Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

What If God Was One of Us

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico VALENTI: Noah was struck by lightning directly in the heart.
Now, how does something like that happen if the victim weren't already lying down? MICHAEL: Max's heart was weakened before he decided to lasso lightning.
And after all that, he played God.
(YELLING) LIZ: Max gave me back the only thing I've ever lost that mattered to me.
And now I'm gonna bring him back.
You're the dean of surgery's daughter? Yeah, I usually just shorten it to Steph.
ALEX: Your mother, her name was Nora Truman.
How do you go from being gunned down to smiling next to a prize-winning pumpkin to an alien torture chamber in a year? ALEX: Guerin, there's more to the story.
We're gonna find the answers.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) TRIPP: By order of the United States Air Force, open this door.
I'm looking for two women, injured but armed and dangerous.
It's a matter of national security.
I'd have noticed if anything resembling feminine knocked on my door.
Don't let the soft features sway you, cowboy.
They are dangerous.
Can't help but notice the blood on your clothes.
(CHUCKLES) You know, I was doing some work Well, he killed a coyote, sir.
Told me you were just gonna scare him, but you killed him, didn't you? (CHUCKLES) Neighbor kid.
Can't shake him.
I told you, son, we have to protect what's ours from intruders.
Yes, sir.
It's a hard lesson, kid, but one must hold paramount the things you choose to fight for.
My father taught me that.
Thank you for your time.
Guess that veterinary training paid off.
You're gonna be just fine.
How come it feels like you don't know what I'm saying but you know what I'm thinking? I wish I could understand you.
Don't worry.
I moved your truck to the livery, but if the military's after you Listen, you can only stay for tonight.
Boss's wife won't let him blame the drought on God, so that honor goes to his foreman that's me.
I'm already gonna lose my job.
I can't have them thinking I'm hiding fugitives.
You understand? You have to leave.
I'll be back in the morning to change your dressings before you have to go.
(DOOR OPENS) Come on! What can't wait for me to finish my huevos rancheros? They finally grew.
Maybe Mr.
Long won't fire you now.
That's that's a damn miracle.
I think they were trying to say thank you.
And I think we should let them stay, okay? ♪ KYLE: Wait a minute, you're telling me that Michael Guerin used pinball parts and a car battery to cause cutaneous perfusion? LIZ: Doesn't look pretty, but we think it's working.
Max was able to reach out to Rosa mentally, so we think he's getting stronger.
- Now all we need to do is - Figure out the heart transplant.
I think I've locked down the order we need to attach the valves.
Blood flow doesn't mimic the pattern in humans? Reverse, actually.
I figured that out after two hours with an ultrasound on Guerin's chest.
Yeah, I can pick his nipples out of a lineup, Liz.
I really hope you understand the sacrifices I'm making here.
- (CHUCKLES) - But between that and the surgeries I've observed, I'm feeling slightly less terrified.
To cautious optimism.
To a groundbreaking achievement no one can ever know about.
Is this café de olla? - Oh, yeah.
- What do you need? - What does that mean? - You think I don't know your "I need a favor" face by now? It's seared into my brain.
So, I need a small favor.
It's called a personal genome machine.
I, uh, put one on order months ago before my study got shut down, and it's finally at the hospital.
- You want me to steal another - No.
No, no, no.
I'll steal it.
I just want you to aid and abet.
Oh, yes.
- Breakfast.
- Oh.
She's been doing her online addiction counseling sessions, and I haven't seen any new graffiti pop up around town since her and Maria started talking, so slamming doors and angry alt-rock are almost charming.
Attention, tourists, yokels and patrons suffering through a subpar, pun-filled meal, I'm Graham Green, creator of last week's 39th most downloaded true crime podcast.
Thank you very much.
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- What are you doing? - I'm rescuing these fine people from soggy fries.
I am gonna sog you in the fries if you The people of Planet Earth deserve to know that there are more authentic So I missed a million miles of fun ♪ I know it's up ♪ - For me ♪ - (CHUCKLES) Wait, I thought only Michael could, like, move things.
