Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

Stay (I Missed You)

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico 50 years after the incident, I woke up in here, no memories or rudimentary skills.
Noah is a vile sociopath who murdered my sister.
I keep finding mention of a prison named "Caulfield.
" Aliens have been tortured here for decades.
MICHAEL: Why do I know you? She's my Your mother.
We have ten minutes - to get out of this building.
- (ALARM BLARING) Grab everything that you can hard drives, anything.
Why are you keeping us alive? The alighting.
Now that you're all grown up, they'll come.
You're the savior.
NOAH: You have no idea what you're capable of.
You could be a god! I want you to feel what I feel for you.
LIZ: Everything.
He's had her here all this time.
MICHAEL: You can't resurrect a girl that's been dead a decade.
We can't undo the past.
Rosa, where's Max? (CRYING): No.
♪ (SIGHS SOFTLY) You're sure Noah's really gone? Yeah, I'm sure.
We moved his body over to the cliff by the turquoise mines.
Won't be long before someone finds him.
He said I'm some kind of savior.
That the the victors of the war on our home planet would come for me.
He called it "the alighting.
" The alighting? Yeah.
That's dramatic.
Let's not talk about him right now.
Maybe we should talk about what comes next, though.
Well, if you'd give me, like, a minute to recover - Mm-mm.
- (BOTH LAUGH) I took a few weeks off work.
Isobel's gonna need me.
Once she feels better, you have that job offer in Palo Alto.
I am not leaving you, Max.
'Cause you owe me a road trip.
(LAUGHS) I'm going where you're going.
(LAUGHS) (LAUGHING): What? You smell like rain.
(LAUGHS) I will carry you ♪ (LAUGHS) (CRYING SOFTLY) Liz? Rosa.
Liz, I don't understand You look different.
What happened to him? How did I get here? Izzie.
I think Izzie came to the turquoise mines last night, and - and, Liz, something bad happened.
- That wasn't last night.
What? I'm gonna explain everything to you, okay? But I need you to go wait in the car.
We have to call 911.
We need an ambulance.
No! It's too late! Max is dead.
♪ I am still living with your ghost ♪ Lonely and dreaming of the West Coast ♪ I don't want to be your downtime ♪ Scully's sweet potato fries with extra flying sauce to go.
Thank you.
I don't want to be your stupid game ♪ With my big black boots and an old suitcase ♪ They tip better when you smile.
- I smile.
- You bare your teeth.
Are you working on the books? Weekday business has been slow.
Citizenship paperwork.
Uh Besides, the Crashdown is no longer your concern.
You are headed for much bigger things.
You might be the only Mexican father on the planet his daughter to leave home.
I'm the only Mexican father on this planet whose daughter is genius extraordinaire Elizabeth Ortecho.
(CHUCKLES) I'm glad you accepted the grant in Palo Alto.
Which reminds me, I have your keys.
If you're leaving again, I'm gonna require a social media presence.
The occasional face mask selfie Thank you for coming to say goodbye.
I reject goodbye.
I was coming to vent about Michael Guerin ghosting me.
I have seen that guy go on intimate third dates with the men's room toilet seat.
Okay, I changed your oil.
Oh, and one more thing.
San Cristobal.
Para que te cuide en el camino.
(EXHALES) Now just one more Roswell good time before I hit the road.
(VIOLIN PLAYING) ♪ ♪ I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that my beloved Noah would be killed by something as rare as a strike of lightning.
He was, after all an extraordinary man.
From the first moment we met, he just seemed to know me inside and out.
You know, what I really want to do here today is to tell you about someone who I love very much.
He was a man with an unrivaled capacity for love who could hold you in his heart despite distance or rejection.
He made mistakes, but he was noble.
And he dedicated his life to righting his own wrongs, and the wrongs of others.
My wrongs.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) (SOBBING) He was my other half, my better half.
I don't think I'll ever let him go.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
The pod.
The pod.
Help me get him into the pod, Michael.
Help me.
Help me.
LIZ: He isn't sick.
He's not coming back.
I just need time.
Look, we'll just we'll make up a story, okay? We'll send texts from his phone.
We'll say that he left town.
Please, just help me.
Michael! I really appreciate it.
Thank you.
So, Tess says that her green chili mac is in her very best crystal, so she has asked that you kindly return it promptly.
Don't worry, I'll help you get rid of all of this.
It's okay, Mom.
It's gonna be good for me to have something to do.
I'm just sorry that Max isn't here.
