Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s03e11 Episode Script

2 Became 1

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico Hello, my son.
There is a chance that someone will come for you.
He will be looking for my equation, which is being embedded into your consciousness as we speak.
The equation is the framework for the chemical weapon that will decouple the dictator from all his vessels permanently.
I got a bit more from my father in terms of a way to stop the dictator.
He told me that if we can't separate the clone from his destiny, the responsibility falls to me to kill him.
LIZ: Whoever gets the science first controls whose body Max stays in.
If he solves this equation before Michael is able to get it out of the machine, then Jones'll be able to stay in your body permanently.
It makes sense he'd go after your lab partner and try to make a deal the next best thing to you, especially with all your research.
You need Max's body.
You want to be more than just a guest inside of it! Maybe you're not as smart as you think.
I'm as smart as you are confident.
There aren't a lot of alien scientists.
You're gonna need me.
Freeze! (GRUNTS) The four of us are going for a drive.
(INTRO TO "NOTHING ELSE MATTERS" BY DAVE GAHAN PLAYING) So close, no matter how far ♪ Couldn't be much more from the heart ♪ Forever trusting who we are ♪ - And nothing else matters ♪ - (GRUNTING IN DISTANCE) (GRUNTS) - I know ♪ - (PANTING) I know ♪ (EXHALES) Good morning.
What do you want, Jones? Your help.
I would appreciate it if you would hear me out while weighing the benefits of a collaboration.
You mean you're gonna hurt me until I do what you want.
Quite the contrary.
Couldn't be much more from the heart ♪ I'd like to invite you to brunch.
Who we are ♪ No, nothing else matters.
♪ (DOOR UNLOCKING) I trust you're smart enough to have followed Liz's instructions precisely.
Look, I did the best I could, but if you would just let me talk to her She's currently predisposed.
Well, I'm not doing anything else, - unless you prove to me that she's - Relax.
She's in no danger.
I really should get back.
My advice: give it your all.
You have no way to escape, no way to contact the outside world.
Your best chance of survival is to impress me.
You want to be impressed, give me Liz's alien spores.
Reading her notes, frequency will untether you, but for the procedure to stick, we need to permanently block the bond between you and Max.
Essentially, your DNA is built to want to stay connected.
But Liz had a theory about those spores being used to regenerate lost brain tissue in Maria.
Now, I'm betting that the same approach can be augmented to trick the body into bonding with itself, satisfying your DNA's craving to puzzle-piece to Max's and vice-versa.
Which brings me to the next speed bump we need to discuss.
What do you perceive is a problem? Not having the complete chemical equation to lay out exactly how to create this block - between you two.
- You have enough to start.
It's hours' worth of work, - sure - Then you'll get the rest of it.
You made it perfectly clear that my performance is key to breathing.
So I'm just trying to do this right for you.
(SIGHS) You are smart enough to know what happens if you deviate from our agreement.
Pretty sure I can guess.
(ELECTRONIC STATIC) Take that, shop class.
I'm so glad you could join me.
You said Heath would lose a finger if I didn't.
(CHUCKLES) To be fair, he does have nine others.
I find it hard to believe you're not hungry.
I'm more concerned with Sheriff Taylor.
You made her put a bullet in her leg, and I am concerned that she's bled out.
She hasn't.
In fact, I've given her some of the same meal that I've prepared for you that I think you would enjoy.
If you want me to eat so badly, why don't you just jump in my head and make me? In fact, why don't you just take from my head whatever science it is you need that you're clearly gonna try to force me to do? The truth is I need access to that which I can't control.
Your creativity.
It is that creativity I've come to believe that, together, we could use to save not one world but two.
Now, I know you're upset about the whole Max thing, and if you would just hear me out, I think you'd realize that we can save him, too.
We can end all this fighting today.
And I think that is something worth discussing.
Really dropped some White Album level twists on me here.
Trying to figure out how you and this whole alien thing fit together.
I need some help, though.
A clue, a sign, anything.
I don't need a whole flood, just a gust of wind.
Just push me in the right direction, Lord, please.
Tell them what you told me.
