Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s03e09 Episode Script

Tones of Home

1 Previously on "Roswell New Mexico" Patricia and Nora were working on a machine together, till they were caught by some creepy doctor named Lockhart.
You've been jumping into clones' bodies to stay alive.
Until your mother's triad slaughtered all of them destroyed the science.
I needed to generate more.
If Jones is convinced that this equation is the key to his salvation, then maybe it's just what we need to destroy him.
(SWORD STRIKES POD) (SIZZLING) (DISTORTED, ECHOING YELL) JONES: As the lead geneticist in Los Alamos for 27 years, I understood you to be one of the brightest minds in your field.
It's not for lack of trying, Mr.
I filled in what I could, but it's beyond me.
It is so troublesome when the spark of ingenuity slips away.
(CRACKLING) (MUFFLED GRUNTING) It seems we need to find ourselves a smarter genius, huh, buddy? You can run, you can hide ♪ (MICHAEL GROANS) What's with the tarps, Ortecho? Yearly fumigating.
Where's Max? Well, apparently almost dying and then swapping bodies with an evil dictator sort of takes it out of a guy He's been asleep for two days.
Tell me you've at least taken a nap since removing him from the pod.
After considerable microscope time, I have come to a conclusion.
The telomeres in Jones's DNA The thing that geneticists use to measure life expectancy Are disintegrating at a rapid rate.
Making Max Jones's safe haven from death - even more implicit.
- LIZ: But if we can swap them into their rightful bodies and sever the psychic tether between them, we can both save Max and be free to kill Jones.
Is that something we can do? Theoretically, yes.
If I could create a way to fill in those receptors once the bond is broken, then I could essentially seal them from an attack from Jones's cells.
I'm gonna take Alien Complications for 200.
Wouldn't Jones also want to sever the connection? Yeah.
And I'm certain he is trying to find a way to fill in the gaps in the science that he got a peek of from Theo's mind.
(SIGHS) Whoever gets the science first controls whose body Max stays in.
Me and Alex are trying to get the Lockhart machine to work properly so we can retrieve the rest of Theo's equation.
That would totally give us the advantage.
And then I'd still have to just actualize it.
Please tell me this is the part where that classic Liz Ortecho moxie kicks in.
If you mean that I illegally hid a copy of my research in L.
from Genoryx before they could sell it to a skin care company so that I could get a head start on mending Max, then yes, we are squarely in classic Liz territory.
Alien Complications for 400.
You still need to invent the science, don't you? Yes.
And, um I feel my best chance of doing that would be with the person that I broke the initial boundaries of these theories with My former lab partner, Heath.
You're talking about bringing in the guy you got under in order to get over Max in on our secret? Heath was more than a booty call.
And because of his out-of-the-box thinking, I got Noah's burnt spores, and they are currently being cultivated into alien stem cells as we speak.
Look, considering there's a clock on Max's life, I cannot think of a better person who would help make those seconds count.
Okay, I'm gonna close out the Alien Complications category and wager that Heath isn't gonna call you back, since he drove you back here and you told him to go chase Dr.
Holden, who doesn't exist.
So now you just need to convince someone who's not taking your calls to rejoin Team Liz, and then convince Max that his fear of outsiders and science, all wrapped up in what I'm assuming is a rather handsome romantic rival, is the best option on the table.
Did I sleep through the plan to save my life? There seems to be no lasting effects from the paralytic you were injected with outside that cop's home.
But we're still looking for clues to identify it and where your adverse reaction to it came from.
Physician to physician, I could be helpful here.
I suggest you have your team relook at the endoplasmic reticulum for traces of the paralytic.
But you're not a physician in these walls.
- You're a patient.
- (DOOR OPENS) I'll take it from here, Darby.
Thank you.
Clearly, your stubbornness shows your strength has returned.
I'm thankful for the care, - but I should really - You want to learn who attacked you.
Kyle, what you should do is leave this research to us.
You don't have the expertise to do this kind of off-book work.
I literally hijacked an operating room to bring an alien back to life.
I've stolen bodies, did an alien autopsy, had a radio talk back to me.
No one is more qualified in top secret ET shenanigans than me.
There is so much of Jim in you.
