Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s03e03 Episode Script

Black Hole Sun

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico The Dictator, he had abilities no one had ever seen.
The flames couldn't touch him.
I'm the Dictator's son.
Every time I have a vision, I see a little bit more.
Your brain is calling.
It says, "Stop hurting me.
" Someone could die, Kyle.
I know so little about my own story.
The parts that I thought I understood are unraveling.
I'm a clone.
I need answers.
- What are you keeping from us? - I'm dying.
I thought if I could just cowboy my way into my final sunset that I wouldn't have to face the hard part.
All my samples were destroyed in a lab fire, so there's nothing left back there for me.
Nothing is lost forever.
They made booze from extinct bacteria.
You're a genius.
Liz? Max.
Uh, you're back in Roswell.
Uh, couldn't find a decent milkshake in L.
Uh, I'm-I'm just here for the weekend.
Did you get to see the ocean? I am not the only traveler ♪ Uh, once.
Been meaning to go back.
It's just, um I've been busy, so H-How's the novel? I haven't been able to find the inspiration to finish it.
And your heart? Still ticking.
Thanks to you.
And then I can tell myself ♪ [SIGHS.]
I should go.
No, of course.
I'm supposed to do ♪ And then I can tell myself ♪ It's good to see you, Liz Ortecho.
Good to see you, too, Max Evans.
Along with you ♪ - I had all and then most of you ♪ - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Some and now none of you ♪ Take me back to the night we met ♪ I had all and then most of you ♪ Some and now none of you ♪ Take me back to the night we met.
People living their lives for you on TV ♪ Okay, these are not my best, but what do you expect when your annoying little sister calls in the middle of the night? Mm, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing.
I had this idea that might help stop Maria's mind from degrading.
Did you know that bacteria Uh-uh.
I'm not done with the talking stick.
Is this really about Maria, or are you here because, uh? Max and I are done.
You know that.
I actually saw him outside the diner last night.
- And? - And I remembered how he shattered my heart when he burned down my lab.
Okay, let's talk about you.
Have you met any new friends lately? Come on.
You have spent so much time with Papi, you just made his pancake recipe while barely awake.
You don't get to eat my pancakes and give me a "you need to be more outgoing" lecture.
You've just worked so hard to rebuild your life.
I want you to actually get to live it.
Yeah, and you don't want to talk about Deputy Vanilla.
Come on.
Is that door really closed? If my crazy science works, then I am never gonna have to worry about Max or his stupid miracle DNA ever again.
: Okay.
: Firefighters are still struggling to contain the wildfires in Lincoln National Forest.
Dozens of fires are currently devastating hundreds of acres of New Mexico forestland [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
despite firefighters working throughout the night to combat the flames.
While some fires are close to complete containment, other fires are still largely uncontrolled.
How else am I like him? Well, abilities are passed down genetically, but they aren't predictable.
You should be careful, son.
You might break your cage.
I could kill you right now.
Take your heart and save Max.
Well, then you'd be just like your dad.
Those little stones are very precious.
- Your mother was mining them.
- Don't talk about my mother.
You're still here? Yeah.
I, uh, seem to have lost track of time going through the old files.
You should take a break.
Get some fresh air.
- Look at the sky.
- I'm sorry, I was under the impression you wanted me to do my job.
Did you look at how your predecessor did her job? Yeah.
And all she did was leave a 500-page report on weather patterns.
She studied them for a decade.
You really think 12 hours is enough time to find something in there? But if you're lucky, you might find something in here.
Okay, look, I, uh I didn't sign up for The Men Who Stare at Goats, so [CHUCKLES.]
Deep Sky was established to explore the untapped potential that lies within us all.
And the universe itself.
Our goal is to ask the questions that no one else has ever bothered to.
Why'd you hire me, then? We think you have the potential to do what your predecessors never could: Gaze into the abyss until the abyss gazes back.
And then what? Ask the abyss what the machine does? Alex, your father only understood the world in absolutes.
You two were never headed in the same direction.
You knew him.
I knew he wanted answers.
And since the extent of what we know about the machine is that it turns on every 47 days, that can mean only one thing: Our approach is flawed.
So if you want a chance at solving this mystery, you need to start by asking the right questions.
