Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico 50 years after the incident, I woke up in here.
No memories or rudimentary skills.
Noah is a vile sociopath who murdered my sister.
You can't resurrect a girl that's been dead a decade.
Rosa, where's Max? No.
Why do I know you? She's my Your mother.
Your mother's cell was marked N39.
There's got to be more on the files.
Please, just help me.
Help me get him into the pod, Michael.
Liz thinks we could do a heart transplant.
So she wants to use Noah's heart? My name is Elizabeth Ortecho, and this is my record of the dissection of specimen NB.
Wake up, cowboy.
We got us an alien problem.
- Did you bring - The medical supplies, the lab equipment and the specimen.
Noah's in there? What's left of him.
Follow me.
This used to be an Indian boarding school.
My grandmother told me some pretty rough stories.
When it shut down, the Air Force acquired the land.
It's been untouched for 40 years, but it's monitored by me.
Maybe we can give it a happier ending.
Top-of-the-line security, can't be hacked.
What'd you tell your team? They didn't ask questions.
They obey my orders.
So this is where you're gonna solve the mysteries of the universe? Yeah.
This is where we're gonna save Max.
Is that Max's laptop? His password was "password.
" I wanted to look at my obituary, and then I clicked this link, and then I clicked this other link Did you know that Jimmy from Degrassi is a rapper now? Don't look at your obituary.
Okay? That's morbid.
What was my funeral like? Come on, like you wouldn't be curious.
It was beautiful.
I mean, the whole town came.
Everyone joined in the rosario.
Mom sang "Las Golondrinas," and Dad wanted you in a white dress, but I insisted on your Live Through This T-shirt.
And now it doesn't matter, so - I got to go.
- Ah, affection, I'm allergic.
- Yeah.
- Ugh.
Everybody in this town is haunted.
They pretend everything is fine.
But they're all fighting these secret battles with shadows.
And hoping the scars will eventually fade.
They're all dragging their demons around and trying to make it look like their backs aren't breaking under the weight of it all.
Maybe that's what growing up is.
Grieving in secret for all the stuff you can't get back.
For the people you lost.
For the person you used to be.
Everybody in this town is haunted.
Except for me.
I'm the ghost.
What are you waiting for? You have to stop Liz.
Tell her she can't bring me back, Rosa.
Why? Why don't you want her to save you? I-I can't take it anymore.
Just end it.
They'll figure it out.
They'll save you.
I can't wait that long.
It's like burning alive from inside.
She's never gonna stop trying.
Then you have to stop her.
Please! Order up.
Did you have another bad dream? Did you get my sketchbook? I-I got distracted.
I was talking to Dad about finances at the café.
It's on the bookshelf in our room, okay? I'm-I'm getting anxious.
I'll look for it.
I-I just have to go to the lab, and then check in with Maria, and then I have to do a shift at the Crashdown.
Look, when I saw that doctor last year or, 11 years ago, whatever, she said that art is a coping mechanism.
So, I Look, you know what, never mind.
Don't worry about it.
You have enough on your plate.
I'll figure it out.
I'll look again.
And I'm gonna e-mail you the link to this online addiction counseling service.
I don't need addiction counseling.
Kyle said I'm cured of my vices, remember? Also, Yahoo deleted my e-mail while I was dead, which rude.
I guess I'm gonna have to text you.
My contact info's in there, and Kyle, in case of emergency.
Cool, so I can just add all my other friends.
Oh, wait.
I know this sucks, but in the meantime Don't go outside.
Don't order pizza.
If somebody calls asking my favorite scary movie, don't engage.
You should see this graffiti that's been popping up around town.
I'll send you a picture.
I think you'd like it.
It's, like, super you.
And all it takes is ten years in a cave for some hot younger artist to come steal your whole brand.
Damn it.
No sudden movements.
Wouldn't want to dislodge your catheter.
You know how many ways I could kill you, Kyle? It'll be a few days before you're strong enough to continue your systematic elimination of my family tree.
I can still dismantle everything that matters Shut up, Dad.
We have video of you at Caulfield prison.
