Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s02e09 Episode Script

The Diner

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico I thought you were supposed to be packing all this up.
I am, and I will.
After one last twirl with your stolen centrifuge? - I'll get it.
- Thank you.
- Uh - Are we getting sopaipillas? Oh, good.
- The hell are you doing here? - They said that you mixed - whiskey with your medication.
- Uncle Tripp.
I let him down.
And tonight I went to the bunker.
I keep trying to crack the code.
It was you.
You're Walt.
You're the little boy in the photo.
You knew my mother.
I don't talk about my past.
It's about my past.
You've been lying to me all this time, - you crusty old piece of - Okay, okay, Michael.
Sanders, I assure you, I have a deep appreciation for secrecy.
What you tell us will stay between us.
But you will tell us.
Okay, look, beers on us as long as you're talking.
The specimens display resistance to earthly infectious diseases due to alien hereditary immunity.
Pooled immunoglobulin harvested from an alien donor can be transferred to a human recipient.
Human subjects exposed to specific sequencing of alien DNA will develop immunity to corresponding diseases.
Papi, hi.
How's Rosa doing? She's sleeping still.
Listen, Carl's wife, - she's in labor.
- Again? So you'll need to close up.
Clean up the griddle.
Marry the ketchups.
Scrape the gum from underneath the tables.
It gets worse the longer you leave it.
Mm, ouch.
Did I hurt you? No, but the chair did.
- This is getting ridiculous.
- Come on.
But this is our spot.
I just wish I could take you out.
Someplace other than the hospital.
What makes you think that you can't? Okay.
Let's go out.
Oh, Sheriff.
Where Where-Where's, uh Is Where's Charlie C Charlie Cameron? She was just here.
We were We were just talking.
There was this Stand up, Evans.
What? It's midnight.
Nothing's open.
You said you wanted a burger, - and I happen to know people.
- Oh.
Kyle? Hi.
I was just locking up.
You're coat closet girl, right? Uh, Liz, uh, Steph.
I wanted to buy her a burger, and Carl usually, um Right.
- We should go.
- No.
Oh, God, no.
Please, come on in.
Burger's the least I could do.
I have loved ♪ All over the place ♪ But you have got ♪ About the coat closet, um Look, we just met.
You don't have to apologize.
It's not like I was assuming you were a blushing virgin or something.
Liz and I dated in high school.
Yeah, I-I can't decide if I should be charmed or unnerved that you somehow orchestrated your ex third-wheeling our first date.
- Oh, come on.
- Oh, be charmed.
And, you don't you don't know the half of it.
Kyle and I not only used to date, we also share a sister.
Yeah, my mom, his dad, a torrid affair in the '80s.
Oh, so you're not related? Oh Oh, uh, we figured Yeah, we're good.
I compared our DNA.
You did? - Hi, I'm Liz.
- Have we met? Mm.
Um, do you have a liquor license? You know what, I'm gonna get you Arturo Ortecho's emergency stash.
- Thanks.
- Huh.
I'll be right back.
Ooh, uh she shouldn't be drinking.
Oh, is she in recovery? She's sick.
I She doesn't think I know, and she's trying to pretend like everything's normal, but it's actually a big deal she's even out of the hospital.
It's a very rare blood disease.
She was exposed to bacteria.
You looked at her medical records? Oh, now you're respectful of hospital policy? Whoa, we are talking about a human being, - not borrowed machinery.
- Got it.
So if it's for your boyfriend, we're all expected to lie, steal and cheat, but otherwise we have a strict moral code.
Okay, enough, yes.
You've guilted me enough.
If you were the one who died, I would have fought like hell to save you, too.
Your love life, on the other hand I think you should tell Steph what you know.
I hate that I can't help her.
I-I hate that she's lying.
I hate that I even like her anyway.
She's a feisty Latina.
You clearly have a type.
You know, I think she's just trying to protect you.
Lying to protect someone is still lying.
What are you hiding? Max is freaked out by science experiments.
