Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s04e05 Episode Script

You Get What You Give

Previously on Roswell, New Mexico
KYLE: "There are things in Careyes
you'd find interesting."
Did Alex ever determine
if Jones was able
to send a transmission
through the Lockhart machine?
TEZCA: This is what our Triad
is meant to do.
Something we've waited
a long time to reap.
The alighting.
We have been working nonstop
since we crawled out of our pod
six months ago.
MAX: There's two aliens
terrorizing Roswell right now
and a third who's God knows where.
I ran into Bonnie at the Pony.
Think she's more lost soul
than evil dictator.
- They are pieces of a larger puzzle.
- MICHAEL: All that's missing
is that piece from
West Pecos Bank and Trust.
And when you retrieve it
you'll be able to see
what this skilled piece
of engineering can do.
Oh, my God. Cam! Cam.
Where's Evans?
Cam. You shot?
You got to heal me. (SHARP INHALE)
Have you always had blue eyes?
How long you had that tattoo?
You're not Cam, are you?
I'm not.
You can put the gun down, Max.
- I want to talk to you.
- All the same,
I'd feel better keeping it up.
But the control
you think it gives you is an illusion.
You went through an awful lot
of trouble to steal Jones' body.
So what's the plan?
Gonna use me to bring him back,
give him a new lease on life?
In order to embrace a new reality,
it's helpful if a teacher can
assess where a student's level
- currently rests.
- You're no teacher.
But I know so much about
our world and your place in it.
What else would I be to you?
You're not the only one
who knows things.
See, I know that Jones used
the Lockhart machine
to call y'all down here six months ago.
And I know you're here to finish
what he set in motion.
Clever clone.
Jones set things in motion, yes.
Plans changed since our savior's dead.
But it doesn't mean
he doesn't serve a purpose.
It's coming along nicely.
- This flame is the flame
- of the Savior.
Jones had it and you have it.
(CHOKING): That didn't come from me.
Oh, I assure you it did.
Our psychic connection
merely allows me to borrow it.
But today you'll learn
to harness it on your own.
I'll show you
who you were meant to become.
Rest now.
The torch has been passed.

LIZ: Hey. Oh, my God.
We were worried. I I was worried.
I'm so sorry.
I'm okay.
Cam, I'm glad you're here.
- Hey.
- How you holding up?
Oh, I, uh, feel like a donkey kicked me.
But on the bright side,
I have a pair of blue eyes
that could put Sinatra's to shame, so
I thought maybe the
shape-shifter found you, too.
She did. She calls herself Tezca.
When I got away, I went for a walk
on Old Sutter's property
to clear my head.
- She have Jones's body?
- Yeah. At first,
I thought she was gonna try
and resurrect him, but
but she conjured fire
and burned his body
right in front of me.
Strange. But good, right?
I-I don't know. I mean
when I healed Tezca,
I thought it was Cam.
LIZ: Wait. So you're connected
to her through the handprint?
Okay, we have to break
the tether immediately, Max.
I don't know. I mean, I think
I'll just stay away from her
- till the print fades.
- I'm sorry,
are you not worried about this?
'Cause I'm definitely
worried about this.
No. I mean, she didn't want to kill me.
- She just wanted to talk.
- Max
Look, what I'm worried
about right now is Cam.
All right?
I mean, is there something you can do?
Yeah, yeah. I will make sure
that the alien DNA
is no longer in Cam's system,
so she has no dangerous side effects.
MICHAEL: While you're
whipping up that alien remedy,
I think we should extend
the courtesy to Eduardo.
Does that mean you know where he is?
Because the version I saw was
of the Lost Highway variety.
I found him tied up at
Bonnie and Clyde's last night.
But he told me he would be able
to escape, so I assume that he did.
You left him there?
He convinced me it was
the right thing to do.
If he's still missing,
then we should go find him.
MAX: Agreed. Why don't you
and I get that squared away?
All right? Liz, can I leave you here
to science up Cam?
All right.
Dr. Valenti, you are needed in the O.R.
to perform a solo surgery on a woman
floating in a pod.
I'm sorry, is that a butter knife?
Uh, it was a d-dagger.
What are you doing here, Iz?
You know, I couldn't shake
the feeling that, uh,
what we found in Eduardo's office
might help connect the dots
in Roswell, so
So you just hopped on a plane to Mexico?
Yes. And then I mindscaped
a very helpful manager
at your family's distillery.
Speaking of which,
I'm absolutely parched.
I think it might be time
for a little bebida.
We may have to hold off
on the margaritas.
Oh, my God.
Can't drink before surgery.
