Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s04e02 Episode Script


Previously on Roswell, New Mexico
- Do you love him?
- More than anything.

Take the time to figure
out what you want.

You have Abuela's ring
in your hand, don't you?
Sounds like a bad thing.

I just can't help but wonder
if it's the right time.

FBI looks good on you, Agent Cameron.

I think this heist was
committed by aliens.

There was a bank robbery
over in Las Cruces.

Cam thinks it's aliens.

Did Alex ever determine
if Jones was able to
send a transmission through
the Lockhart machine?
I thought I'd give you
something that helped me.

My mentor, Allie Meyers, she always says
everything is theoretically impossible
until you make it a reality.

This is what our Triad is meant to do.

Oh, my God, are you seeing this?
Roswell was once
just a blip on the map where
cows outnumbered cowboys.

That is, till a mystery
fell out of the sky.

Check the wavelength readings.

How many balloons went down?
Over time, the legend
faded into fairy tale.

UFO enthusiasts never found cosmic proof
that we are not alone in the universe.

We went from hiding in plain sight
to living in peace
until the sky fell again.

The thing about legends is
they never really fade.

And this time around
there is no place to hide.

Tell me you found something.

Perfect timing.

I mean, test after test confirmed
it's just a case of St.
Elmo's fire.

Scientific St.
Elmo's fire
it's an electromagnetic
corona discharge that glows
due to high levels of plasmic voltage
that rip apart molecules
in the stratosphere.

It's Earth science.

It's not alien.


We saw green streaks
and shimmering rain because that is
how our eyes perceive ionized protons.

But for the cameras
I wrote it all down
for your press conference Sheriff.

Well, I'd rather be chasing bank robbers
than smiling for cameras.

But, uh, at least we only have
one mystery of the alien variety
to deal with for now.

Do you think they come in peace,
or are they part of
Jones's contingency plan?
I don't know.

Breaking into bank vaults
isn't exactly a sign
that they have good intentions.

Okay, I'm gonna cover a
shift at the Crashdown.

Papi's drowning in tourists.


You don't hate me, right?
For needing more time?
No, of course not.

I couldn't be mad at you.

I found a healthy balance with you, Max.

And that's the key to
our future together.

So I just need to figure
out a way to sustain it.

Well, wherever the road takes you,
I will be right by your side.


- Yes! How have you been?
- Hello? Liz?
Can I start with the
alien skins, please?
Oh, of course, and you
guys want two orders ?
I mean
That's okay.
I'm late for
Max's press conference anyway.

You cannot start your day
without a Shatner Shake.

It is part of a complete
breakfast, plus
why would you want to rub
those cute little elbows
up against sweaty rednecks
who believe that chemtrails are
controlling our minds, right?
Obviously, it's the aliens
controlling our minds.

You don't actually believe
in, um, benevolent creatures
from another planet, do you?
I believe in possibilities.

And if a possibility's
gonna lead me to a story,
- I'll pursue it.

- Like the St.
Elmo's fire.

Well, if I wanted to
report on the weather
I'd be a meteorologist.

I want to ask Max about
the bank robberies.

Little insider tip?
I don't think Max is gonna
be very helpful about that.

He told me that, um,
the FBI is handling it.

Apparently Sheriff Evans is going
to be on, uh, yokel patrol all day.

Thanks for the tip.
And the
Can I get that to go?
I thought we were gonna, like, hang out?
The news never stops.

Oh, I forgot I'm on keto.

Keep the milkshake.
Sorry, babe.

My milkshakes are delicious!
It's good back me up
on this, Pancake Papi.

You're hired.

- Uh, start with refills on table five?
- What?
And the dishes, thank you.

My boss would like a Rodden-berry Shake.

And she also requested Liz Ortecho
to deliver it to her on the roof.

What you saw last night was nothing more
than a harmless bit of physics.

Think of it as Mother Nature
putting on a free light show.

As for the so-called "flying saucers,"
there is a research firm in the area
that is studying weather patterns.

