Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s03e01 Episode Script


1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico MAX: Liz, I have loved you my entire life.
LIZ: I'm gonna bring him back.
MARIA: I'm only part alien, but these visions are a part of me.
I can't just turn off a piece of myself, even if it's dangerous.
ALEX: You are gonna let all of these people die, and you are gonna let the aliens take the blame.
(GUNSHOT) MAX: What kind of work are you doing? I am asking you to trust me with this.
MAX: I have a family to protect.
LIZ: You could've stopped Diego without destroying a year of my work! MAX: Things are coming back to me.
Little flashes.
I know so little about my own story.
The parts that I thought I understood are unraveling.
Howdy partner.
Don't move.
Well, we can keep this cordial.
We're the same.
Why-why are we the same? Listen, son I'm not your son.
Right? Why do you look like me? Well, I reckon you look like me.
Who are you? Round here, I go by Jones.
Oh, your mothers never told you about me? Can't say that doesn't smart a bit.
Why don't I show you? - MICHAEL: No! - ISOBEL: No, stop! (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) Max.
What did he do to you? He, uh he told me that he's the Savior and I'm the Clone.
♪ (TYPEWRITER CLICKING) MAX: All my life, I've wanted to be one thing: just a guy from Roswell.
If I could make it rain today ♪ But you can't outrun your history when you're standing still.
And wash away this ♪ I've been trying to put the past behind me, enjoy the time I have left on this planet.
But I can't.
(THUNDER CRASHES) Things are getting worse, but I feel ♪ Because this last year has only brought more questions.
And that's all that really matters to me ♪ About who I am.
And who I need to be for the people I love.
For now, this letter is the best I can do.
And if I run out of time before I figure it all out, I want you to know what I think about every time I close my eyes.
I want to know, I want to know ♪ The universe brought us together not once but twice.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) I want to know, I want to know ♪ - And all I really know is ♪ - I have to believe it'll do it again.
I want to know.
♪ HEATH: Oh, please, Dr.
Roswell, don't cut me.
Cytosine promises he will never hook up with adenine ever again.
(CHUCKLES) Splicing RNA is hard enough without the base pairs playing out in a telenovela.
(SPANISH ACCENT): Well, then, if you must cut that genome out of my life, I would perhaps suggest a little to the left.
And now up.
- That's the spot.
- Ah! Success.
You know, not that I don't think your RNA voice work is top-notch, but I do feel like I need to see physical proof you have two PhDs.
(REGULAR ACCENT): Oh, I promise I can separate platelets with the best of them, but thankfully, Genoryx have graciously taken pity on me and my charming personality.
- (CHUCKLES) - And, uh I think you should do the same.
Have a drink with me tonight.
Uh, b-but we have a rare, degenerative brain disorder to solve, Heath.
Yeah, and, uh, we also just created a proprietary code that's showing promise in helping paraplegics walk again.
I'm not asking you on a date, Roswell.
I'm just asking you to do what normal colleagues do.
You know? Get out of the lab, acknowledge when we've done great work.
Maybe share a bottle of wine, get a little drunk, release some tension, succumb to the moment.
I think that last part was adenine.
- (LAUGHS) - I swear.
MARGOT: Good news.
Corporate called.
They're thrilled that our formula was approved by the FDA.
Okay, so we're on to clinical trials? Which Le Placage will begin immediately.
- But how did we cut through the red tape? - (SIGHS) Because Le Placage is a skin care company.
I'm sorry, our regenerative formula for paraplegic spinal injury victims is gonna be used on fine lines? We knew it showed promise for other applications.
Yeah, but that gives them an exclusive lease on the patent, so it's not gonna be used medically at all.
Only for ten years.
Uh, the good news is that corporate approved a substantial bump to the research budget for your neuro study.
- (SIGHS QUIETLY) - So, commiserating drink, then, tonight? - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - ♪ ♪ Life is just a lonely highway ♪ I'm out here on the open road ♪ I'm old enough to see behind me ♪ But young enough to feel my soul ♪ I don't want to lose you, baby ♪ (SIGHS) How much tequila has he had today? Oh, I think this is less booze and more convincing himself that a year later he's really over Liz Ortecho.