We have video of you feeding Kyle's father to a starved and desperate alien.
And what're you gonna do with it? Expose the truth? I don't think so.
I don't think you'd do that to Michael Guerin.
He wouldn't.
I would.
I don't give a damn whose life I mess up right now as long as yours goes with it.
DeLuca? Why are you awake? It's still daytime.
Didn't think I'd see you around.
My mom's been missing for two weeks.
You making out with Lindsey is low on my list of concerns.
What-what do the cops say? Sheriff Valenti said they're doing the best they can with their limited resources.
I tried to call Max, but deputy said he's not back.
Yeah, I'm not sure he's coming back.
When your mom wandered off in the past, she always came right home? Usually, yeah.
I just, I keep worrying that maybe she's scared or tired or cold or something.
You're imagining the worst-case scenario.
Yeah, all the time.
It's like I just can't get it Get it out of your head.
I didn't know my mom, but I found out things were pretty bad for her, and it's been distracting me.
From, uh my work.
Would you show this to your customers for me? I have to go meet with a private detective.
- Sounds expensive.
- Yeah.
Well, nobody ever accused me of a lack of hustle.
Human tissue can obviously regenerate from stem cells.
With the right methodology, I could use your blood to make adjustments for alien physiology.
I have to monitor exactly when cell degradation begins, down to the second.
I can't miss it.
Eight hours before I need to be back.
All right.
And, um What's Michael's role in this, exactly? Other than breaking stuff and drinking about it? He is engineering nanotech that'll make the transplant possible.
It's like replacing parts in a broken machine.
Except it's not.
It's Max.
I'm trying to focus on the science.
I've never failed at the science.
Is this the alien death serum? Why are you holding on to poison that almost killed me? The bad guy is dead, right? Noah is gone.
I have his body parts in jars.
This is just for research.
Put it back.
Scrape the gum off your shoe with your hand and use it to put the poster back.
You know, I learned a thing or two in jail.
Before your daddy paid the mayor to get you released? I'm hardened.
You really shouldn't have done that, Long.
I've been itching for a fight.
Why don't you go scratch that itch yourself, Mikey.
Get up.
Wyatt Long? Get up! Come on! People don't just fall into random comas, Dad.
And Alex and his friends, they stole that alien corpse.
- I know they did.
- It's not important.
Tell me about the Caulfield cleanup.
Shepherd protocol was activated.
Bodies were disposed of without incident.
Local papers ran an item confirming that the long-scheduled demolition of the prison was a success.
Dad, I don't think we should've covered it up.
People should know.
Do you have any idea what would happen if we confirmed that alien specimens were once housed at Caulfield but are now suddenly gone? It'd be dismissed as fake news.
Buried by a racist tweet within seconds.
No, we need to make a bigger statement.
'Cause justice can't be served - until after disaster has struck.
- That's right.
Christopher Columbus came all the way over here and sacrificed his life so that America could be free.
If that's not you, guess what? You don't belong here.
That's why we're asking our friends to donate in my late sister Kate's name to build the border wall.
Rosa Ortecho's parents are illegals.
They think that our taxes are theirs to steal, that our lives are theirs to ruin, that our laws, the laws of the American people, don't apply to them.
That's a lie.
That's a lie.
That's why Rosa Ortecho got messed up and killed my sister.
Just another drunk Mexican driver who doesn't care about honest American people.
And if that family had just stayed back in Mexico, my sister would still be alive.
That's just a fact.
"Congratulations, "your bundle of joy is the size of a lentil.
" Great.
And what if I have a body-snatching bundle of evil? Hello.
Well, goodness.
What happened here? No, no, Mama.
Don't worry.
I've got it.
- Really? - Yeah.
Because I'm on my way to a class, and I thought you might like to come with me.
"Woman as Warrior.
"Strength training for the mind, body - and spirit.
" - Wow.
That sounds cool.
Uh, honestly, I'm just really not in the mood right now.
But you've been so active lately.
I mean, I thought this might be something we could actually do together.
Honestly, Mom, I just I'm really craving time alone.
