Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Songs About Texas

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico MANES: Welcome to Project Shepherd.
For the past 70 years, your ancestors and mine have led an operation to protect this entire planet.
ALEX: You're gonna request a transfer out of Roswell.
If you ever come back, I will alert the Pentagon.
MANES: I'm going out of town.
I need you to be my eyes and ears while I'm gone.
Liz, I have loved you my entire life.
(CRYING): You destroyed my sister to save yours! Isobel's having blackouts.
She's dangerous.
- Something has to be done.
- MAX: They can keep you here on a temporary psych hold for a little while.
These are the samples you collected from me.
I was trying to create a serum that would mute your powers.
- (GASPS) - LIZ: A few hours ago, everything was fine with Isobel's blood sample, but suddenly, something has changed.
At the current rate of degeneration, Isobel will be dead by the end of the day.
You created this stuff.
You can create the antidote.
MICHAEL: Max showed you our pods, right? LIZ: If this liquid kept you in stasis, not aging for 50 years, then that's exactly what we need.
MAX: "Even broken in spirit as he is, "no one can feel more deeply than he does "the beauties of nature.
"The starry sky, the sea "and every sight afforded by these wonderful regions, "seems still to have the power "of elevating his soul from earth.
"Such a man has a double existence: he may suffer misery, "and be overwhelmed by disappointments; "yet, when he has retired into himself, "he will be like a celestial spirit "that has a halo around him, within whose circle no grief or folly ventures.
" (SIGHS) (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) What do you think the odds are antidote number 148 is our lucky number? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) MICHAEL: We haven't given up on you, Isobel.
We never will.
VALENTI: I'm sure that there's an explanation for this, Mr.
NOAH: An explanation? My wife is missing, Sheriff.
Max says she's in rehab, but won't tell me where.
He says she needs privacy.
But it's been well over 28 days, and Isobel has been planning the gala for the grand reopening of the UFO Emporium all year.
There's no way she'd miss it.
Okay, well, Deputy Evans is off duty today, but I can call him in.
This town is counting on the influx of tourism the museum opening will bring.
But young blondes who vanish into thin air get attention.
If I don't hear from her in 48 hours, I'm going to the press.
And if I were you, Sheriff, I'd treat Max as a suspect in this case.
Whatever explanation he offers, question it.
How's your mom? Uh, she keeps ranting about the sex scandal in the White House.
(SCOFFS) Which one? Lewinsky.
She thinks it's 1998.
And she doesn't recognize me, because I was seven.
Tequila or whiskey? MICHAEL: Ooh Whatever's cheaper.
(CLEARS THROAT) You lost the crutch.
It was slowing me down.
Oh, you don't have to leave.
I was on my way out.
Is this really how it ends? Sex was epic.
So shouldn't the breakup involve some pyrotechnics? Scream? Break some stuff? Really make it feel over.
Sometimes the world ends with a whimper, Guerin.
So I was thinking maybe we flip a coin.
Heads, it's on the house; tails, I'll pay for it.
Your tab's cleared, anyway.
- You know I don't need your charity.
- It's not charity.
It's an exchange.
My car's acting up again.
You need a new engine.
What I need is a ride.
- To Texas.
- A faith healer? Mm-hmm.
Max, Isobel's organs are failing.
Thoughts and prayers won't save her liver.
I've been looking for information about this symbol for weeks and came up with nada.
And then today, my reverse image search found this.
The traveling show stops outside McLean tomorrow.
And this woman, Arizona, claims to have the power to heal in her right hand.
You think this crack's one of us.
I don't know.
But I think she's the first person we've encountered that might know something.
You said this symbol might be a beacon.
Let's heed the call.
Having Guerin around as your lab rat yielded some real progress.
Where are the actual lab rats? Uh, in the freezer.
Avila and I sacrificed them yesterday.
Your casual blurring of the lines between science experiment and satanic rituals concerns me, Liz.
So, when do you plan to actually administer the antidote to Isobel? I have to wait, see if there's any degradation over the next 36 hours.
And then you'll administer it.
(SIGHS) Liz, you can't leave her in that pod forever.
We don't put people in eggs, no matter how much she sucks.
I know that.
This is so much easier with rats.