And I'm gonna need you to scrub in.
Welcome to Careyes.
MARIA: Shouldn't you have a
alien spotter for this kind of exercise?
Ah, thank you.
What type of angry angst
are you working out?
Well, uh, these reps
are less about angst
and more about the reps.
Last time I was flexing
my alien muscles,
I triggered a memory of me
and my father when I was a kid.
He had this necklace on.
It's a triquetra.
The Christians used it
to symbolize the Holy Trinity.
You saying Jesus was an alien?
No, I'm saying that
I think this memory was on Earth.
How is that possible?
I don't know. That's why I-I'm trying
to trigger another memory,
you know, shed some light, but
so far no dice.
Let me see.
I've seen this symbol before.
In the abandoned Revivalist Church
off Range Road 421.
May be worth a trip.
what are you hiding from Liz?
'Cause I could feel you humming.
And you're lucky that
Miss Centrifuge cannot.
Do you tell Alex everything
that's going on with you?
I was trained in the art of trust issues
for 20-some years, Max, so, no
I do not.
But I regret it
every single time I don't let him in.
Well, when I tried to propose to Liz,
she told me that, uh, she was worried
about when the next alien threat
would come knocking on her door,
when the next shoe would drop.
And I don't know how to tell her
that I think I'm the shoe.
Gonna need you to use more words here.
When my handprint formed on her,
Tezca was able to access abilities
- I didn't even know I had.
- What abilities?
Was a blue flame
She used it to burn Jones' body.
Oh, she said I had no choice
but to evolve
and that it was her mission
to make sure that happened.
Max. Hey!
Hello again.
This is my mindscape, isn't it?
Well, given our current bond,
I'd more accurately describe
it as ourmindscape.
Aren't you curious at all
what else you're capable of?
I'm fine with who I am.
You're not.
How are you enjoying Cam's skin?
I found it fitting for our lesson.
She was your partner once, wasn't she?
A trusted confidant?
Someone who could call you on your lies?
You see, I don't think
you are fine with who you are.
I can feel it.
Speaking of,
can you feel this?
(GRUNTING) I can't breathe.
I'm squeezing your organs
from the inside.
Nudging them to secrete the
enzymes necessary for your evolution.
(GRUNTING) I'm forcing your nerves,
your muscles,
your mind to awaken in ways
you could never imagine.
And you will have
the power to change everything.
MICHAEL: Max! Hey!
Max, come on! Max!
What happened?
Tezca pulled me into my mindscape.
Well, you don't even have that ability.
- I've seen you try. Your face looks
- She's claiming
I'm capable of more.
Yeah, she's telling me
that it doesn't matter
what I do to try and evade her.
Liars lie, Max.
Not this time.
No, man, I can feel her waking things up
that have always been dormant.
Whatever we thought
we could manage with them,
we can't.
I mean, I-I don't think you should
keep playing undercover cop.
I'm making headway
with Bonnie and Clyde.
Really? Do you have any idea
what they stole from the
other security deposit boxes?
- I'm working on it.
- So there's no guarantee that Tezca
won't let me do something
I can't take back before then?
Yeah, but I'm close.
If you give me the Octahedron,
I know I can convince them
to tell me what it does.
- Bad idea.
- Yes.
It's all a bad idea. But
it's the idea that we got.
You, though, you need to go
home and talk to your girl.
I'll find Eduardo, figure out
what this glow cube does.
Go team?
Go team.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure this sucks.
And, spoiler alert, I do
not have a lollipop for you
- when I am done.
Oh, I, uh, don't need a lollipop
when I already feel like a sucker.
Why do you think Max is lying to us?
Mm-mm, mm-mm.
I don't get it. You see this path
through all this
complicated alien DNA stuff,
but you're unwilling
to call your boyfriend out
when he's being a closed-off dumbass?
Max is only going to tell me
when he's ready.
We trust each other.
I'm not gonna ruin that.
I'm not telling you to read his diary.
And I think that Max is a mule,
and sometimes you just gotta
give him a kick to make him go.
Max and I don't kick each other.
He's got to come to his own decisions.
And if you want that
parasitic alien gone,
then I got to go run this
through the lab at Senovative.
All right.
She should be out for a while.
So that's our, uh, what
second successful surgery? Sound right?
say that's two too many.
thank you for your help.
You're just lucky
I had a craving for menudo.
Quips aside,
tell me, why are you here?
Yeah. I, uh
I finally mustered up
the courage to talk to Anatsa,
she didn't really want to listen.
And honestly, I can't
blame her, 'cause it's
not the first time that I have
lied about who I am to someone
that I've claimed to love.