- Uh-huh.
- Like, in general.
He thinks his life's gonna turn out like the end of E.
, and I don't want to stress out his heart right now, so I haven't told him that I'm back to work in the lab.
Another way to not cause him any stress would be to just maybe not experiment on alien DNA.
You know that, right? It's me.
There's no risk of guys in hazmat suits - stealing him out of a bicycle basket.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, I would-I would never expose his family.
And what if my research could help Maria? I looked at those files.
Any record of the experiment done on Maria's grandmother was lost in a fire.
What are you doing in that lab? Kyle, the aliens have never been sick.
So my theory is that their planet is very similar to ours, but just more evolved.
So its inhabitants have built up a hereditary immunity to illnesses that still plague this planet.
- So you're saying - Down the line, alien DNA could create a universal vaccine.
This could end illness.
Good to know we're operating in the realm of realism here.
- Oh - What is it? Aah! Should we call the fire department? Maybe I could meet a cute fireman.
Since the doctor I sometimes make out with is whisper-yelling at his ex-girlfriend slash, kinda-sister person.
These shakes are on the house.
We were whispering about you, if that helps.
Kyle is totally into you.
- I'm right here.
- It helps, but, uh, this is still a first date story fit for a Reddit thread.
Oh, it could be worse.
I just went on a date with a guy who had selective amnesia and forgot that I existed.
And the first thing he wanted to know was the worst thing I ever did.
Um, I'm guessing that ended badly.
Oh, he's the love of her life.
Are you attracted to red flags? Hmm.
Red has always been my color.
If you need anything You know what? Kyle knows where everything is.
So, um, I'm gonna be upstairs with my research, and, uh just, uh, shout when you want to leave.
She's not subtle.
So Valenti Mm-hmm.
What's the worst thing you've ever done? Okay, um I was a high school dick.
And the guy I treated the worst back then is one of the only people I can count on now.
And I hate what I put him through.
I once catfished a girl for an entire semester just so that she could get stood up at prom by her super hot, super fake boyfriend.
You were a bully? I've evolved since high school.
It's just annoying because I can't shake off that insecurity.
I can't stop thinking what someone as perfect as you is doing with someone like me.
Stop it.
I'm not perfect, Steph.
The other day, I tried looking for you at the hospital.
And I found you on an operating table.
- That was a routine procedure.
- Stop.
I know you're dying.
It's none of your business! We just kissed a few times.
That doesn't give you unfettered access to my medical records.
Did you know that I was sick before you kissed me? - Yeah, but I meant it - Wow! I thought you were the only one who saw me as a person, and not as a patient.
But then you pity-kissed me?! - Wow, that's what this is.
- No.
You just want to be some big hero that gives the dying girl one last thrill.
Well, it'll be a great story once I'm gone.
Look, Steph, would you please Do not follow me.
Hey, hey, I heard the yelling.
Maybe I can help.
This antitoxin I want to develop, - it could help her.
- She doesn't have time for that.
If there's information that could prevent a body count, and I don't apply it to saving lives, I mean, isn't that blood on my hands? Do you even hear yourself? Come back to Earth, Liz.
If you go public with research based on alien DNA, it would risk exposing the aliens.
I would never let that happen.
Me neither.
Because you'd risk exposing Rosa.
The pod altered her DNA, too.
You have to stop.
We're closed! Max is in serious trouble.
Do you want to tell Liz how you royally boned us, Kyle, or should I? It's midnight, cowgirls and cowboys.
- Here you go.
- Dollar lemon drop shots for the next 12 minutes.
I'm gonna need another one of those.
I know you can drink and talk at the same time, Sanders.
Oh, damn, I'm out of smokes.
How are you even still alive? It ain't good genes.
My mom died young, and Dad was a violent son-of-a-bitch deadbeat.
I ran away as soon as I could.
And I ended up, as people tend to do, at a little diner on a little street in a little town.
Right on track 29 ♪ That all you got? Well, I need peppers, tomatoes.
