Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s02e13 Episode Script

Mr Jones

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico I've seen that thing before.
It is definitely explosive.
It can be killed.
I got to get back to my lab.
They're shooting the fireworks into the wind.
All it's gonna take is one tiny spark, and this whole place is gonna blow.
You don't know what he is, son.
I know what he means to Alex.
Max! Hey, hey.
Liz, what happened?! Let me take over.
I can't lose him again.
You are the only one who can save an entire carnival of people from a bomb! Isobel! Liz I'm trying to keep the fire away from it, but I think there might be too much! I have to activate the ingredients first, but once I introduce my solution to this system, it should kill the cellular matrix.
And-and deactivate the bomb? Yes.
Aah! It's hot.
I have less time than I thought.
Oh, God.
Please, I'll do anything.
I'll I'll be better.
Please Oh, God.
Rosa, what happened? Check on Flint is he alive? What did you do to him? Rosa, help me get Flint to the hospital.
What are you doing here? I told you, you are free to go! Jesse Manes was the only one who was supposed to get hurt.
Okay, okay, keep her conscious.
- We're almost there down the hall.
- Stay with us.
It's okay, you're gonna be okay.
Let's get an IV on her.
Hang in there.
Is that supposed to happen? Get as many families out of here as you can and then run, Isobel, go! There is no reason for both of us to die go! No! I can't leave you.
Gregory, listen.
You and I have had our differences in the past, but you should stand with me now.
You're not well, Dad.
Move, move! Guerin, get the atomizer! Get it away from my brother! Alex, I can't.
At least you came prepared.
Liz, get back! Liz! Isobel! Liz! You disabled it, you you saved everyone.
I-Is Flint dead? Did you kill him? Drop it, Guerin.
Drop it! Greg.
I should have defended you from him a long time ago.
There are no more Manes men left.
You're late, Liz order up! Oh, sorry, Javi, I just haven't really been sleeping.
You've said that every day since CrashCon.
Still having nightmares? I'm fine.
Did you read the papers this morning? Oh, I've, uh, kind of been trying to avoid the papers.
Did you hear about that veteran who died at the carnival? They're going to have a parade, build a statue.
Did you know he was disabled? Here, seats two and three.
I did know that, yeah.
The CrashCon discourse is saying aliens invaded and killed the guy.
That should be good for tourism.
Newspaper said it was smoke inhalation, though.
He was making sure all the kids got out safely and the smoke overwhelmed him.
We need more people like him.
Uh, yeah, so table six has been waiting forever.
Okay, thank you.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Hi, your specials are Steak Me to Your Leader and UnidentiFried Chicken.
What do you recommend? I thought you went back to Denver.
I did go back, I just really missed the Space Junk-Loaded Cheese Fries.
Uh, Elizabeth Ortecho, - I'd like you to meet Doctor - Margot Meyerson.
I've-I've read all your studies.
I'm assuming you're not here for the Space Junk.
What you doing? Oh, they cut your bracelet off during surgery.
How are you? You look better.
Liz has been stopping by every day to inject me with witch serum.
Ooh, the synthetic nucleotide excision repair genomogenate? Mm-hmm.
We're lucky.
You're only part alien, otherwise there wouldn't have been enough left of you for her to save.
Do you think you could use your telekinesis to open this box? Mimi left it when she visited.
It's a family heirloom, but she forgot the key.
Mimi hasn't exactly been leading you in the right direction lately.
Her psychic visions led you toward a bomb instead of away from it.
Seeing you like that all sick and pale and quiet I-I started praying.
So, uh, I got to get to work, Iz, maybe we can I wish I understood why Louise and Nora would spent a year building an alien weapon of mass destruction.
I don't think it was a bomb.
I think it's a communication device.
It's like a remote, you know, it just happens to be combustible.
Are you mad at me, Max? Did I do something wrong? Is it that we're not related, or are you upset about the abortion? Because I Whoa, whoa, uh, Iz, whoa, God, no.
Because you're not talking to me! You're not the only one.
I didn't want everyone to worry, you know, 'cause I, uh I've been taking some of Liz's antidote.
And things are coming back to me.
Little flashes, sort of, mostly.
Vague memories.
Michael said that you kind of zoned out when you touched that alien bomb remote thing.
Did it trigger a memory? When I touched the console, I heard whispers that I could almost understand.
All right, it's like the same with those symbols.