Maybe you should talk to someone, though.
- A doctor.
- Mom, - a doctor can't help me.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, okay? Look Maybe a little mother-daughter time is exactly what I need.
Let's go.
You looking for me? How did you do that? Do you have a tracking device on me? Yes.
Your phone.
It's called Find My Friends.
The future's creepy as hell.
What are you thinking? What if somebody sees you? All Mexicans look the same to these people, Liz.
- Hey.
- Can you chill? God, I'm not stupid, okay? I've been sneaking around this town my whole life, I know how to not get caught.
You lied to me.
You want to talk about lying? Let's talk about my funeral, then, huh? How the whole town came and mourned and joined in the rosario.
No, let's talk about how this whole town thinks that I killed Kate and Jasmine and the night that I died started a race war.
Let's talk, Liz.
Sheriff's department.
Don't move.
Let me see your hands.
You've reached the voice mail of Michael Guerin.
Please leave a message after the beep.
This must be the healing circle.
Mom, this is a dive bar parking lot.
You know how many drunk girls have barfed right here? Please don't say "barf.
" It's very gauche.
Today's spirit quest is $50 each.
For full cleansing, you'll need one of these crystal pendants for an extra ten.
I'm sorry, what are your qualifications here? Oh.
It's all on the card, sweetie.
"Maria DeLuca.
"Psychic reader, spirit leader, social media revitalizer"? I'm sorry, am I being punked? Thank you.
- Please have a seat.
- Oh, my God.
Welcome to "Woman as Warrior," a journey out of darkness and into womanhood, the infinite reservoir of strength and healing within us all.
Should I go? I thought this was a Pilates class.
Oh, no.
There's a goddess in everyone.
You just need to - find her.
- Sorry, uh, do we get a refund if we don't? No.
Cannot believe you got arrested.
That's different.
I'm innocent.
That's what they all say.
I used my one phone call on you 'cause I thought that you could get to the lab in time.
If I don't get out of here in an hour, then the experiment will fail, and if the experiment fails, it's It's gonna suck.
Life sucks, Ortecho.
Everybody dies, nothing's fair, and the oceans are full of garbage.
Carson, to the ER.
Carson, to the ER.
I'm off the clock.
Just here to observe surgery.
I have the pathology report you asked for a couple weeks ago.
The perfectly healthy 19-year-old that apparently needed every test known to modern medicine.
Jane Smith.
Perfectly healthy.
Oh! Hey, hey, Kate.
Uh, what's what's this error here? Must be a contaminated sample.
No way.
I'm meticulous.
Looks like you just discovered a protein never before found in the human body.
Or you didn't get the Flamin' Hot orange dust off your hands when you scrubbed in.
Whichever's most likely.
Hmm And now, on the count of three, I want us all to scream as loud as we can.
What? No.
Do you really mean that? Because I scream extremely loud.
When I say scream, I mean scream.
Ready? One, two, three.
That was the sound of a warrior just waiting to come out.
But before you can go to battle, you have to know your enemy.
Take out your papers.
We're going to begin by writing down what we're afraid of.
What are you going to write down? Social media revitalizers.
Could you please take this more seriously? Mom, what am I supposed to take seriously about this? Just write whatever's coming to you in the moment.
Whatever you're afraid of.
- The Lentil? - Yes.
The Lentil.
I need you to get it together, Michael.
I can't do this alone.
I was working.
I went home to find formulas I worked out years ago.
Then Long used a "missing" poster to clean his boot.
I needed to pause the work to do some punching.
So this is about Maria? I just know how it feels to lose your mom.
Why can't you just admit that you have feelings for her? I mean, is it really that hard to care about somebody? How's it working out for you? Liz.
Guess you didn't leave town after all.
The spray paint wasn't mine.
She works full-time.
Maybe you turn your attention to something more important, like, uh, Mimi DeLuca.
I don't want to discuss the graffiti with you, Liz.
I want to discuss Noah Bracken.
Grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom You know, someone might see you.
They've been seeing me all day, they just haven't been seeing me.
