Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s04e01 Episode Script

Steal My Sunshine

1 Previously on Roswell, New Mexico Why do you look like me? He's the savior, and I'm the clone.
You're wondering if I called a vessel and those ready to navigate once they reawaken.
I think you're bluffing.
I told you I'd get you to untangle me from Max.
You will be, on my terms.
And then we're gonna kill you.
So, um, did E.
phone home? I believe she's one of the sky people that you talk about.
She keeps repeating "Liz Ortecho.
" How the hell do you know who Liz Ortecho is? Is someone there? 'Cause I'm armed.
So am I.
Almost there.
Just a little bit more.
Yes! What do you think? Change was never my strong suit, but I know it breaks with your John Wayne vibe, but not every room can have a longhorn skull in it.
What? I was just thinking back to six months ago.
We were laying in your little, tiny bed.
We just beat Jones, I asked you to move in.
And here you are in my arms, Old Yellering my couch.
We can keep this couch as long as you promise to keep living here.
Now that we have a 12-month finance plan on furniture, you're never getting rid of me.
We got to at least sit sit on it first.
- Quickie? - I'm looking for a longie.
And in a few minutes, my GED class is going to be looking for their teacher.
Based on week seven's quiz results, we're going to do a refresh on the Leidenfrost Effect.
But with the time left today, I thought we would go over the experiment we're putting up on its feet this afternoon.
All right.
This is potassium nitrate.
This is common table sugar.
Apart Nada.
But together Oh.
Not only is this the chemical combo in the rockets we're launching today, it also demonstrates my larger point.
Getting your GED is just one piece of your life equation.
You got to find the right mix that That can burn down the apartment your family can barely cover.
Life's an experiment, Vanessa.
There are no guaranteed outcomes.
Look, I get it, all right? Sometimes it's hard to believe there's gonna be a spark when it all just seems to fizzle.
Or it all blows up in your face.
Well, that's why people invented goggles.
Which we are all going to need at Bar-mageddon! Roswell's Annual Rocket Launch and Food and Drink festival.
Everybody, grab your Liz shirts on the way out.
And we will meet at Arturo's churro stand no later than 4:00 p.
with your model rockets.
Hey, I get it.
Okay? When I was your age, I felt the same way.
So, I thought I'd give you something that helped me with all the fizzles and unintentional explosions.
My mentor, Allie Meyers she always says, "Everything is theoretically impossible until you make it a reality.
" Read chapter one, and we'll talk about it at the launch.
Bar-mageddon's not on the syllabus, so I'm taking the theoretical of attending and making it a reality that I'm not.
Here we go! Pull! And this puts me in the lead.
I see you've been working on your ability to manipulate water.
I mean, why be half an alien, right? Oh, right, right.
When you can fully commit to cheating.
That sounds like a bit of sore talk from a man that's mad that I just, uh, tied up our little alien game.
Perhaps around eight, we'll decide which is better? Perhaps you're just stalling on the big move now.
So why don't you just go ahead, give me the keys to the trailer, Guerin? Get going.
But I got to show you - this finicky electrical hook-up.
- Okay.
Now you are definitely stalling.
Please, Guerin.
Come on.
Today's the big day.
One last dose.
So you're sure the degeneration has stopped? Bring up DeLuca's scan sequence two months back to current.
As you can see, ever since we've started with the first serum treatment, the degeneration has slowed.
Enhance last three weeks.
You can see after dose two that the dark spots have remained consistent.
Meaning you and Liz cured me.
Oh, wait.
No, I didn't want to miss the part where we hugged.
Oh, well, it's-it's a bit premature.
One last dose to go, unless there's any, uh, side effects to report.
My tarot card side hustle has been nosebleed-free for quite some time.
Okay, just one last shot.
And then the hug.
Thank you, guys.
Everybody deserves a little happiness.
Kyle and I are just glad we could help with yours.
All right.
One question remains.
Which alien-themed Band-Aid you gonna go with? - Mm.
- Oh, that's me.
That is a Santa Fe brewer who offered me exclusive rights to their new beer at Bar-mageddon.
- I got to go.
- Oh.
- Eeny, meeny, miny, Moe.
- Good one.
- All right.
- Mm.
Got some new genomics software you might like to test drive.