Then that should be reason enough for you to let me help you pursue this.
I opened this door to my brother and I got him killed, and I will not do the same to you.
You don't get to say something like that and just walk away.
You better add a little context to that sentence.
(SIGHS) - You're here.
- I'm here.
You know, I've been thinking a lot about the clues we found out in the mindscape.
- Excuse me.
- Can we maybe think about them after breakfast? Yes.
Beeblebrox burritos.
Maria and I haven't had a chance to talk about what she saw in Patricia's memories.
Well, amidst a eugenics nightmare, we discovered that her grandmother and Michael's mom were secretly building a machine to contact an alien here in Roswell.
Okay, but where is this alien hiding? Between Tripp's journal and a chat with Alex, they all made it into the prison.
Well, clearly not all.
There were you three, Noah.
Maybe some are still in a pod? Or, like myself And I can't believe that I'm about to say this They hatched.
In which case, they would come out kind of - Speechless, confused, lost.
- Yeah.
When police find my mom wandering, they first file a police report Which is why I brought Max's computer and sheriff's codes.
All we have to do is search police records for a case that matches that description, compile a suspect list, and then investigate from there.
Yeah, but that could be a huge list spanning decades.
Hence the "butter-me-up" burritos.
(PHONE BUZZING) Hello? How's the office, honey? I'm a little distracted with these dials.
Working theory is a take on the Vigenère cipher with a twist.
Well, you know I love it when you talk code-y to me.
I'm calling because I want to make sure that you're being careful with the brain melter.
And I'm eating my Wheaties.
Yeah, Manes, not funny.
Look, first day back, Eduardo did a full workup before and after handling the device.
Although we don't know why, the machine seems to boost dopamine levels, which produces hallucinations and auditory misnomers, which I posit is why that anybody who's working closely with it feels like the machine's talking to them.
So I'm working on it in 15-minute increments - every six hours.
- Promise me you won't take extra credit with the alien phone.
'Cause I know you've been working late.
I dropped off the Crashdown's new grilled Hamdalorian and cheese sammies; Respectfully left it inside the door so the coyotes wouldn't snag 'em.
Thank you very much, Guerin.
All right, okay, okay, okay.
I actually called because I'm working with the turquoise and oscillating currents flowing through it.
I think I have a theory on how the machine is sealed and how maybe alien tech and frequency could open it so we could fix it.
- (BEEPING) - Well, that's our show, kids.
End of my safety window.
Okay, have fun, don't lose track of time.
I am not going to forget our very first real, in-public date.
I promise.
(BEEPING) If you're seeing me, you must be close to understanding the machine I built.
So what's another 15 minutes gonna hurt to find out if you're right? How long do you think this is gonna take? You know I got to save your life.
I get the feeling you're mocking my old-school sense of chivalry.
No, I was I was thinking about when I was planning a road trip senior year, and you first invited yourself along with the promise of changing all the tires.
13 years later, here we are.
I believe the goal was ocean, not alien spores - and DNA research.
- Well, you know, if I'd had more time, I would have grabbed the mix I made back then.
I bet backwards-baseball-cap you had a song for everything.
State lines, sunsets Did you have a "make your move on me" track? You did.
Ho-ho-ho! That's very smooth.
(CHUCKLES) All right, what was the opening track? Fastball, "The Way.
" That's very bold.
(CHUCKLES) All right, I'll crank up this song.
You get us back on the road.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) Heavy loads ♪ Dirty roads and a lot of pain ♪ Takes a toll on your soul ♪ (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) Make you go insane ♪ (HAND PLOPS ONTO OBJECT) I think I'd better make a change ♪ (SIGHS, HUFFS) Yes? You know, given that we are trying to catch a killer, save my brother and potentially a planet, I was hoping for a little less flirting and a little more filing.
Your singular focus really worries me.
Okay, look, I get that, uh, cheating death made you want to embrace life.
It's just that, uh, maybe we could push it until after we have beaten Jones to the science.
Besides, it's not like some hot opportunity is gonna walk through that door and ask me out on a date.
(CHUCKLES) MARIA: (MOCK GASP) Oh, look who just walked through the door It's the woman I saw you canoodling with when we took down Jordan Bernhardt in this very bar.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm doing a story on the recent murders.