Heath covertly built this CB transmitter during some science project Jones is forcing him to do.
He used it to send a coded message to this camp counselor we used to have at Mesa Pines.
He's deep in the ham/CB scene.
Don't ask.
So the camp counselor called me, and I cracked the message, and it said this: Liz, the sheriff and Heath they're all being held captive at some mansion on Eagle Ridge Drive.
ISOBEL: Wait a second, I know this house.
I, uh, hosted a charity fundraiser here a few years ago.
The main entrance is here, and there are side entrances here and here.
So if we approach the house from this side, then we'll have a little bit of cover, and we got a good angle on both those doors.
You're not planning on going into the house, are you? - I'm a cop.
- With a dictator doppelgänger.
You heard the rest of the newbie alien's message.
Heath is planning on tweaking the genetics on the sly and swapping you and evil you back.
- She always this direct? - ALL: Yes.
Look, just because I'm not sugarcoating it doesn't make me wrong.
Which means, if you come with us You could wind up my nightmare dad at any moment.
I will hang out on the bench.
You can sulk in the honeycomb cage.
Look, if Liz's ex-lab partner is successful, then we get you back and Jones locked away all in one swoop.
So while I twiddle my thumbs in a cage, y'all still have to figure out how to outsmart Jones.
You know, Michael, I've been thinking.
Maybe, as his son, you have an ability that could help even the odds.
What are you getting at, Iz? Maybe you jump into the sheriff's head and get her to free them all.
Besides registering a ten on the creepy scale, no, I can't do that.
I got his brown eyes, - but body snatching is recessive.
- Okay, what about your mom's sword? - Did you find it? - Not exactly, but I did go on an exploratory drive the other day, and I picked up a frequency, that it was a lot like yours near the Long Farm.
With that sword, your mom was able to stand her ground against Jones.
We need to get our hands on that weapon.
And I been thinking, since we can't bring the cage with us Right, 'cause I'll be sitting in it.
I could fashion a pair of handcuffs.
They could be used to disable Jones' abilities.
That's good.
I guess that leaves me to go secure Max.
And then I'll hightail back here and keep transcribing the, uh, equation Daddy dropped in my head.
Considering it's the only thing keeping, uh, Max and Diet Max tethered.
We got to keep you as far away from Jones as possible.
I've had a lot of time to think about my path.
My missteps.
And I've come to realize that this body must be my last.
You mean Max's.
Stay with me here.
I believe we can significantly advance your existing research into the manipulation of telomeres.
That is the part of Max's DNA that I believe Nora targeted in order to graft his life force onto mine.
My work is still theoretical.
I have scientific knowledge of an advanced alien society that you could never even dream of.
And once our collaboration is complete, I will leave this planet, peacefully.
You can use that research to save Max, and, at the end of the day, do something good for this world.
Or you could give Max his body back and, as a bonus, I will amend your body's genetics.
This skin suit is the best leverage I have.
And I believe advancing your science by at least a century is a fair trade.
I have no reason to trust you.
The truth isn't always pretty.
But at the end of the day, it is the truth.
See, I think you and I are more alike than you want to believe.
You're also an up-and-coming Latino scientist from Roswell? (CHUCKLES) By the time I was born, my planet's future was bleak.
It was dying.
It needed healing.
So I decided to do what no one else had the strength to do.
I made the tough choice that people like us are strong enough to make.
I became its savior.
How does one go about saving a whole planet, exactly? Well, as I'm sure you've realized, being extraordinary comes at a cost.
(SHORT CHUCKLE) It is our burden to make the hard choices, the ones that save the most lives while causing the least suffering.
Making these decisions requires something rare.
It requires vision and the knowledge that suffering can never be avoided completely.
What did you do? I realized that there was no fixing our world.
If we wanted to have a future we had to start anew.
(PANICKED SHOUTING, SCREAMING) MAX: I'd say Jones is a psychopath, but that would be a huge understatement.
Do you have any idea what he's really capable of? I do.
A crazy alien machine just dumped my dead dad's memories in my head, okay? I'm not saying the guy was handing out free ice cream.
