Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

Give Me One Reason

Previously on Roswell, New Mexico I saw this coffin, and I think someone's gonna die.
Someone's getting murdered.
- No! No! - Stop! What did he do to you? He told me I'm a clone.
- What are you keeping from us? - I'm dying.
Valenti did a transplant.
It's better.
And my body's rejecting it.
I keep hoping Alex will pop in with some medical textbook on you, but there's nobody from your planet to ask about how you work.
Howdy, partner.
Jumper cables should do the trick.
No, he'd just pass out again.
My guess? Jones hasn't been hydrated in 70 years.
You want the evil alien to take us seriously? You bring in the big guns.
You meant a literal gun.
- Of course.
- First, we get answers.
Then we pop his ticker in a cooler, and we call it a day.
We can't just kill an alien who claims to come in peace.
I mean, first of all, it's too ironic.
Am I the only one who read Tripp's journals? Or did you somehow forget that he crashed our spaceship and he ruined our mothers' lives? Okay, so, if Jones deserved to die back in 1948, why did our mothers leave him in that pod? You know, call me old-fashioned, but before I off a man, I like to cross my T's and dot my I's.
And how you gonna do that exactly? You gonna set him free, see if he gets inside your head and makes you murder a couple of teen girls? I'm sorry, Iz.
But it's true.
Noah was bad, Jones is worse.
For once, we have the upper hand.
So let's go find out where we came from and save Max's stupid life again.
We are in literal alien territory right now, Michael.
We need to keep our guards up.
Let him reveal his strategy, and then use it against him.
Okay, Bobby Fischer.
it's him, or it's Max.
No matter what we do, one of them's not getting out of this alive.
In your language, our planet was called "The Oasis.
" And while Earth has its charms, our world has a bit more of a twinkle in her eye.
At least it did until there was a reckoning of sorts.
A shift in ideals, which left us all with a choice Adapt or run for the hills and hope The Dictator didn't find us.
Your mothers, The Engineer and The Empath, chose to hide underground.
There, they forged The Resistance, in the hopes of regaining the world they had lost.
Eventually, they realized they'd never be able to put down The Dictator, so they decided to plan their escape instead.
They figured out how to build a ship and travel to another world, sure that it would be better than the one they knew.
I guess you already know they were wrong.
So while the rebels were building their ship, where were you? Easy.
He was one of The Dictator's evil henchmen.
I was his prisoner.
But you're partially right.
I was also his secret weapon.
Not that I had a choice.
What did you do for The Dictator? Are you sure you want to hear this, darlin'? Why wouldn't we? Because you're not gonna like what I have to say.
This is exactly what it looks like.
Like someone I just met last night, reading my manuscript before I've had a chance proofread it? I couldn't help it.
I was making a silent escape "Escape" is a little insulting.
But then I saw it, just sitting here, right out in the open, and I thought, "Ah, this is gonna be good.
" Good like terrible.
Terrible like fun to quote to my friends.
Okay, well, now we're getting to medium insulting.
But three sentences in, I was hooked.
You're legit good, and it's offensive.
Uh, that's Thank you.
Sure thing.
And thanks for the sex.
It actually wasn't bad.
See you never.
Is that eggs? In my defense, I did look for frozen waffles first.
I-I'm actually quite good at frozen waffles, but you have, like, zero food here.
Thank you so much for the the eggs and ashes, - but we, um - No, I know.
Breakfast was weird.
I guess I just thought if you woke up alone that you might feel used and Well, now I'm just realizing that it seems like I'm obsessed with you.
About last night Mm, yes.
On a scale of "colossal mistake" to "ruined for other men forever"? How about I just see you at work? Yeah.
- Oh, uh, sorry.
Small thing.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna need my shirt back.
Simms, call Recovery.
Simms, call Recovery.
Scans look good, blood work's good.
Cognition seems normal for you.
Retrograde amnesia is usually temporary.
Standard recommendation is to stick to your usual routine.
Who knows? Maybe you'll be riding your leopard-print Jet Ski one day, and boom, you'll remember the last ten years.
I have a leopard-print Jet Ski? Are you listening, Long? You need to do the things you used to do, spend time with the people you know.
Thought I knew her.
She brought me here.
Your friends aren't hard to find.