Only, of course, this time I
actually had someone who was
worthy of my honestly. (SIGHS)
But instead of telling
her the truth, I just
drove the only good relationship
I've ever had right off a cliff.
Yeah, I'm so sorry, Isobel.
Yeah, it's
it's good.
Honestly, I just,
I needed to leave Roswell,
uh, just get a little perspective.
It's a relief being around you.
I-I wish I could, uh,
get some more perspective
on our pod patient.
I might have an idea.
I think this casita's owned
by your family.
You looking for someone?
I was looking for you.
And then I, uh saw the rope.
What happened?
We were holding a loose end.
Did they get away?
Bonnie was tasked with making sure
he didn't get away from anything.
Well, why not just
mind-wipe him?
I wasn't the one who decided his fate.
But regardless,
Bonnie should have been back hours ago.
What do you think happened to them?
As part of her Triad, I can feel her.
She's she's conflicted,
angry, scared.
But I can't tell
if there's a physical cause.
Bonnie is powerful but unpredictable,
and without guidance,
unpredictable things tend to happen.
Well, shall we stop wasting
fresh air and go find her?
I don't care whose son you are.
If your little chats with
Bonnie hurt her in any way,
I will destroy you.
(WHISPERS): All I want to do is help.
Then come with me.
See, on the night you crashed,
it says that otherworldly objects
started falling from the sky.
So, when they saw what was happening,
they collected everything they could
and they brought it here,
to a casita they named
after the Aztec word for "star."
- Xitlali.
- Mm-hmm.
And then they charged themselves
with protecting the artifacts
until the Sky Gods came back for it.
- Look at this.
- Hmm?
Alma. That's, uh, Hector's wife.
This must have been written
after the night of the crash.
Apparently, after what
happened there that night,
the Valentis in Roswell
decided to cut communication
with their family in Careyes.
They wanted to make sure to protect
anything extraterrestrial from
falling into the wrong hands.
Kyle. Your family
has been protecting my family
for the last 75 years.
You know what this means, right?
Uh, this is a, uh, log of every Valenti
who's lived at Xitlali ever since.
It says Sonya Valenti from Santa Fe.
Santa Fe.
Isn't Eduardo from Santa Fe?
- Has he ever mentioned a daughter?
- No.
But it's not like my family
doesn't have a history of
secret daughters, so
Hey, can you light these?
This is where Bonnie comes to be alone.
Her own little "wonders
of Earth" hideaway.
Have you told Tezca about this place?
I know I'm hard on Bonnie sometimes,
but I'm just trying to protect her
from the worst alternative.
- What's the worst alternative?
- Doesn't matter.
Once we're back on Oasis,
all this will be resolved.
What's that, uh, human saying?
"The grass is greener
on the other side"?
- Mm.
- This world is
bright and shiny and new.
It's easy for Bonnie to forget the
the value of home.
There is plenty of suffering here, too,
but the pleasures of this world hide it
behind glamour.
Humans are obsessed with the illusion
of happiness. I am intimately familiar.
Growing up,
plenty of people passed on me.
Take a look at a troubled kid,
and they decided that
my value wasn't enough.
On the Oasis, I didn't have a home.
I had to run
and steal and hide.
And then the, uh
Savior found me.
Jones gave your life value.
He gave me a path forward.
Bonnie gave me value.
She never gave up on her
dream that our world could change.
And so, soon I just wanted
to make that dream a reality.
And Oasis is not perfect.
But it could be.
Hey, Bonnie is enamored with human food.
MICHAEL: And she's a big fan of music.
You check the grub trucks.
I'll check the second-hand instruments.
Ah, see your eyes are still blue.
I guess Liz hasn't been able to
get rid of Tezca's DNA yet, huh?
But Little Miss Science
went off to the lab
to mix up
my alien-freeing cocktail, so
now I can ask you why the hell
you showed up this morning
to deliver us all a bunch of lies?
- What?
- And I swear you best not give me
another one.
I left a few things out.
But Tezca is the real problem here.
I would actually love
some of your Quantico insight
on how to take her down.
Seeing as I technically put myself
on this whole "E.T. robs a bank"
thing on the sly,
my boss wants my insight back
in the home office tomorrow.
I mean, if we're talking erasing powers,
how about talking to the world's
only alien scientist
- I don't want to burden Liz.
- Evans,
we're not talking about
picking up your dry cleaning.
In the history of our relationship,
Liz has always been trying to save me.
I need to be able to save her back.
Then be honest with her, Evans.
What is going on, Cam?
- You're supposed to be on my side.
