Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s03e07 Episode Script

Goodnight Elizabeth

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico - Okay, what about Kyle? - There's no sign of him.
Did you know that your DNA is a 29.
3% match to a friend of mine's? Your nephew? Where's Kyle? Wrong question.
MAX: Jones had a sword made of alien glass.
Are you saying you had a sword that recognizes DNA? Burns the crap out of anybody without Jones's DNA.
- I don't think Max is Max.
- He's Jones.
JONES: I believe you boys have something that belongs to me.
We have some work to do.
♪ MARIA: Get out of my head, Jones.
JONES: Give me what I want and I'll leave you be.
MARIA: Never.
You put me in a cage.
How amusing.
I'm quite the clever girl, Jones.
While you may have a modicum of strength in here, out there, you're lying in a coma.
Medicine, machines, physicians, they can't save you from my hold.
Is this the part where you tell me you're my only way out? (METAL CLATTERING, CREAKING) Show me the memory I'm looking for and I will release you.
If you don't you're a clever girl.
And I'm a Brazilian bitch, so I'm putting my money on me keeping you right here until my friends come and end you.
Why gamble when you can wager on a sure thing? Exactly how is your glow stick gonna get you free? Think of your mind like an oil lantern.
The flame can only burn for so long.
But this I can burn longer, stronger, brighter.
And while your will wanes and fades, mine will continue to burn everything in its path.
Everyone eventually bends to me.
(GRUNTS) Maybe.
But for now, you and your sword are stuck in the cage.
It seems like 75 years in a cave has diminished some of our power.
Unfortunately, that just means we need to recharge it.
By killing people? Eggs and omelets, darling.
I'll come back.
And when I do I will tear this cage apart along with whatever's left of your feeble little mind.
HYPOTHESIS: Alien cells use hydrolyse component polymers to attach themselves to host cells.
So, essentially, alien DNA mimics the way a virus attacks.
There is no current reproduction of the predatory cells within the subject.
The handprint has remained steady in size, causing fever and swelling, which means that the subject is trying its hardest to fight off the invasive effects of the contact, but it's getting nowhere.
ISOBEL: Knock, knock.
Brought you, uh, caffeine and news.
Jones's body is still in the pod, which means he must have jumped into Max's body when he healed his heart.
That was three days ago.
- Yeah.
- N-Noah could only stay in your body intermittently.
You know, how can Jones stay in Max's body consistently? I think it has something to do with the two astronomers' car.
The ones that went missing this morning.
I heard on Sanders's police scanner that were odd slash marks melted into it.
Jones must have found his sword that Max buried in the desert and is now using it to kill people in order to charge himself back up.
Yeah, but why does he need the sword? Noah and Max seemed fine to charge themselves up just with their hands.
Well, Max said, last year, when he held the sword, it made him feel charged and powerful.
Said he felt like an extension of himself.
Plan needs to be to separate Jones and the sword immediately.
Separating's exactly where my brain's been, too.
Do you remember when I injected Noah with the alien inhibitor? Not only did it stop his powers but his hold on Isobel.
Please tell me you made some.
I'm mixing up a batch right now.
Except, remember when you injected Noah, there was that terrible three-minute window - before it kicked in? - Right, so I'm gonna microdose Jones.
If he tastes it, you're toast.
It is not perfect, but it could work.
All I would need is a great excuse to drink with Jones.
You ask and Gregory Manes giveth.
He's holding a fundraiser today, for Maria's medical bills, which means you'll have cover to dose Jones under the safety of a hundred patrons while we can - find the sword.
- It's risky.
But it's the only chance I see for us to stop him.
One more question remains, though.
How are we gonna find Jones to set this all in motion? Your happiness ♪ Miss Isobel.
You look stunning today.
Oh, you sweet, simple man.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) So as much as you stan me, you can't stand Max Evans.
He knows more about that break-in at his house, don't you think? He's hiding something.
God, he made you look like a ball-less bottle of weak sauce in front of the Roswell Regiment.
Wouldn't it feel so good to drag him in front of the sheriff and prove that you were right? It's like you know every thought in my head.
Truthfully, your pond is a shallow swim, but gee, you'd really be my hero if you and the boys in blue club would go track down Max.
Don't let him out of your sight, and let me know when you find him.
(DOOR OPENS) - Looking for someone? - Whoa.
(CHUCKLES) Ah, well, before we go all the way to the boss, uh, maybe I can help you with something? Yeah, where's Father Linus? He usually bakes biscochitos.
