Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s01e12 Episode Script


1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico Before my dad died, he wrote me these letters.
Some of the symbols in these letters match the symbols on this glass.
Does the name Caulfield mean anything to you? It's a prison a hundred miles north of here.
It's been shut down for decades.
I think there's a fourth alien.
And I think maybe your sister is innocent of all of this.
What if the fourth alien can Get in people's mind when they're blacked out and convince them to commit murder.
Max, it's him.
It's Noah.
Let's go home, darling.
Sucks to be powerless, doesn't it? We were all hopeful once.
We left behind a war-torn, desolate planet in search of a better place to call home.
We were refugees, together.
But the ship was hijacked.
Driven into the ground by a stowaway.
We crashed in a foreign land, trading one kind of violence for another.
I listened all night as humans slaughtered our comrades, our families.
What is it you call them? Pods? Well, mine wasn't built like yours.
I was traveling with the peasants.
My pod was flimsy.
It cracked on impact.
It wasn't built to last.
But it was my only option.
I just wanted some quiet, to silence the screaming.
I got to pee.
Isobel's been extra annoying lately.
That broken pod kept me alive, but barely.
Turned me into some rotted, mangled version of myself.
No one ever came for me until you, Isobel.
You and I were both alone that night.
And then, we weren't.
This is not healthy, Iz.
What, hanging out in a cave, or my husband violating my body to commit the first of his 14 murders? I'm just trying to process this.
You know, figure out how I never realized what he was, after all this time.
Pod keeps him comfortable.
I say we drag Noah out, torture some information out of him.
He'll die.
He's got Liz's serum coursing through his veins.
- It'll kill him outside of that thing.
- So? We'll we have Liz whip up a fresh batch of the antidote.
Let him live a long life out here where I can make him suffer.
We don't have to do anything right now.
It's only been three days.
Let yourself heal.
When you're ready, you'll know what to do.
Doesn't matter if it's tomorrow or ten years from now.
He's not going anywhere, and neither are we.
Our whole lives, we've wondered where we came from, what we are doing here.
I don't know, Max, - if only there was someone to ask.
- Give her time.
Could you guys stop it? We're going to decide what to do together, just not today.
- Please.
- Fine.
We'll talk again tomorrow.
Well, I wonder what it's like Table five's Neptuna Melt is missing Crater Tots, Niko.
- All right, I'm on it.
- I see the antenna's back in play.
Oh, it was the one thing missing from my angiogenic research.
You are brilliant.
You'll be back in a lab in no time.
More Space Jam down here, honey.
I have three degrees.
And Rocket Relish on your collar.
Another handprint from Evans? No.
I haven't seen Max in a few days.
He's had family stuff.
Handprint is from the fight with Noah.
Can't believe Roswell's Mr.
Congeniality is the killer.
Noah is basically in alien jail forever, probably.
Justice is served, and I got the answers I was looking for with my sister, - so it's done.
- Yeah.
You seem real well-adjusted.
I'm working on the whole closure thing.
Yeah, me, too.
Listen, uh, I've got some personal stuff going on today, but this weekend, I was thinking of visiting my dad's grave, and I'd like to pay respects to Rosa, too.
- You want to come? - Yeah, that'd be nice.
Thank you.
Rosa always liked you.
Mm, no, she didn't.
¿Hola? Yo quiero some frickin' service.
Isn't it a little early? Not if you've had my morning.
Uh, I need your help with something.
I told you a little bit about my dad's involvement with Project Shepherd.
The top secret alien-hunting op? Right.
So weird how he never had me over for Sunday dinner.
Technically, it was established to cover up the UFO and any subsequent activity.
But, yeah, I do think there was a more sinister element to it.
- I'm listening.
- I keep finding mention of a prison named Caulfield.
It shut down in the '70s, but some of the heat signatures that we've detected are inconsistent with human body temperature.
We won't know until we see for ourselves, but maybe.
You do run hot, Guerin.
There's no way.
There's just, there's no way other aliens survived.
We'd have known.
Then what's the harm in a road trip? There, uh, there is one catch.
