Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s03e04 Episode Script

Walk on the Ocean

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico Howdy, partner.
- What did he do to you? - He told me I'm a clone.
I think someone's getting murdered.
Have you been mainlining acetone? A couple days ago, it stopped working.
- My heart is racing.
- All signs of late-stage heart failure.
It was your dad's.
- Magoo? Are you there? - Dad? Hey, why are you pushing me away? I can't do this anymore.
Goodbye, Liz.
We're connected, you and I.
Make it stop.
Set me free.
You are broken, Max.
Max? How are you here? I drove all night.
I-I had to.
I'm so sorry.
- I made a mistake.
- I don't understand.
I should never have pushed you away.
I was I was scared.
Of what? I can't be me without you.
Come back to me.
This is your plan? Get me high? Hope I hallucinate some answers? I fell down a rabbit hole of drug studies this morning.
Veterans are using it to treat their PTSD.
It's helping them access their subconscious.
So I figure it should help us find your memory of the funeral.
You just say "us"? Every quest needs a guide.
I mean, how do you expect to find Wonderland without a white rabbit? Okay, first of all, my body not your Wonderland.
The Lincoln Fire is 40% contained.
That means, by next week, no more ash.
This funeral is happening soon, so could you just drop the lone wolf act and let me help you? Okay, but one snarky comment out of you, and I'm conjuring up some big bodyguards to haul you away.
They better be hot, though.
Aw, look.
Our family trees are kissing.
All this nonsense going on here, and that's the one thing that you notice? If you like piña coladas, they're on the house.
- I mean, obviously.
It is your mind - Mm-mm.
No, no, no.
These are not my thoughts.
Mm, yes and no.
Half this mess is yours, Iz.
Could you send us to the psychic vision section? - Oh.
- We're looking for The funeral.
I know.
Only you can find it, Maria.
You can't see the rest of that funeral because you don't want to.
I threw myself off a building.
But think of it like a repressed memory.
It unsettles you.
So, your unconscious buried it underneath all this.
Everyone in here represents a hidden truth.
Confront them, you'll get where you want to go.
Ignore them, you got to stay with me.
You have got to be scrooging me.
It's simple really.
Bare your soul.
That one's got to be yours.
What is she doing here, Isobel? It might have something to do with this dream I have of opening up a self-defense school for little girls.
Like Miyagi-Do.
Poof! Just like the Cheshire Cat.
Oh, God! That reminds me.
Hold on.
You're late.
You had to mention Wonderland, huh? Safety is a shared endeavor that guarantees fairness and respect for all.
Back in Lovington, I took a broken contract, and I rebuilt it.
It took trust, and it took order, but we did it.
How do you intend to respond to the recent string of robberies targeting people of color? I intend to get to the bottom of it.
Black lives matter, as do brown, red, white, blue.
And because we're in Roswell Green.
Now let me point you in the direction of the other thing I'm good at: Hatch green chile cheeseburgers.
Look, I'll tell you one thing, this town's missing a Valenti.
Rosalinda? Rosalinda? - Boo.
- Whoa.
Am I losing my edge? Just your earring.
You recognized my earring.
Who's that? Our Lady of Guadalupe.
She's the patron saint of Mexico.
She's basically bigger than Jesus.
So, she's got, like, better powers? She has Mexican powers.
"There's a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in.
" That's Leonard Cohen, right? You barely remember who you are, but you remember "Anthem" lyrics? I found the box set with some of my old stuff from high school.
Thought it might help me remember something.
Did it? Nope.
Which sucks, because I'm sort of getting the sense that something something pretty bad happened to my sister.
Something my mom doesn't want me to find out.
You didn't just Google it? Well, I also get the sense that it's the sort of thing you don't really want to find with an ad banner next to it.
So I thought I'd ask you.
Me? Why not why not Jordan? 'Cause he's mean, and you're not.
I don't know anything.
This is why they were mining it.
Did you just make an intergalactic IPA? What do you want, Valenti? Your help.
Last night, this radio dialed itself to a frequency way beyond the normal broadcast band and played something weird.
Whoa, whoa.
Hey! I'm all stocked up on stubborn, and I know that you would be interested in Whoa.
Did that just Magoo? Are you there? If you've you've come too far Is that your dad? Speaking through a hundred-year-old glowing radio that's reacting to your magic rock.
Now you interested? Max told me about the clone.
But he left out the part about magic pebbles.
Used to be regular old turquoise, but the crash of '47 changed its composition somehow.
My mom was mining it.
And from what I can tell, it amplifies the chemical properties in anything that conducts a current.
Alien glass.
That explains the glow.
It's wedged in there pretty good.
Getting it in is easy.
Fixing this crack, that's gonna take some skill.
