Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s02e11 Episode Script


1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico You need prior approval before conducting enforcement - in a hospital.
- Unless you calm down, I'm gonna arrest you for obstruction.
It's me.
I need your help.
Diego, this is Max.
Max, this is The ex-fiancé.
Everybody needs help.
Help like rehab? You will be better.
DIEGO: That toxin in your friend's system, butyricol It's a memory eraser.
ALEX: My dad's been looking for this thing for 30 years.
(GRUNTS) I said either ♪ (DOOR OPENS) (DIEGO CLEARS THROAT, CLOSES DOOR) Oh, oh, oh, my God.
Is-is it past 7:00? Babe, it's after 11:00.
- (SIGHS) I'm-I'm so sorry.
- No.
It's all good.
Your monk-like hyper focus is a turn-on.
(SCOFFS) Anyway, I come bearing gifts.
Seared scallops and tres leches cake from Mizuna.
God bless you.
(LAUGHS) So, what are you doing with this worm behind my back? Oh, administering a lethal dose of radiation to observe a particular neoblast.
Don't be jealous.
Of the neoblast? It's a regenerative master cell.
The only one with this protein.
I mean, this particular cell was able to multiply, diversify and reanimate my worm.
So observing the master gets you the underlying mechanisms of tissue regeneration.
Then-then I apply the mechanism to human tissue, and irreversible injury and degradation become distant memory.
God, I-I mean, I know I know that's not gonna happen in our lifetime, but - Babe - This could be a step to help.
Elizabeth, you You're a once-in-a-lifetime.
(LAUGHS) You are extraordinary! Limits don't apply.
Screw it.
You see, I had this whole thing planned at the restaurant, but I guess it's fitting that we do this here in the lab at almost midnight.
What? All my life, I've been competitive.
I've never been content to just stand back and watch someone shine.
I've never been so willing to put my heart in someone else's hands.
I've never met anyone like you, Elizabeth.
(SIGHS) Will you marry me? Mmm.
- Wait, wait.
Babe? - Huh? - Is that a "yes"? - Obviously.
(LAUGHING): Oh, come here.
- I'm so sorry.
(SIGHS) How did you get in here? Are we really still asking that question? You told us to meet you at 6:00 before the CrashCon rush.
You weren't here, my brain picks locks now.
LIZ: Maybe you should be drinking decaf.
Are you wearing workout clothes? I am reintroducing some light cardio.
- (TAPS TABLE) - Help strengthen my heart.
Where are you coming from so early? Uh, I-I stayed at Maria's.
She's still processing everything.
How light is this cardio, exactly? Maybe we should consult Kyle.
Liz, I'm fine.
Are you guys about to fight? 'Cause I can make popcorn.
I love you.
You badly need your own business to mind.
(GASPS) We should find you a boyfriend.
Or a girlfriend, or a non-binary intimate companion.
Great job, Dad.
- (LAUGHS) - Yeah.
It's a recent thing.
Speaking of recent things, when am I gonna get to meet your ex-fiancé Diego? 'Cause Max only started doing light cardio ever since he laid eyes on him.
- Dude.
- (LAUGHS) Oh, he was only here to help my dad.
And help with a breakthrough in the abduction case I've been tracking - Mm.
Since my resurrection.
What's the breakthrough? Well, Cam was injected with butyricol.
- Mm-hmm.
- Which we now know is a rare, memory-erasing drug that, uh, very few people have access to.
It's only been used in one highly-classified military trial.
We think Cameron was abducted to lure Charlie out of hiding.
There are a lot of people with an interest in Charlie's bioweaponry expertise.
Has anyone tried reaching out to Alex, see if there's a butyricol connection with Project Shepherd? LIZ: He's off the grid at an Air Force recruitment thing.
We'll ask him when he's back in town, but that won't be 'till after CrashCon.
She lived until 1997.
You, um You think she was all right? Happy? Sanders, man, she knew how much you loved her.
- Please stop talking.
- (CHUCKLES) You got work to do, and you you got some crap stuck to your boot.
Tripp left this for my dad before he died.
Well, I should probably, uh, get to that early shift at the Pony.
(PHONE RINGING) You know, CrashCon hours.
- (SIGHS) - What's wrong? When I visited Rosa at rehab, I told her I would send her her sketchbooks.
She needs them for therapy, and I totally forgot to mail them.
