Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s03e10 Episode Script

Angels of the Silences

1 Previously on "Roswell New Mexico" We got the Lockhart machine to work properly so we can retrieve - the rest of Theo's equation.
- That would totally give us the advantage.
Whoever gets the science first controls whose body Max stays in.
I found the alien the Lockhart machine's trying to contact.
His name is Dallas.
You found the alien.
We found his best friend who's been trying to save his life.
You said on the phone, this was a matter of life and death, Max.
Around here, they call me "Jones.
" I shouldn't be here, Buck.
It's almost time.
You're gonna be fine.
How? Every time it happens, it's like my head's gonna explode, and all I see is that weird machine.
What if I lose control, chaos ensues? Mesa Pines Gazette leads with "Cursed Orphan Weirdo Kills His Only Friend"? Hey, Captain Spiral, you know the part in Goblet of Fire when Harry puts the mermaid egg underwater, and it stops screaming? Johnny Doe, you're the mermaid egg.
So you're gonna drown me?! Don't be a Hufflepuff.
Everyone knows sound's muted by water.
Why are you doing this? 'Cause this goes beyond bunkmates.
You know why.
We're all we've got.
I don't want to set the world ♪ Dallas! Dallas! Dallas.
This is my anthem, I'm here to pick up my ransom ♪ Oh, uh, um, uh, sorry.
I was I thought we were gonna go find Heath, - but - No, no, no.
You're good.
- You're-you're good.
- Taking 'em home ♪ Turning 'em gold, everything I put my hands on ♪ Yeah ♪ It's weird, uh, seeing you without, uh the tattoos.
Yeah, well, you never liked the longhorn anyway.
The-the weirdest part is thinking that Jones probably slept in my bed and ate my Comet Crunch.
I'm all filled up on breakfast puns this morning.
Is Heath taking any of your calls? No.
And every text he ignores about stealing my tapes and spores only ups me wanting to strangle him.
Do we really need all that stuff? Every attempt at separating your cells from Jones' feels like Groundhog Day.
The membranes just fuse back together.
When rebuilding your heart, I was experimenting with binding proteins, but without my tapes, I'm not even close - to square one, and - We're gonna find him.
Okay? You're right.
I'm going to sever your tether from Jones and get you back in your tattooed body Longhorn and all So things can get back to normal.
I'm hungry for life ♪ And what does that mean? I don't know.
Or I-I You You've given me a lot to think about.
And I know where you stand in regards to us, or, like, if the-the possibility of there being Why are you smiling? Well, just it is rare to see a genius falter.
Take your time.
Okay, whatever happens next, that, uh that's in your hands.
To what do I owe this spread of cometquiles and flying sauce-cakes? I am just making sure you are back in fighting shape.
How is that noggin holding up after your run-in with the Lockhart machine? - Much better, thank you.
- Good.
Especially now that you're here.
Hey, at ease, soldier.
I've been hammering out a theory on why the Lockhart machine turns on every 47 days.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Tell me.
You said your predecessor was studying weather patterns.
Lightning patterns, specifically.
So, at any given moment, thousands of lightning storms create an electromagnetic wave.
As these waves combine and grow, they create a repeating atmospheric heartbeat.
This heartbeat is the Earth's fundamental resonant frequency.
And so I'm guessing that the machine was set to pulse a message on this heartbeat, but my father's ill-conceived addition caused it to trigger on a 47-day cycle? Exactly.
I just can't wait another month, though, for whatever message my mom has locked in the machine.
The science to end the fight is trapped in the glass.
Okay, but even if this works, don't we need the alien that it's calling out to? Isobel and Maria found him.
He, uh, lives out in Lincoln, goes by "Dallas.
" If I didn't know better, I-I would say I was looking at your file.
The way he bounced from one foster home to another.
Have you have you read this? I'll see the movie when it comes out.
All that matters is that we get Dallas in front of that machine.
Do you think you can get the wannabe-TARDIS out of Deep Sky for a spin? Okay, um, how does a journalist from Chicago win three state medals in archery? My parents encouraged me to follow my heart.
You should, too.
Uh It's empowering to nock the arrow draw the bow and watch it silently cut across the sky.
- See? - Oh, my.
You can do anything you put your mind to.
Uh My job interview at the Dalien beckons.
Are you thinking about sticking around Roswell? I'm exploring options.
And you will never get me back ♪ Paging Dr.