I mean, it's like their meaning is, is just beyond reach.
Except for one word.
I, uh I took this from Graham Green's display at CrashCon.
See that? It's an aerial photo of some crop circles, from Roswell in 1948.
This farm belonged to a guy called Jones.
Pretty sure it says "savior.
" I don't understand.
This is my name.
Maybe that means that you and Michael's parents weren't the only ones that survived the crash.
Right, maybe I had a family, too.
You know, maybe, maybe my mom was just across town.
Max I really wish that you could just focus on the present.
You know, I mean, as a recently deceased man, I really feel like you should be enjoying the simple pleasures in life, you know, like reading nerdy books, the smell of leather, and that feeling when you wake up before your alarm and the person you love is still asleep and they're kind of snoring a little bit.
It's like the best thing that's ever happened to you.
Stuff like that.
I want all those things, too.
But I feel like if I only know half of myself, I'm only half living.
And I know you understand that, Iz, because I've watched you this year become your entire self.
And it is so beautiful.
Okay, I am am not at all mad at you.
Are you kidding me? I am so proud of you.
I am I am so proud that you're my sister.
Oh, Max.
Maria made me bring food over.
Gave it to Gregory.
He seems to be holding up okay.
Everything my family touches turns to crap.
My dad used to talk about how my Grandpa Harlan built this shed with his bare hands when he was, like, seventy.
For a long time it was my safest space.
And then one night my dad destroyed it.
You're right.
This place sucks.
I don't understand the violence, Max.
Flint could have had brain damage, given how long he wasn't breathing.
You risked your life to hurt him, and-and he had already thrown the weapon away, Max, so why? I can't get that image out of my head, - of you trying to kill Alex's brother.
- I know.
I snapped.
Last year, Noah told me that we were energized by killing and not by healing.
Even then, I knew he was right.
I Obviously I can usually fight that, but I guess this time my better angels just didn't show up.
We have to stop keeping secrets from each other, Max.
There's a scientist in town.
She's a supervisor at Genoryx.
She has a job for me in California.
She's offered to sponsor my dad's citizenship.
And it could put me in a position to help Rosa, too.
I mean, I'd be able to do a lot of good with the grant money they're offering, and I know that all sounds too good to be true, but It sounds like someone finally realizes how valuable your mind is.
I think that a change of scenery will be so good for us.
I mean, we could get a place by the beach and-and you can write.
Uh, you want me to, to come with you? Of course I do.
Well, I mean, I I just told you I have this killer instinct, and you want me to come to California with you.
We'll figure it out.
Okay? We'll figure all of it out, together.
Run away with me Max Evans? Anywhere.
Oh, my God.
I mean, of course.
Damn it, Mimi.
"Eugene Manes III.
" This is Tripp.
My grandfather killed Tripp.
Did you get arrested again? Ah, you found out about that.
Thank you for that, Cam.
Thank you very much.
You, uh, you hear from Charlie? Yeah.
She texted me from a burner phone that she was all right, and then she vanished again.
So, um, I was gonna go eat my feelings about it at the diner, - if you want to join.
- Oof.
I would, but I have a doctor's appointment, - 'cause that's a thing I do now.
- Mm.
Listen, um, I was wondering if you would be interested in a little undercover work? So, Alex thinks Harlan found out Tripp was an alien sympathizer all that time and he offed him.
So Mimi must have known that you would find it.
That's why she left the box.
Look, I know that you don't trust my mom's visions, but I was the only one that could grab that atomizer and run with it.
If it had been you, you'd be dead.
What are you doing? Maria, that prevents brain damage.
I'm only part alien, but it is a part of me.
Even if it's dangerous, I can't just turn off a piece of myself.
So I'm supposed to sit around, helpless, as you fade away? Maria, I cannot watch you disappear.
I love you.
I love you, too.
So can we just let this go? You have it wrong.
Mimi hasn't disappeared.
Yes, she can be inconvenient, she can make people uncomfortable, but maybe she's supposed to be an uncomfortable inconvenience that saves lives.
And now, I need to be inconvenient, and I don't want to be someone that hurts you.
I think that we should find out what's next, - apart from each other.
- Wait, so you think that if if we break up, I'm gonna be able to stop caring about you? I learned so much, being with you.
You sacrificed yourself without hesitation when Alex needed you.
I would have done the same for you.
I know.