It took me a long time to learn that most times, when I call time of death for a patient, it's not because I killed them.
It's because I couldn't save them.
There's a difference.
I only have one shot, and it has to be perfect.
Once we take her out of the pod, her organs - are gonna - Nope, nope.
I refuse to concede.
Because Die Hard is not a frickin' Christmas movie.
Huh? Uh, Maria will back me on this.
Oh, sorry.
Hans Gruber is undeniably the Grinch.
It's like I don't know you at all.
- I got to go.
- Mm-hmm.
(LAUGHS) What'd I tell you about working on Saturdays? Ah, workaholism is a disease, Maria.
Please, be sensitive to my plight.
(LAUGHS) How are you? Honestly? Not awesome.
Mom's getting much worse.
Okay, I'm gonna make a call.
There is a drug trial happening at UCLA No, I didn't come for a doctor, or a scientist.
I need your help with another option.
(PERCUSSIVE MUSIC PLAYING) MICHAEL: Ooh! Tennessee plates, New York plates.
These people are real desperate.
Oh, crap.
What? New Mexico plates.
- There a problem, Officer? - Right, flashing the Air Force I.
Because cops don't give speeding tickets to combat vets.
After all, you did serve two tours with the highest-regarded air expeditionary group, and you were recommended for the Air Force Medal and the Air Force Cross, and that was before your injury something your dad should be proud of Except all three of your brothers have medals, too.
(SCOFFS SOFTLY) How fast was I going? My name is Jenna Cameron.
And I pulled you over because I need your help.
Your father has asked me to report any strange activity in town to him.
Something strange has come up, but, uh, I don't think he's the right Manes to tell.
- You following me? - MARIA: No.
I try to stay upwind of you, Guerin.
Well, just let me know next time, DeLuca, and we won't - have to take two cars.
- Oh, I don't usually go for the guy whose only friend is his parole officer.
I'm gonna get some lemonade.
Sounds refreshing.
(APPLAUSE) ARIZONA: Thank you, everyone, thank you.
My name is Arizona.
Some of you are true believers.
Some of you came to prove me wrong.
But the sky spirit sees all.
And today, she calls for you.
You're a skeptic, aren't you? A seeker of the truth.
But your pain is not your truth.
One day, your body will turn into the sun and the moon.
(SCOFFS) The sky spirit already lives in you.
Close your eyes.
(APPLAUSE) MICHAEL: So, what? You think she's like us? We're not the only three who survived the crash? No.
But it's not impossible.
Maybe there were more pods, or she came in a different ship.
I say we ambush her in her private little tepee thing.
We'll corner her till she coughs up the truth.
Dude, no.
We can't go at her guns blazing.
You literally hate everything - that I love.
- Look, when I use my hand to heal, I get sick, lights go crazy.
Hey, if she's like us, she's a lot stronger than I am.
She's more controlled, so let's make sure she's an ally before we do anything that can expose us.
She's doing private consultations.
What are you gonna ask her to heal? Your wounded heart? So, what's going on? (DOOR CLOSES) Your dad gave me this file six weeks ago, and wanted me to report any similar deaths directly to him.
Handprint-related deaths.
You see that tattoo? I cross-referenced police files for the identifying mark.
That was a teenage prostitute who was killed in 2011, found in a shallow grave somewhere south of Cowboy Ruckus.
But in the official autopsy, the handprint's not mentioned.
- That's strange.
- The medical examiner who signed off is Jane Holden.
In ten years, she's done 14 autopsies for Roswell PD.
All homeless people, addicts and illegal immigrants.
So, all people that wouldn't be missed by the system.
Almost all.
The first of 14, Rosa Ortecho.
I've been in this town long enough to know that people noticed she was gone.
You think there's a conspiracy here.
Why did you bring this to me? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
And since your dad blackmailed me to surveil you, I think we're gonna be besties.
ARIZONA: Welcome.
What can the sky spirit do for you? Uh I still want to try the whole rock star thing before I'm 30, so This is a terrible injury.
To heal this, you'll have to reopen the wound in your mind.
All the pain you've hidden there.
It won't be easy.
But it's possible.
But for an injury this extensive, - it'll be 8,000.
- Dollars? We don't have that kind of cash.