Sussing out if the crime at Max's that put you in a coma and the church fire are connected to the Roswell Regiment attacks.
- Interesting.
- Hmm.
- Isobel would like to do an interview.
- Mm.
Uh, normally, yes, uh, I would, but it's just right now is not a great time for Deep Throat.
(CHUCKLES): Because my throat is busy.
Talking, I mean.
Why don't I just let you know if I think of anything? MARIA: But thank you for stopping by.
Maybe we can grab drinks together? Oh.
(LAUGHS) So why would you shut that beautiful, soulful "maybe we could grab drinks together" woman down? Uh, beyond the fact that she investigates lies for a living and I literally live one? GREGORY: For what it's worth, she did come in here - asking about you the other night, Iz.
- (GASPS) Okay.
Anatsa and I may have had a few cocktails, and then a proposition might have been propositioned.
And then it is possible that I chickened out and mindscaped a naval officer to steal his waiting Lyft.
You bourbon'd and bolted? Sipped and snuck? Highballed it and hightailed it.
Okay, you're both very clever, but dating is on hold right now.
We need to focus on preventing more murders, including our own.
What about this one: "Child who couldn't speak.
" The name's redacted, but he was found drowning in Mesa Pines Lake.
They assumed his parents drowned as well, but the bodies - were never discovered.
- Look at that date.
That's the day Louise died.
Meaning that's the day your pods opened up.
Same day, same afflictions as Max, Michael and I.
It's worth a look.
If I have activated some sort of holographic interface, maybe a little guidance would be good.
I mean, do I start on the dials? Do I move to the internal tech? Perhaps your failure is because you're not meant to touch things from another world.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) Oh, you aren't a talking memory from a machine, you're a manifestation of my own mind.
Took you long enough to get there.
All right, well, when my own hallucination starts to insult me, I think it's time to step away from the dangerous alien machine.
Fair enough.
Let me ask you this.
Why did you hold back intel from Michael about the machine? I didn't.
I-I told him it incited a neurological response.
But you left out that others have found themselves so deeply tangled in their own manifestations that harm came to them.
One walked into the Rio Grande.
Another stepped into traffic.
What will this machine do to make you lose your way? I won't I won't lose my way.
Michael is my focus, and remembering that will keep me from any undoing.
I'd argue that your feelings for him will be your undoing.
You could have conjured anyone, Airman you chose me.
I think it's because I represent the pain that has always existed between our two families.
Or maybe I just represent who you really think you're fighting with when it comes to this device.
Well, they're no Shatner Shakes, but these were on our list of road trip stops.
Bathroom breakin' anyway Figured what's the harm.
Okay, we got to pause on the cathartic high school wistfulness.
We are on a cannonball run to get some spores to make some science that might save a planet from a megalomaniac ruler, but at the very least - it'll save you.
- Right.
I am trying to embrace that.
Hey, I made that, um, mixed tape back in high school, to slip into all the discussions I wanted to have with you.
But we're not kids anymore, so I just got to say the hard things and let the chips fall where they may.
What are you trying to say? You know I burned down your lab, but before I did I saved your tapes.
You kept my tapes? Yeah.
And I knew how much they meant to you, and that they were irreplaceable, so I buried them outside my house.
You let me believe that they were lost forever? Right.
And I always intended for them to go back to you after I died.
But I I was a coward back then.
I want to do what you're doing, walk forward and not back.
So what now? Now it's my turn to drive.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) Maybe it's because I just came out of a coma, but you got to appreciate the majesty of nature.
You know, unless the "majesty of nature" is also committing murders, I think we have bigger fish to fry.
Listen, Jones mentioned that the ship was breaking apart as it was plummeting towards the Earth.
Our dad instilled in us the altitude trajectory and flight coordinates of the '47 shipwreck.
Well, this camp was right on the path, so you could be onto something.
Well, before we commit a felony, I just want a little more proof that this is where we should be hunting for our little green man.
Yeah, and short of finding a little green man, I mean, how are we gonna get that? (CRACKLING) (ISOBEL GRUNTING) (MARIA GASPS) Watsons it's time to Sherlock ourselves the whereabouts of an alien.