- Yeah.
I am on your side.
So much so that at one point
I was in love with you.
And I was never honest about that.
I know we're not partners anymore,
I still need to know
that you're gonna be okay.
Don't mess this up with Liz.
And don't let someone else
decide your fate for you.
It feels a little less abandoned
than I thought it would.
Yeah, well, in the interest
of not running into any trouble,
does any of this look familiar, or?
I think I've been here before.
MAN: Come on.
Hey, Dad.
You dropped
the necklace you always wear.
Oh. Thank you, son.
Would have been terrible to lose this.
Because this is home.
I thought home was far away.
The idea of home can live
in many places.
And sometimes the very ground
beneath your feet.
And I think that you've chosen
an excellent place for this.
You ready?
with your gifts, you can help it grow.
Come on.
You get a memory flash?
I saw my dad and I
dropping seeds into the ground.
DALLAS: Oh, my God.
MARIA: It has fruit growing on it.
Me and my dad,
we planted this tree together.
- Wait. What's wrong?
This picture was
in my mom's wedding album.
This matches.
I think our stories are connected.
- How long have you been here?
- Eight years.
I left my dad to run Deep Sky
and decided to pursue
some of the family businesses.
Wood carving, distilling,
and waiting for the
sky people to return.
Well, they have returned.
I'm Isobel.
Forgive me, but the last one
I met tried to kill me
and apparently shoved me in the pod.
- How did that happen?
- We Valentis
have a myriad of alien items
found or given to us to hold.
The empty pod was one of them.
One day this woman shows up
covered in runes.
We fought, and in the pod I went.
You know, she's a shape-shifter.
I'm thinking that the stasis
of the pod helped her hold your form.
Explains why she liked
that painting so much.
Tezcatlipoca is a
shape-shifting Aztec god.
She named herself Tezca before
sending me into a pod nap.
Guess she understands irony.
Thanks for patching me up.
Yeah. It's the least
secret family members can do.
Speaking of, um, did you send your dad
a letter to come down here?
My dad?
We haven't talked in years.
His "look at the sky" slant
is a bit granola for me.
He forgets the aliens welcomed
our familia by lighting one on fire.
No offense.
Some come in peace, others are better
cut into pieces.
I look forward to your TED Talk.
Uh, seeing as you are the
Valenti Careyes point person,
do you have any idea
who might have sent that letter?
Probably the crazy guüera Allie Meyers.
She's a scientist
up and in on all things alien down here.
You wouldn't happen
to know where she is?
Been in a pod, and Allie goes
where the science and mescal take her.
Hey, you're a sky person.
Focus your energy on the Calaveras.
Now turn them counterclockwise together.
SONYA: It's empty.
Tezca took an artifact.
What artifact?
One brought down from Roswell
decades ago
for us to keep safe.
A stone board, etched
to hold alien glass pieces.
What does it do?
(SIGHS): Whatever it does
it was worth nearly killing me
to get it.
If I were your lovebird ♪
Would you keep me in a cage? ♪
In the corner of your living room ♪
What are you doing here, Bonnie?
Would you throw the cover o'er me? ♪
Look at 'em.
The three blend perfectly into one.
Clyde told me what you were
tasked to do with Eduardo.
You knew him?
He's really important to my boyfriend.
You need to tell me where he is.
I can tell you I didn't hurt him.
I don't want to do that
anymore. Oasis has always been
Tezca and Clyde's dream,
but my dream is here.
On Earth.
And it's not just in the books
and movies and songs, it's everywhere.
So I'm gonna run.
Doesn't matter.
It does if they find you.
The little that I know about Tezca,
she's not gonna be happy
that you bailed on her.
And we both know what happens next.
What do you suggest I do, Michael?
Clyde cares about you.
Maybe if you come back,
we could fight them.
Together. You think you could figure out
what Tezca's endgame is?
How they plan to get home?
I-I don't know.
Both Clyde and Tezca speak
in half-truths, even to each other.
I think Tezca wanted to take
the clone back with us.
I I mean, I think that's where
her focus has been this whole time.
If we put an end to this
we'll both be free to move forward.
Tell me where Eduardo is.
I promise I'll protect you.
Uh, did, uh, did Max
come to talk to you?
How about
I inject you, and we figure out
what he's been up to?
The little things get a pass,
but this isn't a little thing.
And I get that you want
to respect his space, but
sometimes you really do need
to kick the mule, Liz.
Max needs you.
- (SIGHS) It's Tezca, isn't it?
- Yes.
Casually dropping that
she lit Jones's body on fire,
the unsettling feeling he's
spoken about for a year
He's been going to Old
Sutter's farm to clear his head.
