Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s02e12 Episode Script

Crash Into Me

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico Diego, this is Max.
Max, this is The ex-fiancé.
Why is Kyle locked out of your lab? What kind of work are you doing? Max, I love you.
I am asking you to trust me with this.
We found this on Michael's trailer.
This is Helena's handwriting.
Helena and Flint are working together.
I want to see Alex.
You will.
After you build me this bomb.
Hello? Uh, he's out.
Can I take a message? Yeah, let me just get a pen.
Thanks, I'll let him know.
Didn't know you were stopping by.
Did you take a a whole vial of my antidote? Uh, maybe.
Those are from when you were treating my amnesia.
Why are you looking through my desk? I was looking for a pen.
Your bank called.
They verified that deposit you asked about.
Max, a-a dose that strong could be incredibly taxing.
Liz, look at me.
I'm fine.
You're so stressed trying to keep me from getting stressed, it's becoming very friggin' stressful.
I'm sorry.
And I'm sorry I wasn't honest about the lab.
I know any scientific inquiry into alien physiology scares you but I was so scared about hurting your heart, I-I didn't think about hurting you.
I want us to be a team.
I want us to make big choices together.
And I don't want to go anywhere you're not gonna follow me.
That's all I want, too.
I love you.
And I'm always on your team.
Once we know our friends are safe, I'll, uh, go to the lab with you and we can box up all that stolen equipment and return it and destroy the evidence.
It's I-I guess we haven't heard anything from Michael? Uh, nothing.
No, Isobel and I would know if he was badly injured or in serious danger.
So I'm choosing not to freak out.
I spoke to Helena's boyfriend Dirk.
He said before she left, she was getting nonstop calls from a 575 number.
The Sunset Mesa facility where Mimi DeLuca lives.
Wait, Mimi was calling your mom before the abductions? Uh - Does Maria know? - Cell service is out because all the tin hat-wearing tourists crowding the airwaves, but I left her very detailed messages.
Mimi was always obsessed with alien movies.
Maybe fiction and reality are blurring.
Your mom is working with Flint Manes, who spent years making an alien-killing weapon while at Caulfield.
What if your mom found out Rosa was killed by an alien? She'd want revenge.
Then I have to find her and tell her that an alien also resurrected Rosa.
Kyle e-mailed.
He wants me to stop by the hospital.
I think he found something.
So don't call your mom till I get back, okay? Okay.
You and Kyle are friends? What? After you two investigate, you can grab a beer with Diego and compare notes.
Yeah, I don't think they drink beer.
It's not keto.
Listen, why don't you meet Isobel and I at the Pony at 4:00 in case we can't reach you by phone.
We'll decide our next steps together.
Mom? I need to talk to you right now.
We can go after this chapter.
I just got a message from Liz.
Mom when you disappeared, it was Helena Ortecho that took you.
You didn't have butyricol in your system when they found you.
You know Liz's mom.
You'd remember if you spent a month with her.
Mom are you covering for Helena? Everything is going to be fine.
I'm not fine.
Alex and Michael are missing.
Helena is a lot of things, but she won't hurt your friends.
I'm sure.
You're the blonde.
- The one that Rosa was afraid of.
- Hi, Mimi.
Stay away from me.
I'm your cool Aunt Isobel.
Hopefully we can get to know each other under better circumstances sometime.
Sure about this, DeLuca? Desperate times call for desperate alien invasions.
What are you talking about? Show me what happened the night you disappeared, Mimi.
Oh, thank God you came.
My beautiful friend.
I saw her.
I saw her in a vision.
I didn't believe you.
I had to see it with my own eyes.
You saw her? You saw Rosa? Is this my necklace? I never thought we'd get to have this stupid fight again.
This is a good thing, Helena.
Your daughter is alive.
She needs you.
When Jim Valenti was dying, I came home to say goodbye.
But he kept saying Rosa could live again, that she was preserved.
But you didn't believe him.
No one ever believes us.
If Rosa is alive, it means Jim was telling the truth.
Which means everything else he said could be true, like aliens are real and Jesse Manes has a weapon that can kill them.
It means I have to go to war, Mimi.
First, you need some shoes.
Get out of my memories, Isobel.
It's just like the time when I tried to get into your head without consent.
She kicked me out.
What do you mean, get in my head? - Hey.
- Hey, sorry.
The line for the UFO Emporium shut down Main Street.
What do you What you got? I found this at Flint's, but it's from a florist my dad used when he was in the doghouse with my mom.
