Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s03e12 Episode Script

I Ain't Goin' Out Like That

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico Whoever gets the science first controls whose body Max stays in.
Then I'll keep transcribing the equation that he dropped on my head.
We got to keep you as far away from Jones as possible.
Give me the equation, or I take away another person you love.
Hey, Jones! I was hoping to do this over champagne and pleasantries.
But if you would prefer a hostile negotiation, I'm happy to oblige.
Let's try this again, shall we? Anyone for a cornichon? What is this place? This is the mindscape.
It's a room that only he has a key to.
But Jones can just pull all of us into it? And in here, he has complete control over us.
Little home-field advantage.
And why else, Isobel? We can't lie in here.
Okay, look, can someone please tell me how screwed are we? Well, that depends on what you do next.
I'm in charge here, but you all have some value as pawns.
So, shall we take a vote on who dies if Liz doesn't mend my genetics, or shall I just pick at random? Liz, could you please call me back? This is the third voice mail that I've left you.
Also, you might want to change that voice mail, too.
It's Not again.
I understand you've trained for a year.
I've been honing my abilities for decades.
My genetics are far superior something you could have benefited from if you had just taken my deal.
- What deal is he talking about, Liz? - Don't fall for it.
He's trying to pit us against each other.
He's trying to heighten our emotions to get inside our heads.
He wants to learn our secrets and use 'em against us.
Speaking of secrets, what is it that you're hiding, Elizabeth? Is it the powerful sedative Heath concocted and slipped into your dress when Max wasn't looking? You're so convinced of your own genius that you've decided you can have your cake and eat it, too.
That's why my deal still rattles around in your head.
And all your so-called friends are worried that you will give me what I want in exchange for greatness.
Maybe Helena Ortecho's words are finally sinking in.
You are too extraordinary to play house with a güerito cop.
And Isobel, speaking of mothers, I'm glad your mom is dead so she doesn't have to see what a disappointment you've become.
And you.
It's barely even worth my time going into your head.
It's boring in there.
Without the sparks, you're nothing.
But I'm not the only one who thinks that.
Okay, is there any way that I can skip the rest of this awkward family reunion? Family? These people barely see you as a friend.
You're the cosmic MacGuffin to them.
They just want the equation that's in your head.
That's not true, Dallas.
I have heard way worse in Reddit threads.
So go ahead, Jones.
You're never gonna break me because not only did my dad give me this equation that I know you need so bad.
He also gave me the memories of all the times that he had the courage to stand up to you.
Yes, Theo was bold.
Look where that got him.
And you.
Hey, what's with the Sergio Leone looks? I think the big, bad, cosmic wolf is having trouble blowing my mind down.
Whatever you're after, it seems super important, so, why don't you give us the details and spare us the brunch from hell? Kicking me out of your head only piques my interest further.
What could my angry little brat be hiding? Well, I'd be careful.
You poke around long enough, you might let down your own defenses.
And then I will see into your mind.
We already know you're not gonna kill any of us.
You said it yourself.
We are your pawns, and we all have something you want.
So many bonds forged, so many strings to pull.
If Liz needs motivation to get back into the lab, perhaps she should tell us where to start.
I told you someone was gonna die today.
A little trick I've been holding onto.
It's a shame how little you know about our abilities.
Good night, Michael.
I gave you a chance, and you blew it.
When I come back, you'll give me the solution.
Refuse, and the death that follows is on you! Hey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- Is Dallas ? - Uh, he's alive.
But the shards they've lodged themselves into his neck and his chest, and I can't stop the bleeding.
Michael and Jones are gone.
Oh, my God.
Let me try to take that out.
If we remove the pieces, he's gonna bleed out.
This is not how this was supposed to go.
First Dallas, and then Michael.
We'll find Michael.
We just got to figure out why Jones took him.
Oh, I know why Jones took him.
He couldn't rattle him in the mindscape, which means either he's looking for something in that great big Mensa brain, or he's playing with his food.
Jones fancies himself a utilitarian.
He needs something from Michael, which means, wherever they are, he's alive for now.