Or maybe we can see what else us interstellar internists can discover by examining Jones? As appealing as an autopsy sounds, I am exhausted with alien endeavors.
I just want to be a girl from Roswell a little longer.
And I am hopeful, now that we've cured Maria, to see you around more.
Before you walk away with this order of Saturn's Rings, I need to say something.
You are a good man.
And I know Liz seems happy living with you.
But if you hurt her, the machete is right there in the kitchen.
Copy you.
Okay, so, a couple things.
The light switch right there it weirdly works the room around the hall.
Uh, the garbage disposal is iffy, and, uh Coffee table is where you fold the clothes? No, I took those out of my closet so that you could choose which side you want.
Okay, so, now everything here is yours, except for the level three clearance laptops, um, and the sat link phone and the hard drives.
And the, uh, project X under the tarp, I assume? Um Well, actually, now that we live together, you get to see some of my secret shame.
I know what the Men in Black stuff is, but what am I what am I looking at here, Manes? Okay, when I was growing up, my mom knew that I was struggling with who I was, so she convinced me to help her build this model of the gazebo, my ideal Roswell.
I've, uh I've never shown this to anybody, so since we are blending our lives further, I wanted to show it to you.
So now everything here, including my weird coping mechanism, - is, uh, is yours.
- Hmm.
Everything? Even this button? Face life head-on.
That is the philosophy here at Woman As Warrior.
Together, we form a safety net so that each of us can walk out on the wire and confront our literal and metaphorical demons.
That's it for today.
Thank you so much.
Let me guess.
You're here for a self-defense lesson? Tell me, Director Evans, can I pay with this? Okay.
I see we're talking lay-away? A quick one, as I have a meeting with my editor.
But before I go, I wanted to say I'm so proud of what you're doing here.
I love how much you've grown, I love how strong you are, and I love you.
Hey, I'm gonna have to meet you at Max's, okay? I got to run by Deep Sky to work on my project.
You mean Operation Hot Latex? I know that studying weather balloons doesn't sound like it's saving the world, but its research harbors some pretty cutting-edge stuff.
Mm, and did Eduardo ever tell you why he put you on the assignment? Well, I mean he's not exactly forthcoming with his requests, but I got to imagine that, uh, there's a good reason for it.
Make yourself at home, okay? It is yours, after all.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Uh, yes.
Thank you.
- Okay.
Come back here.
This is for you, too.
- Mmm.
- All right, we're good.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey, good to see you.
- Oh, shoot.
- Mmm.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Digging the haircut.
- Oh, thank you.
Uh, I dig that barber shop that you sent me to.
And, um, I think I'm ready to make my move.
Are you sure you want to do this right here, right now? I got an hour left on my turn, and I think I've got you beat.
You do know that I see the future, and the future shows me exactly what you're gonna do.
Yeah, well, I read prayers, and I'm pretty sure your last Hail Mary was, "Don't move my bishop to D-6.
" Hmm.
It's dry rub for ribs, low and slow for chicken.
Hey, you should try Space Jam in Barbecue sauce.
It'll change your life.
Back me up here.
I am not getting in the middle of a debate on who knows more about meat - cowboy or - Oh, no, no, no, no.
It's Hatch Day, Ortecho.
Please, can we keep it PG-13? You okay? Yeah, I'm good.
I'm good.
I'm great.
Yeah, maybe could, uh, you know, maybe just use another one of your Hatch-a-ritas.
Okay, cowboy.
So, uh, you guys just getting over a fight or something? No.
In fact, uh, the biggest fight we've had since she moved in was, uh, getting dishes - that actually match.
- Huh.
You're proposing? Um, how did you ? Your meat thermometer it's blinking on pace with your nerves right now.
Do you think she'll say "no"? Oh, buddy.
She will say "yes," but Liz doesn't strike me as the ask-me-a-life-changing-question in-front-of-my-friends type of girl, right? So what's the back-up plan? Oh.
- Elizabeth.
- Hi! Wow.
Congratulations on this stellar fiesta.
The banner is on point.
Oh, my God, look.
You've carved a little, uh, Hatch chili into an alien as a garnish.
The thing is, all of this has to go.
- What's happening? - Anatsa is coming.
Oh, we're-we're having an "alien in the know party," and she's not in the know.
- Mm.
- Okay, okay, okay, so, how did this happen? Well, um, she told me she loved me.
