Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

Como La Flor

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico Maybe spending the decade dead inside of an egg coffin from outer space - has some side effects.
- MICHAEL: But you've been pumping Max full of antidote for three days.
LIZ: Parts of your brain that have gone dark are lighting up again.
- Who sold you the pills? - It was Mom! She was either too high to notice that they're missing or she knows and she doesn't care.
LIZ: I was crying 'cause I'd had a tough day and I want my mom.
Maybe she just thinks I can take care of myself, but I'm not done being taken care of.
ISOBEL: Ground your intention.
Feel the current running through your body, your hands guiding it with purpose.
See? Your turn.
Oh, this is stupid.
Ground my intention? I don't speak bored rich lady at yoga.
(SCOFFS) We have been at this for a week and I still can't control what happened to me.
The thing with Max's heart - was just a fluke.
- We got time.
- I love hanging out with you.
- It's called training, Rosa.
You have to do it if you want to control your abilities.
With great power comes great responsibility.
MAX: Maybe don't remind her of all the Spider-Man movies she's missed.
Look, I know I'm supposed to be a silent observer over here, but I do know a thing or two about electricity shooting out of your fingertips at inopportune times.
So let's try a different approach.
I'd like to approach home.
We have to figure out how to manage this.
Your extrasensory appliance homicide's getting expensive.
- Think about it this way - I swear to God, if you bring up alien puberty one more time Okay, no, no.
I'll just - Let me show you.
- Oh, but with your words.
Your heart isn't strong enough, and we don't know how your pacemaker's gonna respond to this.
Yeah, you're right.
Uh (EXHALES) Okay, draw energy - from your spine - No, don't touch me.
Look, you resurrected me.
I jump-started your heart.
We're good.
That doesn't mean that I need to like you or trust you or want you around.
You are the one who told me over and over again, in my sleep, how dangerous you are.
I started drinking again to shut you up.
So I'm sorry if I'm not super pumped that you're banging my sister.
Uh, no, she's right.
I've invaded her space enough.
I'm sorry.
I was trying to help.
(SIGHS) This morning, she shorted a hair dryer before she even plugged it in.
I'm worried she's gonna hurt herself.
Or someone else.
Saturn's rings, extra Foster's ranch.
How about you whip up a Peanut Butter Blast-Off and bring it upstairs? I heard a little mouse crying - in her room this morning.
- I think we are past the point of milkshake coping mechanisms.
This might call for flan, then.
(LAUGHS) Sure, Dad.
Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
♪ Escamoles, extra space jam, please.
Friends and family discount? Don't be rude, mija.
Come give your mama a kiss.
♪ We're closed.
If you're here for prom photos, - you're a little late.
- The I-40 is practically a parking lot at this time of day.
Ai, tough crowd.
Well I didn't come empty-handed.
Merry Christmas, happy 18th birthday, graduation, mi corazón.
Te ves bien.
How long has it been? Seven years.
Since Jim's funeral.
Why are you here now? Your dad asked me to come.
ARTURO: I asked you to transfer your half of the diner to Liz, so she could sponsor my residency.
You could have e-mailed the papers back.
- You're not gonna sign them.
- I don't want to hold up your father's path to citizenship, but a little part of me still lives in this place.
¿Cuánto quieres, Mamá? How much do you want? Let's discuss over dinner.
No dinner no diner.
Dinner's at 7:00.
Try not to be a decade late this time.
Look, all I'm gonna say is - she had a very thoughtful manicure.
- Whoa.
So you're gonna be a Planet 7 regular? Mm, maybe.
I'm very happy for you.
I should have known all along, honestly.
I mean, what does an alien care about human gender constructs? Seriously, Max, if it doesn't work out with you and Liz, you should save a horse, - ride a cowboy.
- Oh.
Sounds good.
What's up, Max? You had a bad burrito? Something wrong with your pacemaker? Liz checks my vitals constantly.
I don't need you worrying, too.
Okay, why are you brooding? You guys remember that recurring dream I used to have about being chained up? I'm starting to think that maybe it was more than just a night terror, that maybe it's a memory from before we came out of the pods.
