Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s04e03 Episode Script

Subterranean Homesick Alien

Previously on Roswell, New Mexico
Since we've started with
the first serum treatment,
- the degeneration has slowed.

- You and Liz cured me.

I promised myself that I would never
do this to someone that I loved.

Please, step away from this story.

It is beautiful what
you've set in motion, Tezca.

Are you certain this is
the best course to take?

When an unexplained event
happens in a town known for
mysterious sci-fi occurrences,
my helicopter lands the next morning.

So you're here to offer me a job?
I see this more as a partnership
between two very inquisitive minds.

Looks like our bank robbers
have a sense of humor.

- So what's so special about this vault?
- I don't know.

But if they're willing to
break into a bank to get it,
we don't want them to have it.

So what was wrong with Astro Shack?
Was it the grease or the cheese or ?
Humanity's self-indulgence
is a sickness.

It led us astray.

Onion rings led us astray?
Well, everything leads you astray.

This isn't a What
do they call it here?
A-a vacation.

Yeah, clearly not, because a vacation
usually involves cocktails
- and food
- Enough!
We stay the course,
follow Tezca's lead.

We're not here for fun, remember?
We have important work to do.

Dinner's ready.

Eight ball.

Corner pocket.

Thought I'd catch you slipping
with those, uh, move-in willies,
now look at me, all doubting Thomas.

Yeah, my Running Man days are over.

Alex may be out chasing
weather balloons,
but my bags are unpacked.

- That's a start.

- Yeah.

And you're the one who
talked me off that ledge, so
your words of wisdom worked against you.

Well, I didn't realize I was
playing against an evolved Guerin.

What do you know?

That's the old Michael.

Drinking feelings, not embracing them.

I think you got another
soul to save, huh, preacher?
You know what, actually, uh,
I got to bounce, but, um
- Mm-hmm.

- maybe you can take some of this
newfound sage wisdom,
pay it forward.

Good game, Guerin.

Old man on a barstool ♪
Watching TV ♪
He got up and came over ♪
To sit closer to me ♪
You know, I've always found talking
to be a lot more helpful than drinking.

- But when we're your age ♪
- Okay,
binge drinking.

I am conducting a taste test,
and I prefer to do it alone, thank you.

Well, if you tell me
what you're drinking here,
I'll leave you to your wallowing.

I'm not wallowing.

You are.

I'm kind of an expert.


This one,
it's sweet, but also sour,
- kind of like bad decisions.

- Mm.


This one tastes like sunshine.

I think you could
use a little more of.

You can really play.

Taught myself.

We have been together
for quite some time.

She helped me find my place in life.

I wish I had a friend like that.

Can't really beat the real thing, right?
You can when everyone
you know is terrible.

There's an old man ♪
I used to retreat to an empty
junkyard when I felt that way.

Playing music always
helped me escape the world.

I wish I had music growing up.

You didn't have music?
Oh, you're from one of
those Footloose-type towns?
What's Footloose?
Kevin Bacon.

Is that like a, like a
breakfast food or something?
Sorry, um
I didn't get your name.

I should, I should go.

We-we just started talking.

Been told I do too much of that.

Ah, so sheriffs don't
neglect the basics.

I was trying to curve the
bullets away from the cans.

- Oh.

- It's been a minute since I worked out
my abilities, and I'm just
trying to knock off the rust,
- but it's not working.

- Well, let's see where your skills are at.

All right.

Was that on purpose?
'Cause, well, that's
gonna cost you, Evans.

Damn it.

It's not just rust.

Jones is haunting us from the grave,
there's two aliens
terrorizing Roswell right now,
and a third who's God knows where.

I got no leads
and shaky hands.

That is why I am here.

We found the Bobbsey Twins' getaway car.

I figured out who owns that stolen
safety-deposit box in Las Cruces.

It was my grandma's?
If it was Patricia's,
can you trigger a vision
and figure out what was stolen?
Yeah, I can try.

My visions have been a
little unreliable lately.

Really? I feel like your
visions have been on point.

Cam also found us another lead.

Bonnie and Clyde's Monte Carlo.

She got a sample before
forensics took it over
and found some dirt in their tires.

Thought maybe you could analyze it.

Oh, not with my GED Bunsen burners.

Eduardo could probably help with that.

There's also this symbol
- that Graham's pleading the Fifth on.

- Sigil.

