Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s02e08 Episode Script

Say It Ain't So

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico - What did you do with her? - She's been released.
You said there was a private security outfit that might be looking for my sister.
It's a family heirloom.
Mom always said it protected us from evil.
Forrest is helping me organize an open mic - tomorrow at the Pony.
- Hey, you should come by.
I got a call about Cameron.
Her car was impounded just a couple hours away.
I'm gonna look into it.
A friend might be in trouble.
Oh None of this is me.
That's the point.
You need a disguise so that people will believe you're - you're - What, that I'm cousin Rosalinda from Arizona.
My mom married a minor league baseball player, but when he got relocated to a team in Florida Okay, you know what, let's just go with, "They're dead.
" Oh, my gosh.
- Mm-hmm.
- I mean, you're asking me to wear a costume every day for the rest of my life.
Well, don't think of them as clothes, you know, think of them as, uh, possibilities.
Dress for the life you want.
So this little lady, she is the highest-earning professional poker player - in the Southwest.
- Wow.
Ante up.
Or this bad bitch, she makes party favors for bachelorette parties.
She can make literally anything into a penis.
- Okay.
- Pick me.
Think of it as a clean slate.
Well - Surprisingly conservative.
- Mm-hmm.
How about that? This girl got super murdered and now she can't wear what she wants ever again.
But c'est la vie, right? There's just one last thing.
Hey, that's really cool.
That reminds me of Stephen Powers before he sold out.
Are you, like, trying to impress me? Um maybe, I guess.
I mean, I'm new in town.
I'm just trying to be friendly.
Where you from? Um Oh, my God.
She doesn't talk like an illegal, but she def looks like one.
Come on, guys.
Millie's parents are out of town anyways.
That come with a frisk, Deputy? Ugh, go find a friend, Lindsey.
Come up with some goals.
Well, Sangria Saturday is a big hit.
I am sorry to throw you to the wolves on your first day.
Oh, I appreciate the work.
Turns out debt collectors don't care if you've been half dead in a glowing pod for a few months.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
But just so you know It's only temporary, I get it.
Meanwhile, if there's time to lean, - there's time to - Copy that, boss, on it.
Those are definitely not the right shoes for whatever dance move you're inventing.
It's not a dance move.
It's a summoning ritual.
I steal souls.
What's your name, sorceress? Rosa uh, linda.
I'm from Arizona.
Iris Sánchez from Santa Fe.
Well, look, if you're looking for those kids who were here before, don't.
They were total dicks.
Well, I wasn't really looking for anyone in particular.
I used to hang here as a kid.
I was curious if it was still the go-to chill spot for all the artsy weirdos.
And I guess I was right.
What's your medium? I really just mess around.
Hey, I'm hosting this art show later.
You should come.
That's the guy who flew too close to the sun, right? I thought you were supposed to be packing all this up - and filling out grant applications.
- Um, I-I am, and I will.
After one last twirl with your stolen centrifuge? Okay, I thought maybe I could try to accelerate your heart's healing process.
Let me show you this slide.
You feel that? You've done enough for me in this, uh, dark little room.
You deserve a team of Stanford grads trying to keep up with you.
You deserve awards for discovering things that I can't even pronounce.
I'm fine.
Now just please fill out your applications.
I will pack it up, for real.
You know, we can just maybe, before you do, - we could, uh - Uh-huh.
What is it? I had Cameron's car moved to the junkyard instead of the police impound.
- Let's do it.
- Liz Ah, I coming with, and don't you dare say I have to stay 'cause it's "police business," you bar wench.
To be clear, I would never interfere with a police investigation.
Well, paperwork mishaps happen.
I don't pay you to socialize, kid! You barely pay me at all, Sanders! Well, wrap up the sewing circle, get to work.
Should that guy even be driving? He can barely see.
He introduced himself to me the other day.
I've been coming here since I was 14.
You got an hour to Nancy Drew Cameron's car before I let Deputy Bob know it's ready.
Hey, you're not gonna help? Sanders is gonna be gone all day.
I'm going to the bar.
- What you doing? - Hey.
My mother said that this necklace protects my family from evil.
I put it on her a few months ago when she got back from wherever she was.
But I went to see her this morning; she insisted that I take it back.
She said that it's too late for her, and that I needed it more.
I know this flower.
Its pollen has a paralytic effect on alien abilities.
Pick a card.
Jack of spades.
- Two of hearts.
- Hmm.
Nine of diamonds.
Guerin, I think this necklace is my kryptonite.