And then I panicked.
And next thing I know, she's bringing a potato salad.
Does this mean you said it back? No, I did not.
I-I was too busy wondering if saying it back means saying - Right.
- everything else? - Look, Anatsa is great.
- Yeah.
Okay, so maybe just see where your feelings go before you fill her in on the part about being Hatched.
Oh, my God.
When you say asinine things like that, it makes me question whether you and I took the same tests at Quantico.
Okay? - Go get me facts.
- Yes, ma'am.
Well, that was one part of being your partner I certainly don't miss.
FBI looks good on you, Agent Cameron.
Well, I did all this just so I could outrank you, Evans.
I, uh I hear you leveled up to sheriff.
Interim sheriff.
Well, as much as I wish this was a good old-fashioned laugh and get lit, I've called you to help solve this odd little bank job.
Me? Why? 'Cause I think you and I might be the only people who can crack this case.
I think this heist was committed by aliens.
Hell of a party trick to pull all these boxes free - from their slots.
- Well, it's unusual, but I'm not exactly seeing a flying saucer in here.
Lock on the cage was opened with ease, no sign of force.
So you're looking for Danny Ocean.
Danny Ocean doesn't smell like rain.
- It smells like mold.
- You got something more pressing than knocking this around further? I I did not know a civil servant could afford a rock that size.
It's Liz's abuela's ring.
Well, Granny Ortecho's fingers were a bit sausagey.
Should I resize it? Yes.
And before you enact whatever sappy proposal you have planned.
You go deal with that.
I will stay here and deal with this.
But you owe me tequila if the robbers turn out to be of the pod variety.
Don't tell me you've already retreated to the garage like y'all are some old married couple.
Ooh, I am all bantered out today, Max.
So, what do you want to talk about? Yeah, yeah, I was hoping to get that resized to match one of her others.
I got to ask you something.
How did you know it was the right time? Well, we've been living together for five months, and things are just about as perfect as they could possibly be.
So you're not worried a proposal's gonna screw it all up? I mean, there's the usual nerves, I guess, but no, it feels right.
Is this about you being all Michael - about moving in with Alex? - No.
Whenever I stayed at your home as a kid, it never felt right.
I felt feral, undomesticated.
So even if I want to make it work, doesn't mean it will.
That sounds like classic Guerin self-sabotage.
Or maybe I'm reading the signs, and it's not the right time.
And if it isn't, no matter how much one person wants it, it won't end well.
All right, well, only you can know if you and Alex are on the right path.
For me and Liz, I know we are ready to take the next step in ours.
Thanks for meeting me.
I'm sorry I had to run out on the Hatch Day barbecue.
- It's okay.
- Since it is Hatch Day Is this nostalgic backwards cap Evans I'm meeting at the park? Well, it's just, the day kind of got me thinking about my journey and about our journey, and you know, I mean, this town has so much history for us.
You know, and this spot in particular has so many chapters.
I guess what I want to what I want to say is meeting you and being with you elevated my life.
When you moved in, you did something I didn't think was possible.
You taught me that I can grow so much more.
Oh, my God, yes! A thousand times yes! Here comes the bride ♪ All dressed in white ♪ You are the sweetest.
I have to go be with my students at the rocket launch.
Yeah, of course.
All right.
Good luck with the liftoff.
Y'all remember to pick up your raffle tickets.
The drawing starts in one hour.
Hey, you seen Vanessa? Hey.
The one with an "X," special adult lemonade, just for you.
Oh, I see your intuition is still spot-on.
And how is everything feeling? Still good from the injection? For the first time in a while, I just feel free in my body.
Oh, and Gregory texted me that he's coming back a little early this semester from grad school.
Who doesn't love a continued blossoming romance? - Oh, speaking of which - Mm-hmm? come in for a tarot reading, okay? Last week I was sensing a little movement on the romance track for you.
What? You and you and Max are doing okay, right? Yeah.
No, better than ever, actually.
Is that good? Or bad? I don't know, I Team Liz, you're launching next.
Okay, that is my call to be Mission Control.
Okay, guys, here we go.
Let's start the countdown.
Four, three, two, one.
Blast off! Nice! Hmm.
Thought you'd be too busy moving in to come to this.
Change of plans.
So I came to get my key back before you get settled.
Don't tell me the nerves are getting the best of you, Guerin.