Uh, he's down with the flu.
Uh, y'all are stuck with apple fritters while he's out.
I haven't seen you around, Father.
No need for formalities.
You can just call me Dallas.
I usually work over at the rez, but Father Linus needed an assist, so (MOUTHS) Oh, wait.
I'm s You want to grab a seat? I-I know you didn't just come for the burnt coffee.
Oh, this isn't an N.
Father Linus and I talk about other stuff.
Let's talk, then.
I'm all ears.
Yeah, um I-I know that a big thing with recovery is the evolution, but the-the timing isn't great for these discoveries.
You're wondering if you should put this evolution on hold until your life settles out a bit? Yeah, but is that just running? To ignore God's test is to forsake who God wants us to be.
So if you feel like God is calling on you to do more or be more, I think that's worth a listen.
Something funny, Manes? Uh, I'm just thinking that I escaped the desert of Afghanistan just to be killed in one outside of Roswell.
You think I'm going to shoot you? It's not exactly apple-picking season.
I didn't bring you here to die.
I brought you here because you asked me for the truth about Kyle.
(MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY) I think it's time we talk.
- (LUCKY GROWLS) - Don't give me that look, Lucky.
I just need one more volunteer, and then I can break through that troublesome woman's mind.
(WHIMPERS) No, I don't need your luck today, boy.
This time I'll make my own.
Well, you just bumped into a little bit of fate.
Got everything you need to make things right.
(SIREN WAILING) Tow truck's coming, old-timer.
What brings you out here, Pete? When you missed shifts, we got worried.
Turned your cruiser's transponder on and figured I'd make sure my buddy was A-okay.
And that, that's the sheriff.
And if I'm being honest, Evans, she's a bit mad you haven't answered any of your radio calls for the last 18 hours.
Well, my little boy in blue found Jones.
Time to keep one another from getting killed.
Should be a hell of a fundraiser.
ALEX: So did you do this to him or not? If I wanted either of you dead, you would be.
So you can keep accusing me of things, or you can let me tell you what happened two nights ago.
Got for it.
As you know, Kyle triggered the SOS from his father's radio.
I tracked the origin of the signal to a home owned by Max Evans.
There, I found three men in alien masks transferring items from a hole in the desert into their car.
Is that where you got the cut? Trying to stop them? (GRUNTS) I had a choice.
Try to follow them as they fled or find my nephew.
ALEX: All right, let's just say that this is all on the level.
Why wouldn't you tell me this last night? I couldn't discuss it at Deep Sky.
I was afraid the integrity of what we do there had been compromised.
Kyle was injected with a drug so complex only a handful of people could have fabricated it.
I had to shore up that my fears were just that.
What I don't get is why you think that somebody from your organization would target Kyle or Maria.
All I can think of is it has to do with Max Evans.
Why would someone target Max? You need me to say it out loud? Fine.
The events of the other night had to do with aliens.
I think it's time we talk about the Lockhart Machine and how it ties back to the events unfolding since the UFO crash of '47.
LIZ: Where's Jones? Sheriff is questioning him.
A little heat from the fuzz should make it harder for him to commit any murders and give him no excuse to refuse our ploy.
- I'm impressed.
- Mm.
Let's clink whiskeys once we have consciously uncoupled my family from the walking body snatcher.
You're gonna have to temper your nerves if we want to sell this.
I know.
I know.
I can't stop thinking about how it felt to be trapped in a dark prison when Noah was using me.
And thinking about Max going through that has just been hard.
Iz, I never fail at the science.
Wasting time ♪ And as soon as we give this to Jones, we'll get our Max back, okay? Did you just say "our Max"? Is it possible that you still hold a candle for my idiot brother? Sorry.
I know this is not the time and maybe you don't know how you feel.
For the record, Max held a Liz Ortecho torch all of last year.
And, yeah, he was dying from a failing heart, but he was dying of a broken heart.
(DOOR OPENS) Here we go.
(VEHICLE DOOR CLOSES) You make a wrong turn somewhere? No.
I want to help take down the ducker who put Maria in a coma.
Um, points for pep, but you should go keep an eye on Pancake Papi.
Okay, remind me, who is the one who figured out that Jones was in Max's body? Ultrasonic hearing makes you a dolphin, not an asset.
Swim along, Flipper.
- (CLANGS) - Oh! Ow! (GRUNTS) You did that on purpose.
- (ECHOING, VIBRATING TAPS) - Ah! (GASPS) - (TAPPING, RINGING) - Oh, crap! (RINGING ECHOES) Can you seriously not hear that? It's like a wind chime is drunk-fighting a xylophone.