I'm diversifying my portfolio.
(CHUCKLES) How are you feeling, by the way? Lighter.
Heard the U-F-Doughs were your idea.
Dad says that doughnut sales have tripled, so thank you.
Every little bit of extra cash counts with Graham Green's authentic 1947 malt shop opening at the UFO Emporium.
Well, these days, everything is about aesthetic.
People don't leave the house unless they can post about it.
Your dad's enchiladas are good, but no filter's gonna save that presentation.
Hey, you've been here every day for weeks.
I know you love you some space jam, but what's really going on? Okay, look.
After everything that happened with Noah, I got a new perspective on the whole mind-meddling thing.
I'd only used it for selfish purposes, so I was prepared to go off it cold turkey.
But then, last week, I saw your father leaving church, and I started to wonder if maybe You've been messing with my dad's head? Isobel, what are you doing? Okay, just hear me out.
Your father's a religious man.
Right? He believes in all the great resurrections: Jesus, Lazarus, dad bod.
Maybe, with my influence, I can get him to (CLICKS TONGUE) believe in another resurrection.
He's not gonna question a miracle.
(EXHALES) (SCOFFS) His health is dubious, at best.
If my dad saw Rosa, he would have a heart attack.
You're doing everything you can to reunite my family.
Let me at least try to reunite yours.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Feliz cumpleaños, mamá.
- (CHUCKLES) - I forgot.
Gracias, mijo.
I-I've been buried in work.
I thought Noah's case was closed.
Well, never hurts to be thorough.
(CHUCKLES) (EXHALES, CHUCKLES) I'm worried about you, Mom.
Every day, you see this town at its worst, and I know it kills you.
I know you want to fix it.
But wasn't Noah's death a freak accident? Remember when you thought, despite all odds, that there was more to your father's death than cancer? I was wrong about Dad, Mom.
There was no greater meaning, no epiphany.
(SIGHS) It's like you used to tell me when I was a kid.
Some things are just God's will.
(CAR DOOR CLOSES) A wild Michael Guerin finally emerges from his weeks-long hibernation in a lab and a library.
Isobel's on a health kick.
DeLuca won't speak to me.
Turns out I don't have many friends.
I reached out to Maria, after Liz told me that Rosa spilled the beans.
I got a text back saying that she's gonna keep your secrets.
She just needs a little time to be with her mom right now.
Nothing since.
(SIGHS) I can't believe this sentence is about to leave my mouth, but do you think that Mimi DeLuca - could've been - Please don't say "abducted.
" I think there might be an alien connection.
Or not.
I just want to learn everything I can.
I figured you didn't invite me out to the Long farm for a tea party with Wyatt.
Guy in the newspaper photo next to my mom Roy Bronson.
Foreman at the Long farm in the '40s.
When every other farm was struggling, the Longs experienced record-breaking crops.
Summer of '47.
- No one could explain it.
- Okay.
Till October '48.
The day after that photo ran in the paper, the farm was devastated by a massive fire.
Foreman, entire staff killed.
Whole place burned down.
What caused the fire? Well, the paper called it an act of God.
Said it was a freak storm.
Bolt of lightning strikes the barn the same night that my mom's caught and locked up in Caulfield.
While you were being an American hero, I was a rancher, and these people's livelihood depends on taking copious notes.
I want to see if they have some record of my mom.
I'm sorry.
That's the greeting we reserve for guests.
What I meant to say is y'all are trespassing.
Think he realizes he can't possibly shoot both of us with that thing? I don't think logic is the best defense against a buzzed redneck.
Aren't there terms to your probation when it comes to weapons? Court stipulates no firearms.
The 140-psi Buck-banger's got no combustible parts.
But it'll still bust a hole in your junkyard ass unless you vacate this little patch of paradise.
You seem busy anyway.
With what? (HORSES NEIGHING) Whoa! Hey! Diamond! Silk! Get back here! (EXHALES, WHOOPS) Come on.
(MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY) Seriously? It's an empty theater.
What kind of pervert doesn't leave a buffer seat? You watch surgeries for fun.