Sigil, symbol, whatever it is,
I know it's important
because Anatsa saw Bonnie
with Graham at the, uh, space dork expo.

- At Galactic Gulch.

- Right?
- Yeah.

- Don't worry, Max, I handled Anatsa.

You know, I actually think
I can get Graham to talk
without the FBI agent.

No offense, Cam, but you're
not exactly fluent in, uh,
- in "space dork.
- No, none taken, Preacherman.

- Go for it.

- All right.

Hopefully, one of these leads pans out,
and then we can finally get
this Dark Triad behind bars.

We're gonna lock them up?
Won't that just cement
them as the enemy?
They are the enemy.

I don't know if they are.

I ran into Bonnie at the Pony.

She kind of reminds me of me.

And why didn't you tell me?
Well, she bolted immediately.

I'm just saying, I think she's
more lost soul than evil dictator.

Maybe I can go undercover.

- I can become her friend.

- Absolutely not.

No offense, Guerin,
but this isn't a game.

You have no experience, and
I'm not letting these two
roam around Roswell while
you play 21 Jump Street.

Okay, my bad.

- I thought we were talking it out.

- We did.

Back up Dallas while he
deals with Graham.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Don't worry, I will keep Harriet the Spy
- away from the alien hunt.

- Hey, let me, uh,
support that.

VIP tickets to a wine
tasting at Milky Wine Galaxy?
A little sheriff's perk.

You know, I've always felt
that nepotism is underrated.

Thank you.

Eduardo, thank you.

This machine is my favorite thing.

It tests for everything: EC, pH, PO4-P.

I'm about to ask it to do my taxes.

Hey, thanks for the, uh,
Level E clearance, Valenti.

Ah, de nada, Sheriff.

Please tell me you got something.

Me and this machine are tight now,
so we should have an answer soon.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I just need one of
these leads to pan out.

It's ready.


All right, well, the alien
plasma matches the balloons,
but that's to be expected
since the samples we took
were from their car wheels.

Usual levels of bacteria
and fungi, EC is normal.

High levels of petroleum hydrocarbon.

Ooh, wait, I know that one.

Well, hello, Bill Nye.

- That's the result of oil extraction, right?
- Mm-hmm.

Roswell Oil & Gas had to
shut down a bunch of derricks.

They've just been gathering dust.

Looks like we're swapping
lattes for Texas tea.

- So much for collecting dust.

- Hey.

What is your business here?
Sheriff Evans, Chaves County.

We're looking for
downed weather balloons.

- This is my consultant
- Liz Ortecho.

- Sheriff.

- Ma'am.

Pete's sake, Hank,
this isn't the Pentagon.

Okay? I'm fine.

- Shivani.

- Yeah?
what are you doing here?
I bought this place out.

Why would you buy this
place? It's derelict.

Her company delves into scientific
anomalies to stay cutting edge.

They were in town to take a
look at the St.
Elmo's fire.

She must've tapped into something.

Making whatever evidence we might find
about to disappear into the
hands of a private tech company.

Okay, but maybe not, all right?
I have a relationship with her.

You know, I c I could go in there.

I could suss it out and then
slip away and take off
after whatever we need.


If you need backup, call me, okay?

All right.

- Hey.

- Missed you at Max's earlier.

Well, I do still have a day job.

Are you sure it doesn't
have anything to do
with a certain blonde
alien with a mean left hook?
Actually, I have a date.

- Oh.

- You need something?
Yeah, I, uh, just wanted to talk
to you about some side effects.

Something wrong?
I can call Liz.
I'm sure
she'll drop everything.

We can do a full workup and make sure
- that everything is
- Oh, no, thank you, that's exactly what I don't want.

I'm just feeling a little
sore, achy.


Um Let me give you something.

Let's see
Yeah, here we go.
Okay, uh
So take two of these and
drink plenty of water.

All right.

Thanks, Doc.

Our government's priority
is to suppress the truth.

For the record, this
is gonna be pointless.

Watch and learn.

So you'll forgive my
reticence to meet with you
given your friend at the FBI.

No, I get it, I get it.

But, I mean, it ain't a bad thing
to have an in at the FBI for,
you know, believers like us.

- Mm-hmm.

- I mean, for all we know,
the feds are behind the conception
of some of the more
outlandish conspiracy theories.

That way, anyone
questioning the official story
seems like a, you know,
- paranoid wack job by association.