Just look for any dick waving a Confederate flag.
Okay, uh, things are fuzzy, - but the South lost the war? - Well, it depends how far you fall down the Reddit thread.
We're done here.
Labs, pick up 331.
Labs, pick up 331.
Uh, hey, thanks again for Your dad's waiting for you at the nurse's station, Long.
What happened to that Valenti bedside manner that I've heard so much about? It's reserved for people who don't pull guns on my sister.
Do you think he's gonna get his memories back? When Cameron got dosed with Butyricol, she lost a month's worth of memory for good.
Wyatt got her dose multiplied by a hundred.
Consider the trash can emptied.
I really didn't mean to erase his whole life.
You know, like, he-he just uh, he came at me, and I just panicked, and I Whoa, whoa, do not feel bad.
Long's the guy who thought it was funny to tape a "whites only" sign above a drinking fountain.
The less information he has, the better.
Oh, God.
Talk about a crash landing.
I thought you were packing.
Well, I wanted to see you in your white coat one last time before I left.
And I brought you something.
I remember this.
It was your dad's.
His uncle stayed in Mexico when the rest of the family came over, and he used to carve these things.
He always said, "Music leads your heart where it needs to go.
" That's what Dad said when I couldn't decide on med schools.
He told me to give it to you, at the end, but he couldn't remember where it was.
I found it when I was packing behind a file cabinet under a pair of pants.
I know you think your father had all the answers, Kyle, but he didn't.
He was just figuring it out like the rest of us.
Um I'm sorry about the election.
- Yeah.
- Well I'm sorry about this town.
It's lost its way.
I mean, part of me wants to stick around and-and try to fix things, but our family has done enough for this place.
I hope you realize that, Kyle.
I came as soon as I could.
Are you okay? Well, four men held me at gunpoint.
They stole a week's worth of cash.
They smashed half of my booze.
Tried to do the same to my head.
Why didn't you come to the hospital? - We need to do scans.
- No.
Not now.
Listen, I need your help with something else.
She had a vision.
She wanted to wait till you got here.
What could be more important than a potential brain injury? Well, for starters I think someone's getting murdered.
Sometimes it's the simple things that feel like a rainstorm in July.
If only you could've brought me a beer.
If only you could get back to the story.
When I realized what I was, I was seven or so.
Lots of us had abilities, but to hold life in your hands to defy fate that was unimaginable.
It wasn't long until The Dictator came and rounded me up.
And he took you to supervillain summer camp? Hmm, not exactly.
What did he want with you? What do you think? See, it turned out that if I healed too much, I would get sick.
Max, too.
Then what? You started killing people to keep your strength up? I told him I wouldn't do it.
Hard to believe.
He tortured my parents.
The day he killed them, - a part of me died, too.
- Yeah? Welcome to the Our Parents Died Horribly Club.
So, what changed? Well, I was saving lives every day.
But the price was too high.
I I hated myself.
I was fighting someone else's war on someone else's terms.
Until, one day, I found something I wanted to fight for.
Somebody I wanted to save.
Afghanistan? Yes, sir.
Two tours.
Heard there's a psych eval.
It's supposed to be brutal.
Who told you that, sir? Does it feel warm to you? That can't be good.
Looks like they cut off the air supply.
Best guess, we got about three hours to figure out an exit.
I'd say we have significantly less time than that.
They didn't just cut off the air supply.
They're actively sucking it out of the room.
Your eyes are a little dilated.
Listen, I only had a narrow view, okay? I think I think my vision was limited by what I was actually seeing in that exact moment.
So, on your left is Alex, and he says, "This is like Noah all over again.
We're protecting a murderer.
" You're sure I was there? Damn it.
Uh, it doesn't make any sense.
I mean, this was supposed to be my funeral.
Every time I have a vision, I see a little bit more.
I just need to trigger one.
Then I Ring, ring.
Your brain is calling.
It says, "Stop hurting me.
" Someone could die, Kyle.
Kyle's right.
I will figure this out.
You should get to the hospital and let him check you out.
All right.
Okay, but first, um I'm just gonna I'm gonna go to the Crashdown.
Because there's another clue I haven't told you guys about.
I just want to check one more time, be sure.
Meet me on the roof? So, I was thinking since we're starting this new project, well, everything you said about it so far is vague and weirdly secretive, - what if - Uh, Heath, not now.
