Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Barely Breathing

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico KYLE: I'd forgotten about this place.
Our dads' old hunting cabin.
MIMI: You have a secret.
Don't let it do to you what it did to your father.
You didn't cover up my sister's murder because you killed her.
It was Isobel, wasn't it? MAX: Yes.
I never want to see you again.
You killed three people.
How can you guarantee it won't happen again? I was trying to create a serum that would mute your powers, that would do the opposite of acetone.
Something has to be done.
I mean, Liz is right.
As long as I'm blacking out, I am dangerous.
And I'm not going to allow myself to hurt anyone again.
ISOBEL: Safety is so easy to take for granted.
Especially when you grow up loved cherished protected.
Safety is a feeling you only value once it's been stripped from you.
When someone you trust spills your secrets.
When someone invades your home.
Or when you're a little girl staring at the stars in the desert one night, and the Devil tries to drag you into hell.
Or, worse when the thing that makes you unsafe isn't an invader at all.
What do you do when the evil you fear is inside your own mind? When there may be no way to kill it without killing yourself.
You look thin.
(CHUCKLES) So do you.
Really? Thank you.
(BOTH LAUGH) How are you and Dad doing? Yeah.
Wonderful, of course.
(CLEARS THROAT) Joan from bridge tells me you gave her son a speeding ticket.
Why would you do that? He was speeding.
But we know his family.
We know everybody's family.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) So, is your sister on her way or? We need to talk about Isobel.
- Can we talk about the cactus? - I got this for your new office.
I would have come by sooner, but I've got an alien on an involuntary psych hold.
I just need one day of not talking about or thinking about or drinking about aliens.
Avila and I are gonna present our findings to the board this afternoon, and I need to kill it.
Look, I support your alien cleanse, but Isobel has no symptoms, and the psych ward isn't a hotel for the real housewives of New Mexico.
Max told me that she was having episodic blackouts.
Now and in 2008.
- She killed Rosa? - Hey.
There's a lot I need to tell you.
The visiting hours.
The sign on the door.
"Antisocial patient.
" - Please.
- And look at you.
No tremors, no outbursts.
I know you're in recovery, but you're so relaxed.
I'm not relaxed.
I'm trapped.
I'm not going to give up on you.
I'll take time off work.
I'll take care of you.
I I just want things to go back to normal.
Things have never been normal between us.
But I want them to be.
I want to come home with you.
Just let me talk to the doctor, privately.
Okay? (QUIETLY): Yeah.
There must be some kind of a treatment plan.
You should've told me sooner.
I know.
But knowing has only made me feel worse.
I didn't want to drag you further into all of this.
I'm in it, Liz.
I've been in it.
Rosa was my (EXHALES) Rosa was my friend, too.
Look, what do we do now? We can't just do nothing.
I was working on this serum, a way to strip Isobel of her powers.
I figured it might be a way to help people.
It eliminates the electromagnetic charge around Max's squamous epithelial cells.
So I hypothesize that the charge is connected to their powers.
So, for all intents and purposes, it could render the aliens powerless.
But, I mean, it could do a lot worse, too.
I don't know how much of their function is connected to this charge, so I don't exactly have an alien mouse colony to test.
I mean, it doesn't matter.
The truth is I never planned on using the serum anyway.
I was just writing an angry letter with no intention of sending it.
Alex, I don't know what you think you're doing here, but it is not a good idea.
It is not safe for you.
So, for your own good, you need to leave and never come back to this place, you understand me? Well, I was kind of hoping that we could go grab a beer.
We could talk about the family legacy.
Jim Valenti.
And, um, oh, yeah, aliens.
(GRUNTS SOFTLY) I have a busy schedule.
I don't have time to discuss science fiction with you.
All right.
Tried to be polite.
The doctors think that combining the pills with the wine caused a psychotic break.
(SIGHS) Who knows? Just Noah.
Bridge club is safe.
While I was at the hospital, they kept asking me about a family medical history.
I didn't know what to say.
It got me thinking about the past though.
Well, I never needed to worry about that.
You never got sick.
(SIGHS) When you brought Isobel and I home, I know we didn't speak any English or Spanish at the time.
But do you remember anything else? Like, was there something we said or some way that we communicated? You never spoke.
And I was worried.
But I swore that you and Isobel knew what the other was thinking, always.