- Yeah, exactly.

Like, one secret about, uh,
bio government weapon
gone wrong gets out, right?
Suddenly that becomes
a lunatic on Reddit
talking about an army of
lizard people.
Come on.

- It's all calculated.

- Yeah.

You know, they have, uh,
secret underground bases
all over the world
- All over the world.

- tracking this stuff.

- Don't even get me started on the
- Denver Airport.

Glad you made a geek buddy, but
Just winding up for the pitch.

Hey, I, um,
I think
I might have something that
you might be interested in.

You know, as a fellow believer.

What are you Are you insane?
I seem to recall you agreeing
to no backseat driving, Guerin.


That's clearly a fake.

All right.

So you're the, uh, expert?
Ah, insulting him.
That'll help.

Just seconds away from the
two of us becoming boys.

That sigil
in your newspaper, come on,
obviously clip art.

"Trusted government source," my ass.

You're right about one thing.

It wasn't a government source.

Come on.

All right, all right.

Between you, me, and
us Ewoks, that source
was my great-grandpa.

Old Gareth
was a bank security guard back then.

He saw that sigil on a case that
was put in a-a safety-deposit box.

He didn't see what was in it, but swears
the case glowed.

And he worked at the bank
on West Pecos Bank and Trust
- that got robbed?
- That's the best part.

It was a different branch.

- My gut tells me whatever was in that box was alien.

- Hmm.

Who knows, it could still
be there to this very day.

Okay, if Bonnie mind
controlled that out of Graham,
it's only a matter of time
before they hit up that bank.

And Max will just
intercept them and throw
them in Jones's cage.

All right, I take it you still
think that's the wrong way to go.

One thousand percent.

- Okay, well, then stick up for yourself.

- No.

There's no point.

I am the screwup.
Max is the cop.

Yeah, Max is a cop,
but he's not the one with
the inside information.

All right? You talked
to Bonnie, not Max.

And if she is teetering on the edge,
I'd be you're the one that can
tip her back to our side.

Look, I'm with you.

Locking her up, it's
only gonna radicalize her.

Ooh, the wheel in the sky ♪
Keeps on turning ♪
I don't know ♪
Swig long and prosper, indeed.

Oh, God.

You hate it, don't you?
- No.
No, no, no, no.

- Let's go.

- We can do something else.

- I love it.

And I'm secretly a fan of Moscato.


Though it looks like
Kyle's a fan of the reds.

What is he doing here?
You know what?
Why don't we break
Starfleet's prime directive
and go mingle
with an unknown civilization?
- Hm?
- Hm.

It's got a funny name, but
this Pinot isn't half bad.

Well I, for one, think
Pinot Picard is a great name,
and I'm happy to be
here sipping it with you.

Resistance is futile.

Hand over your wine glasses.

- Isobel.

- Hi.


And Anatsa.

- Funny seeing you both here.

- Hi.

Wheel in the sky
keeps on turning ♪
This is Kira.

- Kira, this is Isobel and her girlfriend, Anatsa.

- Hi.

Nice to meet y'all.

You know what? Uh, gosh,
we would love to stay,
but Kira and I were
just headed to the VIP section,
- so it was really good to see you.

- No way,
so are we.

Should we double date?
So what are you all doing here?
Is this an environmental mission or ?
- Director.

- Hmm?
You know, uh, if
you're busy, I can wait.

I'll go search for
those weather balloons.

Hey, everyone, early lunch.

I know why you're here, Liz.

Yeah, for the weather balloons
that were crushed by
the St.
Elmo's fire.

Oh, come on, St.
fire? Let's talk locusts.

Nothing on this earth can
explain what happened to them.

You know what I think?
I don't.

I think something alien
brought you back to Roswell.

Want to just skip the part
where you deny all of this,
and I can just tell you why I'm right?
What brought me to Roswell
was the very same thing that
drew Allie and me to Careyes.

We found something not of this planet.

Something that possessed
unique healing properties.

- Healing properties?
- Mm-hmm.

Is there someone personal
you needed to help?
Our daughter was in
desperate need of help.

And this was the first glimmer of hope
that we'd seen in a long time.

I'm sorry.

Was Allie able to help her?
I haven't seen her in months,
but I know she's still working on it.

So I have
both her research and
my-my best and brightest,
my people working on it, and
they are making great strides.

But, you know, the point
that matters to you
I'm already versed in alien science.

