Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

I Saw the Sign

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico I have a proposition for you.
I can help Charlie if you can help me with a little access to the Roswell Sheriff's Department.
Who did you tell? Wyatt! Max, hey.
Explain that.
I want to be here for you.
But you have to come clean; you have to tell me the truth.
That is the only way this can work.
- Can't tell you.
- I just need some time.
I am gonna find out who killed my sister and I am gonna bring them to justice.
I didn't kill those girls, Isobel.
You know who did.
It was Isobel, wasn't it? Yes.
I never want to see you again.
This is classified case 9-2278 of an unidentified subject acquired from the crash at Roswell.
I, Lieutenant Colonel Harlan Manes, acting director of Project Shepherd, will oversee today's procedure and document all subsequent related discoveries in accordance with my jurisdiction.
Catalogue every piece of it.
Commencing midline laparotomy.
Have you seen this marking before? We've never seen any of this before.
There are five stages of grief.
Denial is first, but we're way past that.
The second stage is anger.
I haven't hit stage three yet.
In fact, I might never get there.
Because to be honest rage feels a lot better than sadness.
This anger has become my best friend.
It's my fuel.
It's my armor.
You stayed the night.
Not on purpose.
I planned on the late-night walk of no shame at all.
But I think I may have been over-served.
Cam No, no.
We, uh, we don't need to talk about it.
I know this is a "any port in a storm" situation.
And you're just a scratching post for me, too, Evans.
Copy you.
I got to get to the office.
Valenti's bringing in some suit to evaluate my mental fitness.
Yeah, it's only been a week.
And you did just take a bullet, shoot Wyatt Long's kneecap off, disappear before questioning, sew yourself up and refuse to talk to your partner about it.
There is such a thing as too macho.
Uh, it's the opposite of that; I'm, uh latrophobic.
You're afraid of doctors.
So your hours are strictly 9:00 until whenever.
This is a local's bar, so there's a certain type of crazy we're trying to keep out.
No tinfoil hats, no antennae, no cosplay.
They are not innocent intergalactic ren-faire types, they're one stiff drink away from the worst kind of crazy: the alt-right conspiracy nutjobs and I have a strong pour.
Got it.
What kind of crazy is that? The aliens are here, they have been for years.
They've been hiding in in plain sight.
That's my kind.
I've seen their ship.
Glowing in the night.
It's gonna be okay, Mom.
When I woke up, I was in some kind of shipping crate and I could smell gasoline.
Wyatt Long kept asking me who I told.
Told about what? I don't know.
Look, I already gave my statement that night.
We just want to know if things have clarified at all, now that there's been time since the trauma.
At what point did you call Deputy Evans? I didn't call him.
So he just sensed you were in trouble and showed up? What a knight in shining armor.
I was just passing through.
Through what, exactly? That warehouse is surrounded by nada.
Yeah, I like the open road.
And disregarding protocol? Not calling for backup? You discharged an unregistered firearm.
Wyatt Long executed a man, tried to barbecue a woman, and then put a hole in my arm.
The shot was justified.
So why don't you sign those papers so I can do my damn job? If you think of anything else I've told you everything.
Didn't you recently save her life? This morning, when you said "any port in a storm"? Liz Ortecho's my hurricane.
I just need a minute.
- I'm sorry - I am not doing this, Isobel.
Listen, I am sorry.
I didn't know.
I still I don't remember.
I don't know why I would have - done something like that.
Please - So then, how can you apologize? You killed three people.
You should be locked up, period.
But you haven't gone to the cops.
Why? I mean, it's been a week and you haven't done anything.
I can't trust the cops or the government.
I can't call attention to myself because it'll call attention to my father.
So there is no justice.
My sister dies a statistic and we're just another immigrant family that America will be better off without.
We never meant to make her into a villain.
You know that.
Please, just let me talk to you.
I haven't slept.
I feel like I'm going crazy.
I am so sorry.
You know what keeps me up at night? If you don't know why you killed her, how can you guarantee it won't happen again? I know you had another blackout last week.
It could escalate again.
And this time, if you hurt someone, that blood is on my hands.
Because I'm keeping your secret, even now.
Mad scientist is a good look for you.
What are you doing at the hospital? Is everything okay? You don't have your crutch.