- Which are what, exactly? - If I asked them, they wouldn't be your questions, now, would they? [DOOR CLOSES.]
God, ever since those fires started in Lincoln National Forest, I can barely breathe.
Turns out I'm allergic to smoke.
So thanks, Apocalypse.
Well, I would say "bless you," but I'm more worried about the poor souls who got buried at Forever Drab.
Oh, I'm sorry my visions aren't more Instagrammable.
Hey, I, uh, I got your message.
It said you had another vision.
Yeah, I wanted us all together.
Alex and Michael aren't responding, and Kyle is, um with Liz.
Yeah, I ran into her last night.
What? Why wouldn't you tell me that? That's 'Cause I am too busy trying to solve this puzzle to save us all, so Tell me there's something new.
I wasn't sure until we got here, but now that I've seen it, I'm I'm certain.
This is where the funeral takes place.
Well, in that case, who do we know that would have a funeral here? Someone who wouldn't be caught dead in a church.
Who died? I'm sorry, can we just talk about this before we issue a death sentence? No one is gonna die, Isobel.
We are gonna stop it.
: Yeah.
We know that Alex is covering up the murder, which implies that it's alien-related, right? Which could mean that you tried to heal the victim and left one of your infamous handprints.
Or the victim is an alien.
Or an alien committed the crime.
MAX: Let's just stick to the evidence here.
Mom and Dad would have their funerals at a church, right? What about the Ortechos? Ortechos are muy Católicos.
So that just leaves Michael.
Well what do I win? Cash prize or is it just an untimely death? MARIA: Sit down, Guerin.
All right? I lost a lot of brain cells over this one.
You're gonna let me finish.
Now, listen.
- Mm-hmm.
- During the vision, I saw sunflowers, and they were placed - across a casket.
That's because Sanders and I are growing those for the Garden Festival this year.
Well, I also heard a song.
It was like Do, do, do, do ♪ It's called "Canción Mixteca.
" How do you know that? Aside from it playing at my funeral? Sanders hums it all the time.
He learned it when he was a kid, helping out in the pecan fields.
Is there anything else that can get us closer to a suspect? There was a guy, and he said i-if the sheriff's department had responded the day that he filed the complaint, then none of this would've happened.
But, um, some good news: Think I saw snow on someone's shoulder, so maybe we have some time.
- MAX: Okay.
That is good.
- So, that's a couple months.
You know what? Don't worry about it, DeLuca.
Lightning has set most of New Mexico on fire anyways.
At least your boy's gonna go out in flames.
All right.
Well, I'm gonna go to the station, pull some files, see if I can find a complaint that matches that description.
You know, most people visit the rodeo when they're in town.
Most people haven't figured out how to recover an alien cerebral cortex.
What do you mean, "recover"? Noah's brain is toast.
Burnt toast.
You're hoping to extract Noah's DNA from charcoal? My coworker at Genoryx reminded me that bacterial endospores can withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions.
And he did it with rum.
Please tell me you brought some.
I just got to get this underneath a microscope.
If the spores are there, then I can crack them open and create new brain tissue from the core.
I hope.
If a fireballed lab can't stop the great Liz Ortecho, what could you possibly need me for? Yeah, we built this place together, so, you know, you might see something that I don't.
Or you want to compare the proteins in these spores to the unique healing properties found in a certain someone's DNA.
I spent months studying Max's cells.
I just want my research back, and all I would need is just a microgram of his blood.
If you need Max's blood, you need to ask him yourself.
You know that, right? Yes.
I Course I do.
I don't know why I'm so upset.
You're afraid that you're not doing enough.
Excuse me? You really know how to hit where it hurts, don't you? I-I don't know where that came from, but I don't think that.
I Has everyone forgotten I have a day job? Hey.
Can you hang on to this? No.
No, I can't be in the middle of you two, and just - No.
- Please.
You said you wanted to see this through.
This isn't what I meant, okay? Liz is going to hate me, and she's also gonna hate you, but you're gonna be dead, so what do you care? Whoa.
Have you been mainlining acetone? - Just for a couple weeks.
Look, but A couple days ago, it stopped working.
My heart is racing.
I can't eat.
I can't sleep.
