Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico - Why? - I ran out of reasons not to.
It'll never happen again.
- What are you doing? - There's something in my boot.
ALEX: That's Maria's necklace.
I want to know who you are, Guerin.
Do you want to know who I am? Or do you want to know what I am? These are the letters my dad wrote when he was dying.
My dad's alien Rosetta stone.
It's somewhere in all this crazy.
Master Sergeant Manes gave me this file.
All 14 of them killed by a mysterious handprint.
We are investigating an alien serial killer.
Rosa wasn't the only person murdered.
I think there's a fourth alien.
My father didn't die of a brain tumor.
I need to talk to my mom.
ISOBEL: I don't know why I would have killed her.
LIZ: If you don't know why, how can you guarantee it won't happen again? I was trying to create a serum that would mute your powers, but instead, it is killing Isobel.
You can create the antidote.
These pods are our key to keeping Isobel alive, in stasis, while we work.
Last time we came out of those pods, we lost our memories.
What if she comes out, she doesn't remember us? NOAH: My wife is missing.
It's okay.
It's okay.
All right? Do you remember anything? Hey, it's just me, okay? It's just me.
Do you remember me? Max.
Did you find a cure? We're about to find out.
("YOU WORRY ME" BY NATHANIEL RATELIFF & THE NIGHT SWEATS) Mom is gonna smother you at Thanksgiving.
- Just let her, okay? - (GROANS) These last few weeks have been hard on her.
What? Are you serious? He's still president? I'm not putting you back in a pod, Isobel.
- How is that even possible? - (LAUGHS) LIZ: Okay.
Looks like all normal activity has returned to your mitochondrial DNA.
And the bad news? Drugs have side effects.
I mean, this is bathtub gin, and anything can happen.
Kyle is going to examine you when he can, but everything seems stable.
She's an alien again.
I'll give you two some time.
Leave it all out there to dry Thank you Liz.
Thank you for everything.
I'm gonna leave it all out there To dry up "Thank you, Liz.
"For everything.
"For your gentle caress, "for drowning me "in the sweet chocolate depth of your eyes, for your lingering scent of desert rose.
" Whoa, what? Come on.
I forgot what it's like to see you happy.
You worry me.
You-you don't have to leave.
(SIGHS) I do.
I've forgiven you, but Isobel is still the girl who killed my sister, and I just gave her her powers back.
And I keep thinking It's hard for me.
Anyway, things are pretty crazy at the hospital.
The grant just got announced for the stem cell study, and there have been some threats.
I heard about the protests.
Pushing boundaries makes small minds very angry.
But now that I finished the antidote, I have to get back to focusing on humans.
You, on the other hand When are you gonna tell Isobel about the fourth alien? (SIGHS) I don't know.
Figured I'd give her a day to get her life back.
In the meantime, I got to do my job and try and catch the bastard.
Be safe, Max.
Kyle told her.
She knows everything.
Oh, she's the one who discovered the serial killer and the cover-up.
You go do your job.
I'm gonna go do mine.
Keep me posted.
- Okay.
- (DOOR CLOSES, ENGINE STARTS) - Off duty? - Yeah, well, um, hunting an alien murderer isn't exactly official police business.
You okay? I can erase your mind if you regret what you know now.
What? You can do that? No, but that would be pretty cool.
Look, ask whatever you want.
So, the three of you were found together, but why were Max and Isobel adopted separately? I just told you I survived a UFO crash.
I gestated in a pod for half a century, and I hatched.
And you want to know about my family problems? Look, I've known about alien stuff for months.
I want to know about you.
The Evanses came into the group home one day to adopt one kid, and they adopted two.
They're good people.
Maybe I just smelled like trouble.
- Where'd you go after that? - The system.
First, uh, it was a couple of angry meth heads in Albuquerque, and then a violent drunk in, uh, in Santa Fe.
I was 11 when I got sent back to Roswell.
Fundamentalist religious freaks.
After that, I'd take an angry addict any day.
But it did bring me back to Max and Isobel.
And I was just, uh I was really relieved.
They had an easier time.
I showed you mine, now you show me yours.
How'd you know about me? Massive government conspiracy.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) CAMERON: Here's what I've learned, Evans.
14 phony autopsies, all reeking of government cover-up.