I finally guessed the password today.
Rosa's birthday.
The only thing on it is a note my dad wrote to Helena.
It's a lot of romantic crap followed by details for a storage unit he had up near Haystack Mountain.
Okay, let's go.
I'll drive.
I-I can't.
I got patients to see.
You're on your own this time.
This entire process would be more efficient if I could attach the release chamber to the other side.
Ay, mi hijo, now is not the time to get creative.
Time is running out.
Follow the blueprints exactly.
You don't look like an obedient soldier.
Who'd she take to force you to do her bidding? A friend.
It's complicated.
Why are you helping her? Jenna's free.
Flint Manes has a sniper rifle on the roof pointed at her bedroom window.
If I step out of line and something happens to You'll never forgive yourself.
I'll never forgive myself anyway.
Helena has me formulating a pathogen that I invented when I was 17.
It's a poison that dismantles specific DNA.
If targeted, your death is quick and ugly.
A bleeding-from-every-orifice kind of deal.
If only you'd been invited to more parties in high school.
I thought that I was saving people.
Okay, imagine a weapon that you could drop into a populated city, and the only people targeted would be al-Qaeda leaders and their direct descendants.
Okay? In the right hands, my weapon could prevent innocent civilian casualties and save our troops.
I'm guessing these are not the right hands? Why am I building the bomb when the inventor is under Helena's thumb? I do chemicals, not mechanics.
And technically it's not a bomb.
It's a catalytic toxin atomizer that was developed in a top secret operation involving weapons specialists from both the Army and the Air Force.
Project Shepherd.
One more question for you, Charlie.
Whose DNA is that poison you're making gonna target? Judging from conversations I've heard between Helena and Flint, it's alien DNA.
Like, literal aliens.
He's only supposed to take a drop when he has amnesia.
It's not vitamin C.
In high doses it could cause surges of adrenaline that could be dangerous.
No offense, but you sound like a mom.
Like a real mom, the kind who actually gives a duck.
Oh, I just figured out what autocorrect is.
It's hilarious.
Speaking of moms, ours hasn't reached out to any of your old dealers and she hasn't showed up at any of the churches in town, so you got any other ideas? Mm, it's CrashCon.
We usually find her wearing the loudest T-shirts and flirting with the richest nerds.
Yeah, but Flint and Jesse Manes hate aliens.
I mean, it's literally their only hobby.
If she's with them, I'm betting she's lost her affection for the simple charms of UFO novelty-kitsch.
If you were gonna get revenge on aliens, CrashCon is the perfect place.
There's all kinds of conspiracy theorists and press.
You know how mom loves attention.
Y-You think something's gonna happen tonight? Papi is there by himself, setting up.
I think he should come home.
Getting ready for a hot date? Yeah, uh My dad loves carnivals.
Guess he just wants to bring his dying daughter for one more dance in the Wacky Shack.
You don't seem up to a carnival.
I'm not.
But I love my dad.
Though I'm not sure he'll be able to enjoy himself if I look like a corpse.
And my fingers are really numb.
So What are you doing? Honestly I have no idea.
Let's see.
Talk me through it.
I'm not gonna let you put that on me.
Steph I'm a surgeon.
Steady hands.
Let's see.
For the record you don't need it.
You don't have to lie to me.
I know I look like the hospital ghost of your wildest dreams.
Look, I just want to look like, like me.
I get it.
Well, thanks for the assist.
I'm guessing that guard wouldn't let me through with bolt cutters unless I had an officer of the law present.
Oh, well, don't be jealous, Evans.
Valenti has me on desk duty.
So this little adventure is my lunch break.
Valenti did the right thing, giving you your job back.
Yeah, well, you know, apparently some local bartender gave her reason to doubt the events the night of the gala were my fault.
So I owe you.
I've lost track of who owes who what at this point.
Well, this is the one.
Shall we? Whoa.
What is that? It looks like embryonic fluid.
There must've been a pod in here.
And I'm officially in too deep.
I understood literally all of that.
You know, I miss the, uh, misty water-colored days of managing rowdy drunk rednecks - and meth heads.
- Yeah, well, you know, once we get my sister back, I'm gonna need a fifth of whiskey and some supervision, so half of that might come true.
Bolt cutters.
Look, Watson.
A clue.
I'm not Watson, you're Watson.
You're definitely Watson.
Okay there.
Okay, I'm ready to jump back in there, find out about her month on the lam.
Take off that bracelet, I can bring you in with me.