A hug is needed in room two.
Come here.
- Mm.
- Oh, my gosh.
I am so sorry that I am late, but I am so glad that you are here and not dead.
Well, alive is a low bar, but I'm happy, too.
- Mm.
- Please sit.
Thank you.
Um that's for you.
You found another alien? Looks like your practice is growing.
Does he know about his otherworldly pedigree? From what I can tell, no, but, uh, Michael and I are excited to welcome him into the pod squad.
Yeah, you seem oddly chipper about this.
Yeah, I am.
I'm thinking that maybe my calling is helping other people.
I've been I've been coaching Rosa with her power, right? And she has been killing it.
So maybe I can help this guy accept his new identity.
Yeah, well, according to these scans, you're also gonna have to tell him that he suffers from acute traumatic deficits in his temporal lobe.
Well, I'll just get him to open up after one of his sermons, I guess.
He's a preacher? Yeah.
Oh, but he's, like, a cool preacher.
He thinks his boss is in the sky, and you want to tell him he fell from it? It'll shatter his worldview.
Let me gather my files, and we'll do it together.
I mean, maybe if we show him that you have the same physiology, he'll be more inclined to trust you before you pull the existential rug out from under him.
But look, as I've filled in for Father Linus lately, I've gotten to know a lot of you.
You shared your prayers with me.
They were prayers for unity.
Because, you see, Roswell is a town divided by hatred.
But you see, that that hatred, that uncertainty It does not have to define us.
I want you all to do me a favor.
I want you to turn to a neighbor because you just might be surprised how much the two of you have in common.
Hey, neighbor.
I don't think I can take much more of this.
You know what, Michael? I think this might actually be a really good exercise for you.
- Hmm.
- Hey, neighbor.
A scientist and two aliens walk into a church.
Have you come to light a candle after a night of sinning with our brother? Okay, not the time or place, Isobel.
Max and I hit a roadblock looking for Heath.
I'm hoping his best friend/patient will be able to help me find him.
Ah, get in line, Speedy Ortecho.
We need our long-lost relative to retrieve Theo's "schmience" from inside the mystical jukebox my mom built.
Thinking a little mindscape nudge to invite him over.
Open up over some acetone margaritas might do the trick.
Ooh, do you mind poking around for Heath's whereabouts? Oh.
Ye of little faith.
And how about you, sir? Yeah.
I'm gonna tell you what I see, and I'm gonna give you an opportunity to tell me I'm wrong.
Two burglars at the desert outside your house were identified as high-priced mercenaries.
Both men were found slaughtered a day later by a confounding murder weapon.
Burned them from the inside out.
I linked similar scorch marks in their getaway car.
A few days later, two tourists go missing.
And a similar scorch pattern is found in their car.
And Pete's body is found with injuries consistent with those sustained in both crimes.
Look, forgive me, ma'am, but what you're describing is a lightsaber.
And besides that, most crimes are personal.
I mean, these three entities don't seem to know each another, and I mean, I barely knew Pete.
Oh, you and Pete didn't like one another, but he filled me in a lot about you.
You were a suspect in the murder of your brother-in-law.
And there were some inconsistencies of electrical outages stemming from your house two years ago.
Fractal burn patterns all around town.
I went back to Zeke Murphy's car, and I found one of them on the hood.
Oddity surrounds you, Evans.
So the oddity of this case seems right up your alley.
The fact that whoever did this makes you look at me with questions Frankly, that pisses me off.
I promise you, no one is more committed to Roswell than I am.
God, you know, I want to be wrong here, Evans.
I really do, but as you know from my track record, I rarely am.
Which leaves us with only one option.
You need to turn in your badge till we straighten this out.
Iz? Hey! Hey, you all right? Oh.
Thank God you're awake.
Uh, just don't move.
The ambulance just showed up.
You called 911? Yeah.
When someone passes out, I rely on the good book of Henry Gray.
Oh, my gosh, honestly, I am fine.
This happens to me all the time.
I'm just - Very thirsty.
- Are you sure? Mm-hmm.
Totally fine.
Okay, I'll I'll call off the cavalry then.
- What's the deal with the mind shove? - I don't know.
- Do you think he's on to us? - No.
It felt involuntary.
I mean, that's what I get for violating consent.
Alex has the machine, but only for a few hours.
How do we get Baby Yoda where we need him to be? Okay, y-you guys do this.
I got to go charm an address out of the preacher man.