At least I knew you weren't lonely.
And then, all of a sudden, you both started to talk.
And it was as if you'd been observing, waiting to learn the entire language before uttering a single word.
(PAPER RUSTLING) Does this mean anything to you? I'm trying to figure out if it's from some early memory or something I saw before you found us.
Why? I don't know.
It's just It's been on my mind, I guess.
When we visited the foster home, you and Isobel were huddled in a corner, crying.
And the other boy in the home had taken a red marker and had drawn this all over the walls.
That poor boy.
He needed special attention.
A wealthy family that could give him everything he needed.
And, Lord (SIGHS) I hope he found it.
You killed Rosa Ortecho.
(GASPS) (EXHALES) (SHUDDERS) Some broken things can't be fixed.
And some just shouldn't.
I can make you a new sign.
If I wanted a new sign, I'd say, "Guerin, I need a new sign.
" But instead, I said, "Guerin, fix the broken thing.
" It's gonna cost ya.
Pay your bar tab.
Sign repairs.
One day only.
I'll call you - when you can get it.
- Eh, just bring it by the bar.
I'm not giving you my number.
I don't want your number.
(SCOFFS) Please tell me you're not sleeping with Maria.
What are you doing here? (PAPER RUSTLING) Does this mean anything to you? Yeah.
It's your tattoo.
Wyatt Long was drawing it after Grant Green's murder.
He claims he was just scribbling.
But it's got to have some connection to me.
Right? According to my mom, you were a little terror at the group home, drawing it all over the walls after we were found.
So it's got to have some connection to us, right? Maybe it was something we saw somewhere (SIGHS) before the crash.
Sorry, are you, Max Evans, acknowledging that we must have had lives before we hatched out of the pods? You never want to talk about home.
Hey, Roswell is home.
(SIGHS) Look, I'm sorry, man.
You're right.
You're right.
I've spent a lot of time not talking about where we come from or why we're here.
Keep thinking I can pretend the past away and just be normal.
(SIGHS) But if Isobel's blackouts are some alien thing, then I need to know more.
Okay, and this symbol? That's all I have to go on.
I mean, don't you think it's it's strange that we don't have any memories? I mean, no parents, no language.
We weren't infants, man.
We were seven.
- I just figured our memory faded.
- (SIGHS) Over 50 years in those pods.
Maybe it was just time.
Or maybe whoever put us in those pods doesn't want us to remember.
You feel that? No.
What? It's like a Cold.
Something-something's wrong with Isobel, man.
We we got to go.
We got to go.
I just told you we don't know the side effects, - so why would you - I don't know, Liz.
I just did it.
I shouldn't have.
It goes completely against my code.
Yeah, Dr.
Terrible bedside manner.
She incepted you.
She jumped into your brain, and she convinced you that this is the right thing to do.
That's her power? Mind control? It's not control so much as it is influence.
- I'm an influencer.
- Oh, God.
Like BadGalRiRi.
Kyle, just text me if she exhibits any reactions.
- What are you doing? - Well, I'm just trying to spend a little quality time with my dad.
Talk to me about Project Shepherd, Pops.
It doesn't exist.
You know I'm a codebreaker.
I've hacked into Russian and Chinese intelligence.
This technology that you're running in here it's outdated.
(CHUCKLES): Your encryption software is flimsy at best.
So, we can sit here in silence while I access the database, or we can talk.
It's your choice.
But either way, I'm gonna find out what you've been doing.
I was trying to do the right thing.
We don't even know if the blackouts are connected to what we are.
It could be dissociative identity disorder or PTSD.
Rosa's autopsy showed a handprint mark.
That means I killed her using powers I didn't even know I have.
If Liz's serum mutes those powers, great.
I just want to get out of here.
If I'm normal, then I'm safe.
By "normal," you mean human? By "normal," I mean I want to be able to look at my own hands without wanting to chop them off.
You don't know what this is like for me.
I can't trust my own mind.
This guy.
The room's private, not soundproof.
- Where's Liz? - She's trying to live her life.
To get some distance from the homicidal alien.
And yet, here I am.
What are you doing? I'm trying to get you to take off your shirt, but it's not working.
(EXHALES SOFTLY) It's like I'm broken.
(GASPS) I think the serum worked.
MAX: Yeah, me, too.