You go.
I'll wait here in case you pass out off that chair.
I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.
We just had the floors done.
Mimi I know you think you're doing the right thing, but Helena is holding people hostage.
We have to understand her motive.
You all think I'm losing my mind.
But I just slip out of my time and into a different one every once in a while.
Sometimes Maria's.
Or Mama's.
Other women in our future or past.
I saw you when you were a baby.
The sky was red.
What can you tell me about your time with Helena? She had you for a month.
We were in a motel.
We watched movies.
We laughed and gossiped.
She wanted to trigger my visions gather information.
What information? What did you tell her? What did you see? What's important is, Helena will take care of our girls.
I'm not afraid.
That's enough.
I tried.
She's fading.
She's tired.
It's harder when she's tired.
Come on, Mom.
I'll take you back to Sunset Mesa.
Maria, you just have to look for the signs in the water.
You have to believe.
Go on, you'd better hurry.
Hurry where? CrashCon closing night! You don't want to miss the fireworks.
You always loved the fireworks.
Okay, all these notes are from Helena to Jim Valenti.
This is from the week Rosa died.
I mean, even 20 years after their affair, she's still writing and he's still saving her letters.
Ah, pining after an Ortecho for years and years.
It's so weird.
Who does that? This is a this is a receipt.
It's a money transfer he made around the same time.
He paid Daniel Fuller a thousand bucks.
Fuller was the county coroner.
Okay, we still don't know how Noah got Rosa's body into the pod, right? But Jim had Project Shepherd connections to the morgue.
So maybe if Noah knew about Jim and knew that he'd be grieving Rosa, he could have told Jim where to find the pod, right, and-and maybe he didn't even take the pod back until after Jim died.
I mean, this is all a bunch of conjecture, I Jim pulled me aside at high school graduation, he said I was the kind of guy the sheriff's department could use.
Look, I mean, maybe I mean, he never let on, but maybe he knew I was an alien, right? Maybe he knew more than that.
Okay, Evans? Breathe.
You're you're looking a little clammy.
What's going on? Nothing.
No, see? Something's going on, and you're gonna tell me or I'm out, I swear to God.
Okay, you can't tell anyone.
- Yeah, you know I won't.
- Okay.
I've been taking this antidote that Liz made.
No She doesn't know.
But it's rebuilding some of my memories from before the 1947 crash, right? I was just a little kid, but I had a destiny.
I had responsibilities.
Right, you're the, the savior.
Yes well, maybe.
But I-I was starting to remember these symbols from our old language, right? I remember what they mean, but, uh, but it's like the meaning is just out of reach.
And I'm I'm out of the antidote.
And, you know, Liz is getting suspicious.
- So - Hmm.
Oh, I-I didn't say anything.
Really? Can you tell that to your face? I'm not using my friendship with your girlfriend to steal alien steroids for you.
Okay, our partnership has limits.
It's done.
So now what? You inject my spine with your mind-eraser? We only used the butyricol on Jenna Cameron, because there was still work to be done.
And Flint was afraid she'd ruin it for us.
You told Flint Charlie was creating a toxin that would kill aliens.
But if you wanted aliens dead, you'd be testing it on me right now.
'Cause that's what I would do if I was a criminal mastermind.
I needed Flint for the schematics and the muscle.
Our agendas didn't need to align perfectly.
You don't have to do this.
If you kill anyone tonight, Liz and Rosa will never look at you the same.
That ship has sailed.
Besides, I'm not killing anyone.
If disaster never strikes, justice won't be served.
Do you want to see Alex or not? The kitchen is swamped.
The UFO nerds are rioting.
Papi, seriously okay, we need you at the café.
Are you kidding? Look at this line.
I can't close down.
Here, have a churro.
Papi, please.
I have a bad vibe, all right, a gut feeling I can't shake.
Who are you? Elizabeth Ortecho doesn't do feelings.
She believes in facts and evidence.
No, I do feelings now I've evolved.
Here, Diego.
Have a churro.
Papi, do this for me.
Okay, all right, Papi.
Guerin? You're okay.
Guerin, you were right They used me to get to you.
My dad hit me over the head, and then he swiped a piece of the console.
And then Flint showed up with a gun to my head.
Did anyone hurt you? Nothing I can't handle.
Helena's been weirdly motherly.
She's-she's bringing me clothes and meals - Your leg.
- Yeah, they took the prosthetic.
I tried to bludgeon my brother with it.
Come on, use your powers.
