Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

American Woman

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico My mother said that this necklace protects my family from evil.
There's only one flower in Maria's necklace.
But there are two DeLuca women, and apparently the flower is the key to preventing their illness.
You guys remember that recurring dream I used to have about being chained up? I was starting to think that maybe it was more than just a night terror.
Maybe it's a memory from before we came out of the pods.
- You're my world, Louise.
- I am so sorry.
- That's her.
That's my mom.
- "Thank you, Tripp.
" He wasn't hunting them.
He was trying to help them.
I know where we need to go next.
She took a bullet to the spine.
I-I did what I could with what I had, but I had to hide her.
Tripp, give them room, they're doctors.
Your message said that you were gonna bring two women that would be no trouble.
This looks like a lot of trouble.
I must have gotten the codes wrong.
No, don't give me that "Manes man" nonsense.
- Not here in my own home.
- Her name is Louise.
I promised her friend Nora I'd protect them.
My brother triggered an ambush before I could get them here.
And Nora Wait, what does the Air Force want them for? They're not from around here.
They're from up north.
No, she can't stay here.
Harrison No.
What if your brother comes here and finds a fugitive? I can't put my people at risk - for a white woman.
- Please.
You're the only person I trust.
If she doesn't make it, it was all for nothing.
I'll have you remember that I was the one that saved your ass in Okinawa.
I don't owe you anything.
I'm only doing this because you're my family.
And because I'm a damn fool.
Don't speak.
Oh, my God.
Liz, what are you doing? Oh, that's cold.
Your heartbeat is irregular.
You been getting enough rest? Have you? I didn't hear you come in last night.
Kind of missed you.
I worked late.
Oh, no, none of that.
- Come on.
- Isobel is almost here to meet you for your road trip.
And I would like to have pants on.
I'm excited about this, though.
You know Alex dug up all that info on our bio mom.
You sure you can't come? Got to take my dad in for his blood tests.
I want to check on Jenna, too.
Cannot believe she's back in the hospital again.
Ah, she's been in pain for weeks.
I have no leads on the mysterious hunting van, - and Charlie hasn't made contact.
- Hmm.
To be fair, I do hear that phone service is a little spotty in flying saucers.
Okay, I get that.
You think my alien abduction theory is bogus.
I know you're worried that this has to do with you.
But I don't think this is an alien thing.
Cam and I had fractal burns on our necks.
We had no memory of what happened.
That's alien stuff.
I just want clarity on something.
Hello? Do you guys have pants on? In conclusion, esteemed members of the Roswell Tourism Board, while the Pony is normally a sanctuary for locals during CrashCon, I think that my plan to turn it into the Contact Cantina Pop-Up Bar will be a hit with alien fans.
We're talking more money than we first speculated, - aren't we, now? - You know, Mayor Bernhardt, I forgot to tell you about our new morning cocktail.
It's coffee, vanilla cream, and our best bourbon.
Let me get you a double.
You have to let me go.
You're just crazy! And I'm trapped I thought I saw a spider.
I had a vision, but it was, it was more like a memory.
Of a fight I had with my mom when I was younger.
Maybe we should get that necklace back - from Rosa.
- It's fine.
The vision didn't even interrupt my pitch too badly.
I just distracted the mayor with booze.
And now to celebrate.
- Ooh.
- You cannot distract me - with sex.
- No? I want to talk about the freaky flashback vision.
Oh, God, fine.
Oh, no talking.
I hate talking.
- Talking is the worst.
- Mm.
That's my boy.
You have five seconds to leave room for Jesus.
Good Wow.
You know, I always assumed Michael was a top, but this actually makes a lot of sense.
What are you doing here? Pack your bags.
- We're going on a family road trip.
- Oh, God.
I'm calling shotgun.
You can't call shotgun if you don't see the car.
That's a basic rule and you know it.
Is this why Max wanted the day off? In the photo of Max and Isobel's bio mom, there was a water tower.
Alex recognized that water tower from the town where his mom grew up.
You should come with us.
If she's coming, I get shotgun.
You can't call until we see the car.
Oh, it's made-up rules, DeLuca.
Pickup order for Manes.
I hope that limp isn't from a paintball injury.