Where are my onions? Sorry, sir.
I can't get a damn thing to grow in this drought.
Hope your customers like their omelets plain.
I like 'em plain.
I can wash dishes or mop floors.
This look like Soviet Russia? - I don't know.
- Well, it ain't.
No such thing as a free lunch.
Now scram.
Read a magazine and then you're in Baltimore ♪ Oh, you're a dollar and a half short.
That's a tax for using the front door, boy.
Hey, kid? - You know how to drive? - I'm eight.
Then you're already a year behind.
Let's go.
Bronson gave me work on the farm all spring.
It was quiet until the night the women came.
Who's there?! Bronson stitched 'em up.
Taught 'em English.
We picked their names out of a book one night.
We became a family.
Is it really better than the radio? There's nothing on this earth like live music.
It makes your bones lighter.
No matter where you are, you feel like you belong.
- I can't wait to have that memory.
- Mm.
What memory? Let me guess.
You don't want to go to the fair.
Even with all that work you've been doing to build Walt that pumpkin launcher? You know we can't go.
Oh, it's been over a year.
No big bad villain's coming for you.
Nora, you got a knack for engineering.
You will win that pumpkin-chunking contest if you come.
We need the money, and Bernhardt won't award first prize to a colored man.
These wars they wage are not worth fighting.
They'll learn, in time.
There's a band playing.
Louise says there's no music where you come from.
Louise wants to dance with you.
But she can't do that, can she? Our children are in danger.
She can't just disappear into some imaginary safe place.
Tell me what you're planning.
I know you're building something.
What is it? A flying saucer? A time machine? You brought her here, now you're just gonna take her away from me? Louise is hopeful.
I can't be.
I have to protect her, at all costs.
I protect Louise because only Louise can protect the child.
So, come to the fair, Nora.
Let Louise hear the music before you go.
Please, Miss Nora! You're dramatizing.
You barely remember this morning.
I remember every damn word.
I held onto those memories for dear life.
Because that day was the beginning of the end.
This pumpkin won first prize at the fair.
There you are.
They've been here all along.
Right under our damn noses.
The audacity.
I can have tanks and howitzers here in two days.
The day after tomorrow, we raid the Long farm.
This time, we show no mercy.
No woman fools a Manes man twice.
Nora wanted to leave right way, but I begged for one more night as a family.
She caved.
She always caved.
I don't need another recap of, uh, Tripp Manes leading a massacre.
It's my mother's story, too.
I want to know how she died.
Move up.
On your left.
What was that? Hold, hold.
It's people.
- They got guns.
- Get away from there, Walt.
Hide here and don't make a sound.
"X" marks the spot, Walt.
You understand? Okay.
The only thing worse than a liar is a traitor.
You have to understand.
They're just people, sir.
They're the enemy.
Roy, No! Your mothers must have put up a hell of a fight.
Nora built an escape hatch.
Aah! I got out, but it was too late.
Oh, no, no I should have done something.
But the soldiers were determined to leave no survivors.
Those bastards, they shot everyone who wasn't wearing a military uniform.
Other farmers, neighbors who came to see what was happening.
No one lived to tell the story but me.
You saw the ship explode? And you never told anybody? I don't know what I saw.
I got the hell out of Roswell.
I didn't ever want to come back, but I had unfinished business.
Nora stuck this in my pocket that night.
It's a map.
It led me to where they hid you in your freaky eggs.
I kept an eye out over the years.
One day, I went to the cave, and you were gone.
Then you were someone else's problem, for a long time.
Wait, wait.
Um This photo.
That's you, right? And-and that's Roy Bronson, and that's Nora.
Whose hand is that there, on her shoulder? Eh, beats me.
Bernhardt, Mr.
Old man Gibbons.
I don't know.
Could've been anybody.
Thank you, Mr.
Louise was a firecracker, honey.
Just like you.
That's why we all fell for her so hard.