Can't think straight? Any vertigo? Yeah.
All signs of late-stage heart failure.
Oh, great.
- You have to talk to Liz.
- No.
I can't.
- It is not safe for her to be here.
Is there something else going on? [CHUCKLES.]
: What if, um if I told you I had a clone? I'm in a nightmare.
There's another you? How? You know, I don't even want to know.
I can't explain it, but the last few days, I felt this, um like, this pull.
But it just keeps getting worse.
So, you're saying the person you have locked up is just trying to draw you to him like some alien pied piper? I don't know, man! Okay? I can't explain it.
I don't know what is happening.
But can you make it stop? I need to solve this murder, but this is making me crazy.
Yeah, and you're making me crazy.
Yeah, you kept a healthy duplicate of you locked up for a year when I've been exhausting myself spending every free minute trying to search for anything to fix your heart! Look, why would you keep this a secret? Because it is not safe.
Okay? He is a liability.
I'm your doctor, Max.
I should've been the exception.
You could've at least given me a fighting chance at saving you.
- I'm not asking you to save me! - No.
You're just asking me to stand by and watch as you destroy yourself.
And Liz! I am trying not to destroy Liz.
Do you have something stronger than acetone? I've done everything I could for you.
The only way to save you now is if that clone is a healer, too.
Or if he gives you the heart right out of his chest.
I'll give you the best modern medicine has to offer.
And I'll hold on to your damn letter.
What is this, and why does it make me cry? I asked Michael, and he said he got it from you.
The turquoise.
It was an amplifier.
It vibrates at the same frequency we do.
And this, uh, ET tuning fork ended up in the New Mexican desert how, exactly? It was that night in '47.
Our ship was breaking apart before we even hit the ground.
And the chemicals it spewed it killed cattle.
It made the cactus flowers bloom, but then it turned that little stone into something else entirely.
What does it do? It boosts our abilities.
So, what is my ability? Depression? What, you really haven't figured it out yet? I mean, can't you sense when something is off? Emotional shifts in other people? You're an empath, Isobel.
I got a heavy heart ♪ [PANTING, GRUNTING.]
I know you hate the part ♪ Gregory.
I mean, I considered not helping you because you are a strong woman.
No, you can lift my keg anytime.
Then you can let me help you pour beers from it, too.
I cannot let you do that.
It's either I can stay here and help you or I can go home to cold pizza.
Have pity on me, DeLuca.
- I'm a I'm a sad, sad man.
- Aw.
Well, sad, sad man, you can get boxes out of my truck.
Yes, ma'am.
So, is this a locals only bar? [SIGHS.]
Tourists usually party down at Saturn's Ring, but, um You're a local, girl.
Okay, okay.
What was that? MARIA: That is just a friend.
I cannot wait to hear everything you are not telling me about Gregory Manes, but I'm guessing he's not why you sent that "I need to see you right now" text.
It's Max, isn't it? Oh, it's a powerful ability.
Probably could fix whatever's got you, Max and Michael out of sync.
What does this have to do with Max and Michael? E-Everything.
Those boys are pulling away.
I know.
It feels unnatural.
It's painful, even.
If you'd like, I can teach you how to separate.
Teach me how to fix it.
You can't.
They have to choose to come back to you.
Tell me more about my ability.
Well there was a time when the Dictator had your mother and I as prisoners.
As an empath, she could target people's weaknesses, warn him of their strengths.
She told me empathy's about acknowledging what's yours and what isn't.
It's like a candle.
What makes it burn? The wick.
So, when you see the flame, find the wick.
Find the source.
JORDAN: Hey! Hey, I'm talking to you.
- Hey, big guy! Hey, come on.
- Excuse me.
Hey, you want to tell me why I was just stung by a bee? I don't bring my bees to public events, BUT MY GUESS: You probably stepped on some nettle.
- WYATT: He's right, Jordan.
I mean, there's stinging nettle all around here.
Nah, I saw a bee.
A mean one.
You got a permit for this booth? They don't need one.
It's a city event.
They were all asked to be here.
Gregory Manes, yeah.
I remember you.
We went to school together.
You were the kid who cried over that dead bird.
And you were the kid who smashed his head in.
What do you want, Jordan? Oh.