Get me out of this.
Helena dosed me with something.
I'm basically human till it wears off.
Okay, then find something that'll break the cuff or my wrist I don't care! Alex, tonight at CrashCon, your dad plans to release a toxin that kills anyone with alien DNA.
Amparo, señor.
It's the second Saturday.
Deep cleaning day.
All right, well, this time do a better job dusting the top of the kitchen cupboards.
¿Comprendo? Helena made Charlie and I build an identical device, but one that targets a different DNA.
She somehow got her hands on your dad's cells.
She knows your dad killed Kyle's dad.
She wants revenge, but she wants him to take himself out.
When he pulls the trigger on us tonight, your dad's gonna die because of a device I built.
That is not on you.
Okay? Now let me out of here.
I can't.
The atomizer will kill anyone in your dad's direct line.
- You are safer here.
- Are you serious? And I got to go.
I'm gonna come back for you.
These letters are beautiful.
Didn't really know she was capable - of love like this.
- Can I keep some of these? For blackmail purposes.
Max Evans, surrounded by beautiful women.
I told you in middle school, man, it gets better.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
And you are beautiful.
You're such an idiot! You don't comply with a kidnapper's ransom demands.
- Without telling me.
- Alex was in trouble.
He had to go.
Mikey, where are Alex and Charlie? They're safe.
Your mom doesn't want to hurt them.
Look, I don't get it.
Does she want to kill aliens? Mm-mm, no.
She's avenging her murdered lover.
Oh, my God, I love a good telenovela.
This atomizer contains the poison that kills anyone with alien DNA.
I need you to destroy it.
Does Flint know that you have it? Pobre Flint.
Jesse really broke that boy.
Some people were never meant to be parents.
You can go when you're done.
The door's unlocked.
Flint's rifle shoots blanks.
W-Well, what's to stop me from leaving now? The knowledge that that deadly device only exists because of you.
You decide.
I'm off to CrashCon.
I hear there will be quite a show.
Here you go.
You say what you say ♪ You have to eat.
I need you to be all filled up to support the meltdown I'm gonna have once I process everything we've learned today.
Yeah? You play all the right games ♪ You always try to be everything to everyone ♪ I want to help.
Your mom's not the villain here.
All right? She-She's going about this all wrong, yes.
But Manes is already a murderer.
I mean, if he'd succeeded today I know, I know I could have lost almost everyone I care about in a moment.
I remember every day what it was like to lose you and Rosa.
I don't think I could survive that again.
And she could've built a decoy bomb that wouldn't have hurt anyone.
He'd just get angry and do it again.
Yeah, but he's not the only one that this would hurt.
I mean, the headlines if she gets caught? "Illegal Mexican immigrant slaughters decorated American vet via bioweapon.
" People will line up to lay bricks at the border wall.
But, hey, maybe the president will talk about my family at his rallies.
That's gonna be fun.
That's not gonna happen.
Right? This will get covered up, like every other strange death in this town.
In case you haven't noticed, those cover-ups don't tend to protect the Mexicans.
Even when Even when Rosa died.
You can say it, Liz.
It's okay, it's fair.
Rosa got blamed, white people didn't.
Okay? I get it.
I know you're on my side, but you don't get this.
And that's not your fault, that's just the reality of our experiences.
If I mess up if I so much as roll through a stop sign, it reflects badly on any Mexican who came before me.
And it hurts any Mexican who comes after me.
I used to think that nothing would ever change that, but lately I think maybe if something extraordinary happened, it could.
Extraordinary? Like what you're doing in your lab? I've discovered something that could be the key to curing people who have no hope otherwise.
I can't walk away.
So you're gonna turn my family's stem cells - into the hottest commodity? - No.
I, I won't, I we'll find a way to synthesize it or replicate it.
Is this about the people you're trying to save or about becoming the poster girl for immigrants everywhere? You want the president to talk about your family because of you.
Because you saved the world.
If those in power see what happens when people are given opportunity You want the glory.
I want recognition.
I want to be the example I never had.
And people who want glory, they-th-they're just in it for selfish reasons.
People like Jesse Manes want the glory.
He, he wants to be a-a big American hero.
He wa he wants the parades, he wants the medals.
I-I-If he sets off his alien atomizer at CrashCon, a handful of twentysomethings will die of some m-mysterious ailment and it's barely gonna make the news.
That's not what he wants.
We're missing part of his plan.
First, something violent.
Large-scale, that'll draw media attention.