Yeah, I don't see much Liz wallowing as he tries to best my one-night stand score at the Pony.
- Mm.
- Boys are gross.
We are.
What do you say we give this little rodeo clown a run for his money? Oh, absolutely.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) Uh, you can't just zap me into a mindscape while I'm riding a mechanical bull.
Looks like I just did.
I'm gonna bust out of here.
My mind palace? I doubt it.
See, what you two rookies need is to work on your mind control defense if you want to take on Jones unscathed.
Remember, there's no lying in the mindscape.
Let the games begin.
Are you still dating that bartender chick from Planet 7? I'll tell you six positions we've tried and you can tell me which one I'm making up.
All right, that's gonna need more tequila.
Are you stalling on finishing the cage for Jones? Uh, I've studied how they muted alien powers in Caulfield Prison, but it's kind of hard engineering a cage that weakens alien powers when I'm an alien.
Nice use of deflection.
Okay, my turn.
So, Max, do you miss the waitress who shall not be named? (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) (GRUNTING) ISOBEL: Points for aliening the robot cow to evade my question, but you still haven't answered me about Liz.
Well, let me answer your question with another question.
Do you think that singer would like a beer? - Hey ♪ - MICHAEL: Absolutely.
As long as you're not the one delivering it.
Tell me, baby ♪ Round of tacos says you're wrong.
Is something weird going on with Max lately? Weirder than him having an evil twin hidden in the desert? He seems fun.
Are you sure this isn't misplaced nerves about Alex coming home? Because in last night's mindscape, you were sending out some pretty intense, "I think it's our time" vibes.
After eight tequilas, maybe we should have a moratorium on truth exercises.
(CHUCKLES) (COUGHING, GRUNTING) GREGORY: Seems like the new patio's a success.
A guy just dropped this off for you.
- Oh.
- Said it's a gift? - Oh.
Yeah, that's from Bert.
- He's in my Woman as Warrior class, and apparently he's been making his own mead.
Hey, well, I'm not one to let artisanal alcohol go to waste, so (LAUGHS) I want to take a bath in that.
(LAUGHS) Aren't you supposed to be on a date somewhere? Uh, I was busy carrying in that crate for you.
Gregory Manes.
You did not bail on the cute teacher who likes to make her own pottery.
Dating just sucks now.
And the second a girl hears my last name, she asks about the accident, and then I got to tell some lame lie, because the truth doesn't scream, "Will you be the father of my children?" Listen, what happened with your dad was not your fault.
You know that.
And if you ask me, I think you're a hero.
Well, there's a statue in the town square that super disagrees with you.
More mead, please.
Would you mind staying sober and giving me a ride home? My truck is in the shop.
Pretty please? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) Kyle, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
I completely lost track of time and Like, days? Is y is your medical convention over? It's okay.
I know you're busy.
But I do have time for a drink before I head to LAX.
And so, then, can I interest you in a gourmet meal? It's five stars, I promise.
Did your feisty Latina reina give you the nickel tour of L.
? Uh, Steph took me to Alvarado's.
Mm! I hear it's got a great view of the city.
I think she hoped the view would soften the blow of the breakup.
I can't blame her.
Y-You invented a cure that miraculously saved her life at the one-yard line and now she doesn't want to be tied to Roswell.
Why do you have to be tied to Roswell? Actually, a position opened at my old hospital in New York.
You can get your job back? Promotion.
So you're curious what your next step is.
I am curious where I actually set up my life.
I mean, isn't that why you moved here to Los Angeles? I mean you must love the beaches.
I love it.
Liz? Have you seriously not been to the beach? You had pictures of the ocean in your locker, come on! I know you're trying to save the world.
Right now, I would just settle for saving Maria's mind from degenerating every time she has a vision.
But I'm stuck trying to replicate what I did with Steph without my notes or tapes or antibodies from Noah's choroid plexus because Max Evans roasted them.
You weren't gonna solve a global pandemic with Noah's corpse.
You don't know that.
Why are you defending Max right now? You got to be Team Liz! - Team Liz! - As the founding member of Team Liz, I got to tell you, you seem unhappy.
I just can't believe it's been a whole year.
Max hasn't come for you.