What I am saying: we got to give Heath's plan a chance.
Do you seriously trust Heath to take on the monster that's always three steps ahead of us? You know, sometimes hope blossoms out of darkness.
How can you be so calm right now? Didn't your dad just give you a highlight reel of the hell that Jones caused I'm not gonna lie, Dep, the whole thing spun me like one of my 45 vinyls.
Every time around, I got more questions.
Who am I? You know, what do I believe now? I've been praying for guidance.
So you revert to faith.
I'll stick to facts.
Okay, you may have gotten a glimpse of what Jones is, but I am living it.
He's wearing my face, wearing my uniform, luring people in to hurt them.
And now, if I'm the other side of this coin, doesn't that implicitly make me my brother's keeper? What are you getting at? The science that your dad helped create.
It says that if I die, - Jones dies, too, right? - Yeah.
I don't want to, but it's got to be a sin to not act when I know I could save millions of lives, or, at the very least, make sure the people I love are safe.
(SIGHS) Uh Yeah.
Yeah, you know, honestly, my dad thought that that might be the only option.
That's why he tasked me with a difficult choice.
And what's that? I wasn't talking to God about my faith.
I was praying on how my dad entrusted me to kill you, if need be, to save two worlds.
Anything? It's faint, and it's not exactly the same as your sound, but there's something coming from over there.
Hey, are you sure you're comfortable with this? I know the Hat-Longs aren't exactly friends - with the Ortech-coys.
- No, I'm fine.
Rosa? What are you keeping from me? Nothing.
I'm just trying not to step on any cow pies.
Did you know that I have this new ability where I can - sense someone's emotions? - Stop.
Okay, you did not tell me that you got mood ring powers.
Well, I've been a little busy - with an alien overlord.
- Mm-hmm.
But seriously, what's with the conflicting vibes, Rosalinda? Rosalinda might have accidentally buetiricalled Wyatt Long and made him forget his racism, along with all the rest of who he knew himself to be.
What?! You didn't tell me that you melted Long's brain? I was busy with the same alien overlord.
That's a fair point.
But still.
Look, Wyatt and I have kind of been hanging out, like a lot.
Please tell me you're not going all West Side Story - with this kid.
- No! Look, my point is that at first I was curious to see if it would all come rushing back, right? - Mm-hmm.
- And then I was curious if he could change.
Like, really change.
And I thought if he could, then I could, too.
He did it, Isobel.
He grew.
He found a way to leave Roswell.
WYATT: Boo! Oh, my God.
We have got to stop meeting like this.
You're awfully quiet.
You lit a planet on fire.
What about that makes me want to partner up with you? You really are brilliant.
So brilliant - Mm.
- in fact, that I often forget how little you actually know about our abilities.
See, they're not just skills.
They're who we are.
Fire is a part of my destiny.
See, it doesn't just destroy for no reason.
Fire destroys to create.
From the fall of oppressors and the ignorant came hope.
How did that help you? The yellow pollen from that flower it inhibits your abilities.
But the purple petals from that flower contain the equivalent of stem cells, which can be used to cultivate all number of resources.
You are judging the choices that I've made, but a part of you understands why I made them.
You want me to do a bad thing to do a good thing.
You want me to work with you to save Max.
There's a line in every person's heart that tells them how far they're willing to go for what they believe in.
I am simply reminding you where yours is.
So, you're sitting on a rock asking God if you should kill me? I was sitting on a rock and things got big and complicated.
I thought about morality, then faith, and You know, am I a vessel for the actions of the Almighty Father, or my alien one? Then I got a call from this old counselor that I used to have at Mesa Pines, and he reminded me of a lesson that I learned a long time ago.
They taught us that these knives represent that there's always another path.
You just got to find the right one.
(CLOSES POCKETKNIFE) Your dad entrusted you with an action.
I'm giving you permission to take that action.
The thing is, though I don't think I'm here to kill you.
I think I'm here 'cause God wants me to keep you alive.
Um, I didn't realize you were back in town.
Yeah, I was working with one those nonprofit outfits building low-income housing.
Trying not to be a dickhead, for once.