When you were fixing the clasp last year, my intuition was through the roof.
In the gala last year, when Noah invaded me, I wasn't wearing the necklace.
I was vulnerable to him.
Kyle said you aren't an alien.
Was Isobel pregnant this year? I wasn't wearing the necklace at my Woman as Warrior class, and I swore I could feel her fear and heartache.
You said you were 18 when your mom started getting sick, right? She gave it to me as a gift for my graduation.
If this prevents you from having more episodes, it probably stops the neurodegeneration process, too.
It's not kryptonite, Maria.
This is preventative medicine.
Keep it on.
Well, no signs of a struggle.
No damage to the car.
It's dead.
I'll look for a charger.
Can I help you, ma'am? Let's hope so.
I'm Agent Powell.
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
I'm looking for Max Evans.
Um, you found him.
Given your years on the force, I'm sure you realize that tampering with a federal investigation is a felony.
You're gonna turn over this car, along with any other evidence you might've gotten your hands on.
Forgive us for lacking faith in the criminal justice system.
Liz, it's all right.
It's best to just cooperate.
Found this phone in the car.
That's a nice piece, but it's not government issue, and that car's a rental.
- I'm undercover.
- No, you're not.
My sister, she has the other half.
You're Charlie.
Jenna Cameron's sister.
Last time I talked to Jenna, she said she'd been looking for you for months.
I didn't want to be found, until my sister's name appeared on a missing persons database, and then I figured a road trip was in order.
You kept tabs on her.
She thought you hated her.
I worked on a controversial project a while back.
A lot of dangerous people want to know what I know.
So you think they took her to get to you? Doesn't that mean you're just playing into their hands by coming here? And you'd back down from a family fight? So who is it that's after you? It's a pretty long list.
Oh, it finally charged up.
Her last text was to "Alex Manes," asking where she can find his dad.
Wait, that's not Jesse Manes, is it? You know him? He's on that list of people who want to talk to me.
Well, let's not keep him waiting.
Cowboys versus aliens, huh? What can I say? I'm just a guy standing in front of a tourist trap asking a history buff to shoot him with high-velocity paint.
I'm surprised you reached out.
Good surprised.
Honestly, me, too.
So, you cool with playing war? Doesn't bring anything up? Oh, yeah, my PTSD triggers are a little more complicated.
Suffice to say, this war zone is the only place that my family actually got along when I was a kid.
Yeah, some of my old platoon buddies actually play in leagues.
I didn't know you served.
You know, I wouldn't go bragging about it to a guy with a Purple Heart.
I might've googled you.
Let's make a wager.
Loser buys the winner a drink at Planet 7 tonight.
Make it the Wild Pony and you're on.
A prison in your mind ♪ Hey, girlfriend.
Please don't tell me that Guerin sent you here to convince me to take better care of myself.
You really are a psychic.
Look, if I had a little lucky charm that could stop people like Noah from messing with me, I would have that surgically implanted into my décolletage.
That's all I came here to say.
It's not a joke, Maria.
This stuff is dangerous.
Yeah, well, so is eating a salad.
Coli is everywhere.
These abilities are a part of me.
I'm not gonna just throw away the chance to learn about who I am.
That make sense to you? Yeah.
Actually, it does.
You've gotten stronger this year.
Right? Can you teach me to train? Learn how to control it all? Look, it took a lot of practice before I could do anything without puking and guzzling acetone to kill the pain.
And you can't practice, because, according to Kyle, every time you do, it eats your brain.
Look, I'll stop before it goes that far.
Okay? I know the signs.
Besides, if you help me, maybe I can help you.
There must be something that you want to know about your future.
What about my past? I can fall asleep ♪ Afternoon, Master Sergeant.
What's this? I know you were expecting someone else, but Charlie Cameron sent me instead.
Come on, let's sit down.
I'll buy you a burger.
There's more than meets the eye ♪ My uncle used to bring me here.
That was back when it catered to a more civil clientele.
People who actually respected the history of this town.
Well, if only someone would make America great again.
Here you go.
I'll be back in a second.
Tell me what you know about Jenna Cameron.
She's missing.
Uh, the last time I saw her, she came to me with questions about her sister.
And I told her that the people most interested in Charlie's device were a black ops group based out of Los Alamos.
They're called Deep Sky.
This is their logo.
And I told Jenna that what she was getting into was gonna be dangerous.
But apparently, she didn't listen.
So what are you working on right now? I, um, have big plans to scrub out the fryer this weekend with my dad.
Oh, God.
