Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s04e04 Episode Script

Dear Mama

Previously on Roswell, New Mexico
We have been working nonstop
since we crawled out of
our pod six months ago.
There's two aliens terrorizing
Roswell right now,
and a third who's God knows where.
I ran into Bonnie at the Pony.
Think she's more lost
soul than evil dictator.
Maybe I can go undercover.
I can become her friend.
I've been losing my powers.
Think you can keep your powers being
gone a secret from Liz forever?
We found something.
Something not of this Earth.
- What say you?
- I'm in.
We've got a problem. Jones is gone.
My mom has gone missing again.
Where do we search first?
She's on the ground.
- Call for help!
- Okay, yeah, you go. I'll call 911.
Mom, are you okay?
- What happened?
- I needed to see you.
I had a vision
after the sky turned pink.
Shh, okay. You should've called.
You must meet me here.
Why-why do you feel so disconnected?
My time has come, honey.
I have to go.
No, no, you're not leaving me, not now.
I'll never leave you.
You'll always have the power to find me.
You must go there.
- I
- Promise me.
I promise. I promise.
Mom. Mom!
No. No.
I'm so sorry.
I found one of her old
albums in the back.
You remember that?
She was a free spirit.
It's only been a few hours.
I already miss her so much.
I do, too.
You know, any time my mom left,
your mom was always there.
When you get this message,
call me when you can.
She's gonna need you, Alex.
You guys, you-you didn't have to come.
Kyle told me that Jones
is missing again.
Jones is still dead. He can wait.
You and Anatsa, you
You're my sister.
Of course I'm gonna be here for you.
I-It's okay for you to
lean on us right now.
I know right now you feel
like your heart's been
ripped out of your chest.
But you have all of us and your visions.
I just need a minute.
It's the "Deluca saves
herself" special in there,
and I will be damned if I
sit here and do nothing,
so what's going on at Deep Sky?
The cameras fritzed at the exact
moment Jones's body went missing,
but nothing else is gone,
so I guess that's something.
And Eduardo?
I haven't connected with him yet.
Well, we're thinking
it's the third alien.
I mean, it's got to be, right?
Who else would go after Jones?
I'm gonna head back to the lab
and figure out just what
the hell is going on.
All right.
I guess, uh, Deep Sky isn't the
Fort Knox we thought it was.
It's a good thing that we
didn't store this guy there.
All right, well, I should go
prep my next music lesson.
Bonnie's trusting me.
If I can get Clyde to do the same,
I can figure out how
it all fits together.
Thought you might say that, which
is why Cam brought you a tracker.
No. I've seen The Departed.
Hey, Michael, listen, man.
You had a big win at the bank yesterday.
Undercover work is dangerous.
All right? You can't take your eye
off the ball, even for a second.
Sometimes, we let our
emotions get the best of us.
I'm not letting my emotions
get the best of anything.
Jones is gone.
They've hit three banks now.
I just want to figure out
how this is all connected
before anyone else gets hurt.
This is exactly why I'm
asking you to be smart.
Are we really gonna do this?
Never doubt the power
that can be drawn from belief.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm still on the group text.
You want to sit?
Drink? Cry?
Oh, God help me, Anatsa.
Why do you have to be so perfect?
Um, that's the complete opposite
of what you said last night.
I know that. I, uh
I wasn't really in my right mind.
Then tell me what you want.
I want to talk to you, really.
Then talk to me.
I can tell that there's something
that you're trying to get out.
Just take a leap of faith.
I have to be with my family right now.
Um, I-I have some calls
I have to return anyway.
The Albuquerque Journal
is still pressuring me
about the reporter position.
You should take that job.
You know, that's, um
That's the right move for your career.
Glad you came for another lesson.
May I?
Now, keep these on the third fret.
That is almost it.
So, I've been wondering, why
is there no music on Oasis?
Well, there used to be.
They say that music pollutes the mind.
I spent my whole life believing
everything that they said.
But Earth is, like, it's proof that
that things can be different.
You know, it's good to ask questions.