Who's driving? You know, while you were in stasis, I damn near hibernated here.
I'd tell you about my day, read to you.
I didn't hear any of that, Max.
Time stands still in there.
He doesn't deserve the sound of your voice ever again.
It's not about him hearing it.
Just might feel good to get it off your chest.
I'm-a, I'm gonna wait in the car.
I want to get you home before the storm comes in, but I'll give you some time.
Cosmic Cakes and Crashbrowns.
Thank you.
Max? How is it possible? - No.
- Well, is he making you do this? No.
He has Liz's serum in him.
He can't control me.
It's me.
Don't kill him.
We need answers.
You're just in time.
Noah here is about to start talking.
Now, you worthless piece Max.
You think we're enemies, but we're not.
We were all hopeful once.
We left behind a war-torn, desolate planet in search of a better place to call home.
We were refugees together.
We were both all alone that night.
And then we weren't.
I'd been in silence so long and then I heard something beautiful.
Michael wanted to camp out at the site of the UFO crash that night.
Were you lurking there? I wasn't lurking.
I crawled into that pod in 1947, just to get some rest before someone came for me.
But it was defective, broken in the crash, and I couldn't get out.
I wasn't in stasis like I should have been.
I was aware of every miserable moment.
I weakened.
I shriveled.
No choice but to wait for something I knew may never come.
Isobel's psychic scream that night was the sweetest sound.
If you hadn't left her alone, I never would've heard her voice.
She was 14 years old.
Max said you blacked out - after the assault.
- That's how he got in.
You crawled in through some crack in my psyche? Yes, and I stayed.
Through the years, every time you were triggered, every time you were afraid, you left your body, and gave me space to borrow it.
I need air.
Could you make sure she's okay? He's weak.
If-if we don't do anything, I doubt he's gonna make it through the day.
Is that what you want? Be careful.
When I accessed the satellite imagery from the base, the prison had zero heat signature.
They're using a really advanced camouflage technology.
- How'd you bypass it? - Well, I'm more advanced.
This storm that's rolling in, though, is messing - with the radar now.
- Well, there's something here worth hiding.
Something my dad wanted me to know, or he wouldn't have gone to all the trouble to hide the word "Caulfield" in his letters before he was murdered.
We don't know that he was murdered.
You can't give somebody a brain tumor.
What's that heat signature? Just me.
What do we need him for? You, uh, under the weather? Maybe experiencing selective amnesia about the hell this dick put you through? Look, high school's ten years to the left.
Let's focus on the shadowy government conspiracy on the right.
Something's wrong in there.
I thought Isobel was the psychic and you were the Jedi.
Jedis are psychic.
I've never actually seen Star Trek.
Oh, my God.
I'm not psychic, but I pick up on Max and Iz sometimes.
When things are really bad for one of us, the others get flashes of pain.
You got one of those flashes now? No.
It's like screaming from far away.
You sure you want to do this? Damn it.
Let's start again.
Where are we from? You don't know? You got a map tattooed on your shoulder.
Is that what that is? What does it mean? How do I read it? You know On second thought, I don't mind the pain.
Reminds me I'm alive.
Plus, if I'm gonna die, might as well do it watching you twist in the wind.
Anyway, there's not much time, so You better get here soon, if you want to ask your questions.
Michael's not picking up.
- I'm sure he's okay.
- Yeah, of course he's fine.
The villain is slowly dying on my brother's couch.
It's okay to grieve.
It's okay to miss the version of him that you loved.
What great disappointment of yours do you want me to relate to right now, Liz? Your mother who was never there to cut the crusts off your sandwiches? Or Rosa who didn't have it all figured out at 19? I won't pretend I know what you're going through.
I mean, you were violated in a way that's unimaginable.
It doesn't matter what Michael needs to know from him, and it doesn't matter how angry Max is.
What do you need? I've never lost someone that I loved.
Was there anything that made you feel better about Rosa? The truth helped.
I feel them.
Come on, this way.
Why can't you Magneto your way through this one? I don't know.
Wait, someone's coming.
I'll take care of this.
- Head towards the entrance.
- No.
Don't move.