Those, uh, bruises have mostly healed.
I just got a new prosthetic.
Takes a minute to get used to.
You working on your book? I write my book on my computer.
However, I write my angsty emo poetry in an angsty emo journal.
I'm actually working on some poetry myself.
Well, song lyrics, technically.
It's a lot harder than it was in high school.
Yeah, writing was easier for me when I was a kid, too.
Feelings we bury 'em now.
You just got to find that thing inside of you that doesn't have a voice.
Lend it yours.
You know? Listen I have, like, zero musical talent, but if you need help with the wordy part, we could, uh Actually, I'm leaving tomorrow for a few days to go talk to some recruits.
Alex, they make you pick the beans or what? I thought that you were waiting in the car.
Isobel and Maria needed a time-out from each other.
She started it.
Hey, Forrest.
You guys off to do some more alien research? Uh, no, we're going on a road trip to the reservation where my mom grew up.
I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm Elizabeth Warren percent Navajo.
Is this your girlfriend? - Uh - Oh, my God.
- Gross.
- Is that how I present? It was good to see you, Forrest.
You, too.
Hey, I'll be at the Pony tonight if you're back in time.
You know, we could work on your song before you leave for your recruitment.
Till the sky turns blue ♪ See you.
I thought you might want "hair so shiny, it's gonna make your guy cry.
" What, what are you doing here? Oh, my dad's in the waiting room.
We're a little early for his appointment.
- How you feeling? - Well, aside from debilitating migraines keeping me bedridden, - I'm super.
- Max thinks that, 'cause of the burns, it's maybe an alien thing.
"Max thinks.
" So typical of a dude to make my abduction all about him.
I just believe it was someone trying to use me to get to Charlie.
What she's tangled up in is bad, but probably not aliens.
Wish I could convince Max.
Stress isn't good for him.
I'm not gonna argue with you.
I need access to this room now.
You can't take enforcement action in a sensitive location.
Ma'am, I'm looking for potential witnesses to human smuggling.
If you don't have a warrant, you're not coming in this room.
This young man is a patient.
He's waiting for an X-ray.
You can't remove him from the hospital.
Abuela, I told you, we shouldn't have come here.
Miguel, don't say anything.
You understand? - Not a word.
- Mija, I got you a coffee.
Papi, we have to go, come on, right now.
Can I see some ID, please? He has applied for his green card.
I'm his sponsor, okay? This is his, uh, G-1145 right here.
You can show that to the court.
- No, hey-hey-hey - It's okay.
Call the lawyer.
He is a diabetic.
It is illegal to detain a patient.
- Exigent circumstances.
- Move.
Hey, this is an unconstitutional arrest, and the ACLU will be all over you.
Elizabeth, we respect the law in this family.
If you're in trouble, who will take care of the mouse? Wait.
Hold on.
He left his jacket.
No, hey, it's cold out there.
He is not even wearing a sweater.
Rules are rules, fair and square.
And, anyway, I shouldn't have to call shotgun, Michael, it's my car.
I get eternal shotgun.
It wouldn't have been so bad if you weren't made of elbows.
At the risk of sounding un-PC, uh, may I propose - a peace treaty? - No.
We can smoke the peace pipe after the rain dance.
It's good to see you, Alex.
Guys, this is my brother Gregory.
- Gregory - High school wasn't that long ago.
- I know everyone.
- Hi.
Are you all here about the woman in the photo? Uh, just Michael, Isobel and Max.
Maria and I are going to the trading post.
And the jewelry is calling my name.
So where do we start? We start at the end.
I know there's no service up there, but call me when you can.
I love you.
So the deputy on call says there's one detention center in the county.
- Here's the info.
- He, he doesn't have anything left in Mexico.
No one.
Nowhere to go.
You can't think like that right now.
I think like this always.
Rosa and I used to recite our escape plan for if our parents got deported and we got separated in foster care.
I begged my parents not to tell Santa where we lived because I was afraid he'd ask for papers.
My whole life was built on a fear of this day coming, and it's here.
If I'd have kept better track of his health, he wouldn't need these tests.
I should have made him move to California.
Yeah, I thought we were safe being outside the hundred-mile zone, but after this election I should've known better.