I don't know what's gotten into him.
His text messages have been so vague and gruff.
Baby, listen, Noah will always be with you.
He loved you so much.
That's a phenomenal cape.
Looked like you needed some saving.
Well, we all have our parts to play.
Isobel, how long are we gonna keep this up? I just need a little time.
You keep saying that.
I'm, uh I'm going to have to wake him soon.
My father? I can't keep him in a coma forever.
Why the hell not? Hospital resources.
Eventually, they'll start asking questions.
Oh, and also, I'm not a murderer.
No, you're not.
But he is.
(EXHALES) Kind of thought you'd call.
I mean, it seemed like a kiss at least worthy of a text back.
I don't know if you noticed, but I'm not much of a relationship guy.
Well, you don't have to avoid me.
You're going through a thing.
Pony's your watering hole.
Regulars shouldn't drink alone when they're grieving.
Oh, Sheriff Valenti.
Thank you so much for coming.
You're Roswell PD family.
Speaking of, is Max around? Um, I think he's out of town.
Didn't he put in a request for vacation? Uh, when you were seeking treatment, Noah came by the office.
He implied that he and your brother didn't get along.
And now I haven't seen Evans since Noah's death.
Shouldn't you be focusing on other issues? Like that vandal that's terrorizing town.
I mean, graffiti is an early indicator of gang violence.
VALENTI: Is it? Hmm.
I'll make sure to move the graffiti bandit to the top of my priority list.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I'm sorry? Honestly, I don't know why you showed up.
You're the reason my brother isn't here on the day that I need him most.
You know I wish he was here.
But he's not, is he? Because he loves you more.
He always has.
The only thing that could keep him from me at this unimaginable time in my life is how much he loves you.
You know, I didn't mean to hurt him.
I just can't stay in Roswell forever.
You dumped him, and he ran away.
What could some small-town man offer the brilliant Liz Ortecho? Just leave.
What? Whoa.
I'm just wondering how things are going over at Max's house.
I told Rosa everything.
Except that the whole town thinks she's a murderer.
Doesn't matter.
We're leaving.
(SIGHS) Michael I think Isobel is in denial.
And it's getting worse.
I mean, it's like she thinks if she just waits long enough, he's gonna wake up and be fine one day.
You need to tell her what we know.
Isobel can't come to the phone right now.
They're not gonna come after you.
They're gonna come after the people you care about.
LIZ: Rosa.
Rosa, please! (GASPS) I-I couldn't wake you.
I-I shook you, and I-I called your name, and you wouldn't wake up.
It was like you were Hey.
Maybe spending a decade dead inside of a glowing, ooze-filled egg coffin from outer space has some side effects.
Someone could've seen you.
I just needed some air.
Calm down.
- Stop worrying.
- Stop worrying? About you? Have we met? I'm sorry.
We'll leave for Palo Alto tomorrow.
Hiding here is annoying, but I can handle it for a bit longer.
You could stay for Max's funeral.
Max wouldn't want me to stay here, waiting to bury him.
Is this my necklace? (SCOFFS) Liz, I told you not to take my stuff anymore.
- Take it off.
- (LAUGHS) You weren't exactly using it.
Okay, well, how about this? Next time I die, bury me with all my stuff.
Also, where's my Hole T-shirt? - Take get it off.
Turn around.
- No me toques.
I-I swear, if you lost it, I (GASPS) Oh, Liz.
- Oh what - (LAUGHS) What are you doing? I never thought we'd get to have this stupid fight again.
(LAUGHS) What? I'm worried about how long it took you to wake up.
Come with me.
This is Isobel Evans.
Uh, Bracken.
Do you know if my husband's, uh, if the body had been, um, cremated yet? Still in the freezer? Because I want those frickin' ashes.
To worship! (STRAINS) Just leave me alone! (ELECTRICITY SPARKING) (WHIMPERS SOFTLY) Kyle.
I was looking for you.
I meant to call.
I heard you and Evans broke up.
You okay? Uh, I need a favor.
A few favors.
MRI, CT scan, X-rays, blood work.
Let me guess.
Alien thing? The tests aren't for me.
Holy - Mm.
Sorry, guys.
- Oh! What a shot! (PHONE RINGING) Looks like you're buying those shots after all.
Maria DeLuca.
I don't understand.
I pay you to take care of her.
- You let her wander off every - (DOOR OPENS) I got her.
I'll bring her back.
You cannot keep doing this.
I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit.