You think it's true? That he remembers every single word? - Oh, my God.
- He said my mom told Bronson, "I protect Louise, because Louise is the only one who can protect the child.
" Not children.
Just child.
My mom sacrificed herself for Max.
The healer.
Was the frickin' savior.
Come on, Michael.
You are so good at manufacturing things to be angry about.
We both know the universe tilts in Max's direction.
We were just along for the ride.
I need your help.
Hmm? - What's wrong? - Nothing.
It's, um I need to process this, okay? I'll see you later.
They let you leave the hospital? It's midnight.
Yeah, well, I came for my pills.
- Going through my stuff, huh? - You know, when we were kids, all you ever talked about was your war hero grandfather Harlan.
You never mentioned Tripp.
That's you, isn't it? Mm-hmm.
Dad, there is more evidence that you have a heart in this old box than I've seen in 28 years.
Well, I believe in raising boys to be men.
And men don't cry in front of their sons.
That's why I never told you about Tripp.
Crying parents tell their children ♪ Okay, here you go.
Let me know if there's anything else that you need.
Oh, no, no, this is, uh This is too generous.
I can't I heard you talking about saving up to buy this place.
I'm investing in the American dream, Arturo.
Thank you, senor.
Sorry I'm late.
Made the mistake of telling Dad where I was going.
Had to listen to his whole speech about employing illegals.
What do you think, Jesse? I don't get why he's all worked up about a couple busboys.
They're not hurting anyone.
They're only a problem if they come for what's ours.
Preemptive strikes don't make us appear strong, they make us appear afraid.
That's crucial.
Jesse, you're shipping out soon.
I'm very proud of you.
I'd like to believe I can trust you with something very important to me.
Sir, if this is about the 1947 crash, I already know.
My father told me.
Go on home, Jesse.
I need a word with my brother.
Yes, sir, Grandpa Harlan.
Jesse, remember, justice must never be served until disaster has struck.
- You remember that? - Yes, sir.
And that was the last time I saw Tripp.
Harlan told me at the funeral that a an alien had possessed Tripp.
Seduced him.
Tricked him into trusting her.
She was able to get her ultimate revenge on our family.
Anyway, that day at the diner, he slipped that to me under the table.
I have no idea what it means.
Hey, why don't you lay off that, Sarge? Right.
I forgot who I was dealing with for a minute.
I am not going to sit here and watch you drink yourself into another coma.
Enjoy yourself.
You came.
You asked me to.
Sheriff Valenti, you copy? Situation at the motel was a 10-90.
Clock out, Deputy, it's midnight.
Copy that.
10-90? Apparently, you have a perp in cuffs.
Doesn't seem like a false alarm to me.
Am I under arrest, Sheriff? 'Cause usually handcuffs come with a matching charge.
Were you in Mexico when Noah Bracken died? You know I was.
But I don't understand, Sheriff.
You know me.
I do know you, Evans.
And I like you.
I always have.
Sometimes people with traumatic pasts just snap.
Can we be redeemed? ♪ Is that what happened? You can tell me.
We'll figure it out.
I don't have a traumatic past.
Oh? No happy childhood includes being abandoned at age seven, naked and mute in the desert.
- Those records are sealed.
- June 14, 1997.
I was a deputy when I responded to the call.
I was obsessed with your case.
I wanted to find the scum who left you three kids out there and make them pay.
We rounded up vagrants, we interrogated desert cult leaders.
Isobel and I don't have violent memories.
We never showed signs of abuse.
Perhaps that's true for Isobel.
I checked on you at the group home.
You were screaming and scribbling on the walls.
Michael tried to settle you down.
That was the day the Evanses adopted you.
My parents left Michael in that group home because he was disturbed.
They thought he needed someone who could focus on him.
Michael took that crayon from you before Ann and David walked in.
He was afraid of you.
No, you are lying.
I am giving you the facts, unpleasant as they may be.
Now it's your turn.
You want facts? Hmm? You are grasping at straws.