You don't just hear things.
Your ears are detecting subatomic vibrational frequencies.
(EXHALES) All matter in the universe emits signature sound wavelengths: Rocks, uh, wind, fire, plants, even people.
Wait, is that how I was able to find Maria in her memories? Neuronal activity produces brain waves oscillating at a high beta frequency.
Your noggin picked up on those.
That's how you found her.
But I wonder, can you detect resting frequency gradients? I used to get high under the bleachers during physics.
Can you explain that last part to me? We're looking for a sword made of alien glass.
First, we need to train you on how to find it.
How are you gonna do that? Let's play hide-and-seek.
♪ (CHAIN TINKLING, METAL TAPPING) Okay, this would be a hell of a lot easier if you weren't staring at me.
Why does it matter? Your eyes are closed.
(SIGHS) Okay.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) (CLANGING) - (WHOOSHING) - (DRIPPING) - (CLANGING) - (SPLASHING) Ugh, there's too much noise to make anything out.
This is the same problem I was having when I was trying to locate Maria.
Can you just, I don't know, tap on the glass so that I know I'm headed in the right direction? Yeah, sure.
(SNIFFS) Maybe Jones won't mind doing the same with his sword.
Look, dude, I am trying.
Okay? So maybe a little less stage mom and a little more Miyagi.
First time I moved something with my mind, I turned a foul ball into a home run.
It changed my world, but it took what felt like forever for me to be able to do it again.
So you're telling me that you cheated and you won't even let me know if I'm getting warmer? The point is, I didn't give up.
You live and breathe music, right? Think about it like a song.
Forget the track as a whole.
(EXHALES) Focus on the individual elements.
Separate the bass, drums, keys, guitar.
Find what you need.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) Okay, I hear, um (DRIPPING) A leaky faucet.
- (CRACKLING) - Fireplace.
(TINKLING) Wind chimes.
(HIGH-PITCHED BUZZ) The buzz of a lightbulb.
What's next? Tag? Heads up, seven up.
Now we're gonna use your alien ears to fight Jones.
All right.
- Thank you.
- See the not-so-obvious law bros are eyeing you.
It's frustrating.
I answered all their questions before about the break-in and, uh, somehow I'm on the hot seat again.
Well, at least we have some promising news with the handprint on Maria's head.
I mean, I wouldn't call the Nobel team just yet, but That depends.
What'd you find out? That your DNA fused to Maria's through the handprint.
I think that's how the psychic connection works.
It's like a virus using the host cell RNA to live.
Is it replicating, too? I don't know.
Waiting for centrifuges to spin and cultures to grow, you know.
Well, what can I do to help Maria? Right now, nothing.
I hit a dead end.
I'm sort of in a forest-through-the-trees mode, you know? Well, Gregory Manes is throwing a fundraiser for Maria.
Um, could be a good way to help and blow off some steam and break through that science block.
Go with me? Please.
I could really use some forgetting time.
Anything for DeLuca.
Couldn't agree more.
Um, I'm just so pleased to see - such a big crowd for Maria DeLuca.
- (WHOOPS) (CHEERING) I know to some she's a philosopher, to some a psychic, and to some she's family.
So I wanted to help her get well so I can tell her that she makes the best damn tequila sunrise I've ever tasted (LAUGHTER) and has the best damn smile I've ever seen while making one.
- (BAND BEGINS PLAYING) - So, in the spirit of Maria's constant hustle and love for music, we're going to do a live jukebox.
Uh, it's ten bucks a song and I'm gonna kick it off with a DeLuca favorite.
All right, take it away.
I can't tell where the journey will end ♪ All right, I'll get us some drinks.
DeLuca-Daiquiri or Maria-rita? Uh, Maria-rita.
Surprise me.
Too young to understand ♪ Say I'm caught up ♪ I'll be right back.
Life will pass me by if I ♪ Why is Rosa here? I don't want her anywhere near Jones, okay? She already had to deal with Noah? Yes, I'm aware.
I'm sorry.
I know this has got to be triggering.
It's fine.
Thank you.
Just spike the damn drink already.
We need to weaken Jones before you decide to revisit the crazy urge to poke the science bear with him.
I couldn't just stop trying to find a way to help Maria.
He'd know.
Even if you are right, your probing is probably going to clue him in to the fact that we are onto him.
You're right.
This isn't debate time.
It is stick to the plan time.