Helps you figure out what you want,
where you belong.
Well, that often gets me in trouble.
- So
- With who?
Your boyfriend?
Ew, no. Clyde is
He's not my boyfriend.
- No?
- No.
He's like a big brother.
He was the one that
that brought me in.
Well, who brought, uh, Clyde in?
I told you this poison rots your brain.
What's going on, Bonnie?
You know, I've been wanting to meet you.
Yeah, 'cause it's not every
day that I meet someone
who knows more about me than myself.
Ah. You want answers.
My whole life, it's
all I've ever wanted.
Hand me your phone.
Now, let's go for a ride.
I'm sorry, what am I looking at here?
Where did we get all this equipment?
I told Shivani I knew
about alien science.
Don't worry, that's all she knows.
And no one's gonna just come
barging through that door?
Shivani agreed to a closed-door policy.
All right, uh, Dr. Dyson,
why don't you tell me about this,
uh, alien ectoplasm, hmm?
Oh, I prefer the term "goo,"
but it's technically epidermal tissue.
Third helix is present.
It's definitely alien.
Hey, Liz, a second.
- Yeah.
- After everything with Mimi,
you sure you're up for this?
I'm fine. I, um can use
the distraction, actually.
I sent Maria two texts, and all
I got back was a "thumbs up,"
so I must've said something dumb.
And if I can't help her,
maybe I can help us.
All right, here we go.
Um, what just happened?
Oh, please, please, no more casseroles.
Uh, Arturo sent 'Cosmic
cakes and Crashbrowns.
I just volunteered to deliver them.
You just don't give up, do you?
It's a minister's job to offer guidance,
and I think you should
talk to your friends.
Look, don't you think I know that?
My life would be so much easier
if I just told Liz I lost my vision,
and then, maybe, I would have some
fighting chance at figuring out
what it is my mom thought
was worth dying for.
I mean, if Liz can solve this problem,
then maybe she should drop
everything to help you.
She's working hard at her
"eat, pray, Liz" thing.
Okay, what about Isobel?
Or Michael?
Look, all I'm saying is they've got
dope powers, too, you know.
- You never know
- Their powers cannot fix me.
What do you know about powers anyway?
Shouldn't you be somewhere
focused on your own
prepubescent abilities,
instead of trying to fix
the ones that I lost?
I'm sorry.
No, no, uh, y-you're
right about some of that.
No, this isn't about you.
If I'd just admitted
that I was powerless,
then maybe my mom would've told me
exactly what she wanted me to know,
but I just froze.
Don't you dare blame yourself
for not thinking clearly
at a time like this.
We will figure out whatever it is
that your mom wanted you to see.
But you can't do that, until you
until you let go of that guilt.
I don't know how.
Well, why don't you ask her?
I don't know. She don't
seem so powerless to me.
Oh, pomegranate wine coolers.
Busting out the good stuff.
Isn't that the customs here?
Share some brewskis, shoot the shizzel.
Mm, don't think Snoop would
put it quite that way.
Bonnie clearly likes you.
Why is that?
Uh, she appreciates my sarcasm
and my on point taste in music?
Why did you bust us out of that bank?
I don't want to see
you end up in a cage.
Why do you care?
Met the sheriff the other day.
It's pretty clear that
he feels differently.
Well, if you'd done your research,
you would know that I have a
pretty impressive rap sheet.
That sheriff and I have
never seen eye to eye.
And you think you and I will?
It's lonely being the
only one in this town
who colors outside the lines, okay?
Bonnie and I felt like that once.
Then we met someone who showed us
how to be bigger than ourselves.
- Jones.
- You knew him?
Not well,
but he seemed to have
it all figured out.
He was a visionary.
He showed us what the world could be.
What can the world be?
This is where Shivani's tech
found the alien sample.
There's got to be more.
Okay, that's a cool little magic
wand you MacGyvered.
Yeah. I rigged it so
that it would locate
the alien tech component
in alien biology.
- I mean, at least I hope I did.
- Hey, hey.
Can you just slow down for a sec?
What's wrong, Liz?