Nobody has that kind of cash.
The sky spirit understands.
Thank you for coming.
How do you sleep at night, turning people away knowing that your friggin' sky spirit can save them? Judging by the grease on your jeans, you're a mechanic, right? You do that for free? So? Alien vibes? Or you think the sky spirit's a real thing? Well, what's your scientific hypothesis? That there's no science here.
- If I were the hoping kind - Which you're not.
But if I were I'd hope it was an old-fashioned miracle.
Evidence that there's a plan.
That God exists, and that he won't let us screw things up too badly.
I think the whole point of God is to believe without evidence.
Max, I'm healed! Seriously? No.
Come on, dude.
She knew I was a mechanic from the state of my pants.
So she said some magical BS, and she quoted us a price that she knew I couldn't afford in a million years.
But you guys saw the man with the limp.
I just I have this feeling.
I believe her.
That feeling, DeLuca, is naïveté.
You want to believe her, babe.
LIZ: I mean, I admire your faith in people.
I even envy it, but - you need that money.
- (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) The woman behind the curtain.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) That's the guy with the limp.
MICHAEL: He's an actor.
She's a fraud.
DeLuca, where you going? To a bar.
Max! Hey.
Sir, there's a line.
I have a few questions.
This is so not your jurisdiction.
So call the cops.
Is this a game to you, conning innocent people? I've committed no crime.
Except fraud.
Sick people risk their health and travel hundreds of miles, and you, what, laugh it off? Spin some crap about spirits, and steal the hard-earned money of people with medical bills to pay? (CRIES OUT) (GROANS) You're a hack.
Just give me one honest answer.
What is this? I don't know.
You're gonna spend two nights in county and a year in court.
That's gonna be bad for business.
Why do you care about some clip art? - It's just something I saw.
- LIZ: And stole.
Hijacking important iconography for personal gain.
You are not lecturing an indigenous woman about cultural appropriation.
Those redneck idiots out there vote every year to strip my people away from our land, our rights and our humanity.
So, yeah, I play into their magical nubile savage fantasy for money.
It's not my fault they're too stupid to see through it.
Were they asking about the sigil? Yeah.
Asking about the flier.
Real dicks about it, too.
(COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING) Whoo Dinner is served.
Did you even pay for these? Uh, I may have come into some money recently.
It's not my fault the swindler left buckets of cash unattended.
- Salud.
- Salud.
What's up, you pregnant? No, I'm just I'm tired.
I'm gonna get some water.
He just feels guilty having anything resembling fun while Isobel is in Rehab.
Makes sense.
Turns out my mom is gonna lose all her memories by the time she's 50.
Arizona's a thief.
I've been stuck with Guerin all day, and Max is moping? No.
Absolutely not.
(APPLAUSE, WHISTLING) - You gonna follow her? - Nope.
Don't you think she, like, needs a girlfriend, or whatever? Nope.
What's up, Texas? I'm having a crappy day.
So I'm gonna forget all about it.
Join me, will ya? Maria DeLuca is her own savior.
Every damn time.
I recommend getting your heart trampled on - (LAUGHING): Yes! - To anyone Hey.
Yeah You want to dance? Uh I'm good.
Recommend walking around Okay.
Your loss.
Come on.
Dance with me, Mikey.
"Mikey"? Swallow it down What a jagged little pill It feels so good Swimming in your stomach Wait until The dust settles You live, you learn You love, you learn You cry, you learn You lose, you learn You bleed You learn, you scream You learn BOTH: I Recommend biting off more than you can chew - To anyone - A-Anyone MARIA: I certainly, certainly do.
So, you overthrow your father, sent him to Africa, and brought a girl into the clubhouse? I'm 28 years old, served two tours, and could break 12 bones in your body in less than a second and a half.
Who you calling a girl? ALEX: I called you because we are looking into an M.
named Dr.
Jane Holden.
She works at your hospital.
Do you know her? Her name is familiar.
Why do you ask? Holden only signs off on autopsy reports of people who die under strange circumstances.
All 14 of them, said killed by a mysterious handprint.
Yeah, I'm sorry, did you 14 deaths? Rosa Ortecho was the first.
