Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Champagne Supernova

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico ISOBEL: All this time, I never remembered her, but I remember now.
I was friends with Rosa Ortecho.
I want to be with you.
That's why I told you the truth today.
Alex is one of my best friends.
I never would've slept with you if I knew you two had history.
It can't happen again.
There have been a few unexplained deaths.
One link between all the victims is that they had that stamp on their wrists when they died.
If what you're suggesting is true, we aren't investigating a serial killer, we are investigating an alien serial killer.
MAX: I think this was a targeted attack.
What if this was about the other work that I've been doing in here? The antidote and the serum, they're all gone.
I just told you, I don't remember.
I really blacked it all out.
I think there's a fourth alien, and I think maybe your sister is innocent of all of this.
What if the fourth alien can Get in people's minds when they're blacked out and convince them to commit murder.
Then I think they're far more dangerous than anything we've seen before.
LIZ: When faced with a true threat to your survival, trust can be your greatest comfort and your greatest weakness.
Do you trust your family? Do you trust your best friend? What about your own mind? Do you trust your own heart? Do you really trust the person you love most in the world? You shouldn't.
ISOBEL: The memory wasn't mine.
I'm telling you.
It's like someone else was inside of my body.
It was like they were using it.
I can influence someone, you know, but this fourth alien, they were much stronger than that.
They were controlling me.
It was like I wasn't even present.
LIZ: So we're back to square one.
Anyone could've killed my sister.
Well, someone's guilty.
Rosa was just the beginning.
Except for Rosa, all of the victims were targeted after Ranchero Night at the Wild Pony.
Maria's meal for the disenfranchised.
The next Ranchero Night is next week, which doesn't give us much time before someone else could end up dead.
MAX: All right, I'm gonna head to work.
Cam and I will build a profile.
LIZ: And I'm gonna head to the hospital.
The killer took most of the serum when they wrecked my lab.
We need to make more.
We only have one dose left.
How does the killer know about the serum? Killer seems to know about everything.
They could've possessed anyone at any time, they could've overheard us.
They've gotten away with 14 murders.
They need to believe they're still in the clear.
So just pretend aliens don't exist and we live in a boring, quiet town - where nothing ever happens.
- Yes.
Max and I will go to work, Isobel will host the UFO Emporium grand reopening gala tonight, as planned, and Michael will spend his time however Michael spends his time.
Okay? - Hey, so - (DOOR BELLS TINKLE) this gala tonight, would you be my date? Unfortunately, I've already accepted another man's request for my company.
Your dad.
I promised him we would go together.
But I'll see you there.
- Right? - Yeah.
I can't wait.
Your ballroom dancing skills improve since high school? Oh, they have definitely gotten much worse.
CAMERON: Ranchero Night isn't an accident.
I mean, the killer targets undocumented immigrants, homeless people, young drug addicts, our most vulnerable citizens.
And he expects us to not look into those deaths too closely.
So the killer is able to incept or possess people who have conditions that cause blackouts, right? Alcoholics, epileptics, people like Isobel who have blackouts triggered by trauma.
CLERK: Cameron, Evans.
I'm supposed to let you know they're bringing Wyatt Long in.
Uh, he's on house arrest awaiting trial.
His lawyer says he has information you may want.
That lowlife wants to make a deal? Let me play bad cop this time, Evans.
It looks better on me.
(SIGHS) MAX: Isobel! Whoa.
Easy, killer.
I realize now that was a poor choice of words.
I'm fine.
You're jumpy.
Whoever did this used powers that I didn't know I had to kill a girl I didn't even know I knew.
(SIGHS) You said you two were friends.
(SIGHS) Maybe more.
I (SIGHS) I don't know.
Wasn't she troubled? That's a word for it.
I've spent years pretending that I'm not what I am, so I never honed my skills.
Maybe if I if I practiced, I could get stronger, you know, I could have more control.
I-I don't think more crazy alien stuff is the answer.