It's becoming more specific.
It's it feels like it happened.
Maybe if we give you more of the antidote.
Max, you just got your life back.
Look, it's probably just a dream.
But if it isn't, why open up some portal to a dark past that potentially involves child imprisonment? Isobel's right.
You don't need the added stress.
Let's just be happy with where we are.
(ISOBEL LAUGHS) Oh, my gosh.
He is like if the heart-eyes emoji and the cowboy hat emoji - had a little emoji baby.
- Oh, yeah.
- Cute.
- (CHUCKLES) Thanks for the beer, guys.
I'm gonna go try to get my job back so I can pay for the next one.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Wait, who's paying for this? Where's my red jacket? Did you borrow it - while I was dead? - Okay, you're ridiculous.
Mom hated that one.
It drove her crazy.
She'd be like, "Eres una mujercita.
" Whoa.
You are not coming to dinner.
Mom is an opportunist.
If she found out she had a kid who came back from the dead, she would use you to get to Anderson Cooper, and then she'd use him to promote her latest lounge singer gig.
I'm not leaving you alone with Hurricane Helena.
Liz, Mom is your kryptonite.
Okay? She turns you into this needy little spider monkey who's, like, desperate for her attention, and then she's gone, and you're crying under the covers for a week.
It's To you, Mom just left.
But I took your advice and I stopped believing in her a long time ago.
I can handle dinner.
Okay? All I want is for her to sign that contract and go.
(SIGHS) 16 bucks.
(HISSING INHALE) No friends-with-benefits discount? Ooh, sorry, that Groupon expired.
- Mm.
- And Isobel pays double.
(WHISPERS): Becky tax.
Uh, maybe you can work it off.
Lead bartender quit this morning.
He went off to chase his rodeo clown dreams.
Oh, I don't think Sanders would take too kindly to you poaching his only mechanic.
- Mm.
- How about I get dinner tonight? Kyle! (DISTORTED): We can get pad thai.
Prasong owes me, like, 20 bucks from the last time I beat him in pool, so Are you all right, DeLuca? I think Kyle Valenti's been abducted.
MAX: My heart was broken.
Liz ended things, and a part of me died.
I felt like I couldn't breathe until I saw the border.
I was suffocating here.
Try leading several short-staffed investigations with the mayor breathing down your neck.
I have never taken a vacation day, Sheriff.
I've never even taken a sick day.
I've been here since I was 18.
Okay? That means something to me.
D-Doesn't that mean something to you? Six months probation.
Desk duty.
I'm the best cop you've got.
I need eyes on you at all times now.
Desk duty's the best I can offer.
Thank you, Sheriff.
Have you heard from Deputy Cameron at all? She hasn't replied to my texts or anything.
You hurt a lot of people when you disappeared, Evans.
I can't say I blame her.
You back? Maybe.
Maybe, yeah.
Um, hey, listen, Joe, I was wondering if you could do me a favor.
You did the best you could.
Look, you shouldn't be here.
This room hasn't been sterilized yet.
I'm not gonna catch the poor guy's motorcycle crash.
I was just trying to comfort you or whatever.
My bad.
How come you're always at the hospital? I'm starting to feel like you're a ghost who only I can see.
No one hangs around here for fun.
I've been doing admin work for my dad.
He's always here, so I'm always here.
Look, whatever episode of Grey's Anatomy we're stuck in, I want out.
I can't work like this.
- Performance anxiety? - I'm quite competent in my performance.
Go on.
You don't want to disappoint your fans.
Ask them if they can see me or if you were just talking to a ghost.
Seems a bit much.
My mom raided my piggy bank to score a fix.
Better safe than sorry.
(SIGHS) Especially since a certain deputy refused to wear his uniform.
My mom hates cops.
- It would have been awesome.
- Well, you'll have to get used to seeing me in civvies.
Valenti wants me on desk duty.
That is good news.
You can still do what you love without overtaxing your system.
Desk cops still help people.