But my dad's retiring, and he wanted me back - for this whole thing, and - (GUNSHOT) Wait, what are you guys doing here? It's a bit of Evans family intrigue, really.
It's sort of a forbidden love story.
- No.
- Yeah, upstairs, downstairs, - a West Side Story kind of vibe.
- Well, no, not really.
There's a artifact buried somewhere on this farm.
- Yes, that's true.
- Oh.
That makes no sense.
But I'm picking up a "you don't want me to know so I shouldn't even ask" sort of vibe.
Look, I owe you, Rosalinda, so-so if you need help, I'll help.
If you could get your family to clear out, you would be making a huge dent in your karmic debt to me, at least.
Well, that's easy I'll just tell them I saw a coyote.
One of them got in the chickens last week, and between all of them, they got about seven shotguns and one hell of a grudge.
According to a flood of memories that I got from the Spielberg prop, Jones figured out that he had cracked the code on cloning.
You know, my dad thought that he could repopulate their world from the animals and plants that were dying off.
But Jones came to him, asked him if he could make clones of him.
But my dad said no.
Next thing he knew, Jones showed up when my mom got sick.
Said, "I'll offer to heal her if you fire up your cloning tech.
" But still, my dad said no, refused to cross that line.
Next memory that I have, it's of a five-year-old boy.
With a blade under his neck.
Jones used me as leverage against my dad to force his hand.
And that's how the clones got made.
It took years for my dad, Nora and Louise to plan a rebellion.
They stole Jones' DNA and they made you.
You know, once you got old enough, you became their Trojan horse.
They were able to alter your genetic code so that it couldn't be cloned.
And because they built you to be tethered to the dictator, Jones had his DNA altered in the process.
But didn't he have a whole cache of clones to draw from? He did, until Nora destroyed his entire clone supply.
Making me both his undoing and the only way to keep him alive.
You're right, everyone has a line.
You're asking me to cross mine, so I'd like to see you at least approach one, too.
And what are you getting at, Elizabeth? If you're not gonna negotiate swapping back into your body what about healing the sheriff? Fix her gunshot wound and let her go.
Now we're getting somewhere.
If you're a little piece in this, then I'm front and center in this.
I mean, by your dad's own admission, - I was built to die.
- No.
No, man.
Look, yes, the rebels they built you as a tool of war.
But eventually, they realized that you were so much more.
So much more than the lifeless vessels that Jones had made.
They thought, because you had his DNA, that you'd start to develop some of his traits.
You didn't.
You were nothing like him.
Now we're talking nature versus nurture? What we're talking about is hope.
You came to symbolize the future that they were fighting for.
That if you, a person with great power, a person with the same powers as Jones, could act differently you, born to be made just like him if you could change, then their whole world could, too.
(SCOFFS SOFTLY) If they had just killed me when I was a child, none of this would have happened.
Honestly, there's no way to know that.
One thing changes everything.
Haven't you seen Butterfly Effect? (CHUCKLES) Look, I can promise you this one thing.
If they had killed you as a kid, an innocent child, that kind of horror, it changes you.
It breaks you.
If they had killed you, those rebels, they would have lost a piece of their souls.
And the same thing right now.
If you decide that we can't defeat Jones without losing you in the process, you're gonna take a piece and you're gonna rob them of that same hope.
So what do we do? Frequency X marks the spot.
(LOUD WHOOSH) How does it feel? Like there's an army standing behind me.
What happened? Where am I? Sheriff, you just you had a little bit of a scare.
But you're all better now.
I think I'm just gonna go home and never think about this again.
That sounds like an excellent idea.
So do we have a deal? Put the cuffs on me.
This is weird.
Well, don't make it weird.
I have to test them.
- Nothing's happening? - That's the point.
They inhibit alien powers.
Take them off me now, please.
- You know, I've been meaning to ask you this.
- Mm-hmm? If your dad's, uh, like, the alien Voldemort, how come you haven't gone all Harry Potter yet? Ooh, you're a Potter fan, now? Yeah, I guess you sort of resemble Mad-Eye Moody.