(SHUDDERING EXHALE) Shouldn't you be heading home? Oh, I'm sorry, to let the guys handle the scary stuff? Look, Master Sergeant Manes threatened my sister's life, okay? If I were smart, I'd stay in line with his orders, be quiet, and report just to him.
But someone I work with might be involved.
Max Evans.
(SCOFFS) Is that why you brought this to us, after sitting on it for six weeks? Your father indicated that Evans might have a connection to this case, and now I think he's a suspect in a missing persons case.
His sister.
Isobel isn't missing.
Trust me.
Look, you don't need to involve yourself in any of If you push me out, I go to the sheriff.
All right? Or-or I'll tell Jesse Manes.
And I have a feeling that neither of you wants that.
Did you just threaten to tattle to our parents? - (SCOFFS) - (CHUCKLES) You'll regret this, Jenna.
- I've been where you are.
- Oh, really? Investigating a serial killer? Just tell her.
If what you're suggesting is true, we aren't investigating a serial killer.
We are investigating an alien serial killer.
(SCOFFS SOFTLY) You got another one of those? That's better.
(CHUCKLES) What are you doing out here? There's an entire bar full of women who know nothing about you.
I am just trying to get some fresh air, - Mm.
- Sober up.
Fresh air's overrated.
So is sobering up.
LIZ: Did we lose our people? Well, Alanis is getting some air, and Michael is drunkenly following her around.
Yeah, I have his keys, though.
I can give you a ride back to Roswell.
No, it's a long drive, and you look exhausted.
I haven't been sleeping.
You know that feeling where you can't get comfortable? You know, the whole world feels wrong without Isobel, and I know, it's weird.
It's not so weird.
It's weird.
Okay, well, you're too tired to drive, and I'm currently made of tequila, so, there's a motel across the street.
We can get a couple rooms, text Michael and Maria where we're at.
Sounds good.
You know, I knew something weird was going on, but "Max Evans is an alien murderer" wasn't top of my list.
Just out of curiosity, what was? I don't know.
Wizard murderer? Max isn't any kind of murderer.
I mean probably.
I don't know.
ALEX: No, he's not.
My dad is a bigot with no moral compass.
Nothing he says about anyone should be taken as truth.
Is everyone in this town in love with Max Evans? Angsty nerd isn't really my type, even if he is tall.
Is your type angry cowboy? That's why you shut down Project Shepherd.
So your dad would stop digging into your boyfriend.
No, I I shut down Project Shepherd because it was an unauthorized mission, exploiting military resources for a-a-a harmful agenda.
I respect your choices.
And I'm at the end of my enlistment period.
I didn't ask for this legacy.
Did you? (PHONE VIBRATING) My admin buddy got back to me.
Cameron was right.
There is no Dr.
Holden in Roswell.
There never was.
So Holden is a farce that Project Shepherd used to just keep this quiet.
Where are you going? (SIGHS) Project Shepherd began as a cover-up to keep America from learning about aliens and descending into fear and chaos.
But if there is a killer preying on vulnerable people then maybe fear is justified.
(SIGHS) As of tomorrow morning at 0800 hours, Project Shepherd is back on for one more operation.
But this time, I'm in charge.
Only got one room.
King-size bed.
It's the jalapeño room.
Real spicy.
I'll sleep in the truck.
No, don't be silly.
- No, no, no, it's (STAMMERS) - It's fine.
We're adults.
CLERK: Never mind.
Found another avail The Alamo room.
Which of you is most into mass carnage? - I don't believe in fate - (GROANS SOFTLY) No psychic vision (SIGHS) - But when things fall into place - (SIGHS) - Superposition - (EXHALES) In any universe You are my dark star.
Couldn't sleep? No.
You? Couldn't get comfortable.
How's the Alamo? I'm pretty sure I'll remember it.
I'm sorry you didn't get what you came here for.
Shouldn't have let myself become a hoping kind of person.
(SNIFFS) I don't know, I just keep thinking that I wish there was someone out there who could relate.
I know you miss Isobel, but you still have Michael.
Don't tell him, but I actually kind of like him.
It's different for Isobel and Michael.
My gift can be a hell of a burden.
Honestly, I've wondered if I shouldn't do what Arizona purports to do.
If I'm wasting this thing.