So you have a choice to make:
let me help you,
or keep pretending there's
no elephant at the oil field.

Taking the uncomfortable
path is never easy.

The sample that brought me here
had chemical markers similar to the
anomalies of the St.
Elmo's fire.

That's what I got, and I
don't know where to start.

Well, you're in luck
because I have got the autoclaves
and the centrifuges
and the jurisdiction.

So you just share that
incredible mind of yours,
throw in a couple of milkshakes
My people will find
what you're looking for.

Okay, come on, come on.


Whew, come on, come
on, come on, come on.

Come on.

Show me what Patricia hid.

God, I'm an idiot.

So close.

What's going on with you?
I did something stupid, okay?
Sure, well, when it's not wine,
painting really relaxes me.

I taught myself.

That's impressive.

You know, I love going to galleries.

Our flights are up.

- Kira, what do you say we go grab them?
- Sure.


I love going to galleries.

You're blowing it, Valenti.

You're supposed to keep it on her.

Ask to see her paintings sometime.

Okay, you're giving me dating tips
while I'm on the date?
You're welcome.
That's so cool.

Reporters are so intrepid.

I've been that way since
I was a little girl.

I read Superman 'cause
I was into Lois Lane.

That actually explains a lot.

Not like that.

Okay, maybe a little like that.

- Like a little bit like that?
- I don't know.

I just loved that she was this reporter
that never gave up on the truth.

But enough about my gig,
what about yours?
Not as exciting as journalism.

I work at an insurance company,
but there's a little
bit of buzz right now
because the case that I'm working on
is one of the banks that got robbed.

I'm doing a story on that.

Any theories on their motivations?
You know, baby, let's not, uh,
mix business with pleasure, hm?
Yeah, yeah, I'm sure,
uh, Kira would rather not.

Are you kidding me? Nobody
ever asks about my job.

Bring it.

Adrenaline shots
- when you're not having an allergic reaction is
- Yeah, I know, I know.

I've been losing my powers.

I thought it would trigger a vision,
but it didn't.

And I'm assuming nobody can know.

Especially not Liz.

She finally got her life
in a place where she likes it, and I
I can't mess that up for her.

If she found out, she would feel guilty.

She would just dive right in.

Okay, so you'd rather steal
adrenaline and lie to Max?
Nobody can know, okay?
You can't tell anybody.

All right, look, this won't be
the first secret I've had to keep.

With everything going on, I have
felt useless without my powers.

Hey, look, you may
have lost your visions,
but you haven't lost your mind.

Where-where did your
grandmother keep her stuff?
Anything she had she
would've left with my mom,
and we kept a bunch of
junk in storage here.

I mean, that
sounds like a good place to start.


Your timing is perfect, actually.

I just got off the phone with Dallas.

He made headway with Graham.

- Our Graham?
- The one and only.

I guess every conspiracy
theorist has their day.

Yeah, apparently.

Any, uh, anything else
from the oil field?
Not yet,
but I was thinking about your plan
to get our latest
Sky-guests behind bars.

Why not try Michael's way?
I mean
Look, I appreciate you
hearing him out, but, you know,
Michael's not a cop, he's just a guy
Who's got a good plan that has, uh,
some risk, but if it worked out,
could be a game changer.

I know you see the value in his idea.

And it's not ego, so
what is it?
When you untethered me from Jones,
something happened.

abilities changed.

You didn't tell me that.

Yeah, well,
I couldn't quite put my finger on how.

You know, but something
has definitely shifted.

It's like, it's like
they've multiplied.

How much?
I don't know.

I really don't know,
but Jones told me that
I had only scratched the surface
of my potential.
I mean
the reason I want this triad behind bars
is because, uh, if they
back me into a corner,
and I'm forced to use my powers,
I'm afraid of what I could do.

You feel like a bull in a china shop.

I feel like the Hulk in a china shop.

Then let's figure out a way to
do this without using your powers.


We cannot avoid the better
plan just because it has risks.

Let's call Michael.

You know
I think I know a way we can
use the bank to our advantage.

So all this was here
when you took over, right?
My mom's filing system
leaves much to be desired, hmm?
Okay, so we're assuming that a clue was
unknowingly stored away.

What if it's the opposite?
You mean, known
- then hidden?
- Yeah, maybe.

You search the table.

I'll look over here.


I found something.

Two safety-deposit box keys.