I don't like feeling like a victim.
You have me now.
We're stronger together.
Let's make a pact.
No more powers.
When you use them, you get sick, you black out.
You become an easy mark.
Promise me.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Were you about to pretend you didn't see me? No.
I just didn't recognize you in daylight.
What, are you planning on feeding an army? I'm gonna pull an all-nighter.
You're not going to the gala, then? No.
No, I couldn't decide which of my tuxedos to wear, so I'm gonna skip it.
Alex is skipping it, too.
I guess he spent enough time there during high school.
Look, it's over.
It's been over.
You didn't do anything wrong.
No offense, Guerin, but you are not exactly the arbiter of friendship.
Is the cage really necessary? Well, if it smells like a stray dog Easy, Cameron.
On second thought, maybe it's safer in here.
I know.
Last time I saw you, we got a little upset.
But I don't believe you killed Grant Green.
I think you were set up.
Now, I could testify as much, if the information you say you have is worth it.
My buddy Hank says y'all were investigating a murder.
Carla, the hot Mexican from Ranchero Night.
What do you know about Carla? I saw her on Cinco de Mayo at the Wild Pony.
I was leaving, and I heard yelling from the delivery door.
Carla was back there, screaming her head off, in some kind of a fight with Maria DeLuca.
(GROANS) Damn.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) (SIGHS) (COUGHING) Maybe the killer's possessing Wyatt right now, trying to throw us off.
It's not Maria.
She's Liz's best friend.
Liz would know.
Yeah, and we spent 12 hours a day in a car together for two years, and I never once thought, "Hmm, he kind of smells like an intergalactic crime fighter today.
" Fair.
All right.
I'll keep an eye on her at the gala, see if Liz noticed anything strange.
Hey, before you guys go on your donut break, - I want to finalize my deal.
- CAMERON: Deal? I don't remember anything about a deal.
- Do you, Evans? - No.
I don't quite recollect that at all.
You lied to me.
You told me that you believed that I was set up, that you'd testify as much! I don't believe you were responsible for Grant Green's death.
I think you were a puppet for someone much stronger than you.
But you are a racist sack of stupid with years of your daddy bailing you out of violent crimes.
Back in June, when you shot out the Crashdown windows, you got away with murder.
So I'm gonna let you rot.
Society gets the W, and I'm gonna sleep easy tonight.
It's strange without Rosa's things, but it was time.
It doesn't feel like it's mine without being hers.
- Does that make any sense? - Of course.
What else is bothering you? Well, I went to the hospital today to try to talk to Dr.
Avila about a plan to salvage our study.
Turns out there is no plan.
Our funding was pulled because they think the attack on the hospital was political.
Avila's relocating the study to Palo Alto, where things are more progressive.
And she wants you to go with her.
I am not leaving you.
Mira, I have loved having you here these last months, and you know that.
But this diner, it's it's my American dream.
Yours is so much bigger.
Unless it's not me holding you back? Papi, have we met? Nothing's gonna hold me back.
I've been meaning to ask you I know it's risky, but I think we should explore citizenship again.
How about we discuss it over a dance tonight? Mm-hmm.
Hurry up.
I like to make an entrance.
Okay, ahora ve.
(ROCK SONG PLAYING) This town cleans up well.
Como un lobo con piel de oveja.
Okay, well, I'm going to get us some drinks.
Ooh! Excuse me.
(LAUGHS) Hi! God, look who's embracing the party.
I love the dress.
But you're wearing red lipstick.
- And? - What, you think I don't know Rosa's rules? Red is armor.
Plus, nobody wears that shade if they're hoping to hook up with a hot cop by the end of the night.
It's messy.
I am not armoring myself against Max Evans.
I mean, not on purpose, anyway.
I'm crazy about him.
And yet There's this opportunity in Palo Alto No.
You can do your research from anywhere.
Don't use this as an excuse to run from Max.
I like him for you.
You fit right under his chin, like a perfect little zupple piece pu puzzle piece.
