHAEL: Max! Isobel straight up vanished.
And I have a bad feeling? LIZ: Go.
- Seriously.
- You sure? Maria's on her way.
I'm okay.
Um Good night, Liz.
Isobel? Oh, what the hell?! (GASPING) - What? - Wait.
Is that? No.
I-I think it's just paint.
Were you with Rosa? MICHAEL: Are you on something right now? No.
I don't know how I got here.
Stop lying! That's Rosa's art.
We know she sells drugs.
Just tell us the truth.
You know, my life is none of your business, Max.
You've made that very clear.
- We just spent all night - You're leaving me! You're going halfway across the planet.
What about me? - What am I supposed to do? - Live your life.
Grow up! We're not abandoning you.
You know, I'm sorry I ruined prom for you guys.
You know what? I can handle my own problems by myself, without you.
It's just me.
- I was just, uh, hang-hanging out.
- Yeah, yeah.
No, it's fine.
It's good that you've been staying here.
It's cold at night.
Uh, hey, I-I brought you this.
It's, um it's my brother's.
I don't know.
I thought maybe you'd use it.
Why are you being so nice to me? (LAUGHS) People don't always have an agenda.
They can just be nice to each other for no reason sometimes.
Not in my experience.
(SIGHS) Well it's the only thing that makes me feel quiet.
Playing music.
Quiet? Uh Well, I have all this chaos going on inside me all the time, and all I want to do is get away from myself.
But then I play, and my, uh my entropy changes.
Everything goes quiet.
(STRUMS GUITAR) Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Who did this? - It was Kate and Jasmine.
They're pissed that I stopped partying.
Look, I don't I don't want Liz to see this, okay? She said that she needed the car this afternoon, but - Let me help you clean it up.
- No, I'm fine.
I don't need your help.
Did I do something wrong? I thought Kate Long was my friend, but I guess I'm just her supplier.
And my mom sucks, and Liz is gonna leave, and I just found out that my dad You know, you're just, you're you're a lot.
Okay, Izzie, you're just, you're too much, and I can't, I can't handle (DOOR CLOSES) I bet Isobel is just smoking too much pot or something.
I don't get why she's lying.
Into the deep unknown You remember the camping trip when she started to have those blackouts? You think that's happening again? (SIGHS): Maybe.
I don't know, man, there-there are these moments when she's, like she's not there.
You know? I, I don't know why she's not talking to us.
She's mad at us for wanting to leave town; she has been for a while.
Yeah, I know, but I don't know, I might talk to my parents.
(WHISPERS): They'll-they'll take her to a doctor.
Scans, tests.
So she wakes up in weird places sometimes.
(SIGHS) Welcome to my life.
(LAUGHS) Don't worry so much, Max.
You only get to impersonate a human high school senior once.
I know, I know, you're you're probably right, man.
- It's probably just stress.
- Mm-hmm.
(SIGHS): I don't know.
And speaking of, uh impersonating high school seniors (QUIETLY): I think I might ask Liz out.
(MOCK GASP) (LAUGHS) Come on, man, we only have this summer, and then she's gone, you know, and Dude, we had a moment.
That's one of those moments that, like, I feel like it's worth fighting for.
I know those moments.
Into the deep unknown Like a sinking stone LIZ: No, I need the car, Rosa.
I have to go out to the desert to collect soil samples - for AP Bio.
- No, I told you, - I'm taking it tonight.
- It is for school.
You are two weeks away from graduating.
Would it kill you to do one thing that isn't perfect? You know, maybe I wouldn't have to be so perfect - if you would - If I what? I just don't want Dad to have to worry about both of us.
You know what? You are just like Mom.
Nobody matters but you.
ROSA: I'm nothing like Mom.
I'm here.
MAX: Hey.
Um, I could take you.
To the to the desert.
You know, I have to do the project, too.
(SIGHS) Forget the bio project.
Let's go on an adventure.
So, this this is this is your big adventure? Liz Ortecho would never skip homework - to drink a beer with a boy.
- (LAUGHS) Okay.
So, you got to tell me, where'd you get the fake? (LAUGHS) Rosa.
I almost used it to get into a Fall Out Boy concert.
Sasha Jimenez.
Age 25.
- That's me.
- (LAUGHS) And, uh, you are? Max Evans.
- Fine.
- (LAUGHS) Tell me about yourself, Max Evans, age 25.
You first.
I am a dancer.
And, uh, you are? I am a writer.
I mainly do novels.
Ooh, super pretentious literary novels? No.
No, I I want to write something that you can disappear into.
Something that makes you feel like home, you know, that wraps you up when it's cold.
I bet you're an incredible writer.
I bet you're an incredible dancer.
Come here.
I will show you.
Can we talk? Uh, yeah.
I guess.
Somewhere private, maybe? LIZ: So, you're gonna step over this one, so you're going one, two, - three, just like that.
- But where's the Okay.
So now we're gonna do it faster.
- Ready? And - Okay.
One, two, three So it goes You would never survive a quinceañera.
(LAUGHS): Oh, my God.
RADIO HOST: It's gonna be a beautiful summer night.
For all you lovers out there, next up, Bright Eyes.
I love this song.
Why don't we do a box step.
It's easier.
(LAUGHS) This is the first day of my life Swear I was born right in the doorway I went out in the rain, suddenly everything changed They're spreading blankets on the beach And I don't know where I am, I don't know where I've been But I know where I want Okay, talk.