Some of their equipment
went down during the storm.

Listen, I understand
that you're frustrated.

We have tourists coming in from all over
thinking this is some kind of invasion.

You have a lot of questions
and I promise I will get
you real answers soon.

That's what they said in 1947.

Open your eyes.

Last night was a harbinger
of what's to come.

The plasma activated microchips
in our brains that were implanted
by Venusian parasites
swimming in our tap water.

That explains your low IQ.

Look me in the eye
and tell me this shimmering stuff
isn't alien.

They won't tell you
the truth, but I will.

At my museum pop-up, Graham
Green's Galactic Gulch.

Mm, so I'm guessing, uh,
people weren't buying
what you were selling.

Yeah, that's because it was science.

- You told me those balloons were aboveboard.

- They are.

None of the ones that
we've retrieved so far
show any signs of alien activity.

The goo on Graham's, it-it
shimmered like alien glass.

We set off 40 balloons
over southern New Mexico,
and we retrieved six of them
from the field.
Those were fine.

But in case any of the other
ones have any strange anomalies,
I'll hit the road and track them down.

But it's probably gonna be a
while until I know anything.

- Okay, well, that's all right, I got to
chase down some intergalactic
fugitives anyway.

Well, safe travels, Manes.


Oh, uh
hey, where do you want me?
I don't, um
You know what? Why don't you, uh,
make sure Guerin stays out of trouble?

Absolutely phenomenal.

My wife said you were
a brilliant scientist,
but she never mentioned
your culinary skills.

Your wife?
Allie Meyers.

Your former professor.

She could not stop talking
about how great you
You're Allie's wife?
- Mm-hmm.

- Wait, didn't she marry some
tech billionaire?
I prefer "visionary futurist.
Shivani Sen,
founder of Senovative Enterprises.

- Scotch?
- You didn't come all the way to Roswell
for a spiked milkshake.
When an unexplained
event happens in a town
known for mysterious
sci-fi occurrences,
my helicopter lands the next morning.

Mysterious, sure.

But you're not gonna make any
money off of a lightning storm.

It's New Mexico.
have ten of those a day.

Not everything is about money, Liz.

Allie and I got married
on this charming little
island in the Galapagos.

You should have seen how excited she was
about the algae.
government wouldn't let her touch it,
so I had no choice but to step in.

And by "step in," you mean
I purchased it.

But for love, Liz, not for profit.

Studying it made her happy.

At a certain point,
money gets boring.

Discovering the secrets of the universe
that no one else knows?
That's where the fun is.

Now you sound like a scientist.

No, I just share their
thirst for knowledge.

So I employ lots of them.

Allie said that you
developed patents at Genoryx.

So you're here to offer me a job?
If Liz Ortecho wanted a job,
she'd already have one.

I see this more as a
between two very inquisitive minds.

- I'm taking a step back from research.

- Hmm.

Focusing on teaching.

Good for you.

I brought you a gift.

Um, but if you're not sciencing anymore,
maybe I shouldn't have?
- What is it?
- Technically, it's a regift.

Don't hate me, but one of my researchers
trampled on it out in the field.

Poor little guy.

I already sequenced its genome.

But I thought you'd enjoy a good puzzle.

I got to get back to my tables.

My contact info is in your inbox.

If you want to probe the
mysteries of Roswell
come find me.

So I creep, yeah ♪
Just keep it on the down-low ♪
I love it, I want some more of it ♪
I try so hard ♪
Come on! It's a mash-up! Sing with me!
I don't know the words.

Well, make it up.
Every song is
about falling in or out of love.

I want some more ♪
We should get back.
Tezca wanted us
to lay low until she tracks
down our next assignment.

We have been working nonstop
since we crawled out of
our pods six months ago.

Aren't you even a little
curious about Earth?
What's to be curious about? It's
a rock filled with inferior beings.

Humans may be primitive compared to us,
but the one thing they do better is fun.