- Whoa.
Puzzle piece.
- Puzzle piece.
(BOTH LAUGH) - (METAL THUDDING) - (GROANING) (SHOUTS) - What the hell is this place? - Underground, beneath my trailer.
It used to be a fallout shelter, now I, uh, I use it for projects.
We got to get out of here.
How the hell did I get in here? I don't know.
I was working and some smoke bomb went off in my jacket pocket.
Got this yellow powder all over the place, - and I passed out.
- There's no service down here.
When I woke up, you were here, too.
And we are locked in.
Well, you have a lock pick in your brain.
Yeah, that's the thing.
I think this residue is rendering us powerless somehow.
Guessing your errant erections aren't gonna make the lights flicker either.
We're completely trapped, and and there's nothing we can do about it.
(APPLAUSE) ISOBEL: Good evening.
On behalf of Roswell's tourism board and the Grant Green estate, thank you all so much for joining us.
Now please give a warm round of applause to Grant's brother, Graham Green.
(APPLAUSE) Thank you, fellow humans.
Now, the money raised tonight will benefit a cause dear to my late brother's heart, Roswell's quest to expose the truth about extraterrestrials.
Now, Grant's work will continue, forever immortalized in the brand-new UFO Emporium.
Have fun tonight, and remember, they're watching.
(LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE) You know, h-he looks exactly like his brother.
Yeah, speaking of brothers, where the hell is mine? I'm sure he'll be here soon.
Just try to relax and enjoy yourself.
Max is late, the caterers messed up the crudités, oh, yeah, and there's a killer on the loose who used - my body as a weapon.
- I'll call Max and check on the hors d'oeuvres and then I'll try and distract you from the whole murder thing with a potential quickie in the crop circle exhibit.
(SIGHS) Sorry.
I, uh, had to dodge Graham Green.
The resemblance is, like, ugh.
Yeah, no, it's-it's fine.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, no, I was just, um, expecting a call from my sister, and it never came.
Well, Kyle told me you've made some personal sacrifices to protect Max.
Thank you.
I'd like to help if I can.
Okay, um, Jesse Manes wants access to the sheriff's department.
He wants information about anything strange going on, and the longer it takes me to give him that information, the longer he has my sister under his thumb.
She's in a military correctional facility.
At least, she was.
So you're protecting Max over your sister? I'm trying to do what's right.
(SNIFFLES) Why aren't you with him? Uh, he left before I did.
- He's not here yet.
- No, he's not.
And if he doesn't pick up his phone soon, I'm gonna murder him.
- Too soon? - Uh so, he hasn't told you.
Max and I got new info about who the fourth alien might be.
(GROANS) Damn it.
Yeah, no kidding.
Almost like I tried that already, but by all means.
What's your problem, Michael? I want to get out of here just as bad as you do.
I just got rendered powerless by some kind of pollen, and I have no idea what the hell it is.
And that is my fault? You're the one who never wanted us to ask questions.
Never wanted us to call attention to ourselves.
You made the rule, and then we followed it blindly, and now there's someone out there who's stronger than us, who knows more about us than we do.
Yeah, well, judging from this place, you've clearly been avoiding alien information.
No one made you follow my rule, Michael.
I'm not your dad.
You sure as hell been acting like it all our lives.
Yeah, it's been a real treat.
Look, we got to get out of here.
Isobel and Liz are at the gala with With who? Cameron and I targeted a person of interest in our investigation.
Who's the damn suspect, Max? We're eyeing Maria DeLuca.
What? No.
Absolutely not.
She was in an altercation with one of the murderer's victims the night she died.
It's circumstantial, but we have to look into it.
Wait a second, that, - that actually makes sense.
- (SCOFFS) Because when I tried to influence her, I got violently ill, and then I woke up in the desert with no clue how I got there.
All the victims are frequent to her bar, she's the one who pointed us towards Hank Gibbons, which didn't pan out.
Maria hates me, and she loved your sister.