I'm not meant to cohabitate with Alex, all right? He's gonna figure that out soon enough.
Yeah, it still sounds like nerves to me.
I broke something really important to Alex today, and I can't fix it.
Because that's what I do, Dallas.
That's what I always do.
I was once a kid with trash bags for suitcases, too.
My thing? No matter the foster home I was in, I felt like I was the broken thing in it.
But eventually I realized home is what you make it.
Alex isn't gonna care about some thing that you broke.
'Cause what's more important to him is you.
You gotta find the courage to push past this, Guerin.
'Cause if you don't, if you run now, you'll be risking everything.
Hey, I got your text.
And have you crunched the analytics for your weather balloons? Yeah.
Heat, uh, is up 1.
3 degrees an hour for the last three over Roswell at large.
Even though barometric pressure and wind direction dictates it should be falling.
Not to mention that the ground conditions don't match up, that humidity is up 23% in the troposphere.
Similar patterns haven't been present in Roswell since 1947.
- Before the crash? - After.
Is that why you've been having me look at the sky for months? Is that why you had me studying locusts that had shifted their migrational course? You think they were affected by the weather? Potentially.
Because the theory connecting all of these things is what? I don't know.
Which I don't like.
Jones caught us off guard.
Then he got his hands on the Lockhart machine to presumably reach others.
Yeah, but you said he never made a call, so I said I don't believe he did.
These anomalies we're discussing could be nothing.
Yeah, or it's something we need to account for.
So what do we do next? Alex and I are going to wait for data.
You are going to Bar-mageddon.
Your solve is that I drink a Rocket-Weisen? You're here so much the janitors dust you.
You've spent months finding a cure for your friend.
You took over Darby's work on locusts the moment you could.
You need perspective, Kyle.
You have to get outside of these walls to do that.
Love the skull, Evans.
Thank you.
Uh, yeah, Liz kindly capped the quota at our house at six, - Mm.
- so had to find a home for Earl.
So, tell me about the proposal.
- Who cried more? - Uh, I didn't stick the landing.
Or the middle part.
It wasn't the right time.
What is what is "hmm"? Just me cluing in to why you're denying these robbers are from Look Liz, for both good and bad, pushes the world away for you.
And I just I just want to make sure that's what you need.
Is there, like, a little residual something about us as a couple? - No, okay? - Okay.
And I like Liz.
But I love you.
And as your friend, I want to cry at your wedding knowing that my friend made the best step that he could.
Well as much as I appreciate you being able to ask the hard questions But, uh, my future isn't in the stars, okay? It's right here with Liz.
And my assessment of these bank robbers is based purely on evidence.
But in the unlikely event that you're wrong, please tell me you've been working out those new alien powers you said that clone of yours had.
Okay? 'Cause these robbers happen to be alien.
You know, some stronger alien powers could come in handy.
I don't need alien powers to defeat bank robbers.
All right? Terrestrial or extra, it doesn't matter.
All I need is to be a good cop.
Just, uh don't let happiness be a handcuff.
Got a 27-2 in progress at West Pecos Bank and Trust.
Let's go get 'em.
Put your hands up! Damn it! Alien enough for you, Evans? Okay, Little Green Sheriff, time to down a power line or something.
No, that's dangerous and not exactly inconspicuous.
Okay, well, we gotta do something before the getaway car gets to the getaway ship.
I need a unit blocking the alley on Von Folsom and West.
Two units block Banner and Pratt.
Push them into the alley behind the hardware store.
Brains over alien brawn for the W.
Which one of us cuffs them? Hold that truck.
Come on, Evans.
Hold the truck.
Hold it! - Hey.
- Hi, what can I get you? Is that Kyle Valenti? What brings you into the wild? - I came to support Team Liz.
- Oh, that's sweet.
How about you join the dark side and come and support Team Iz? We're gonna take two E.
Tequila Sunrises, please.
- You got it.
- What's this about? Okay, I have something that I have to tell someone, and I don't know how to come clean.
Uh You were brave enough to sell your house, sell your event business and commit to a whole new way of life.
So, as the head sensei at Woman As Warrior, what would you tell a student - if they came to you? - Here you go.
I would tell them that the feelings you suppress eventually betray you.
Secrets, they tear you apart from the inside, you know.
