Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s03e06 Episode Script

Bittersweet Symphony

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico I think someone's getting murdered.
Oh, my God, it's Kyle.
So you're benched until this handprint disappears.
If you want a chance at solving this mystery, you need to start by asking the right questions.
You all right? Let me heal your heart.
It's the only way to save Liz.
Do it.
It's not over till the sky clears up.
Maria, hey! You never forget the exact moment when something terrible happens.
Like a song stuck in your head, you replay all the details.
Asking yourself if you could've stopped it.
If you'd only been smarter, maybe you would've realized how the pieces fit together.
But you didn't, because every mystery has one thing in common.
No! No! No! No! No! Nothing's ever what it seems.
Careful, kid.
You're manhandling a Deep State conspiracy.
I, uh, spent some time on the dark web.
I didn't find anything about a magic radio.
I also looked into this symbol, and I couldn't find anything.
Have you seen this marking before? Do you believe in aliens? I, uh, believe in statistics.
And I think it's improbable that we're alone in the universe.
What if I told you, the question isn't whether or not they exist, it's how do we start a conversation? Well, I would say, "Good luck.
" 'Cause knowing us, if they decided to show themselves, we would probably just kill them.
And that is why Deep Sky was created.
Because I believe it doesn't have to be that way.
If we could forge a connection with beings from another galaxy, think of what could be possible.
Is there any part of you that thinks that aliens might pose a threat to humanity? See, I came to Deep Sky for personal reasons.
Just like you did.
I believe we have the power to shape the narrative between our worlds, and it is up to us to make sure we do that correctly.
You think this symbol is the key to doing that? Maybe.
You asked whether the machine was built for good or evil.
In my opinion, there is never a reason to be afraid of the mysteries of the universe.
Stay here.
- Any news? - Looks like a break-in, but nothing was stolen.
It doesn't make any sense.
Just tell us everything.
Start from the beginning.
When I got to the house, Maria was unconscious.
So, of course, I rushed over to check on her.
Then, some guy in an alien mask jumped me.
I was able to throw him off, and he-he went through the patio doors.
Before I could go after him, there must have been a second guy, 'cause I got slammed into a wall, and that's when everything started to get foggy.
Did you call the sheriff? Well, she was already there when I came to.
Sheriff thinks that the Regiment wanted to scare me, and then, Maria was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Okay, what about Kyle? Well, his car's there, but there's no sign of him.
The sheriff and I are pulling warrants to search any known affiliate of the Regiment.
It's obviously them.
Jordan already tried to kill Kyle once.
Yeah, but it's kind of hard to commit a crime from behind bars.
So one of his bigoted buddies did it for him.
Well, if they'd beat him up, I'd buy it, but kidnapping No.
Kyle wouldn't run.
Not with Maria injured.
Ash is drying up.
The funeral Maria saw would be any day now.
Kyle is not dead.
In Maria's vision, she was healthy.
Now she's in a coma, so I-I guess we know she can change the future.
The question is how much? There is one more thing.
When I was driving to the house, there was this flash of light off in the desert.
I didn't tell the sheriff.
'Cause the last thing we need is Graham Green on the case as well.
I'll look into the alien blast in the desert.
Okay, so if the Regiment doesn't have Kyle, who does? That is an excellent question, and I am gonna head back to the house cto see if I can answer it.
They let Isobel in to see Maria.
DeLuca? Are you in here? What the hell's going on with your mind? Come on, lady, you can't ghost your own party.
Where's Mimi? I-I thought you guys were gonna bring her.
I couldn't.
She just She's not herself right now.
I tried explaining what was happening, and I don't think she got it, she just kept yelling, "The alien will hear her.
" That's from A Quiet Place.
It could be a clue.
Or maybe she's just freaked out that her daughter's in a coma.
I'm guessing you haven't found her yet? Yes and no.
I-I can feel her in there.
I just, I can't reach her.
I don't understand this, Liz.
I don't understand.
How is she in a coma? I don't know.
I don't know.