My contacts suggested that the real autopsies have been destroyed, but I think Cam, aren't we skipping a step here? Oh, you mean the part where I gasp and I faint because you're an alien? Or the part where I hate you for lying to me for years? Or the part where I ask if I should be worried about some freaky, interplanetary STDs? Cameron, I can't apologize for trying to protect my family.
We've had this secret our whole lives.
But I don't like lying to you.
I'm sorry that I hurt you.
Can we go chase bad guys now? Find our fourth alien? And were you close with Dad's doctors? Did you ever get a second opinion after his diagnosis? I know you pulled your father's medical records last week.
Why don't you tell me what's going on.
Dad had a CT scan after his bike accident on Valentine's Day, 2014.
- Mm-hmm.
- No abnormalities.
By March 1, there's a tumor so big you can barely see where it ends and the brain begins.
The oncologist said the cancer was accelerated.
They thought it was due to some environmental exposure.
You're a cop, Mom.
You didn't think to question that? I saw the tumor on his scans, Kyle.
I watched your father disappear into himself in a matter of days.
What was I supposed to do, open up a murder investigation over cancer? I'm sorry.
I wish there was something, anything I could have done.
But there was nothing.
MICHAEL: So, this is my big secret.
You're building something? Uh trying to.
It's like trying to bring a T.
rex back to life with a couple scraps of bone.
Why are you showing me this, Guerin? I just told you that my family's been targeting yours for generations.
I've been sick of secrets for a long time now.
And if anyone's gonna destroy me might as well be you.
No one's ever seen this before.
I'm pretty sure it's a console.
The ship's central control panel.
I think it's the key to everything.
I think it's my only way out.
Oh, karaoke's not till Saturday night, but for you, I can make an exception.
(SCOFFS) Yeah, no.
Evans doesn't sing.
It's kind of a thing.
Are you fricking kidding me? MAX: I-I appreciate the offer, but we're actually here on police business.
Do you recognize this? - That's my door stamp.
- Yeah.
There have been a few unexplained deaths.
One link between all of the victims is that they had that stamp on their wrists when they died.
We only stamp on Ranchero Night.
Twice a month, we open our doors to people who need free meals, live music.
Mom started it.
Are there any suspicious characters? - Addicts? Vagrants? - Oh, yeah.
But it's a judge-free zone.
Maybe check out Racist Hank? Hank Gibbons? His band has been the live music on Ranchero Night since we were kids.
Well, that seems a little off-brand for him.
Well, they're terrible, so they play for free.
'Cause they're terrible.
(LAUGHS) You know where we can find him? Yeah, uh, same place he's been since his BFF, Racist Wyatt, got locked up.
He's, uh (CLICKS TONGUE) Don't let it stop your confidence No, I can't watch you go down like this (SIGHS) (DOOR OPENS) Hope you're not feeling like giving up Hi.
Oh, baby, I missed you.
Listen, Noah, there are some things that I have to tell you, so I think you should sit down.
Just close your eyes.
What are you doing? I don't know.
I saw you in an egg, so I freaked out and bought a gun.
I don't I don't I don't even want a gun.
But I'm married to an egg person.
Noah, could you put down the gun? Baby, I come in peace.
So the egg froze you while Liz Ortecho found a way to turn you back into an alien after you tried to turn yourself human so that you wouldn't black out and murder people with your magic hands.
I really prefer "pod" to "egg.
" (EXHALES) Where are you from? We don't know.
So, Max and Michael, too.
Oh, God.
They're cowboys.
And aliens.
Cowboys and aliens.
It's against the laws of nature, Isobel.
I I know.
Did you get in my head? Did you influence me? Did you Did you make me love you? Did I even choose this sweater? God, Noah, no.
I would never choose that sweater.
And I've never used my abilities on you, Noah.
Am I just a cover for you? No.
Noah, I love you.
You're kind and you're smart and you are so sexy.
Sometimes I literally just want to fuse my skin into yours.
Is that a thing you can do? No.
I love you, Noah.
I love you, too.
I can't believe I've literally been probed by an alien.
(CHUCKLES) What happened between Dad and Manes? VALENTI: They were friends.
Their relationship didn't sour till you were a teenager.
Do you know why? Jim said Jesse had no code.
He always said that.