Well, we're just a a group of concerned citizens looking out for our fellow townsfolk.
Funny thing about concerned citizens.
They always seem to be white men with guns.
WYATT: Jordan.
Let's go.
Whose side are you on, Long? The side of not being an ass.
Y'all enjoy your movie.
Later, Wyatt.
Sorry about all that.
Yeah, I think it's time someone go to the sheriff and complain about those idiots.
MARIA: If the sheriff's department had responded the day that he filed the complaint, then none of this would have happened.
How long has this been going on? Oh, in America? I'd say about 250 years.
He means with the Roswell Regiment, Bert.
But Sheriff Valenti shut that down.
Yeah, she tried.
They just hit pause.
It's been pretty obvious over the last few months that Valenti was gonna lose the election.
Now that she's gone, those clowns are back to what they're good at: Harassing people that don't look like them.
And it wasn't Wyatt leading the charge this time.
It was Jordan Bernhardt.
- The mayor's son? - GREGORY: The word is, the mayor and our new sheriff are old golf buddies.
Fill this out and give it back to me, but me only, okay? We'll take care of this.
- Yeah.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Two beers.
Seems your vision is pointing more and more to a, uh, the long grudge between Michael and Wyatt.
Add Jordan to the mix, you got a recipe for disaster.
- I should warn Michael.
- Good luck.
Got a lot of hard conversations ahead of you.
I saw Liz.
Couldn't lie to her.
Why did you keep this from me? You just found out Max is dying, and instead of asking him why he's been hiding it from you, you came here, to yell at me, who's ethically bound to keep it a secret? [SCOFFS.]
Why are you so afraid to talk to him? I am not afraid.
I am furious at him.
He made me believe that I was capable of anything, of being anyone, and then he took it away when he burned it all down.
You used his DNA, Liz, without telling him.
Max didn't put you here.
You did, when you decided to put science above everything else.
Success at any cost has a cost, and you never stopped to consider it.
Look, you can run from Max, forever if you want.
But you can't run from yourself.
Eventually, you'll have to take responsibility for the things that you've done to the people you love.
All I ever wanted was to save lives.
That doesn't make it right.
I can't keep doing this.
Letting you and Max and everyone pull me into things that I didn't ask for.
If you want something from Max, ask Max, not me.
And while you're at it, ask him about his other secret.
The one out in the desert.
Oh, man, you feeling, uh, nostalgic about the good old days? This was Dad's favorite family activity.
Little popcorn Little xenophobia about aliens.
: Yeah.
If you miss him, we can go egg the statue in the town square.
Speaking of, how are you holding up? Oh, you know, most days I can rationalize that I killed a a bad man.
But, uh, some days, I remember that man was my father.
You seem to be doing better than you were a few months ago.
Does it happen to have anything to do with my dream girl? - Maria DeLuca? - [LAUGHS.]
: Oh.
Well, please say "yes.
" I have been waiting for you two to fall in love since high school.
You know, I can be myself around her, and that is rare for a Manes man.
Ah, but somehow, I don't think that's what you wanted to talk about.
Well, I, um I left the Air Force, full honors.
I got an opportunity, and I took it.
But, uh, uh it's been one day, and I already just You're scared you made a mistake.
My new boss suggested that I solve a potential matter of national security by looking up at the sky.
And then he brought up Dad.
What? They knew each other? Couldn't have been well.
My first assignment was to stop thinking like my father.
Well, he's kind of right, though.
I mean, think about it, Alex.
I mean, why'd you join the Air Force? To get away from him, to - to get control of my life - Well, then, you should've joined the Navy, or the Marines or even the Army.
When you joined the Air Force, you were following in his footsteps.
My advice? You left the service, so you can take off the uniform.
And do what? Look at the sky? Stop listening to Dad's voice in your head and start listening to your own.
All right, look, you're gonna figure it out.
All right, just be patient.
LIZ: You're suspiciously quiet.
You said you wanted to listen to Natalie Merchant and chill.
Do you think what happened with Max is my fault? I think it was both of your faults.
Yeah, but what he did, it - it was too much.
- Absolutely.
I just think it's possible that he might think the same thing about what you did.
In NA, we talk a lot about personal responsibility.