Did you talk philosophy before or after making a deal with the devil? - I didn't make a deal with him.
- But you considered it? He's trying to get into your head, Isobel.
- Isn't he already in yours? - Okay, enough, Isobel.
This is exactly what Jones wants us to do.
How long will it take to make the serum? I'm sorry.
You-You want her to do what he said? We're gonna have to use it to disconnect me from Jones eventually anyway, - so why delay the inevitable? - A couple of hours.
I need my spores and a lab and-and whatever part of the equation Dallas is able to write down on that paper.
He needs surgery, and we're running out of time.
Well, luckily, I have an excellent alien physician on speed dial.
Did I miss the Evite to Woman-as-Warrior Wednesday? I had another vision.
Three coffins, no mourners.
Nothing else to go off of.
What triggered the vision this time? - Gross tarantula.
- Ugh.
Yeah, those should be hibernating right now.
But I guess with all the recent frequency disturbances Yeah, I don't really care who sent them.
I just was hoping that tapping into the DeLuca family intuition might show me who to keep out of those coffins.
Mind if I join you? Nobody's answering my texts.
I don't know if Jones can jam a cell signal, or if everybody's ghosting me, but I got to do something.
Any details jump out like last time? Mm, another family crest? Did any of the coffins have lilies on them? - That's really specific.
- It's Isobel's favorite flower.
- Well, how would you know that? - Everybody knows that.
I promise you, not everybody knows that.
Ah - Oh, my God! - Uh Am I wasting my psychic powers just to find out that you're in love with Isobel? Uh, love is a big um You know, it's more of an admire when, um Ah, okay.
I like her.
Well, your timing could not be worse.
She's with Anatsa, and she's happy.
Trust me, everything that's happened in the last month wasn't part of my five-year plan.
It's Isobel.
Okay, yeah, uh, uh, keep applying pressure, but don't go to the hospital.
I know where to go.
I set up the surgery bay in this room.
Do I have a medical team available? I gave everyone a mental health day rather than sending a memo that aliens exist.
Fair point.
You'll have to be my second set of hands.
I have a lot of talents.
- Surgery is not one of them.
- Uh, I'll do it.
I mean, given that I have control over the sword, I'd be most useful anyway, right? Um Hmm.
Come on, Doc.
I'll be your scrub nurse.
It's the least I can do for Dallas.
That solves the dilemma of a capable medical team.
- Where's Michael? - He's with Jones.
We don't know where, but we'll find him.
Good news is, he is alive, so, that's something.
I'll break the news to Alex.
It's funny, When you said, uh, "clandestine mountain clubhouse," I assumed that was hyperbole.
How's the sheriff? Oh, she's in surgery to remove the bullet from her leg.
Astro Hitler healed up the entry wound, but left the internal damage to mend.
Anyway, the doctor said she's gonna be okay, but she had a lot of questions, so I got out of there.
Is this everyone? Not exactly an Avengers-size team-up, is it? Heath.
Dallas was badly injured back at the mansion.
He's in serious condition, and Kyle's prepping him for surgery.
Yeah, he's right through those doors.
Well, Dallas can't die.
He's the one with all the video game cheat codes.
Uh Yay! Childhood coping mechanisms.
I just I I have to make jokes, or I'll lose it.
Put me to work, Roswell.
I need to think about anything but Dallas.
Nice and easy, no sudden movements.
So long as you keep holding the more precariously-placed shards, we should be able to mitigate any permanent damage.
Oh, my God.
Oh, that is gross.
While I appreciate the extra set of hands, you don't have to stay.
I can call Max.
Oh, no.
I can't do the, uh, pacing-around-the-hallways like-a-madwoman thing.
Also, technically, these are parts of my sword.
I do need them back.
And it's my fault that Dallas is here.
- Oh, no.
Jones did this.
- No.
That's exactly my point.
I let Jones into my head.
I let him get under my skin.
This whole time I've been thinking I'm some badass, fearless warrior.
It turns out I am nothing like my mother.
I let my insecurities get the best of me.
And now look.
My new brother has shards of my careless mistake lodged in his body.