And so I thought I'd let you know That these things take forever I especially am slow But I realized that I need you And I wondered if I could come home Remember the time you drove all night Just to meet me in the morning And I thought it was strange, you said everything changed You felt as if you just woke up Sorry, did-did I? I really want to kiss you.
Uh, okay.
But I it doesn't feel right.
I mean, no, not because of you.
It's just, it's too late.
What do you mean, it's too late? We have all summer.
It's We don't.
After graduation, I'm going on a road trip.
You know, I want to see this country.
My parents risked everything to be here, and I haven't even left Roswell.
I want to see - he ocean.
- (CHUCKLES) But I don't think I can kiss you and then leave.
But I'd rather be working for a paycheck I don't want to be a leaver, like my mom.
Uh-huh So stay.
But I also don't want to be the kind of girl who, uh, changes her plans for a boy.
Me Our timing sucks.
(SIGHS) H-Have you ever done this before? Uh, well yeah.
But not, like, with a (LAUGHS): With a guy? - With a guy? - Yeah.
And, um not with someone that I've liked as much as I like you.
Breaking the rules is exhilarating.
Screw the bio project.
I'm gonna do it tomorrow.
Yeah, me, too.
(LAUGHS) What if I change my plans for you? What? You said you don't want to be the kind of girl that changes her plans for a guy, but all I've ever wanted was to change my plans for you.
You'd come on the road trip? We could kiss by the ocean.
Or at the Grand Canyon.
- Uh-huh.
- Or at the top of the Empire State Building.
It'll be a perfect summer.
(LAUGHS) - Whew.
This ends now.
How dare you? Under my roof.
Dad, this has nothing to do with you.
(SHOUTS) Everything you do - everything.
- (WHIMPERS) And I will not - be humiliated.
- Don't touch him! - (SCREAMS) - No! (CRICKETS CHIRPING) (DOOR OPENS) Hey.
What are you doing here? - Get away from my car.
- Hey, Rosa.
I just dropped Liz off.
Stay away from my sister.
I-I know you've - been hanging out with Isobel - This is about you.
You're really drunk right now.
Turns out that I do have a breaking point.
That's not important.
I know what you are, okay? What? This town is full of people like you.
Izzie pretended to be my friend.
But she's just a mean girl, like you're just a dumb boy.
And Liz doesn't need any of that, all right? She's gonna leave.
She's gonna be somebody.
It's-it's not like that.
Yeah, she's gonna forget this small town and all of its small people.
So just leave us alone.
(PANTING) Isobel! Iz! Iz! Isobel! But I did it for you.
Everything I did was for you.
What did you do? She couldn't be trusted.
MAX: Isobel! Oh, my God.
Michael, don't just stand there! Okay, she's alive.
She's alive! She did it.
I saw her do it, Max.
I think Isobel killed them all.
(SHOUTING) No, no, no! Please! Why can't you heal her, Max? - You got to do something! - I don't know, man! I've never brought somebody back from the dead before! (SOBS) I'm not strong enough.
(SNIFFLES) We have to get out of here.
We have to, uh, call your parents.
We can call the police.
On Isobel? This isn't her, man.
Something's not right with her.
She-she wouldn't do this.
We can't just leave the bodies here.
There's evidence everywhere, Max.
(CRYING): It's our fault.
We never should have left her alone.
We, we should have protected her.
(SNIFFLES) So we p we protect her now.
(SHUDDERS) We cover this up.
(PANTING) What happened? What, you-you don't remember, Isobel? No.
I, uh I messed up, Iz.
What? Michael.
What are you doing? How? I got in a fight.
The jerk, he wrecked my hand.
So I went and I got drunk, and I ran into those girls.
And my telekinesis, it just went nuts, like it used to, before I could control it.
It was an accident, Iz.
(WHIMPERING) Just take my car and let us handle this.
I'm not leaving you.
It's not enough.
("AIN'T NO DEVIL" BY ANDREA WASSE PLAYING) MAX: After that night, Michael and I changed our plans.
He and I stopped hanging out entirely.
We reminded each other of the worst thing we ever did.
But we kept our eyes on Isobel for months.
Nothing ever happened again.
We had so many questions, but we never asked them.
We were too busy trying to forget.
No, there ain't no devil Gonna be where we go Gonna wash in the water And save all our souls Take all the children Where the floodwater's low Ain't no devil Gonna be where we go And you don't know why she did it.
We never understood it.
(EXHALES) The moon is rising I don't understand.
Why? You're never gonna understand, because it wasn't you.
(PANTING) It was me! You saw it! No! When I found you, when I found you with your hand on her the way that you looked at me, it was like you were a different person.
You did this.
Look at my sister.
I know.
I see her every time I close my eyes.
You let our entire town think that she killed Jasmine and Kate.
ISOBEL: Is that what we are, killers? Max killed that guy in the desert.
And I-I In our DNA? Are we just some type of murderous species, and our-our ship came in here to hurt people? We don't know where we came from.
We don't know what we are.
For ten years, people terrorized my family.
You made us a target.
You made me a target.
I didn't know that was gonna happen, okay? I-I was scared.
I was a stupid kid.
You were not stupid, Max! You were brilliant! You were 17, and you covered up a murder for ten years.
I mean, - it's incredible! - Liz No! Don't I wanted to tell you.
I-I came to find you a few days later, and you were saying goodbye to your family.
You drove away.
I haven't had one of these blackouts since that night.
Until now.
That means it's starting again.
That means I'm dangerous.
No, there ain't no devil We've lived for ten years in a comfortable lie.
It's time to face the truth now.
Hmm? (SOBBING): You destroyed my sister to save yours! I never want to see you again, Max Evans.

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