Have you even gone on a date? I have, yes.
How many second dates? Because my guess is there's a lot more petri dishes that have shared Chardonnay with you than suitors.
Is it really fair to some new guy if I keep looking over my shoulder hoping that Max is gonna show up? (SIGHS) He's not coming, Liz.
I know that's tough to hear, but if you've got your life on hold for him He's moved on.
Like, you have to do things that make you feel alive if you're gonna kill it at work, you know that.
Remember who you are.
You are Liz Ortecho.
You don't just accept things that suck.
You change them.
MARIA: Wow, a '65 Mustang with a Windsor HiPo V8.
I cannot believe it.
I bought it off an old drag racing buddy a couple months ago.
(LAUGHS) You used to drag race? Is that really so hard to believe? Uh, for Guerin, no.
For the sweet, one-beer-a-night, second grade teacher? Uh, yeah.
Well, sorry to break it to you, but your ex doesn't own the rights to troubled and self-destructive.
Okay, why don't you tell him that? You guys are good, right? Some things are just not meant to be.
And how do you know when they are? So you got any moves with this baby? (MARIA WHOOPS) How's that? That too much? No way.
(WHOOPS) (SOBBING) (PANTING) - Are you okay? - I don't know.
I saw this coffin and I think someone's gonna die.
Hey, I didn't expect you to meet me.
I wasn't exactly at war.
Look, there's, uh, something I need to talk to you about.
It's kind of urgent.
How urgent? Men have needs, you know? And I've kind of been off at war, so (PHONE RINGING) Qué susto.
You look like La Llorona.
I was up all night waging a one-woman war against corporate America.
What's wrong? Uh, nothing.
Today is my first day of art therapy.
What happened to the last therapist? Talk therapy doesn't exactly work for bipolar disorder when you're covering up an alien resurrection.
But that's not why I'm calling.
I'm actually calling about Mom.
She sent a package with all of her plans from last year to take down Jesse Manes.
This letter asking for forgiveness.
And butyricol.
(SIGHS) That's the drug she used to erase Jenna Cameron's memory of her.
I'll deal with it when I'm home next.
Do you think by then you'll, like, have a real couch? I'm working on it.
This was your brain four months ago.
Notice your right temporal lobe? The dark parts are growing.
Every vision steals a little more from you.
If you don't put back on your protective bracelet - you could be - Unable to recognize faces? Forgetting where I am, and wandering like my mom? Whoa, but there's a difference between you and her.
You can stop this.
Okay, I came in and I got the scans after my visions just like you said.
- Why are you fighting me on this? - Because last night I saw a funeral.
(SHORT LAUGH) Whatever you're here to ask me, you already know it's a bad idea.
Why am I having these visions if I'm not supposed to do anything about them? I don't know.
But I do know that people die all the time.
It's gonna happen whether you know who's in that coffin or not.
What I can keep from ending poorly is your life.
Please reconsider the bracelet.
(PHONE RINGING) Do I have competition? (CHUCKLES) No.
It's my brother and Maria making sure I got in okay.
And did you? Get in okay? (BOTH LAUGH) Look, I did come to meet you today to talk.
But we got caught up.
But it is important.
Have you ever heard of Deep Sky? THERAPIST: Remember, this is about learning to see.
Not just with your eyes, but with your heart.
- (LOUD ROCK MUSIC APPROACHING) - Don't push your traumas away in your art.
Paint the pain that makes you powerful.
♪ (GRUNTS) (EXHALES) If you could just sign this form for court, I'll be out of your hair.
Grab an easel, Mr.
I'll sign that in four hours.
Look, guys like me get recruited into Deep Sky all the time, Alex.
Next time lead with, "Babe, I'm a cold-blooded mercenary".
I'm not a mercenary, okay? I'm-I'm an archivist.
And to think I was going to tell you I wanted to be exclusive.
I didn't have a choice but to keep it from you.
At Deep Sky, secrecy is the price of admission.
Then why are you risking telling me now? They're gonna try to recruit you, Alex.
You think I would go AWOL? - Join a group of paramilitary murderers? - No.
But you might take an honorable discharge and join a group of innovators who hold the secrets to the universe.
