Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s03e13 Episode Script

Never Let You Go

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico When I healed Max's body, we traded places.
If we can swap them into their rightful bodies and sever the psychic tether, we can both save Max and be free to kill Jones.
You want to know about the Lockhart Machine.
You want to call someone.
No, you want to call some thing.
Shall we take a vote on who dies if Liz doesn't mend my genetics? This compound will keep Max and Jones apart for good.
Right on schedule.
Give me what I want or I drop them.
If only you'd made that choice the first time around.
Liz? Liz?! Kyle.
Oh, God.
Okay, well, why don't we start with the obvious? Why did Liz give Jones the only leverage that we had? We always had to inject one of the subjects to separate Max and Jones.
Heath is off running algorithms right now, and all of them say that it'll take nine hours for the proteins in Jones's cells to fully detangle themselves from Max's DNA.
Then we can kill him? It's not that simple.
Testing shows that the process of the DNA bonding will start again.
So then we, what, stick him again? No.
With Jones's evolved genetics, it's almost certain that his body will recognize the serum as a threat, and learn to fight it.
So you are saying that you started a fight we have to end today.
Otherwise, Max is super-villain glued to Jones.
I have a plan for that.
Max and Jones will fully separate.
And at that point, I'm going to inject Jones with ligands.
Uh, biomolecules that'll attach to the protein receptors and will keep the DNA from reconnecting.
Put it this way.
The cells are water.
The ligands are a wall of oil.
And then we can kill Jones without killing Max? Yeah, but first, we have to find him.
I mean, he was clinging onto that Lockhart Machine like it was a life raft.
Clearly, he has a plan for it.
Alex thinks he wants to make a call with it.
He wants to make a call? Who-Who's he gonna call? E.
? It doesn't matter.
We can use it to gain an advantage over him.
We know the Lockhart Machine can send a signal out.
Right? Well, Eduardo and Alex are working on a way to send a signal to it.
Okay, uh, how-how do they do that? With another one.
Just like how the Valenti radios are walkie-talkies of sorts.
That same principle of broadcasting could be used through the radio towers in Roswell.
To find Jones.
Better than that.
The same way that the info was shoved into Dallas's head with a burst of frequency.
We can essentially shove Max and Jones back into their old bodies.
And-And Liz's salad dressing shot that's our only chance to kill one clone without killing the other.
Okay, so, while you guys live in the land of fingers-crossed, I'm gonna go rebuild the only thing that we actually know has ever defeated Jones my mother's sword.
That's good she came back from comatose, but, um 90 minutes is really, really troubling.
Thank you, Doctor.
Hey, Maria.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, it's just an angry vendor.
What's in the bag? Well, apparently, Liz's science gave us a ticking clock which now means that we have to defeat Jones today.
Which means we have to somehow Humpty-Dumpty this thing back together again.
I think that the question of fighting Jones has already been asked and answered in the form of two dozen broken pieces.
Are you saying that I'm weak? What I'm saying is that maybe your strength has absolutely nothing to do with this weapon.
No, no.
Liz and Michael have all these ideas about how to stop him, but everything except this sword is theoretical, so, we just have to Are you bleeding from your nose? What? Isobel, when was the last time you slept? I don't know, Maria.
It's probably been, like, two days.
But once the sword is intact, it holds energy, so I'll be able to draw off that and just keep going.
As a descendant of Louise's, I can help Rosa rebuild the sword.
You need to rest.
So, we'll work up some ideas.
You go take a nap.
Right now.
I thought you and Heath were testing ligand compounds.
Uh, I gave Heath a break while the computer analyzes our data.
And so, the head in the hand is exhaustion? I'm afraid I'm gonna lose Max just as I finally found him again.
You have every right to be freaked out about saving Max.
I do, but not to retreat to the lab when I should've spoken to him about everything that's unfolding.
Kyle, our track record is garbage when we're not on the same page.
Are we in this game or not? The solution I built to block Max and Jones's DNA from coming back together it's working.
But the ligand molecules they aren't generating fast enough to prevent Jones from retethering.
Once we get this compound into Jones, we're gonna have seconds, not hours, to kill him, - without killing Max.
- So we need to find a faster way - to release this in Jones's body? - Yeah.