I don't doubt your capacity for love, 'cause you made me so happy this year.
And I loved being someone that made you happy.
I just think that we should leave it be, before I wonder if someone else could make you happier.
Open the box, Guerin.
Let's see what comes next.
Tripp gave this to Maria's grandmother Patricia.
"Dear Patricia.
My name is Eugene Manes.
If you're reading this, I'm dead.
" His story starts the night of the UFO crash.
I couldn't hurt her.
She was from another galaxy, and yet somehow, she was as familiar as my own reflection.
It took a few weeks to find her, but I was drawn back to the Long Farm.
Don't be afraid.
I'm not here to hurt you.
You must know that.
The same way I know you aren't here to hurt me.
It's warmer, closer to the fire.
It was as if we were built from the same star "drawn together by something cosmic.
" Hmm.
What do you think will happen? What do you mean? When I die, idiot.
You know, Socrates thought that death was a blessing, because only one of two things could happen.
Either consciousness ceases, and it's like falling into a dreamless sleep.
Or, you go to where all who have died before you have gone.
Your loved ones, people you admire.
If you lived a good and just life, you will be surrounded by goodness and justice, in a place without fear.
I thought a lot about this when my dad passed, so I-I I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry that I'm putting you through this again.
No, no, no.
I want to be here.
It can wait.
Max said you guys had an appointment.
It's okay.
Don't flirt with other doctors while I'm gone.
I was very impressed with her work when we first pursued her, but when I met her today, not so much.
Why? 'Cause she had a little ketchup on her uniform? Oh, my God.
You're, like, so pretty.
Like, I just think that women should tell other women when they're beautiful, you know? Okay.
Thank you.
I am so sorry.
Anyway, I think we should move on.
Okay, wait a second.
Liz has been working on something recently, but she signed this NDA.
Although, I-I guess she can't be blamed if we took a peek, you know, without permission.
You know what I'm saying here, right, Max? Oh I-I got to take this.
You were right.
It is too good to be true.
Diego just told some woman he can get her access to Liz's lab.
He must have followed her there.
Well, there's a security system.
The way he's talking, it sounded like Diego's pretty certain he can get access.
They just left here, Evans.
You need to tell Liz to get anything incriminating out of there now.
So, did he make a move or what? Come on, Michael.
Read it out loud.
I'm vaguely uncomfortable with his description of my mom tasting ice cream for the first time.
Frankie and Johnny were lovers ♪ She confessed she and Louise had been sneaking off to build something deep in the desert.
The device in the barn was just a piece of the puzzle.
Is it a ship? Like the one that crashed the night we met? Nora, if it's the military you're afraid of, I've got a way to keep us safe.
I have a friend on a reservation, a man I trust.
I don't fear humans.
"Oh, good Lord," says Frankie ♪ There was a man on board my ship who shouldn't have been there.
He was a stowaway.
He crashed the ship here and now he's hunting us.
Everyone on board either died or was captured by Project Shepherd.
If Louise and I got away, so did he.
Please, help me with the supplies.
I'll get you the tools you need.
I'll protect you.
But for now watch the sunset.
It's the most beautiful just before it disappears.
I wanted to show her everything good about this world.
I thought I could make her stay.
I thought I had time.
I keep thinking about how different my dad might have been if Tripp had a chance to mentor him.
How different everything might have been.
This is my record of the dissection of specimen NB immunoglobulin harvested from alien DNA can be transferred to a human recipient.
Commence dissection of the dorsal side of the spinal nerve.
I hypothesize that the female specimen’s plasma Bracken's seminal cells indicate a pH level double that of a human counterpart.
Bracken's seminal cells indicate a pH level I hypothesize that the female specimen's I'm now extracting the gray matter I'm now extracting the gray matter to measure alien voxel signals.
This is where Ortecho's unlocked the secrets of the universe? Aw, dude.
You look like me.
Can whatever this is wait till tomorrow? Nope.
We spent the day reading Tripp Manes' journal.
Caffeinate, Max.
Screw caffeine.
- You earned it.
- Yeah, I know I earned it it's mine.
Okay, so when I asked Sanders about this photo of Nora, he said he didn't know whose hand this was.
He was all, "Mr.
Bernhardt, Mr.
Jones, Old Man Gibbons.
Could've been anybody.
" Jones? That's the guy who grew the crop circles in the shape - of my name.
- Ten points to Hufflepuff.