Come on.
We can catch a movie,
sip a little tequila.

Oh! I have been dying to
try those Patty Meltdowns
from the commercials.

Uh, why indulge in the base
pleasures of a dying civilization?
It's just lunch.

And the more we know about
this planet's customs,
the better we can deftly
navigate through it.

What's wrong with your eyes?
Well, apparently,
this is how the females
in their species convince the
lesser males to do their bidding.

How can I say no to that?
Get in.

Feeling better, Mr.
- He is.

- Mm-hmm.

- Good.

- Thanks to your attractive care.

I meant "attentive.
Damn it.

Well, that really ruins my plan.

Your plan?
Uh, to get you to ask me out.

I was going to bump
into you in the hall.

- There was gonna be a hair flip.

- Oh.

Uh, some jokes I won't
say in front of Grandpa.

Um, but now, um
When you're deciding
whether to call me, would you
please imagine I was clever and coy?
I'll keep that in mind.


got cut by one of those
falling weather balloons.

Needed stitches.

Or maybe you're not here as a patient
you're here as a reporter.

One of my contacts at
the FBI sent me a lead.

A teller was admitted yesterday
with a mild concussion and memory loss.

Which is weird, 'cause
she never hit her head.

Well, traumatic
experiences, like robberies,
can induce amnesia.

I talked to five other tellers.

All the same.
The only guy
who remembers anything
was hiding under a desk,
and all he saw was a long fringed jacket
with turquoise embroidery.

- Mm.

- It's like
their minds have been wiped.

Don't you find that odd?
HIPAA prohibits me from
discussing my patients with anyone.

Especially a reporter.

Consider me shooed away.

Where'd you find this?
It was a gift from a billionaire.

It's a long story.

But I sequenced its genome,
and its DNA has been altered.

So we're a couple plagues away
from death of the firstborn.

Except locusts aren't
native to New Mexico.

They are grasshoppers that
have been genetically mutated
under the right
environmental conditions.

So maybe this locust
was affected by the St.
Elmo's fire.

And you want to dissect it
to confirm your hypothesis.

Open it up, Ortecho.

What just happened?
No me digas.

Locusts, they operate on a hive mind.

So if the St.
Elmo's fire
altered their genetic sequence,
maybe it activated their swarm instinct.

To what end?
To point them somewhere.
I think
maybe this locust is a kind of beacon.

Look who's coming out of retirement.

Oh, my God.
Um, I'm so late for class.

- Can you
- Consider the bug goo baton passed.

Sorry to disappoint,
but there's, uh,
not gonna be a wedding.

Liz needed a little more time
to figure some things out.

Sorry, Evans.

I mean, you must be pretty Zen about it,
considering the grid's
still up and running.

Well, she didn't say no.
was more like, "Eventually.
You know? I ha-have faith
we'll take that step soon.

You want to bust out the
stash of rye in my trunk
and mope to some Reba?
But I'd rather
catch these bank robbers
so I can get back to the
dozen other pressing matters
I have on my watch.

Copy that, Interim Sheriff.

Um, CSI did a sweep.

No fingerprints or
third-helix DNA to worry about.

The cameras are fritzed out,
and the vault door was
unlocked from the inside.

And some of the
boxes are still intact.

So what's missing?

And they obviously don't
care about the cash,
since it ended up all over Main Street.

Any progress on the
boxes they took from Las Cruces?
One box.
And records aren't digitized,
so I've got myself a hot
date with a stack of files.

Just wish we knew their names.

"Alien Robber 1 and 2" doesn't
really roll off the tongue.

Sheriff? Your consultant's here.

I called for him.


This is a police investigation.

And the suspects are aliens.

- Okay.
Cam, meet Dallas.

- Mm-hmm.

The infamous Pod Squad
preacher who can hear prayers.

It's a good thing I'm an atheist
who says everything that's on my mind.


Uh Not everything, apparently.

Newbie, I could use some
of that "consulting" right about now.