I need to ask you about what happens when the serum and the science fail.
I am here to beg you to do what I may not be strong enough to do.
Kill me to stop Jones.
We agreed Kamikaze Max isn't on the table.
No, Liz and Isobel didn't want to hear it.
- We have a plan to kill him.
- And he's had a plan since 1947 to fix his genetics and get off this rock.
We can't let him go start cloning himself again.
And I am just afraid that when-when things turn bad, I'm gonna look at Liz, and I'm not gonna be ready to walk away.
- Grow up, Max! - Look, I'm trying to be pragmatic, man.
No, you're not.
You're trying to run.
So what are you so afraid to say out loud to Liz? Hmm? Because you're beating yourself before Jones even has the chance.
You tell Alex all your fears? You know, are you walking into this battle with your eyes wide open? No, I'm not.
I came here to mine turquoise I already have enough of.
Maybe today is your last day, Max.
Maybe it's mine, too.
But if that's true, we can't walk away from the tough conversations with the people who love us.
How is he? Considering his whole belief system was put in a blender and, uh, he nearly died from a shattered, glowing sword, I'd say surprisingly good.
And you? How are you doing? Because you went right back to work after being mentally dangled hundreds of feet in the air.
Yeah, well, like you, I tend to find comfort in the science when things get too loud.
But I do have to tell you, while I was hanging there, there was really only one thing I could think about.
I never got a chance to say I'm sorry for what I was a part of at Max's house, for Maria's coma, or trusting Jones and somehow making things worse.
Man, this is better than watching a soap opera.
There he is.
What can I get you? Some, uh, water, ice cream, Bible? Music.
You know, something that can get the blood flowing.
You know? Whoa.
Oh, please tell me you've got that breakthrough look.
I'm going out tonight ♪ I'm feelin' all right ♪ Gonna let it all hang out ♪ - Wanna make some noise ♪ - Oh.
- Really ♪ - Ah.
That was, uh, - quite the advanced medical technique.
- Yeah.
Uh, Liz has got, uh, Morissette and Malbec, and my mom has Shania and Soda when she's stuck on a case.
More importantly, I thought of something that could help rapidly surge your ligands - through Jones's system.
- What? Line dancing? - Adrenaline.
- Exactly.
It cycles through the entire body in seven seconds.
That'll ensure that your genetic wall will quickly go up between Jones and Max, and then you can kill him.
You do naps a lot different than I do.
I really need to remember to turn off "Find My Friends.
" You really need to remember to trust your friends.
I can't right now, Rosa.
My mother she was pregnant, and she took a stand.
She wasn't some damsel in distress.
- She was a - A bad-ass alien warrior.
I know.
I don't need this from you right now.
The hard truth? Look, just like any addict, it doesn't matter how many times that love ones tell them that there's a problem.
You have to admit it Fine.
You want the hard truth? Everything in my life is falling apart right now, and I can't control it.
I would love to hold your hand through this, Isobel, but I can't do it for you.
Nobody can.
You want to honor the mindfulness that Anatsa taught you with archery? I suggest that you take the need to be your mom and shoot it away from you.
Think about your life, Isobel, actually.
Who you want to be away from all this noise.
Fire at that.
Don't stop until you hit the bull's-eye.
How'd you find me? You tell me how you plan to leave the planet, I'll tell you how I caught up to you.
You can't shoot me.
This is the body they hope to put Max back into.
But I'm not here to destroy you.
I'm here to destroy that.
You know I can bend bullets.
Can you do it five times in a row? Would you like the bad news first, or the bad news first? Liz's tapes told us that you have a pear-shaped organ right under your ribs that produces alien adrenaline.
Oh, yeah.
Now I can't sedate you for risk of changing any chemical composition in your body and altering what we need.
Oh, great.
And the good news? Well, just that, uh, this is probably going to hurt like hell.
Okay, you need to calm down, Max.
This is the only ultrasound monitor we have.
You fry this, and our chances of killing Jones fritzes out, too.
- Please.
- Okay.
- Oh.
- I'll do it.
Oh, thank God.
I, um I wanted to tell you this morning, but I am scared of hurting you.
Of dragging you further into my mess.
I mean, you deserve greatness, you deserve happiness.
I don't understand why we keep ending up at these damn crossroads.