So, in October '48, Nora decided not to finish building the ship with Louise.
She decided to go to the reservation with Tripp.
But then little Walt convinced her to go to the fall festival, where, after successfully avoiding him for a year, she finally ran into the alien stowaway who had crashed the ship He'd been masquerading - as a farmer.
- Mr.
Tripp saw Jones approach Nora, and he recognized him from the night of the crash, but he didn't have a chance to ask Nora about it before Harlan called for a raid on the farm.
And after the massacre, Jones was never heard from again.
Crop circles were all that was left.
If you were in hiding, why would you grow corn in the shape of an alien symbol? Maybe they just grew that way.
It's the same way that this symbol just shows up everywhere, - you know? - Wait, when did? Oh, I got it when, uh, we weren't sure if you were coming back.
It didn't feel like it was ever gonna be the same again.
All right.
Now, can we all cowboy up and focus, please? Let's feel our feelings after we've solved the mystery of the unknown alien.
After the raid on the farm, Nora was held by Project Shepherd.
Don't let Harlan find you here.
He'll make you prove you hate me.
Can you use your abilities - to unlock this? - They've been putting needles in me.
Is Louise all right? And the baby? There's still a heartbeat.
But Louise won't speak to anyone.
She goes into her mind, where things are beautiful, where there's no pain.
Where we're all together.
- I'll get you out of here, I swear.
- No.
You have to obey them.
Tripp, if your brother kills you and Louise is lost in her mind, there will be no one to protect my son, her daughter and the other.
Without me to wake them, they won't emerge for 50 years.
June 14, 1997.
It'll be safer then.
What? No, I-I'll be long gone.
Perhaps you'll have a son.
Someone you can trust with a secret.
Nora I don't want a family without you.
You have to know that by now.
Liz, who would do this? You never could sit still, Jenna.
- You're here.
- I was picking up another fake I.
, a new name, and I just couldn't do it.
I fought so hard to become who I am, and I just trade her in every time I get scared? No.
I don't want to be on the run anymore.
- I just - Just be my sister.
I'll keep you safe, Charlie.
Just stay.
What ever happened to that thing that she and Louise were building out in the dessert? I mean, did she ever tell him where it was - or what it was? - Nope.
And when Tripp asked Louise about it, she was silent.
Why'd you do it, Max? I'd been asking you for weeks to clear out that lab, okay? I knew it wasn't safe.
Alex installed a military-grade security system.
A system designed by Genoryx, okay? Diego could have hacked it.
He could already know everything.
And his nefarious plan is to what, set us up with a condo in L.
, give my family a second chance? Okay, I have a family to protect, too.
Yes, and you could have stopped Diego without destroying a year of my work! I had to act fast! So your first instinct was to go with the one method - that would break my heart? - Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking about your heart when I'm staring - No.
- At jars with Noah's liver and his brain.
I mean, what else did you harvest from us, Liz? Those are just cells.
I-I wasn't hurting anyone.
I don't know what you thought love was gonna be like when we were 17, but it isn't just sunsets and horseback rides.
You can't put this all on me.
Okay? You were sneaking around behind my back I apologized.
I stopped.
Max, you died this year.
I was all alone because of a choice you made, but still, every single thing I did was for you and about you and-and-and with you.
So when you were back, when I could finally touch you when I could finally breathe I needed to take just one moment to remember where I end and where you begin.
To just be whole in who I am.
I am a scientist.
I am I am fighting for something that is bigger than me.
I am trying to leave this world a better place.
And I am in love with you.
And right now, I hate it.
So, Dad's checking your oil and making sure you have enough chili.
- Mm, good man.
- Also, you left this in our room.
Mom's been texting.
Trying to come up with a better response than, "Go duck yourself.
" You should come with me.
The Ortecho sisters take California.
I wish.
But I can't.
I'm going back to rehab tonight.
I want to see the program through.
Don't be.
It's the best possible thing you could have said.
You know Max should be your road trip buddy.
You love him.
You're gonna forgive him.
Besides, we both know if you try to leave town without him again, he's just gonna show up with some big, grand romantic gesture to stop you.
Come here.
The moon is smilin' down ♪ Sittin' on the porch tonight ♪ The cool breeze ♪ Hey.
So, how does it feel to have your father's murder officially avenged? Feels like my dad's still dead.
Flint should be okay.
He'll live to become the new Jesse Manes.