And you think my dad somehow put his message in alien glass? Better question is, why did your old man hide it in a broken radio? I don't know, but my great-grandfather built it.
Used to be the family business.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
"In times of trouble, let this be your guide.
" They were poets, too.
Can you fix it? Uh, boosting the properties of the glass could create an ionic bond.
Yeah, like alien Lego.
Grab the pliers.
We're doing surgery.
Oh, I-I know what you're gonna say, but I already did the rounds.
Uh, well, then let me humbly suggest that we do them again.
This event is honoring you, Liz.
And by the way, our guests in there, they do fund your very unorthodox scientific ideas, and thus, my car.
Well, maybe they shouldn't.
Oh, so then, this is about Roswell.
You found the old spores in your lab, but there was no DNA.
The spores are still in my bag.
What, you haven't even tried them yet? What's going on, Liz? I've spent so much time trying to convince these people that I belong here, and I I haven't asked myself if this is where I'm supposed to be.
You mean on a balcony with a stunning view - and funding for days? - Heath I want to help people.
- So we should look at your spores - No.
'Cause once we do, Genoryx is gonna own whatever becomes of them.
And without Genoryx, you won't have a breakthrough at all.
You don't have the resources.
Exactly why I'm conflicted.
Okay, I've never told you this.
Uh I failed out of Johns Hopkins.
I was sure as hell that one day I would save the world.
My professor disagreed.
For a long time, I questioned all of it.
The whole reason that I got into this in the first place.
So what'd you do? Well, I wallowed, I ate a case of Twinkies, and then I numbed my brain on video games.
And then, luckily, I had a friend who pulled me out of my head long enough to see my way through.
So I should download Call of Duty? Well, maybe skip the download.
I didn't mean to hit you, buddy.
My emotions just got the best of me.
They think I'm a monster.
Now I know why.
So what do you think? Had I known this would be such a delicate procedure, I would have brought my hemostatic clamps.
A poor craftsman blames his tools.
If I mess this up, the only tool I'm blaming is you.
- Would you look at that.
- Hmm? This baby's both a transmitter and a receiver.
I wonder who this walkie-ET-talkie calls out to.
Can you focus, please? I've just got to fuse this last piece.
Keep those steady hands steady and All right.
You can relax now.
It's done.
So what do we do now? Take cover.
Take cover! If you've figured out how to extract this message from the glass, then you've come too far.
I probably only have a few minutes before I slip out of lucidity.
Ever since the crash of '47, our family has chosen to protect the Others.
It seemed like the right decision to protect those who are persecuted for being different.
But it wasn't.
Not for your grandfather.
Not for me.
Walk away, Kyle, because the alternative is a sacrifice no more Valentis should make.
Sorry for making a mess of Guerin Grotto.
First of all, it's a lair.
Second, I am pretty sure your dad told you to get the hell out of here.
But I gotta imagine my grandfather said the same thing to him, and yet he stayed the course.
And he died because of it.
Sure, abandoning oppressed people, harsh.
But what's less harsh is, I don't know living! Don't you feel a sense of responsibility To do what?! I'm gonna get in a rocket ship that doesn't exist? Fly to a planet that's God knows where into a war that's probably long over? Face it, Valenti, I am as capable of helping that planet as you are of helping us.
I don't think I can look my kids in the eye and tell 'em I walked away from this.
I gotta go.
Here's an idea.
You have someone stashed in a cave who could help you find the answers you've been searching for since you were seven years old.
How about you stop licking your wounds and go talk to him.
Thanks for taking pity on me.
Oh, this is not pity.
This is emergency assistance.
Face it, having been friends with Jordan is a cry for help.
Liz told me that you and Rosa used to be friends.
She said that you guys would hang out and listen to Nirvana, and talk about art sometimes.
I told her I didn't get that.
Guero rancher with money and a Chicana with secondhand sneaks.
Well, what'd she say to that? Um she said a veces en las piedras crecen flores.
Sometimes flowers grow through cracks in the cement.
Good things can thrive, even when the world around it is Thick-headed and backwards? Adios me from the shop again, I might adios you out of my country! Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
You're hanging out with her? So what? I should go.
You should stay.
You know, your mama made us promise not to tell you this, but enough's enough.
Why don't you ask your girlfriend here what happened to your sister, huh? - She doesn't know.
- She's a lying piece of dirt.
Just like the rest of 'em.
Her family is the reason your sister's dead, Wyatt.
Her cousin killed Kate.
Come on, Zeke, let's go.
Okay, little-known fact.
This is where Einstein came whenever he had a crisis of faith.
There's no one dancing.
- That's the point.
- Mm.
More room for us.
You know, you look a lot happier with that bullet wound fixed up.
But Louise once told me that it's the accidents that change the course of our lives.