Can you go organize a control group, please? Okay, come on.
All right? The suspense is killing me, Roswell.
You got to let me in a little deeper.
Now's not the time for me to let you go in deeper.
Nine, seven Look, I hope you don't think that because of last night - things are - No, last night was fine.
I'm sorry, fine? I'm just I'm stressed.
And I had to have these samples overnighted from Libya, - and half of them are damaged.
- You're trying to recreate something that you once had in Roswell, right? You said you were MacGyvering something that caught Genoryx's eye there.
These Libyan samples clearly are a Band-Aid.
So, why don't you just go back home, - you know, get what you need? - No.
I can hold down the fort for a couple of days.
Yes, being able to study the abnormal DNA I had in Roswell would accelerate our research timeline significantly, but all of my samples were destroyed in a lab fire, and I can't get any more, ever, so there's nothing left back there for me.
And, you know what, there's clearly nothing left for me here, either.
I don't understand.
If our mothers were trying to save Max, why was there some rift between you? - It's complicated.
- Is it? Because maybe you could've, I don't know Just spitballing here not started an interplanetary war.
- I didn't.
- Really? Walk me through it, then.
You stepped off the ship.
You set fire Those men would have killed all of us.
You are the reason they wanted to kill us! The reason they killed our moms.
Everyone on that ship.
I wasn't even supposed to be there.
I was trying to rescue Max.
Rescue Max from what? From what happened to me.
He still had a chance.
How did you even learn about him? Well, healing can create a psychic connection.
Sometimes I would get little flashes or little bits of memory.
One day, they threw this half-dead rebel down in front of me.
They wanted me to heal him so they could keep torturing him for what he knew.
And that's when I saw someone, chained up, just like me.
That's when you saw Max.
As soon as I found out where they were holding him, - I broke loose.
- Real heroic.
You walked a few doors down, and you busted him out.
That's the mule kick of all of it.
The Dictator didn't have him.
Then who did? Your mothers.
Our mothers traveled halfway across the universe to save our lives.
They don't really seem like the type that would Frankenstein a kid.
Nora convinced The Dictator that she was on his side.
She got injured one day.
He wanted me to save her life.
Looking back that's when she stole my DNA.
- Mm-mm.
- Your moms had the best of intentions.
I fully believe that.
But The Dictator, he he is unbeatable.
He had abilities no one had ever seen.
What kind of abilities? When I first got here, I met a preacher who told me this story of a great flood.
Our world had a similar catastrophe but with fire.
"And through the devastation walked the one who would become The Dictator.
" The flames couldn't touch him.
Word spread that he was immune to death, and a world rose in his image from the ash.
Are you saying that he was immortal? No one knew for sure.
But there were rumors.
As for me and Max, we were just ammunition caught in the middle of an active war zone.
That's why I had to rescue him.
Nobody wants to let a weapon go.
And we were too useful to be set free.
If you don't believe me, ask Max.
He was there, too.
I don't need to.
Because I know the truth.
Are you really telling me you wouldn't do anything you could to protect the people you love? That's why you're still standing here, isn't it? Just because you don't want to believe him doesn't mean he's not telling the truth.
And you think the truth is that our mothers made Max? Well, someone did.
So why not let Discount Max tell us his version - and go from there? - I cannot believe - you're actually buying his bull - I'm not! You think that Jones is playing poker down there? So do I.
The only difference is I'm not trying to show him our hand.
Everything he says is a lie! Nobody lies about everything.
And I am willing to bet that there is at least some truth to what he is saying.
- Story time's over.
- And what exactly did you hear down there that proves that Jones deserves to die, hmm? Or did you stop listening the minute he implied that your mother's story is a little less black-and-white than you thought? Maybe you're right.
I can't hear any more today.
Let's pick this up tomorrow.
You think they're just gonna leave us here to die? Considering the fact that they're a top secret black ops paramilitary group with infinite resources, sir, I think they'll do whatever they want.
We've got to be missing something.
Heard there's a psych eval.
It's supposed to be brutal.
I noticed you're a pilot, sir.
May I ask what kind of bird? Now? We may not get the chance later.
Uh, Hornets.
This whole time, I thought we were being tested.
But we weren't.