I'll take 'em.
I love a road trip.
- Plus, Rosa's been on my mind recently.
- Really? Yeah.
That would be amazing.
Thank you.
That was not made in Roswell.
- Diego.
- Hey, man.
- I thought you left town.
- Yeah, my mom says D.
is buzzing about increased immigration enforcement.
I don't feel right leaving town without your father in the clear.
I've got connections, some powerful lawyers.
I wish I could say we didn't need the help, but - It's no big deal.
- Hi.
I'm Isobel Evans.
I'm sort of the, uh, unofficial Roswell welcoming committee.
So, if you need anything at all, I'm yours.
(GIGGLES) Literally.
You know, restaurant recommendations, or a good place to watch the sunset.
I think we can let go of the poor man's hand now.
I need Rosa's sketchbooks.
Oh, uh, upstairs through the kitchen.
My dad'll show you.
Max? Is this weird? It's okay.
I love you.
I love you.
): Dr.
Valenti, report to the Dean of Surgery's office immediately.
- ALL: Ooh! - Oh.
Traitors, all of you.
Excuse me.
Your science is on top of my cheese.
(GRUNTS) Ah, doing some molecular gastronomy.
Oh, got to stay on top of trends these days.
Everything needs to be Instagrammable.
- Look, I was thinking.
- Mm-hmm.
I bet butyricol uses inducible diphtheria toxins to stun the memory expression neurons into paralysis.
See, if we can counteract that, we can get your friend her memories back.
Would it boost GABA in DLPFC? See, no, you're thinking working memory, not recovery.
Think traumatic memory.
Think tiny kitchen.
Think about all the people in their costumes who won't go away until we feed them.
My man, put-put me to work.
Can I butter your buns? You stay.
She goes.
(DOOR CREAKS) (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) - (GRUNTS) - What'd you do with Alex? - Where the hell is Alex? - I don't know.
That's what I'm doing here.
I'm looking for him.
Try again.
You told Alex Tripp gave you this in 1987.
That's before the Crashdown ever used this logo.
You lied to get Alex to recover the piece of alien tech from me.
What did you do with him once he had it?! (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) I just found out Alex never made it to Andrews Air Force Base last week.
He's disabled, he's got PTSD, so I'm concerned about him.
Your kinder-gentler, bigot-scumbag thing isn't gonna work with me.
Without even touching you, I can rip your trachea out and show it to you.
Guerin, for once, we're on the same side.
We both want Alex back.
So, yeah, go ahead, lose your only lead.
Or you could let me help you find him.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Sorry, girl.
It's just, no one would believe me if I didn't have pics.
I brought you your sketchbooks.
Liz says she's sorry she couldn't come.
That's okay.
It's CrashCon.
And also, my dad how is he? He's good.
He's lying low.
He sends his love.
And he did send pan dulces, too, but I got hungry on the drive, - so - Oh.
Don't you mess with me.
You do not realize the food situation that I am dealing with here.
Thank you.
And thank you for coming.
What are your ulterior motives? I am curious about what's in your journals.
My sketchbooks? Well there's writing in them.
You read my journals? Uh, your sketchbooks.
And no, I didn't really read anything.
I'm trying this new thing where I don't follow every selfish impulse.
But you still looked.
What are you looking for? Myself.
So to speak.
I'm curious about what might be in there from the whole Noah thing.
You can look, and if you see something that you want to know about, just ask.
I'm probably gonna tell you to mind your beeswax, but you know, shoot your shot.
♪ How are you? Hey! Are we stress eating? Where's Maria? She's at a retreat for her mom.
She left yesterday.
I'll be your server.
Leave the bottle.
I tried calling you earlier.
Who gave you my number? You know what? I'm not in a chatty mood.
I was suspended from work today.
Craziest thing, I was accused of stealing hospital resources for personal use.
There might even be a criminal investigation.
Look you're a good person.
You probably deserve for me to leave you the hell alone, which is why I wish I didn't have to ask you.
But I'm concerned that Project Shepherd might be tied to these abductions.
You can't ask Alex? He's out of town.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) Look, I'm just trying to figure out who's hurting people.
I hate having a conscience.
How's baking going? Ah, I'm gonna win Top Chef.
Oh, come on, you know damn well no one uses eggshells on purpose in any kind of cooking.
You met my meemaw don't insult me.