(SINGER VOCALIZING) I am sitting in the morning ♪ At the diner on the corner ♪ I am waiting ♪ - Hey.
- Tell me you got something.
Yeah, confused.
Do you think you could take Evil Vanilla somewhere a little quieter? Just There's a lot of noise with everybody here.
I know it's not ideal today, but I need you to strip away all the sound.
I just don't understand why I have to hear him.
I thought we were looking for an alien glass sword.
I think the sword is made of a mixture of alien glass and Jones's DNA.
It should give off a frequency that's tuned to him.
Yeah, it's just that there's a lot of maybes in that sentence.
And I feel like I'm the biggest one.
Yeah, okay.
Anything to help Maria.
Come on.
Let's give it another shot.
♪ - (JONES SIGHS) - (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) Sure makes a good drink, though, huh? - To Maria.
- Cheers.
(LOW HUMMING) I picked up his signature.
It's-it's awful.
It sounds like chaos and evil had a hate-baby.
- Great.
- Sure.
- I'll round up Iz.
- Okay.
The Lockhart Machine was found hidden at Caulfield.
How did you get it out of a classified military prison? I had a spy on the inside.
My brother, Jim, who smuggled it out.
Did he know what it did? No.
But he believed it was probably created by one of the aliens.
I don't understand how the aliens could build it in captivity.
Well, all we know is what the Caulfield files told us.
It was alien built and there seems to be an inherent risk to working with it.
And as a result, I lost one of my own men to its study.
Wait Trevor Gunther? The boot-maker that chased me through a cornfield? He worked on the Lockhart machine? Trevor worked in crypto-analysis for the United Nations.
I recruited him, but he soon became so obsessed with the machine he couldn't think of anything else.
I assigned him a different project, but he returned to it obsessively.
When he couldn't work anymore, I gave him the best medical care I could.
Bought him a farm to tend to ease his mind.
But eventually Trevor lost touch with the reasons he wanted the answers in the first place.
Took his own life.
So let me get this straight.
You let me work on a machine that's what, bleeding radiation? I had every intention of telling you.
But then, within a day's time, you were making discoveries that took other people months.
How many days did it take for Trevor Gunther to go from code breaker to axe murderer? I didn't realize what was happening to him until it was too late.
I got my hands on the Caulfield files and that's when I learned what your father had been allowing to happen repeatedly.
And you lied just like my father did.
You allowed the ends to justify the means.
This is not what I signed up for.
Let me show you one more thing.
You don't like what you hear, you can walk away forever.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Are you trying to get me drunk, Liz? Just enjoying a little forgetting time.
(CHUCKLES) If I recall you have another inspiration that opens your mind.
I'll wait for you in Baton Rouge ♪ Miss you down in New Orleans ♪ Maybe you can find some while you dance with this stubborn cowboy? Wait for you while she slips ♪ In something comfortable ♪ I hope you're resting quietly.
♪ ROSA: I feel like I'm picking up something here.
MICHAEL: You're the alien bloodhound get to sniffing.
Is Liz gonna be okay at the Pony by herself? Yeah.
We grab the sword and get back.
Ah, this is near where Deputy Pete and the good 'ol boys brigade spotted Jones.
Also near where the astronomers' car was found.
You're up, Ortecho.
- (GRUNTS) Pick apart the frequency.
Listen for the right one.
Okay, we get it, Obi-Wan Junkyardi.
- Just chill.
- Alien puberty's a bitch.
Oh, really? I didn't know that.
She needs someone to guide her through it.
Yeah, not mansplain.
- I think I'm helping more than you.
- Oh, my God! Can you guys please shut up? Okay, I can't hear anything over your mindfulness.
Just stay there! Okay Okay, stay cool.
Identify your surroundings.
- I hear - (BUZZING AND CRACKLING) - Telephone lines buzzing - (COYOTE HOWLING) Uh, coyote growling - (CAR ENGINES HUMMING) - cars on a distant highway - And - (SCREECHING) The sword's that way.
Good, good night ♪ Elisabeth, good night ♪ You know, before you left Roswell I practiced this song for months on guitar.
I wanted to surprise you on the Crashdown rooftop.
With candles, flowers.
But I guess I lost my nerve.
One day, a tipsy Maria told me you were gonna do that.
We can't all be cowboys ♪ Yeah, I waited for the moment, and it never came.
I just assumed Rosa's death put an end to all that.
Why, after everything Some of us are dancers on the midway ♪ do we keep orbiting each other? We roam from town to town ♪ Let's get out of here.