I mean, whoever murdered Rosa wanted her all to themselves.
- I could feel that.
- Maria is - my best friend.
- Yeah.
Who knows about obscure zodiac lore, and who's still obsessed with your sister's favorite music, and knew all of her secret hiding spots.
Give us a reason it can't be true, Liz.
I mean, it's not like murderers walk around with a sign hanging around their necks saying, - "Hey, I'm a murderer.
" - Isobel's right.
Chances are, the killer is someone you know.
I mean, it all adds up.
Maria had motive, she had opportunity.
And she had some kind of weird alien force field around her brain.
It is not Maria.
It's not Maria! - I'm serious, look elsewhere.
- Since when have you been - her biggest fan? - I'm not.
- But I know her.
- How well? Close enough to slip something in your jacket pocket? (EXHALES) Are you into her? (LAUGHS): 'Cause, here, I thought you were gay.
Oh, we are literally aliens, and you're gonna hold me to some outdated binary of sexuality? I'm bisexual, Max.
It's not that complicated.
Maybe if you'd talk to me, I would've known that.
- We talk.
- We speak.
We haven't talked in years, and you know it.
You want to talk about how we covered up a murder? Hey, you're the one who decided to take the blame for killing those girls, to let Isobel think it was you.
I didn't do that to you.
You decided to cover it up.
We should have told the truth.
I didn't have parents to turn to.
You did.
But you didn't want to tell 'em, so we carried it ourselves.
We never should've done that.
I get it.
You haven't been mad at me for ten years, you've been angry for 20.
(GROANS) Ever since my parents showed up and picked me.
I got the family, I got the sister.
- You want to talk about burdens? - Mm.
I carry the guilt of that day everywhere.
I pushed my own parents away because I am pissed they didn't take care of you.
You are my family, Michael.
Everything that happens to you happens to me.
Every beating, every burn, every damn heartbreak, you are never alone.
We are trapped together in all sorts of ways.
Hey, I was looking for you.
Can we bail on this thing? - Oh? - I need some girl time.
It's the blonde leading the blonde out there.
I'm having fun.
Isobel went all out planning this thing, hmm? Do you mind watching my purse? Major undergarment adjustment to make.
- Can I borrow some lip gloss? - Since when do you ask? We could go to the rooftop or back to the Wild Pony.
I mean, we're not really gala types, are we? Speak for yourself.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) Maria stole the serum.
- What? - Relax.
I used a fake syringe as bait.
I still have the real one.
Give it to me.
I'm going to enjoy taking Maria DeLuca down for good.
CAMERON: Okay, here on Earth, we have a little bit of a process before giving - the death sentence.
- Maria's not the killer.
I think she's being possessed by the killer, just like you were.
Isobel, she said something nice about you in there.
She's not herself.
Well, the hospital shooter, Wyatt Long, and I all had blackouts before the killer had access to our minds.
So does Maria have some kind of preexisting blackout condition? I mean, this would explain her fashion choices.
- (CHUCKLES) - No.
She could've been dosed.
I'm gonna go home real quick, check on the champagne under a microscope.
Wait, no.
This nail polish has a date rape drug detector shine.
- That's not a thing.
- It is, actually.
- CAMERON: Welcome to modern dating.
- God, hard pass.
Good news, Maria is not the killer.
Bad news, she was drugged.
You and I need to find Maria before the fourth alien uses her to do something we can't undo.
(GROANING) What's wrong? My hand just stiffens, seizes up sometimes.
So what's the real story? I've told you.
You've said bar fight, you've said junkyard accident, you've said chupacabra.
You've never told me the truth.
Alex Manes's father.
He caught us together.
And he just snapped.
- You never let me heal it.
- Yeah.
How would I explain a perfectly good hand to Alex? Anything to protect the secret.
Talk to me, dude.
Nothing else for us to do.
I didn't let you heal it because I needed the reminder.
I needed evidence of what could happen when you believe that humanity might be good.