Max is 100% responsible for what Max did.
And so are you.
We heard you snitched to the cops about us.
We ain't gonna stand by and let you destroy our town anymore.
Okay, look, I don't want to die tonight, so let's talk.
Let's talk.
Why talk if you never listen? [GRUNTING.]
- JORDAN: Damn it, Zeke! - What the hell? Oh, maybe if you guys stopped hitting each other, you wouldn't need four guys to commit one hate crime.
- Walk away.
- Oh, I wish I could.
That's just not really who I am.
Hit me.
'Cause I really want to hit you back.
MAX: Michael? Small town, Guerin.
I'm sure we'll bump into each other again real soon.
MAX: So, I'm trying to save your life, and you try to get yourself killed? What-what is going on with you, Michael? It does not matter.
- I'm dying anyway.
- No, you're not, because we can still find a way to change this.
MICHAEL: Oh, maybe I don't want to change it.
Maybe I deserve it.
You ever think of that, Max? [QUIETLY.]
: Find the source.
MAX: Get over yourself, Michael.
You don't deserve to die.
He told you something.
Who did? No, I know that self-loathing is kind of your thing, but this is different.
You're ashamed.
You think that you're a monster.
Because I am.
I am the heir to an evil dictator.
Okay? Monster's in my blood.
You finished the cage? Two days ago, we pulled him out.
This morning, I nearly slit his throat.
What are you talking about, Michael? The Dictator I'm his son.
Apparently, I have a temper.
What did he tell you? [SIGHS.]
What we've always known.
I'm the tyrant; You're the savior.
The two of you went down there without me.
Seriously? This isn't how I wanted this to go.
How did you think it was gonna go? Okay, you're right.
We've all been hiding things from each other.
And it has to stop.
We're not strong unless we're together.
It's like you said; There has to be three.
We're a triad.
Did Jones tell you that? What else did he tell you? About our planet and and why we came here.
And that I'm an empath.
That's how I know what's going on with Michael.
We need to put him back.
In the pod? No.
You want to see him.
Not anymore.
What were you thinking? Liz is in town.
Liz? What does Liz have to do with this? Have you met her? If she finds out about this, she's not going to leave.
Okay? Jones is dangerous.
- How do you know that? - [SCOFFS.]
I can't explain it.
It's just a feeling in my gut, okay? He is dangerous, Isobel.
Just leave this be.
I saw your car.
Wanted to give you this turquoise.
It resonates with our tech.
I don't know why.
But I do know that if any alien mysteries come around, I won't be here to play Hardy Boys.
I'm getting murdered.
Michael Guerin going down without a fight? I don't believe it.
Well, you always did see the violence in me, didn't you? What are you talking about? I could never do the right thing.
Turns out neither could my father.
- And how do you know that? - It doesn't matter.
He was a killer.
Genocidal maniac, actually.
Wow, you must've loved that.
You've been looking for proof that you were worthless your whole life.
What can I say? I had a hunch.
Look, if you're your father, then I'm mine.
Which means I have a lot of torturing to do before the end of the night, so excuse me.
It's not, it's not the same.
No, it is.
I hate to break it to you, Guerin, but there's not some special set of rules that applies just to you.
You decide who you are.
If you give up, it is on you.
In Maria's vision, I say that I am covering up a murder, right? Yeah.
It's not you.
- You can't know that.
- Yes, I can.
If it were you, I would not cover it up.
♪ I would burn the entire world down first.
- I had it in my head ♪ but not in my heart ♪ Every word that I said brought you back to the start ♪ [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION PLAYING ON MOVIE SCREEN.]
LIZ: Max! But I'm not in charge ♪ But it's beautiful ♪ I-I've been looking for you.
I should've found you earlier.
I just had things on my mind, so Like [EXHALES.]
Someone getting murdered or your heart failing? I should've told you.
I-I get why you didn't.
I mean, we've hardly been in a place to share our deepest, darkest secrets.
And you told Kyle, so that's good.
Ever since last night, I've wanted to talk Can I go first? I I never should've hidden what I was doing in the lab.
I-I was so afraid of who I'd be without my groundbreaking discovery that I-I forgot about the other part, the important part, and it's you.
I was wrong, Max.