What kind of secrets? I mean We talking, like, Bigfoot? No, Bigfoot isn't real.
(EXHALES) JFK, that little chamber behind Mount Rushmore Aliens? I only have A-level clearance.
You're being tapped for E.
Think of it like the Pentagon.
The deeper you go, the more answers you find.
You're afraid I won't be able to resist those answers? If you go deep you'll be cut off from everyone.
And I don't want to lose you to them.
Look, I'm leaving Roswell tonight on my book tour.
10:00 p.
I really hope you'll come with me.
♪ ("MRS.
POTTER'S LULLABY" BY COUNTING CROWS BEGINS) I love this song! (MUSIC CUTS OUT) (SIRENS WAILING) What, you're doing my job now? Doesn't feel good, does it? Funny story, actually.
The paramedics owed me a favor and I used it on your stupid ass.
Because you haven't been coming to any of your appointments.
Which I decided was your own messed-up choice, until Maria comes to me this morning and said she had a vision of a funeral.
She doesn't know.
But I have a pretty good idea.
You're dying, Max.
(SIGHS) Soon.
And it's time you tell the truth because I'm not keeping this secret anymore.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) (CLEARS THROAT) Well, I know that this is in no way whatsoever a date, but, uh, damn, Roswell.
Even I, future first Latina to win a Noble Prize, Elizabeth Christina Magdalene - Magdalene? - Communion name.
Ortecho Might need two prizes to fit all those names.
can shed my lab onesie and glasses and come have a Chardonnay and sushi with my cleaned-up, but still slightly scruffy Well, got to keep it manly, even in the labby.
- partner in crime.
- (CHUCKLES) To making something great together.
Our patent was leaked.
Where's your shock? This was, like, eight months of our lives, and you're not exactly the calm one here in the du What did you do, Roswell? All right, Genoryx owns your-your computer, your phone, your apartment building and your I.
, so if it's you, you're toast.
Let's just say for, like, one moment, that it's me.
- Oh.
- And then what? I have a buddy in the tech field.
He wants me to consult on a DNA sequence for a security system.
If I agree, I bet that he could cook up some sort of computer worm to maybe No.
No, no, no.
I don't want you to call in such a huge favor for me.
Well, good, because it's not for you.
I got into genetics because my mother's early-onset Alzheimer's made me in an orphan when I was nine.
I've spent my entire adult life trying to make her suffering worth it.
I can't lose this neurostudy.
Genoryx will not take away our grant just because they lost some money.
That would be a publicity nightmare.
You're right, they can't.
But they can fire you, for cause (SIGHS) and me right along with you.
I can't approve your anger management hours if you didn't participate in the therapy, Wyatt.
Sure I did.
There's-there's my art.
That's not art.
It's a penis.
It's a cactus.
See? That's a flower right there on that testicle.
Lady, it's not my fault that I'm bad at art.
Art is gay.
You look just like Rosa Ortecho? Yeah, I-I get that all the time.
I'm her cousin Rosalinda, but I-I never met her.
I was really young when she died.
I've known the Ortecho family my entire life and there is no such thing as a Rosalinda.
Okay, well, then, go with the logical explanation.
I'm her ghost.
What are you doing here, Max? I can feel you're stressed.
Need me to adjust the pacemaker? I want you to finish the cage.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) And I don't need a mindscape to tell you're lying about delaying it.
We have answers here we can't ignore.
We can, and we should.
'Cause what we have here is someone our moms called the devil.
Safely locked away.
All our lives you've been asking questions.
Uh what happened to that Michael Guerin? What happened to the Max Evans who covered up a murder to keep our secret? I was wrong to do that.
I was a scared 17-year-old kid.
But I can't afford to be scared anymore.
Maybe we should be scared.
According to Tripp's journals, Jones stepped off a ship and he ignited a war between humans and aliens with a flick of his wrist.
You don't want to finish the cage, fine.
I'll find another way to do it.
To what? What, you're gonna build one yourself? What has gotten into you? I can feel it, too.
What are you keeping from us? D-Did something happen? When Jones touched you before we threw him in the pod? No, it's not, it's not that.
Well, it's something.
And if you don't come clean, I think Iz should get inside his head, play another round of truth to get to the heart of the matter? The heart is what's the matter.