You're making calcium carbonate.
Is this about regenerating worms? Uh, kind of.
I'm testing out a theory.
I know I have to recreate it in a sterile environment later, but with my dad laying low in peak tourist season, I haven't been able to spend as much time in the lab.
The lab that made you sign an NDA.
- Which is where again? - Nice try.
"The groundbreaking research led by "Elizabeth Ortecho is the future of biomedical engineering.
" - (EXHALES) - (LAUGHS) This grant changes everything.
I mean, there is so much more that we can do now.
We are we are really gonna save lives.
I'm so proud of you.
(SCOFFS) (BOTH LAUGH) Oh my God, are you okay? - Sorry, I didn't - No, I'm I'm okay.
I'm fine.
It's just (SNIFFLES) When I was a kid, um I felt trapped in my life.
I was just thinking about what this would have meant to me then.
To know that the person I am existed.
This isn't what the world teaches girls like me to dream.
What would you do if you could do anything? I want a Nobel Prize.
Strong start.
What next? (CLEARS THROAT) Citizenship for my dad.
I want him to not always have to be so scared.
And I want to be less angry.
I'm angry so much of the time.
Anger's not so bad.
It reminds us that something's not right.
And then we change it.
And you are gonna change everything.
I'm so glad I get to stand beside you while you do.
Wait, I don't think that's fully Why are you helping me? I mean, my dad.
But me.
You sound like my girlfriend.
Naomi was also surprised that I would rush to Roswell to help someone who bulldozed my life.
I really wish I would have handled things differently.
But if you had, I wouldn't have Naomi.
I mean, I have a good life, Elizabeth.
I'm happy.
I do miss you at work, though.
(LAUGHS) There's really there's no replacing you there.
Yeah, I get the feeling.
So wouldn't it feel really good if you would just tell me what your secret experiment is? Hypothetically, let's say there's this rare blood disorder that affects one in four million people.
No research, no treatments.
Until you? Do you remember my planarian neoblasts with the regenerative proteins? - Yeah.
- So, OK.
I KYLE: Searching for the term "butyricol.
" What makes you think it's got a connection to Project Shepherd? The drug was developed by the military.
- Mm-hmm.
- And the only other clue we have is a fractal burn pattern, which is an alien thing.
And Project Shepherd is in the middle of your alien-military Venn diagram.
- Yeah.
- Ah.
I know.
It's a long shot, but it's all I have right now.
I'm surprised you haven't asked to see this sooner.
Yeah, I'm still figuring out how much information I want to know.
I mean, you ever wake up from a night of drinking and not want to know what happened the night before, in case it's worse than you imagined.
Like if I don't remember Taylor Swift drag night at Planet 7, then it didn't happen? (GRUNTS) No.
Can't relate.
- (CHUCKLES) - Mm.
Thank you.
Uh, when this is done, why don't you let me give you a lift over to Liz's lab? We can load up the stolen equipment so you can return it.
She's not using it.
We don't have to do that.
What? I mean, your handprint gives you access to their security system, right? - (STAMMERS SOFTLY) - So, you know, just get in there and return their stuff.
Maybe they'll go easier on you if they have it.
What'd you do with your brother? Drop the gun.
You can't pull intel from a dead soldier.
I'd be careful, kid.
I taught you everything you know, but I didn't teach you everything I know.
You wouldn't have showed up unless you wanted my attention.
Well, here I am.
Where is Alex? He's safe and sound.
I know how concerned you are about his safety.
That why you had him locked in the basement? You kidnapped him first, Pops.
What do you want from him, anyway? You hand him over to me right now.
This time I outrank you, and I haven't granted clearance.
You outrank me? You went soft.
My entire life has been about destroying the aliens.
THAT'S ALL I'VE DONE: develop weapons, develop strategy.
Fighting for our species, 'cause you told me.
I was wrong.
You can't do that.
(SIGHS) I don't need you for this, old man.
(ENGINE STARTS) (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) You had him in your basement? What, you took him last week after you got that piece of alien tech from me? He's a loose end.
If we got him back from Flint, you were gonna kill him.
You are barely human! Ooh! When I was a kid, I thought maybe because of my high IQ, my species was superior to yours.
Then I fell in love with your son.
And I didn't feel superior anymore.
I am angry.
And smashing things, it's easy.
Alex has evolved past that.
He's past you! And he's past me.