It, uh I mean, it has to be the neurodegeneration, but I just, I don't understand how she's progressed so much worse than Mimi.
I mean, surely you have a theory, though.
I mean, isn't this kind of what you were working on at Genoryx? If I just had more time But we don't have time, Liz.
I mean, what do you think we should do? Find Kyle.
He's the one who's been monitoring her, not me.
Keep this on her while you're not in the mindscape.
- Rosa, wait.
- No.
If anything, at least it'll keep her brain from degrading any further.
I mean, if it's all we can do for her, at least it's something.
I'm not the girl I was a year ago.
- I'll be fine.
- She's in there somewhere.
I'm gonna find her.
And you find Kyle.
It's like he just vanished.
The sheriff's got him in the missing persons database.
The first 48 hours are the most critical.
Did you get a dog? Oh, uh, Jones did.
I guess I'm stuck with him.
Can't really tell us apart.
He's probably just hungry.
This was the only room targeted.
Henry IV, Part 2.
Of all the books.
Last time I was here was when I took that job at Genoryx.
Oh, yeah.
Sorry that didn't work out.
Let's just figure out what happened to Kyle.
Okay, so, have you noticed anything out of the ordinary? - Anything missing? - No.
Like I told you this morning.
Right, but there has to be a clue, so, do you think it's an alien thing? Have you checked for fractal patterns? Yeah, I checked.
There was none.
But you haven't found anything? That's why I let you join me at an active crime scene.
- Maybe you can see something I missed.
- What? I haven't been here in a year.
Then why did you insist on coming? Because something here has to point to why Kyle is missing and Maria is in a coma.
Right, exactly.
So why don't you just focus on that? Yes, I am focusing.
I am focusing on attempting to solve this together.
So why are you still pushing me away? I I should feed the dog.
Your mother said the alien would hear you.
Well, I'm here.
The alien.
I've arrived.
So you're going through a goth phase.
That's nothing to be ashamed of.
You know? I'm just gonna stay here at the Overlook Hotel bar until you decide you want to talk to me.
I didn't realize "feed the dog" also meant walk him.
I looked at the house, and you're right, there's nothing there.
I don't think the house is the crime scene.
I think this is.
It was like this when I got here.
Did you just conveniently forget to tell us that you had something buried in the desert? Well I wasn't sure it was relevant.
Given we're looking for a motive, this is absolutely relevant.
Forget motive, but I think I found your weapon.
You're the only person I know that can test blood off-book.
DNA is a path I know how to follow.
All right.
All right.
Hey, Michael.
- What's up? - You need to meet me at the radio tower by Verna's Vista.
I think I got a lead on what happened to Valenti.
So, lightning caused the flash that I saw last night? No.
Skies were clear.
It was this.
Kyle's radio.
In the words of Great-Grandpa Valenti, "Let this guide the way.
" And it did.
Right into this pole.
I mean, this much damage, it takes a lot of velocity.
My guess is the glass inside the radio provided it.
It was wired to a prehistoric transmitter Papa Jim tucked inside of it.
My guess? Valenti used the radio to call for help, but it malfunctioned due to Jim's primitive understanding of alien tech.
And it fried every tower in a 20-mile radius.
Okay, so, then, why did it hit this one? It's the closest to Max's house.
And when I heard Sanders giddy that pricey communication equipment was scattered throughout the desert because of an electrical surge, I started thinking about the explosion you saw when you were driving.
Which led me here to find a splintered Valenti heirloom and suicidal bats.
The surge killed all these bats? What do I look like, a zoologist? All I'm saying is there's a good chance whoever answered the SOS has Valenti.
Or whoever's blood is on that shovel has Valenti.
We found a shovel by a large, empty hole about a half mile from Max's back door.
A hole? That's your idea of safekeeping? Please don't tell me that someone is walking around Roswell right now - with the off-brand lightsaber.
- The what? You didn't tell her.
When we found Jones, he had a sword made of alien glass.
The hiding place shouldn't have been a problem since I'm the only one that can touch it.
Are you saying you had a sword that recognizes DNA? Burns the crap out of anybody without this dude's face.
