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Good Mother

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico No.
It's Max.
It's a psychic connection.
- You have to stop her.
- I'm an expert at quieting voices.
When your mom wandered off in the past, she always came right home.
You know Max and Isobel have this crazy connection.
- He can feel her.
- Noah is gone.
But I feel like he's crawling under my skin.
I can choose to set myself free.
What made you want to be like him? What makes you think I had a choice? I'm leaving Roswell.
My sister's been transferred to a prison in Ohio.
I want to be closer to her.
MICHAEL She's my Your mother.
She wasn't admitted to Caulfield until October 14, That's over a year after the crash.
She may have been in Roswell the entire time.
Looks like a woman coming out! - Identify yourself! - Hold your fire! She could be dangerous, Valenti.
She's a woman, Manes.
Ma'am, I'm Hector Valenti.
What's your name? Ma'am, you in need? 12 o'clock, Valenti! They're hostile! Open fire! I got two on the right! What do you say we speed this process up a little bit, huh, Max? Whoa.
Liz said that you were either here or at the library.
Is the Library a new dive bar - or something? - The pod keeps us in stasis by regenerating our cells at the same rate they degrade.
This current will speed up the regeneration, so Max will actually improve in there.
So, what do you want? I'm doing very well, Guerin.
Thank you for asking.
Look, this whole, uh platonic acquaintances thing is new to me.
So I can't just flip a switch from tortured lust to "sup, bro" overnight.
Lucky for you, I'm not here to play beer pong.
I've been working through the hard drives from Caulfield.
I told you, you don't need to help me look into my I know.
I want to.
And I have a vested interest.
When I searched for info about your mom, I hit a sophisticated firewall.
So if someone went to that effort to hide information about her Then there's something to hide.
I came to ask your permission to keep digging.
I mean, if you want me to keep my findings to myself No.
I want to know.
Thank you.
Call me when you're at the right time ♪ - In your life ♪ - Call me ♪ Find me when you're at the right time ♪ - In your life ♪ - Find me ♪ I'll be ♪ Are you okay? I was You You came out of nowhere.
You must be freezing.
Are you hurt? Where did you come from? Like you said, nowhere.
Why the face? More bogus tips? Graham Green e-mailed one.
He thinks my mom was abducted.
You made me an omelet? I didn't know you were house-trained.
This is really good.
Who taught you to cook? Uh, guy who owns the junkyard.
- One-eyed old man Sanders? - Uh-huh.
Please, explain.
Well, uh, when The summer I started working for him, I had a real peach of a foster dad.
He took a hands-on approach to educating me on respect.
Sanders had a couch, so when I needed a place to crash, I shared it with his dog.
It was a comfy couch, and I always got breakfast.
That was the most words I've ever heard you say.
I'm sorry, I thought you ordered the angst omelet.
Let me take that right back to the kitchen.
Mm, you take my food, and I will fork you.
Oh! I can't unhear that.
Seriously, are you guys living together? No, he's just, um parking in my lot.
- Oh - Great lot.
Oh Maria, phone for you.
I've been here a couple weeks now.
Where have you and your opinions been? You don't look awesome.
Oh, thank you.
I'm in the middle of a ten-mile run.
Sheriff found my mom on I-40.
No memory of where she's been, but she's okay.
That's great.
I'll-I'll drive you.
Uh, no, you're not meeting my mother, but thank you for breakfast.
I used to wake up in the desert with no memory of where I'd been.
This isn't like Noah hijacking your mind.
Mimi has memory issues, she wanders.
Noah is gone.
Are you sure you're okay? I'm late for jiu-jitsu.
You're up early.
Or late.
Depending on the perspective.
I got you some art supplies last night.
I didn't know what you would want, but a creative outlet might be good for you.
- I read this study on art - I'll take a look.
I'd rather you not go out, but please be careful when you do.
You say that every day.
Love you.
The whole ride here, Mimi rattled off the plot to Starship Troopers like she lived it.
All the voices, but not a word on where she'd been.
Well, that's Mimi DeLuca's M.
Thanks for your help, Jenna.
It's nice to see you.
No hard feelings between us, I hope.
You did what you had to do.
I wish I hadn't had to dismiss you.
With Evans MIA, I'm-I'm low on deputies.
What do you mean? Evans is MIA? Well, you've done all this redecorating for nothing, given that you're trying to kill yourself and all.
I'm not trying to kill myself, I am simply performing my own abortion.