You know what this is? It's a shelter for undocumented.
Your father and I used to hide out here.
Away from Manes.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Have a drink or six.
This is distilled in a small town where our family is from.
These lines mark important dates in mine and Jim's lives.
The day Jim got engaged.
(CHUCKLES) The day Rosa was born.
Uh day I became the head of Deep Sky.
Yeah, I appreciate the nostalgia, but what did you mean when you said you killed my father? Whereas I "died" and the Deep Sky version of me was born, your father, well, he chose to die a little every day.
He was a double agent at Caulfield.
All the while clandestinely passing information to Deep Sky in the hopes of undermining Jesse Manes and Project Shepherd.
Till Manes got revenge and threw him in a cell with a broken alien.
It was in retaliation for Jim getting me the Lockhart machine.
You can't blame yourself for everything Jesse Manes did.
Your father became obsessed in his mission to help the aliens.
But in his singular focus, his personal life unraveled.
He developed what he called "the code.
" Altruistic in its conception, it became something he hid behind to justify his actions.
Alex has told me that you live your life following that same code.
I am here to tell you that you are chasing the shadow of a man who was beyond fallible.
That is the last line of this bottle.
A promise that I made Jim that I would keep you away from this life and all of the consequences that come with it.
NORA: Can't crack this girl open any further, huh? You ready to admit what you really think the problem is yet? We could take this machine to Michael.
He's an alien.
It's an alien machine.
Why not do what seems obvious? Because I would never let Guerin get hurt by something that you built.
He put you on a pedestal, and I doubt that he wants to be held by the guy who takes you off of it.
How about you trade the alien tech for the path you've had some success with last week? Using your internal camera to see what makes the machine tick or not tick.
(CLEARS THROAT) What's that, Airman? Looks like you finally found proof of what you haven't been willing to admit this whole time.
You and Michael, you're still caught in your father's shadow.
ISOBEL: Please tell me that, between the googly eyes you're giving my great-great-grandniece, that you have found something.
I found some info that would add context to the police report.
(EXHALES): Oh, thank God.
Uh, social services was overwhelmed, so the Christian camp owners volunteered to keep him here for the summer.
They kept this journal to check on his progress.
- They called him Johnny Doe.
- Right.
Of course.
Because why give him a name that we could actually track when they could just give him something cutesy? Well, the kid didn't talk for a week, and then, all of a sudden, he spoke as if he learned the entire language.
And those photos, I found in the office.
Yeah, if-if you look at them, apparently Johnny Doe came to this camp every summer.
There's a photo in there of a friend.
And there's some more photos I found of the two of them playing in a cabin that we were searching.
Does said friend have a name? Nickname.
It's a big camp.
We're gonna keep on searching.
It's a ma-and-pa place, so they didn't exactly keep a lot of records.
- Yeah.
- GREGORY: All right, well, if we're all-nightering it, I'm gonna make some old-fashioneds from that bottle of bourbon - I found in the confiscated box.
- Mm.
I'm gonna go upstairs, see if I can find any clues in the rooms.
Why don't you take a break? Maybe it'll add some perspective.
I don't have time, for perspective.
I am not going to let Jones win.
I'm not going to let an evil alien dickwad take anything else from us.
This evil alien dickwad is taking something from me right now.
This is a battle, not a war, and we're not gonna make it to the end of this if we don't remember what we're fighting for.
I am fighting for the people I love.
What do you want for yourself? Or have you been in survival mode for so long that you don't even know what that is? - (DOOR OPENS) - (SCOFFS) Taking mine to go, Manes.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) (KNOCKING) MICHAEL (CALLING): This isn't a violation of trust.
I'm breaking and entering out of concern for you.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) Is Iz okay? (SIGHS): Yeah.
You know, I always wanted a sister, and I got one.
(CHUCKLES) We had a little sister fight.
- But - Mm.
Thing is, it's kind of nice to have a sister fight.
It's nice to have s'mores.
That's that's what I see when I look back into my family's memories.
They found that.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm a little tipsy.
I'm just really, really glad I'm not dead.
I'm really glad you're not dead, too.