I didn't think you'd have it in you.
It's been a long time, Flint.
Good to see you.
Why are you here, Alex? Uh, Dad sent me to fortify the digital security measures.
Aren't you on desk duty in Roswell? Like you're stationed in Munich? - Mm.
- You're able-bodied, of sound mind.
Why are you in this hole instead of out there basking in the glory you deserve? You know, it's not a hole.
See, you wouldn't believe the scientific breakthroughs we've hatched in this facility: SR-71, nanotech.
Ever since the, uh '47 UFO crash? Like I said, Dad told me the family secret.
You're not a scientist.
You're a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant.
What are you doing here? Dad brought me in five years ago.
He wanted to build a wall against an impending alien invasion.
Wh That doesn't look like a wall.
That looks like a thermobaric ordnance.
It's a smart bomb.
- Oh, will it feed my beagle? - We're in beta.
Once perfected, it'll be innocuous to humans, designed to kill aliens using their DNA against them.
Bioweapons are banned by international treaty.
The U.
's jurisdiction ends at the ozone layer.
The jurisdiction on genocide? Genocide is the aliens' intent for us during a systematic invasion.
They're perfectly designed to kill.
It's coming.
The question is whether or not we'll be ready.
I see that you're just as committed to the cause as our old man.
Dad didn't send you, did he? No, Dad would never send you.
I need a private moment with him.
- No.
- Max.
- No.
- I wasn't asking.
Thank you.
You need to listen, my love Don't use that word.
I need to snap her out of this.
He can't hurt her physically.
Her mindscape is the only place where she has total control.
I think she needs that right now.
I appreciate your concern, but you don't know Isobel like I do.
And you don't know how it feels to lose someone.
She had a life with him.
She felt loved.
She had a partner.
A bunch of secrets and lies just stole that from her.
Are you sympathizing with the man who debased Isobel? - Who killed Rosa? - I am not.
Noah is a vile sociopath who murdered my sister because he felt entitled to her.
I hate him.
But he Please do not finish that sentence.
He left this mark on me the night of the gala when he tried to kill me.
I need to know why.
I was barely alive, physically, but my mind was sharp.
That's what made the decades so agonizing.
Then I had the chance to see this world where we landed through your eyes, your beautiful eyes.
You used me like a sock puppet to prey on a lost teenage girl.
Rosa wasn't prey.
Tell that to the headstone at the Frontier Valley Cemetery, - Noah.
- She couldn't be trusted.
Don't blame her.
You faltered.
You were the one who dropped your harmless facade when she caught a glimpse of your truth.
She was too smart to love you.
And she died for it.
Me? I I believed your lies.
Lucky me.
I didn't want to tell you, I-I thought it would bother you.
Bother me? He marked you! Max, I feel him now.
I feel his fear.
He's afraid to die.
My serum is right now killing a living thing that is capable of fear.
I haven't slept in days.
I-I created a makeshift lab.
I made more of the antidote.
Not because I want him to live.
Because I don't want to be a killer.
What's happening? Your body's been deteriorating.
And your mind is starting to go, too.
You don't want to watch me die.
I can tell you where the antidote is.
You can bring it to me.
We can go back to how things were before.
How things were when we were both pretending - to be human? - Yes! We were good at it.
We could do it again.
Pretend this all away.
Hey, hey, are you okay? No.
I don't want to do this alone.
Are we just following alien radar? Feel free to leave me alone.
Hey! Your ship crashed into my family in '47.
My father's dead, and I think the reason for it is somewhere inside these walls.
You're not the only one who wants answers.
Alex and I decoded my dad's letters.
This repeats.
Alex and you, huh? Well after you.
Why are you really here, Alex? Tying up loose ends before my honorable discharge.
You ever get tired of being the black sheep of the family? Do you ever get tired of following the flock? I know it wasn't easy for you growing up with Dad, but I tried my best to protect you from him.
Oh, spare me.
Don't worry, I won't tell him that you let me in.
Look, you don't get it.
You should have stayed away.
I'm sorry, but you're not leaving here.
Holy He's an alien.
They all are.
I can feel them.