You remember when we listened to that song on my Walkman in the playground when we were kids? You said that was the first time you ever felt connected to this world.
And I never told you, but I feel so lucky I got to give you that.
You remember the song? I can never.
I know I know it's in my head somewhere.
I just can't I can never think of the name of it.
Uh, it pops in when I'm, like, in the shower or on a run, then pops right back out.
I All I really remember is your eyes.
They made me feel calm.
Keep looking in 'em.
I mean, we could both use a little bit of calm right now.
I didn't realize it at the playground, but you quiet all the noise, all the science that's always rattling around in my head.
And no matter how noisy today is gonna get, I have to lean on what you always do for me.
You let it all slip away and let you and me just be the only people in Roswell.
I used to think it had to be a choice you or the science.
And then, I finally figured out it's you and the science.
And if we do it together, Max Evans, then I think everything you fear most in this world it could be the thing that saves it.
- I think we're making some progress.
- Mm.
I really thought alien stuff would be more exciting.
Okay, so, uh, I got lost this year on my, uh, quest to be a "woman as warrior.
" And I told myself that in order to be strong, I had to do everything on my own terms, lone wolf style.
It's just 'cause I was afraid.
I don't, uh, have the easiest time letting people in.
And today, I realized that it's a cage, and I'm trapped behind these walls that I built to protect myself.
And I don't want to be a lone wolf.
I want to be I want to be part of the pack.
Can we hug you now? Oh.
Thank you.
All right, here's what I got.
This sword was owned by Theo, Louise and Nora.
I think that's why it shattered in your hand.
Yes, you were able to hold it, but it doesn't necessarily represent you or your power.
But remember, Jones told you there were two ways that aliens could draw strength.
Through their triad, essentially their chosen family, and through their generation line, meaning their literal family.
That's what we have here you, me and the alien we descended from.
Okay, I get that Michael made that bracelet from the flower that blossomed from my mother's grave, but doesn't that inhibit our power? Yes, the yellow pollen does, but Jones told Liz that these purple petals here these are like alien building blocks.
Maria, I'm not comfortable with destroying that bracelet.
It's the one thing that's keeping your brain from turning into oatmeal.
I got a call today that my mom's condition is worsening.
You're my family, not some funny lineage that we joke about.
You care about me like a sister.
And I care about you like one, too.
So I'm going to help you bring down Jones.
And then, with the science that Liz gets from studying his dead intergalactic ass you're gonna help me not become my mom.
You mend me today, I mend you tomorrow.
That's the definition of family.
Where we at? Well, the specs of this radio now match that of the Lockhart Machine.
I just have to, uh, make some alien glass out of all the turquoise you said you had to mine, but I found a bunch in a drawer here, so I'm not gonna lie to you.
I'm sort of freaked out.
Are you afraid this isn't gonna work? I'm afraid we're only getting the start of something.
You know, we never even went on a real first date.
We never walked down Main Street holding hands.
I need you to know, if this goes bad tomorrow - I lo - No.
Don't say those words.
We are going to win this, okay? Winning is what worries me.
What? Can-can you explain that? What if I have to kill my own father? You gonna love me then? Am I still gonna love myself? That self-loathing is what caused this mess between us for 15 years.
What's winning gonna do? Is it gonna set us right back to square one? Are we gonna be able to survive that war again if it does? No.
Listen to me.
We are not who we were in high school, let alone a year ago.
We already defeated one monstrous father, and we will do it again.
Liz's serum to permanently sever Max from Jones is ready.
I'll finish the wiring at the meet spot.
You go to Deep Sky and get us controls of some radio towers, huh? Okay.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe it worked.
Oh, my gosh.
So you're sure this is gonna swap me and Jones? Uh 92% sure.
- Uh, what about the other eight percent? - Blind faith.
But I am technically a genius.
So how are we on the timetable to kill Jones? Uh, we can inject him with ligands that'll keep you two apart in 22 minutes and nine seconds.
Maybe a kiss for luck? I will kiss you when you're back in your own body, Max Evans.
Of course you are behind this, Elizabeth.
You've managed to swap our bodies and mute my abilities all at once.
And since you don't have your pointy glow stick, we've turned you into just your normal, pain-in-the-ass galactic bully.