That's from Alien, Mom.
The movie? Aliens.
- I was just joking, my love.
- (CHUCKLES) I'm actually pretty lucid right now.
And yet barefoot.
What's this all about? The nurse said last week you were crying about Rosa Ortecho.
It's been ten years since she died, Mom.
Not always.
Sometimes, it happened just yesterday.
Sometimes, it's been a century.
Come on.
Let's find you some shoes, hmm? This is so dumb.
I was recently un-murdered.
I can handle some nightmares.
Let's just give Liz some peace of mind.
She deserves it.
So, ten years, and my half brother is still pining for my sister.
Cool, cool, cool.
Hey, uh, what's your drug of choice? Why, quarterback? You want to party? Started with Oxy.
Your frontostriatal loop is fine.
You produce normal noradrenaline.
Unheard of in chronic opioid users.
Apparently, Evans can fix anything.
(SIGHS) Okay.
What's the point of a medical license with that guy around? Yeah, well, he's not around.
Fixing me killed him, so, stay in school, kids.
He's what? Max is dead? Yes.
Look, I need you to do your doctor thing, so what are you saying? I'm saying that any physical injury you had has healed.
Including damage caused by drugs.
(SIGHS) This is a good thing.
(QUIETLY): I'm gonna screw it up.
(CLEARS THROAT) Yeah, when I was a kid, I was a total dick.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Feels like just yesterday.
And when my dad died, that's the guy he thought he raised.
A bully.
And when my sister died, that's the guy she knew, too.
But you're back, and I won't waste this opportunity.
You shouldn't, either.
I saw at the, uh, funeral that your hand was healed.
Thought you might use it.
Max healed me.
I didn't want him to.
Look, the night of the storm, you came over and said you were getting out of the Air Force to play music.
I can't take your guitar.
Well, I'm not getting out.
There's too much work to do.
I'm the one that's supposed to do it.
I came back the next morning, after clearer heads had prevailed.
I wanted to show you something.
Right before Caulfield exploded, Kyle stole as many hard drives as he could.
The data's encrypted, so there's not that much to go on, but, uh Your mother's cell was marked N39.
This is just her intake form.
This is day one.
There's got to be more on the files, too.
- Or - No.
She came here as a refugee.
And she was taken from me.
And then for 70 years, Manes' men experimented on her.
I don't want the rest of the gory details.
There's-there's no fixing this.
Let it go! Hey.
If I had gotten out left Roswell and I asked you to come with me would you? All our years of this, I've never said no to you.
You push me away, you pull me back in, and I go where you want me.
I don't want that anymore.
I don't want to keep hoping that maybe this time you won't go.
I don't want to play your guitar.
I don't think we're good for each other, Alex.
And I-I want to be good for somebody.
So, no.
I'm saying no.
(GASPS, SIGHS) Look, Ma no hands.
) She's healthy.
It's like nothing happened at all.
Except for the handprint Evans left on her chest.
I never really understood the handprint.
Max healed Michael's hand before he died.
I thought I might have one, too, but neither of us is marked, only Rosa.
Maybe there can only be one at a time? But yours was gone in a few days.
I don't know.
(SIGHS) Thank you for all of this, Kyle.
I'm gonna pull the car around to the loading dock.
Hey, Liz? I'm sorry Max is gone.
I wish I could thank him.
What the hell you doing? Exorcising demons.
Noah told Max that we're not using our potential.
That we could train and be stronger.
I'm gonna protect myself.
(DISTORTED): I'm in control.
(GRUNTS) Stop.
- Stop! - Don't touch me! NOAH: You are my person.
(GRUNTS) I've only been training for two weeks.
If I keep at this, then maybe I can Maybe what? You think you can bring him back? Come with me.
ROSA: You said that after my funeral, Mom left and never came back.
You were always telling me that one day she would leave for good.
You always wanted me to be prepared.
Yeah, I've just been thinking lately that what if something bad happened to her, like maybe got her, or Nothing bad happened.
She's in Nebraska shacked up with some white guy named Dirk.
(COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING ON RADIO) Nothing you did made her leave.
Nothing any of us did could have made her stay.
(CHANGES STATIONS) I can understand how you'd be so confused ♪ - (VOLUME INCREASES) - Hey.
- Rosa.
- I don't envy you ♪ - You're gonna blow a speaker! - I'm a little bit of everything ♪ Come on, Liz, sing.
- All rolled into one ♪ - Come on.