They're angry.
Confused, frightened.
If they're survivors of the 1947 crash they've been in captivity for 71 years.
Will you just shut up, Valenti?! These people, they're like me.
Their bodies are covered in bruises, scarring, needle tracks.
Antisocial behavior indicates prolonged trauma.
Seven decades of torture.
We got to get them out of here.
Bring them where? They're feral.
My dad wanted me to find Subject N-38.
It's all over the letters.
Oh, no.
Oh, I know her.
I-I know, I know, I know her.
Are you sure? Someone's coming.
Go, go.
Who are you? The new lab tech.
I need to get in and collect a sample - for Subject N-38.
- You've got to be mistaken.
There's been a strict ban on any interaction with Subject N-38 - since 1962.
- Sorry.
Um, must've been a mix-up.
He looks - harmless.
- Looks can be deceiving.
They used to send lab rats in there.
- They'd all die.
- What'd he do? Eat them? No.
Everything it touches dies of violent, rapid cancer.
It could give a tumor to a brick wall.
Any human ever go in there? Once.
Well, I didn't think this awful ménage à trois was inevitable, but I can make your slow and painful death more slow and more painful.
You'd like to kill me, wouldn't you? You're hungry for it.
Come on, Maximo, you can't lie in here.
What's he talking about, Max? I'm sure you're wondering why I stopped borrowing your body after Rosa died.
How I healed, how I got out of that pod, finally.
I didn't want to kill Rosa, but there's the cruel irony: killing her, channeling her exquisite life force, it brought me back.
I changed shape and my mind sharpened.
Kills make us stronger, don't they, Max? Destruction makes us feel better.
Physically, at least.
That's why the bodies piled up.
You keep killing because it keeps you strong.
That's why your powers are so much stronger than ours.
It's simple practice.
You could be strong if you weren't so afraid of yourself.
I kill to keep my body alive.
After all those years in that broken pod, it wants to disintegrate, and I won't let it.
- You're a parasite.
- And you're an aberration.
When you heal people, it nearly kills you because it's unnatural, downright freakish, but hell if you didn't feel like a force of nature after you killed the creep in the desert that night.
You felt like a god.
You got a tiny taste again this year, didn't you, blowing out all the power in town? Destruction is chaos is entropy is energy is power is victory.
You would not be hiding here unless you had something to hide from.
That's Dad's way.
Blackmail people into obedience.
Manipulate them, exploit them.
Do not talk to me about orders.
- What does he have on you? - Alex.
You brought Kyle Valenti with you.
Think I figured it out.
Look, this place is a nightmare.
Guantanamo for innocent people, and our fathers facilitated it.
Aliens have been tortured here for decades.
They told you about Subject N-38.
Don't tell me there's a alien that can cause a brain tumor.
They're all killers.
Makes them stronger.
We have the research to prove it.
My dad participated in that research? Kept aliens isolated? Starved, dissected? Then he deserved it.
If killing makes you strong, why not kill me? Why not steal my life force? Was it not exquisite enough for you? I need you, Isobel.
I still do.
Stop lying.
He can't lie to us in here.
What do you need her for, Noah? I need all of you.
For leverage.
For what? Why were we in the upper class and you weren't? Why were we protected in the crash? If you want to know the truth, give me the antidote.
I'll tell you everything you want to know.
Where we come from, why we came here, who you really are.
We're not fools.
He can't lie in here.
He means it.
He wants the antidote in exchange for answers.
- He'll have his powers back.
- Don't worry.
I don't want them.
And the truth didn't make anything better for me.
I just want to go home.
Call me when he's dead.
I'll drive her home.
Liz, give me the antidote before you go.
I'm serious.
If I'm the one holding the cure, then I'm the one refusing to use it.
I'm the killer, not you.
- I'm not gonna put that on - Trust me.
I won't lose any sleep.
Come on.
I know you.
Why? Why do I know you? I'm gonna do it the old-fashioned way.
What the hell? Quarantine breach.
We have ten minutes to get out of this building before it turns to dust.
That would be your cue to leave.
Initiating quarantine protocol.
You have ten minutes to evacuate the premises.