They're from two different branches
of West Pecos Bank and Trust.

Usually, when my insurance company works
a bank robbery like this,
it's pretty open and shut,
but the security footage
Well, I shouldn't say.

- Try the Mos Eisley Moscato.

- Babe.

Maybe I shouldn't.

My sister says I get
too chatty when I drink.

Well, you know, we could
trade the sangria for singing.

- Weren't you craving Karaoke?
- Yes.
Yes, yes, yes.

Maybe just one more glass.

And when you're among friends,
sharing is caring.

To friendship.

So about that security footage
Babe, you know what, I'm sure
that it wouldn't be professional
for Kira to divulge
speculation like that.

Oh, I would never speculate
about something like this.

To professionalism.

Don't worry.
I can fix this.

Babe, come on.
What do you say
we go dance, hmm? I want to move.

Can we please do it later?
You know that saying,
"The truth is out there"?
Tonight, it's in there.

Now you wet my appetite.

What is so intriguing
about the security footage?
Well, legally, I'm
not allowed to snow
I mean, show you.

Being risk adverse, you
probably shouldn't
But it looks doctored, which
means there's a loophole.


See the money blowing around?
But then look at the balloons.

Ah, you're right.

There's no wind.
is definitely doctored.

No, but check out the light.

You can't fake shadows like that.

I actually think it's legit.

Wait, roll that back.

Is that Max?
- Moment of your time, sir?
- Yup.

We're looking for box 1407.



Remember, two minutes
until the alien inhibitor
takes full effect.

Got to stall them.


There's nothing here.
There's only this.

The more Clyde talks
The slower he moves those
tumblers and opens the vault.

You outran me before,
but I'm guessing tonight you're
sensing something different in the air.

Ah, Sheriff Clone.

Just smells like your air
of foolishness, if you ask me.

Says the fool locked in a bank vault.

You've spent your whole life
locking away your truth, Officer.

I'll be out in seconds.

It must be disappointing to
go through all that trouble
to break into a bank, but then
find nothing but me waiting for you.

After years of being pitifully ordinary,
I doubt you even know what you took.

He's flipping the tumblers
on the locking system.

You could tell me.

Or maybe I'll pry it from your
hands once I open up this door.

Last tumbler.

When I saw you, I saw a guy
who has no say in what they're doing.

You're just doing the bidding
of your leader, aren't you?
For all your lofty talk,
at the end of the day,
you are nothing but a
glorified errand boy.

You don't see the greatness
that is yet to come.

When I get out of this
vault, I'll show you.

What I see is that without your powers,
your greatness ends here.

Now what's happening?
What the hell are you doing here?
I'm making a withdrawal.

I'm saving you.
Come on.

- You shouldn't have come.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- What is this?
- It's your one shot to run.

Are you gonna take it or not?
Bonnie, come on.

See you at the junkyard.

Now! Let's go!

What happened?
Bonnie left a calling card.

You okay?
Yeah, I just hope this was all worth it.

You know, we should, uh
probably patch this
wall up pretty quick.

Okay, you need to get your
blabbermouth date under control.

Nice, Iz.
It's not Kira's fault
your date is going all Nancy Drew.

My date is good at her job.

Maybe next time she should, um,
hold a press conference, you know,
get the whole town in on the hot gossip
that could ruin my brother's life.

I wasn't the one who
suggested the double date.

Her and I could've been
sipping Cosmoscato, alone.

Yeah, well, maybe I
don't want to be alone,
did you ever think about that?
Wait, you
didn't want to be alone
with your own girlfriend?
No, I really do want
to be alone with her.

She's perfect.

I want to be
sweet to her.
I want
to be silly with her.

I want to just wrap her
up in love, and I can't.


Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, Iz.

What's going on?
I mindscaped her, Kyle,
to keep her from the truth.

After I told her that I loved her,
and now every time she looks
at me, all I can think is,
"What if I'm a terrible monster?
What if I'm Noah?"
You know, because if that's the
case, then she should just
she should run as fast as she can.


That's not true, okay? You are not Noah.

We both know that.

It's okay.

It's really not.

It can be.

Look, you're operating
from a place of fear.

Okay? That makes you
act out of character.

I've been there.

So terrified of the unknown
that I hurt people really close to me.

Transparency takes courage,
but you're gonna have
to be honest with her.

Or you're just gonna keep
sabotaging your relationships
with painfully awkward double dates.