You're not the only one whose insecurities are being triggered.
I took my dad's legacy, and I made it my own.
I saw a new opportunity with Deep Sky, but here I am, panicking like a med student doing his first rotation.
Every time we have faced a problem with our physiology, you have risen to that occasion.
You literally invented a new branch of science to save my brother.
You never cease to impress me.
Don't touch my stuff.
Mind your manners, or the one-eyed drunk upstairs gets the heart attack he's been side-stepping for half a century.
Why the hell are we down here? Why can't I take pride in my son's underground soundproof bunker? Well, I can't decide if it's risky or just plain stupid, you bringing me home.
And where else, other than the place my son crawls into whenever the world becomes too much for him? Mm.
I get it.
You want to try worming your way into my head again.
You know, if you just asked nicely, I might have given you the information.
Must be pretty important, whatever you're after.
And since I'm playing the part of damsel-in-distress instead of Liz, it's not just the science to separate you and Max.
I will break into your mind, one way or another.
You can't kill me, off-the-rack Max, because if I'm dead, my brain stops working.
And then you can't get whatever it is you're after.
You're incredibly dense for a mechanical genius.
- Hmm.
- If I wanted you dead, you never would have made it out of Nora's womb.
Haven't you ever wondered how she evaded me? Hmm.
Perhaps it's time I tell you the truth about your conception.
All right, I'm almost through transcribing Theo's equation, but there are still holes.
- Some of these symbols are incomplete.
- All right.
So, how do we bridge the gap in the genetic sequence? Should've paid more attention in AP Alien Chem.
- Oh.
- Any luck with our little fungi? Uh, I was able to fast-track the germination process to produce some viable stem cells.
They should seal off the puzzle piece end of Max's DNA.
Great, so, bust out the champagne? Hold the ice bucket.
Come take a look.
Binding receptors are multiplying.
They're effectively stopping the peplomers in Jones's cells from reattaching to Max's DNA.
But at quite the cost.
Without the complete equation, it's like we are duct-taping a solution instead of actually fixing it.
Any breakthroughs? And that is my cue to, uh, be elsewhere.
Thought maybe we could talk about Jones's offer over some caffeine.
I'm not mad.
I just I worry about you.
Jones offered to advance my science in exchange for extending the telomeres in your body.
It was a trick to get me to undo the science that keeps him from being able to clone himself.
I am not gonna turn my back on you.
Which is why you should know we are getting close to figuring out a solution.
My plan is to inure your DNA against rejoining his with a treatment of stem cells from Noah's spores.
I'm certain it'll interrupt the tether, only Only what? A-According to everything we know about the science, this serum It'll take away your powers.
I understand why you hold Nora in such high regard, but those placed on pedestals are bound to fall.
You get my mother's name out of your damn mouth.
Perhaps I should tell you about your mother's mouth.
Once up a time, she was my right hand, until the rebels clouded her judgment and turned her against me.
My mother was good! And you're nothing but a damn liar.
Maybe not.
That's the beauty of it.
Broken children cling to fairy tales that tell them they can be mended.
Yours is Nora.
I barely scratched the surface of your subconscious, and I can already tell, you are by far the most broken of your entire precious triad.
You don't deserve a family.
You're weak, and that's why you will try and fail to stop me from getting into your head.
You lost? Snack bar's on level five.
Uh, no, no.
I was just, uh, trying to clear my head.
What you doing with the machine? I'm honestly just trying to keep myself busy so that my brain'll stop thinking about worst-case scenarios.
You need help? I, uh, was starting to feel like a nuisance up in the lab.
No, I'm just thinking about why this was built.
You know? I mean, Nora made it seem like it was built for something more than just a "phone E.
" It reads frequencies, right, so I'm wondering, if I can alter it in some way to find Jones, then it'll lead us to Michael.
You think that'll work? I'm grasping at straws, but I got to do something.
I get it, man.
And it's much easier to act then to react, right? You know, when I was, um when I was dying, I I wrote all these letters to people I cared about, and they just ended up in a hole in the ground.
Yeah, I just couldn't face anything head-on.