Excuse me.
Um, hi.
Before I lose you, I, uh, was wondering if you could help me find someone.
- Heath Tuchman? - Oh, yeah.
I'm Liz Ortecho.
You're the lab partner from L.
Uh, do you have any idea where he's at? We're working on a project together, but his cell reception is horrible.
He's probably up in his, uh, family's cabin up in Santa Rosa.
He kind of holes up there sometimes when he goes deep science.
Uh, I can drop you a pin? Yeah, please.
And sent.
Got it.
- Thanks.
- Yup.
I thought he was getting rid of the EMTs.
Okay, change of plan.
You lure Dallas.
I'll deal with this.
We said we would do this together.
Okay, fine.
You mindscape the EMTs.
I'll lure Dallas to the junkyard that I don't own.
Look, they insisted that they check you out at the hospital.
Look, I can follow behind in my car and give you a ride back afterwards, though.
Don't you dare leave me alone with that preacher.
Calling an audible.
Care to fill me in on it? No time.
Oh, my gosh.
I hate when that happens.
The good news is, my friend here is a great mechanic, and he has an hour free.
I'm sure he can help you.
I, uh, patched up the radiator, replaced the engine fan, - and I topped off your coolant.
- All right.
Good to go then.
Your, um, catalytic converter it's corroded.
That's why it overheated.
Would you, uh, mind if I lend a hand? I dig seeing people in their element.
Helps me get to know my parishioners, especially the new ones.
I'm not a new parishioner.
I only tagged along because Isobel insisted.
Well, something must have still inspired you to tag along? Look, I-I get it, man.
You're not the first to be intimidated by this collar.
Would it help if I told you about my three favorite B's? Bourbon, billiards, and Bob Marley.
I really need some room for my tools.
- To fix the catalytic converter? - Yeah.
Which is nowhere near the engine.
Yeah, my car's fine, isn't it? Which begs the question.
If I make you so uncomfortable, you don't want to be left alone with me, why stall? Excuse me.
You positive this guy doesn't know he's an alien? 'Cause I'm pretty sure he heard the brain tweet that I sent you back at the church.
Good luck.
We really need to stop breaking into Heath Tuchman's properties.
Well, we're definitely in the right place.
If his work is here, where is he? You.
What's up, Doc? Perimeter's clear.
No sign of Heath, but I did find this.
Jacket I bought you? Jones was here? Looks like your handwriting, meaning they're working together.
That makes sense he would go after your lab partner and try to make a deal.
Heath's the next best thing to you, especially with all your research.
This is a letter I wrote describing where I buried the tapes.
I gave it to Kyle.
It was in his office.
Why would Heath have been in Kyle's office? I don't know.
When he was looking for Dr.
Holden? I don't know.
What's wrong? I got comfortable thinking Jones was just gonna lay low.
He's been playing us ever since I opened the cavern door.
I should have seen this coming.
No one saw your genetic replica and my ex-partner working together on the bingo card.
Okay? So let's just see how far this unholy alliance has gone, and let's catch up.
Okay, um I recognize some of these formulas from my tapes.
Heath's still working under the assumption that CRISPR will splice through binding proteins.
But he needs all the stuff you did to Maria, though, right? Sound frequency manipulation.
He's not there yet.
But it does look like they're making some headway on the equation.
I mean, Heath's not a criminal mastermind, but he's a savvy geneticist.
It's not gonna take him long to figure out the remaining components.
I bet with your tapes back, we can beat him to the punch.
Oh, it's okay.
Liz won't mind if I borrow some of her CRISPR chemicals.
Where's her research bag? Liz broke my bond with Maria DeLuca, and I know Little Miss Mad Scientist loves to keep excessive notes.
Listen, I know your friend's life is on the line right now.
So, I'm assuming you're Cagney to Space Lacey over here, but this galaxy turd is using you to do his bidding.
He is never going to heal Dallas.
I have experience in Dallas's unique physiology, so please just let me There's Ortecho's bag.
Heath wouldn't waste his time treating a problem when he's already seen proof of a cure.
Isn't that right? I always hated you Valentis.
Heads up, Dr.
Sheriff Taylor's en route and pissed.
Hey, hey! Just let him go, all right? I know where we can get our hands on the rest of the chemicals we need.
I I know people see the collar and think "nice guy," and I am, but unlike fishes and loaves, my patience does have an end.