Seems like the pot calling the kettle pervert, - if you ask me.
- (LAUGHS) Well, this is my quiet place of contemplation you keep invading.
A guy I know is waiting on a heart transplant.
I just want to know everything I can when the time comes.
This guy a friend of yours? More of a rival.
It's complicated.
So this is about a girl.
Okay, so - you're watching heart surgeries - (SIGHS) to try to impress a girl whose boyfriend is dying? Did I just wake up in a YA novel? Trust me, with our history, you can fill a whole series.
I don't know.
You're a decent-looking guy.
Seems like it'd be a lot easier for you to just move on.
Is that her? (SIGHS) See the lab coat? They need the doctor in it down the hall.
(GROANS) - Hey, Valenti.
- Mm? There's a triple bypass scheduled this afternoon.
I was thinking, if you weren't too busy You should spend your time elsewhere.
I got dibs.
(DOOR OPENS) Dreaming of your glory days, - Master Sergeant? - Heard you were back in town.
Keeping tabs? No, it's a small town.
People talk.
Then you won't mind if you and I have a little chat? Come on up.
My doctor told me that busy hands will help me regain my dexterity.
Since I've never been one for knitting You told me my sister was in an Ohio prison, but when I got there, there was no record of a Charlotte Cameron ever having been in custody.
Couple weeks ago, I got this.
It's not her handwriting.
What did you do with her? Well, first of all, please stop pointing your weapon at me.
And secondly, I didn't do anything with her.
She's been released.
What? Her s her senten She's out? But I wouldn't get too excited about it.
She's in a hell of a lot more trouble outside of jail than she ever was inside.
(GRUNTS) I didn't realize social media was so dangerous.
Oh, for sure.
It's a veritable minefield of thoughts, thirst traps and influencers selling bogus laxative teas.
I suppose change is a part of life.
First America, then two spirited niñas, and now Hashtag "slaylien"? Every little change could be your own personal miracle.
That's what I always say.
I've already got my miracle: my girls.
That's why I need to get this diner back on its feet So Liz can stop worrying about her dad and find her own dream.
(DEEP WHOOSHING, HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) And what's your dream, Arturo? What would be your miracle? What do you pray for? For forgiveness.
Show me.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) Did that fool give you drugs? I'll kill him! Ow! You're hurting me! That's child abuse! Everything I do, I do to hold you up, and you see it as abuse.
- I don't know what to do anymore! - Yeah, right.
(GRUNTS) (LAUGHING) This isn't funny! (ROSA CONTINUES LAUGHING) Sheriff Valenti won't give you any more chances.
You should be happy.
You wanted me to be on the field hockey team, remember? You said I should make friends and have good American fun.
Who sold you the pills? I stole them.
Was it Frederico? - You wouldn't believe me.
- Tell me the truth! It was Mom! She's either too high to notice that they're missing, or she knows and she doesn't care.
You're lying to me.
I don't know how to help you.
So stop trying, then.
I'm beyond hope anyway, right? That's what everybody else in this town thinks.
Maybe you're right.
I'm going for a drive.
I need a new username.
Given this is the dean of surgery's office, gonna say once more what a bad idea this is.
And add, again, how historically awful I am at stealing.
You are historically good at worrying.
The dean of surgery is the only person who'll have a key to every room in this hospital.
(INDISTINCT VOICES OUTSIDE DOOR) Like I said, historically bad.
- MAN: Thank you.
- Uh (LAUGHS) Don't tease me like that.
Are we getting sopaipillas, or what? (CHUCKLES): Oh, yeah.
Hold your horses.
I got to get my hat first.
STEPH: I'll get it.
MAN: Oh, good.
(UPBEAT JAZZ INTRO PLAYING) Don't you think that's a bit loud? No one's come knocking here for months.
Military's looking for little green men, not Duke Ellington.
Besides, this one's all healed up now, and she owes me a dance.
Oh, I don't know the steps.
You picked up English pretty fast you'll get it.
Besides, you move with grace all the time.
Just got to add a little rhythm.
♪ Okay, follow me.
Step back.