I was wrong.
I-I I should've told you what I was doing.
And when you asked me to stop, I should have.
And I never should have burned down the lab.
All I've ever wanted was for you to be great.
And beautiful will do ♪ Yeah, it's beautiful ♪ [WHISPERS.]
: I think about you.
And beautiful will do ♪ Every day.
And every time I try to go to the ocean, I-I can't.
'Cause you're not with me.
The rain came and washed away ♪ Yeah, it's okay ♪ When it comes ♪ I can't do this anymore.
When it's high, when it's low ♪ - [ELECTRICITY BUZZING.]
- It's all the same ♪ No.
No, no, no.
Why are you pushing me away? And it's okay ♪ You're lying.
I can tell.
Yeah, it's okay ♪ Goodbye, Liz.
And it's okay ♪ I-Is this about what you're hiding in the desert? When it goes, when it's high ♪ I don't owe you any explanations.
You just can't be a part of my life anymore.
And it's okay ♪ And it's okay ♪ [ENGINE STARTS.]
And it's okay ♪ Yeah, it's okay ♪ And it's okay.
♪ ISOBEL: Brooding Valenti.
My favorite.
To whom do I owe this pleasure? Besides the clone in the desert who no one mentioned till today? [SIGHS.]
We haven't been fair to you, Kyle.
I brought this on myself.
I think I'm lost.
I thought when I became a doctor, my life would suddenly feel complete.
But still feel empty inside.
Have you heard of, um sleeping? It's phenomenal.
You should try it.
Seriously though, you should take care of yourself for once.
I mean, you, of all people, deserve to be happy.
My dad was wrong about most things, but he was right about one.
Ever since '47, this town has been at the center of a story that's bigger than any one of us.
My dad thought that if he could just find out what the story was really about He could control it.
Yeah, but he couldn't.
So he made it an enemy to fight.
He made his whole life a fight.
Everything, everyone was just something to charge through.
But this machine, we cannot charge through it to get the answer.
So how do you propose we get one? Well, we start with the basics.
Is it built for good or for evil? You've finally come.
MAX: I didn't have a choice.
I can't eat.
I can't sleep.
Only thing I can do is think about coming here and talking to you.
Why? Because we're connected, you and I.
But you already know that.
When your siblings pulled me out of the pod, it solidified the invisible tether between us.
But it didn't start with them.
Started with the console at the fair.
When I awoke, so did you.
I want it to stop.
Because you want to be with them? You have to ask yourself, have you ever truly felt connected to them? You have a decision to make.
I choose them.
I choose her.
The woman who built your failing heart? You love her, don't you? Hey, I pushed her away because of you.
Because of whatever this is! Make it stop.
Set me free.
I can't.
It's not some power.
It can't be quelled - by my luxurious accommodations.
When Nora and Louise stole a piece of me to build you, they created a wound so deep, it can only be healed when we are together.
Apart, we are weak.
Alone, we are dead.
- But together - No! I don't need you.
For years, I've-I've been, I've been fine.
I-I can choose.
You can't! - [GRUNTING.]
- Unless you accept who you really are, you will always suffer! You know that! You are broken! [ELECTRICAL POPPING.]
Stop! [GRUNTS.]
DISPATCHER: 10-33 in progress.
Corner of First and Main.
All units respond.
Code 2.
Oh, my God.
Fires must be getting closer.
Oh, thank you.
- Ash is thicker than usual.
I thought it was snow in my vision.
It's ash.
- ISOBEL: Maria! [PANTS.]
- We're out of time.
The church is on fire.
We can't use the funeral home to narrow down the victim in your vision.
We can't eliminate anyone as a potential murder victim.
: I don't want to set ♪ The world on ♪ Fire ♪ [DRAWER OPENS.]
: Have but one desire ♪ MAN [GARBLED.]
: Magoo? I've lost all ambition ♪ Are you there? For worldly acclaim ♪ I just want to be ♪ If you've [STATIC CRACKLING.]
you've come too far.
And with your admission ♪ Dad? That you feel the same ♪ I'll have reached the goal I'm dreaming of ♪ Believe me ♪ I don't want to set the world ♪ On fire ♪ I just want to start ♪ A flame in your heart.

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