When I ruined that skin sample,
I killed our only lead.
I-I-I-I-I haven't been thinking clearly.
Is it because of Jones, or Maria?
I don't know. I don't know.
On one hand, I'm terrified
because Jones is gone,
and if I don't figure out exactly
who we are up against,
then there is a chance that we
have to face off with him again.
And then, on the other hand,
I can't stop thinking about Maria.
I mean, she's got to feel so alone.
Max, Mimi was her world.
Yesterday, you told me to trust you.
All right? So now it's your turn.
Okay? We will find the sample,
we will find Jones
and we will find that third alien.
Aren't you afraid?
Well, of course I am,
but I'm putting all that aside
because I'm putting my faith in you.
Something's buried here.
Um, I'll have Senovative dig it out.
No, no, no. It's That'll take
too long. I I got this.
- Hey, yesterday
- Was yesterday.
All right? You said that,
together, we can do anything.
So let's prove it.
You you are my turquoise.
You focus me.
I really need to talk to security.
I am here to help you. Now, I
know that the cameras fritzed,
but, uh, what else you got
on Jones' Great Escape?
Uh, no thanks.
Not unless you're moonlighting
as a private eye.
That was sent to Eduardo.
It was postmarked a few months
ago from a town called Careyes.
Now, a quick Internet search
told me that Careyes is a town
where people put ladders
up on their roofs
to welcome in the Sky Gods.
Who's your Sam Spade now, baby?
You know, my family's
actually from Careyes.
I've never been, but Eduardo says
it's nothing but a tourist trap.
Oh, you mean like Roswell?
It doesn't matter.
This isn't addressed to you.
- Wait.
- All's fair in love and war.
That is a federal crime.
- What?
- "There are things in Careyes
"you'd find interesting.
Ask for Xitlali."
All right. Let's suit up.
This symbol has followed me around
like a bad tweet my whole life.
Add that to an Aztec Sky God,
I'd bet we have the place that
Jones stashed his plan B.
Now, I think we should go down there,
we find the source of all
this, we make it stop,
and then we drown ourselves in mescal.
You didn't come clean
to Anatsa did you?
I tried, and I couldn't,
so now I'm pretty sure that
I never will be able to.
It's that pink rain, man.
Ever since that pink rain,
- I have not been happy.
- You're not alone there.
Well, uh, I saw some construction
out by the highway near Deep Sky,
so I'm gonna go see if the roadside
cameras caught anything.
Hey, how about a taste from Oasis?
Or are you worried it might be poison?
This tastes like every
feeling I've ever had.
How do you have this?
We brought it on our ship.
Yeah, well, sadly,
we're in short supply,
but I can show you where it came from.
Is that an Oasian salamander?
Yeah, we call them Fortune.
It's good luck if you see one.
Not so much if they bite you.
Their venom is deadly.
That is the tree that bears the fruits.
She's sacred.
Why would you ever leave this place?
It was our Savior's will.
- Were you on my ship?
- We were.
So, where have you been all this time?
In stasis till we were called upon.
By Jones?
Are there more of you?
Jones said our kind form triads,
so there must be a third, right?
I mean, unless Jones is your third.
- Of course not.
- Okay, playtime's over.
Hey, my bad.
I have questions.
You've been to this
place, man, I haven't.
'Cause you're not asking about Oasis,
you're asking about Jones.
I don't care about Jones
because Jones is dead, right?
Okay. Why are you really here?
- I just told you.
- Oh, you're looking for something?
- No.
- Or someone? Hey.
Did someone follow us?
Clyde. You broke his phone.
- His clone friend's a cop, Bonnie.
- Enough. You're being paranoid.
If so, then he won't mind
me searching him,
see if he has any secrets up his sleeve.
Your visionary? He's my father.
And I'm just like him.
So, will you please tell me
what my role is in all of this.
We're gonna need a minute.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Where did you get that?
The, uh, owner of the truck Max found.
She claims she met someone from Careyes,
then woke up in it after
losing a week of her life.
Great. Memory loss, missing time.