I just I needed a little time to get used to the new normal.
Not planning on running any marathons any time soon, though.
Oh, I don't know, an excuse to avoid running sounds like a perk to me.
I'm, uh, I'm actually here to see you.
I've called, but, um Oh, I-I haven't really looked at my phone.
You know that nobody believes that excuse, right? Maria's also left a message.
Did you get that, or? Yeah, I've just been really focused on my work.
Yeah, clearly.
You're the only one here on a Saturday.
Look, Maria's too nice to say anything.
But I left nice back in the Middle East.
You've been a crappy friend.
Excuse me? Since you've been home, have you two talked at all about what's going on with her? I've been preoccupied.
Look, I get it.
It is easy to get caught up in your problems.
Your trauma, your work.
But sometimes, Liz, you got to be a human being, too.
Will wasn't convinced either.
- Until the bunker.
- Will? Smith, honey.
Uh, we-we asked for peace and the alien, h-he said, "No peace.
" Yeah, um Um, Independence Day is just, it's just a movie, Mom.
There are no aliens coming for us, okay? You can be such a buzzkill, sweetheart.
Oh, gosh.
- Can I get a jacket? - Yeah, yeah.
- Here, take mine.
- Hi, Mimi.
- Oh, hi.
- Hey.
- Mama DeLuca.
I missed you.
- Oh Where the hell have you been, kid? Oh, everywhere but here, but I'm back now.
I'm sorry I haven't visited.
Oh stuff happens.
You don't need to apologize.
What's important is you're here now, Rosa.
Mom, it's That's Liz.
You remember.
You used to take the three of us to the drive-in every weekend.
Yeah? Oh.
I haven't seen you since high school.
Girl, you got hot.
Oh Oh What happened to "I can handle the truth, Michael"? "I am the protagonist of my own story, Michael"? "What would Beyoncé do, Michael?" Liz Ortecho happened.
What if it's just a matter of time before I hurt someone else? That was an isolated event ten years ago.
Was it? Michael? Because last week, I remember waking up in the desert, no clue how I got there or what I'd done for the last several hours.
What happens if next time I won't let there be a next time.
I believe you.
I do.
But there's some thing inside of me that doesn't care what I believe.
And I'm terrified what it's gonna do next.
Why didn't you tell me? 'Cause I didn't ask.
No, it's not your fault.
I wanted to be the fun friend.
I love being the fun friend.
I just, I thought I could do that awhile before the reality show contestant - sob story set in.
- What's the diagnosis? There isn't one.
It's not early-onset dementia or Alzheimer's.
No tumor, no toxins.
I can't even count the number of old, white, rich doctors that have not-so-subtly implied that she's just faking all of this.
So this is why you work so hard.
Running the bar, doing the psychic thing.
We're doing just about anything for a buck so we don't lose the people we love.
Have you thought about putting her in a care facility? No, that just feels like giving up hope.
I'm not down for that yet.
You don't have to do this alone.
Let's give her a full-on Mama DeLuca day.
Roswell's greatest hits.
My dad plays Barajas with the drive-in guy.
I can rustle up some milkshakes at the Crashdown.
She does love the antennae.
I already told you, man.
I don't remember jack.
A man is dead because of you.
And you tried to burn Liz alive.
I had a few too many, I passed out in my truck and I woke up here with y'all telling me I did that stuff! The end.
Do you really have that much hate in you? The night your sister died, Liz lost her sister, too.
But if this is about revenge why kill Green? I want my lawyer.
- Not until you tell me why.
- Evans.
I am not gonna play "good cop, bad cop" with you.
You're not any type of cop because right now you're off duty and violating his rights.
If you get your badge pulled, I'm gonna have to teach some new dumbass my donut order.
Go home.
Your lawyer's on her way.
We're going to ask you to write down your account of the evening.
I just told you.
- I don't remember.
- Then write that.
Do you need help sounding out - the big words? - I'm not lying, you know.
I really blacked it all out.
Look, getting wasted and shooting at a Mexican Yeah, that kind of sounds like me.
- Are you making jokes right now? - No, no.
'Cause you almost killed Max.
Deputy Evans.
If your crappy aim had been a crappy two inches to the left, you'd have two murder charges on your hands.