Dramatic, like the 911 text.
You know, in my line of work, that usually means emergency.
Does the whole town hate me? I thought Liz told you everything.
She told me about Noah stealing Izzie's body to murder me, and she told me that Isobel, Max and Michael covered it up with a car accident.
And I might've known that Kate and Jasmine died that night, but I was pretty messed up, so it's all fuzzy.
Evans and Guerin put all three of you in your car and staged an accident.
So the whole town Thought that I got high and drove us off the road.
People were upset.
There was a lot of backlash.
Wyatt Long said a bunch of horrible things about building a wall between us and Mexico, and that my parents were criminals.
He used to be a really nice kid, Kyle.
It's like I turned him into this monster.
Look, that kind of thing isn't just coming from Wyatt Long, and it's definitely not because of you.
Did Liz think I did it? I can't really I got to go.
Oh, and by the way, she got arrested, so you might want to bail her out.
- Liz got arrested? - Yeah.
Really out of character.
Noah was struck by lightning directly in the heart.
Now how does something like that happen, if the victim weren't already lying down? Hard to say.
Was he wearing any jewelry? Metal objects can attract lightning if the bolt is already within a certain distance, relative to the size of the object, of course.
I haven't seen Deputy Evans since the night of the lightning storm.
Have you? We broke up.
I already told you that.
But you've spent time at his house.
Am I under investigation, Sheriff? You were wearing this necklace at Noah's funeral.
I went by Evans's house to offer my condolences the next day and found it outside.
I messed up, okay? I I never told Max how I felt when I should have, and now all I can do is wait for a second chance.
That's why I've been at his house.
I keep hoping today will be the day that he comes home.
Today will be the day that I finally fix everything.
I can't just give up.
Not yet.
I I have to keep fighting for him.
Even if it's hard, it's harder than I could've ever imagined.
Any more questions? This exercise is about finding a new perspective.
Changing the way that you see the world.
I don't think I can take much more of this.
You may now return to your resting poses.
I kind of like it.
For our final exercise, we're going to take a look at the fears that we wrote down.
Go ahead.
Take them out.
Now using your newfound goddess strength, I want you to get up and throw your fear into the fire.
Set yourself free.
You're a warrior.
You aren't afraid of anything.
Draw upon your feminine power.
Why are you hesitating, Isobel? The sooner you throw your paper in the fire, the sooner you can leave.
Look, it's not that simple, okay? I can't just throw this in the fire.
I'm trapped.
This is my fault.
I put too much pressure on you.
It's nobody's fault.
It's just here.
Whatever it is, you can choose to set yourself free.
Say it.
Say, "I choose to set myself free.
" I choose to set myself free.
I choose to set myself free.
Damn it.
Do you mind? I've had a hell of a day, and there's a man cut open on a table in there.
He's forced to have his bypass here instead of in Albuquerque, where the head of cardio actually knows what he's doing.
Thanks, Obama.
Are you complaining about universal healthcare when there's a person who could die right in front of us - at any moment? - Uh, it's unrealistic.
I think the mythical, magical land of Canada seems to be doing okay.
I believe you work hard for what you get.
Take your biceps.
And don't flatter yourself, I'm making a point.
It would be unfair if I looked like you.
I don't put in the work, don't care.
We all have what we deserve.
You're the dean of surgery's daughter.
Right? Yeah, I usually just shorten it to Steph.
You must have good vision coverage.
No, the, uh, jacket doesn't really do the biceps justice unless you really take a look.
It's a 20/20 vision kind of deal.
Uh, let me guess.
Dad's insurance plan? Point, Obama.
What? The uniform, I just never get used to it.
What are you doing here? I know I said to leave it alone, but I can't stop thinking about my mom.
The photo you showed me, her intake file.
Maybe if I knew more, I would stop wondering about it and be able to focus on my work.
Well, there is something that I've really been wanting to tell you, about her file.
The aliens were referred to by specimen number, but your mother, her name was Nora Truman.
- Nora.
- Mm-hmm.
Guerin, she wasn't admitted to Caulfield until October 14, 1948.