When you heal people, it makes you sick, Max.
Yeah, maybe it wouldn't if I practiced more.
(SIGHS) Since I joined the force, I have seen five civilians die.
Jeff Gretchen Heroin overdose.
Hayley Spire Gunshot to the stomach.
Frankie Vallette was a car wreck, and Walter Inman threw himself off the JP White building.
And then you.
You're the only one I saved.
(SIGHS) I was afraid of exposing myself, so I I don't know.
Not saving someone isn't the same as killing them.
Do you really believe that? I'm trying to.
The problem with having a superpower, right? Yeah.
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.
Henry IV.
Part 2.
May I? I want to thank you again for everything you're doing for Isobel.
I-I know we don't deserve your help You were a kid in an impossible circumstance with no one to turn to.
I would do anything for my sister, so how can I hate you for a moment of desperation? I let you believe for ten years Yes, but I'm not angry at you for that.
I don't trust people, Max.
I-I I don't think people are inherently good.
But I believed you were.
So when you lied to me, it broke my heart.
I was angry at myself for letting that happen.
It's not your fault that I let you down.
But that's the thing.
I still believe you're good.
Good night, Max.
Good night.
I know you don't like me.
And that's cool.
But all this is a lot.
If you ever want to drop the "0800 hours" soldier jargon, we can get a beer, we can My dad listed Guerin and his friends as threats.
I didn't want to believe it.
But if there have been 14 murders Listen.
Max and Guerin and Isobel have done things I can't really forgive.
But they're kids we grew up with.
You know? They're not that.
If you care about him as much as it looks like you do, then talk to him.
I just I can't go in blind.
I'm talking about a conversation, Manes, not a war.
MARIA: You have no idea where we are.
MICHAEL: Uh, I know exactly where we are.
We're in the same spot we were ten minutes ago, because we just made a circle.
(SCOFFS) Please tell me you're not trying to navigate by the stars.
Aw, I'm just hoping a meteorite will strike me down - and end my suffering.
- Ha-ha.
That's not the way! Well, it's the only way we haven't tried yet.
(SCOFFS) I shouldn't have listened to you.
"Oh, I can lead the way, DeLuca.
I'm-I'm one with the desert, DeLuca.
" (SIGHS) "I'm basically a coyote, DeLuca.
" I just needed some quiet.
It's definitely not that way because there's no light.
(BOTH PANTING) (TRUCK DOOR CLOSES) - I need to talk to you.
- Sorry, Officer.
Shop's closed.
247 bucks.
A couple hundred.
And this is genuine leather.
I'm trying to speak your language here.
You'll do anything for a buck, I'll do anything for information about that symbol.
Arizona, - get in the car.
- And miss the striptease? You'll forgive us for a little skepticism when a loud white cop shows up demanding information about family secrets.
That symbol is connected to my family and my past.
Well, that's commitment.
I need to know more about my past in order to make sure my sister has a future.
I'm not gonna let her end up on the list of people I didn't save.
When I was a child, there was a woman who lived on the reservation, and she could heal people with her hands.
And she'd draw that symbol? It drew itself.
Anywhere she went, spilled water changed course to draw it, fire burned just so.
Did she say where she came from? No.
She refused to leave the reservation.
And all those years, she never spoke.
Until the day she died.
She said, "He has arrived so I may leave.
" And she was gone.
When did she die? Summer.
20, maybe 21 years ago.
We always thought someone would come.
You're not what I expected.
Keep the money.
Damn it.
Standing in line at the equestrian mart Looks like it's about to rain Okay, here's the deal.
Never happened.
Tell no one.
Max texted.
He and Liz had to take my truck home.
Oh, damn it.
If you told them, I will cut off your fingers one by one.
Start with the left.
(SCOFFS) I'll eventually get to an appendage you care more about.
Relax, DeLuca.
I hate secrets, but sex secrets are the exception.
It'll never happen again.
Get us unlost, Guerin.
(SIGHS) Yeah, about that.
Turns out we weren't so lost at all.
Shoein' him up from behind.
After you.
(SCOFFS) Any information about our home died with that woman on the reservation.
The thing is, she died around the time Michael, Isobel, and I came out of these pods.
We just missed her.
I'm sorry, Max.