And I should've made him wear a sweater this morning because it's freezing out there.
And what if he? Liz, stop.
Breathe, breathe.
Okay? If you don't breathe, you're gonna work yourself - into a panic attack.
Just - Okay.
Is there someone we can call? Kyle's at a conference, but I can have him call his mom.
Do you know anyone with some real power? You know, federal muscle.
Gonna have to call my BFF Ivanka.
I'm gonna get dressed.
And we're gonna go to the detention center.
Oh, no, no, no.
You do not need to do that.
You are in pain.
You've had 28 years of running scared.
I can handle a headache, at least until Evans gets back, okay? Hey, it's me.
I need your help.
You're still the Isobel Evans who convinced the basketball captain to pull four different fire alarms to get out of AP Gov, right? Yeah.
Here she is.
Oh, my God.
It's covered in flowers.
It's winter.
Rumor is, they grow year-round unattended.
She was a healer.
I-I'm told she helped with trauma, addiction, that sort of thing.
All without speaking, yes.
This another grave? Think of the child.
No! She was pregnant? Louise arrived gravely injured.
And the baby didn't survive.
Uh No.
I'll meet you back at the car.
Are you okay? Seem a little off.
I had a vision during a meeting this morning.
It almost cost me a deal that could save the bar.
Maybe I should just wear the necklace.
Go back to being a social media guru-slash-barkeep slash-magical trope in our redneck mayor's fantasy.
So, why did you really come today? Your ideal day off isn't fighting for the radio dial with Isobel Evans, so This is the back of my necklace.
The word stamped in the silver says "Tsela.
" The necklace is Navajo, so I thought maybe that was the jeweler, but no one I've asked here seems to know who made it.
I just want answers.
Well, there's a ton of silver jewelry for sale here.
So why don't we just keep looking for something with the same stamp? Okay? Noah said our planet was war-torn.
But the hell they found here can't have been worth it.
Do you think that Louise's baby died from her injuries or you think maybe it was never gonna survive? What are you talking about? I was pregnant when you died.
Obviously, I'm not anymore.
I just can't help wondering if that was my last chance.
Assuming that humans and aliens can't procreate, because they're different species.
Maybe that little baby wasn't viable.
You almost died during the abortion, didn't you? I could feel it.
Noah almost killed you again, huh? Oh, I need a minute.
Well, that went well.
Noah wasn't your only chance.
We could do the turkey baster thing.
You know? Sorry, um I'm gonna need you to say more words.
If you want a kid, I will raise the white walker, I will play the pink guitar.
Okay, stop.
Are you telling me that you would donate your alien baby gravy? I'm saying that I want a family.
So if you want to be a mom someday and you need an alien dad Look, I know you would rather have a white picket fence and a, and a golden retriever and a husband, but you're You would be an incredible father.
Have I told you lately that I love you? I wish you had never said "baby gravy.
" It's Ortecho.
Arturo Ortecho, he's my dad.
And he needs gliclazide and beta-blockers.
I brought both.
We can't take contraband here, but there is an infirmary on-site, if he's here.
You know, out of curiosity, did Nebane Abienwi visit an infirmary before he died of a brain bleed in your custody? What about Johana Medina León? She was 25 years old, okay? People walk through those doors and they die.
That's enough, lady.
We get it.
Who's your supervisor? You need prior approval before conducting enforcement in a hospital.
- There was a compliance memo.
- Right, a memo, which is just like a law, except not.
Unless you calm down, I'm gonna arrest you for obstruction.
Okay, Liz, maybe sit down.
Sir, I'm Deputy Jenna Cameron.
And we appreciate your interpretations of your guidelines, but we have an urgent health concern about an inmate here, if you just wouldn't mind checking the system.
All right.
Manes boys are always welcome here.
I'll fix you something to drink.
He doesn't have much time left.
Days, maybe.
His name's Harrison.
And he's the only one Louise ever spoke to here.
He met my dad's great-uncle Tripp Manes fighting in World War II.
Harry was a code talker.
Can we speak to him? I'm sorry.
He's too far gone.
Greg, you mind taking me back to the trading post? I think I should check on Alex and Maria.
And seriously Alex or Maria? You sure about this? You look like her.
You look different.