I'm not caught.
I think I'll just have a better view while I wait for my plan to unfold.
What are you talking about? I saw your plan to kill me in Eduardo's head.
What could possibly be so amusing? No.
I'm just thinking about Max when he realizes where he ended up.
- Okay.
- Oh.
Hey, no, no, no.
No, stay with me.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
I-I'm good? Okay, Max is on his way to Alex with the Lockhart Machine.
He was able to save Eduardo in the nick of time.
Can't keep a good Valenti down.
This is what you call a cavalry? What a sad lot.
I have an opportunity.
Who wants to make a deal? When I get out of these restraints and I will get out whoever helps me survives.
You keep trying to divide us, but we stand together.
Then you'll fall together.
You'll fail while you assemble this shoddy device.
I mean, this radio is as poorly constructed as the Lockhart Machine.
You're wondering if I turned it on.
Then undo my restraints and jump into my head, son.
You'll see that I called a vessel and those ready to navigate once they reawaken.
I think you're bluffing.
Maybe once I'm gone, you'll figure out how I escaped.
Maybe you talk too much.
While we wait, have you figured out the mistake my son made yet, Rosa? No? Okay.
Then I'll conserve my energy until the fun begins.
So why are we drawing my blood? I thought I thought we had a time frame for, uh, when my DNA is decoupled from Jones.
Given we've got only one shot at this, we need everything to be exact.
Which is why I'm sure, genetically, our clock is on track.
You have any idea what our unwanted party guest was referring to? This is my fifth rodeo, but still don't know everything.
Whoa, Rosa.
Are you okay? What do you hear? Uh, it sounds loud and s squeaky.
Squeaky? Like bats? The Valenti radio uses infrared, which can mess with the bats' echolocation.
Show me where the serum is.
- Oh, Isobel, it's me.
- What? What? - Iz, it's me.
It's me.
It's me.
- What? I was with Kyle.
Please, we got to we got to swap me back.
I'm gonna need that device.
I really don't want to fight you, but I definitely can't give you that alien box.
I guess I'll kill you then.
Oh, today is not my day.
- Evans? - Aah.
Is that really you? Yes! Damn it, Kyle, it's me! You will never be as powerful as your old man.
Yeah, but he's got a pretty clever circle of friends.
Listen, Guerin, we have 47 seconds until Jones can use this serum.
And the woman I love has the thing we need to end it.
It's time you hold my metaphorical beer.
Well, Elizabeth, I told you I'd get you to untangle me from Max.
You will be.
On my terms.
And then we're gonna kill you.
I wish Dallas were here.
Theoretically, he can control water.
I have a fire extinguisher in the car.
- What?! - I'm a registered EMT.
Valenti, go get it! Isobel! Your body will still be mine.
Michael, are you okay? No way in hell you win today.
- How do we tell which one is Max? - I'm Max.
- Of course you'd say that.
- I can prove it.
The secret ingredient to Space jam.
It's kumquat rinds.
Liz, it's me.
Look in my eyes.
There's too much fear coming off all of us.
I can't get a read on their auras.
What about you, Rosa? Can you get a frequency? Uh, they're standing too close together for me to make it out.
Maria? You got Big Bob on you? Yup.
I'll get it.
That-that's a bad idea, Liz.
No, it's a good one.
I trust you, Liz.
What was our first lab experiment in high school biology class? Uh, dissecting a salamander? You nicknamed him "Sammy.
" Yeah, you laughed at me 'cause I couldn't make the first cut.
When's the first time you were in my bedroom? I've never been there.
I was I was gonna go once, but I got nervous, and I blew up the milkshake machine.
Oh, I was just afraid of your dad, so I made up an excuse, and I left.
What song was playing on my Walkman at the playground the day we met? "Sledgehammer.
" Peter Gabriel.
That's it.
That's the song.
I knew you'd show yourself.
No, no, no.
What? You said that song is somewhere in your head, but all you can remember are my eyes.
Michael, don't let him jump back in.
Please tell me you know there is only one "L" in "Michael" for the hero of your next secret novel.
All right.
Thank you for letting me know.
I, uh I got this for you.
- No.
- Brother! Please tell me we are not all getting a sappy letter.
Yeah, let's stop looking backwards.