That reminds me of Noah.
Yeah, mind control's kind
of what we're thinking, too.
Well, and no one has seen Eduardo
since yesterday, but Isobel
She found this on the
construction crew's camera.
She matches Renata's description.
I think we're looking
at our third alien.
Okay. Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
Got to be a phone somewhere.
- Michael.
- I'm getting you out of here.
Why are your eyes blue?
I don't know.
I All I remember is running into
someone out on the highway,
and then I woke up here.
Is she here? Did you see her?
- Who?
- The woman.
- You talking about the third alien?
- What?
- No, but her friends are here.
- How did you even find me?
- Max let me play Donnie Brasco.
- What?
I know. Don't be too impressed, though.
I pushed too hard, I got made.
If that's true, then where are they?
They're outside planning
my untimely end.
I sort of blurted out
that I'm Jones's son.
- I jumped the gun.
- You did exactly what you should've.
If they were going to kill you,
they would've done it by now.
Clyde isn't exactly an open book.
No good criminal is.
Undercover work is like poker.
You never know exactly
what they're thinking,
but one thing's for sure, if you run,
they've called your bluff.
Let me ask you this, do
you think they're all bad?
No, I think some of them are just lost.
This isn't my first kidnapping.
I can escape on my own.
Don't give up.
It's Teen Witch tonight,
if I can fix this spool before curtain.
Sounds stupid.
Teen Witch is a cult classic.
I think you and Ty
would really enjoy it.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna have to pass
because Ty just dumped
me for Lindsay Lewis.
Did I ever told you why
I volunteer my time
tinkering with this old projector?
Free movie tickets.
Film captures the soul.
A good movie can change the
whole way you see the world.
You know, I don't think that Teen Witch
is gonna change the way
I see Ty and Lindsey.
Give me your hand.
See here?
This is the intersection of
your love and life lines,
and it says you have
quite a few more years
before you walk down the
aisle with Mr. Right. Sorry.
That supposed to make me feel better?
You're in high school.
Nothing's supposed to
make you feel better.
Except maybe seeing Teen
Witch tonight with your mom.
Love and life lines?
She wants me to go to her wedding.
Oh, wait.
Eduardo was mind-controlled?
Yeah, we think he's the one
that stole Jones's body.
Oh, my God. Is he okay?
Well, he's still missing.
But the good news is
that Kyle and Isobel
found a photo of our third alien.
We think they're together, so
Cam and I are gonna start looking
where Michael's tracker last pinged.
Oh, okay, well
Wait, if you don't need
Kyle, can I borrow him?
I could use his help sniffing out
some more alien DNA samples.
Well, I wish I could loan him to you,
but he went down to Mexico,
following a lead.
You should probably hop out.
We got to release this
truck back to its
What are you doing in my rig?
Uh, my colleague was just finishing
up her sweep of your cab.
How long have you had blue eyes?
Since I blacked out and found
myself in someone else's clothes.
Worst part is,
now my Van Morrison tattoo
doesn't make any sense.
I am not mounting a national
search party to find an alien.
What are you doing here anyway?
You know, last I checked,
I'm still the only legally
blonde gunslinger in town.
You ever wonder if maybe gunslingers
aren't really as tough as they look?
You know, I mean, it's
easy to romanticize
being out there at dawn with
nothing but a quick hand
and steel bullets, you know,
but holistically speaking,
I mean, don't you think a
lot of them probably had
some pretty intense
psychological issues?
Is this a trick question?
No, I'm just, you know, I'm just saying.
It's-it's easy to know what to do
when you're playing The Quick and
the Dead with an evil overlord,
you know, but when it comes to
how we treat people that we love,
- it's just
- This is about Maria.
Yeah, I guess, um, everything
that happened with Mimi,
it just made me realize how
how easy it is to lose
someone that you love.
Just because Max is proposing
does not mean you're gonna lose him.
You you didn't know?
- No, I did not.
- Doesn't matter.
Max and Liz decided to wait.
So-so my brother found the
balls to get down on one knee
and meanwhile, I, for some
inexplicable reason, lose all nerve
when it comes to telling my own truth?