Yeah, I think I should probably go.
Someone's coming I want you to talk to.
Could you just give me a couple more minutes? Does this friend have an explanation that satisfies why you were in my office the other day, or asking about J.
and-and Camp Mesa Pines, or why you have me standing in a junkyard right now? That's what I thought.
I know you can hear my thoughts.
Please don't go.
Just got an email from Kyle.
Jones and Heath were just in his office.
They took my bag.
All of my theories for using resonant sound frequency to sever the connection are in there.
If-if Heath solves this equation before Michael is able to get it out of the machine, then Jones'll be able to stay in your body permanently.
Okay, hey.
We'll figure this out, okay? Hey, none of this is your fault.
You've dedicated your life to saving Maria and me.
Heath is a desperate man who's making all the wrong moves in the name of saving his friend.
You got to let yourself off the hook.
These are Heath's missteps, not yours.
Maybe I could use that to reason with him.
Heath still thinks CRISPR is the answer.
There is only one place that he would go.
Ever had one of those days where you, uh, just can't find what you're looking for? Yup.
That's why I'm here.
I'm looking for your statement from the night of the break-in.
I wish I could help, but there's some place I got to be.
You've been out of town for quite some time.
Must have been in a rush, leaving your car and phone at the crime scene.
Am I suspect, Sheriff? Should you be? You disappeared from a crime scene that's connected to four homicides and two missing persons.
I think it's time you tell me where you've been.
Uh, I was with my uncle.
I can give you his number.
Was, uh, Isobel at this family reunion? Of course not.
Why? Well, she also happened to be away two days ago.
And she was seen with Deputy Pete on the day he was killed.
That means nothing.
So, um And yet, the day before he died, he was obsessed with doing right by her.
She had nothing to do with this.
You're getting mighty defensive.
And I've seen plenty of guilty men in my life, and you sure look like Is that a file on Isobel and Max? It's nothing you can see without a warrant.
Which is why I came prepared.
What in the? Uh-uh.
Uh, okay, I-I still don't understand how how you knew that I would hear you.
Okay, look, clearly, there's something special about you.
Have you ever wondered what that might be? I mean, my entire life, I've heard the voices of people within earshot, you know, even when their mouths were closed.
And you know, when I was young, I'd tell adults, and they'd say I was crazy, until I joined this youth group, and I realized I was actually hearing people's prayers.
But you don't believe me.
No, no.
Uh, no, no, no, I do, because Michael and I we experienced the same thing.
Which is how our kind communicate with each other.
You see, Dallas we're aliens.
I know about the night you were found wandering in Lake Mesa Pines.
That's the same night that Michael and I were discovered just like you.
Seven years old, alone, naked and mute.
Let me show you something.
Ta-da! See? It's cool.
Dallas? This is going south fast, Guerin.
Yeah, you're right.
Chitchat time's over.
Guerin, wait.
You've seen this before.
Every 47 days for the last 25 years of my life.
Keep that thing away from me! Whoa.
Oh, my God.
- Wait.
- Leave me the hell alone.
All of you.
- I'm turning it on.
- Wait.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Dallas just stormed out of here, Alex.
The only play now is to rip off the Band-Aid and hope whatever he sees drives him off the road somewhere so I can find him, and I'm gonna question him.
Did you see the look on his face? He lost his mind.
The only way you're getting his help now is by talking him off the ledge first.
Talking failed.
I-I don't get it.
You have been searching for somebody like you your entire life.
And you've found somebody, and you don't want to talk to them? What am I supposed to say exactly? What you need to do is you need to think about how you felt when you first learned who you are.
Oh, I have.
And that is exactly why I don't want to talk to him.
Because I read his file.
I read his file three times.
I can't relive that again.
You need to stop being afraid of your past.
'Cause the only way you're gonna get what you want out of this is to show Dallas how similar his journey is to yours.
Bandelier University keeps CRISPR in their biolab.
Guard said they waved me through security about 20 minutes ago, so it means we're in the right place.
Biogenetics lab is down this way.
Oh, my God.
Has she been stabbed? Hey, fight.
Come on.
Hello? Come on.
Damn it! Thanks.
I was counting on you today, Kyle.
I mean, of all days to pick a fight with Taylor.
Yeah, I made a mistake.
I lost my cool.
What button could she possibly have pushed to do that? Whatever.
It doesn't matter now.
All that matters is getting those files.