Yeah, well, I wouldn't have done that because I respect cops.
Hey blue lives matter.
What is that? - What? - This.
I don't know.
Saturn's Rings, Blast from the Past-rami, Shatner's Special Shake, hold the cherry.
Rosa, you remembered.
Mom, I told you about Rosa.
I just need some air.
See our friends See the sights Feel all right I'll be right back.
Are we like you These are so much better when you dip them in the shake.
You have a worried face.
Strange in our worlds You didn't used to have that face.
We get by We're all concerned, Mimi.
No, it's not that.
You have a secret.
I've already come out to you, like, seven times, you know.
All right You look like your dad today.
Cash, get some wheels Oh, good.
I was hoping that the rage face might skip a generation.
Not your face.
Your aura.
Feel all right.
I grew up with Jesse Manes, Alex.
And I knew the very day that he learned too much.
Because he came to school with the darkest energy around him.
Energy from another place.
What place? Something broke in this town once.
Long ago.
And the pieces shattered.
We aren't meant to touch things from another world, Alex.
The other world creeps into us and makes us ugly inside.
Don't let it do to you what it did to your father.
What it did to poor, sweet, Jimmy Valenti.
Wait, what-what? What about Jim Valenti? - Where did Rosa run off to? - Mimi.
You were about to say something about Jim Valenti.
Ugh, Jim Valenti.
You know he cheats on his wife, right? Someone should tell her.
Missed you, too.
This isn't a conversation, Michael.
You are not my family, you are not my friend.
So get off my property.
I need to talk to you about Isobel.
- She needs us.
- Pretty sure you two have been just fine figuring things out on your own, leaving me in the dark about my own life.
We had no choice but to run Liz out of town, Max.
We knew you would cave.
You would have never been able to watch her grieve Rosa.
You were gonna tell her our secret.
That wasn't your decision to make.
You weren't capable of making it.
What if it had been Alex Manes? Hmm? What if the reason Alex left town that summer was me? How long you known about that? Yeah.
You're right.
If you were the reason that Alex went to war I'd hate you.
I have work to do.
Your mom seems okay.
Yeah, totally fine.
She's not at all worried about the impending alien invasion.
She knows Will Smith will save us.
How are you not angrier? Or, like crying? If I was going through what you're going through, I would just want to break stuff all the time.
Well, I'm angry.
I just just try to be more like my mom.
Truth is, everything I like about myself I got from her.
Everyone in this town rejected everything about me and she just she just embraced it and raised me to love myself.
The sound of my own voice, the way I crazy dance and the color of my skin when I literally thought we were the only black people in the world.
Now every day it's like a it's like a piece of her just slips away.
It's a piece of me that I lose, too, you know? No, I'm-I'm good, okay? I-I have, I have full range of motion.
No, I-I'll take desk duty, okay? I-I'll Sheriff.
Sheriff Valenti.
Is this a bad time? Yeah, kind of.
Well Look, I-I got a murderer getting spoon-fed Jell-O in Roswell Community Medical instead of suffering in a coffin-sized cell.
So if you're here about Isobel, I appreciate the effort, but please stay out of it.
Out of? Out of our fight.
It's, it's twin stuff.
It's-it's not something I can explain to you Yeah, I'm-I'm not here about your fight with Isobel, I'm here about my fight with Isobel.
I kicked her out.
I couldn't deal with her lies anymore.
I figured she was staying here.
I'm sorry, man.
She's not here.
Listen, maybe you're doing the right thing.
Splitting up.
That's not really the pep talk I came here for.
Hey, Noah, I'm sorry.
You're a good man.
And you And you treat her so well.
Maybe people like you deserve better than people like Isobel.
I see a beautiful girl on your arm this year.
I think you might be - a little off with that take, Mom.
- Wait, wait, wait.
I'm getting a little clarity.
Still a girl.
A great set of legs.
Tail to die for.
And a cute little snout on your beagle.
All right, do Maria.
No, no.
No peering into my future.
- I hate spoilers.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, that means that Liz is up.
- Mm-mm.
- Yes, please.
Don't be scared.
I'm very attuned.
Go on.
The last time I read your aura, you were at a crossroads.
What happened? What road did you take, Rosa? M-Mom, no it's Liz.