Huh! ♪ Feelin' brand-new ♪ I came back just to let you know ♪ Got a sweet surprise for you ♪ We got all the feels tonight ♪ And right now I'm feeling brand-new ♪ Thought that I was out of sight ♪ But you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ 'Cause I got all the feels tonight ♪ Got something you won't forget.
♪ - (DOOR CLOSES) - (SIGHS HEAVILY) So, did you hate furniture? Is that your research? Not quite.
(LAUGHS) His name's Enrique.
My dad sends me one everywhere I go.
Uh so, were you were you happy here? L.
was a commercial for a life.
The house, the view The boyfriend? Heath was a commercial, too, yeah, for Getting over me.
My reasons for leaving Roswell, they were complicated, but the science wasn't.
Heath showed me that.
He helped me grow, professionally and personally.
(FRUSTRATED GRUNT) Okay Genoryx took everything with a scrap of science on it.
But luckily, I have learned a thing or two from Rosa about squirreling science away for a rainy day.
MAX: What's wrong? My research, all of it it's gone.
Do you think Genoryx could have gotten that, too? No, Heath.
He-he must have grabbed it for me.
B-Before it could be discovered.
He knew about this hiding spot.
Well, let's hope, uh, Heath is as good a guy as you make him out to be.
Call him again.
Explain that we're in L.
and I've been explaining.
He's not answering.
So we got to up our game.
I got to make my case in person.
We're going to his house.
(SIGHS) Let's have a drink.
And do what, get me to draw a line on the family bottle like it's some contract I'll leave this alien stuff be? How many more mistakes do I need to recount that your father made in his life to get you to see that that is exactly what you should do? When I learned my father was part of this alien thing, I thought it was a way to somehow make him proud from beyond the grave.
You see, but I've realized that I don't want a part of this for my dad.
Or relatives that I've never met and their feuds with Manes men that I never knew existed.
I want to do this because this could be part of my story.
So thank you for showing me that my dad was flawed enough that I could step out of his shadow.
I understand why you want me to make different choices, so I am.
I choose to walk the same path, but better than him.
Now, I don't want one of your cool decoder rings.
But I do want to save lives as a doctor.
I want a part of this story that I started with Alex, and I want a shot at doing it free from the ghosts.
I can promise you I won't live in the past, Tío.
And you shouldn't, either.
Yes, hi.
This is Deputy Evans.
I need a cell trace on a POI.
(DOOR OPENS) LIZ: What is the matter? I'm a cop, Liz.
Breaking and entering isn't really my thing.
You are also an alien, here to grab some spores that turn into stem cells so that we could take down your planet-enslaving doppelgänger.
Ooh, ooh, this is interesting.
Heath left Genoryx two days after I did.
Must have realized he didn't need to be working underneath their corporate thumb.
How much do you know about this guy, Heath? How close were you? This isn't the time to be jealous about a boy I met.
I'm just saying it's possible that he took your one-of-a-kind alien spores and quit, so that, just like you, he could use the research himself, free of Genoryx.
That grand trust speech certainly had a short shelf life.
I trust you.
Okay? But I don't trust some guy I have barely met with a secret that could endanger me, could endanger my family and break the frickin' Internet if it came out.
You think I would let myself be conned? No, I think you came out here looking for a partner, and it could blind you.
(LAUGHS): Just because you sabotaged me when I thought you were mine does not mean that Heath would take the same path.
And just because you changed the wallpaper doesn't mean you've mended your blind spots.
I have learned my lessons, but you oh, my God, you sound an awful lot like the guy who blew up my lab.
So forgive me, but you're making it perfectly clear why I felt like I had to go and change the wallpaper.
(LOUD POP, CRACKLING) (BEEPING NEARBY) (CLICK) Did you hear that? Must have been the electronic lock.
Manual's still intact.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) (CLICKS) Those your spores? It's what held them.
They're gone.
(EXHALES) I was hoping we could skip the awkward staring and get to the part where we help Alex.
Let's not forget you violated several government laws and legally, you could never see the sun again.
Let's not forget that you don't exactly have a doorbell.
And I went to Alex's house and found out that he hasn't been there for two days.
Alex locked away the machine two days ago.