I was kind of forced to burn the files before Taylor could snatch them.
Well how do you plan on convincing Dallas to trust you now? - Wait.
Me? - Yeah.
What happened to us? Uh, well, when you didn't show, I sort of had to go off-book, and I kind of I froze him! You have ice powers now? In place, you mean.
Not much better, by the way.
Well, I don't know what I was thinking.
I kind of panicked.
I think your mistake was waiting for me.
No, it wasn't, because, you know, we'd agreed.
You're you're the doctor, you know? You're-you're the physiology expert.
And he's a man of faith.
I bet you'd have done a much better job at convincing him than me, if I hadn't made you doubt yourself.
I didn't want you to fail.
And because of that, we both did.
All right, well what do we do now? I think it's time you start listening to your instincts.
It's not your fault, Max.
You said clones are identical.
Biologically, but temperament is determined by how you're raised.
I was raised to be a tool of war.
Built by Nora and Louise.
And-and then Jones Ann and David raised you.
Forget about Nora and Louise.
Forget about Jones.
I can't, Liz.
I mean, that's-that's the problem.
I-I I ran to him when I was a kid.
I chose him.
And no matter how many awful things Jones does, I'm still drawn to him.
Max, it's a tether, that's all.
What if that is my destiny? Then screw destiny.
'Cause you, Max Evans You are the most genuine, caring, wonderful person I have ever met.
I-I saw it in your eyes that first day on the playground, and I still see it in them, even now.
You can't be sure.
Yeah, I can, 'cause I'm not the only one who sees it.
Isobel loves you, Michael loves you, and I love you Max Evans.
Sheriff Taylor on-site at Bandelier University.
Units on standby for backup.
Go find Heath.
I'll catch up.
Okay, so-so so you stumbled at Johns Hopkins.
It's not the end of the road for you.
Well, tell that to Little Miss Professor "You'll Never Amount to Anything.
" Yeah.
Look at her.
She's wrong, first off.
And she's just one voice.
Just one voice, out of 7.
5 billion, man.
All right, so, then what about the voice in my head, hmm? The one that keeps telling me that the only thing I will ever actually be good at is failing? I mean, that's why I'm self-medicating with mindless shooters.
I I just can't stop thinking that maybe I'm not strong enough to pull myself out of this.
Okay, look.
Take it from someone who literally hears voices in his head.
None of that's true.
All right, Heath, you're-you're the only reason I'm sitting here sane today.
You know, and despite all these doctors that said there's nothing wrong with my head, you convinced one to take a further look.
No one else could have done that.
Did you already see him? Yeah, he said that, um How did he put it? I have some neural inconsistencies that are incompatible with human life.
He said you should be dead? You know, the church says that, um, everything happens for a purpose, you know, e-even if you don't understand it yet.
Come on.
God can't save you, Dallas.
Yeah, well, no one can, Heath.
That's That's the point.
You're saving me right now.
There ain't no way I'm gonna let you die on me.
How'd you find me? Uh, I spent a lot of time at the place that made me feel safe as a kid, too.
Well, I wish you hadn't wasted your energy 'cause I'm not going back with you.
I get it.
I was an ass.
My only excuse is that when I look at you, I feel like I'm looking at a mirror.
Black and beautiful? Something like that.
You know, the first time my powers emerged, I was living with these religious nuts.
The oldest had it out for me.
One day, I couldn't take it anymore.
And I got so angry.
I somehow sent him through a window with my mind.
How'd they react? At first they thought I was possessed by a demon.
But when burning me with a cross didn't work, they thought I was the demon.
And you believed them.
I was nine.
I didn't know what I was.
Except alone.
Like you.
You know, it wasn't until after being kicked out of my third separate foster home, you know, that it dawned on me, maybe my parents weren't dead.
You know, maybe they abandoned me, you know, because I was cursed.
That's when you met Heath? Yeah, he was the only person I could really trust.
We did a, um, pretty terrible job at convincing you to let us into your inner circle.
You'll have to forgive us.
We don't really meet people like us.
What is us? CRISPR isn't gonna get you all the way there.
You're too late, Roswell.
My entire life, people have been telling me I'm not good enough, and they're wrong.
I'm sorry.
You saved my life, and I sent you away 'cause I was afraid.
But don't let my mistake lead you to an even bigger one.
You don't need Jones to save Dallas.
It's too high a price to pay.
You'd be selling your soul.