Alex made me believe there was a place for me here.
Hope's a dangerous thing.
These scars, they remind me to avoid it in the future.
(SIGHS) Found her.
- She's still breathing.
- ISOBEL: Good.
And her pulse is steady.
According to the Internet, she just needs to, to sleep it off.
The syringe is gone.
She must have handed it off to the real killer.
Oh, my God.
Which means whoever it is, they're onto us.
Really need Max here.
Think he stood me up.
That's something that you would do, not him.
You're the one who got into my mind and made me leave town ten years ago, Isobel.
I never would have No, you would have.
That's the thing I can't make people do something that they don't already want to do.
- You wanted to run away.
- Yeah, my sister was dead.
The whole town had turned against us Yeah, but that's not what I sent you away from.
I sent you away from Max, and you left because, deep down, you wanted to go.
Look, that's not something that he ever needs to know.
But you should.
Damn it.
Michael said he'd be home all night, but I can't locate him or Max.
That's not normal.
Wherever they are, they must not have any service.
I know a dead zone.
I think I know where they might be.
I have to go.
("HAIL HAIL" BY SHOVELS & ROPE PLAYING) Well, hail, hail rock and roll Well, hail, hail rock and roll Well, hail, hail rock and roll I love you till you slit my throat and swallow me whole You're a bad, bad boy with a selfish little soul - (ENGINE STARTS) - Rock and roll Can't put my finger on exactly what it is that you stole You like it low, lower than I thought that I could ever go You threw my deep, red heart to a deep, dark hole Rock and roll (CLANGING) Bop, bop, bop Bop, bop, bop - Liz - Max! Michael, are you guys okay? Bop, bop, bop Not really.
- You look - If you were on time, you would've been stunned.
And maybe you guys can make out about it after we talk about the fact that a murderer just tried to bury us alive in a bunker full of poison.
Okay, let's go.
Come on.
- Did she wake up? - No.
She's been stirring, - but she's still out.
- MAX: We need to get her out of here before the killer notices we're all MIA.
No, you said the killer needs to have a false sense of complacency, so he doesn't strike before Ranchero Night.
Go out to the party.
No, I don't want to leave Maria alone.
Let me.
I swear I will explode anyone who comes near her with my brain.
Aw, come on, DeLuca, wake up.
You're no fun when you're quiet.
Do you think the killer is here? You know, whoever locked us up wanted to keep us away from this party, away from you or Isobel or Maria.
I really hope they can see us right now.
Though I can't wait forever Someday I'll Be dead and gone, and I won't be forgiven Ooh, take it easy.
You want some more water? You got to stop showing up for me like this, Guerin.
Uh, I can go get Liz if you want me to leave.
That's the problem.
I never do.
I will wait by the river I will cry out to heaven I thought at first you were standing me up.
- You know I wouldn't.
- I know, but when the thought occurred to me, I was relieved.
Like glad you were gonna be the one to mess this thing up first, not me.
There is something in my heart that always wants to make a break for it, - to leave, before - Before you get left.
Doesn't take a scientist to figure out why.
I know your mom hurt you.
So if you, if you want to pump the brakes - on this - No.
(STAMMERS) The truth is, you don't make me feel safe or comfortable.
You make me feel like I am teetering on the edge of a cliff, and and I'm getting addicted to that feeling.
It's overwhelming.
But if I mess up, if I cave and take off again, I need you to follow me this time.
Don't let me go that easily again, okay? I I never would have in the first place, if I didn't think it was what you wanted.
I want you.
If I can't touch your body Can I touch the sky? I will wait by the river I will wait by the river.
And now I must forsake you for another.
I'll go check on Maria.
You're up.
You okay? (GROANS) I thought maybe Max stole my date.
Dad, can we talk about a path to citizenship now? I've decided you were right.
A friend has agreed to help protect me through the process.
Sorry, I know this is a bad time, - but I need to ask you something.
- Max.
It's fine.
What's up? Cinco de Mayo.