- No, he won't.
- Mm.
I'm not gonna let it happen.
After everything you still believe in redemption? Well, I have a pretty good example of it right in front of me.
Can I get the next round? Nah, I just wanted the one.
I really hate open mic night.
Okay, next up Manes.
My father taught me home is where the hurt is ♪ So I built a fortress ♪ Where I lived alone ♪ He said ships were never meant to have a harbor ♪ So I've worn this armor ♪ I've fought and flown ♪ I was raised a soldier ♪ Put my weapons down to hold you ♪ Is a kiss an act of war? ♪ I just tried to keep you warm ♪ Even though I couldn't stay ♪ No, you never looked away ♪ Now I can't look away ♪ Would you meet me in the middle? ♪ Could we both stop keeping score? ♪ There's a battle I must fight alone ♪ It's you I'm fighting for ♪ If I call off the battalion ♪ Break my walls down stone by stone ♪ Your hands are better.
Did they give you morphine? I woke up this morning feeling incredible.
Look at my chart.
My numbers are up.
You'll come home ♪ It's a miracle.
Or just really good science.
Together we could quiet all the noises ♪ Drown out the voices ♪ Play our own song ♪ Boys becoming men under the desert sky ♪ But something dark inside ♪ Said it was wrong ♪ I was raised a soldier ♪ Put my weapons down to hold you ♪ Is a kiss an act of war? ♪ I just tried to keep you warm ♪ What you did was reckless.
And dangerous and unethical, Liz.
No, you never looked away ♪ - Now I won't look away ♪ - Thank you.
Would you meet me in the middle? ♪ Could we both stop keeping score? ♪ Michael.
Don't leave.
It's a sad story, me and Alex.
If I call off the battalion ♪ I have to walk away so we can start a new one someday.
It's not our time right now.
But it will be.
I think so.
Would you come home? ♪ I still find my father's shrapnel buried ♪ Beneath my skin ♪ But I've begun to heal in all the places ♪ Your hands have been ♪ Would you meet me in the middle? ♪ Could we both stop keeping score? ♪ There's a battle I must fight alone ♪ It's you I'm fighting for ♪ If I call off the battalion ♪ Break my walls down stone by stone ♪ Tear down my defenses ♪ I can build your heart a home ♪ And if I did ♪ Would you come home? ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ Okay.
Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ I wish I found the words when we were 17 ♪ You were the best of me ♪ You are ♪ The best of me.
♪ Yeah! Well, damn.
How do you feel? Like I just sang a song about a guy in front of a bunch of cowboys, and I don't care.
Oh, lucky guy, with a song like that.
Yeah, it was a long time ago.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Can I? - Yeah.
Every dream you may become ♪ If you came to tell me what I did wrong, your sister already texted.
Did you get what you wanted, Mom? Is your score finally settled? No.
I wanted everyone to see Jesse Manes humiliated and weak.
I wanted him to die knowing shame.
But the papers say it was a tragedy.
People like him bad white men They die heroes, no matter what they've done.
People like us We die villains.
Yeah, I know.
I've done it.
But I also got a second chance, so I get to leave a different legacy.
The last time that I saw you, I said that I hated you.
That's not true.
I love you, Mom.
I love you, too, mija.
I also told you to leave and I was right about that.
Liz was free, and it should have stayed that way.
Manes is gone.
There is no revenge to be had.
No closure and no redemption.
Don't come back, Mom.
Don't bother Liz again.
Brighter ♪ I really hope you get better.
Maybe you can have a second chance, too.
Oh, you are ♪ Oh, you are ♪ No.
Oh, you are ♪ Ooh, ooh.
♪ How'd you guys find me? Freaky twin thing.
What's going on? I took more of the antidote.
I should have called you guys.
Save it.
We are sick of being pissed at you for being so obnoxiously yourself.
Why you look so scared? Um, well, when I when I touched the-the alien console at the fair, something happened.
I-I heard whispers that I couldn't understand until now.
I think when I when I touched it, I unlocked something.
Like what? Like a cage? The whispers led me here.
I know it sounds crazy, but would you guys help me find a tunnel? It's sealed up.
I feel like we should learn more before we just bust that door open.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Help! Is someone there? If Max unlocked something at CrashCon, whoever that is has been down here for days without I need water.
There has to be three.
Back up.
I will shoot.
I repeat, do not move! I see you.
Howdy partner.

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