Step back.
- There you go.
- (LAUGHING) Walt.
Don't ruin the surprise.
You and Mr.
Bronson will see the pumpkin launcher at the county fair just like everybody else.
You seem sad, Miss Nora.
I'm just missing my dance partner.
He's about your height.
Curly hair, though.
He has my whole heart.
I think you'll like him.
He is very smart.
Very brave.
(WALT LAUGHS) You should bring him here.
It's not safe for him yet.
But soon.
I could dance with you till then.
Well who could say no to a gentleman like you? ♪ Thank you.
(SONG ENDS) Let's find the office.
There'll be records.
ALEX: Hey, do you smell that? It smells like rain.
It's what you smell like under all the grease and bourbon.
It's what your workshop smells like.
Something alien happened here.
Not that I can still smell it 70 years later.
Hey, you said the old barn burned down, right? It looks like maybe they salvaged some of it to build this new one.
MICHAEL: What is it? Some type of code? It's a height chart, Michael.
Didn't anybody ever do this with you? Nora's my mother.
If she was here at the same time as Louise This is the best evidence I've seen that Max and Isobel's mother survived the initial firefight.
This is something that you do with family.
Seems like a big old interstellar lovefest around here.
But why not let me out of the pod, crash the party? They fought off an entire Air Force squadron to protect you.
If they didn't bring you here, they were probably still afraid of something.
Look, if that kid Walt was really that young when your mother lived here, then there's a good chance he's still alive.
Alien guy.
Nazi guy? - Totally lost guy.
- Nah, he's always in the library looking up UFO crash stuff.
I'm always there working on my World War II book, so I'm an historian.
- You work here? - Yeah, I live here.
Let me guess.
You think aliens lived on this farm in '47? Well, you're wrong.
You see, the foreman at the time, Roy Bronson, was definitely hiding something, but, uh, they weren't little green men.
They were Nazi spies.
Oh, my God, that was so close.
Close? She caught us.
And you kissed me.
Why did you kiss me? Uh, why else would two people be in a closet together? That was the dean of surgery's daughter.
- We could be in massive trouble.
- Kyle, if we were in trouble, we'd be in trouble.
Okay? This is junior year, like, eraser room, getting caught by Coach Wiggins.
No harm then, no harm now.
Plus, I got them.
You keep lookout.
I'm gonna go get my machine.
("CÓMO TE DESEO" BY MANÁ PLAYING) Na, na, na-na, na-na, na, na ♪ Cómo yo te deseo ♪ (SIGHS) ¿En serio? (DOOR OPENS) (ROSA PANTING) (DOOR CLOSES) Rude.
Oh, my God, of course you're afraid of me.
I murdered you.
No, look, I I know that it wasn't actually you.
Okay? I-I realize that he did it to you, too.
I just I should've come here a long time ago.
So why are you here now? I have questions about your father.
I want to help reunite your family, okay? I think that I can use my powers to convince Arturo that miracles are real, that that's why you're here.
And then you can go home and he doesn't have to ask questions about aliens and have a heart attack when he sees you.
Well, he already believes in miracles.
But he doesn't believe that he deserves one.
He thinks he failed you.
Ten years in, he goes to church every Sunday to beg for forgiveness.
And he hasn't found it yet.
Will you help me? Weren't you the one who blew the whistle and got your sister locked up in the first place? For my entire childhood, Charlie was my lifeline.
And I buried myself in what I believed, at the time, to be love for country.
True patriotism.
So, when Charlie told me she had stole classified documents, I reported her.
I thought I was doing the right thing, and the military put her in prison.
Where she was safe.
I I didn't know who she really was when I turned her in.
I didn't know what prison would do to her.
She wanted you to turn her in, Jenna.
She set you up to do so.
She knew, as long as she was in government custody, no one could get to her.
(CAN OPENS) Charlie fought in two wars.
Who was she afraid of? A private securities firm, most likely.
You know that I met her? She was working on this genetic sequencing project that had the potential to save lives but also destroy them.
And, uh, there were some people out there who saw applications for her research that went beyond her intentions.