And then, once all eyes are on Roswell He'll blame the violence on the aliens.
He only gets his parade if he makes people afraid, and then he destroys the thing that they fear.
If he makes people think that you're terrorists before he kills you.
Ladies and gentlemen, terrestrial and otherwise, the man of the hour Graham Green! Oh, look.
It's the little green CrashCon man.
Hey, you guys shouldn't be here.
I was held hostage, Max.
I deserve to ride the Sizzler until I barf cotton candy, and maybe - watch a bad man die.
- You guys, we think that Hello, loyal fans and devoted supporters! Your patience is about to be rewarded.
Today, I am thrilled nay, honored To show you the result of years of painstaking work, the moment we've all been waiting for.
Irrefutable extraterrestrial proof! A bona fide alien artifact! Chow time.
Come on, you've been through worse.
You'll be out of here tomorrow.
If you're doing this to try to impress Dad, - it is never gonna work.
- I'm not trying to impress Dad.
His shutdown of Project Shepherd was an infirm decision, but he's trained me my entire life to take it on.
See you later, brother.
Going to CrashCon.
Rocket launch.
Hey, wait.
Do you remember when Mom used to drive us to the res, and, and you would sit at the loom with Granddad? Weaving stories.
When was the last time you made something, Flint? Anything that wasn't built to destroy? Around the time that Mom decided that to leave Dad, she had to leave us.
She didn't know what he would do to us.
He didn't do anything to us.
Me and Clay are fine.
Hell, even Gregory's coming to see Dad today.
Wait, what? Gregory's at CrashCon? Later.
You're wrong.
We are all Dad's victims.
Sure, he beat me up, but what he put the rest of you through was abuse, too.
He made you watch while he kicked my ass.
- Shut up, Alex! - He scared you into thinking that there was only one type of man that you could become.
You're so pathetic.
You don't know me at all! This has nothing to do with Dad and everything to do with our history.
Aliens are a foreign threat.
They're invaders.
Alex's piece must have been the last one that Manes needed to finish building it.
Where's he been keeping the rest of this? You can get a closer look at Graham Green's UFO Emporium.
For a nominal fee.
Kid, I-I seen that thing before.
Your mother built that back in the old barn.
I don't know what it is, but it is definitely explosive.
I always wondered what happened - to the pieces.
- Maybe Harlan or Tripp Manes gathered 'em up, rebuilt it.
Yeah, but if Manes is gonna use that to blow up CrashCon, it's gonna make Graham Green look like the bad guy.
No one's gonna think an alien planted it.
Unless they follow the money.
I got an alert from my bank this morning.
A $10,000 deposit had cleared.
You think Manes set it up so that the investigation would lead to you? If I become the world's first alien terrorist and he takes me out, the world cheers.
Guys, you need to do whatever you can to get as many people out of here as possible, okay? - Get help.
- Hey, where are you going? Michael and I have studied this material before.
It-It-It's part tech, but it's also part organic.
And if it's part organic, that means it can be killed.
I got to get back to my lab.
Uh, Liz.
Take my car.
Hey, not so fast.
Selfies with the artifact will be available exclusively at my UFO Emporium.
Oh, I just wanted a final look.
I mean, I did donate it, didn't I? You sold it.
And there's plenty more where that came from.
See, well, I'm a collector.
So, you know, I have a, uh, a fossilized Martian placenta that you would love.
Uh, that's yours for the right price.
We'll be in touch.
Do you think we can destroy it? No.
The pieces want to be together, and now that it's complete, if we break the bonds with brute force, we risk a violent reaction.
Max, what are you doing? What the hell just happened to you? Huh? Nothing.
I think this is a remote.
I I think this controls a ship.
- It's a what? - Hey, kid.
That stage feel sticky to you? I mean, what dumbass varnishes the top of the stage? Wait, if this if this is fresh varnish, this whole platform is set up like a tinderbox.
There's gonna be fireworks tonight.
One spark'll light a fire.
I mean, this whole thing, the whole platform will go up.
This giant remote goes kaboom, aliens will be framed as terrorists.
You have to get out of here.
- What? No, I'm not going anywhere.
- Max, you are all sorts of worked up right now.
What happens when you're worked up? Sparks fly.
Right, okay.
Yeah, I'll go.
I'll go.
Seriously, Max, now.
You don't want to do this.
Give me the atomizer, Charlie.
This is the social event of their year.
How are we gonna convince the geeks to leave geek prom? You need to leave geek prom, Maria.