(CHUCKLES) (SIGHS) LIZ: Okay, so we'll occlude the coronary artery of half the mice, reperfuse it DR.
AVILA: And then sacrifice them two weeks later.
- Yes.
So we'll section their heart.
- Yes.
MICHAEL: Hey, congratulations, Liz.
Found a way to punish her.
I'll meet you inside.
It's fine.
Have a good day.
Oh, nice work, Dr.
You stripped Isobel of her identity.
I never planned to use that serum.
She injected herself.
And you can't deny that her powers make her dangerous.
The history of your planet doesn't reflect kindly upon people who take it upon themselves to change people considered dangerous by society.
This is like drowning witches, or gay conversion therapy.
What if someone used your lab to make a serum that made you less Mexican? Would you be cool with that, even if they-they didn't plan to use it? I know you're not making this comparison to me right now.
She murdered my sister.
You know, Max and Isobel have this crazy psychic connection.
He can feel her, all the time.
Like this warm presence.
But the moment she injected herself, he went cold.
If anything happens to Isobel because your serum left her vulnerable, you're gonna be getting revenge on the wrong person.
Because Max didn't take your sister from you.
All he ever did was love you.
Things will be different this time.
No more secrets.
Well, let's keep a few between us.
Like the real reason we can't go to Luigi's anymore? (BOTH LAUGH) (WHISPERS): Isobel? (GRUNTS SOFTLY) (CLEARS THROAT) Baby (COUGHING) Isobel? (PANTS) - You paged? - Come here.
A few hours ago, everything was fine with Isobel's blood sample, but suddenly something has changed.
Her cells are degrading rapidly.
The serum is attacking her cytoplasm.
Her cells are rotting.
(GROANS) What? Is-Is-Isobel.
At the current rate of degeneration Isobel will be dead by the end of the day.
I need a doctor! (PAINED GRUNTING) You have to stop.
- I'm gonna try again.
- It's not working, Max.
I'm not injured, you can't heal me.
Noah is in the waiting room.
(CRYING OUT) (ISOBEL COUGHING) - You gonna barf? - No.
(RETCHING) What now? I I'd normally suggest making phone calls to loved ones.
We There has to be something more we can do.
We should call Mom.
Why now? Why today, of all days? I've been looking for leverage my entire life.
And then, what do you know? I find something that I-I can't quite explain at the Valenti cabin.
I've actually learned a lot in these last few weeks.
I went into the Dark Web and found a world of government conspiracies.
And you know what, they all led back to you.
So I followed you here a few times.
I reconstructed one of those burner phones that you're always throwing away.
And then, finally, I called Mom.
When you're trying to hack enemy intelligence, the key is to find a flaw in the system and exploit it.
You're the flaw, Dad.
(COMPUTER BEEPS) Liz, you-you created this stuff.
You can create the antidote.
There's not enough time.
It Alex, I've kept all this from you for your own good.
Because of this project, our family, the Valentis, have suffered for decades.
I'm trying to protect you, son.
So, is Kyle Valenti in the know? (CHUCKLES) Of course he is.
He's a real man, right? He's not my child, is he? I don't have the same obligation to keep him safe.
Wh-What are you talking about, Dad?! When I was 17, I wanted to make music.
You sent me to war.
You are not trying to protect me.
You think that I would compromise your mission.
Because you think I'm weak.
Because I'm gay.
And what's your endgame here? (SIGHS) I want to destroy the thing that you love.
And I want to make you watch.
(COMPUTER CHIMES) Like I said, I'm trying to protect you.
The project recently confirmed Michael Guerin's involvement - in terrorist activity.
- - I don't want to be a substitute - (SIGHS) For the smoke you've been inhaling Well, what do you thank me - What do you thank me for? - The hell you doing? (MUSIC PLAYING THROUGH EARBUDS) Max thinks you're in your lair, mixing up a miracle cure for Isobel.
I am working on it.
Okay? Rosa got all the creative juice in my family.
The art and dance and poetry genes were used up by the time I came along, so when I need to get creative, I turn to wine and Jagged Little Pill, channel my inner Rosa.
(SIGHS) Did you come up with anything? (SIGHS) Yeah.
You're a secret genius.
I could never figure out why you didn't go to school.
But then I realized, what you want to learn, they don't teach at UNM.