You know, it was the only way I knew how to cope.
So, hell, if you need to bang on that machine to not break, I get it.
Maldita sea.
I'm guessing that's not Spanish for "huzzah.
" I don't know how to separate Max and Jones permanently without affecting the alien proteins in Max's DNA.
Come on, Roswell.
Tell me what's really going through that brain of yours.
Jones offered me everything I want.
And even though deep down I knew I would never take the deal, part of me did wonder "what if.
" God, he knew exactly what to say to trigger my biggest insecurities.
He knew exactly what I hate about myself.
I want validation.
And no matter how hard I try to be satisfied, it is never enough.
I want the next thing, I want the bigger thing, I want the Nobel, the Frozen Moe's.
Nobel I know.
Moe's, less so.
Anytime I, um did well growing up, my mom wasn't there.
"La próxima vez, muñeca.
" "Next time, I will take you to Frozen Moe's, and we will celebrate with ice cream sandwiches.
" Every spelling bee, every science fair Nothing merited her committing.
Nothing made Frozen Moe's real.
What exactly is real in this case? I mean, take a look around you.
You are in a top-secret scientific chocolate factory that would make Genoryx wet their pants.
So who cares what the next thing is? Does it make me a bad scientist if I stop asking "what if?" 'Cause right now, I just want to block out the possibilities, the Frozen Moe's, and just fix this one problem for us.
Even if it means no one will ever benefit from what was achieved here.
Either way, you are a hero to the people in this building.
And, quite honestly, a round of margaritas with them kind of sounds better than a prize on some shelf that has to be dusted.
Okay, now will you tell me what the Spanish is for "huzzah"? Come on, vision.
I know you want to be seen.
Tarot cards.
Maybe that'll trigger things.
I've removed most of the pieces that were threatening the heart.
Lucky for Dallas, there's no visible nerve damage.
I just need to get in there to close up these incisions before they 4-0 Monocryl sutures ready to roll.
You've picked up more in an hour than I did my first week of residency.
What, like it's hard? Nah.
I'm just saying, you're a quick study.
Level-headed, determined.
All these great traits aside from being a warrior.
Don't sell yourself short.
- Okay, what's up, Doc? - Huh? Your energy is all over the place right now.
I'm picking up some hues of confidence, but there's something under the surface that I can't read.
His heart rate and blood pressure are dropping.
The sympathetic nervous system must have been activated.
We need to lower his heart rate.
I can give him a beta blocker.
That might buy us some time.
You know what? I don't think this is just medical.
I can feel that he's terrified.
He shouldn't be in there alone.
I I've got to try and reach him and convince him to keep fighting.
You think the mitochondrial enzymes in the stem cells rebuild the replacement base pairs in the alien helix? I don't There's still too many variables left to be determined.
That should be the other way around.
Heath, I I know you want to help, but your mind is clearly divided.
And it's okay to take a minute and breathe.
- Liz, I'm fine, really.
- No, none of us are fine.
It's okay to take a minute and go see Dallas.
What good would that do? I'd just be in the way.
I know you don't want to hear it, but surgery is risky.
Take it from a girl who lost her sister without a goodbye.
You don't want to live with that regret.
I do hate it when you're right.
I can do this all day, Michael.
There's nothing you can do that will stop me from getting in your head.
Even now, you prove to be a disappointment.
Seems we've spent too much time talking about my weaknesses, but avoiding yours.
You need a tissue for that nosebleed? Couldn't have been easy holding five people in the mindscape.
I think you're taxed.
And because you are, well, you're probably wondering, while you were trying to push into my mind, did you leave the back door to yours unlocked? Now let's see if I can uncover the truth.
You want to know about the Lockhart Machine.
But not because you need Theo's equation.
No, you have Liz for that.
You want to call someone.
No, you want to call some "thing.
" Get out of my head, Michael.
I don't want to kill you.
Because you're not the eat-your-young type.
But you are the kind of guy who'd murder his own triad.
It was an unusual day in the oasis.
It rained for the first time in a while, and you held a sword that should've drawn its energy from its triad, just like any other.