Does this mean that Jones could be out? No.
First thing I did, I went to the cave.
He's still there, safely in stasis.
Okay, so could they have lifted it with something? Maybe.
But they would have to know what it was.
And where to dig.
This wasn't the Regiment.
I will put in a request to look at traffic cams, see if anyone answered Kyle's call.
Our best bet is still the science.
If we can figure out whose blood is on that shovel, we'll have a good idea what happened to Kyle.
Can you track the SOS? The radio signal? You know it literally travels in every direction at once? I'll hit up Alex.
See if we can turn "no way in hell" into a fighting chance.
What happened? Do you know why bats hit the window? Something messed with their echolocation.
Did one of them bite you? Uh, no.
No, no, no.
Um, j-just a rabies shot.
To be safe.
The machine did this, didn't it? And if this messed with their radar, just imagine what else it could do.
I don't know what the hell I was thinking.
I-I was just so desperate for answers You are not your father.
You were careful.
Laparoscopic technology is noninvasive.
It was a minimal risk that led to an unprecedented breakthrough.
Okay, but at what cost? Do not lose faith in yourself, Alex.
Not now.
Let me handle the bats.
You stay on the machine.
And then we'll figure out the next steps together.
Here you go.
Have an out-of-this-world day.
I just don't know, and I He's got this way of making weird things happen.
- Ok - I think this is - all in your head, Deputy.
- Order up! Need a little help, I know a great doctor, okay? I'm sick of the way you talk about him.
Every time Evans is around, something strange is going on.
That's all I'm gonna say.
Sounds like it's more like in your head - something strange going on.
- What? It wasn't the Regiment.
Evans is slippery.
Talk to me, Goose.
Can you hear me? Tell me what happened to you.
You're back.
I need your help.
God! Genoryx, I would've had a match by now.
Can I help? Not unless you have a rapid DNA test in your pocket.
I'm sorry that I walked off into the desert without you.
You should've told me you had something buried out there.
I know.
Why didn't you? Well, I don't really know how to act around you, um, since yesterday.
Max, putting the handprint on me was an accident.
And I'm fine.
Yesterday you were honest with me and today you aren't, so what has changed? Oh.
Oh, God.
Uh, let me No, no, no, it-it's-it's not electrical.
I got to get somebody out here.
Well, I'm gonna go check in with Taylor and see if there are any new leads.
I'm sorry to have pulled you away.
Did you connect with Maria? No, and it's getting worse.
It's like It's not even that I just can't connect with her.
It's like there's something that is actively keeping me away.
I don't know.
It's a nightmare.
Well, good.
We can compare nightmares.
The world has gone from regular to screaming at me.
Have you ever heard a mosquito flap its wings? 'Cause trust me, you don't want to.
I really need to figure out a way to get it together.
I can't - Hey, Rosa? Rosa? - Yeah, what? Hey, look at me, look at me.
Look at me.
Take a deep breath.
Just relax, okay? There.
Listen, alien puberty is rough.
Your body is changing - in beautiful and unexpected ways.
- No.
- And - Don't Judy Blume me right now.
Okay, I'm also not even actually an alien.
Well, you did spend ten years soaking in a pod, which lends you a certain alien je ne sais quoi Oh, my God.
"The alien will hear her.
" Rosa, I think that Mimi was talking about you.
I thought "white as a sheet" was just an expression.
You said this had to do with Kyle and Maria.
What are we doing here? Kyle sent out a radio transmission before he disappeared last night.
I need your help figuring out if someone received it.
Uh, I-I mean, radios are omni Directional, I know.
But the Valenti family radio, it's a little special.
Hence the suicidal bats.
I mean, honestly, I feel like this-this tower, it's, uh, it's a dead end.
I mean, you have any other leads or Well, what's wrong with this tower? If Kyle's radio was an SOS, what if it transmitted his location? What if someone came out here and took Kyle? What if he was abducted by aliens? I mean, you don't have any proof.
Max found a bloody shovel nearby.
Hey, did one of them bite you? Uh, no.