You're in love.
It's horrible, Cameron.
And instead of cherishing
my beautiful girlfriend,
I just told her to move
halfway across the state.
I have been horrible to her all week,
and I can't stop because
she is a reporter
who is chasing a story, you know?
And if she knew the
truth about me, then
She might just expose your
alien pedigree to the world?
You really think she'd do that?
Sounds to me like Anatsa
is the first person
you've really cared about since your ex.
My guess is, you're afraid that
if you open your heart to her,
she might shatter it.
All right.
You got me, Annie Oakley.
Must be nice being bulletproof.
Beneath this gunslinger bravado
was a young, stupid deputy
in love with your stupid brother.
But I never found the
courage to tell him.
Sometimes I still wonder, if I had,
if things would be different, but
Yeah, well, that's over now.
Oh, Cam.
I had no idea.
That's kind of the point of the story.
What are you doing here?
You can't leave yet.
I have something that I need to say.
You've been needing to say
something for a week now.
I know. But I was scared
how you would react.
And you're not scared anymore?
No. I'm terrified.
But I need you to know the real me.
I'm sorry that I lied to you
about Max and Cameron working together.
But most of all, I am sorry for any
time that I have pushed you away,
because all I want is
to be close to you.
Anatsa, you are perfect.
And I am completely in love with you.
There is a cave that is a mile
and a half away from here,
and I know this sounds creepy,
but I need you to come with me
because it's gonna help me
explain who I really am.
So, what do you say, cowgirl? Hmm?
Will you ride off into
the sunset with me?
This roller coaster that we're on,
it's been more than I can handle.
My heart is broken, Isobel.
It's not that I don't
love you, it's just
for me, love can't be this complicated.
I hope you figure this out.
'Cause you deserve to be happy.
Had a little trouble
finding your outhouse.
You should consider plumbing.
It's a prize of the modern age.
I heard stories about the
Engineer and the Savior,
I just never imagined they had a child.
Never imagined I was heir to a throne.
What do you say we put
our, um, skepticism aside?
You're his son,
I'm his star pupil.
I bet there's a lot we can
learn from each other.
That's what I'm here for.
That's from Las Cruces Bank.
Open it.
What are they for?
They are pieces of a larger puzzle.
All that's missing is that piece
from West Pecos Bank and Trust.
Yeah, and when you retrieve it,
you'll be able to see what this
skilled piece of engineering can do.
Rumor has it your mother built it.
Been here three hours
and no one knows Xitlali.
Not even at my family's
tequila distillery.
How did that trucker
volunteer her eye DNA?
I sort of made her cry and
then I asked for a Kleenex.
Wow, that bedside manner.
I just, I have to figure out what
changed Renata's eye color
and the last time that
I touched alien DNA,
it literally turned to dust.
So I need my old partner to help me.
What does the science say?
It's definitely alien.
I mean, whatever happened left
trace DNA in Renata's system.
And there was no exchange
of genetic material
when Sheriff Taylor or Isobel
were mind-controlled.
Maybe our alien carries a mutated gene
that makes her more, um evolved.
Or maybe involved.
Uh, w-what if the DNA acts as an anchor,
you know, in the way
that the handprint does,
so that it could give her better
control of her victims?
Add the dye.
It might give you a better idea
of its molecular composition.
Kyle, the last time I altered it
You've been doing this
since seventh grade, Liz.
Okay? You can't screw it up.
I got to go.
No. No, no, no. Oh,
I lost another sample.
I got nothing but, uh,
roadkill and tumbleweeds.
- What about you?
- No dice.
Combed a three-mile radius from
our last hit on Michael's tracker.
Think it's faulty?
Round of shots says he smashed it.
Well, you better be talking doubles,
'cause I could use a buzz after today.
Oh, you want a buzz?
Liz told me to watch out for
an Eduardo with blue eyes.
She thinks it's the way the third
alien mind-controlled her victims.
I'm telling you, man,
"freaky" is part of the job.