MAX: I don't know LIZ: Mm-hmm.
Hey, Papi, are you wearing cologne? This is my natural musk.
(STAMMERS) Candles? Utensils that match? We are heading into a hostile negotiation.
Eye on the prize, people.
We have to eat.
I mean, look at Max he's a bag of bones.
(DOOR OPENS) Hope you don't mind I'm early.
Thank you for this, Arturo.
And who do we have here? Uh, Max Evans, ma'am.
Oh, yes.
Ann and Dave Evans' son.
Pero que guapo estas.
He's a deputy sheriff.
I won't hold it against him.
You didn't open my present.
- Papi, should we take our seats? - Yeah.
Is she this bossy in the bedroom? Mamá.
MAX: I love how strong-willed she is, plus I kind of like being bossed around.
(BOTH LAUGH) And he's funny, too.
Cuidado Arturito.
This one's going to sweep our daughter off her feet.
He better treat her with respect.
Diego pales in comparison.
Diego? - How-how do you know - Found your wedding registry online.
S-So in lieu of calling for ten years, you cyber-stalked me? HELENA: You seemed busy.
Top of your class.
Three degrees.
I was very proud, mija.
Look, there are medical reasons for non-drug-induced hallucinations Epilepsy, schizophrenia My mom has a degenerative brain disease.
My grandma did, too.
I've always known I'd be next.
Let me run a scan.
My mom has been through all of the tests.
No disrespect to your mom's neurologists, but, um, I've made a few unusual medical advancements lately, so could her doctors transfer her files to me? MICHAEL: Maria.
Let him try to help.
What are escamoles, exactly? Ant larvae Ortecho family recipe.
Space jam helps.
Okay, let's get down to business.
The paperwork, it's actually quite simple You know, Arturo prepared this same meal the night we bought the diner.
When our American dream came true.
Your dream.
I wanted to be Selena.
Liz, remember, we used sing? I remember you drunkenly singing along to the radio with your daughters in the backseat.
I made a lot of bad choices back then.
But not anymore.
Ten years sober and counting.
Since Rosa died.
Losing her was a wake-up call.
I was sick for a long time.
I needed help.
I'm happy for your recovery, Mom.
My greatest regret is never getting Rosa the help she needed.
She was passionate, fearless.
I like to think she got that from me, but she got the worst of me, too.
Well, ten years.
I think that, uh, calls for a toast.
(STATIC CRACKLES) To my preciosa Rosa Linda, looking down at us from above.
Keep it up and I'm gonna drop you off at Area 51 myself.
Blame your boyfriend - for messing with my DNA.
- Please try to keep your anxiety low.
And whatever you do, don't go downstairs.
Copy that, Warden.
What happened Injure yourself doing admin work for your dad? I just gave blood.
- Mm.
- Look, you're not the only one who can save lives, McDreamy.
Excuse me.
I just found out a friend of mine is sick.
And I can't do anything to help her.
And I hate feeling helpless.
I'm sorry.
That sucks.
Do you want a hug? I can ask around if you like.
I should go.
It's gonna be a late night.
Let me guess.
Liz called you.
Rosa, it's not 2008.
Only psychopaths call people now.
She told me you were, uh, struggling.
I don't need a babysitter.
That's good, 'cause I don't do bedtime.
I was thinking maybe we could get into some trouble.
¡Órale! It's time to lighten up the mood a little bit.
No? Max, if you're gonna date my daughter, I need to know you can dance.
Leave him alone, Mom.
- He's tired.
- No, no, it's okay.
I'm-I'm not tired.
One dance, Mrs.
HELENA: Careful not to mess my hair.
(HELENA LAUGHS) Oh, ándale, gùero.
You're a natural.
Time to discuss the Crashdown.
We're having a nice time, Elizabeth.
No, this isn't a family reunion.
We are a struggling small business, and closing before the evening rush cost us a lot of money.
We are here because you're the only thing in the way of Dad's happiness.
- I'm trying to be nice.
- Give us a number.
- Give us any number.