Waitressing's really got to blow when you've grown a fully functioning heart muscle in a lab.
Or are you not the same Elizabeth Ortecho who coauthored a 2013 paper on cellular reprogramming? Some people build model trains; I do my homework.
Your boyfriends seems more like the train type.
What is that supposed to mean? We've discovered new worlds and changed the course of mankind from a microscope.
Should I go Netflix and chill with my boyfriend or stay in the lab, architecting the future? No offense, but if it's true that you've been in prison and in hiding, it does not seem like you've seen much of the inside of a lab, either.
I went too far.
I thought that I was building something with real value.
The thing is, anything that has the potential to create real change, it scares people.
And anything that scares people is inherently dangerous, no matter what your intention is.
You could start over.
Get a new identity, work at a research university.
I've done extraordinary things.
Everything ordinary is ruined now.
Charlie Cameron's mind is a unique specimen.
Kind of like you.
And there's always someone in the shadows waiting to crack those open.
What did you do to Jenna? I told her the truth.
Which is more than you ever did.
You're kind of a wolf in sheep's clothing, aren't you? And what are you? Hmm? Do you feel like a hero? All those people you tortured, all those people you killed.
Turns out none of them was an enemy.
They were refugees.
So you're not just a murderer, you're a failure.
Yeah, I know.
I am.
But I tell you, something shifted in my brain when I had the stroke.
All the hate's gone out of me.
All the fight.
Caulfield is over and my son Flint has been reassigned.
Look at me.
I can barely walk.
Uh, you know, I-I think I'm gonna pass on the burger.
And I hope you find Jenna.
I always did like her.
He said Cam is headed to Los Alamos to investigate a group called Deep Sky.
Does that mean anything to you? No.
Let me reach out to some of my military contacts, do some recon.
Give me a day, we'll go from there.
Think she's lying? I think she's scared.
I got a few guys I'm gonna call from the reclined position of my easy chair, letting my heart continue to quietly heal.
Oh, man.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you just You got me in the leg that does all the extra work.
What do you mean? I'm so sorry.
I-I had no idea.
No, it's fine.
It's not usually the story that I lead with.
Well, for future reference, you totally should.
Heroes are sexy.
I-I I should get this.
If you're looking for the bourbon you left in your desk, it's gone.
I'm looking for the sample of yellow pollen.
The stuff I swept off the floor after throwing it at Noah? I don't know, I didn't, I didn't see it while we were packing up.
Well, it was here a few months back! Did I miss an experiment where it grew legs and a fondness for the outdoors? Could have been accidentally thrown away.
Sample was too oxidized to be of much use, and I've been trying to get my hands on fresh flowers but it's impossible.
I think they might be extinct.
Why are you freaking out? Because I have a math problem.
There's only one flower in Maria's necklace, but there are two DeLuca women and apparently, the flower is the key to preventing their illness.
This is everything from the Caulfield drives and the experiments done on Maria's grandmother.
A lot of it was lost in a lab fire - in the '80s, but - I'll take a look.
I just want you to see if anything done could be undone.
I don't want you to, like, Dr.
Frankenstein it.
The experiments were very bad.
My days as an alien scientist are officially over.
Why don't I believe you? 'Cause it's hard not to think about the far-reaching implications of this kind of research.
You don't get sick on this planet.
If I could figure out why, I could eradicate all illness.
But you can't.
Because that would expose us.
Which I would obviously never do.
It's over.
I got to go.
Like that look ♪ Like that ♪ Like that ♪ Hey.
I know I shouldn't stare ♪ Where are you going? I-I hate my outfit.
I can't be here.
Yeah, it's very someone else.
Hey, but don't worry.
We can fix it.
Got my eye on it ♪ Like that look, yeah ♪ Do you need a mirror? Like that look ♪ You think I need a mirror? Like that look ♪ How's that? Perfect.
Put it on.
Are you sure? Well, we're friends, aren't we? Go on.
You feel more like yourself now? Yeah, I see you like that look.
♪ Does this do anything for you? That's Nora.
That's Michael's mom.
It's-it's not working.
And I don't feel great going through this stuff - without Michael knowing.
- Why not? One day, this palace might all be yours.
It's not working.
I have a business to run, and you need to go Instagram something.
Says the social media revitalizer.
Listen, word to the wise, every time Max saw Liz in a skirt and tried not to pop a bulb, he wound up setting off a fire alarm.
Every time I push myself too hard, I miss time, or wind up accidentally realizing that my mom still thinks about her ex-boyfriend Rocco, like, in vivid detail.