What do you know, Michael? What kind of alien science do you have up your sleeve? Nothing I can trust you with.
- I am trying to help you.
- Oh.
Max may not see you, but I do.
How you manipulated him into being your lab rat, how you use him and Valenti.
You don't want to save Isobel, not after what she did.
Hell, I'm not even sure I blame you.
But I can't trust you.
I'm gonna go back to the hospital.
I can't let Max watch her die alone.
I can't let him watch her die at all.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) Everything you know about where the three of you came from is in there? You mean that hole doesn't look like the kind of place you'd hide the secrets of the universe? No, it And that's the point.
Got it.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) (PANTING) Think it used to be a fallout shelter.
Is that from the UFO? Unverified, but.
Don't Don't touch that.
What's under there won't save Isobel.
Where did you find all of this? I dug some of it up, bought some of it on the Dark Web, stole anything legit from the UFO emporium.
You're trying to rebuild your ship, aren't you? Liz.
There's something you should know before we do this.
(SPEAKS SPANISH) Ten years ago, you didn't leave town of your own volition.
After Rosa died, Max was a wreck.
He couldn't watch you grieve.
He was gonna break and he was gonna tell you the truth, and we couldn't let him.
So Isobel got inside your head.
She convinced you to leave town.
It's before graduation, before Rosa's funeral.
Without Max.
Max was gonna tell me the truth? Yeah.
He was real messed up.
- Why are you telling me this? - 'Cause I'm tired of all the lies, and if I'm gonna let you mess with Isobel's chemistry, I want you to do it knowing all the facts.
Isobel didn't make me leave.
I was always gonna go.
I had a route mapped out - since sophomore year.
- You don't understand.
Isobel can't control people, right? Just influence them? (SIGHS) What's that? Max showed you our pods, right? I extracted this from them a few years back.
It evaporates upon contact with Earth's atmosphere, which makes it pretty hard to break down the compound.
If-if this liquid kept you in stasis, not aging for 50 years, then that's exactly what we need.
I mean, I have access to the equipment we need to figure out its-its regenerative properties.
Aah! Okay, no.
Damn it.
There's not enough time.
Yes, there is.
You were right.
The two of us working together We can figure out a way.
Come on.
(GIGGLES) How many times do I have to tell you that reading on the move is a dangerous hobby? Uh, what are you doing here? Did someone call you? I-Isobel's fine.
Oh, I know.
It's just well, Grace Glass went through this about two years ago.
Skinny margs and anxiety meds.
It happens.
Still, I brought Isobel a robe and some magazines.
That's great, but she's fine.
You know? She doesn't need What? Of course she doesn't need me.
You know what? Just give her the magazines.
Wait, Mom, wait.
(SIGHS) (SIGHS) It's just you and Isobel, you never let me be a mother.
What are you talking about? Uh You and Dad were great parents.
We were happy.
- We never needed anything.
- Including me.
You guys gave us so much.
Maybe we didn't know how to ask for more.
Noah's with Isobel right now.
Okay? But I'm sure she'd love to see you.
It's ok it's fine.
I'll just come back tomorrow.
Yeah, no, tomorrow tomorrow will be great.
What's going on? Nobody's given me an update.
She coughed up so much blood.
Is it her liver? You should talk to Max.
I can't disclose any I'm her husband.
I'm next of kin.
Then let me treat her.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) (EXHALES) (PANTING) These pods are our key to stopping time.
To keeping Isobel alive, in stasis, while we work.
And we just have to figure out a way to get her in there.
What is that? Straight nail polish remover.
It won't solve any problems, but neither does morphine.
I don't understand why you're being so nice to me.
You know what I did.
I did my medical internship in Idaho.
I was a cocky bastard.
Thought I'd sail through and become Dr.
McSexy in no time.
(LAUGHS) But day one, there was a mass shooting at a school nearby.
The hospital was chaos.
I was a mess.
You think you know trauma, and then (SIGHS) I'm trying to calm parents down in the waiting room, and I see on TV that the shooter was brought to my hospital.
I get back to triage, and I ask my resident, "Which one was the killer?" You know what he said? He told me to shut up and do my job.
Because in a hospital, it doesn't matter what someone did before they came through the doors.
And I'm not a murderer.
I'm just a dying girl.
In here, you're not dying until you're dead.