- ARTURO: Liz, por favor LIZ: No, Dad.
Haven't we endured enough? Okay, uh what am I looking at here? You tell me.
That's a black hole.
An unstoppable force of destruction.
And it's getting closer.
I see a girl looking into her own doom.
She thinks it's inevitable, that she can't stop it, but she can.
See, she created it.
That means she can destroy it.
You and Max, you keep talking about harnessing emotion and grounding myself, right? But I can't do that.
It is in my DNA to be screwed up.
My mom's mentally ill.
(EXHALES) So, so am I.
I was broken long before Noah did what he did.
That's why he chose me to prey on.
That's probably why he chose you, too.
When I was little, Grandma Patty was the only adult who understood my make-believe world.
Thing is, I was six.
So my favorite things about her were just illness, - I guess.
- When did your mom start to Oh, I'm-I'm not sure.
She was always kind of out there.
By the time I realized it was more than that, I just became obsessed with money.
Wanted to be able to take care of her.
I invested everything Grandma Patty left me, and I worked, scrounged.
It was about three days after my mom was finally fired from her job at the Pony, I bought the place.
That's my girl.
Not mine.
Your own.
I'm learning.
- (DOOR OPENS) - KYLE: Okay.
These tests take time.
(DOOR CLOSES) But I do have some good news.
Maria, you are not an alien.
Thank you? Your blood doesn't contain a certain protein that's present in all three members of the pod squad and which somehow got into Rosa's system while she was, um - Marinated in goo.
- Exactly.
Look, there is one thing I noticed in your grandmother's file.
Her insurance company is the same one that paid for my dad's cancer treatments.
Okay My dad got cancer because of an alien incident at Caulfield Prison.
A fake insurance company established by Project Shepherd covered his bills.
Okay, so my grandmother got sick at the same alien prison where your mother died? ♪ Should I go check on Rosa? If she caused all this This wasn't Rosa.
She's with Isobel.
Go home, Max.
My family's obviously causing you anxiety.
How many times do I have to tell you? There's nothing wrong with me.
Yeah, there is.
Your heart is weak.
So drop the macho crap and accept that I know what I'm talking about.
I am not made of glass, Liz.
HELENA: Well, we can all see that.
(LAUGHS) The street lights are still on.
I'll go check the circuit breaker.
- Join me.
- Yeah.
Well, I do know a thing or two about faulty wiring, so (SIGHS) Have you two thought about children? Your eggs aren't getting any younger.
(LAUGHS) (SIGHS) I understand.
The last thing you want to do is spend more time with your horrible mother, but I'm trying, Liz.
Meet me halfway.
Abre tu regalo.
If I open it, will you tell me how much you want for half the diner? You were obsessed with these sneakers.
It's all you wanted for your quinces, but I dropped the ball.
I did that a lot back then.
I hoped one day I would be able to get them for you.
In rehab I realized all the things I lost.
The people I hurt.
Mostly you.
I just want to start making up for all the things I missed.
¿Mija, me enseñas tus prom photos? I'll go get 'em.
Yeah, well, Helena is certainly entertaining.
She always goes about doing the right thing the wrong way.
I tried to be the rock, but it was never enough.
The more I tried to anchor her, the more she fought against me.
Must have been a little mouse.
I ended up wearing Rosa's red dress.
Mom, about tonight I Oh.
Where did you get that space jam? (LAUGHS) I wanted to take a little piece of the Crashdown back to Nebraska.
This entire night, all-all of the theatrics, just so that you could steal from us, huh? How much did you take? Don't be rude, mija.
I left the dial on three just in case.
You remembered the combination.
You could barely remember to pick me up from school.
I'm still your mother.
Then show me the purse.
Oh, absolutely not.
(GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) You stole Abuela's ring? (PANTING) I cannot believe you would take this.
You lost all rights to this family heirloom when you abandoned our family.
Rosa pushed me away.
She told me to leave.
Rosa was a teenager, heartbroken because you lied to her her whole life.
You were the parent.
Okay, she was a child.
I was a child.
I left to protect you.