Anything that you try to bury is going to wind up popping up right in front of you until you have the courage to just face it.
Could not agree more.
So I would tell them just say it.
You know? 'Cause the truth will set you free.
I really do love you.
Thank you.
So tell me who's the truth bomb for, Max or Michael? - Actually Anatsa.
- Hmm? Right.
Of course.
Mija, where you going? Oh, I got to go find my student Vanessa.
Tommy said she's been swiping beers, - and I just, I have to have a - Churro? I'm your father.
And I know every look on your face.
And I know the one you wear now is not about some problematic student.
But Vanessa is a little lost and I'm trying to help her find her way.
Okay? She's just not having it.
Maybe because it's hard to take that kind of advice from someone who hasn't found their way themselves.
I have found my way.
- With Max? - Yes, finally.
There's just still some Confusion.
Do you love him? More than anything.
That I know.
Then stop running from the truth.
Take the time to figure out what you want.
What Liz wants, hmm? I'll support you.
I know Max loves you and he will, too.
You left your key? Given my brain's a lockpick, - I didn't need a k - It's a metaphor, Guerin.
Look, I was here for 12 minutes, and I messed up the disposal and I broke a touchstone of sanity you built with your mom.
This model meant the world to me.
But it doesn't anymore.
I don't need to build a pretend world, when I get the chance to build the real thing with you.
Aren't you nervous that after everything we've been through, maybe we're wrong about this? Look.
People get freaked out when they make life decisions like this.
Hey, I can live without that gazebo.
What I can't live without is you.
So why don't you put your hand in mine? And we'll start with that, okay? It is beautiful what you've set in motion, Tezca.
Did you collect what we require? Are you certain this is the best course to take? Absolutely.
This is what our Triad is meant to do.
That's, um that's all I got.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
How'd your reading go? I'm having trouble tapping into my intuition today.
I don't know, my brain's just not as focused for some reason.
Could be your final dose.
When I was a kid, new meds would always mess with me on the first go-round.
Did you come here to dispense advice or to lose at chess? Mm.
While you contemplate your next move, I'm gonna leave this right here for you.
You brought me an umbrella? Yeah, I've been honing my connection to water lately.
And I'm feeling this weird shift in atmospheric pressure tonight.
I may have cloudy tarot brain, but I'm pretty sure it's not gonna rain tonight.
Ever since I was five, I could predict when the sky was gonna open up, and, uh, tonight's not that night.
First time for everything.
Hold on to it.
You have Abuela's ring in your hand, don't you? How long have you known? I knew for certain after the gazebo.
That sounds like a bad thing.
It's a wonderful thing.
I just can't help but wonder if it's the right time.
You seemed so happy with us as a just a couple from Roswell.
Yeah, I wanted the simple life.
But today my dad asked me how I'm feeling.
And how are you feeling? I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop.
Something terrible is always finding us.
So, then, how do we just drive off into the sunset happy when I feel like the next thing is around the corner? Tell me I'm crazy.
I can't.
Because you're right.
I've been holding back.
Because I want so badly to hold on to this moment.
But we can't hold on to it, can we? Things are always changing.
I know we can figure it out together.
No big decisions have to be made today.
We just take it one day at a time.
We'll get there.
Promise me you'll ask me again, Max Evans? 'Cause I promise I will say yes.
Our love will find a way.
That I'm sure of.
Nothing's bigger than us.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I think maybe we should bring date night indoors.
No, you know what, my liquid courage is drying up, so there's something that I want to tell you, okay? Are you being weird 'cause of what I said earlier? That I love you? You don't have to say it back, you know that, right? I just wanted you to know what I feel.
You can say it or not.
But just don't say anything until you're ready.
Of course you'd have the perfect thing to say.
Which is why, Anatsa, I love you.
Mm, wait.
There is something else that I have to tell you.
- Okay? - Can it wait? I was kind of enjoying the part where my lips were on yours.
Um, no, listen, it's, it's important, so just bear with me, okay? So, um h-here goes, um Oh, my God.
Are you seeing this? This doesn't look like Bar-mageddon.
Ironically, I'm finding it easier to be an alien doctor right now than a regular guy.
Oh, I understand.
What is this, Liz? I don't know.
Soon we'll know where our work needs to begin.
Why are you smiling? Because this will bring about something we've waited a long time to reap.
The Alighting.

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