(SINGING ALONG): I'm a bitch, I'm a lover ♪ I'm a child, I'm a mother ♪ I'm a sinner, I'm a saint ♪ I do not feel ashamed ♪ I'm your hell, I'm your dream ♪ I'm nothing in between ♪ You know you wouldn't want it any other way.
♪ It's an old ultrasound machine the hospital junked.
I fixed it after Max died and Liz and I came here.
After you got sick from the blue serum, we did scans while we worked on the antidote.
That's an image of Max's heart when it was healthy.
And this is what it looks like now, just a void.
You're not some kind of alien anatomy expert, Michael.
Max's heart was weakened by Noah's attacks before he decided to lasso lightning.
And after all that, he played God.
I begged him to leave well enough alone, but he couldn't.
He died of a massive heart attack, Isobel.
The organ is shredded! Because he had to be the hero, Max's heart is never beating again.
Ah Okay.
I call first shower.
Uh, except that I'm the oldest.
(CHUCKLES) Not anymore, you're not.
I'm driving tomorrow.
Not with your expired license.
We'll get you a new one in California.
Death records don't travel.
I'll be the hottest 31-year-old in the Pacific Time Zone.
(LAUGHS) (SOBBING) ROSA: Liz? (MUFFLED SOBBING) (SOBBING HYSTERICALLY) Liz! Liz, help me! (PANTING) Liz, help me! Liz! (GASPS) Strange creatures with familiar features.
The alighting! - They're coming for us, Maximo! - (SCREAMING) (PANTING) Did you have another nightmare? Yeah, it's this guy.
He's chasing me.
He won't leave me alone.
I'm fine.
Go back to sleep.
Don't treat me like the little sister.
Who was it? (SIGHS) He was tall.
Good hair.
Indian, maybe.
Noah Bracken.
I've never seen his real face before, Liz.
How is he in my head? (COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) You want to try? - Yeah.
- Yeah? It's pretty easy.
Ready? Get real low.
Hey! What the hell you think you're doing? Whoa.
Oh, you you're pissed at me.
Well, did your did your girl look like an unwilling participant? Does he say anything in your dreams? I don't know, something about creatures.
It's all very standard, - freaky nightmare crap.
- Try to remember.
What's an "alighting"? The alighting.
Oh, my God.
It's Max.
The handprint on you hasn't faded in weeks.
It's-it's a psychic connection.
You can share feelings and memories.
You're-you're seeing fragments of Max's memories.
- That's how you know Noah's face.
- You sound crazy.
If there is a part of his brain where there is still coordinated electrical signaling If there's consciousness, then that means that there's oxygenated cells.
You said that there was no way.
You said that his heart was destroyed, and that there was no saving him.
This changes things.
If the connection to you kept his brain alive, there's hope.
KYLE: Liz thinks we can do a heart transplant.
Alien hearts and human hearts are different, so our options are limited.
So she wants to use Noah's heart? - But he's the actual devil.
- And frozen solid.
I thought after I filed the fake autopsy report, we were gonna get rid of him.
According to the Project Shepherd research from '47, you can't cremate an alien body.
They release toxic fumes.
I asked our guy at the morgue to keep him on ice until we figured out a solution.
This wasn't the plan.
This still isn't the plan.
We can't just pop a replacement heart in the guy and bring him back to life.
Wait, hold on.
KYLE: That's not Noah.
Someone else has him.
- This isn't sanitary.
- Who else asked you to contact them about Noah Bracken? Who else is giving you a cut? Just you and your guys.
Oh! We don't have guys.
You just missed him a few minutes ago.
Did he look like he could be related to this guy? I thought it was you.
Loading the body into the van.
ALEX: Turn the car around, Flint.
I am asking you as your brother.
And I'm saying no.
I'm taking the specimen to Area 51, - where I have clearance and you don't.
- Okay, listen to me.
You have a chance to do some good here.
Good? You and your friend did something to Dad.
There's a chain of command in this family.
ALEX: There's a sealed incinerator at Area 51.
We can't exactly storm the place.
I'm really sorry, Liz.
It wouldn't have worked anyway.
Can you put some music on? It just doesn't make sense to me that I'm alive - and Max Evans isn't.
- Rosa, no.
I've been trying so hard so you wouldn't feel that.
Don't think about it like that; that's not what I want for you.
ROSA: Military exempt plates.
If you were gonna go to Nevada from Roswell, you would take I-40, right? There's still pretty much just one road in and out of town.