A witness saw you fighting with Carla, - one of my murder victims, outside.
- Carla Mm, you don't want to know.
I went outside just in time to see her about to leave with someone she shouldn't have left with.
I didn't know she was one of your victims.
Who was it, DeLuca? Someone married.
Married to who? LIZ: You're friends with Noah Bracken? His firm volunteers at Ranchero Night.
They give legal advice to people who need help with the process.
He's a good man.
It just doesn't make sense.
Noah's like a human golden retriever.
Fetch, sit, stay.
I was at Grant Green's warehouse because of him - the night that Wyatt attacked.
- NOAH: If you're looking for alien scoop, Grant Green's got all his stuff in storage during the renovations.
After that, he told me to stop investigating Wyatt.
NOAH: Listen, you're gonna want to lay off Wyatt Long.
They're gonna come after the people you care about.
I thought he was protecting me, but maybe it was a threat.
Okay, okay, so he incepted my barista to destroy my lab to get the last of my serum, collect the antidote.
No, wait, he got shot.
It's a perfect cover.
I don't know, though.
He just doesn't - seem that tough.
- Spin.
That's perfect.
You know, there's a way to find out.
(EXHALES) (EXHALES) You mind if I steal a dance with my sister? Oh, honestly, I'm surprised you didn't ask earlier.
I need you to keep calm.
But have you ever gotten into Noah's head? I trust my husband, Max.
How much? Please tell me you're not suggesting what I think you're suggesting.
(ISOBEL SIGHS) You're probably right.
But maybe you could do your brain warp thing and make sure it's as crazy as it sounds.
You're in total control in there.
So he can't lie to you, right? No.
I'm sorry, I promised him today that I would not use my powers.
He made me promise.
- I need to get you out of here.
- No.
I will get into his mind and I will prove to you that he is a good man who deserves better than this.
Iz NOAH: Everything good with Max? (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) Do you still love me now that you know the truth? Did you mean what you said? Yes.
(SIGHS) I will never let anyone hurt you.
I will protect you always.
(PANTING) Get off me.
It's not my blood.
(SIGHS) That's not what I asked.
Do you love me, Noah? We're so connected, you and I.
We have been since the first time I heard your voice.
That's not what I asked you.
Answer my question.
Do you love? Did you love Rosa Ortecho? Of course I did.
I still do.
(WHIMPERS) I always will.
I told you not to go digging.
All you had to do was keep your promise to stop using your powers.
(WHIMPERING) I'm sorry, Iz.
I know you think you're in control in here.
But I'm in control out there.
Max knows.
He will never let you get away with this.
He will if you tell him to.
It's not him.
You got into his head? Yes.
He's innocent.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go have a quickie with my husband in the crop circle exhibition.
Isobel (PHONE VIBRATING) Hey, Liz.
It's not him.
It's him, it's Noah.
No, that-that's impossible.
I am looking at his blood under a microscope right now.
Max, it's him.
Noah is the fourth alien.
Look, now, you're not you.
I know my sister and you're not Isobel.
You're never gonna let go of her, are you? - (BOTH GRUNT) - Noah.
You don't want to hit your sister? (GRUNTING) Cowboy chivalry was always gonna be your downfall.
Brought a gun to a fistfight? I am gonna destroy you, Noah.
(GRUNTS) It's already over.
(GUNSHOT) CAMERON: Max won't hurt you, but I will.
(GRUNTING) (SIGHS DEEPLY) Let's go home, darling.
I think it's time we spend some time alone.
(ENGINE STARTS) - (LIZ GRUNTS) - (SCREAMS) (PANTING) (GRUNTS) (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) (GRUNTING) (GASPS) You just can't walk away, can you? - Hmm? - (WHIMPERING) (HYPERVENTILATING) (SHOUTS) Let go of me! No! (SCREAMS) (GRUNTS) (PANTING) Sucks to be powerless, doesn't it? (PANTING) Max? (GASPS)
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