I couldn't bear to hurt you.
(PANTING) But you did.
I needed a mother, and you were nowhere to be found.
Did you? When I left, you achieved so much.
I may not be the PTA mom who made cookies for bake sales or hosted sleepovers, but I sacrificed everything to come to this country to give you a better life.
And yet here you are, playing house with a a güerito cop and slinging cheap burgers with antennas on your head.
I pushed you to be extraordinary! You think that was a good thing? You think that was fair? I felt like I had to be perfect to get a single scrap of your love.
I was never good enough for you.
You do not care about me.
Or Rosa.
You knew that Rosa was skimming off your pain pills, but you figured that if you busted her, Papi would find out about your problem.
You were selfish, and you were consumed in your own chaos.
And you ended up destroying two families Ours and the Valentis.
I know all about your affair with Jim.
I know that Rosa was really his daughter.
And I know that she threatened to expose you if you didn't leave town.
You are the reason that Rosa relapsed.
You are the reason that she was gonna leave.
Sheriff Valenti said your car was doused with lighter fluid.
Given your reputation, it could be anyone.
So Michelle Valenti has no leads? Can't say I'm surprised.
She always was the last to know.
Take the ring, - sign the papers and go.
- No.
That's all you have left of Abuela.
It's just a thing.
I have so much more of my mother than that.
I only wish the same was true for you, Liz.
Got a pen? A deal's a deal.
Don't come back.
There's nothing left for you here.
For what it's worth, I really did want to see you.
(DOOR OPENS) You didn't think she was gonna keep the ring, did you? Maybe.
But none of that matters now.
I'm going to get my green card.
(LAUGHS) (BOTH LAUGH) Dad, I, uh What I said about Jim Valenti (VOICE BREAKING): I never wanted you to know.
Oh, Liz.
I knew.
I always knew, and it never mattered.
Rosa es mi hija, siempre y para toda la vida.
Oh, it was the dancing, wasn't it? I'm afraid that's all it's ever gonna be.
I want the ring.
What are you gonna do? Arrest me? Not without a warrant, but I will put in a call to Lincoln PD and let them know they have a perp in possession of stolen property.
You can't fool me with this hero act.
I know a con when I see one.
You're a nobody pretending like hell to be someone worthy.
It's only a matter of time before Liz sees that, too.
Maybe you're right.
I am playing the hero, just like you're playing the politician's perfect arm candy.
See, I did a little digging.
And your boyfriend, Dirk He ran for city council.
It's very impressive.
But there's no mention of your daughters.
I'm guessing Dirk doesn't even know about Liz or Rosa.
Does he know anything about you, Helena? 'Cause it would be such a shame if he found out about a little town called Roswell.
I don't need to explain myself to you.
I wouldn't believe you anyway.
(LAUGHS) I was wrong.
Maybe you do have huevos.
Glad you weren't abducted.
I'm glad you're not an alien.
(GLASSES CLINK) I was just a little flower ♪ Ooh.
I know that face.
You uncovered a massive conspiracy.
I checked the Caulfield drives.
No sign of a Patricia DeLuca, but there was a Patricia Harris.
Her maiden name.
She signed up to participate in an experimental trial.
Government was interested in weaponizing alien abilities.
They wanted to create super soldiers.
Your grandma was one of the first human subjects.
Kind of wish I was an alien instead.
What happened to the experiment? It was a total failure.
Caulfield shut it down in the '70s after people started dying.
I don't understand how your grandmother got involved.
I do.
Henrietta Lacks, Tuskegee, Holmesburg.
The DeLucas aren't the first black people to be secretly experimented on.
We're gonna need more drinks.
If I'm losing any brain cells tonight, it's gonna be because of tequila.
Well, I will leave you two to it.
(SIGHS) - Oh.
- (FABRIC TEARING) You okay? If I get tetanus, I get free shots for life, Maria.
He, um, did not want me to stay, which is weird, because I have excellent bedside manner.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Now that we know your illness is related to Caulfield, we can find a cure for it.
Maybe it's not an illness.