Your dad's one of the most powerful beings who's ever lived, which means you're capable of a hell of a lot more than opening beer bottles - with your mind.
- Mm.
So, what happened to the training montage? Or did I just miss that part of the movie? (WHOOSHING) Ta-da! Impressive, for a third grade talent show.
Why are you holding back? Do you have any idea what you're capable of? Have you ever even tried to find out? Maybe I don't want to find out.
- Why the hell not? - Because I don't want to be like him! What makes you think you could be? Summer after high school.
After what happened to Rosa, I got into it with a redneck at the Pony.
His guys, they step in to break it up, and next thing you know, I'm in his head.
I made him step in front of his buddy's ride.
The truck hit him, sent him flying, knocking him unconscious against the coyote fence.
And I nearly killed him.
Your other sky folk know about this? Given that Iz was literally abused by the guy with the same power? No.
I haven't figured out the right number of margaritas to tell her that I am just like the guy who nearly destroyed her life.
Can't she step inside somebody's mind, too? Iz can nudge someone and go in a direction that they want to go.
I'm talking about taking over.
Turning strangers into puppets that lose their free will.
If that doesn't define darkness, I don't know what does.
(LAUGHS): What a load of crap.
There ain't no darkness in you, kid.
You ain't nothing but a pair of sad puppy dog eyes - in a cowboy hat.
- Mm-hmm.
Now, like it or not, I've been your one-eyed Miyagi for most of your life, which is why I try so hard to keep you grounded, not to give you too many compliments.
- What part of that was a compliment? - I'm getting there.
You ain't nothing like your dad, kid.
You got a lot of your mama in you, though, and she didn't shy away from her power.
She used it to fight for a better world, and you will, too.
Once you get your head out of your rear.
Now, you go, and you kick your father's ass.
♪ Is that gonna burn a hole right through the bag? No.
It feels like it deactivates when I tell it to.
(LAUGHS): Weird.
(SIGHS) Okay, now what? Now I go and hope this sword makes us strong enough to set Liz and company free.
What am I supposed to do, just go back to the Crashdown and eat my weight in U-F-doughs? It's not the time for the cavalry.
Rosa, now that I finally have my sword, I can show Jones what I'm really capable of.
Okay, just make sure that that sense of strength doesn't do you in.
Don't underestimate me, okay? No, I'm not.
It's just, you've been fighting so hard for the last year to be taken seriously, Isobel, and that kind of thing leaves a mark.
Okay, trust me.
I know.
If I can see how bad you want to prove yourself, so can Jones.
And you know he's gonna try to use that against you.
He's gonna trick you and bait you into self-sabotage.
It's a little move I like to call the Helena Ortecho.
(CHUCKLES) Just don't fall for it.
What are you afraid of sabotaging? Are you mood-rocking me again? I can kind of tell that something's up.
You are clutching that envelope like it's a death row pardon.
Uh-uh, uh-uh, we don't have time for that, okay? Just go save my sister.
And be careful, for me.
I will.
JONES: Does the machine work? To separate my DNA from Max's? (LOW WHIRRING) That'll suffice.
Thank you.
And what is this? (CLEARS THROAT) Well, you heavily implied that to remain breathing I had to impress you.
I took a shot at keeping your cells divided once they were separated.
You deviated from my instructions.
- (LIZ GASPS) - (VIAL SHATTERS) Now I can't help but wonder if you were searching for a way to kill me.
That would be very dumb, Heath, so tell me, how dumb are you? He's not dumb, he's scared, and he always cracks under pressure.
If you want me to help you, then back off and let me help you.
As far as I can tell, you're running out of options.
And if we fail, you fail.
And Max Evans fails.
What are you saying, that our interests are aligned? I'll take your deal.
I'll leave you to it.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) Tell me you didn't use the alien spores to make that solution I'm assuming you were cooking up to swap Max and Jones back.
Uh no, I hadn't got to that component yet.
Okay, good.
We're gonna use it to end this once and for all.
Put your hands up.
You're under arrest.
Okay, Sheriff, Dallas has nothing to do with this.
TAYLOR: Help me.
I'm being controlled.
Wait, Sheriff.