She was doing research that could help save lives, and people wanted to use it to create a bioweapon.
Well, yeah, she created this pathogen that could seek out and dismantle specific genetic sequences.
Just think about it a smart bomb that could be detonated in the middle of a crowded city, only harm its intended target.
Think about the innocent civilian lives saved while you take out leaders of terrorist organizations.
Or commit genocide.
If her work fell into the wrong hands, it could quietly wipe out entire groups of people because they share certain genetic code, while their neighbors go about living their lives.
Why do you know so much about this? What's your interest in my sister? I believed that I had a use for her pathogen, at one time.
But my fight is over now.
I was trying to make my dad's famous cherry chili blast milkshake, but I don't have the secret ingredient.
I can't even remember the last thing that I said to him before I died.
It was probably something awful.
But why your dad? Honestly, he's kind of awesome.
I get these mood swings sometimes.
Like, I can be happy and singing one minute, and then, all of a sudden, this darkness just closes in over me, and I have all these voices telling me that I'm worthless.
How do you get through that? My dad he used to let me paint on the walls.
He said that he didn't care what I ruined as long as I was smiling.
(LAUGHS) Um, music is a big one.
I mean, the day that my dad saved up to buy the jukebox was the best day of my life.
(LAUGHS) A cherry chili blast milkshake.
Sometimes I pray.
I used to love going to church on Sundays.
- With your dad? - Yeah.
He was your constant.
I mean, every way that I save myself is something that he gave me.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) What was that? When was that? It was my memory.
I'm learning the tricks, PancakePapi58.
Slip inside the eye of your mind ♪ Don't you know you might find ♪ Oh, no.
Your money's no good here.
Listen, old man, you either take that now, or I break in later and reverse-rob you.
This tip it-it's too much.
Well, it won't be once you make me one of your famous cherry chili milkshakes.
- Will slowly fade away ♪ - Okay.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) - So I start a revolution from my ♪ - (SIGHS) So you pushed your beer away.
Does that mean you're not gonna stay for the sunset? You said there was a private security outfit that might be looking for my sister.
(PAPER RIPS FROM NOTEBOOK) I may be hobbled, but they are not.
Be careful.
By the way, sorry to hear things didn't work out between you and Evans.
Small town.
People talk.
Now, you were hunting aliens, and I gave you Max's name.
Why didn't you lock him up in Caulfield with the rest? I don't know.
I guess I feel like there's a story unfolding in Roswell.
Has been for more than 50 years.
You can't blame me for wanting to see how it ends.
I was so stealthy.
Like Catherine Zeta-Jones in a laser maze.
You'd have been very impressed.
I'm sorry.
Did I? Are you mad at me? I think I'm mad at me.
This is about the kiss.
Isn't it? We kissed a million times.
I-I didn't think it would be that big a deal.
Yeah, that was clear.
I didn't realize you still felt that way.
I don't know how I feel.
I keep risking my job, uh, my medical license for you ever since you got to town.
Lying to my mother to protect your boyfriend, giving every minute of my free time to save him.
I keep putting you first, constantly, - and I just - I put Max first.
I know.
I love him, Kyle.
And I'm happy for you.
I want you to be happy, Liz.
I want you to be happy, too.
- I love you, Kyle.
You're family.
- Great.
"I love you like a brother" speech it's (SCOFFS) - Just - No! I did not say "like a brother.
" I said "like family.
" There's a difference.
You know, what we're doing, you and me it doesn't only have to be for Max.
What are you talking about? Once Max is healthy, we could use this genome machine to target cellular apoptosis.
I mean, we could craft polymerase sequencing in human DNA.
We don't have to stop.
We have no boards, - no restrictions.
- You're waiting-room bargaining.
- What? - Family members sit in waiting rooms promising God that if he just lets their loved ones live, they'll finally quit drinking or volunteer at a homeless shelter.
This is no different.
I'm gonna help you save Max, Liz.
But after that, I'm gonna need a little space, okay? (LAUGHS) Because the truth is, I like being your rock.
And if I'm being honest, I like being whatever you want me to be, whenever you want me to be it.