What he meant was Jesse had a different code.
Your father wasn't really fit to judge, in the end.
He cheated on me.
Once with a girl half his age.
She was his daughter.
What? Rosa Ortecho.
Dad wasn't sleeping with her.
She was his daughter.
He was cheating with her mother.
I saw letters he wrote her while he was helping her get clean.
He was being a good dad.
(SCOFFS) Yeah.
Yeah, that was the code.
The unbreakable moral line.
Protect your children at all costs.
(SNIFFLES) Dad's letters.
He wrote them for you.
I've pored over them countless times, seeking comfort, a reason, maybe a clue.
You should have them.
You built this thing? MICHAEL: Sort of.
It kind of builds itself.
Pieces want to be together.
What do you mean they want to be? When they fit, the molecules knit together on contact.
It's like it was never broken at all.
If I can find the rest, I can attach this to a vehicle - and - A vehicle? You're trying to leave.
The planet.
I, uh I think I need a little time to process all of this.
Um, the storm's getting closer and I don't really want to get snowed in here, so let's just talk later, okay? - (GAGS) - MARIA: Yeah, all yours.
(GROANS, SNIFFS) Why don't you tell us about last Cinco de Mayo.
Did you go straight home? I was arrested last Cinco de Mayo.
On a drunk and disorderly.
But you were never processed.
Wyatt Long's dad saved your ass.
So, did you go straight home? Is this about Carla? Cinco de Mayo was the last time I ever saw Carla here.
I miss seeing her.
Oh, she was hot.
Her body was recovered in the Arroyo on May 11.
She'd been dead for days by then.
She was talking to a guy that night.
I got a little jealous.
That's why I got the drunk and disorderly.
I fought him.
Can you describe this guy to us? He's one shady mother.
Untrustworthy eyes.
Bad in his bones, you know? I think that's Hankspeak for "he wasn't white.
" Can you provide any more detail to us on him? Okay, so, romantic picnic checklist: wine very important Check.
Cheese that expired a month ago.
This house absolutely falls apart when my wife is frozen in stasis.
Okay, so no cheese.
Extra wine.
I like the way you think.
(CLINKING) (CLINKING, CORK POPS) (WINE POURING) What are you doing? Mayhem, mischief, delinquent behavior.
What can I say, I'm on a crime spree.
- Can I try? - You? Isobel Evans? You've never even spoken to me before.
I'm sick of being Isobel Evans.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
- Yeah? - Are you kidding? It's, like, a Roswell rite of passage.
One day, everybody in this town just gets together and they, like, decide who you are, and that's who you get to be.
End of story.
Doesn't matter if you change or improve or figure out that you're not even who you thought you were to begin with.
You don't seem like you care what they think.
I don't.
Aren't you afraid that somebody's gonna see us talking? Maybe I'm not who everyone decided I am.
What is that? It's nothing.
Ready to go? All this time, I never remembered her.
I-I didn't even think I knew her.
But I remember now.
I was friends with Rosa Ortecho.
End abuse now! End abuse now! End abuse now! End abuse now! (NOAH SPUTTERS) Guess it really wasn't picnic weather anyway.
End abuse now! End abuse now! Listen, Noah, I want to be with you, completely.
That's why I told you the truth today.
But I can't be complete without my memories.
Hence, why I turn to Liz Ortecho.
Stolen stem cells Do you think that you could hold my hand through this? Stolen stem cells Mm-hmm.
PROTESTERS: will send you to Hell! End abuse now! End abuse now! End abuse now! Imagine spending your entire life standing in the way of progress.
I'm with you.
But at what point does scientific progress just become about man playing God, hmm? Maybe there's just some stuff we aren't meant to know.
End abuse now! (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) Look, the dissent sea parted.
This will never get less weird.
End abuse now! End abuse now! Two of hearts.
Ace of spades.
Queen of hearts.
(CHUCKLES) You're trying to play dirty.
You're thinking three of diamonds, but the card that you're holding is a joker.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks for comin'.
Very impressive.
(CHUCKLES) You preparing for your Vegas act? Oh, no.
You should be thanking them.
They just paid for your booze.
Here you go.
To what do I owe the honor of your day drinking, hmm? Please tell me it's just a standard, run-of-the-mill boy problem.