Why don't you use your alien muscles
and reconstruct this lamp?
I could, but it doesn't take telekinesis
to see that the base is missing.


Point for the preacher.

So they broke
this lamp, took the base
but left this other one intact.

So what's so special about this one?
I don't know.

But if they're willing to
break into a bank to get it,
we don't want them to have it.


Oh, my God.

Try mine.
It's got three
different types of cheeses.

Why three? I barely understand the one.

It seems cruel to dress the
calf in her own mother's milk.

- Here we go again.

- W
How many resources were
wasted appeasing this gluttony?
Humanity behaves as if
their excess is everlasting.

And their culture may be lively, but
what I've witnessed is a compulsive
tendency for self-destruction.

I've already lived through
one world's Armageddon.

Yeah, well, this Armageddon
hasn't happened yet.

This is our chance to
experience the Oasis of our childhoods.

There can be no pleasure
until there's no suffering.

Earth is due an awakening.

Well, let's wake this place up.


Okay, you're right.
These are delicious.

This place isn't without its charms,
- but this is not our home.

- Mmm.

And changing it is not
what we came here to do.

Yes, they're still here right now.

A-a Monte Carlo, Officer.

Same as the one on the news.

Now, why'd you go and do that?
Greetings, earthlings.

Uh, we're actually here
about a tip that was called in.

There were two suspects
driving around in a Monte Carlo?
Uh, there must be a mistake,
I-I just opened up.

We don't usually get
customers till the lunch rush.

Who ordered the buffet then?
I'm not sure.

That wasn't there a minute ago.

Uh, I should clean up.

Oh, no, you know what? Actually,
I would love to try one
of your Milky Way Malts.

If you can grab that,
- we'll take care of this.

- Yeah.
Sure thing.

Bank tellers don't remember
seeing our robbers, either.

What is this, that Jedi mind
trick thing that Isobel's a pro at?
It's a whole new power.


Well, it's good to know
what we're dealing with.

Y'all got this, right?
I'll be right back.

What's the preacher man's story?
His dad designed all the tech
that made cloning possible on Oasis.

I mean, you know,
is he into cornhole at the
Pony or darts at Planet 7?
Oh, wait a sec.

Looks like our bank robbers
have a sense of humor.

Bonnie and Clyde, huh?

So you're saying that the
plasma turned the locusts
into some sort of alien magnet?
All I know is this room is full
of alien glass and turquoise,
but the guts were only
attracted to that console.

Oh, hey, hey.

Be careful
with that, please.

Hey, alien tech emits
frequencies, right?
Maybe that is what is attracting
the guts to your console.

- Hmm.

- And this substance,
it looks identical to what was
on Graham's weather balloon.

Can I borrow the console and
run a diagnostic at Deep Sky?
For what?
Well, I bet that
Graham's weather balloon
isn't the only one that had an
unfortunate run-in with the locusts.

If their guts are attracted to the
frequency that your console emits,
then maybe I can amplify that frequency
and I can track the other balloons.

Well, that sounds like a lot
of ifs and not a lot of payoff.

Well, the payoff is, if it works,
I won't spend weeks
traipsing around the desert
and I can come home to you sooner.

Like a piece of alien tech,
I don't like being parted from my alien.

I hate being away from you, too.

But this is part of my history.

It is the closest thing that
I have to a family heirloom.

I can study it here.

Here, equipment is Krazy
Glue and Popsicle sticks
compared to what we have at Deep Sky.

Then I will study it with
Krazy Glue and Popsicle sticks.

Got it.

which brings us to the noble gases.

High tea with xenon, anyone?
What fell out of the sky last night?
Guys, St.
Elmo's fire
will not be on your exam,
which is two weeks away
It's called "St.
Elmo's fire"?
Yeah, but it's really just
nitrogen and oxygen reacting
to atmospheric electricity.


Okay, no harm in taking a tiny detour
to explain the secrets of the universe.

It's kind of hard to reproduce in a lab,
but it operates a little
bit like a Tesla coil.