I've got Eduardo. Get here quick.
I'm okay. I'm okay.
I'm just a little light-headed.
- Thirsty.
- Yeah.
Your eyes are brown.
And since when do you
have an alien tattoo?
That's because I'm not Eduardo.
If it's a fidget toy you need,
I've invented plenty better than those.
For the first time in forever,
the science doesn't
make any sense to me.
Well, the world has a way
of clouding our judgment
when we need it the most.
- Something happen today?
- I lost someone.
Come here.
Someone that was always
there for my sister and me.
I mean, she made sure we had
warm clothes in the winter
and she was the shoulder to
cry on when things got tough.
You know, when my daughter
went through her sickness,
I struggled for months
to see through the pain.
You know, all day, I have been
refusing to let the pain win.
I think it still won.
Because you're not acknowledging it.
You give yourself permission to grieve,
and you will find your footing again.
It's hard to lose a mother.
I mean, she wasn't actually my mother.
Sounds like she really was.
In all the ways that matter.
Hey, can I tell you a secret?
- Yeah.
- This isn't the end.
I think life is like water.
Takes many forms.
Liquid, gas, ice cubes.
But at its essence,
it always remains the same.
You will see her again.
So, he showed it to you.
The way the pieces
interact with the board
Of course my mom built it.
She did, right?
There's a lot they haven't
shared, but I do know this:
Clyde is more than what he showed you.
Outside paradise is a planet on fire.
Jones told me.
I remember when they recruited me.
Clyde told me everything
I wanted to hear.
But what he's offering you
is not without expectations.
You're afraid of him.
Some days he's my rock.
The next, he's a completely
different person.
I'm here now.
I will protect you.
I don't know that you can.
But I love that you'd be willing to try.
Mm Wow. Hey.
Okay, wow.
Oh, Bonnie.
I am so sorry, but I have a boyfriend.
And I'm kind of completely
in love with him.
Shih tzu.
- I'm-I'm so sorry.
- No, that's okay.
God, I'm-I'm still getting
used to Earth customs.
Me, too.
Well, he's a lucky guy.
Just tell me what it's for?
I'm told it's to take us home.
Dad, Dad, you dropped your necklace.
All right, Mom, why are you
pointing me towards your wedding?
I love you, Mom.
I promise, I'm gonna find
whatever you want me to see.
Why'd you want me to find a tree?
Cam. Are you shot?
H-He wasn't, he wasn't himself.
I-I drew on him, but
he got it away from me.
Oh, yeah, that's bad.
We got to get you to an ER.
No, there isn't time.
You got to heal me.
We can't let him get away, Max.
I-I don't know if
Max, you can do it.
Okay? Just breathe.
- Okay.
- You can do it.
You can do it.
You don't know your own strength.
Come on. He took off down the highway.
Signs of a struggle.
Kyle. What if the alien
cells aren't dead?
What if they are only playing dead?
Like an octopus does when it-it's scared
and it turns into coral.
You're talking chromatophores.
If this alien has a fight-or-flight
response at the molecular level,
just think about what that could mean.
Yeah, but how would
you even test for that?
Are you gonna scare it?
No, I'm going to introduce Renata
Arellano's tears to the alien dust
and see if I can persuade
it to turn back into tissue.
Oh, my God, I'm right.
If all her cells can do this
I need to call Max.
What the hell are they
doing with his body?
Do you think they're
trying to resurrect him?
I don't know.
You think they have that kind of power?
I mean, how much do you know about them?
Not as much as I'd like.
How did Liz sever the
connection, anyway?
She must be pretty damn
good to defeat a god.
She is.
How are you in two places at once?
Hey, Cam, I know this is
gonna sound a little creepy,
but I tracked your location
on Snapchat, I've
I've had a hell of a night,
and I Oh, my God, Cam.
Cam, what ? Cam? Cam.
- Hey, are you okay?
- Where's Evans?
Okay, I don't know, I just
Have you always had blue eyes?
How, uh, how long you had that tattoo?
You're not Cam, are you?
I'm not.
Call me Tezca.
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