You're better.
Valenti did a transplant.
It's better.
Yeah and my body's rejecting it.
My time is almost up.
I'm dying.
(SIGHS) You've known for a year.
We-we could've had time to save you.
If I told you a year ago you would've just wasted that time again.
What are you talking about? We didn't waste our time last year.
You're alive.
You didn't think that I was strong enough to handle this.
No, I just wanted to leave you with good memories.
Oh, and you thought that's what we needed? A year of tequila and skeet shooting and then you're through? I was trying to do right by you.
Both of you.
You know, it was the craziest thing.
My girlfriend dumped me, I'm broker than I've ever been, Alex took off, there was a global pandemic, and yet, I was happy.
Because this.
Because us three, because we were good.
And I was wrong.
- Well, there's still time for answers.
- Max, just don't! We didn't deserve this.
LIZ: You got to take a deep breath, buddy.
We still got to get to the third floor.
Hey, you know what? Remove a plasid from a bacteria, I'm your guy.
I'm not Ethan Hunt.
I still have student loans.
It's America.
Everyone has student loans.
How are you so calm? I'm always good when it comes to the science.
In this instance, I'm fighting for the chance to keep doing it.
Well, then, I suppose you have some brilliant, cutting-edge plan to get past this.
Actually, we're gonna hit the yellow wire with 50,000 volts.
(EXHALES): Okay.
HEATH: You know what's weird? I didn't realize that you were - so familiar with electrical currents.
- I'm not.
I used to know somebody You know what? It's not important, so Ready? (ELECTRICITY SPARKING) (GASPS, LAUGHS) - (CHUCKLES): Hey.
- Hey.
Haven't seen you around here lately.
- Yeah.
- Oh, you know, Alex is back.
Did you, uh, come to invite me to the wedding? Had to go and make it awkward, huh, DeLuca? But no.
This is alien business.
I heard you had a funeral vision.
Came here to stop you from throwing on your cape and playing hero about it.
We're not having last year's conversation all over again, are we? I didn't come here to fall into old patterns.
It's Max in the coffin.
His body is rejecting Noah's heart.
Oh, my God, Michael.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I just came here to give you some clarity, okay? Um, before anyone gets hurt more.
- Okay.
My hacker buddy rewrote the chip, so - Mm-hmm.
Margot Meyerson identified.
- Testing resting heart rate.
- (EXHALES) What? What? - No.
Did we know about this test? - No.
I-I mean, her resting heart rate must be higher than yours.
Okay, let's test your ticker.
Resting heart rate - outside range for Meyerson.
- Should I do some jumping jacks? No, no, no.
That's gonna make it skyrocket.
Okay, so, then, I'm going to jail.
I think you like me.
What? I think you thought that a good bottle of wine and a drive around the hills would lead to a kiss.
Oh, you do want to kiss me.
I mean, we're already breaking the rules.
What's one more naughty thing to just pile on top? 82.
Resting heart rate success.
Ooh! Welcome to the third floor, Margot Meyerson.
After you, partner.
(SIGHS) I need to get a social circle that can't unlock doors with their mind.
Well, fear not, Valenti.
Apparently, that circle is rapidly shrinking.
He told you.
Can you mentally unlock the top file cabinet, please? (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) (SIGHS) What's on your mind? - Treatment.
- What Liz, Guerin, and I did with duct tape and bubble gum still needed Rosa and a small miracle to get Evans upright.
If I thought there was an answer, I'd personally drive Liz back here.
This is the part where you pour me more tequila and tell me there isn't.
Okay, just don't give me any cheesy pamphlets to read.
I keep hoping Alex would pop in with some alien glass piece that holds a medical textbook on you.
But there is no you to study.
Worse, there's nobody from your planet to ask about how you work.
(SIGHS) I don't know.
How much time does he have? In my case study of one not long.
Thank you for caring.
"Do no harm" is right on that door.
We all know you do far more than that.
His sutures are healing well.
Color is back in his cheeks and fingertips.
His hands feel like his hands again.
Max, I know you can't hear me.
Or maybe it's different for you.