Where you going?
If it's not on the GED, I'm gone.

Stop holding us all
hostage while you relive
some real-life fantasy
of being a scientist.


We can't keep erasing
people's memories, Bonnie.

Eventually, someone is gonna notice.

I'm sorry for almost getting us caught.

You do so much for me.

I just wanted to show you
how much I appreciate that.

All right, look.

Today was fun.

But every burger, every song
is a detour that keeps
us from our destiny.

You have my word.

Where to next?
Well, Tezca's searching
for a lost relic,
and, uh, I think I know where it is.

Okay, so
I talked to my buddy Jim over there.

He saw the whole thing go down.

He said that he thinks that
Bonnie and Clyde are angels
on account of the lights flickering
when they took off.

They also left this newspaper, but
the front page has been torn out.

Wait a minute.

No, they weren't
brushing up on current affairs.

Graham Green took out this
ad for his new museum pop-up.

I thought this was nonsense.

Yeah, I learned four
languages at Quantico,
and Space Wingdings wasn't one of 'em.

I don't recognize these symbols, either.

I think Graham Green does.

What's up, Doc?
I got your text.

Why are you wearing a Crashdown uniform?
Oh, like you're the only
one that can have two jobs?
Come on.

Your intrepid reporter girlfriend
is being a little too intrepid.

I already steered her away
from Max's investigation.

Directly toward my patients.

- Oh, God.

- Look,
I caught her interviewing
witnesses from the bank heist.

What did you even say to her?
I don't know.
It might
have been, like
like, just, like, the
slightest bending of the truth.

Isobel, she isn't going to stop digging.

Okay, so what do you suggest that I do?
Well, that's for you to decide.

But in a relationship,
white lies are still lies.

Thank you for the Intel.

What are you doing here?
Well, we can't save the
universe on an empty stomach.

Infinity-and-Beyond Burger,
just how you like it.

You know what they say
if you can't do, teach,
and if you can't teach, waitress.

What do you mean, "if you can't teach"?
I was supposed to be prepping
them for their GED exam,
but, instead, I got pulled into
their excitement about
atmospheric plasma.

Vanessa actually walked out.

I am failing her.

And all I want to do is
help her live her best life.

What do you do when
you have cop problems
I can't help you with?
I call Michelle Valenti.

She understands what it
takes to be the sheriff.

I wish you had that.

I need someone to help
me be a better mentor,
'cause I can't do this on my own.

maybe start with some support.


What is this?
It's a spectrum analyzer.

I'm trying to detect
any unusual currencies
being emitted by the console.

"Trying" being the key word.

Well, why don't you ask
your pretty-looking fella
to help out? He's got all the
cutting-edge gadgets, doesn't he?
This console is the
closest I've ever come
to finding a way back to our planet.

Not gonna let them
mess it up at Deep Sky.

You don't trust Alex to take care of it?
Not in the same way I trust myself.


It's not his dream.

Yeah, but it's yours.

And he loves you.

That's what it means
to walk through this crazy
little thing called life
with someone, kid.

Venturing into
uncomfortable territory.

Greetings, earthlings,
and welcome to Graham
Green's Galactic Gulch.

Welcome, welcome, welcome, everyone.

Hey, Max.

Got a second?
I really don't, Anatsa.

I'll make it quick.

I'm writing a piece
about the bank heists.

Y'all go on without me.

That is not my jurisdiction.

That's what Isobel said
that the FBI was running point.

But that was Agent Jenna Cameron.

Sure looks like you're working the case.

Isobel should stay out of
things she's not a part of.

Why is the FBI being
kept out of the loop?
My contacts say that Agent Cameron
hasn't updated her superiors.

Well, you should ask her.

I'm asking you.
Because there's
a hospital full of witnesses
with collective amnesia.

No one seems to find that odd.

I interviewed every single
witness from the banks.

No one saw anything.

What about the woman
in the fringed jacket?
So it's true.

Let me help you.

Give me something.