But yours wouldn't charge, would it, Daddy dearest? My triad was holding me back.
Well, it's like Max and Isobel do to you.
You found a loophole to charge up your sword.
A way to corrupt its power by taking life after life, starting with the members of your own triad.
You murdered your family for power.
Last chance, Michael.
I don't want to do this the hard way.
But if you don't give me the information I need What are you gonna do? Ground me? You want your sword? You're gonna have to go through me.
Okay, so the first time that Michael popped the back of the machine open, he said that it felt familiar somehow.
So, maybe he's the key.
Uh uh, this is weird, um, but Michael leaves his handanas all around my place, and I don't think he ever washes them.
So maybe some trace DNA - will pop the trunk.
- Okay.
Another dead end.
Hey, could you maybe just try to mentally screwdriver this thing open? Yeah.
Yeah, of course.
All right.
This could be yours and Jones' frequency.
You think a regular guy from Roswell could do that? What do you mean by that? Oh, it was just something Liz mentioned that, uh, one of the side effects of defeating Jones is that I may lose my powers.
So, wait.
You're gonna be human, huh? I mean, that's what you always wanted.
Um I mean, not exactly.
You know, I mean, two of the people who have defined me for most of my life, you know, I won't I won't be anything like them.
But they're they're forming a new triad with Dallas anyway, so you know, it's cool.
So, wait.
Are you afraid that you're gonna lose your purpose if you're not their savior anymore? Max, your siblings don't love what you can do for them.
They love you.
What about Liz? Uh, I mean, she fell in love with an alien.
I mean, what happens when I'm no longer the secret to the universe? Well, I mean, you're not built for just one thing.
You're not just an alien.
You're not just a brother.
You're not just a clone.
You're Max Evans, no matter what form that takes.
Shouldn't you be up on the, uh, science floor? Needed some air.
And, uh, no offense, but I'm really, really not down to talk feelings with the boyfriend of my ex whatever-we-were.
No, nobody wants that.
So, uh so just talk to me like I'm some guy from Roswell.
Well, skipping over every misstep that got me here, I am pretty damn terrified that I might lose my best friend in the entire world, and, of course, that he'll take with him my only small shot at redemption the final piece of the code that'll sever you from your Wonder Twin.
There's more to it than that, though, isn't there? I'm afraid that I can't come back from the things I've done.
Dallas has always seen me as a good person with bad options.
But honestly, I'm I'm not so sure that's true.
And I'm scared to face him.
I think we're all capable of coming back from way more than we realize.
I've been thinking about everybody in here.
We're all just trying to navigate our missteps.
Look, just because we make some bad choices, that doesn't make us bad people.
Just makes us human.
Heath, you're needed in surgery.
I thought Dr.
Valenti was the alien specialist.
Yeah, he is.
Right now, we need a a Dallas specialist.
So much for quality family time.
See how funny it is when I run my sword through you.
Is that all you got, pops? And here I thought I missed Little League.
Been waiting 70 years to do that.
So you do love someone as much as you love Nora.
And he's got a toy I want.
Eight of swords imprisonment.
Nine of swords fear.
Ten of swords painful endings.
The Tower.
It feels like the answer is up.
Maybe I just need to let them fly.
The junkyard.
All right, I'm not gonna lie.
This is gonna be a little weird for you.
Yeah, right, 'cause it was all so normal up to this point.
Dallas is somewhere in his subconscious.
Now when I jumped in there, I couldn't find him, so I need your help.
Where would he go if he were afraid? Uh To the place where we used to quiet the voices.
Show me.
Buckskin? Is that, uh is that really you, or is this, like, walk-into-the-light time? Uh, well, still trying to wrap my mind around the physics of all of it, but yeah, it's me.
You want to tell me why you're hiding out in your childhood coping mechanism? Never really believed in the devil before, but today, he was in my head.
Well, in that case, I feel pretty damn sorry for the devil 'cause it's a mess in here.
I'm not sure how much longer I can hold on.
You know, it's it's, like, the hardest thing I've ever done just trying to survive.
It's different.
It's-it's different when you're the one that needs the comforting.