Remember? - We-we just talked about it.
- Maria.
It's okay.
Reality sucks.
Why drag her into any of it? You know what? You're right, Mimi.
Last time you saw me, I-I was at the precipice of something.
At a turning point.
I've been clean for ten years.
My dad is so proud, he hung my chip up at the Crashdown.
I went to art school, in Paris.
I had a couple heartbreaks.
And a few spectacularly epic romances.
But, um, mostly, I learned to love myself.
I visit home a lot, to see my dad.
We make churro pancakes and any time I feel like I am slipping into a dark place, I confide in him, and in my sister.
And they help me find the light.
You have a beautiful destiny.
You always did, Rosa.
Yo, Maximo.
I took a page out of your book, and tried to channel all my romantic woes into work.
Listen, you're gonna want to lay off Wyatt Long.
Yeah, no.
Look, I've got a buddy at the law firm his dad just hired.
- And? - And they're gonna try and say that Grant Green was self-defense.
Oh, that's bull.
And if you testify against him, drive his charges up, they're gonna dig into your time on the force.
Try to discredit you Yeah, well, my-my record is clean.
They are not gonna come after you.
They're gonna come after the people you care about.
They know you've been making efforts to protect Arturo.
As deputy, you're legally obligated to notify ICE - if you suspect - Yeah, yeah, I get it, there's no justice in the world, copy that.
- Oh! - Oh.
- Close.
- Come on.
You know why I love this place? It's an escape.
Everybody needs an escape sometimes.
What happened with the blonde? The blonde? The-the, the rotten one, the one you said was hunting you.
Isobel Evans.
What did Rosa What did I say to you about Isobel Evans, Mimi? You said that you knew her secrets.
She confessed something to you.
It scared you.
Y-You wouldn't tell me what it was, but you said you were thinking about telling your father.
That's the reason.
Isobel was afraid she would tell, that's why it happened.
What happened, Rosa? Uh, a hoodie, a belt and The Great Gatsby.
Stuff you left at my place.
Is this supposed to feel like a breakup? Well, I don't think you can break up with a scratching post, but I feel like it's probably better if we don't scratch anymore.
Like, ever.
Now that we're clear on that, I'm, uh, I'm a little low on friends at the moment.
You're it.
And I could use a beer.
I was hoping you'd say that.
How old were you when you got your first tattoo? Random, but I'll bite.
Uh, my 21st birthday.
You? 18.
The flower on my foot, for my aunt.
And the scorpion firing a machine gun? Drunken dare on leave with my unit.
How long have you been dying to ask about that? I feel like, uh, bodies are a road map to our lives, you know? Battle wounds.
Tattoos are like the scars we choose.
Like, this one is for my sister.
She has the other half.
Two birds, finally uncaged.
I didn't know you had a sister.
In some ways, she was my partner before you.
But, uh, she broke some rules.
Blew a whistle because she thought it was the right thing to do, and when it came time to protect her, I didn't.
She's locked up now, because of me.
So this tattoo means something different now.
All right.
Your turn.
Oh, none of mine are that deep.
The symbol on your shoulder? It doesn't mean anything.
Actually, it's just, uh, something I used to doodle when I was a kid.
In the margins of notebooks, or on my sneakers, whatever.
Okay, I just told you about the most important person in my life, and you're telling me that's a doodle.
I mean, I wish I had a better story.
But, I got trashed on my 21st and decided to get a tattoo.
Well, I asked Wyatt Long to write down his confession, and he drew that.
Want to amend your answer, Evans? You can finish my beer.
She will tear up the whole town until she finds Harry.
What's got you out here all alone? I've been thinking about what you said, about breaking free from Isobel Evans.
Everything changed when Isobel told Rosa her secret, Liz.
She was so scared.
Did she ever say anything about aliens? Rosa knew what I knew.
And the truth was terrifying.
The aliens had aligned their ships.
One in New York.
, Tokyo.
What no.
Wait, in-in 2008? Was Will Smith there? Well wouldn't have been able to destroy the alien scum without that national treasure.
Independence Day.
I have to go to the lab.
I, uh, I have an experiment in progress and I got to - check and see - Yeah, yeah, go ahead.
But I will be back in 30 minutes.