Cam and Mimi, they were missing for weeks.
And Cam's sister is in danger right now.
And yet, you are sitting here with me because of something you think you saw 20 years ago.
And love is the only way ♪ You see what I mean about snapping? But would the man not weep ♪ You heard of the Gunther twins? One's a bootmaker, one's a paranoid schizophrenic.
They have cameras all over their farm.
I'm asking you so plain ♪ After an incident, we found footage of Mimi DeLuca getting out of the back of a hunting van the night she vanished.
Guess she did some shoe shopping.
That same van was caught on a traffic camera a hundred yards from where Cameron's car was abandoned.
You want to guess the third camera that caught that hunting van, Evans? The hotel security cams tonight.
- That's what I've been saying, Sheriff.
- Right.
What's the most common profile for a kidnapper? White males, 28 to 40.
But you can't place me at the other two scenes.
This is all Is it true you have a sexual history with one of the victims? That you have issues with rage.
That you have the know-how Max.
Your passport has never been logged crossing into Mexico.
Max Evans, you're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney Isobel, I need your help.
It's all about the headboard, really.
Because any decent restraints are gonna turn cheap furniture into Swedish sawdust, if your partner's doing their job right.
You know what I mean? Oh, my God.
Max? What's going on? Isobel, how are you here? I have his phone.
Well, I just got a late-night urge to support my local law enforcement, but this is a shocking twist.
You don't want to do this.
Iz, are you okay? I'm fine.
I just fainted.
I'm a fainter.
She's a fainter.
We're closed! Max is in serious trouble.
Do you want to tell Liz how you royally boned us, Kyle? Or should I? I've been here all night.
Isobel, where is Max? Kyle's mom arrested him for, I don't know, kidnapping, or murder, or kicking puppies.
I don't know, I couldn't tell you.
I couldn't stop her, I couldn't even begin to get into her mind.
What does that have to do What did you do? My mom was totally spiraling trying to figure out what was going on.
Not eating, not sleeping.
You stole the yellow pollen from the lab.
I put it in perfume.
I gave it for her birthday.
She was on a collision course with aliens, Liz.
I had to protect her.
She thinks that Max killed Noah.
Max did kill Noah.
She's not wrong.
And I won't let you violate her mind to make her think that she is.
But there's another solution.
All right? Just stay here, the both of you.
I'll handle it.
Look, I don't resent Max for getting chosen, but if my mom sacrificed herself to Tripp so Max could be taken care of Hey, what if we have this story wrong? My dad said an alien seduced Tripp into trusting her so that she could exact revenge.
He once said that you were doing the same thing to me.
But he was wrong.
I know that you loved me.
So maybe he's wrong about Tripp.
Maybe the entire time, Tripp and Nora They were on the same side.
What if they had a real connection? Maybe he was trying to warn Walt in the diner that day.
He said the raid was in two days.
- He tricked an eight-year-old.
- Maybe.
But maybe not.
What's going on? We don't move on the farm until day after tomorrow.
Change of plans.
We raid tonight.
On whose orders? The men are ready.
You prepared to show that alien bitch no mercy? Or, uh, is she just a wounded deer? Don't underestimate me, Harlan.
Hell, I'll take Father's gun.
What if the after-action report was falsified? The only thing worse than a liar is a traitor.
You have to understand they're just people, sir.
Roy, no! Think of the child.
Go! - All right, let's go! - No! Get her out! You hesitated, Tripp.
There's nothing worse than a traitor.
She got into my head again.
Lower your weapon, brother.
We have to know how they do it.
We have to bring them in alive.
Something isn't right.
I'm a Manes man, Harlan.
I'll prove myself.
Lower your weapon.
You'll have your fun with her later, boys.
No! What if Tripp knew that Nora wanted Louise protected - at all costs? - Then he failed.
Louise died.
My mom ended up in Caulfield, Alex.
My dad always said that justice can't be served until after disaster has struck.
But Tripp's last words to him were very different.