Flint was the Manes in my grade.
He was always such a dick.
Rosa, no! (TIRES SCREECHING) Ah! He threw the first punch! I don't care about the fight, Guerin.
- (SCOFFS) - Were you trying to hurt me? You wanted to mess this thing up before we got our hopes up that maybe it might actually work.
Oh, you are welcome, DeLuca.
Hope screws people up.
Hoping that your, your family will come and save you from the system.
Hoping that anyone can be saved at all.
And so you you made out with some random to protect me from my own hopeful heart? Bull.
You can get these from the bouncer tomorrow.
You're walking home.
Need your help moving a body.
If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that.
I wonder if my life will ever be normal again.
It's 2:41 a.
My name is Elizabeth Ortecho, and this is my record of the dissection of specimen NB.
Did you call Isobel? The last thing Isobel needs is to get her hopes up.
It could be some sort of organic phosphorus? It's an unknown chemical compound.
A distant derivative of phenyl-2-propanone.
I could never figure out the 21st compound.
But apparently it's the key to their nanotech and their biology.
Our biology.
I always thought it was synthetic.
But if it's organic, the tech itself could have neural activity.
Wait, you're saying you think these organs are part tech? In human terms, I guess.
That's-that's good, 'cause in the human world, broken tech can be fixed.
(CRACKING) Ah, come on, that's Is that his heart? What's left of it.
(FIRE CRACKLING) Did the heart work? If Flint hadn't spun his wheel at that exact second, he'd have T-boned us.
I'd have lost you, again.
But that wasn't gonna happen.
You are a 19-year-old drug addict.
You don't know everything! You're right.
And that's why I don't understand why God would make such a lousy trade.
Why he would pick me to save and Max to die.
Because Max is a hero, and I'm what you said, right? You've been putting on a great show, with the laughing and the singing.
But you said it.
You told me that you've been trying so hard.
You've been trying so hard not to let me see how unhappy you are, Liz.
I am happy you're here.
But you're not happy.
God didn't make a trade, Rosa.
Max did.
And he's just a man who wanted to do something extraordinary.
And he did.
He brought you back to life.
And now I'm gonna bring him back.
Noah's heart was good? No.
I chose regenerative medicine as my focus when you died.
'Cause I was broken.
And I wanted to repair the irreparable.
♪ LIZ: It's an ethics nightmare.
I have been spit on by protesters and shut down by the government.
I've worked on tiny rat hearts my whole life, waiting until someone in power would believe that I could do this with people, too.
And over and over, old men on boards have told me to stay in my lane.
To calm down.
To wait.
But I can do this.
Another head hangs lowly ♪ Noah's heart is shriveled and weak.
Just like he was.
But I'm gonna fix it.
Max gave me back the only thing I've ever lost that mattered to me.
Who are we mistaken? ♪ Now it's my turn.
But you see, it's not me ♪ It's not my family ♪ In your head, in your head ♪ They are crying ♪ In your head ♪ - In your head ♪ - (SIGHS) Zombie, zombie ♪ Zombie-ie-ie ♪ What's in your head? ♪ In your head ♪ Why can't I feel you, Max? Your spirit, I mean.
Why can't I feel you, but I feel Noah all the time.
Like he's crawling under my skin.
♪ Another ♪ Mother's breaking ♪ Heart is taking over ♪ When the violence ♪ Causes silence, we ♪ How long ago did my mom escape? NURSE: 21 minutes exactly.
She's on the security cameras, walking straight off the property.
So she'll be here any minute.
- I'll bring her back in the morning.
- Thank you.
They're still fighting ♪ With their tanks and their bombs ♪ And their bombs and their guns ♪ In your head, in your head ♪ They are dying ♪ In your head ♪ In your head ♪ Zombie, zombie ♪ Zombie-ie-ie ♪ What's in your head? ♪ - In your head ♪ - (GASPS) Zombie, zombie ♪ - Zombie-ie-ie ♪ - Mom? Ie, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ Ie-ie, oh ♪ ♪ NOAH: All those books, and you haven't figured religion out.
What do you want? You've taken everything.
Why me? (CHOKING) Ophiuchus! (COUGHING) (GRUNTING) (STRAINING): I I've been trying to get to you.
I'm sorry to put you through all this.
No, this isn't real.
It's not you.
It is.
No You're the only one I can reach.
Rosa, please, I need your help.
Liz can't bring me back to life.
Do you understand?! No matter what it takes you have to stop her.

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