Hey, Max, it's not her.
She's praying for help.
Well, that's a nice trick.
You'll never shoot me.
I'm just an innocent human.
You'll never shoot me, either.
I die, you die.
I got to say, I cannot wait to be untethered from you.
And it's only a matter of time now, too.
But this isn't about us.
This is about Dallas and Heath.
What about Heath? I'm thinking of killing him, since I'm pretty sure I caught him cooking up some sort of scientific sabotage, which, needless to say, I destroyed.
So you want to make a deal, then, for the science that's in my head.
You come with me, I don't kill Heath.
Don't do it, man.
There's got to be another way.
This is the other way.
I've got a knife in my pocket.
Just gonna place it on the ground here.
Otherwise, I'm unarmed.
Now, be a good genetic copy and stay out of my way.
Change of plans.
What deal did you just make, Roswell? LIZ: Jones said if we used our research into telomeres to help extend his life, I could use that same science to save Max, and he would leave Earth peacefully.
Now, if only murder and mayhem weren't his life's purpose.
Jones argued that I should look at this world the way that he looked at his.
I mean, he tried to convince me that pain is a necessary component of doing good.
And old me she might have entertained that idea.
But that is not me anymore.
The science he's asking for it might be the only way to save Max.
So what is that, exactly? In Jones' hubris, he let something slip.
When an alien dies, a flower grows from their decomposed genetics.
So we're going to the interplanetary florist? We don't have to.
We have the spores from Noah's remains you had me collect from my burnt-out lab.
So you're saying that you're holding a pre-flower? Mm-hmm.
Which we can essentially make into stem cells.
To create the genetics that will block off the connection between Max and Jones.
Michael's mom she brilliantly linked Max and Jones and then reverse-engineered Max's DNA so that neither could be cloned again.
And now Jones is trying to bribe me to undo that work so he could start cloning himself again.
I know you're gonna get us out of this.
Is that iron nitrate? What do you say we blow this joint? Aren't you supposed to be shooting coyotes right now? (CHUCKLES) Turns out I don't feel much like shooting things these days.
Being home just reminds me of all the ways I've screwed up my life.
And other people's.
But my dad, he's he's on my case.
(SIGHS) He wants me to come back to the farm.
This weekend was like a redneck intervention.
- (CHUCKLES) - And every time I try to explain to him why it is that I can't do it right now, he just, he insists that all that stuff I did in the past wasn't that big of a deal.
I-I just feel like nobody gets it.
I do.
Trying to figure out who you are in a town that'll only ever see you as a distant memory.
The dove is never free ♪ I've been thinking about leaving, too.
To go to art school.
I didn't tell my family.
I was going to, but, I mean, there's no point now.
They need me way too much.
I can't leave.
Is that the envelope in your hands? Yeah.
Why don't you just mail it in and then decide what you want to do later? We can go to the box in town square, - drop it off right away.
- I-I don't I don't know if I can do that.
I mean (LAUGHS) my family has a history of not being able to escape this town.
And also, I mean, what if the Tanner kids cherry-bomb the mailbox? They've done three already this week.
So we'll go to the post office direct.
I know, but what if they don't like it, and then it's proof that I should just stay put? Listen I'm not exactly the curator at the Guggenheim, but I've seen your art, and I don't think anybody couldn't see it's awesome.
It's a part of you.
And if some school can't see that, then you'll go to a different one that does, where you can explore who you really are.
You taught me that.
Yeah, the widowhood ♪ So, does that mean that you're turning down your dad? He wants me to run the farm which is why I'm leaving.
Right now.
I can't run no more ♪ I'm gonna mail this for you when I get back to Colorado.
Guarantees I go, and also keeps it safe from the Tanner kids' cherry bombs.
Thank you.
You, uh you changed my life.
I'm curious to see what future versions of us might be like if our paths cross again.
Ring the bells ♪ That still can ring ♪ Forget your ♪ Perfect offering ♪ Goodbye, Wyatt.
- Bye, Rosalinda.
- There is a crack ♪ A crack ♪ In everything.
♪ Great.