- He logged out of the office.
- Yes.
You're all trust-fall with each other.
I know.
But considering he's one of the best hackers in the world, maybe he broke protocol to work on the machine that has a built-in siren song.
Run a diagnostic on the security cams in sector two.
He hacked the cameras and took the machine.
MICHAEL: Are you telling me Alex has been exposed to the machine for two days straight? We need to find him.
Okay, fine.
You were right.
I do have to get control over my life.
I need to figure out what it is I'm fighting for when all of this is said and done.
But the problem is, I have no idea where to even start.
Okay, well how do you like your eggs? What? I like mine fried, a little bit runny, Tabasco I don't know.
Growing up, my mom didn't eat breakfast, so neither could I.
Um, and then with Noah, yeah, I basically had whatever he was having, because, you see, I am a facsimile of a human Okay.
Just start with eggs.
Don't stop until you know who you are.
Mm? Speaking of the most important meal of the day, how'd you take your Gregory Manes? Too early before coffee.
Over hard.
(GASPS) Oh, my God.
Okay, well, do you want to trade life tips for sex tips? How flexible is your core? - 'Cause that makes a big difference.
- Okay, without bourbon to add to said coffee, definitely too early.
Christian camp.
Well, at least let me help lift the burden of your sin.
(ISOBEL GASPS) Maria, look.
"With love from Johnny Doe and the Lincoln Neighborhood Church.
" Oh, it looks like just living life revealed some clues, hmm? Very righteous of you.
- Mm-hmm.
- I will go, um, - investigate this cross clue.
- Mm.
You live a little more life on top of that hardboiled Greg.
Taking mine to go, Manes.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) Is that your stuff? No, these are brain scans.
They're of a person suffering from neurodegeneration.
Heath said his mom has Alzheimer's, but that's not what this is.
This is a scan of a much younger person.
So he lied to you.
One scan is hardly a grand conspiracy.
- I'm gonna see if I can - Shh, shh.
Someone's coming.
We got to go.
NORA: Can't remember the frequency you hit to crack this open, huh? Confusion of numbers is a sign of exhaustion - and deplete mental fa - Enough! I am going to get my father out of it, just like everything else he's ever tried to infect.
Deep down you know there will always be some machine, some file keeping the two of you apart.
This machine reminds you you're incomplete.
I mean, that's why you joined Deep Sky, isn't it? To fill the void that your father made in you? I spent a year cleaning up my father's messes.
And I made sure that not one of them touched Michael.
(PANTS) (WIND WHOOSHES) You fear this one's different.
I won't be bested by some ET ham radio.
Should we talk about this being a metaphor? We've done too much talking.
But not enough listening.
Two days ago, you might have known what was real and what was imagined.
And I can imagine that it would be really hard to know what-what step leads to solid ground and which one leads to your death.
So I guess you're left with two truths.
Love makes you do crazy things! (WIND BLOWING) And worse, your greatest fear has been actualized.
Your father's hatred is stronger than your capacity to love.
Alex! I got you! I got you.
(PANTING) I always got you.
Those shoes sure don't say Sunday morning.
(CHUCKLES) What are you doing here? This little trinket was found by Roswell FD.
Their probie hadn't turned it in to the PD for evidence yet.
What is it? Unity Church's version of a crucifix.
On the back, it had some initials on it.
It looks like a "J," an "O" or a "D.
" "JD.
" (EXHALES) Okay, sadly, my snooping featured fewer firemen, but I did find a lead with someone who had those initials.
Good thing about snooping in a church, sinners can walk right through the front door.
(EXHALES) I'm so sorry.
I I wanted to fix this for you.
I j I just wanted to clear it up so that Yeah.
We could live a normal "picket fence" life.
Any way you slice it, Manes, our picket-fenced yard is gonna hold aliens.
I guess I just, I couldn't get the fear of the rocky path we have ahead of us out of my mind.
I spoke to Sanders about the same thing.
He said, "You don't walk away from a broken engine.
You find a way to make it purr again.
" Mm.
Hey, um, I'm not sure, just because of, you know, the mass hallucinations, but, um, when I was working on the machine, I opened it enough to see that a piece of tech from Project Shepherd made it inside.