There are no Hornets in the Air Force, Colonel.
Business card reads, "You have questions.
The answers lie right here.
" Bronze Star, Air Medal.
Your salad bar's so impressive, I almost missed the flaw in your Commander's Badge.
I overslept.
- I - Colonels don't oversleep.
Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all that we do.
The core values of the Air Force, represented by three diamonds underneath the star of this badge.
Except your badge has four diamonds.
Lost the office pool by six minutes.
You care for a soda? The chemists on level three make it in-house.
You said that your work in Roswell was lost forever.
Well, for a moment, I would like to explore a slightly different possibility.
This rum is a type that some people thought would never be made again, mainly because the trees that the barrels were made from The barrels being a very important part of making rum, as I'm sure you know well, that tree no longer exists.
But do you think that the rum makers let that stop them? Uh, is there a way to make you stop this? In both cases, the correct answer would be no.
They found samples of the extinct tree in, uh, you know, old antique furniture, burnt-out barns Yeah, if there's a point, let's just get there.
They made booze from germinated bacterium.
Extinct bacterium.
My point is nothing is lost forever, Roswell.
We will find a way.
I promise.
You're a genius.
Uh - Where are you going? - Uh, dinner.
This Friday.
And I like the ocean.
Well, that worked.
All right.
What is up here that connects to your vision? Technically? Nothing.
We're here to trigger my next one.
What? I-I thought you said you couldn't control them.
I can't.
But I think adrenaline is a way to trick my mind.
- I-If this is what I think it is - What do you think this is? Listen, I don't know how these visions work.
But I know when I'm afraid for my life, I get another glimpse.
So So, I'm gonna jump off the roof.
You're gonna catch me.
Get back from the ledge, Maria.
You want to know whose funeral it was, too.
But none of us want to go to yours.
If you don't get down, I'm calling this in.
No, you won't.
I got a 10-51 Do you really trust the guy that just short-circuited his own radio? Not at all.
But I know when I'm scared, - it triggers another vision.
- This isn't gonna work.
His heart isn't strong enough to catch you.
There's a part of the vision I didn't share yet.
After Alex said that we were covering up a murder, I said that it was all my fault.
That could mean a lot of things.
None of them I can live with.
- This is reckless.
- That's kind of the point.
We can find a different way.
We don't have time! - Maria, my heart.
- Think fast, Evans.
- No! - Maria, don't! Thanks a lot, Guerin! Do you want to tell me why you just jumped off a building? Max was supposed to catch me.
What are you doing here? If Max even tried to catch you, he'd be puking his guts out right now.
Yeah, I know that.
That's why I asked him, not you.
I needed to be scared.
Your abilities are the only ones that don't have limits.
You really never noticed that? What? I'm not like you, Guerin.
I can't just sit on a barstool somewhere, pretending that nothing matters.
Someone is getting murdered.
If I have to scare myself to death to find out who and why, I'm damn well gonna do it.
Have you made up your mind yet? About killing me? What would you do? If you were us? Depends.
How bad is he? I could tell he was sick the moment I touched him.
How long have I been down here? A week? A month? A year.
And now Max is running out of time.
I know you're upset about Wyatt.
What's the point in trying if I can never escape who I was? You already have.
You've been sober for almost a year now.
Rosalinda has been sober.
Rosa is not even supposed to exist.
Okay, I-I could have one bad day and literally lose everything.
Is this really about what happened with Wyatt? Or is it about you? 'Cause as far as I can tell, for the first time in a long time, you're really trying.
That must be scary.
I mean, what if you fail? Exactly.
What if I do fail? Hmm.
Lately, I've been feeling like failing's all I do.
I can't tell if it's a reason to give up or if it's a reason to keep going.
I mean, obviously, you should keep going.
If you quit, people die.
Death isn't the only reason to try.
You know? Life's a pretty good reason in and of itself.
You still pissed at me? Less, considering you spent the day helping to keep Maria in one piece.
Well, that's progress.
I want to see how you do in the bonus round.
You remember anything else about the home planet? About Jones? I should've asked you a year ago.
I know.
I didn't want to.
I can't afford to ignore it any longer, can I? You're about to die.
There's no more time to be stupid and scared.
Well, I'm sorry.
I was scared, too.