Um, j-just a rabies shot.
Where's the shovel now? Liz took it.
Look, I'll talk to you later, okay? I'm not doing this with you.
What are we doing, Alex? 'Cause it sure ain't investigating a crime scene.
I'm a cyber intelligence specialist.
I'm not a magician.
Well, I just want you to be a guy who gives a damn.
When I thought it was me who was killed in Maria's vision, you said you would burn the world down to find out who hurt me.
Don't Kyle and Maria at least deserve a few flames? I didn't say I wasn't gonna do anything.
I just don't want you anywhere near whatever it is I decide to do.
Are you sure this is safe? What if I break something? I don't think anyone would notice.
I feel her in here.
It's like she's just underneath the surface.
Are-are you getting anything? - Besides creeped out? - I can feel her, Rosa.
We just have to try to listen.
Obviously, that's not working.
Okay, Rosa, well, you just have to try.
I've never done this before, okay? I don't know what I'm supposed to be hearing.
She's pulling away.
She's getting more distant.
I-I'm having trouble connecting.
Rosa, see if you can think about Maria.
I'm trying, okay? Stop stage-momming me.
Are you okay? Rosa.
Eight towers down and enough junk to bankroll a year's worth of margaritas.
You still trying to figure out what fried 'em? Yeah.
And I'm pretty sure my friend knows something about it, but he won't tell me, for some reason.
I assume this friend is Alex? I ain't blind, kid.
I mean, I am blind, but even I can see that you two are a thing.
We're not.
And since he won't tell me, I have to figure it out myself.
I was supposed to protect Kyle.
And Maria, who's currently in a damn coma! Doesn't make any sense.
But it does.
You're just so busy beating yourself up for yesterday you can't focus on what happened today.
Okay, smart-ass.
You tell me what I'm missing.
- I'm guessin' - Mm.
you haven't figured out what took out the vampire bats.
Vampire bats? They were the only type affected.
You didn't think of that? Keep talking.
What makes vampire bats different? They hunt using infrared.
Radio waves travel in all directions, but infrared only travels in one.
- Were the bats at all of the towers? - No.
Just three of 'em.
What if the radio signal masked the real signal, which is what the bats detected? And they were only at these three towers 'cause they were only drawn to the infrared signal.
And so was the radio.
That's why it crashed into the tower.
Where did you find the bats? So these three towers transmitted the real signal.
Which sent it here.
If I follow that trail, I find Kyle.
The only traffic cam in the vicinity caught it driving eastbound at 11:07 p.
And the two guys in front were wearing alien masks.
You ran the plates? Belongs to a Samuel Cook, proud member of the Regiment.
But he claims that he never uses it.
So either he's lying - or - Somebody borrowed it with the intention to return it before he even realized it was gone.
Either way, our masked crusaders sure didn't want to ditch it, but it died on them.
Alternator's blown, battery's dead.
Everything electronic, kaput.
There's, uh, blood on the steering wheel.
Driver was injured.
Or burned.
Didn't realize you owned a sword that could melt through metal.
I don't.
They must have brought that with 'em.
Whatever you think of me, Deputy, let's get one thing straight: I'm a good cop, and I know when someone's lying.
Now, you're not leaving here until you give me some truth.
Uh, no new news on the DNA samples because the machine is broken, and the parts are on backorder.
- It's just that kind of day, isn't it? - God, at Genoryx I would have had this done in an hour, and then I'd be able to find Kyle, and I'd be able to save Maria.
And maybe all the pressure you're putting on yourself isn't helping.
I'm frustrated, Alex.
Why? Because you couldn't cure an incurable brain disorder? - At Genoryx - Hey.
Just forget about Genoryx.
Okay, if you sell your soul to the devil, you will always get burned.
Spoken from experience.
So what would you do if you were me? Honestly, I, uh I would ask Kyle for advice.
Me, too.
Any ideas what he'd say? Yeah, actually.
That's easy.
He would say, "Nothing has stopped you before, and nothing is going to stop you now.
" All right, what about you? 'Cause you're clearly wrestling with something.