So, uh, as if Jones weren't bad enough, now he has a mind-controlled accomplice.
All right, I'll handle the sheriff, so we can get Liz, Dallas and Heath out of there.
I will handle her.
I think I can push Jones out of her head.
Because I have the same power as Jones and Noah, yes.
You guys horrified? No, Michael.
Because you could never be like them.
Besides, if you can get Jones out of the sheriff's head, I mean We might all live through this.
You go handle the sheriff.
You get the hostages.
I'll distract Jones.
What could go wrong? Start writing.
So, what do you want, Bible verses or Tupac lyrics? I mean, I'm You know, you're gonna have to be a bit more specific.
Ha-ha-ha! (CHUCKLES, SNIFFS) Ah.
(SNIFFS) You know, my whole childhood, I've wondered why, why no one understood me, why I spent my whole childhood feeling so damn alone.
Now (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I'm finally meeting the answer to all those whys.
Give me the equation, or I take away another person you love.
You're forgetting one thing, Jones.
And what's that? I'm a religious man.
So what, your God is gonna come down and save you? (WHOOSHING, CRACKLING) I have faith someone from the sky just might.
♪ Here's to you, Walter White.
(LOW SIZZLING) Start writing that chemical equation out.
- HEATH: What is this? - Mind-snatching via Jones.
That's great.
Can he throw fire, too? And I'm in a 1950s 3D nightmare.
Sheriff Taylor.
You don't want to do this.
Okay? Try and fight it.
The voice in my head says the opposite.
It's telling me not to let Dallas leave at any cost.
On its prey ♪ Once you think you got me trapped ♪ I make my escape ♪ ISOBEL: Hey, Jones.
You think you got me ♪ You think you got me ♪ This has to stop.
Well, I see you found your mother's sword.
That doesn't mean you know how to use it.
I guess we're about to find out.
I'm coming out of my cage ♪ (GRUNTING) I'm coming out of my cage ♪ Oof.
(HUFFS) I'm coming out of my cage ♪ Got a Jones mini-boss here, Mikey.
I'm coming out of my ♪ - Cage ♪ - (GRUNTING) I was told to motivate you if pressed.
(EXHALES) You don't have to do this.
Give me your hand.
I will yank you away from this galactic ass-clown.
I can't.
I'm stuck.
If you don't fight this, I'm gonna have to jump into your body.
Try to push your mind free.
Turn the tides.
(GRUNTING) I'm coming out of my cage ♪ (CHUCKLES) You're not bad.
You're not the fighter your mother was.
Even she couldn't stop me.
(GRUNTING) Go ahead ♪ Just try and stop me ♪ - I'll make sure you leave ♪ - No, no, no.
There's a car waiting outside.
Okay, who knows how much blood she's lost get her medical attention.
I-I got something I need to do here.
(GRUNTING) I'm coming out of my cage ♪ I should have killed your mother when I had a chance! I'm coming out of my cage.
♪ (YELLS IN PAIN) (CHUCKLES) Oh, you won't hurt me because you'd never hurt Max.
- (COCKS PISTOL) - DALLAS: But I would.
You're bluffing.
Sacrificing one person to save the rest? Kind of one of the founding principles of modern Christianity.
Well, what are you waiting for? I want you to beg.
That's what you said to my father, isn't it? The night that you almost killed me.
Bet you didn't realize he gave me that memory, too.
Imagine the kind of man who could slit a child's throat.
And then you made him beg you not to.
Well, now you get your chance to beg.
So go ahead, ask me for mercy and I'll decide if you deserve it or not.
Well, everyone seems a little tense, - so this might help.
- (WHOOSHING) (EXHALES) Who would like to do the honors? Once you have these cuffs on me, we can all just take a breath.
Now that you've brought me Max and the equation keeper, the scientist to fix our genetics, we have so much to discuss about our collaboration to save my life.
There will be no collaboration.
I was hoping to do this over champagne and pleasantries, but if you would prefer a hostile negotiation well, I'm happy to oblige.
(LIZ GASPING) You locked us in your mind? JONES: So let's try this again shall we? (GASPING) (GROANS)
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