I can't handle anything more thrilling than that.
Max was in here earlier investigating a literal murder.
You don't look surprised.
Yeah, it's a long story.
But you are in luck.
It is just a standard, run-of-the-mill boy problem.
Oh, come on.
Don't give me psychic face, Maria.
It's the guy from the museum, the one that kissed you into crazy stupid love when we were kids.
He's back? Wha How-how do you do that? You're just I feel it, you're-you're hopeful, like you were before.
Who is he? Come on, spill it.
I've been waiting ten years for this.
- Come on.
- You you wouldn't believe it.
It's not like you're hooking up with Wyatt Long or Michael Guerin or something.
Please tell me you're in love with Wyatt Long.
(EXHALES) Michael's not so bad after a shower.
But you know that.
I had no idea I know.
I mean, how would you? It meant nothing, Alex.
Seriously, I swear, it was just a drunk, dusty, no-good Texas rounder.
I don't know, it was like we were friends.
You know? Like, I could feel it.
- It was the beginning of a deep bond.
- Must be a side effect of my antidote.
Your damaged cells are regenerating.
That includes brain cells, so parts of your brain that have gone dark are lighting up again.
You remember meeting her.
- What else do you remember? - Nothing.
That's it.
It's disjointed.
I-I need more antidote.
- What? No.
Absolutely not.
- Liz, I need to know.
I I need to know why I killed her.
You don't think I want to know that? I cannot administer another dose.
Your powers could come back stronger than ever, - and you could still be dangerous.
- Okay, look, lady, I'm currently being very courteous.
I could jump into your mind and make you do it, but I'd like for us to be on the same team here, okay? I know how much Max cares about you.
And I know how much you care about getting information about Rosa.
So work with me here.
NOAH: What are the side effects again? She gets extra alien-y? I am only going to administer a microdose.
Should be enough to kick-start the brain.
If it's not, I cannot help you.
(ALARM BLARING) AUTOMATED VOICE: Please evacuate this building.
Does "mandatory evacuation" mean something different in hospitals? It's an active shooter drill.
We have them all the time.
Some, uh, wings of the hospital lock down, others evacuate.
Please evacuate (GUNSHOTS, SCREAMING) Babe, we got to go.
- This isn't a drill.
- Liz, come on.
LIZ: They can't be exposed to light this long.
Liz, come on! - (GUNSHOT) - ISOBEL: Oh, my God! (YELLS) - Oh, my God! - (GROANS) - I got hit.
(GROANS) - Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I was this close to embarking on a real bender at the Wild Pony.
What's going on? Before my dad died, he wrote me these letters.
My mom hid them from me, but Master Sergeant Manes wanted them.
So I stole them and gave him copies.
Today my mom gave me the originals.
Didn't share the part about breaking and entering to the sheriff.
What the hell is that? Oh, you know.
Just a fragment of a 70-year-old UFO.
Your dad left it for me in the cabin.
Some of the symbols in these letters match the symbols on this glass.
I wonder if it correlates to a specific mathematical cipher.
I'll start with the Fibonacci sequence, and then maybe Shor's algorithm.
My dad wasn't some type of genius cryptographer.
He was a small-town man.
You're right.
Um (SIGHS) Well, maybe he used these alien symbols to send you a coded message.
The, uh, symbols representing the English alphabet.
It's possible.
All right, I need a key word or a phrase to crack this.
It'd probably be something only you two would know, something personal.
Try "Magoo.
" (TAPPING KEYBOARD) (BEEPING) It was my nickname.
I wish I knew that in high school.
(CHUCKLES) I don't know, he was sick, man.
I mean, we're lucky that any of this makes sense.
(BEEPING CONTINUES) Maybe he just wanted to tell you he loves you.
In code? Get all those people out.
WOMAN: The elevator has to be empty.
You need to clear - that back stairway.
- WOMAN 2: Okay, watch your step.
Right this way, ma'am.
Keep it moving.
Evans, Cameron, we're gonna need you to go Okay, is the suspect still at large? Are there victims? We're following protocol, waiting on word - from the county SWAT team.
- Evans! - (ALARM BLARING) - Everything is gonna be okay.
Just stay quiet.
- If he comes back - Oh, God.
- He needs a real doctor.
- I've got this.