I always have.
But as long as I'm your rock, I'm standing still.
We can't do that anymore.
So, first, I find out Michael Guerin hangs out in libraries.
Now you've made friends with a Long.
Can't put you in a box.
He's a guy who competes for space at the microfiche reader.
It's not like we're grabbing beers together.
FORREST: Beer? Ah.
Thank you.
(GRUNTS) So you really think these women were Nazi prisoners? Interesting historical footnote.
There was an internment camp in Roswell.
Nazi POWs built half this city.
Hence the iron crosses.
My great-grandfather BoDean's foreman got busted for hiding a couple of women here.
According to him, uh, (WITH SOUTHERN ACCENT): "A couple Nazi spies escaped "and strudeled their schnitzel for room and board right here on this very farm.
" Yeah.
See, I was never really as into shooting squirrels as Wyatt is, so, when I came out here for summers as a kid, my cousin Kate and I we'd prowl the property for artifacts.
These match the M1917s the airmen used in '48.
They were scattered all over the property.
Legend has it the Nazis were building some kind of bomb in the barn.
Then, one night, the Air Force showed up.
The night of the fire.
The blaze burned so hot, it turned sand to stone.
Papers say that lightning struck the barn and everyone died in the flames, but uh, that's bull.
See, I think the Air Force covered up the massacre that happened when they discovered that weapon.
(LAUGHS, GASPS) What's this? After this morning, I knew I'd never get you to leave work long enough to have dinner with me, so I brought birthday dinner to you.
(LAUGHS) Hey have you ever treated a case of acetone poisoning? Most moms ask their sons when they're getting grandkids.
I did testing on the coffee cup found in Noah Bracken's car the night he died.
Is there a working theory here, or? I think Max Evans poisoned Noah and left him in the desert the night of the lightning storm, and I think Isobel Evans was in on it.
I know it sounds like a reach, but Mom, it'd take gallons of acetone to poison someone.
Did you know that? Trust me, I understand looking for explanations when things just seem too outrageous to be true.
Noah was struck by lightning.
You are intelligent and tenacious, and so you want a reason.
But this time there isn't one.
It was an act of God.
I raised a kind son.
Ah, on to the good stuff.
(CHUCKLES) - Oh, happy birthday.
- (LAUGHS) Your father used to buy this perfume for me.
Because you wouldn't buy anything so frivolous and expensive for yourself.
(LAUGHS) You deserve good things, Mom.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) ♪ (CAR DOOR CLOSES) - Drowning your sorrows? - No.
It's a happy beer.
They weren't building a weapon.
It's the schematic for a ship, a lift raft with enough room for three pods to get us the hell out of here.
They had a plan for me.
There are measurements here I've been trying to figure out for two decades.
I can't believe Wyatt Long has been hiding it all along.
(CLEARS THROAT) I searched for hits on the Long farm in my files, and I found an AAR.
The names were redacted.
Turns of phrase weren't.
One stood out in particular.
"Diligence is what main men do.
" "Main men.
" Whoever transcribed the report heard "main men," but I know that phrase all too well.
You're saying Tripp was a Manes man.
ALEX: My great uncle Eugene Manes III.
Hence Tripp.
Why is there two And put it here, 'cause Coyotes hunt this time of night.
Don't worry.
Come on.
It's people! They got guns! - ALEX: He was methodical.
- Right now.
- He hunted them.
- We're gonna go in here, okay? He hunted your mother for a year.
Okay, you're gonna hide in here, and you're not gonna make a sound until I tell you, understand? - But - Okay, come on.
Shh, shh.
I won't let anything happen to you.
You're my world, Louise.
I am so sorry.
I love you.
The only thing worse than a liar is a traitor.
You have to understand.
They're just people, sir.
They're the enemy.
ALEX: Remember what he wrote? "I apologize for my failure to eliminate the enemy.
It won't happen again.
" He and his army murdered everyone on the farm.
Then they dragged my mother through seven decades of hell.
(ELECTRICAL CRACKLING) Hold the perimeter.