That was a lesson I learned from Louise.
How to take your mind to a better time when you're in pain.
Come on, I haven't seen the sky in a while.
I'll tell you about her.
Hey! What did he say? Do you have a court case next week for a vandalism charge? What? Y-Yes, but I didn't do it.
I'm just gonna plead guilty and pay the fine.
It's nothing.
They denied your dad's green card application because of a misdemeanor on your record.
You can't be his sponsor.
- I want to see my father! - Liz - We might be willing to help you - Liz.
If you approached us more calmly.
And what if I approached you more blondely? Would that work? Because you seem very happy talking to my friend, vato.
- Liz - Jenna? Hey! Are you okay? I'm sorry.
It's my head.
No, no, no.
We can get out of here.
Just popped up.
Ortecho's being transferred to El Paso for his deportation hearing.
You can see him there around Tuesday.
I taught Tripp the codes in the Pacific.
That's how we set up the rescue.
He was supposed to smuggle Louise and Nora here, but the plan fell apart.
Will you show us? It isn't pretty.
You've changed.
The man I met on that ship obeyed orders.
Guess I saw what happens when good men fall in line with bad orders.
I'm a Christian, Harry.
When evil itself tells me to kill a woman with child, I disobey.
Even if the evil looks just like my brother.
Did you find a family for her? Max.
Our sister survived.
There should be music where you take her.
I think she's a dancer.
You can give her a house full of music, Louise.
Nora wanted me to protect you, - so that you could protect the child.
- No.
He's coming for me, and I can't even move.
No, when the devil comes, I won't be able to fight for her.
The devil? Please, it is hard to be a woman on your planet.
It's only gonna be harder still for her.
Roy Bronson believed in meeting hatred with compassion.
And I want her to be like him.
A light in the darkness.
A little star on the ground.
I want that for both of my girls.
Where did he take the baby? - Can't say.
- No.
Tell us where our sister went.
She isn't your sister.
Louise rarely spoke, but when she did, she spoke of two daughters.
Two stars on the ground.
She had no sons.
You, you aren't hers.
You came from something else.
- Something? - Max, just calm down.
- No, you said she barely spoke to you.
- Max, you're agitating him.
He's, like, a million years old.
Harrison, I'm sorry.
Uh, thank you.
- But I think we need to leave now.
- No, wait.
She lived for decades longer than she should have, trapped inside of a body that could no longer dance, waiting for a sign that you would be all right.
She loved you.
It doesn't matter.
Of course it matters.
It's caffeine.
Are they out of Reposado? It's gonna make you feel better.
- Mm, yeah.
- I asked them to run a new test.
Your headaches are spinal headaches.
Because there was a hole torn - into your spinal cord.
- I'm sorry, what? Uh, my kidnappers gave me a spinal tap? Do you mind signing off so I can look at your tox screen? Yeah, of course, but, Liz, you d you don't have to do this, okay? - Your dad and - I need a distraction.
I can't leave for El Paso until tomorrow, and they're not letting him have visitors other than his lawyer until Tuesday, so Thank you for being here.
No, you, you used your privilege to help me.
I'm furious that I needed it, but I needed it.
Any time.
You've always been different than me and Michael, okay? Always.
You were the leader.
From the start.
I mean, You're the special one.
- You're the healer.
- I was.
Now I can't even sneeze without my heart skipping a beat.
All my life, no matter how weird things got, I never felt alone.
Because I was your twin.
Maybe I'm different.
Maybe I'm, maybe I'm a freak.
What's this really about? I can't stop thinking about being chained up when I was a kid.
It didn't feel like someone bad chained me up.
It felt like I was the someone bad.
Max, you're not dangerous.
Saving people destroys me.
But killing Noah? That felt good.
I was high.
And whenever I think about what he did to you, I want to chase that high.
I wish I could kill him a thousand times.
Louise mentioned the devil.
Maybe something evil was chasing them.
And maybe that something was me.
I want to show you something.
You see this hand on her shoulder there? See, Michael thought it was just someone who got cropped out of the picture, but no.
Any female would recognize that body language.
She does not want that hand on her.
Louise said the devil would come.
I think something evil was after them, but it wasn't you.
I want to find out who it was.