Anything I would bring up, he would just start ranting about his code.
The code.
"Can't give you access to patients' private files, Liz.
" "Stealing resources from a hospital is wrong, Liz.
" He always tries to do the right thing, you know.
It's not always as easy as he makes it look.
You know, it's not, like it's not always so obvious.
Or maybe it is, and sometimes we just don't see it.
You know what, let me, um let me have the samples.
I think I can get 'em processed.
- Really? - Yeah.
Uh, this is the one that I collected from the shovel.
The other one is Kyle's.
Call me as soon as you have something.
Yeah, I will.
I'm gonna need a little bit of your magic, mi bruja.
What would you see that I'm not? I don't know how, but I'm gonna fix this, okay? 'Cause I got your back.
I always do.
I'm sorry I-I pressured you, and No, it's not your fault.
I-I should be in there, helping, and not out here falling apart.
Rosa, we are all falling apart.
I want to find her so bad I didn't think about how you I'm really sorry.
I don't know, I guess I just thought that when I got sober, life would get easier.
I guess it just never will.
Life never gets easier.
We just get stronger.
But it doesn't matter how strong you get if you don't stop and give yourself some credit.
For what it's worth, I believe that you can handle this.
Yeah, but I can't.
I mean, I can't even think straight.
It's so loud.
No, I I know that you mean that literally, which, obviously, I can't relate to, but, um after Noah it felt like he was everywhere.
And I really had to learn how to block out that noise.
What makes you feel safe, calm? Anything? Music.
I guess the jukebox.
I play a song a lot when I'm upset.
In the mindscape, I heard music, but then there was a rush of noise.
Do you think the music is part of a clue? I don't know.
I couldn't really hear it.
Could you try? Yeah.
Yeah, I'll try.
Try and strip away the noise.
I'm so dizzy.
♪ Crashdown.
I heard the song playing underneath everything, and it felt like Maria was in the quiet of that chaos.
Come on, we gotta go.
I came as soon as I could get the sheriff off my back.
Did you try to heal Maria? No.
I found a handprint on her scalp.
Well, I-I put a pillow under her head.
All I did was-was lift her head.
Okay, I was I was upset.
I was trying to help.
Is she in a coma because of me? That's the only explanation, Max.
I mean, after everything, I'm still the problem.
- I mean, is this ever gonna stop? - No.
It's not going to, not if you keep acting like this, like-like you're the problem.
Is this why you're still keeping secrets? I thought we were past this.
Yeah, we are.
We are.
I just I wasn't prepared for today.
None of us were.
You said you spoke to the sheriff? Did she have any leads? No.
Excuse me.
Uh, I need a DNA analysis.
Fill out a request.
I can turn it around by tomorrow.
Uh, it's for Director Ramos.
He was just here.
Didn't mention anything about a DNA analysis.
Well, I can have him come back here and request it himself.
I just feel like, with everything he's dealing with - right now, I - All right, all right.
- Back up the bus.
- Thank you.
You think it'll take a while or? This isn't Roswell General.
They're a 29.
3% match.
Okay, uh, and what does that mean, exactly? Blood relatives.
Guessing you know who this is.
The other could be an uncle, aunt, nephew.
Anything else? No.
That's it.
Sing it again.
It was something like Spinning around in circles.
♪ I know that it's in here, but I just don't remember the title.
Oh, this is it.
That's right, "I'm so dizzy.
" I knew that it was one of the old songs from before we had updated the jukebox.
So do you think that she's in a memory with the old jukebox? I mean, she could be.
I I mean, maybe she didn't mean this song.
Maybe it's the one that we updated it to.
'Cause "Roof With a Hole" by The Meat Puppets? Meat Puppets? I know where Maria's trying to tell us to look for her.
The hole in the roof.
Trail of death ends here.
Please leave a message after the tone.
You were wrong.
Kyle's radio did hijack the towers in Roswell last night, and I know why.
Kyle's little radio alien thing was looking for its receiver.
Its other half.
I tracked it to this secure facility, uh, that I cannot get into, so Yeah, I don't need to spell it out for you.