Gregory has a big raffle planned for Maria.
I know.
I can think of something a little better to help her.
Maybe if you took a look at the mark Jones left on my chest, you could discover something.
You still got that expensive tequila we bought together? Yeah, it's in the cabinet next to sink.
Uh, you start a fire.
I will mix the drinks.
You okay? Yes.
Yeah, just mixed feelings being back in your house.
You know, our bottle of booze wasn't the only thing I couldn't get rid of.
I still have the microscope you used when you'd stay here to do work.
You kept my swabs? And petri dishes.
And culture slides.
You sure do know how to charm a girl.
Find me my microscope.
I'll finish our drinks.
The sword is right there It's behind that wood paneling.
What are we waiting for? Let's get it and go! Don't touch it.
If you don't have Jones's DNA, it'll melt your skin right off.
Which is why I came prepared.
Oh, yeah! Once I fill this bad boy with quick-dry cement, Jones's intergalactic appendage will be out of commission.
(PHONE BUZZES) Oh, my God.
Liz is at Max's house with Jones.
Wait, if he's alone, that means we can all take him down.
Whoa, cool your jets, cowgirl.
You are skipping this rodeo.
No, you can't bench me.
Jones is powerful and dangerous.
Okay, but you've been training, Isobel.
You beat Noah.
No, I didn't.
It took three of us to slay that monster.
And Max was the one who finished him off.
But you're right, I have been training.
To protect the people I love.
Noah hurt us both.
And he is nothing compared to Jones.
I'm not letting you get hurt again, Rosa.
EDUARDO: Trevor Gunther did this.
I thought they were the ravings of a madman, until you found the same symbol inside the Lockhart machine.
Do you think the machine tried to put it in his head? I think it was trying to talk to him.
And he became obsessed with hearing what it was trying to say.
Do you know how insane that sounds? I mean, it's a machine.
Made by aliens.
Okay, then why don't we take it to them to try to solve it? You think I should tap one on the shoulder? Ask them to step inside the halls of a clandestine company to I get it.
We know that the aliens from the crash of '47 weren't just refugees but resistance to a war.
The alien that lit men on fire wasn't either.
He was an enemy of both them and us.
He was never caught.
Your father wondered if there were more like him hidden in the ranks.
My father was a paranoid xenophobe.
He was.
So, what, did you pick me to prove him wrong? I picked you because I know you fell in love with an alien.
Alex, I have no interest in who you love.
Only that I assume there's a desire to view life differently because of it.
I understand your journey.
Undoing your father's devastating work is important to you.
I thought I could help you accomplish that.
And I thought together we might be able to make all the suffering worth it.
This is the Caulfield file I withheld from you.
Let me know what you decide.
I mean, you've always had a knack for making something strong, yet tasty.
My chemistry minor presents itself in unusual ways.
Aren't you gonna examine me? Of course.
Last time we did this, you blew out my radio.
Well, the night's still young.
Plenty of time for surprises.
See anything interesting? Hmm, this microscope is too weak to see any significant inconsistencies in your cells.
But you did say Jones' cells are like a virus, right? Bonded to mine somehow? Yes, but that's at the micro-genetic level.
Human DNA only has two strands.
But aliens have a third.
And you think this third strand has something to do with how the connections work? According to my research, it seems to act like a bonding agent.
Can the connection be cut? I don't think Jones wants to severe his connection with Maria.
What are you thinking Jones is after? Ultimately? You.
Jones spoke so much about how he wants to heal you.
I think in that truth hides a lie.
I just haven't found it yet.
But you asked if I could cut connections.
I created enzymes that build bonds when I rebuilt your heart.
Theoretically, I could isolate one that has the capability to slice through them.
What about that, uh that alien inhibitor you used on Noah? Would that work? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) It's a good theory.
If only I had any left.
Yeah, that is a predicament.
Well, I guess that just leaves me with one question.
And what's that? Should we drink to just how clever you are? Or what a shame it is that your death will give me the strength to break into Maria's mind? You know, I see what Max saw in you.
You are brilliant, and beautiful.
But like me, you, uh, are always going to be intrigued by something a little dangerous.
You're right about the last part.
The antidote I dosed you with will make you an ordinary man, and I am going to put an ordinary hole in you.
Oh, there's no way you would hurt the man you pretend not to care for.
Me, on the other hand, I can hurt you.
Deputy Pete's right outside.
He'll respond to shots fired.
Well, then, I will jump into his feeble mind and tell him to go park a few miles away.