I think you might be my happy accident, Lucky.
Come on.
Oh, I know.
We share the same face.
You'd think he would trust me.
What do you say we show him who I really am? How'd you find us? One road in, one road out.
Give me the pod.
It's not here.
You're leaving and taking him with you? I don't want to hurt you.
Just give me the boy.
We will never give him to you.
After everything that you have Louise! I love you.
So, you're gonna kill me now? No, but I told you, I just want my boy.
So, every subconscious thought we deal with gets us closer to accepting the truth about the funeral vision.
Well, in that case, I guess you should be a little more forthcoming.
Focus, ladies.
That was just the easy part.
We're warming up to the main event.
Only two truths are left.
You want truth, rabbit? Bronson died before my mother gave birth to that baby.
There's nothing I'm suppressing there.
Care to comment, Maria? Yeah, on the creepy Evans twins.
You want us to deal you in, Iz? Should they, Iz? Okay, fine! Fine.
Max is a clone.
- What? - Yeah, we found this guy Jones in a cave in the desert and apparently he's, like, O.
We don't know if he's good or bad, so we locked him in an alien cage.
Wait, I'm sorry, you kept a man in a cage for a year? No, I mean, we kept him in a stasis pod for, like, 51 and a half weeks.
The cage has just been the last few days.
And of course you would keep that to yourself.
You know, it was kind of an alien thing.
I am an alien - ish.
- Listen, we thought he was dangerous.
What do you mean "thought"? It's complicated.
Okay, it's really not, so just spit it out.
Our mothers were afraid of Jones.
But he says that he cares about Max.
And I can feel that he he's telling the truth.
And I don't trust him.
But I don't know, I have this sense that there's something I don't know how to describe it other than to say he feels like family.
One down one to go.
No, you're right, boy.
This ain't good news.
Salsa requires letting go.
Relinquishing control to your partner.
And we both know that's not really your thing.
All right, Jones.
I've been thinking about what you said.
Max! Hey! Wake up, dude.
You good? What happened? You know, out there, you actually let me take the lead for once.
Mm, do not get used to it.
Salsa's not the same thing as science.
But I disagree.
You just have to trust me not to drop you on your head.
That doesn't actually make sense.
All right.
What I'm trying to say is I got you.
All right, you don't want to do the important stuff in the lab? We do it off-book.
How? We set up shop at your house.
I call in all of the favors with my tech buddy, he firewalls everything.
Genoryx will never know what we create in there.
Liz, you're brilliant.
I mean, I'm just asking you to trust your instincts.
Okay, DeLuca, spit it out.
Why is my mother in your head? You mean my great-grandmother and your sister Patricia? Yeah, tomato, tom-ah-to.
How can you not see that? I'm sorry, does this - have something to do with me? - Yes! No, wait.
I'm not sure.
I don't have a lot of family, but my mom needs me more than ever.
I'm not normal enough to be human, but apparently I'm not alien enough to be part of the alien gang.
I just I don't know Lonely.
What, you're queen of feelings now? How did you not know that? I don't know, you know, in my defense, I've have this new ability for, like, 36 hours.
Ever since I found out about Louise, I just I wanted to feel some type of connection.
And your only connection is through me.
And I haven't exactly been including you.
In fact, I've been - actively excluding.
- Yeah.
- Criticizing.
- Antagonizing.
- Antagonizing.
- Irritating.
Just not treating you like family.
It would just be nice to know what planet my great-grandmother's from.
Well you know what? Why don't we solve this? And then let's talk about it over some acetone margaritas? Okay.
Congrats, ladies.
You did it.
Whew! "Find My Friends" should be called "Find My Intergalactic Enemy.
" Dude, I've felt I've felt how strong he is, man.
He is stronger than all of us.
Well lucky for us, I got a long history Of fighting someone with your face.
Told you they'd come, boy.
What are you doing here? Thinking.
Plenty of quiet time in your cage.
You know, when you keep things locked up, you create monsters, Michael.
You know, I thought about running.
But then I remembered why I came here in the first place.
I've seen who you've become, Max, and you're a good man.
You deserve the life I came here to give you.
And what life is that? A healthy one.
I've seen your X-rays.
There's a lot of people who will miss you.
I mean, Liz Ortecho for one.
You leave Liz out of this.
I understand why you doubt me.
I, uh, I remember Tripp.
That's why I wanted to give you my side of the story.
What's he talking about? I dug up just enough strength to give him one memory.
So he could make his own decision.
About what? His heart.
Now will you trust me enough to let me heal you? You're not strong enough for that.
Lucky seems to be doing just fine.
Look, no offense to Lucky, but it's different with people.
Okay, I mean, you could die.
And in doing so, make amends for all the pain I've caused in my life.
Let me help you, - Max.