Meaning that my mom built something for good, and your dad figured out a way to mess it up.
Yeah, but, I mean, but if we remove it, then maybe we can find a way to make it purr.
You're here.
I'm here.
Solving a 75-year-old mystery seems like a pretty good first date.
What did the Post-it say? (SIGHS) Look like theories.
"The subatomic nuclei is oddly equal to the length of the endo" Endoplasmic reticulum which seems to be connected to the porous cytoskeleton.
How do you know that? You said it.
Tape number four.
You had just found something next to Noah's spleen that-that glowed when you poked it.
I-I didn't just keep your tapes, I listened to them, as a as a way to be closer to you.
Wait, i-if these are my notes Heath stole the tapes that were hidden outside of your house.
God, I-I'm an idiot.
I was lecturing you about how I knew better, and the whole time, your fears were spot-on.
Okay? He played me.
No one could have anticipated that.
But here I am at the same crossroads again, so Just because we're at that crossroads doesn't mean we have to choose the same paths that divided us before.
This is a second chance.
(SIGHS) That's what I told myself right before Jones healed my heart.
I swore that I would help Michael be less Michael-like.
That I'd help Isobel find happiness.
And, well, you know, that maybe you and I could walk on the beach.
The road is literally right before us, and I want to choose with you where we go next.
(WHIRRING) (WHIRRING STOPS) It feels like my console.
The pieces of my console, they want to be together, but I can shift them.
This thing, it wants to be closed maybe maybe I can want it to be open.
(PANTING) I was always good at breaking things.
Wait, this piece of glass isn't connected properly.
You were right.
Your dad figured out a way to get his tech inside this thing.
If there were ever a good reason to cut the blue wire (SETS WIRE CUTTERS ON TABLE) - Okay.
- Okay.
I'm gonna use the turquoise.
You're gonna weld the upper connector back.
- Okay.
- Go ahead.
(LOW BUZZING) (EXHALES) (BEEPS) ANATSA: What are we looking for? An invoice.
"JD" stands for a nickname, Johnny Doe.
I found that name on this giant cross dedicated by him and the church.
I'm hoping that if we can find an invoice, it'll give us the real name of the man that I want to question, whose necklace you found.
PASTOR (IN DISTANCE): Thanks, Patty, but I'll make the call from my office.
BOTH: Window.
(OPENING WINDOW) (EXHALES) Investigative reporters first.
Oh, damn it, DeLuca.
Hey, um, do you want to get a drink with me sometime? - To discuss these findings? - Oh, God, no.
No, to discuss anything else.
I'd like that.
Um I think that I am lost.
(CHUCKLES): That's okay.
Sometimes people are lost when they're searching for Jesus.
Amen to that.
Actually, you know, I'm-I'm looking to speak to a member of your congregation.
I think I have his necklace.
It has the initials "JD" on it.
I'll, um I'll find him.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
Is that Camp Mesa Pines? Yeah.
Hey, you know it? - Yeah.
- Oh, I I was practically raised there.
Gosh, a really nice couple, I had this iron cross restored for them as a thank-you.
What is it? This brain.
It's not human.
I think it's actually (RINGING) Iz.
I found the alien the Lockhart machine's trying to contact His name is Dallas.
He's a preacher at the Lincoln Neighborhood Church.
His pod landed in the Mesa Pines Lake.
He went by the name Johnny Doe.
Wait a second.
Did you find anything about a kid named Buckskin? Yeah, for sure.
He was, like, his best friend.
(KNOCKING) You wanted to see me? Your suggestion about checking lipids to identify the paralytic you were injected with paid off.
We found its chemical signature was proprietary and came from a lab called Genoryx.
The patent is registered to the lead geneticist who created it: Heath Tuchman.
LIZ: You found the alien.
We found his best friend who's been trying to save his life.
How'd you find me? Well, I tried searching for you in L.
Turns out you came back to New Mexico.
Yeah, you said on the phone this was a matter of life and death, Max.
I find those stakes produce the best results.
Before we discuss what I'm sure will be - a fruitful partnership - (PHONE RINGING) there is one thing I should clear up.
I'm not Max Evans.

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