Despite you you slapping him around, shoving that Manes Man crap down his throat, he still loves.
He even loves you.
You don't deserve to call him your son.
(MICHAEL RUNNING) You know, we really don't have to do this right now.
We got nowhere with Project Shepherd.
Let's do one productive thing today and return this stuff so we can do someone some good.
Uh, okay.
(WHIRRS, BEEPS) Um do you have access? No.
No, I was deceased when the guest list was created.
KYLE: Maybe Liz was still pissed about the pollen in my mom's perfume, had Alex revoke my access.
It doesn't matter.
If Diego was able to find out about this butyricol through his fancy connections, maybe it wasn't a Project Shepherd or Caulfield trial.
Maybe it was legit military.
Mm, military would have some use for something that would erase state secrets from people's minds They can't spill to the enemy.
Or you could erase bad memories from soldiers coming home.
(SIGHS) Or it could be a weapon.
Erase an army's memories they don't know what they're fighting for anymore.
Project Shepherd hasn't been legit in years, so what does Flint Manes do, officially, for the military? He's a weapons specialist.
He could have access to biochemical trials.
Let's go.
Find out what he's up to.
My team at-at my research facility.
We found a-a rare protein.
A mutated gene.
May You know what? I've said too much.
You probably think I'm delusional anyway.
No, you're not delusional.
Elizabeth Holmes was delusional.
Yeah, well, at least Elizabeth Holmes had funding.
You can get funding.
The second we move from worms to human cells, they pull our funding, and that it isn't fair.
I think you should reconsider the Genoryx grant.
What difference does it make? Every research facility in this country answers to the same uber-conservative Department of Health and Human Services.
Well, whoever's funding Genoryx isn't super concerned about FDA guidelines.
They're above the red tape.
Look, you can start saving the world now.
I can't do anything shady or secret.
I, I have too much to lose.
My God, Elizabeth! You don't always have to be this perfect daughter of a perfect immigrant! Yes, I do, because the imperfect daughter is in a box at Frontier Valley Cemetery! Genoryx has more money than they know what to do with.
Just because your office has ping-pong tables and hypobaric napping chambers, does not mean that Genoryx isn't unethical.
(THROUGH BULLHORN): Greetings, Graham Crackers! Today, - Son of a a private citizen pledged a donation to the museum that will change the course of human history.
At closing night, 7:00 p.
, main stage, I will unveil the most astonishing alien artifact I've seen in all my years of collecting.
(CHEERING) - (GRUNTS) - Bye, now.
(LAUGHS) (DOOR CLOSES) Oh, hell no.
This is the post-high school chapter.
Which is really just a big burn book on my mom.
Finding out my dad wasn't my dad was bad.
It was Liz's senior year when I dumped my drug dealer boyfriend, and I went to this N.
I think that was the first time that I ever actually wanted to get better.
But still, I wore a hoodie, I sat in the back, I made myself really invisible.
I was high at the meeting.
You can see it if you want to.
Jump in.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) (APPLAUSE) (WOMAN'S DISTORTED VOICE) The drinking started when the man I loved left me.
That was almost 20 years ago.
And I still see him every day.
I see him in the street, in my business, but I can handle that.
What I can't handle is when I see him in our daughter's eyes.
(DISTORTING, ECHOING): Sometimes I think if we didn't have a child together, I might not hurt so much all these years later.
I might not still love him, but I do today.
So I drink and I take pills.
And I try not to look my daughter in the eye.
(CRYING SOFTLY) Why did you want to show me that? I I cannot relate to marrying a body-stealing alien sociopath.
(WRY LAUGH) You're kind of on your own for that one.
But I know that you're feeling messed up over not knowing your real mom.
And I guess I just feel like it's worth saying that I wish I knew mine a little bit less.
Javi, la migra.
Te llamo mas tarde.
What are you doing here? How's your dad, Miss Ortecho? Tell you what.
Coffee's on the house if you take it to go.
Oh, sounds pretty entitled for a Mexican.
- With a criminal record.
- You do know I own this place, right? I can refuse service to racist dicks.
You know, it's a shame.
You'd be good-looking if it wasn't for that ugly mouth.
Oh, do you want to know what my ugly mouth can do? - Liz, maybe don't.
- My ugly mouth can tell the ACLU that you, Chad Hinkle, were on track to miss your monthly quota when you violated the fourth amendment by yanking my dad out of a hospital.