The blue serum almost killed you once already.
And the orange one brought me back good as new.
Welcome to my second rodeo.
The cavalier act won't work on me.
I wouldn't be here if you weren't scared.
You know, you're quite salty for a figment of my imagination.
It's one thing to imagine what I would say if I was here.
It's another thing to pretend I am here.
Just admit, you're spiraling.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
For once, I am totally in control.
I have been micro-dosing with that serum for weeks.
I'm still pregnant, so today I took a higher dose.
I've got it handled.
I'm going to monitor the bleeding, and as soon as the pregnancy has passed, I'll take the antidote.
That poison shuts down your organs.
Your liver, your kidneys.
This is some back alley coat hanger crap, and you know it.
You need a doctor.
Call Valenti.
Oh, and what, exactly, does Kyle know about my alien uterus? Excuse me, I need to go vomit.
I think that means it's working.
Paid for this this time.
What the hell's going on with Max? Last I heard, he's in Mexico.
What can I say, the guy loves a piña colada.
No, no.
I kept Max's secret.
All right? Even as the lies started building up.
I prevented your alien serial killer doughnut delivery boy from roofying half the women in town.
And I took the fall for all the gunplay the night of the gala and lost my job for it.
Your turn.
When you start lying to the people who are on your side, eventually, you lose your allies.
You lose everyone who loves you.
I deserve the truth.
The doctor said that you're hydrated and healthy.
Mom, you have to give Sheriff Valenti something to go on.
If someone took you, if anyone hurt you, then we need to find them, and we have to Don't worry so much, my baby.
I can navigate these streets blind.
I always come home.
You were gone for a month, Mom.
I left Sunset Mesa last night.
I got turned around, sure, but I was coming to you when that lady found me and brought me here.
I wasn't hurt, sweetheart, and I never felt unsafe, I promise you that.
Jenna Cameron lend you those? - The boots? - Yeah.
No, sweetheart.
Those are mine.
Uh, forgive my bluntness.
Just, you know, circumstances.
How are you here? Oh, you didn't order a blonde? Guerin said it wasn't safe to talk at the cafe, so he sent me here.
Liz, did something happen to Max? Three years ago, I hypothesized that if I introduced a rare protein to destroyed stem cells, they'd regenerate.
And I was right.
My team in Denver brought dead cells back to life.
Rat cells, but, I mean, still, the applications are immeasurable until our study got shut down.
They said it was for ethics reasons, but I think it's because it threatened big pharma.
Then a few weeks ago, Kyle found that the pods contain a sort of alien cousin to my regenerative protein.
When Max healed Rosa, his electric charge amplified the process.
If we can replicate that, then, we can accelerate his recovery, so, I am testing out pig hearts to see - Those are pig hearts? - You think these are human hearts? I'm so sorry.
Uh, sometimes I skip steps when I'm dumbing things down.
- Not that you're dumb.
It's just - No.
All good.
You know, I think it's safe to say we are different kinds of smart.
You actually, um, remind me a lot of my sister Charlie.
She used to rant about gene therapy, sliding around the kitchen in her socks.
So all of this is going to save Max unless it fails, in which case, um We have a few hours before I need to record the electromagnetic charge interval.
Do you want to? I'm just really not a wine person.
Well, then, I am officially out of ideas on how to comfort my dead boyfriend's ex-lover.
I've got whiskey in the car.
I'm sorry.
I told them no visitors until my brain starts to obey my orders.
Well, your-your speech is improving.
Look, Dad, I came to to tell you that I'm sorry about all of this.
This is a morphine drip.
Click it if you, uh I know.
I know what it does.
Yeah, right.
Well, I want you to know that it's over between Guerin and me.
I don't want to discuss that.
Winston, pick up.
Winston, pick up.
Flint broke into the bunker.
He left behind a bunch of after action reports from the night of the crash.
I think he was trying to get me to understand why Well, it worked.
I get why you want to eradicate them now.
The violence that those aliens inflicted on those honest American soldiers that night is unforgivable.
When I met Michael, I didn't know what he was.
But I do now.
I'm sorry.
You know, those bastards They sent out one that looked like a woman first, just to make sure our men lowered their weapons, and they did.
Our men who were still recovering from World War II, just caught vulnerable.
And Tripp was never the same.
Who's Tripp? Rosa? Help.
You're the only one.
When my sister and I were little Mm-hmm.
Our Dad brought us to Roswell.