- Anything, Max.

- Don't do that.

Look, I respect your line of work
and the conversations that we've had.

We may have different opinions,
but we always start with respect.

Don't take advantage of
the kindness I've shown you.

The fact that you'd ever
think I'd cross that line
I don't know where your line is.

Stop talking to me like the brother
of the woman you're sleeping with.

When I wear this uniform,
I am Sheriff Evans.

Kill the story or I will
Go ahead.

Finish that sentence.

Look, it's been a day.

Just, please, let this go.

If you won't give me a story,
I'll go get it on my own.

Hey, Green.
A word?
Uh, the meet and greet
isn't until later.

Don't care.
What's the deal with
the symbol in your newspaper ad?

Lingua omnimodus cosmica.

The language of the ancient travelers?
Episode 82 of The Daily Probe.

The sigil is from a trusted
source within the government.

I am the government.

Talk or I'll get a warrant to
shut down this bizarro bazaar.

Good luck finding a judge in Roswell
who's willing to turn
away our beloved tourism.


My assistant said you might come by.

Come on.
I'll give you a tour.

Uh, a-actually, I, um
I'm trying to get ahold of Allie.

She was an important mentor
for me in college, and
- I need her advice.

- Ah.

Of course.

What did you want to talk to her about?
The reason I took a step
back from the research
is 'cause I am trying to find
a better work-life balance.

- Ah.

- Every time I encounter
an exciting scientific problem
everything else ceases to exist.

Where do you think you
learned those bad habits?
Whenever Allie gets
excited about a new project,
she goes full-on rabbit hole.

She doesn't respond to messages,
abandons social media,
uh, disappears into her work.

So, don't take it personally
if she doesn't get back to you.

So where is Allie now?
Last I heard.

That's got to be tough,
to be apart.

When Allie and I were young,
I loved how passionately she
dove headfirst into a project.

She was certain
that once she was finished
with this one trial,
that would be it.

Her itch for discovery
would be scratched.

But every time,
the trial would produce
some surprising result
and then there would be a new trial.

I don't want my life
to be a series of trials
I disappear into.

Then don't let it.

Someone's got to be home in time
to make dinner for our daughter.

Speaking of
15 minutes, and then we call it?

How do you do that? How do you just
step back?
Life is a marathon,
not a sprint.

And I remind myself of that every day.

And, hey, I have a lot of help.

If you ever need mine,
you know where to find me.

Graham Green.

There you are.

- Shh.

- I've been looking for you.

I think Graham's talking
to one of the bank robbers.

Th-they were having this
intense staring contest,
and then Graham wrote
something down and
All right, all right.

Just breathe.
Just breathe.

Hey, hey.
Let's go and talk somewhere.

Okay? Let's go.

Bravo! Bravo!
Give me some good news, Cam.

I need something to go right today.

Yeah, I may have
come on a touch strong
with our little Green con man.

Dallas went to smooth things over.

Do-si-do for
old times' sake?

Clyde, is it?
Our savior.

We got your message.

But why are you dressed like that?
Hiding in plain sight.


What took you so long?
It's been six months.

We've been collecting
what you asked for.

It hasn't been easy.

But she will be so pleased I found you.

I'm looking forward to meeting Bonnie.

I wasn't talking about her.

You're not our savior.

You're the clone.

You're nothing but genetic waste.

Put down the magic hands.

Ophiuchus will rise again.

Why are you blowing up my phone?
I have to meet my probation
officer in, like, 30 minutes.

And unlike some people,
I don't have the luxury of being late.

You don't have a
probation officer, Vanessa.

In fact, there's not even a court
mandating you take your GED.

You dropped out when your dad got sick,
and you needed to help your
family pay for treatments.

Well, congratulations.

You Internet-stalked me.

Look, you do not need to
listen to a word I say.

you should listen to someone.

You have potential.

Don't waste it.

Found a scholarship for you to apply to.

I was reminded today that,
before you can achieve anything in life,
you got to attend to your own needs.