Have you been sleeping here? No.
Not-not since it got too cold at night, anyway.
You all right? No.
I'm terrified I'm gonna inadvertently kill your sister and you're gonna hate me.
You're not gonna kill her, okay? I trust you.
I know you would never roll the dice on her life like that.
And I could never hate you.
Never? That's the problem, Max.
I don't know what to do with the way that you feel about me.
It isn't real.
For ten years you have loved a version of me that doesn't exist anymore.
This smart, perfect girl who believes in God and-and love and humanity.
I am different now.
I'm a mess.
I run away from everything.
And you're overly defensive.
And you're sometimes selfish, and you're always muttering in Spanish like you think it's some secret language that no one understands but you.
Hello, we're in New Mexico.
We all speak Spanish.
And I'd give up forever to touch you You always have to convince everyone you're the smartest person in the room, like we don't already know.
You're the closest You think your sister was hard to love, and so you think by being perfect and being the smartest, that you're easier to love.
Easier for your mom, easier for your dad.
But you're not perfect.
I see your faults.
And I love you.
I just don't wanna miss you tonight You believe in the good in me when I can't see it.
So is it so crazy that I believe in you, too? Without evidence.
I just know.
Made to be broken I just want you to know who I am Come on.
I'll drive you home.
And I don't want the world to see me 'Cause I don't think that they'd understand When everything's made to be broken I just want you to know who I am I just want you to know who I am.
Why? I ran out of reasons not to.
Was it worth the wait? Yes.
Yes, absolutely.
Let's never wait again, okay? - (LAUGHS) - No more waiting, ever.
Thought you had the day off? Just waiting on some paperwork.
Thought I'd sneak a peek at your samples.
And? 36 hours, and the cells are stable.
- (EXHALES) - You did it.
You found a way to cure Isobel.
(EXHALES) But I don't think you should free Isobel quite yet.
She might be more dangerous than we think.
Maybe you should sit down.
NOAH: Y-You can cancel the missing person report.
I saw my wife this morning.
Rehab, just like they all said.
Apologize to the sheriff for me, for wasting her time.
I'll, uh, I'll stop by with apology doughnuts later.
I was trying to remember where I knew Dr.
Holden's name from.
Then it occurred to me.
My father.
Holden signed his death records.
Which means he didn't die of a brain tumor.
Whatever killed him Whoever killed him Master Sergeant Jesse Manes covered it up.
What are you doing here? Um, I, uh, just What are you doing? (GRUNTS) There's something in my boot.
Uh, look, the truth is That's Maria's necklace.
(SIGHS) What were you saying? Um there's a rattle in my car.
I was, I was hoping that Sanders could look at it.
Sanders isn't here today.
And he's half blind, so I c I could check it out.
No, it's fine.
Um, I-I'll just come back when he's here.
I'm tired of walking away.
I'm tired of not saying what I want to say.
And what do you want to say, Alex? That I loved you.
And I think that you loved me.
For a long time.
But we didn't even know each other that well, did we? I mean, we just, we-we connected, - like something - Cosmic.
Yeah, but we didn't even do that much talking.
And I want to talk.
I want to start over, I-I want to I don't know, I want to be friends.
I (SIGHS) I want to know who you are, Guerin.
Do you want to know who I am? Or do you want to know what I am? Yes.
MAX: "And he wondered if this would always be his plight, "trading a currency of victories and tragedies, "bartering with a mercenary universe "for a hope he might have once deserved.
"After all, the man had found a way "to live with half a heart once, had locked up darkened chambers and pretended them away.
" Liz.
Did you write that? (CHUCKLES, CLEARS THROAT) What are you, what are you doing back here? I think I figured it out.
I mean, I-I can't be certain until I try it, but over the course of six controlled trials I used various applications of her mitochond Thank you.
Um, there's one more thing you need to know.
Rosa wasn't the only person murdered by an alien.
There were a lot more.
Wait, no.
I-Isobel hasn't had blackouts since 2008.
- I believe her.
- I know.
Without evidence, I know.
That's why I brought this.
The old woman wasn't your last chance at learning about your home, Max.
I think there's a fourth alien in Roswell.
And I think they're far more dangerous than anything we've seen before.

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