We were obsessed with aliens and the crash and X-Files.
And it was it was the perfect trip.
I think that's why I moved to Roswell.
That's where I felt closest to her.
It was like trying to go back in time somehow.
Time travel really messes with you.
I am eight years older than my older sister.
She used to be my hero.
She was kinetic, disruptive, cool.
Now that I'm an adult, I'm-I'm pretty sure she's bipolar, and she needs help.
And if I try to save Max, I-I'm letting Rosa twist in the wind, so, hence the wine ready in my drawer.
Well, we all have our unhealthy coping mechanisms.
- Yup.
- You want to try mine? Well I'm puking, but still not bleeding, so, it's gonna be a long, bad day ahead.
How are you gonna know that what kills Noah's demon spawn won't kill you, too? I don't know.
Did you know? Did you know that you were gonna die when you saved Rosa? I mean, was there a moment that you realized "This is going to kill me," and you did it anyway? On the day my husband died.
I wouldn't have left you, Iz.
That's exactly the kind of thing a figment of my imagination would say.
Deep down, you know I would never choose anyone over you, because you would never choose anyone over me.
Not even yourself.
You're training every day because you want to be the one to bring me back, even if it costs you your life.
Do you think I want to come back to a world without you in it? Mrs.
You got a second to help me clear something up? Um you know, Sheriff, I would, but, um, I have the flu.
I got my shots.
Oh, you're gonna pay for that in all kinds of ways.
Okay, I know I know this is weird.
What is going on? I'm turning into my mom.
I lost time at the gala, Michael's hand - No.
- I'm seeing things, I'm seeing things.
No, I'm real.
I'm here.
- Ah, help! - I It's what Mom said.
She's dead.
Maria, hey.
You're not crazy.
I'm right here.
I reserve the right to be the mentally ill one in this friendship.
It's kind of my thing.
What the hell is going on? Don't really know how to lie about that, so Do you believe in aliens? Should've given you a trigger warning.
The M.
, Dr.
Holden, listed Noah's cause of death as cardiac arrest due to lightning strike.
No other abnormalities were listed.
But that's not consistent with the crime scene photos.
You see these ligature marks - on his wrists and ankles? - Yeah, I'll, um I'll take your word for it.
These marks are consistent with zip ties.
And these with struggling against police-issue handcuffs.
Like Max's.
You know, will you Will you excuse me just for one minute? Ah You and Max did this? Yeah, sometimes.
What's funny? Nothing, he just, uh ah, he was such a baby when he would miss a shot, you know, just, every excuse in the world.
"You feel that, uh, breeze pick up?" "You ever get those floaters in your eye?" Oh, God.
My personal favorite: "Got these briefs on Mom got me for Christmas.
Don't feel right.
” - That macho streak, man.
- Yeah.
Manifests as bullheadedness, an infallible sense of judgement.
Periodically slipping into John Wayne voice - when he's peacocking.
- Oh, my God.
And he thinks his Spanish is perfect.
I ran into him at the market once and he said to the clerk, "¿Tienes carne sin preservativos?" He asked for meat without a condom.
He was trying to impress you.
I get that.
I do, I just, I wish he'd have known he didn't have to do that.
He was enough.
I just needed time to catch up.
Squeeze, don't pull.
He had no right.
It wasn't just his life.
Rosa is my sister, and he just, he knew what he knew and he did what he did.
He never asked me.
Would you have let him save her? If he had asked, I mean, would you really have stopped him? There are some choices people should never have to make.
Go ahead.
Open it.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I should've given you a trigger warning.
What game are you playing? Some of them are games.
Some are just regular sex toys.
Well, you were right.
About the handcuffs.
I stole them from Max a few years ago.
It's just, the plastic ones are just so flimsy.
Did you want these back? No, thank you.
That won't be necessary.
I'll let myself out.
That was incredible.
And now I'm scarred for life.
And death and whatever comes after that.
You know, Max, you really should loosen up a little bit.
Do you know what hoverboarding is? 'Cause I think it could really help dislodge the stick No, no.
La, la, la, la.
No, no, please.
I already know way too - I already know - You do know.
- You were blaming Michael for so long.
- I can never get it out of my head because of you.
I miss you.
Any time there's something funny or Mom says something extra or-or some I go to call you or I'll get in my car and start driving to your house.
My mind keeps reaching for you.
It's like a reflex, you know, when you love someone.
There should be a word for it.
You probably know the word for it.