(CRYING SOFTLY) Can you feel me holding your hand? (SNIFFLES) (RECORDER CLICKS) ALEX: All this with Max, it really makes you wonder what you would do if you were on borrowed time.
Do you ever wish you knew more about your dad? And potentially uncover more half siblings? No, thanks.
I, uh, I might have a chance to find out more than my dad ever could.
(GROANS) Haven't we swiped enough alien bodies from the morgue in one lifetime? Look, if I take it, I have a feeling I won't be having too many more of these fireside chats.
With anyone.
(COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYS QUIETLY) (CLEARS THROAT) (TAKES DEEP BREATH) What's your heart telling you? To say no.
Put it all behind me, ride off into the sunset with a cute guy.
But cleaning up after Project Shepherd this past year, I cannot help but think that (SIGHS) if my family oversaw something that went so wrong maybe there is someone out there who could have gotten it right.
I just came back from a convention in transplant medicine where specialists from all over the world shared their experiences.
Yeah, listening to them talk, it reminded me what I used to love so much about being a doctor.
What, the rush of discovery? No, the camaraderie in sharing those discoveries.
(EXHALES) I can't tell you what choice to make.
But I can tell you that alone is a lonely place to be.
I wonder ♪ Is there's anything I'm going to miss ♪ We're closed.
(MAN GRUNTS LOUDLY) - How's it going to be when ♪ - (PANTING) I know who you are.
(PANTING): You're drunk.
And you're a liar! Between you and me ♪ Rosalinda Ortecho doesn't exist.
And if it takes a second autopsy to confirm it so be it.
I know you, Rosa.
I'd know you anywhere.
The way you draw on your canvas shoes.
Third Eye Blind on the jukebox.
Your damn necklace.
(ELECTRICAL CRACKLING) There's something odd about you.
Wyatt, you're crazy.
If I'm so crazy, then why are all these lights going blinky-blinky in here, huh? Oh, yeah! It's just crazy Wyatt acting crazy again! My sister never should have been near you.
Your drunk, illegal ass killed her.
WYATT: No! (GRUNTS) (INSECTS TRILLING) ANATSA: Never pegged you as a brew-and-book guy.
So, what did you have me pegged as? Bourbon and a bad attitude.
Well you're half right.
So, what kind of girl are you? The kind that sits and adds a boy's bourbon to her brew.
(INTRO TO "CAN'T GET YOU OFF MY MIND" PLAYING) Life is just a lonely highway ♪ I'm out here on the open road ♪ I'm old enough to see behind me ♪ But young enough to feel my soul ♪ I don't want to lose you, baby ♪ And I don't want to be alone ♪ Don't want to live my days without you ♪ But for now I've got to be without you ♪ I've got a pocket full of money ♪ And a pocket full of keys ♪ That have no bounds ♪ But then I think of lovin' ♪ And I just ♪ LIZ: So you're absolutely certain? Last 24 hours wiped from the drive.
Well, hopefully they don't notice that your Monday looks an awful lot like my Monday.
- (SIGHS) - Half an episode of The Floor Is Lava, yacht rock memes and, uh oh, some mild BDSM porn.
- But only because - Okay, that's good, thank you.
(BOTH LAUGH) You're welcome, Roswell.
I'm sorry I didn't consider the repercussions when I leaked the formula.
I know you probably could've sat back and watched me get eaten alive, so Who was it that made you so distrustful, Liz? It's just that I can't breathe without you ♪ I'm not trying to ruin you.
All right? You're brilliant, and there aren't enough people like you on the planet, so You know, if you're gonna go all mad scientist and break the rules, just break 'em better.
Enough talking.
I want to make your heart race again.
♪ But when it comes to loving ♪ MAX: Another round? No more booze.
I am gonna need you awake for at least a few hours.
One question.
If you're hoping this will be more than one night No phone numbers.
No breakfast.
No going fishing with my daddy after church with my mom.
I get it.
Now, would you just ♪ ♪ (DOOR CLOSES IN DISTANCE) Sorry, we're closed.
Of course I'm upset.
This is like Noah all over again.
We are covering up a murder.
(GASPING BREATHS) - Get off! - (GRUNTS) It's not Max.
(GRUNTS WEAKLY) Howdy, partner.

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