I just wanted to say thank you before we go.
I also feel like I should congratulate you on getting out.
Of the Navy? Of the family.
Getting out from under Dad.
You got to break free of him, man.
- Do you feel free? - I, uh, don't think I get to be free until you are, Alex.
You know, you're my brother.
I wish that I would've stood up for you more.
You know, I think he's actually getting a little bit better.
It's like the stroke melted away the psycho in his brain or something.
If you can forgive him, you should.
Cast off the stone.
Let me hate him for you.
I owe you that much.
You know, they say the drive from here to Roswell isn't that bad.
Good to know.
Hey, um, yeah, I'm sorry.
- I'm just gonna go change, okay? - Mm-hmm.
I should fire you.
I'm gone one day, and already you're showing up late for your shift? Papi.
How did you? You called me.
Hey, Elizabeth.
Another ostentatious belt buckle.
You know, despite it all, you really are still my idiot brother.
I'll always be your idiot brother.
You guys have any luck? We had some luck.
I don't know if it was good luck, but it was luck.
- You? - We scoured this store for jewelry that said "Tsela" on it, but nada.
Although I did manage to spend an entire week's worth of tips anyway.
Tsela? Yeah.
It was printed on the back of my grandmother's necklace.
I thought I might find some answers here.
Well, apparently, um, it is Navajo for "star on the ground.
" So, you guys ready to go? "Star on the ground"? Maria? What year was your grandmother born? Uh, '48, I think.
Was she adopted? Yeah.
Oh, my God.
Your grandmother was my sister.
That actually explains a lot.
Dad's chocolate caliente.
The booze is relative to his gratitude, so proceed with caution.
Diego, I never would have reached out if it weren't an emergency.
Thank your mom for me.
The senator was more than happy to call in a favor.
She's always liked you.
I like her, too.
We need more people like her.
Look, we got lucky your dad got out at all, much less without an ankle monitor.
And you pissed a few people off back there, so it's not likely that this is the end for you.
Who's your lawyer? Or should I make some calls? No.
You've done enough.
After what I did, I can't even believe you listened to my voice mail.
It's okay.
How did you get here so fast? I was at the airport in Phoenix when you called.
Just had to reroute real fast.
And how have you been? Well, my fiancée left me.
I'm kidding.
I'm kidding.
No, I'm seeing someone.
It's getting pretty serious, so Good.
Me, too.
We can be friends.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
And don't take this the wrong way - Mm-hmm.
- Please tell me you're not wasting that incredible brain of yours writing alien hamburger puns.
I am working on a few projects.
Nothing I can talk about, but I'm not wasting anything.
Well, all the coolest studies make you sign NDAs, anyway, so You know what? There actually is something.
Do you know what butyricol is? Worth a shot.
It's this chemical I found in my friend's tox screen.
I have never heard of it.
Maybe you're slacking, Ortecho.
I am sorry, it has only been a year.
Did you literally forget everything about me? Liz? Max.
You got my calls.
Where are they holding him? He's back.
He's safe.
It's okay, Max.
I am so sorry.
Diego, this is Max, my boyfriend.
Max, this is The ex-fiancé.
It's nice to meet you.
It's me, Guerin.
We're closed.
Hey, that alien console piece that Jim Valenti left me.
- Mm-hmm? - You still have it? No.
I sold it on eBay.
You didn't attach it to your console.
I tried.
Doesn't fit.
So, Tripp left this for my dad before he died.
My dad thought it was a code, but this is a reference sketch of this exact piece.
My dad's been looking for this thing for 30 years, and Jim Valenti had it all along.
- What are you gonna do with it? - I'm gonna give it to him.
I want to see what he does with it once he's got it.
Look, if it didn't fit in your console, then it fits somewhere else.
My dad could lead us there.
Your dad hunts aliens, Alex.
He'll lead my family right off a cliff.
I've protected you so far.
That's not changing.
Besides, he's-he's different these days.
You have to be kidding me.
I don't trust him, Guerin.
I just I'm asking you to trust me.
When we were kids, you believed people were good, despite humanity doing everything to prove you otherwise.
And, God, I loved you for it.
But what was charming when we were 17, it's just, it's just stupid now.