So when you lose your person, it's the reflex doesn't get the memo.
I keep reaching for you.
I open up a door and I slam into a brick wall.
It doesn't matter how many times I slam into that wall, I just, I keep reaching for you, and then losing you.
I lose you a hundred times a day.
Where is the antidote? The pregnancy is not over.
I'll feel it when I'm free.
I'll know.
Your breath is shallow.
Damn it, Isobel.
This is not a good time to be alone.
You know, the irony is, I'm not alone.
For for the first time, I am just like all the other girls.
Did you know that our city council just passed a resolution banning clinics? They call Roswell the last sanctuary city for the unborn.
Just the unborn.
We don't have a women's shelter.
Well, our parents sure picked a fine place to crash a flying saucer.
You okay, DeLuca? Uh, I-I was gonna give you space to be with your mom, but there is something I need to tell y Is there? Just go.
I was gonna talk to you.
- How much do you know? Okay - Stop talking! Get out, Michael! - Okay! Okay! I'll go! But there's - Get out! There's something you need to know.
There's something you need to know.
You remember when I used to come in and sleep on your floor? You-you used to have a nightmare.
You, um you were alone in a cold, dark room and there was something You couldn't get up.
You were, uh Chained to the floor.
I'd wake up all freaked out and run to your room.
- Mm.
- You'd make a little bed for me on the floor and mind-meld me to a happy memory.
You've always taken such good care of me.
Michael, too.
I think you'd be a really good mom, Isobel.
You don't have to do this.
Motherhood isn't what this is about.
I might want to be a mom someday.
I Not like this.
Not when it's been inflicted on me.
I can't have Noah's baby.
I I can't recover from what he did until I put an end to the parts of him that are living inside of me.
I have to do it on my own terms.
Do you get that? The only person who will always love me and come to my rescue is me.
That's what this is about.
Then you're doing the right thing.
I know.
Besides, if I were that good at taking care of you, you'd have made it to 30.
Oh, that's a lot of blood, Isobel.
It's time.
It's time.
Come on, get up.
Get up.
Take the an Come on, Isobel, get up.
Get up, get up, get up.
Come on, Isobel.
Take the antidote, please.
I need your help, Rosa.
Look, I'm not gonna help you die.
I have been drinking so that I don't dream.
- I-I know that.
- It's like you're getting stronger.
I-I hear you now when I'm awake.
You're right.
Something is-is making me stronger.
I f I feel things.
That's why I'm calling for you.
Something is wrong with Isobel.
Even in the pod, I s I sense it.
She's dying.
It's a thing.
I like simple.
Good banter, taller than me.
- Makes coffee when he gets up.
- Ah.
You know, that's what I liked about Max.
He just, he didn't seem like the grand-gesture, resurrect-the-dead type.
And when you found out he was an alien, kind of a turnoff? By the time I found out, it didn't really matter.
You were here.
How did you feel, when he told you? I mean, I always dreamed about leaving Roswell to find something greater.
Turns out there's a door to the universe right here all along.
It made you love him more.
I fell for him after I knew the truth.
It's like you said.
We're different kinds of smart.
Maybe we're different kinds of dumb, too.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Secret lab.
Liz, um, I just saw Max in a nightmare and he said that Isobel needed help.
I think you should go get her.
It's just a dream, Rosa.
- Are you okay? - What if it's not just a dream? Okay.
I'm-I'm-I'm getting in the car.
Ooh, God.
No, I am not.
I am hammered.
Well, I can drive.
Yeah, sorry, I, uh Seemed like you needed to tie one on and, no offense, but I was not going to be drunk around you and a firearm.
Isobel? It's your least favorite intruder.
I need you to wake up.
Isobel, open your eyes.
Open your eyes! I'm sorry that you had to get involved.
I'd have been here.
I I know you're angry, and I get it.
I-I got my sister back, and you lost your brother.
I think about that every day, I do.
Oh, my God.
It's not your fault.
They I didn't want to be mad at Max, and so I tried to blame you, but it didn't work.
I can't believe that you saved my life - after I was such a "see you next" - Stop.
Please stop apologizing.
What do you need, Isobel? I needed Max.
You had him.
He was, he was with you.
Ma-Max was here.
Michael built a rig.
I think Max is getting stronger in the pod.
He felt that you needed him.
He reached out.
He-he got you help.
Wait, what? H-How is that possible? That I'm gonna explain everything, but the important thing is that you know he hasn't left you alone.