- Why? Why? Because in-in 1948, you were searching for me? Nothing you showed me convinces me of anything else.
Then let me show you the rest.
He can't fake a memory.
You set me up.
One road in, one road out.
Where is he? Where is my boy? We moved him.
In one piece? Or in many? I saw those tools in there.
What did you do to him? - We're trying to fix him.
- So stop! Just give him to me.
We are two halves of a whole.
Without me, he'll I want a chance to do this right.
You know what happens to the child if you kill me.
Who said you're gonna die tonight? That empty pod in there.
That's for me.
I just want my child.
Can he survive without him? I don't know.
I'm ready to go back to my cage.
And I'm ready to set you free, Max.
- Thank you for coming, I - Y-You don't have to explain.
I, uh know why you ran.
You do? I googled myself.
I found my YouTube page, and there were all these videos about your cousin and your family, and about how Mexicans don't belong in America, and That's why you didn't tell me about your cousin, isn't it? You were afraid of what I might do.
You shot up our diner, Wyatt.
You attacked my uncle.
I don't know how you're so different now.
It doesn't make sense.
Why are you even talking to me? Because because I know what it's like to wake up one day and not know what happened to your life.
I have been in recovery for a year now, but sometimes I still feel like I'm just convincing myself that I'm somebody that I'm not.
But, no, I-I No, I know that's not true because if people can't change, if we can't become who we want to be, then what is the point of any of this? Wow, that's probably kinder than I deserve.
I'm so sorry, Rosalinda.
I'm sorry, too.
I'm sorry about your sister.
It wasn't your fault.
I think I need some time away from this place.
Need to figure out who-who I am and who I want to be, you know? He asked to keep the harmonica.
Figured there'd be no harm in that.
You gonna tell me what you saw? He was hunting Nora and Louise just like Tripp said, but he didn't want to hurt me.
He wanted to save me from them.
I could feel his pain right before they trapped him in the pod.
He thinks of me like a son.
That mean you want to let him heal you? I don't know, man.
I don't trust him.
But I can't tell if that's because I don't like what he said about my mom.
I know it isn't my fault who my dad was.
But I still feel a responsibility to somehow fix what he broke.
Seems like Jones feels that way about you.
It's your choice, but if you're game, I will back you.
Well, we faced our fears in subconscious land.
Let's face what's left in your funeral vision.
Of course I'm upset.
This is like Noah all over again.
We're covering up a murder.
It's still so blurry.
This is all my fault.
Not this time, DeLuca.
We'll figure this out together.
Everything is coming into focus thanks to you.
I have two theories already.
Ah, so we have made peace with LA, and our plan to save the world.
I've made peace with myself.
I've decided to resign.
Where are you off to in such a hurry, Valenti? I'm gonna see the sheriff.
Let her know about what you and your buddy Zeke did over at the Lopez farm.
Oh, she ain't ever gonna listen to you, Kyle.
She's not a bleeding heart liberal like your mother.
For I am convinced What do you see that's new here? that neither death nor life If the sheriff's office had done something the day I complained, they could've prevented this.
- neither the present - Bert is with Michael.
So it's not Guerin's funeral.
He defended him yesterday at the drive-in.
Oh, but I got to believe Sheriff Taylor still believes in justice.
But if she won't do anything, I will.
Why do you got to be such a pain in my ass, Valenti? Guys like you ain't the problem.
You're a doctor.
You're not the one sucking the system dry like These hardworking people who it's designed to beat down? Hmm? Look, Liz, just think about this, okay? There's consequence here.
I have, yes.
And if Genoryx discovers that we are hiding our work from them, they will take it from us, legally.
They're not And we won't be able to help the people we did this for in the first place.
Heath, I have been searching for a way to do good without harm, and I think leaving Genoryx is the first step.
Neither life.
nor death, nor anything else Oh, my God.
Is this Liz's funeral? Okay, what about the-the the funding, all right? - The equipment? - I will figure it out.
I need to trust people, but it has to be the right ones.
I have put my faith in Genoryx when I should have been looking to the people I care about.
I have people.
You know what? And now Max Evans would like to share a few words.
I can't.
I can't.
Well, at least we know it's not Liz.
"Canción Mixteca.
" You know, your family's been a problem for mine for a long time.
Tell me you ain't gonna be like your stubborn old man.
Like your nosy bitch of a mother.
'Cause if you are, I'm gonna make your job much more difficult.
You're a coward.
I don't know her at all.
We need to get to that coffin.
The Valenti coat of arms.
Oh, my God.
It's Kyle.
Isobel, hey.
Yeah, yeah.
I found him.
Oh, thank God.
Max? Is he okay? No.
Call an ambulance.
Whoa, hey.
You all right? Roswell? Liz?
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