You know what that means, right? Whoever's inside knows what happened to Valenti.
Just figure it out.
I'll be there soon.
What are you doing in here? The bats weren't drawn to the Lockhart machine.
They were drawn to this radio.
Be careful with that.
It is one of a kind.
It's two of a kind, actually.
My friend has the other one.
He activated it last night.
He sent off an SOS signal.
You received it.
That's why the bats hit the window.
But you lied to me about that.
Which makes me wonder if you've been lying to me from the moment I met you.
Did you know that your DNA is a 29.
3% match to a friend of mine's? The missing person I mentioned.
Your nephew.
I don't have a nephew.
And you don't have a sample of my DNA.
I hacked into the medical database.
And the Department of Defense.
Wonder if Kyle knew that he was calling a man with suspected terrorist ties when he activated the radio.
I guess he knew something was up.
That's why he hit you with the shovel.
Your blood's all over it.
You're making something out of nothing.
I really wish I was.
That was a hefty bandage for a rabies shot.
I trusted you, and I shouldn't have.
Where's Kyle? Once again, wrong question.
I'll be watching her vitals.
Any sudden drops in heart rate or blood pressure, and I'm pulling you out, okay? - You ready? - Yeah.
I had a hiding spot up here.
I don't think Maria's in there.
But something is.
But why all the subterfuge? You know, since this is literally my second mindscape rodeo I think there's only one way to find out.
We're inside of a memory.
There's something that she wants us to see.
Maria? Maria, hey.
Uh Hey.
There you go.
There you go.
What happened? The Regiment They attacked Kyle.
At least I think it was them.
They had masks on, but He couldn't breathe, Max.
He was dying.
I found his bag, and I gave him some adrenaline.
Where is he now? He's out there still, I think.
Maria, what happened? Max said he was attacked by somebody, but I don't see anybody.
Someone came from behind me and they-they grabbed me.
Then Kyle, he came in and he-he turned the radio on, and somehow it-it just went flying out through the doors.
It shattered them.
And the guy just threw me.
Where's Kyle? He's gone.
So is your assailant.
So my vision was true.
I couldn't save him.
Max said that Maria was unconscious.
And he said that he threw the guy through this window and that's how it broke.
Why would he lie about that? Must have been exhausted, poor things.
None of us were prepared for today.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, the case that Max asked for Did it do him any good? What case? You didn't get this from me.
"Evidence suggests the suspect may have sustained third-degree burns to the hand.
" Only got one burn victim last night.
Max wanted a DNA sample.
Lucky we hadn't taken the trash out yet.
Gave him some gauze.
I hope it helps.
Thanks, Kate.
Maria's lucky to have you looking out for her.
What's wrong, Max? Your visions are genetically linked.
Yeah, to my great-grandmother Louise.
Why does that matter? Did you get a dog? Jones did.
Henry IV, Part 2.
Of all the books.
Did you just conveniently forget to tell us that you had something buried in the desert? I wasn't sure it was relevant.
Yesterday you were honest with me and today you aren't, so what has changed? Hey, I came as soon as I could get the sheriff off my back.
I found a handprint on her scalp.
This why you're still keeping secrets? You didn't give me any answers 'cause you didn't know anything.
Let's go find ourselves some bad men.
Louise was your great-grandmother.
Your whole family had visions, your mother, your grandmother.
Max, why are you? What was my grandmother's name? You don't know, do you? Maria's mind isn't crumbling.
It's been taken hostage.
That's why she hid the clue.
You're not Max.
Stay away from me.
I'm not gonna hurt you as long as you give me exactly what I need.
I'm not giving you anything.
Well, darlin', that is just a fight you will not win.
No! No! Your grandmother's name was Patricia.
I need to tell you guys something.
I don't think Max is Max.
Because he's not.
He's Jones.
Who the hell are you? That is a very complicated question.
I believe you boys have something that belongs to me.
What is it you people say? Never bring a knife to a gunfight? Well we'll see about that.
Well, Lucky we have some work to do.

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