He never did.
He never will.
So I would have died, otherwise.
If I didn't have some kind of half-dead alien twin, I I would've been a statistic.
You know, I thought I was getting sick, too.
But turns out, my friends are just really good liars.
You won't get lost like me, my girl.
You're protected.
You're safe from all evil.
Oh, Cameron told me she found Mimi.
You have no idea how bad I wanted - to tell you everything.
- Because I deserved to know, or because you needed my support? You know, I have pieced together one hell of a story between Michael and Rosa.
Never mind that my mom's disappearance might have something to do with them.
But I was targeted, too.
Last year, at the gala, I woke up thinking I'd made a drunken fool of myself, when actually, it was my closest friends making a fool of me.
We thought you were safer if you didn't know.
Everyone who knew nearly died 'cause of Noah.
I never feel safe in this town.
I keep a taser behind the bar, a knife under my pillow.
You understand what it's like to be scared, and you left me vulnerable.
No, I-I kept the secret so that you wouldn't be more vulnerable.
I love you.
I need you to understand I Last week, I went to Rosa's grave to clean it.
I sat and I talked to her spirit, like I have every month for ten years.
I grieved her while she was watching Netflix two miles away.
I just need some time.
Rosa needs you.
She was wasted when I found her tonight.
Booze, not drugs, but everything's a slippery slope in this town.
Sup, bro? - I went to the Pony to look for you.
- Hm-hmm.
The Pony did not work out for me.
Well, I spent the day exploiting my father's various vulnerabilities.
I was trying to get him to tell me what his grandfather Harlan told him about what happened the night of the crash.
My dad kept talking about a guy named Tripp.
Tripp is a nickname for a soldier.
His real name is redacted, but in his report of that night there's a female alien, and I think that her description matches your mother's.
He said that she used her mind to control him and then got away.
I thought the girl got away, but we found her again.
It was near dawn.
We'd been assigned to patrol the perimeter of Walker, but my men and I ventured off a bit.
The flying saucer wreckage was scattered for miles anyway.
I'm gonna try something.
Yeah, try a bullet.
It's a demon.
The nurse you met at the Wild Pony last night was a demon, Stan; this one's a wounded deer.
Stand down and stay back.
I come in peace.
We had a moment back there, didn't we? I think you're here because you need help, not because you want to hurt the American people.
That sound right? I can see that you're hurt.
You're not gonna last much longer out here.
That's a lot of blood.
Can I take a look? I'm a medic.
Move in.
Holy heaven above.
They were like something out of a painting, something not of this earth.
None of us had ever seen light like that before.
Could be weapons.
Get 'em to the hold.
There's no use fighting.
We're gonna get you in this truck and we're gonna take you to the base.
Don't shoot.
Ah! I saw it then, their precious cargo.
There were children in those eggs, babies.
You know a mother fighting for her baby when you see one.
Doesn't matter what species they are.
That was 12 hours ago, sir.
I expect they're long dead.
You knew she fought for you.
And even that day in the prison, I could tell how much she loved you.
You think the blonde who got shot in the chest is Max and Isobel's mother? I haven't seen anything in the drives that suggests that the other woman lived, but I'm gonna keep looking.
Did you read the last part? "I apologize for my failure to eliminate the enemy "and deliver the bodies.
It won't happen again.
" What kind of a monster talks like that about a dying mother? I'm sorry.
Liz, I messed up.
I couldn't do it.
I couldn't stay clean.
Look, I know that you hate me, and you should, because because he's-he's dead because of me, and I don't even deserve it.
I ruined it.
I ruined everything.
I ruined - my miracle, Liz.
- Hey.
Come here.
It's okay.
I love you.
I am so happy you're here.
We're gonna figure this out.
We're gonna be okay.
Where you going? I thought that we were done.
I want to show you this.
I've been going through the microfiche at the library.
Every damn page of the Gazette following the crash, looking for her name, for someone who fits her description.
October 12, 1948.
This is two days before she was captured - and taken to Caulfield.
- Mm-hmm.
How do you go from being gunned down to smiling next to a prize-winning pumpkin to an alien torture chamber in a year? If they loved us, if they fought for us, why'd we wake up 50 years later scared and completely alone? Why didn't they come for us? Guerin, there's more to this story.
We're gonna find the answers, okay? Who's there? What sort of bad did y'all come across? Look, ma'am, I just want to help you.
Will you let me help? Help.

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