Could you, um could you meet us at Sunset Mesa Assisted Living? It's time.
Securi Are you going after Liz to threaten me? You have no idea the lengths I will go to to bring you to justice, no matter what fiery hell that might be.
Max! You're threatening a guy in traction? Are you defending Long right now? Wyatt Long is a sack of garbage.
This isn't about him.
I am questioning your character.
As a cop, as a man, as a human be What do you stand for? You were just talking about justice, but you're a hypocrite.
You want Wyatt to suffer, but you let Rosa's killer walk around planning brunches for ten years? Are some murders just more murder-y than others to you? Wyatt came after you for a reason.
I am trying to keep you safe.
You failed.
These are the samples you collected from me.
What are you doing here, Liz? Trying to create a weapon.
How do you protect yourself from a mind reader? You weaken her, until she can't use her powers.
Until she can't hurt people.
You were gonna poison her? I was trying to create a serum that would mute your powers, that would do the opposite of acetone.
Acetone kills our pain.
- You were trying to hurt us.
- No.
Look, I know you want to punish Isobel Yes, I want her to suffer for the life that she stole from Rosa.
But there is another reason that we put bad people away.
To protect the innocent.
Isobel is having blackouts.
A-Are we just supposed to sit down and wait for the next murder spree? She's dangerous, Max.
Something has to be done.
Here to pour salt in a wound? I shouldn't have thrown Alex in your face like that.
I'm sorry.
It's just him, you know? Screws me up.
None of that matters to me.
I'm here to talk about Isobel.
Look, we never talked about that night, why she did what she did.
We don't know what we're protecting her from.
And it could be happening again.
Eh, it's not happening again.
You don't know that.
We don't know anything.
I think we should leave, find someplace to start over.
How does taking her away from her life, from her husband, help her? We don't get to have lives anymore, okay? We don't get to be with the people we want to be with.
The three of us, we only have each other.
A few hours ago, you said we weren't family.
What changed? The stakes.
Liz is working on some kind of alien poison.
And if we don't find a solution, she's gonna use it.
She doesn't feel safe with Isobel in town.
Well she's not wrong.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
You guys have been making decisions for me for the last decade.
But you know what? Today, I finally had some time to actually think for myself.
And, uh I mean, Liz is right.
As long as I'm blacking out, I am dangerous.
I can't run from that.
It's just gonna follow us.
It's not gonna stop.
I'm not going to allow myself to hurt someone again.
I have to be stopped.
I can't let you inject yourself with that serum.
- We don't know how it works - Max, please.
Here's what I need.
From now on, I make the decisions about my own life.
Okay? 'Cause as it turns out, you two suck at it.
It's not so bad.
I mean I'll make it fashion.
I talked to Kyle.
He owes me.
Um, they can keep you here on a temporary psych hold for a little while.
But you'll be marked as a danger to yourself and others.
And I'll be locked in, right? I won't be able to escape in case I go all Dark Willow? You're doing the right thing.
Now you just need to trust yourself and the people who love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Sorry, we're closed.
I really need you to be open.
Yeah, well, we're closed.
One drink.
No talking.
Thank you.
- I - Seriously, Guerin.
Thanks, Doc.
Thanks for calling.
Is it, uh is it booze? We don't know.
But she's getting help.
That's what matters.
I left her when she needed me.
What kind of husband am I? Same kind of brother I am, I guess.
I don't care what you think I deserve, Max.
I am not giving up on my wife.
We locked her up.
Kyle pulled some strings, and she's not going anywhere for a while.
So maybe hold off on testing your poison on her.
I'm getting rid of the serum.
Why? I became a scientist to help people, to build something and to keep people from slipping away before their time.
What you did to Rosa made me forget that.
This isn't how I want my mind to work, all rage and vengeance.
I don't want to use my knowledge to create something that is harmful.
Even if it's harmful to Isobel.
You're making a mistake.
What? You should keep working on the serum.
Maybe you can figure out a way to end all this, make us normal.
You were right earlier.
Isobel's dangerous.
We all are.
My sense of fairness and justice does not apply to my family.
I thought I was more principled than that, but the three of us are all alone together.
And I can't give up on them, ever.
But if something happens and I can't protect you and Isobel at the same time, you should have a way to protect yourself.

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