Don't push aside your
desire to go to college
just because you think
you can't afford it.

I appreciate you being
all Stand and Deliver
but this only covers tuition.

Do you know how much books
and rent cost these days?
That's why I asked you to meet me here.

Introduce you to my dad.

My daughter's recommendations
mean everything.

If you need some cash,
you can pick up extra shifts here,
whenever you want.

Can I swap out the music?
Don't push your luck, kid.


What was so urgent?
You were right.

Take the console with you
to your secret treehouse.

- Michael, you don't have to do that.

- Yes, I do.

I was stuck on this idea that
this console was my way home.

A place that I have
dreamt of my entire life.

But now I realize
are my home.

And I trust you to
take care of my dreams.

Your dreams and your heart.


I hope I'm gone for days, not weeks,
but, I promise, I will come home to you.

what do you say?
Let's get this sucker
on the road to Deep Sky.

Yeah, I don't think we need to.

Thought it could get me home sooner.

And I know you were
having trouble settling in.

And I didn't want you to feel abandoned.

I have faith that
our relationship can
survive being apart.

I do.

I have something for you.

They're made of the, uh,
first piece of alien glass I ever found.

And the pieces,
they want to be together.

I trust that, no matter
what comes our way next,
no matter how far apart
from each other we are
in this world
we will always find our
way back to each other.

in the six months that
we have shared a bed,
you have never once missed a target.

I can't stop thinking about this story
and how Max is trying
so hard to bury it.

I know he's your brother, but
it seems like there's another
reason you're protecting him.

There's not.
I just know better than to interfere
in an active investigation.

There is something very
strange happening in this town,
and you don't even seem fazed by it.

Which leads me
to believe you know something I don't.

I don't even know what
you're talking about.

- Babe, honestly
- I know when you're keeping something from me.

You must've known your
brother was working
- with his former partner.

- I didn't.

- Babe, I don't
- No.

Stop lying to me.

I promised myself that
I would never do this
to someone that I loved.

And if you keep going down this road,
you are going to run
into forces more powerful
than you are prepared for.

I couldn't live with myself
if something happened to you, Anatsa.

So, please
step away from this story.

For my sake.

Watch TV.

Order Thai food.

I'm not keeping anything from you.

I promise.

I believe you.

I suddenly have a craving for pad see ew
and Great British Bake Off.

Join me?
I'm sorry.

I just, um
I just remembered that
I have I have to go.

That looks like our
"celebrating a special occasion" bottle.

Figure we could use a little
special tonight.

Did you find what
you were looking for?
I did! Thanks to you.

I made a new friend.

She's brilliant and
unconventional and in a tax bracket
that should entirely be illegal.

But she gets me.

Allie Meyers
she made me the scientist I am today,
but I think her wife
is gonna help me become
the woman I want to be.

I'm very glad you found your person.

are my person, Max Evans.

And I might not be any match for
Michelle Valenti's sage wisdom,
I know when you've had a bad day.

No, I just I tried so hard all
day to be an exemplary sheriff.

And I just crashed and burned.

And then I got nothing
substantial out of Graham.

Top it all off
I had to pretend to be Jones
while I watched his contingency plan
slip through my fingers.

Mm, being sheriff
you're supposed to be in control.

I mean, that's part of the
responsibility of this badge.

mm, I guess power just
shows you who you really are.


You're not Jones.

Mm, I'm-I'm no one's clone.

And that chapter is behind us.

But it does worry me.

You know? Having power.

Along with everything
that comes with the
responsibilities of this badge.

you're helping me find my center.

I'll help you find yours.

- Mmm.

- Mmm.

Uh, as enticing
as that, uh, R-rated mental offer was

I think I'm gonna have
to walk away from temptation.

maybe another time.

- Uh
- Good job today.

The Pod Squad is lucky to have you.

Thank you.

Help me!
I don't think I will.

You're Jones's contingency plan.

One part.

You're about to be another.

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