She was the last one.
That's over a year after the crash.
I know.
She may have been in Roswell the entire time.
There could be people who are still alive who knew her.
I can help you, Guerin.
I don't, uh, think we should be working together.
- It's just work.
- I like Maria, okay? I like being around her.
Don't think she likes being around me much right now, so maybe this is pointless.
I get it.
You know, honestly, if I could choose to be with Maria DeLuca, I-I would, too.
I don't want to see you right now.
You got me arrested.
My experiment was ruined.
Then why don't you go back to your lab and save your boyfriend? The one that let everybody think that I'm a murderer.
Who lit me on fire, who watched when people threw bricks at our house and didn't come clean.
You remember him? The guy that you chose to love? God Do you remember when Mom put us in the car and said that she was gonna drive us home to Mexico? Yeah.
Yeah, she hit a bike and I thought it was a person.
The whole car flipped and she just stayed there.
You got out, saw that it was a bike and you yelled at her.
You were only 12, but you were scary.
I said that I would kill her if she drove drunk with you in the car again.
That's why your accident never made sense to me.
I never believed you would drive drunk with someone in the car.
- I knew my sister.
- Yeah, but everybody else thought it because I was in the driver's seat.
Because Max put you there.
Your vanilla, mayonnaise, white-bread boyfriend knew that I was high.
He knew that I was the only brown girl.
People committed hate crimes against our family, and he didn't come clean.
That-That's the hero that everybody is trying to save? Rosa.
He was a kid with a secret.
After everything that he did to us, to you, to Papi, you choose to love him? I didn't choose.
And he is more than that mistake.
I mean, h-he's spent years trying to atone.
I cannot believe that you are trying to defend him right now, Liz.
Do you know that I have spent my entire life feeling invisible in this town, and now everybody knows who I am because they hate me.
And I'm stuck here, surrounded by these people, and they don't even see me, they just hate.
It was better when I was a ghost.
I need to stay in Roswell right now.
But you don't.
Kyle and I can find you an apartment.
If you feel strong enough not to relapse, then I'll I'll help you leave.
Do you feel strong enough to be on your own, Rosa? I'm going for a walk.
You should probably get back to the lab.
You have a hero to save.
What are you doing? I heard you've been sleeping here.
Are you waiting up in case your mom shows up in the middle of the night? What's it to you? Doesn't seem very safe.
Anyway, don't mind me.
Just gonna, uh, keep an eye on the parking lot.
Look, I've been thinking and I think if anything bad happened to you, I would really hate it.
Last time I checked, you were a bad thing that happened to me.
That's fair.
Liz called.
You got arrested defending me to Wyatt Long? Eh, that wasn't about you.
- 'Cause I don't need a hero.
- Good.
Because I'm not one.
Look, I just I like when you're happy.
Or singing or giving me crap or laughing.
Especially laughing.
I don't want you to hate me, DeLuca.
Then don't make me hate you, Guerin.
If you want to guard the parking lot, I'll allow it.
On a casual, trial, nonexclusive basis.
I'm sorry.
And you can't hook up with any Lindseys anywhere.
Didn't expect to see you here.
What made you want to be like him? What makes you think I had a choice? Help! We need a doctor! Help! We need help over here! I can choose to set myself free.
Leave me alone, you dick! I-I am in-in so much pain, Rosa.
Oh, really? So is everybody.
Man up.
Have some mercy.
I saved your life.
My life is gone.
My mom bailed, I can't talk to my dad, my entire town hates me and my sweet little sister is somebody that I don't even know.
But I do know that she'll save you.
She's gonna fix you, and until then, leave me alone.
If-if Liz won't s-stop, then-then, you have to do it.
Go to the pod, pull me out and walk away.
You-you won't be killing me, Rosa, I'm-I'm already dead.
I said no.
Leave me alone.
As long as that handprint is on you, I can reach you.
I'm an expert at quieting voices.
No, no.
Ros-Rosa, Rosa, wait.
Don't-don't do anything stupid.
I never dreamed when I was using.

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