Look, just grab everything that you can, okay? Hard drives, anything, - but make sure that you get out.
- Okay.
Okay? Okay, but Michael's in a holding area.
Down the hall, to the left, you'll see the staircase.
- 7A.
- Okay.
Thank you for bringing this stuff over.
The extra cuffs are overkill, but I can't be too careful.
Yeah, sure? No wildly inappropriate aside about stealing police-issued restraints for personal use? Who are you and what have you done with my partner? There is a serial killer in your bedroom, Max.
This isn't order.
This isn't justice.
And you shouldn't be handling this on your own.
I would love to turn him in to a greater authority, but then I risk exposure, and who's to say they could even hold him? There has to be a better way.
Oh, it's too late now.
W Aren't you on duty? Why are you in civvies? I'm permanently off duty.
In the melee after the gala, I discharged my service weapon.
Small town.
People notice gunshots.
And I couldn't exactly tell Valenti I was rescuing you from a body-snatching alien who was wearing your sister, so Okay.
Then we'll just figure out your cover story.
I gave her a cover story.
I told her that I had a little bit too much champagne, and that I was showing off.
Honestly, it was right on brand.
I should be the one to take the fall for that.
Why would you do that? You know why.
I am sorry I led you on.
You didn't.
You were clear.
My sister's been transferred to a prison in Ohio.
And I want to be closer to her.
So - Yeah.
- I'm leaving Roswell.
This is the last thing I do for you.
It has to be.
Copy that.
You've been a good partner, Evans.
You've been a good friend, Cam.
Guerin! Guerin! Come on, we have to go! I have to get through! The alarm is not a suggestion! Okay? Nothing gets out alive.
They're my family, Alex! Initiating quarantine protocol.
You have two minutes to evacuate.
All right, maybe.
But you are mine! What? No! - You got to go, Alex.
- I don't look away, Guerin.
Go! Go! I don't love you! I don't! We've been holding onto this thing! And what? It's gotten us nowhere.
Just let go.
You're a miserable liar.
Initiating quarantine protocol.
You have one minute to evacuate the premises.
She's my m she's my m Your mother? - Did she speak? - No.
- Did she say anything? - No.
No, but she said she said she loves me.
And then she said to run.
Get down.
Hey, Maximo.
Want to grab a brewski? You were right earlier, you know.
All day I've been telling Isobel that it's her call what we do with you.
That I'd back her play.
But I want you dead.
And I want to be the one to do it.
Is this about the possession or the kills or the mark I left on your girl? I knew that would make you crazy.
All your books.
The stories you write.
Humans spend their lives looking for meaning, but they have none.
We have a purpose, you and me.
And if you let me die, you'll spend the rest of your life on this dumb planet never knowing what it is.
I got this far.
Think I'm better off being just a guy from Roswell.
What if there's some truth to it? That the aliens are killers? Michael's a good person.
What if the good ones are the exception to the rule? Powers they have aren't exactly benign, and I think that You just watched your government blow up a building full of elderly people.
Your brain is trying to justify the slaughter so that so that your government can be right.
You want to believe that we're safe.
That goodness prevails.
That's the coldest reality about war.
Sometimes you're just doing what you're told.
Then all of a sudden, things are burning.
People are screaming.
And then you look around, and you realize that the evil is you.
Any last words? Some people like to repent before they die.
Repent? To who? God? You, Maximo? Don't.
Don't leave me to die alone, Max.
Then tell me where we're from.
What are we doing here? You're going out the same way you started your life on this planet.
Weak, desperate and completely alone.
We've been calling you all day.
You look like hell.
- You okay? - Where's Noah? I, uh I went to the cave.
He wasn't in the pod.
Noah's in the back.
It's just a matter of minutes.
Hey, hey.
You need to talk to me.
What happened? I don't want to talk to you.
I want to talk to him.
We need to get him the antidote.
That's not gonna happen.
This is the end of Noah's story, right now.
Okay? I'm not letting another alien die.
Not until I get some answers.
Not until I know the truth.
This is how it's gonna go, Max? That all depends on what you do next.

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