How do you not see that? You believe there's some good in your father? - Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
- Mm.
God forbid I have faith in people who don't give me a good reason to.
That's not fair.
- No? - No.
Why is your hand covered? You miss your injury because you want to hurt.
Your anger made you feel safe.
I will always hate my father for what he did to you, but I-I don't want to live in that toolshed for the rest of my life.
I don't want to walk around thinking that people don't change, that one day everyone's just gonna let me down, 'cause I am not building a damn rocket ship in a hidden lair.
There's one way for me off of this planet.
And I need to believe in a reason to stay.
I promise I'll keep you safe.
Can't let you leave with that.
What are you gonna do? Fight me for it? Good night, Michael.
You want one? Ugh, I'm okay.
I'm so tired.
One sip and I'd be done.
I'm sorry I wasn't there today.
You're here now.
I guess when your boyfriend's dead for a few months, you figure out how to manage the worst days on your own.
I've always been able to manage on my own.
Talk to me.
I know your day was hard, too.
Oh, no.
Not compared to yours.
- I'm fine.
- Really? 'Cause, no judgment, but you just killed, like, four fingers of bourbon in a minute.
You know, you never told me why your parents immigrated here in the first place.
My dad wanted a family, but not in Juárez.
There was no opportunity, no money.
Women were disappearing there all the time.
He didn't want my mom to be one of them.
So we fled.
You're wondering why your family came here.
If I even had a family.
I mean, I know so little about my own story.
And the, the parts that I thought I understood are just unraveling.
Family is the one area where I am certain biology does not matter.
Look, when I found out that Rosa was only my half sister, that didn't change anything.
- This is different.
- It's not There are only three of us on this planet, as far as we know.
I mean, feeling disconnected from them makes me feel completely alone.
Completely alone? I'm right here.
When you needed a, a rescue today, your Mensa society, old money son of a senator ex was there to answer your prayers.
I couldn't even answer a call.
- You didn't need me.
- Oh, my God.
Okay, so Would you prefer that I did need you? Would you prefer to come home to find me crying into my dad's windbreaker so that you can swoop me up and drive me to El Paso for his deportation hearing - in the morning? - That's not fair.
You wanted me to talk about today.
Yes, okay.
I'm sorry.
I want you to feel better.
Well, you think maybe you could go back in time and not meet someone as handsome as Diego? Seriously.
He's like if someone mixed a-a cologne ad with a Kennedy.
It's ridiculous.
I will never feel adequate again.
Mm, you're wrong.
Max, let me be clear.
You are objectively better in bed.
Hey, that helps.
That, th You win.
And I never woke up on a Sunday morning to him singing Hank Williams in the shower.
- Poorly.
- He never snuck, uh, unreasonable tips into my dad's checks or quoted Henry IV.
Coming home to you, at the end of my worst days and my best days is the only rescue I need.
She looks so determined.
Neither of us would be here if she hadn't been.
You know, she was paralyzed and alone for 50 years, and she still managed to use her powers to help ease troubled minds.
You know how hard that is? To take on someone else's suffering? I mean, it doesn't just disappear.
She would have been carrying all of that.
She suffered so much loss.
I don't know how to be worth it.
It's weird.
- Agreed.
- Yeah.
You know, DeLuca, I think we have been suffering from a nasty case of sibling rivalry.
Well, you do make me suffer.
- Isobel - Speaking of suffering.
Mind giving us a minute? I will leave, on the condition that you are not about to propose to my great-great-grandniece.
The branches of this family tree are twisted enough.
Open it.
I don't understand.
The beads are made with pollen from the alien flower.
I found another plant growing at Louise's grave.
Okay, my working theory is that they grow from alien remains.
There's this UFO lore about that Libyan desert where the flowers have been discovered before.
You don't have to wear it if you don't want to.
I know better than to think I can save Maria DeLuca.
I hope you decide you can save yourself.
I thought that was gonna be a much harder sell.
A lot of people have made sacrifices so I could be here.
I don't want to waste them.
- Diego? - I made a call, about that toxin in your friend's system, butyricol.
It's a drug.
It's-it's a memory eraser.
It was developed by a private organization and purchased by the military for weaponization.
There's no approved application outside of violent combat.

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