You have no idea what Dallas and I have been through.
I know how far you'd go to save him, 'cause I've gone just as far to save the people that I love.
Heath, you don't want to feel the way I've been feeling.
'Cause all it's been is guilt and anger and confusion.
I can help you save your friend.
I've been studying alien physiology for a long time.
You helped me when I was confused about Genoryx.
Let me help you now.
Jones thinks CRISPR has a part to play in his endgame.
I can buy you some time.
- Liz? - Max.
I'm not leaving without him.
No, no.
If Jones finds you here, he will kill you.
You have to go now.
Not without you.
All right, forgive me if I'm skeptical.
I That thing's haunted me for 25 years.
Well, we fixed it a few days ago.
It shouldn't hurt anybody anymore.
Your neurological disorder is a product of the distorted frequency from the alien glass inside that machine.
I don't know if it's reversible, but you have my word that I will do my best to figure it out.
Y'all still haven't told me why this is so important.
My mom risked her life to build that thing in prison.
She said it holds a message for someone on the outside.
We think that someone is you.
And the message is key to saving someone very important to us, and stopping an enemy that hunted all three of our parents.
It's as complicated as it sounds, but two planets are at stake, and the soul of a guy I don't very much like hangs in the balance.
All right, well, uh, I guess saving souls is kind of on my business card, right? Turn it on.
I don't want to set the world on fire ♪ Hello, my son.
You're my dad? Merely his consciousness, but that doesn't change how much I love you, son.
The Empath, the Engineer and I set out to make a better world for our children.
As a triad, we found strength in our unity.
And I hope that the children of our triad will share that connection, as well.
But there's bad news.
There is a chance that someone will come for you.
He will be looking for my equation, which is being embedded into your consciousness as we speak.
The equation is the framework for the chemical weapon that will decouple the dictator from all his vessels permanently.
You cannot allow him to have it under any circumstance.
It is the key to his demise, but in the dictator's wicked hands, it will also only make his reign of terror everlasting.
I am sorry for what we could not fix.
But I hope my memories of the paths that I have taken for good and bad will help light the way for what we could not do.
Trust in your triad, my son.
Use each other.
If you do that, you will succeed at finishing what we started.
Our ride's just right over here.
Well, technically, I guess it's your ride, but I'm gonna grab it.
How'd you get him back on your side? I didn't give up on him.
Just like I'm not giving up on us.
Well, what's wrong, Liz? Were you expecting someone else? No.
Heath! Jones.
Freeze! I don't know who you are, but you are not Max Evans.
I just tased him and cuffed him to the handrailing.
What? I never should have underestimated you, Sheriff.
Now, you have a choice to make, Liz.
Come with me, or watch Sheriff Taylor put a hole through her head.
Leave her alone, okay? I'll go with you.
Delighted to hear that.
- No! - I said I'd go with you! You can tourniquet her leg in the car.
Now, cut my tether.
Refuse, and her death is on you.
Just stop! Come along, Sheriff.
The four of us are going for a drive.
Running in a circle ♪ Circle of fire ♪ You know what I've been thinking? I'm thinking it's done me no favors running from my past.
And if I didn't have you to show me the way, then I would've never met my triad.
My real family.
- No.
- Mm.
That was all you, Michael.
We're not the same kids we were back in high school, in the back of a pickup truck.
I want to feel something new ♪ Wishing on a shooting star.
Oh, oh-oh-oh ♪ Feels different now between us.
It's better.
But still, um Cosmic? Yeah.
You sang to me in a crowded cowboy bar.
So I'm here to tell you, Alexander Manes that I'm home.
Feel it coming on ♪ Earth beneath me falls off ♪ Frozen in time ♪ The past will never find me ♪ Yo.
Hold on.
You can't leave.
It's not every day I meet an MD who doesn't give me a death sentence.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
We've still got some work to do.
What's all this stuff? I don't know.
I don't know.
It just it just keeps flooding in.
But, um uh, everything we say It falls under doctor-pastor confidentiality, yeah? Yeah.
Of course.
What's on your mind? Right after Michael and Isobel came to, I got a bit more from my father in terms of a way to stop the dictator.
He told me that, um, if we can't separate Max from his destiny Feel it coming on ♪ the responsibility falls to me.
Feel it coming on Come on Mmm.
Michael, get Isobel.
Jones has Liz.
I'll have to be the one to kill him.
Feel it coming on.

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