It just grazed him, okay? But there is still an active shooter out there, so just stay quiet, please.
Please evacuate this building.
(WHISPERS): Wait a second.
- NOAH: Isobel, no.
- Oh, my God! - Isobel, hey, hey.
- Wait.
It's Max.
Is anyone hurt? I was freakin' shot, man.
Isobel, okay.
Okay, we'll get you out of here, all right? Okay.
- Stay behind me.
- Okay.
Keep it moving.
Keep it moving.
(SIREN WAILING) Okay, come on.
Paramedics are over there.
They'll take a look at Noah.
Text Mom and Dad, let them know we're okay.
All right? You stay with them, please.
- No.
Max! - I'll be back.
- Max! - Max! Okay, come on, let's go.
(ALARM CONTINUES BLARING) AUTOMATED VOICE: Please evacuate this building.
- (ALARM BLARING) - This way.
Okay? Uh-huh.
MAN: Right this way, to the stairwell.
It's fine, okay? It's gonna be fine.
Everything's fine.
Hey, I know you're freaking out about Max.
- I'm freaking out about Max, too.
- Baby, I am freaking out about you.
Did she get any more of the antidote you need before the gunshots? Do you have any more memories? No.
I don't think I got a big enough dose, or maybe it doesn't work like that.
Or maybe she just jabbed my arm with a needle to arbitrarily inflict pain.
- Not that I don't deserve it.
- MAN: Ma'am? Ma'am? - ¿Habla inglés? - LIZ: Sí, hablo inglés, muchacho.
I don't need to be triaged.
She seems like a lot.
It's not my blood.
Is he still in there? Evans isn't responding to his radio, commands or his sense of logic.
He always has to be the hero.
Not really.
This is actually kind of new.
Is that smoke? That's the research wing.
(PEOPLE MURMURING) Hey, please, don't make me handcuff you.
You know what I mean? Like, it doesn't matter how good I try to be.
Everybody in this town is just always going to remember me for the bad, no matter what.
They're always going to think of me as the bad Ortecho, if I even am an Ortecho.
My mom, she's a liar, and she's gonna turn me into a liar, too.
Oh, crap.
Are you not a hugger? I just kind of felt like you needed a No, I did.
I just I didn't realize it.
ROSA: You said that you didn't care about my reputation.
- I'm not ashamed of you.
- So then why act like you don't know me? I know I've been acting weird lately.
I wish I could be who I am with you all the time.
ISOBEL: Rosa? Who did this? It was Kate and Jasmine.
They're pissed that I stopped partying.
I thought Kate Long was my friend.
(VOICE DISTORTS, ECHOES) And my mom sucks and Liz is gonna leave, and I can't handle it, okay? Isobel? You okay? Huh? Oh.
I'll be fine as soon as Max is safe.
- Isobel! Iz.
- (GASPS) Michael! (LAUGHS) Oh.
You guys okay? Where's Max? (LOUD, INDISTINCT CHATTER) Sheriff's department.
I'm armed.
- Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
- I didn't want to do this.
Put that down.
I don't remember.
I was outside with my "Invasion of the Baby Snatchers" poster, and then, I was down here, and it smells like smoke I don't know and with this! Put the gun down! Are you telling me you blacked out shooting up a hospital? I would never, ever do this.
I don't even like guns.
The sheriff is transporting our perp to county.
The perp is my barista.
He works at Bean Me Up.
He draws little UFOs on the foam.
He wouldn't do this.
He says he remembers nothing.
It's starting to become a familiar refrain.
You shouldn't have gone in there without backup, Evans.
I caught the guy, didn't I? Liz was really scared.
I don't think she took a breath till Valenti said you were safe.
Do you know where I can find her? Well, they just started letting people back into the east wing.
All right.
Thank you.
So I've been having these flashes of Rosa.
(SIGHS) I don't know.
I think I was, like, in love with her.
In this memory, like, I could feel it.
Like I wanted her.
And I wanted to hurt anyone that hurt her.
Okay? That's You don't have anything else to say? Um welcome to the party? It's a real bisexual alien blast around here.
(CHUCKLES) I need to know more.
So please tell me I know you as well as I think I do.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) MICHAEL: I swiped it yesterday.
(GASPS) You little street rat! Hey, look, Liz isn't so bad, but I don't trust anyone.