(EXHALES) Why are you trying to frame Michael? Haven't you done enough to him? You assume I'm framing him simply because you're blinded by your perversions.
He has been targeting you for over a decade now.
Our family is the enemy of his kind because we spent 70 years trying to protect humanity from their assault.
He's using you to infiltrate.
Alex, these aliens are monsters, I mean, are you reading any of that? Open your eyes, son! It's all there, incident after incident of unprovoked violence against innocent Do not talk to me about unprovoked violence! Do you hear me? And you are not looking for justice.
You are using this operation to target people that you hate.
And that stops right now.
We got to figure out the key to get in.
If it's tech, there's got to be a seam that we can penetrate.
Unless it's organic, and it's some kind of membrane.
How did you withdraw the substance? It's trial and error.
Silver needle worked in the end.
You have to go get her.
I will figure this out by the time you're back.
Isobel doesn't have long.
(WHISPERS): Silver You were right.
I did some reading.
That defibrillator could have fried me.
Two caskets.
Isobel, I am so I am so mad at you.
For doing this to yourself in the first place, and for leaving Michael and I alone on this stupid planet.
(CRYING): You know, all day (SNIFFS) All day I've been thinking I wish I loved you less.
'Cause this is not something I survive.
Okay, if you were trying to-to slip away without taking anyone else with you, you failed.
You failed.
You failed.
'Cause losing, losing you is gonna kill me.
Well, I got news that's, that's not bad.
We can save her.
It's not ideal, - and things could go wrong, but - I want to live.
I want a chance.
So here's how this is gonna go.
There's a flight leaving at dawn for the facility in Niger.
You're gonna decide to oversee the training.
And when it is time to come back to the base, you're gonna request a transfer out of Roswell.
And if you ever come back, I will alert the Pentagon that you have been running Project Shepherd for the last eight years.
That's right, Dad.
I know the Feds shut you down in 2010.
They cut your funding and you've been running this farce with family money against protocol, against direct orders.
And if you decide to not do as I say, I'll expose you.
You'll be dishonorably discharged.
That will be your legacy.
Not much of a Manes man.
Enjoy your freedom, Pops.
(EXHALES) MICHAEL: Liz! They're on their way now.
She wanted to say goodbye to Noah, tell him she's going to rehab, but we can't - find him anywhere.
- LIZ: I think I did it.
I combined synthetic exothermic enzymes and melted down my jewelry to create a solution that should manipulate the properties of the membrane.
- MAX: Michael.
- Max Don't fall.
Come sit down.
(GRUNTS) Okay.
How long is she gonna be in there? Could take months, years.
We will not stop until we find a way to save her.
(EXHALES) Last time we came out of those pods, we lost our memories of home.
What if she comes out, she doesn't remember us? We'll remind her.
Of everything.
- Promise? - I promise.
Are you ready? Are you? Don't ask me that.
Light reaches for me I'm awake For the first time It's too late I'm on the other side Ooh ooh My genesis This is where it All begins My genesis This is where it All begins This is where it All begins.
(EXHALES) Are you okay? I'm lucky, right? She has a chance at survival thanks to you.
Oh, she is going to survive this.
You should forgive her.
Missing her will hurt less if you aren't angry.
I'm glad she made me leave town, Max.
I saw two oceans that summer.
(EXHALES) Besides, you and I weren't meant to be together.
Nothing's come up.
Uh, I'm going out of town.
(CHUCKLES) There's a training program in Niger that requires my attention.
Fly safe.
But I need you to be my eyes and ears while I'm gone.
Should you see any signs of strange electrical phenomena or handprints where there should be no handprints, I will need to be notified immediately.
Fractal patterns, freaky symbols, - handprints on it.
- And additionally, you're gonna provide me with some intel on my son.
And remember, I can have your sister transferred back to maximum security with just one call.
Thank you.
That was quick.
Really could've made a new one.
I need this one.
My, my mom's not doing great.
She tends to wander.
But no matter what, when she sees this sign, she, she knows she's safe.
She knows it lights the way home.
If I could take sunlight Like a beacon.
And place it into your eyes Hmm.
If I could Figured it'd be something cheesy like that.
Into your arms If I could give you the world, would you come back MICHAEL: A beacon.
I decided to cook you dinner.
Because you do look thin.
Max? - Hey.
- (SOBBING) - Hey.
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