Okay, where are you going with this? Effort doesn't equal control.
So if you want to do this, you're gonna have to embrace your inner ice queen and let it go.
I'm not great at letting things go.
I know, that's hard.
Well Maria? Are you Okay, screw it, I'm going in.
Do you like it? I love it.
Thank you, Walt.
Have you seen Miss Nora? No, but I'll go look for her.
Miss Nora? Miss Nora? Oh, my God.
Did you see that? Yeah.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Who was that? I think we better get out of here before Michael finds us.
Come on.
So you said that you're from Roswell? Oh, I was from Roswell.
I got out and went to art school as soon as I graduated.
I work for an artist now.
I help her run her gallery.
Yeah, I used to want to be a painter, but then I realized I loved curating art way more than I ever loved making it.
You know, I can look in someone's eyes and know if they have a story worth telling.
That's how I know you're the real deal.
Oh, no.
Sorry, I'm just, um I'm not, like, an artist.
I'm just a person with a coping mechanism.
Really? Prove me wrong.
- Are you kidding me? - Where you going, Charlie? Why are you following me? Well, I asked myself what I would do if my sister was nabbed by a black ops group.
You're turning yourself in to Deep Sky, aren't you? You do know who they are? I do now, okay? They made contact.
This postcard was slid under my motel room door.
They said if I wasn't at Sutter's Grain Depot by 11:00, that they would torture her to death.
Well, that's gotta be a bluff.
Okay, I asked for proof of life; I heard her.
She was out of it, drugged maybe, but still giving 'em hell.
What else did you hear? Look, I care about your sister, and I'm all the backup you've got.
There's no way they'd be holding a prisoner at their contact point.
Oh, my God.
This isn't your fight, Max.
Go home.
Oh, I swear to God, if she dies because I don't show up, I will kill you myself.
What else did you hear? A train rolling by.
And this is insane.
A demonic laugh.
Get in.
I know where she is.
They said that you mixed whiskey with your medications; that's not like you.
What the hell are you doing here? I don't know, I mean you're my father.
I can't seem to shake you.
Yeah, I failed.
But in what way, specifically? Uncle Tripp, I let him down.
I never could figure out what he needed of me.
And tonight I went to the bunker.
And And I keep trying to crack the code.
Liz said that you spoke to Max Evans.
She said that you were half decent to him.
Is that what this is about? One of them killed Tripp, you know.
An alien? Yeah.
Then he hunted them.
He dragged them to a torture chamber.
I'm not surprised one He was the best man I ever knew.
Are you all right? - Are you certain this is the spot? - Yeah.
The train tracks are right over there.
And that laugh you heard is a mechanic that repairs old carny rides in that warehouse.
They said that she's in an airtight container, and that she would die at 11:00.
I'll take the left.
- Charlie! - Sniper, ten o'clock.
These lights make us easy targets.
Sniper means we're close.
Okay, help me up.
- Okay.
- Ooh! Oh, God.
That's-that's pretty bad.
Without the cover of darkness, we're not outrunning a sniper's bullet, Charlie.
Let me go get her.
No, Deep Sky wants me alive.
Your brain is worth considerably less to them, which means it'll be splattered all over the dirt.
Give me your hat.
If anything goes wrong, call Liz.
No doctors.
I think I hit him.
He ran off before the lights went out.
She needs to get to a hospital.
She's still breathing.
I never thought I'd see her again.
Thank you.
Yeah, keep me posted.
I love you, too.
Oh, good, you're alive.
How long was I gone? Uh, well Taylor Swift is president.
Oh that's good.
Someone less emotional in the Oval Office.
Oh You found me? Of course I did.
We're partners.
Can you tell me what happened? The last thing I remember is this weird sound.
It made the hairs on my arm stand up.
And this bright light, and, um the pain in-in the back of my neck like you wouldn't believe.
You see it? What is it? It's a burn.
After that there was just darkness.
Um I don't remember anything, Max.
I'm gonna need I'm gonna need a tox screen and and a rape kit.
Hey, Cam, you're not alone.
You got me and Liz.
And Charlie.
What? Yeah.
She came as soon as she found out you were in trouble.
I got to say, that charm must be genetic.
She's a real peach.
I'll go get her.
Thanks for fighting for me.
I owed you.
I think we can call it even.
Would it kill you to pick up one of my eight calls? Sorry.
Lost track of time.
Please don't tell me that you came here to give me a speech about how you want to take care of me? I came here to give you a speech about how much of a selfish idiot I am.