I didn't know if you were coming, if anyone was coming.
I Look, man, you've always thought the world of me.
Uh, I guess I just couldn't stand the thought of not living up to your expectations.
You're my family.
I'm not gonna turn my back on you 'cause you stumble once.
Everyone makes mistakes.
It's It's what you do afterwards that's-that's what defines us.
So fix it.
Liz needs that last little bit of your dad's equation.
I-I promise I will make things right, but I am gonna need a little bit of that classic Dallas guidance.
Sorry for bolting.
I, uh I had an itty-bitty, teeny-tiny, very-tough-cowboy existential crisis.
When you told me there was a chance that I would no longer be what I am, the first thing that ran through my mind was whether or not you'd still love me if I was actually just a guy from Roswell.
You are not just anything to me, Max.
And whatever, whoever you are, I I love you.
I always will.
I love you, too.
So, let's finish this serum.
What do you need? First I need something I've been meaning to do for a very long time.
Kiss me, Max Evans.
My timing is terrible.
You want me to come back in? I can turn around.
- No.
All good.
How's Dallas? - Yeah.
He's in good hands, and luckily, I had someone to talk me out of making another mistake.
Sorry, Evans, but it looks like you are gonna get to live to see another day as a little green man.
Michael! - How'd you find me, DeLuca? - Intuition.
Oh, my God, don't move.
Don't move, Michael.
You're hurt.
Okay, we got to go.
The only place we're going is a hospital.
- No.
- This is a gnarly wound, Michael.
- We got to close it up ourselves.
- Mm-mm.
I got booze, mechanics glue and a staple gun.
Jones is after the Lockhart Machine.
He knows it's with Alex.
He's going to Deep Sky.
Alcohol's behind the beakers.
I meant for me.
It's now or never, DeLuca.
Do it.
Either Liz just kissed Max or Or it could be Jones.
They might need me.
No, I need you more.
I need you to remove the last shard.
- What? - The second it's out of his neck, go in there and close up before he bleeds out.
All right.
I've got better control with my abilities.
All right, you ready? Uh, U11, U12, U5.
We have all of the pieces.
We're just missing the mystery protein: UX.
Man, it's got to be the key to repairing the DNA while making it inaccessible to Jones's tether, so, close, but no cigar.
Guys, we are running out of time.
I'm getting a bad feeling.
This flickering isn't me.
Okay, wh-what if close enough is the point? The mysterious protein X is an unknown variable because it is dependent on the person we are trying to separate.
The DNA has to be close enough to supplement in, like a-a graft or a bone marrow transplant.
Oh, my God.
The X is like the hair in the Polyjuice Potion.
But if we're lucky enough, we could bridge the base pairs without affecting the alien protein.
Yeah, well, we'd still need DNA from a member of Jones's immediate family.
- Michael.
- What? No.
I thought not-Max had him.
What about his handana? Okay.
How is it? Did I do okay? Yeah.
Oh, my God, Kyle, thank you.
I should be thanking you.
You helped save this man's life.
We make a good team.
What? I can tell there is something on your mind.
What is it? That's got to be Jones.
Uh You don't need Jones's sword to be a warrior.
You're ready for this.
You did it? This compound will keep Max and Jones apart for good.
Right on schedule.
Give me the solution, Elizabeth.
- No.
I won't let you.
- Let me? Since when does Liz Ortecho care about permission? Ethics? You don't control who I am or what I do.
I decide that, and I said "no.
" Give me the solution, Liz, and Valenti, there's a machine here I want.
Bring it to me, or I'll be forced to do something I really enjoy.
So will I.
I'll be forced to kick your ass.
Well, it seems no one here has any common sense.
Give me what I want, or I drop them.
You take the machine.
Smart boy.
Now I bet you're thinking, "Hey, he drops them, I'll catch them.
No big.
" But I have a hunch that you don't quite have the strength to catch all three.
Hey, get away from him! What'll it be, Elizabeth? No! Liz, don't do it! Next time, Frozen Moe's.
You've made a very wise choice.
If only you'd made that choice the first time around.

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