You have alien DNA.
And you have alien proteins.
If you're staying, I'm staying.
My mom said I should be here for the fireworks.
- Catch the fireworks on Fourth of July.
- Well, she said I should look for the signs in the water, but I don't see any water.
What? Oh, no.
Alex's brother Greg.
If Jesse sets off a DNA bomb, Greg dies.
Come on.
You have a kid? I have 12 kids, um, under ten.
They're my students.
Figured I'd treat this little hometown visit like a field trip.
You look just like that girl I went to high school with.
- Yeah.
Rosa was my-my cousin.
- I um, have a message for you from Alex.
He wants you to meet him at the - Crashdown.
- Yeah.
Free milkshakes for all the kids.
So, Rosalinda here is gonna help you round up all the kids, get 'em on the bus.
She's great with kids.
Absolutely was not fired from every babysitting job she ever had.
Be great.
Walking, please.
Walking, please.
Destroy the organic cell membrane.
Disable the nanotech.
Looks good, Helena.
You here to seduce your next accomplice? You were supposed to stay at the house.
I cleaned up the mess at the house, Helena.
You should be thanking me.
Enjoy your evening.
It's looking good, son.
Your father must be very proud.
Master Sergeant.
A word, please, sir.
All right, everybody on the bus.
Here we go.
Why are children always so sticky? Look.
That's our sign Pisces.
I saw it first this time.
A sign in the water.
What? That's a water sign.
Make sure all the kids get on the bus.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, safety is that way.
I was supposed to look for the sign in the water, and I Max.
Flint's here.
Is that the atomizer? Maria, you have to get out of here now.
So sorry.
- Sorry.
- Watch it.
You have to believe.
Everyone head to the exits, please.
We have an emergency.
Sorry, excuse me.
I came here to kill aliens today.
Might as well start with you.
What are you gonna do, Evans? Shoot a soldier? At the busiest event of the year? It's too late I already pulled the trigger.
Now, if I were you, I'd spend the next 60 seconds saying my goodbyes.
If I'm gonna die today, you're coming with me.
Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Trust me, it's for your health.
All it's gonna take is one tiny spark, and this whole place is gonna blow.
They're shooting the fireworks into the wind.
Manes must have messed with the trajectory.
Well, let's just keep the embers off our highly flammable family heirloom explosive, then, shall we? There's accelerant in the straw.
Hey! There's fire! Run! Run! Michael.
Michael, I'm cold.
Well, it's getting hotter by the minute, Iz.
Something is wrong with Max.
- You go.
I will handle this.
- No.
You don't have your abilities back yet.
I'll hold off the flames.
You go find him.
Go! You know, I actually started to believe that you had changed.
Yeah, you never could tell friend from foe.
- I actually counted on it.
- Hey.
I know exactly who you are.
You were gonna let all of these people die, and you were gonna let the aliens take the blame.
It's high time they got blamed for something, I think.
I'm gonna drag them from the shadows.
Yeah, and then what? You're gonna use the atomizer to kill them all? Then you become some hero by destroying - the enemy that you created? - American children are gonna read about the events of tonight in their history books.
Dad, listen And don't worry about collateral damage, son.
That's just an unfortunate aspect of war.
You know that better than anyone, Alex.
You're gonna become your own collateral damage if that thing goes off.
Helena Ortecho switched the devices.
That's not gonna kill aliens.
That is set to destroy your DNA.
If it goes off, you are going to die - in a puddle of your own blood.
- What are you doing? Are you bluffing to protect the aliens? What I'm doing is I'm trying to protect our family.
Dad, if that goes off, it kills all of your direct descendants.
Flint and Greg are-are somewhere in here.
And I don't care how much I disgust you I am still your son! Alex, Dad, there's a fire over in the, uh What is that? No.
You okay? You're okay, all right, you're okay.
You're fine.
Max! Maria.
Maria, are you all right? Hey.
Greg, you've got to get out of here it's too dangerous.
I know a weapon when I see one.
What are you about to do? Alex, I begged you to stay away! No, Guerin, stop! You don't know what he is, son.
I know what he means to Alex.
Liz, what happened? - My God, is that Flint Manes? - Yes.
Let me take over.
There's a fire by the stage.
Graham Green's alien thing is gonna explode.
Take my bag.
There's a chemical agent.
Solution A is a catalyst No, I don't know enough chemistry to make a cupcake, Liz.
God, you are the only one who can save an entire carnival of people from a bomb.
I can't lose him again.

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