(SIREN WAILING, RECEDING) As for the ruse that y'all tried to set up today, when I read such anxiety in Isobel, such anger in Michael and such desperation from you to get me to drink, I became a tad bit suspicious.
(TONGUE CLICKING) Did you try to drug me, Elizabeth? Now, I may look like Max, darling, but I am something else entirely.
(PANTING) I know you're in there, Max Evans.
I need you to be the stubborn cowboy that forgoes all rationale and fights for me.
It seems your Max has a little less fight in him than you hoped.
Well, that's not the case for me.
Oh ♪ DALLAS: You seem to be downing those, uh, Roswell Rocket sodas pretty hard.
Yeah, well, that's not exactly the blood of Christ in your hand.
I won't tell the big guy if you don't.
(SNIFFLES) How'd that, uh, that test turn out? You know, I thought I kicked ass, and in the end, it didn't matter.
That sucks.
You needed a win.
In the trunk of my car ♪ You know, God, he's he's interesting like that sometimes.
He doesn't just provide you with answers, you got to fight for them.
Yeah, I'm just worried I'm always gonna live on the sidelines and never get to.
Well, I, uh, could reference a pertinent verse from the book of Romans here, but, um, I think the book of Biggie might be better.
His song, uh, "Sky's the Limit," I-I think it might have some of the answers you're looking for.
(CHUCKLES): Uh, where you going? To the jukebox.
(PANTING) You think you can escape me? Good night, Elizabeth.
Somebody left the fundraiser without making a donation.
LIZ: Be careful, it didn't work.
The inhibitor did nothing.
How is that possible? No offense, Iz, but I'm getting a little tired of these chats.
Michael, don't! (MICHAEL PANTING) Michael? How are you able to hold that thing? I'm the Dictator's son.
You're his heir.
ISOBEL: So that means you're You're my Hello, son.
Thank you for bringing me my sword.
That's why the drug didn't work.
He's not an ordinary alien.
You're the Dictator.
Aren't you? Well, I'd say it's time for a coup.
You really think the little girl who was so easily manipulated by Noah Bracken One of the weakest on our planet Stands any chance against my power? Sticks and stones.
(GRUNTS) (SHOUTS) (LAUGHS) (EXHALES) Oh, that may have worked before, but now, in this century, what do you say, uh, you're screwed.
See, this isn't just an extension of my will, this is a reservoir for my power.
Turning three against one into an army against three.
Really elevating to a new level of supreme ass Sit down, and show some respect for your father, son.
(LABORED BREATHING) How many people did you kill to get that power? Well, start counting the stars, darling.
I'll tell you when to stop.
Isobel! (CHUCKLES) Now what to do with you three? You let us go.
Your arrogance does not cover your cracks.
You need something from me.
And if you hurt them, I will never give it to you.
And what makes you think I need something from you? You went through an awful lot of trouble today to get me behind a microscope.
You couldn't resist testing what I know.
You need Max's body.
And if you're curious about severing connections, then I think you want to be more than just a guest inside of it.
Maybe you're not as smart as you think.
I'm as smart as you are confident.
And I'm pretty confident you've figured out that there aren't a lot of alien scientists.
You're gonna need me.
But I certainly don't need to keep them alive to make you do what I say.
(GUNSHOT) (ISOBEL PANTING) (GRUNTING) It's gonna take more than a spindly drug addict with a pop gun to stop me.
Then how about the sheriff and the full-force Roswell PD? - (SIREN WAILING) - I called and told them the robbers were back at Max's house, so unless you think you can take them all out without making the local paper, I think this is where we part ways.
It's a shame.
Until next time.
- Get down! - Go, go, go.
We can't just let him get away.
MICHAEL: Between the burning car and cops, I don't think we have a choice.
OFFICER: Let's see those hands! Hands up! Oh, God.
Oh, God.
She's still here.
- No.
- This is only the beginning ♪ He took the pod.
The start of things to come ♪ To the point of no return ♪ Sure you can't open your eyes? Just for a sec? Too far without ♪ Could really use one of those fireside chats about now.
Into the shadows ♪ Damn.
Where the darkness surrounds ♪ "First activation, March 11, 1969.
" Into the shadows ♪ Follow me ♪ Into the shadows ♪ JONES: I told you I'd be back.
Where are you taking me? Wherever the hell I want you to go.
Let me know if you want the usual, Patricia.
What's the date? March 11, 1969.
This seems to be a very important day.
And now that we're here together, you're gonna show it to me.

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