I saw the future today, Guerin.
When I first found out Grandma Patty was experimented on, I was furious.
But what if my genetic inheritance isn't just injustice? It's also actual superpowers.
Saved a life today.
And not just any life Kyle Valenti's.
Tomorrow, he's gonna turn around and save five more lives.
It's pretty awesome.
Hmm, you smell like lighter fluid.
(SNIFFLES) Which I guess is better than trashing Mom's car with an electric outburst.
Look, I was gonna set her car on fire, but then I changed my mind.
I don't know why I couldn't do it.
She's hurt us so much.
But then I saw you crying and it made me so angry and I felt helpless and I just I couldn't rescue you, - and I'm sorry.
- Hey, I'm fine.
Mom is gone, and she's never coming back.
I survived.
Liz, I blew up her car and she still didn't stay.
It's just It's-it's all so pathetic.
(SNIFFLES) We needed a mom.
And it sucks that she didn't need us back.
But - you know, there's a silver lining - (SNIFFLES) in all of this.
She's been sober for ten years.
I saw her chip.
If Hurricane Helena can pull through, so will you.
(SNIFFLES) (EXHALES) What the hell happened? Eh, drunk driver tried to turn me into roadkill.
- (CHUCKLES) - It's late.
Why are you roaming around the hospital? I was up in the gallery contemplating American downfall, thanks to progressive socialism.
But, uh, Magic Mike - seems much more interesting.
- (CHUCKLES) You want to give me a hand? Yeah.
- Squeamish all of a sudden.
- (CHUCKLES) What happened to the girl who brought snacks - to an amputation? - Okay, it's different when it's someone I - Look.
- Huh.
I-I don't really have friends.
People tend to bail when things get real.
I'm not into that.
And sometimes there are days where I feel like you are the only person who sees me.
So it's a good thing that you didn't get turned The feeling is mutual.
How did you Don't worry.
I didn't zap her.
I swear.
(CHUCKLES) I told you she didn't like cops.
About that, um I got a call from my buddy Joe down at the station about Cameron.
She hasn't been answering my texts, and I was worried.
Joe ran her plates, and her car was impounded just a couple hours away.
I mean, it's probably nothing, but I'm gonna look into it.
And I'm turning in my badge and my gun, but I can't do desk duty.
My friend might be in trouble.
I get it.
I love that about you.
But it still scares me.
I can't lose you again.
You won't.
I promise.
And I'm sorry I snapped at you earlier.
(INHALES) But, you know, now that, uh, we've had our first real fight - as a couple - Oh.
I am not having makeup sex with you in my dad's diner.
Pretty sure it's half yours now.
(EXHALES) Do you think that Noah chose me because I was already broken? I think you are the only one of us who ever keeps it together.
I'm serious, Michael.
The night that drifter attacked me, why am I the only one who started blacking out? I mean, Max literally murdered a man, but I'm the one who breaks? You were traumatized.
We were kids.
At that age, trauma gets etched on to your soul.
But what if it's not in my soul? What if it's in my DNA? Look, my whole life, I've played Stepford wife because I thought that's what I was supposed to do.
But I need to understand myself now.
I need to know where I'm from.
And if I don't know who my biological parents are, how am I ever gonna know who I really am? What are you saying, Iz? I know that we said we shouldn't look into the past, but It keeps pulling you back.
Me, too.
I spent my whole life thinking I'd, uh, build a ship and blast off into the ether.
And then, uh, the minute I decide to leave that all behind and focus on this-this good thing in front of me, I'm sucked back in.
Maria's family was experimented on at Caulfield.
I need to find out more, so I can find a cure for her illness.
- With your feet on the air ♪ - (CRYING) And your head on the ground ♪ (EXHALES) (SNIFFLES) Try this trick ♪ And spin it ♪ Your head will collapse ♪ But there's nothing in it ♪ And you'll ask yourself ♪ Where is my mind? ♪ Ah ♪ Oh ♪ Where is my mind? ♪ Where is my mind? ♪ Where is ♪ My mind? ♪
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