Yeah, I thought if I could just cowboy my way into my final sunset, then I wouldn't have to face the hard part.
I did remember something.
It's more a feeling than an actual an actual memory, but That night we found Jones, I saw something.
See, I had always thought Louise was setting me free.
But now I don't know.
I-I don't know if her and Nora were trying to save me or trying to stop Jones from rescuing me away.
I just remember I ran to him.
And that he felt safe.
I didn't want to ruin your memories of your mother for a feeling I barely understand.
I get it.
There's no "guy who shows up with your face" handbook, okay? That's why I need you to finish the cage, Michael.
I need answers.
What kind of answers? I'm a clone.
Somebody made me, and I want to know why.
There's a reason I exist, and he is holed up out in a cave in the desert.
I don't know.
I mean, I guess I always deep-down knew that I was different.
I've been running from that my whole life.
Only thing I know for sure is I got to talk to Jones.
'Cause I can't face my maker till I face him first.
'Cause maybe they are one and the same.
And what happens when you don't like the answers Mr.
Universe has for you? Does anybody? Can you heal him? I don't know.
I'm not exactly in fightin' shape.
Do you want to? I traveled across the galaxy to save that kid.
I told myself, if I could do right by him, maybe it would erase everything I've done.
Ain't nothin' changed.
Well I wouldn't drink it all at once if I were you.
Your liver's probably not doing so hot.
You should know when I touched Max, I didn't just see that he was sick.
I caught glimpses of a lot of things.
Like how much you love those boys, and how much they love you.
I saw something else, too.
They underestimate you, don't they? Let me guess.
You don't.
All I'm saying is I'm not surprised.
Same thing happened to your mother.
People thought she was weak because she felt things.
The truth is, she was she was good.
Yeah, but Louise was so, so strong.
Once in a blue moon, maybe we're blessed with someone who's both.
I know my life is in your hands, and I want you to know I'm okay with that.
'Cause I know, whatever you decide that'll be what's right.
Oh, my God.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here? - Oh, I was just trying to say thank you for everything.
Lady at the store She said that these are the best paint pens for drawing on canvas.
For your shoes.
I-I noticed you drew on your shoes.
Thank you.
I was actually gonna come and see if you were okay.
But then I was worried that your family might shoot me.
Yeah, they're, uh Backwards-thinking racists? Well, thank you for the pens.
- Uh - Bye.
All right, yeah.
- I'll see you Rosalinda.
- Okay.
So, you're obviously not a colonel.
What should I call you? Name's Eduardo Ramos.
But you can call me "boss.
" We call it "The Lockhart Machine," after the first man who ever tried to crack it, Private Ryan Lockhart.
He went crazy trying to figure it out.
- A lot of good men have.
- What does it do? Well, that's just it.
After all this time, we still only know what we knew when we first began studying it 50 years ago.
Every 47 days, at 11:11 p.
, it turns on for precisely one minute.
When's the last time it turned on? 46 days ago.
We can assign you a different project, if you'd rather.
I'll take this one.
Welcome to Deep Sky, Alex.
Nora convinced The Dictator that she was on his side.
He had abilities no one had ever seen.
Your abilities are the only ones that don't have limits.
The flames couldn't touch him.
Do you know what an overdose of adrenaline does to the body? I told you he'd say no.
I didn't say no.
If I can keep my favorite bartender from jumping off buildings, well, that seems to fall under that "do no harm" banner.
You didn't know I was cop.
But you're a cop.
When I'm not stopping virtual strangers from reading my unfinished novel, yeah.
Are these song lyrics? An article, actually.
You're a reporter? Here to investigate Roswell's recent rise in racial crimes, the new sheriff's questionable record and, of course, the existence of aliens.
At least two of those things.
Welcome to Roswell, Anatsa.
Good thing it was just a one-night stand, Deputy.
I doubt your boss would like you sleeping with the enemy.
If at any point you experience numbness, pounding in your neck or ears, or start foaming at the mouth, we need to call 911.
I'll probably go to jail, but on the bright side, you won't be dead.
Are you sure about this? Yeah.
Why would The Dictator help my mother? Some things are better left buried.
There's only one option I can think of.
I'm the product of it, aren't I? I'm The Dictator's son.
I know I'm right.
Say it.
You're his heir.

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