Tripp said that justice must not be served until after disaster has struck.
There is a world of difference there, Guerin.
What does it matter? Everybody's dead.
We'll never know the truth.
Look, I know her husband died.
I'm just asking, is she on the rebound or anything? Oh, heya.
Your mom's upstairs.
Thanks, Joe, uh Actually, I hoping for a minute with my old pal here.
- Could use a cup of coffee, anyway.
- Ah.
You look better.
Thank you.
I'm grateful to you for my sister.
That's why I did what I did.
And tormenting my mother with unanswered questions isn't right.
She deserves some truth.
Uh, maybe not all of it, but a truth.
How am I supposed to do that? Kyle? Please don't tell me you're tangled up in all of this.
Uh Max has an alibi for Mimi and Jenna, Mom.
Listen to him.
I had a heart problem, Sheriff.
I was unconscious when Mimi and Cam went missing.
I didn't want to tell you for personal reasons.
I wanted to look forward.
And be a force of good in this community.
I I want to make you proud.
Everything he said is the truth.
You're a good cop, Mom.
But maybe tonight just be a good person.
I'm done with that part.
Can I marry the ketchups? Isobel Evans, working at the diner? The fryers are off, my friend, and I'm only turning them back on if your day was worse than ours.
I am not here for fries.
Apparently, in the '80s, my Uncle Tripp had a favorite booth here.
He said he liked the way the light hit it, but that doesn't sound like something a Manes man would say.
So I think that there's more to it.
- I don't know.
- I mean, there's this one booth that gets the light just right in the afternoon.
Teenagers are always taking selfies there.
- Okay.
- All right.
I'm looking for something that's just kind of out of place.
Something that nobody would really notice.
How about an "X"? "X" marks the spot? You think your uncle left that here? Or somebody left it for him.
Oh, my God.
That's That's her, that's my, um that's my mom.
Look how beautiful she is.
She's older.
She survived the raid.
She lived.
"Thank you, Tripp.
" He wasn't hunting them.
He was trying to help them.
There's more to this story.
I know where we need to go next.
I'll never be able to prove it, but there are 14 unsolved murders in Chaves County that I believe Noah Bracken is responsible for.
What? That's-that's insane.
Drifters, teenage runaways, the undocumented.
Anyone with no one to miss them.
He killed them.
Even if that were true, it doesn't mean you can I know.
I also know that he violated my sister for ten years.
He manipulated her.
He abused her.
He made her do things she would never do.
A bolt of lightning killed my brother-in-law.
And he deserved it.
There are people in this county who deserve the protection of honest police officers like you.
He wasn't one of them.
I'll miss working with you, Sheriff.
When I said 6:00, I figured I'd see you around noon.
Uh I've stolen three thousand, four hundred and 72 dollars' worth of copper wire from you over the last 13 years.
If I start keeping real hours, and you garnish 25% of my weekly paycheck, - I'll have you paid back - I am blind, kid.
I'm not stupid.
I didn't need the damn wire.
I came to the group home twice, you know.
They weren't too keen on letting a junkyard dog who smelled like bathtub gin adopt a child.
I don't blame them.
Would have messed you up even worse.
But I tried.
I got one year, three months, and four days with Miss Louise and Miss Nora.
No matter what I can't pay you back for that.
Keep the money.
Max? Are you okay? Oh, I am now that I'm with you.
- Oh.
What? - Uh, no, it's nothing.
It's I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think Charlie Cameron has been abducted by aliens.
You went after her.
Uh, I don't why I can't leave well enough alone.
'Cause you're a hero.
It's in your DNA.
Hey, I, uh, I talked to Isobel.
Sounds like you had a hell of a night, too.
You want coffee? No.
I want sleep.
Hours and hours of sleep.
You can join me? We can talk after.
I'll make you coffee.
- How about that? - Mm I just need to close up.
Or open up.
Honestly, I don't think I'm ever gonna escape this diner.
I'll see you as soon as you're done, okay?
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