Now that you're here, my mouth can tell my lawyer to press misdemeanor stalking charges.
My mouth can say that your sister's kid goes to school in a district she does not live in.
But, hey, that's just from Google.
- You listen, bitch - No.
You want to destroy my family over a bogus vandalism charge? Why do we have to be perfect to deserve to exist within some arbitrary border? Why is it okay for you to screw up, but not me? Because I am me, and you're a waitress.
But not to me.
The acting director of U.
Customs and Immigration Enforcement literally came to my birthday party.
He's a friend of the family.
So is she.
You have a nice day, Miss Ortecho.
Oops, I did it again.
- (DOOR OPENS) - Liz? - Liz, are? Are you okay? - I'm fine.
I'm fine.
(DOOR CLOSES) I'm gonna go call Max.
KYLE: So this is Flint's place.
All right, why don't you check back there? I'll check this side.
We're looking for anything related to the Camerons.
Check in everything, under everything, behind everything.
I get it.
Check everything.
MAX: Okay.
What, you find something? Uh maybe.
You? Maybe.
Come here.
(DIALING) Ooh, just hear her voice and then hang up.
That's it.
(LINE RINGING) Dirk speaking.
Hello? Helena? Helena, is that you, baby? Oh, if it is, please come home.
We've been so worried.
I love you so much.
If this is the bastard who took her, I hope you rot in hell, you son of a bitch.
(SNIFFS) Anyone ever tell you you smell like rain? (VEHICLE APPROACHING) Max? The hunting van.
We need to get back to town.
You know, despite my bad girl reputation, I'm actually not on board with breaking you out of rehab.
So if you can please make that clear to Liz.
Look, my mom is missing.
Okay? She could be one of the abducted.
Uh, maybe she was leaving Roswell, on her way out of town, and something happened.
I don't I don't know.
Or maybe she's bailing on her new family like she bailed on her old one.
Look, this is not an excuse to leave rehab, okay? I just want to find out that she's okay.
- Then I'm gonna go right back.
- Sure, Jan.
I literally only have a week left.
I might as well practice being sober sooner than later.
You want to stay longer? I want to stay until I'm better.
Listen, Noah was a treacherous, serial-killing alien, but he did have a happy knack for day trading.
And I've been trying to figure out what to do with all that money he left behind.
Oh, you you don't have to do that.
I want to be better, too.
The more that I learn about Louise, the more I want to be like her.
She was a good person, and she made a difference.
Someone told me recently that they saw a lot of her in me.
I really want that to be true.
Hey, you missed the turn.
I haven't heard back from Michael all day.
I just want to stop by the junkyard and make sure that he's still alive.
(BUZZING, ZAPPING) - (YELLING) - Oh Nap time is over, sweetheart.
So this is the perk of being a weapons specialist, huh? (GROANS, PANTS) Oh, if this is your attempt to convince me that you aren't a horde of violent invaders here to colonize a planet that isn't yours, I mean, you're doing a really bang-up job.
You know, I was a good kid.
I wanted to be an agricultural engineer.
Maybe have a couple kids, start a dad band.
But then I was provoked.
And now, I'm this.
Maybe there's still hope for you.
Your brother Gregory's living a peaceful life teaching kids, staying jacked on the res.
- And Alex Alex - Alex is a traitor.
He'll be court-martialed when this is over.
So he's still alive? (LAUGHS) You were early.
What are you talking about? You know, my father demanded a meeting.
I had just left Sanders' Auto.
If you hurt that old man! I wouldn't touch him.
Okay? He's a hardworking American.
I was just leaving you a note.
And I took Alex because I knew it was the best way to get you to cooperate.
Alex will be fine as long as you do what I say.
If you disobey, make my day any worse, Alex will die knowing you are the reason.
So why don't you untie me and apologize? We'll go from there.
Diego, you really don't need to stick around.
I don't want to keep you from your life.
Elizabeth, ICE agents came to your business today.
- And I handled it.
- With my help.
It's okay to need help.
Listen, Genoryx invests in their people.
You are valuable.
I'm sure they'll sponsor Arturo's path to citizenship if you just sign on.
In the meantime, you can work in a sanctuary city.
- Did you get my messages? - Yeah.
Hey, Diego.