No one out.
Hold the perimeter! These aliens aren't the only ones who can light fires.
There's people still inside.
Then their blood is on your hands.
(SOBBING): The boy.
(GUNSHOT) MICHAEL: The ship would have had a fuel source.
Must have been a hell of an explosion.
(EXPLOSION BOOMS) They just wanted to take us home.
I'm so sorry, Guerin.
- (PATS LEG) - It wasn't you.
I keep telling myself that.
Doesn't help.
(EXHALES) This is a piece of my console.
How'd you find this? I've had it for months.
Jim Valenti left it for me.
I was afraid that if I gave it to you that you would use it to leave.
And I didn't want you to go.
I can't let our history repeat itself.
I will not be another Manes standing in your way.
Hey, I didn't expect to run into you this late.
Yeah? Well, people in this hospital seem to pop up - where you'd least expect them.
- I was looking for you - in the gallery.
- Why? Uh, to apologize, I guess.
- For? - Look, that woman you saw was my ex, but it's not what you think.
Well, why do you care what I think? Well, I Well, that was unprofessional, and I don't want you to think Think what? - (CHUCKLES) - Okay.
Well, let me know when you've got a prognosis, Doc.
Leave a message.
Got a lead on my sister.
Give me a call when you get that tin-star-wearing E.
awake, so I can curse him out for worrying us all.
Good luck, Liz.
Bring Max home.
(DOOR OPENS) We're closed.
("CÓMO TE DESEO" BY MANÁ PLAYING) Cómo yo te deseo ♪ Na, na, na-na, na-na, na, na ♪ Cómo yo te deseo ♪ Hi, papi.
Cómo yo te adoro ♪ (WHOOSHING) It's a miracle.
I don't deserve this.
You do deserve it.
I know you'll never believe that, so believe this: believe that Rosa deserves a miracle.
She deserves a second chance.
She deserves a million second chances.
You're her miracle, Arturo.
You never failed her.
(GASPS) Mariposas bailan en mi pecho ♪ El calor no se disperza amor ♪ (LAUGHING) (SPEAKS SPANISH) Oye nena te quiero besar ♪ I haven't heard that song in so long.
Did you know about this? I-I didn't know how to explain.
I-I - For how long? - I-I thought I couldn't tell you Perhaps when God grants you a miracle, you don't question it.
You give thanks.
Das gracias a Dios.
Gracias todos los días.
- (SPEAKS SPANISH) - (LAUGHTER) (SNIFFLING) Te deseo ♪ Ah-ha, ah-ha ♪ Yo te quiero ♪ (SONG FADES) ISOBEL: The idea of God always freaked me out.
Like, apparently, he made people in his own image, which first of all, get over yourself.
And also does that apply to us? Does every planet have its own god? Let's say that we're all clones of the big guy in the sky.
Well, then doesn't it stand to reason that we're all capable of slinging light? Well, I guess, by that same token, we're all capable of tremendous wrath.
Now, angel ♪ Won't you come by me ♪ We're walking contradictions.
A never-ending, mercurial rise and fall.
Darkness and light.
Lift me up so that I ♪ I guess the real miracle is choosing the light.
So that I can fly with thee ♪ And I'm waiting ♪ Despite the ever-present darkness.
(LOUD BANG, WHOOSHING) (GASPING) (WHOOSHING) And I'm waiting on an angel ♪ Look at us.
You're in the middle of a downright biblical desert, galaxies from where we started.
I mean, our very existence is a miracle.
To find myself a resting place ♪ I'm capable of so much more than I thought I was, Max.
I really think that maybe I could do great things.
In my angel's arms, oh ♪ I need you to come back, okay? I need you to be the thing that I can believe in.
Waiting on ♪ That doesn't let me down.
(WHISPERS): I just need this one little miracle, and I promise I won't ever ask for anything ever again.
(ELECTRICAL CRACKLING) 'Cause I don't want to go alone ♪ I don't want to go ♪ - Alone ♪ - (POWERS WHIRRS DOWN) Don't want to go ♪ I don't want to go ♪ Alone.

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