If she's got an alien poison, I'm gonna squirrel away - the antidote.
- I knew you'd steal some.
Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
This is all we have left, and you drank more than enough.
Oh, okay.
So what shall we do while we wait? I'm gonna go home and be with Noah.
Ooh, let me get this straight.
You want to go home to your human husband while an experimental alien-death-serum antidote triggers repressed murder memories in your brain? He loves me.
I really missed you.
I'd say I missed you, too, but time didn't really pass for me, so it's more like I blinked, and suddenly, it's cold, and, like, your hair is significantly worse.
(LAUGHS) Well, I'm glad you're safe.
I'm just so relieved you weren't at work today.
A friend and I were trying to decipher Dad's letters.
- Learn anything new? - Does the name "Caulfield" mean anything to you? - Ah.
- It's repeated in Dad's letters.
Someone he knew? N-No, it's not a person.
It's a place.
It's a prison a hundred miles north of here.
Your grandfather started his career as a C.
there, but it's-it's been shut down for decades.
(SIGHS) You know how confused your dad was at the end.
Yeah, of course.
(DOOR OPENS) - We're closed.
- (DOOR CLOSES) You found my necklace.
Clasp broke.
I fixed it.
I think it calls for a celebration.
And by celebration, I mean booze, preferably the free kind.
Alex is one of my best friends.
I never would have slept with you if I knew you two had history.
It can't happen again.
You keep saying that.
I got it.
Come back when we're open.
(GASPS) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Oh, Valenti said you caught the shooter.
I-I was looking for you.
I I didn't want to interfere.
She said you were okay, but - are you okay? - Are you? Then I'm okay.
Liz, this was the only part of the hospital that burned.
I think this was a targeted attack.
I figured.
The damage is gonna set us back months, and we'll have to start over, if the board even lets us.
The wrong side won today.
Our suspect is Connor Smith.
He's a pacifist who likes latte art.
He says he doesn't remember doing any of this, that he blacked it out.
When I found him, he didn't seem violent.
He was cowering, and then, he had a seizure, so I hauled him out.
He used to work at the Crashdown before he abandoned us for Bean Me Up.
- He's epileptic.
- That would explain the seizure.
Max, what? No.
What-what if this isn't about my study? What if this is about the other things I've been working on in here? The antidote and the serum They're all gone.
Today was like Wyatt Long at Grant Green's warehouse all over again.
Wyatt said that he blacked out after a bender at the Wild Pony when he torched me.
Connor has epileptic blackouts.
I mean What if the fourth alien can? Get in people's mind when they're blacked out and convince them to commit murder? You said Isobel's blackouts started after trauma when you were a kid.
- Yeah.
- So all three murderers have preexisting conditions that cause blackouts.
But what if we're not looking for three murderers? What if we're just looking for one murderous mind-influencer? Wait.
You're suggesting that Isobel didn't kill Rosa at all, that someone made her do it.
Yes, Max.
I think maybe your sister is innocent of all of this.
(YAWNING) ROSA: I don't want to hurt you, but you need to leave me alone (VOICE DISTORTING, ECHOING) ROSA: Oh, my God.
My God.
What the hell? Where is it?! (GRUNTS LOUDLY) Did you steal my backpack? Izzie, I need that ticket.
Okay? I know that you don't want me to go, but I have to.
You don't have to go anywhere.
I took care of it.
Come with me.
Let me show you how I'll never let anything hurt you.
Look, I'm sorry that I don't like you like that.
Okay, I don't want to hurt you, but you really have to leave me alone.
This isn't me, Rosa.
This isn't my body.
I can be anything you want me to be.
Oh, God.
You're higher than I am.
I'm not Isobel.
You want someone strong.
Someone who will protect you, who won't leave you.
(SIGHS) I can be that man.
I killed those girls for you.
You Kate and Jasmine.
I snapped their little necks.
They're outside.
Come and see.
Show me.
(GASPS) You're lying to me.
(GASPS) (VOICE BREAKING): I can feel what you feel.
You hate me now, don't you? Aah.
You don't want to be mine? MICHAEL: Isobel?! But I did it for you.
Everything was for you.
(EXHALES) What did you do? She couldn't be trusted.
MAX: Isobel? (ECHOES): No!
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