Uh, any progress on Arturo's case? (SIGHS) I think we're on the the right track.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- Have a good night, guys.
- Yeah.
(DOOR OPENS) Something wrong? (DOOR CLOSES) Got to tell you something, but you might want to sit down.
Kyle and I connected butyricol to Flint Manes.
So I called Alex's other brother, Greg, and he said that Flint has this property outside of town.
He drives a massive hunting van, Liz.
He was the sniper the night we found Cameron.
Have you called Alex? No, Kyle's on it, but there's-there's something else.
I found this in Flint's trash.
This is the box my dad kept my abuelita's ring in until my mom stole it.
I got the ring back, but she kept the box.
Rosa called earlier.
She was worried about Mom.
I said that she probably just bailed like she always does.
If-if Flint used Jenna to get to Charlie because Charlie builds bioweapons, what does he want with my mom? Maybe he's trying to get to another bioengineering genius.
Well, that's not gonna work.
I don't care about her.
(SIGHS) Okay.
Max, what's going on? You're being cold.
This is a serious conversation.
No, don't do that.
What's going on? I know Maria left yesterday.
I saw her and Mimi off from the Wild Pony.
So I know you didn't spend last night helping her process.
And you certainly didn't spend last night here.
I didn't push it this morning because I trust you, and everyone's entitled to their secrets.
If this about Diego, you're way off base.
I wish this was about Diego.
Why is Kyle locked out of your lab? Why did you tell me that no one's accepting your applications when you've turned down two research grant offers? I found the papers in my trash.
Because I don't want to go back to that.
Okay? I brought you back to life, and now, I don't want to go back to worms and-and mice and rats and hoping maybe my work will help some other scientist revolutionize medicine decades from now.
What kind of work are you doing, exactly? I'm developing a rapid treatment for a rare blood disease.
Kyle's girlfriend is sick, and I want to help repay him for what he's done for us.
) (SNIFFLES) (CLEARS THROAT) Is it true? Have you been stealing from the hospital? Steph Yeah.
# NoFilter.
I can't get my hands to work lately, which makes getting the top off my makeup kind of hard.
But we can talk about eye shadow after you answer me.
Have you been siphoning hospital resources for God knows what? It's not that simple.
Yes, I've gone against hospital policy to treat people who can't get health care.
Yeah, well, this isn't a victimless crime, Kyle! My dad He's been getting so much heat about supply shortages.
His personal genome machine getting stolen out from underneath his nose.
Do you know how much it's costing him to keep me alive right now? How much it would cost if he lost his fancy insurance? I, um I hadn't thought about that.
I'm gonna return everything.
That's why I'm here right now.
To apologize.
And to say goodbye.
I am definitely going to lose my job, and after I confess to everything, they're definitely gonna press criminal charges.
Yeah, well, your mom's the sheriff.
Oh, yeah, and if you'd met her, you'd know that means I'm really screwed.
(SNIFFLES) I wish you'd met her.
She'd really love you.
Goodbye, Steph.
Show up for your shift tomorrow.
What? Yeah, the thing about dying? Your dad's willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy.
And I don't want you to lose your job, so I don't know what to say.
I'm still mad at you.
Close the door on your way out.
So this is just about Kyle's girlfriend, and then it's over? If I can cure her, the possibilities are endless.
I can adjust it for other illnesses.
Adjust what, exactly? Alien DNA? Liz, my God.
Like, let's say you're right, and you find some magic cure-all in alien spinal fluid.
And then that information falls into the wrong hands? It won't, because it's in my hands.
Max, I love you, I love your family.
I-I am asking you to trust me with this.
No, you're not asking me anything.
You haven't asked me about any of this.
You just got caught in a string of lies.
I guess it sucks, huh, when your partner doesn't include you in major, life-altering decisions? Are you angry at me for bringing your sister back? Hey.
Liz, we need to talk.
Rosa, we think you're right.
We think mom was taken by Flint Manes as part of some scheme.
Well, there is new information.
We found this on Michael's trailer.
Flint didn't abduct my mother.
This is Helena's handwriting.
They're working together.
HELENA: Hola, Michael.
I'm Helena Ortecho.
Why? (YELLS) What the hell? It's a special drug developed at Caulfield.
It won't harm you at all, but you won't be able to use any telekinetics until it wears off.
It'll keep you honest.
I want to see Alex.
You will.
After you build me this bomb.

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