I ruined your date, didn't I?
Just a little.

Thank you.

I know you're right.

I know I have to come clean.

I am glad we got those keys
and got to this before they did.

If only I still had my powers,
I could figure out what it is.

Talk to me.

It's It's just,
as soon as I started to
feel connected to my family,
poof, magic was gone.

But, you know, most people
only have five senses,
my sixth sense almost
killed me, so, you know,
who am I to grieve something that,
not only was I lucky
enough to have, but
was lucky to survive?
Um, so everyone else gets
five stages of grief,
but Maria DeLuca only gets half a stage?
Come on, I mean,
why don't you,
I don't know, allow
yourself, like, a heartbeat
to process all this?
I don't know.
I guess,
you know, I'm a little
hard on myself sometimes.

You guess?
You're literally hard on yourself
about being hard on yourself.

All right.
I don't walk
around knocking your hobbies.

I feel less alone now.

I appreciate that, and you.

You've known us for
barely six months
and somehow you manage
to be there for everyone.

That's, um
That's really kind of you, but, uh,
it's not completely selfless.

You know, you,
Max, Michael, Isobel,
being a SETI fanboy, honestly,
all of it, I'm just
I'm just soaking it all up 'cause, um,
it's all I have to help
me understand my past.

If I still had my visions, I would
Maria, Maria, come on.

All right, peace to that, okay?
Because, you know, being with you,
that's what helps.

The closer I get to
to all of you,
the closer I feel to my father.

And, uh, the closer
the better, you know?

Guess they're back.

How'd it go?
I mean, getting the
artifact before they showed up,
that was checkmate.
Thank you.

Well, we're happy to help.

Um, here it is.

- All right.

- Keep it safe.

Yeah, I will.
I mean, we're
still in the dark about
what they stole from
the Las Cruces bank,
but, uh, maybe you saw
something in one of your visions?
Nothing just yet, but, uh,
you know, she's working on it.

- Okay.

- Okay.

Well, we know it's a delicate process.

We're just trying to dot every "I"
'cause that third alien
is still out there.

I'm so sorry! I didn't see you.

Are you okay?
How'd you know we were
gonna hit that bank?
I didn't.

I just knew Max would be there.

We disagree on things.

You could let your partner know
there's more tips where that came from.

You're Oasian.

Part of the reason I've
never really fit in here.

Yeah, well, I don't
I don't always know
where I fit in, either.

Makes my mind race.

You know what quiets
the chaos in my head?
- Music.

- Uh-huh.

I could really use some music right now.

What if I taught you
how to make your own?
And you'd have it all to yourself.

You really think you can
keep your powers being gone
a secret from Liz forever?
I'm gonna have to
tell her at some point.

You're, uh,
you're hardwired to
protect the ones you love,
and you always put others first.

What am I, St.
Maria or something?
Brother, please.
I have
done bad things, okay?
Okay, so, um,
why don't you tell me about one of
those bad things that you've done?
Like a fiery phoenix
rising up from the ashes,
Maria lives.

Fine, I'll take it.
I like it.

Again? When?
I'll be right there.

My mom has gone missing again.

Do you have a problem with my job?
- What?
- You've been acting weird, since St.
Elmo's fire.

What is it?

Is it Kyle?
Is something going on there?
I'm sorry, between me and Kyle?
Anatsa, we're old friends.

That's it.
That's all.


You're just willing to share
important things with him, but not me.

- That's not true.

- It is.

Ever since I told you I love you,
things have been different.

I don't have to know everything,
but when you lie to me
about things that are
obviously affecting you,
it hurts, Iz.

- I know, I
- I'm tired of feeling like
the side chick in my own relationship.



Well, if that's
making you feel that bad,
then maybe a little distance
would be good for us, get some clarity.

Taking shots and making it count ♪
You know I'm gonna do ♪

I'm not feeling so good.

He's gonna take me home.

So I'm gonna
drop her off and head to the lab,
get some work in.


- Wait.

- I think it's best I get a cab.



We've got something
over here you should see.

Is that skin?


Shivani's team found what
could be alien tissue.

You gonna call her?

No, I'm not.

I am gonna enjoy this moment with you.

- Hm.

- Mm-hmm.

I'll see Shivani
tomorrow, but right now,
I plan to enjoy tonight.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.


We've got a problem.

Jones is gone.

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