I know you can handle yourself.
It's hot as hell, actually.
But the thought of something bad happening to you, it makes me feel like someone's standing on my chest.
I promise I am not gonna leave you alone.
You trust me? Yeah.
Guess that means I got to let you explore this weird alien stuff.
Yes, you do.
I was right.
I knew that I was right.
This piece is you outrunning your demons.
This, this is amazing.
That's what you have to do.
You have to capture them and then rattle the cage.
This is art.
This is what you're meant to do, Rosa.
I-It's Rosalinda.
Oh, I love this song.
Come on.
How bizarre ♪ Iris, I think something is wrong.
Come on, dance! Ooh, baby ♪ Ooh, baby ♪ What's happening? Your star sign's just out of whack.
It's making me crazy ♪ Every time I look around ♪ Rosa? Rosa! Rosa.
Hey! Hey.
Hey, wake up.
Hey, Charlie Kyle said you're gonna be okay.
You just need rest and plenty of fluids.
We're gonna figure this out.
How? I don't know how to be okay, Liz.
I'm not like you.
Everybody needs help sometimes.
Help like rehab? I know you don't God, I wish I could go to rehab.
Liz, every day I think I'm gonna do better.
And every day I mess it up.
I think that I'm gonna be a good sister or a good daughter.
And I just I think about what I would've done if I didn't always mess it up.
What art I'd have made or friends I would have and what I'd have seen.
But instead, today I started a fire while I was unconscious because I blow up light bulbs with my brain.
I don't know where I'm supposed to go for help.
Maria said you could borrow this.
It'll suppress your abilities.
So that you don't burn down rehab.
Maria was here? Mm-hmm.
She said she loves you.
And that she's gonna need that back once you're better.
'Cause you will be better.
You can walk in ♪ Hi.
Listen, um, about today.
You don't have to explain.
Look, I'm a big believer in enthusiastic consent, so If you're not into me, it's No, it It's not that, trust me.
It's just that I I still have my dad's voice in my head telling me that being seen with a man in public is an embarrassment.
To my name and my uniform.
Well, there's nothing like a dad voice to mess up a perfectly good date.
It's also just that I mean, Roswell's so conservative.
This bar is filled with cowboys.
If you want to go someplace private Look, I like you.
But I don't want to climb into somebody else's closet.
I cannot tell you how badly I want to be done with this frickin' closet.
But you're not.
And that's okay.
Listen, if that voice in your head ever shuts up, give me a call.
Because between you and me, making out with a hot guy in public is only made hotter when it pisses off all the bigots and homophobes.
It says she's gonna disappear again and not to look for her.
Maybe she didn't write the note.
Maybe Deep Sky grabbed her.
No No, this letter is from Charlie.
It's exactly what she would say in this situation.
How's Rosa? Not great.
But Kyle called in a favor at a center.
It's only a few hours away, so my dad's gonna take her there tonight.
How's Cameron? Rattled.
I'm so glad you found her, but I know, I know.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was going after Charlie.
I just, I didn't want you to worry.
I know you think I'm being overprotective, but you could've died.
I wouldn't do that to you again.
Now let's go home.
I got to open up the diner for my dad in a few hours and Honestly, Max, I think I just need to cry my eyes out alone.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Have a good cry, babe.
Trash fire.
Very on-brand.
Don't be mad at me.
Yes, I did help Maria trigger some of her abilities, but in my defense, she was not about to be I know.
We talked.
All good.
- Good.
- Mm-hmm.
Because actually, we were able to trigger a vision.
I mean, it was a small one.
She's got a lot to learn.
But, Michael, I saw my mom.
I think.
I mean, she was beautiful.
And there was this little boy.
He gave her a windmill.
I mean, the whole thing was so tender, it was like I never thought that I'd be grateful to Maria DeLuca for anything, but as it turns out - A windmill? - Well, like a, like a small one.
Like, I don't know, it was, like, a tin can or something.
It was, like, the cutest thing I've ever Michael? You know, I'm kind of having a moment here.
Was this what you saw? Yeah, yes, this.
Michael What the hell are you doing, idiot? It was you.
You're Walt.
You're the little boy in the photo.
You knew my mother.
Whatever you're planning on doing, you don't need to do it, Charlie.
Your sister's safe and she needs you right now.
You think Deep Sky needs to have Jenna by the throat to kill her? Okay, the only way that I can protect her is from the inside.
Look, thank you for letting me see my sister one last time, but you need to leave now.

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