We, uh No.
This is my secret acetone margarita recipe.
At last! Yes! Mmm.
Thank you.
So maybe while you mix up the next pitcher - Okay.
- we can discuss what to do with Jones' body? - Mm-hmm.
- Ah.
You want to give it to Liz, don't you? Yeah, I do, but I I think it's something we should discuss.
No more secrets.
And there's someone who should also have a vote.
Sorry I'm late.
Yeah, Heath had a very long confessional.
How is, uh, Liz's Work Max doing? He's all right.
You know, he's got a lot of soul-searching to do, but nothing a few mai tais or a long look on the mirror can't fix.
- Mm.
- Well, it's not a mai tai.
- Mmm.
- Okay.
- Try this.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- I'm so thirsty.
Thank you.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
That's different, but it's good, though.
It's 'cause it's got acetone in it.
What?! We have a lot to share with you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Arturo said you would be here.
What is this? You know I don't like surprises.
Mm, Rosa doesn't.
Maybe Rosalinda does.
I asked our new clandestine uncle, for a favor.
You are officially Rosalinda Ortecho, who, I might add, is actually going on a trip to New York for a few months.
Oh, my God.
I thought you would be a little less dour.
No, no, no.
I'm sorry.
I'm-I'm I'm all fireworks on the inside.
I just, um I I just got this flash of worry.
You know, like like, what if I ruin this life, too? I read on a mural somewhere that cracks are where the light gets in.
- I'll be on my way ♪ - Mmm.
This is for you.
And this is for me.
Okay, so where's Alex? He is finishing up some analysis on the Lockhart Machine.
So, um, did E.
phone home? Alex said that the, uh, glass inside the machine was fried, - so, it doesn't appear so.
- That's good.
'Cause the way Jones was talking, it sounded like there was a whole lot of stuff that we didn't know about.
What do you think? I think Alex texted me to meet him in an hour for our first actual date.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, so I think I'm gonna leave the mysteries of the universe on hold for the night.
I'm happy for you, bro.
Yours was just a loser's game ♪ Oh! Hi.
What did I do to deserve that? 6 Uh, there are a lot of reasons.
6 Mm? Was thinking I could work through them alphabetically on the dance floor.
Ooh, I would love to, but I've got to make some drinks for table seven.
Hey, you know what? You guys go.
I'm a DeLuca.
This is my birthright.
Okay, don't push your luck but thank you.
Go dance.
I won't be soon to forget ♪ Let's get out of here.
Where do you want to go? To the ocean.
When you texted me, "I want to try something we've never done before," I did not think we would end up in front of Papa Manes.
We beat him.
I know.
We're closed! - I always wanted to say that.
- I was looking for Maria.
Actually never got a chance to say thank you for saving my life.
Yeah, that's a big one.
Um, I gave our girl the night off.
Well, then, um You want me to stay? I can help you clean up.
Um, actually, it's kind of cathartic me time.
I mean, you know what they say.
Mend the bar, mend the mind.
Yeah, I understand.
Um, well, I guess this is good night.
You know what, Valenti? Want a dance? 'Cause, um, I didn't really get to celebrate at all today.
I want to just blow off some steam.
Uh, yeah, um I mean, there's no pressure.
Just a dance.
What was that for? Just got a job offer to head up my own column at the Dailen with reprints in Albuquerque Journal.
That's amazing.
- I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you.
That's great news.
It's great.
That's great news.
And that's great tequila.
You guys should should celebrate.
I'll grab another for Maria.
Why don't you stay, Valenti? Have a drink with us.
- Celebrate.
- Yeah.
Uh perhaps another time.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing? I've never been in here.
So I'm just enjoying seeing another layer of you.
I know I can be a little slow sometimes, but this doesn't seem like the ocean.
Well this'll have to do until we get to the actual one.
But I am certain, Max Evans, that we will get there.
First, I need you to do something very important for me.
I need you to lock the door with your mind.
Allie? Señora Allie? I have a woman here to see you.
I believe she's one of the sky people that you talk about when you drink too much mescal.
- What's her name? - She keeps repeating one Liz Ortecho? That's-that's not her name.
Liz Ortecho was a student of mine.
How the hell do you know who Liz Ortecho is?
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