He's there.
Oh, here.
LIZ: I'm sorry, are you
not worried about this?
'Cause I'm definitely worried
about this.
MICHAEL: Maybe you should
reconsider waiting this one out.
TEZCA: Then you'll have no choice.
MAX: Where are you, Tezca? Come to me.
Figured if you could use
my powers against me, I
could use my powers against you.
You can't lie in here, Tezca, so
I think it's time
for me to ask the questions.
How do I have these powers?
There are things
that all of us can do
Like telekinesis.
Some talents are born
specifically to individuals.
So why are you so interested
in what I can do?
Jones had a team editing his genes,
improving himself with each version,
collecting abilities.
It's what made him so formidable.
You, as his clone,
share his capacity to create
the blue flame.
It's what makes you a giver of life.
Transformative in many ways.
Pure incitation.
Enough riddles.
Just tell me what it is.
A bird doesn't know it can fly
until it's forced out of the nest
and its wings burst wide.
Then not only does it know how,
but it knows
it was always built to do so.
if I can't deny this power
teach me to control it.
Picture an energy
from within your center.
Hold out your hands.
Feel that energy
travel from within to without.
Now feel that spark ignite
on your fingertips.
Bring your essence forward.
Good. Now
move forward.
Thank you for the lesson in control.
I think it's time
I put it into practice
and break our link.
I'd say class is dismissed.
Points on being clever,
but our link told me where you were.
Every step of the way today,
I've been right behind you.
You know, Jones was right
about you being lost.
Just wrong about your use.
I have a cage.
- It held your leader. It'll hold you.
Cage can't hold me.
Then I'll silence you.
Go ahead and try.
Anger is a great motivator.
I'll get things started.
You're wasting your potential
trying to save one small town
when there's a whole planet
that needs saving.
That is not my responsibility.
It's your destiny.
Ophiuchus has foreseen it.
I don't care about Ophiuchus.
Ophiuchus is more than who leads it.
It's a movement, a path.
Now, you can disagree
with Jones how to fix it,
but you will fix it.
Earth is my home
not Oasis!
Hold up, Ortecho.
Considering your eyes are turning
green, I think my serum worked.
I'm glad, but
this, uh, this isn't exactly
- taking an aspirin.
- Okay, stay put. I'll come back for you
- when I find Max.
- Okay.
How is that possible?
I've been called intrepid.
Of course this is your handiwork.
Sounds like you're not a fan.
Jones was.
He was quite impressed
with your intrepidness.
Yeah, well
hole in his heart speaks
to just how much.
Makes me curious
what other unique outcomes
your talents might manifest.
You leave her out of this.
Just as Ophiuchus has a plan
for you, Max,
rest assured it has one for her.
Butterflies don't turn back
into caterpillars, Max.
No. Oh, my God.
Class dismissed.
I'm sorry. I'm gonna fix this.
I am so sorry. I couldn't control
It was an accident.
I should have just told you
everything this morning
I should have pushed.
I knew you were keeping
something from me this morning.
I should have been a better partner.
Let's just agree to
share the blame for today.
Guess that's all we can do.
Come here.(EXHALES)
You brought her back.
I told you I would.
Think she just needed a minute
after her task.
First time is hard.
whatever you said to her
has brought her peace.
I hope so.
Given our talk in the cave,
I don't think that's been easy
for any of us to find.
In a way
still looking for mine.
You want to see home.
And not just a hologram.
- Look at this.
- Yeah.
- Now, this is where we are. Earth.
- Okay.
This is
(WHISPERS): Oasis.
We're home.

Okay, look.
I think that you and I deserve
a little fun.
We saved a life.
We got stacks of connective tissue
- Mm-hmm.
- the 1947 crash.
Well, it feels like there could be some
real answers down here for you and I.
It does, doesn't it?
Honestly, that is just what I've needed.
What's that?
Just openness, you know?

Anatsa she taught me
not to be afraid to love again,
but she wasn't my person.
And I think
deep down I did know that.
To revelations about love
and aliens.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- It's good.
- Yeah. (CHUCKLES)
You know, Valenti
you do still owe me a dance.
Uh, there's some journals
and bandages
Will you stop it? It's just a dance.
In the shadows of my mind ♪
You know, it's okay.
You made it very clear at Planet Seven
how you feel about
interspecies relations.
Well, it wasn't that I
found you repulsive.
Oh, you don't find me repulsive.
Oh. Thank you.
Quite the opposite.
What's opposite?
It's the way that you give
the love that I need ♪
Beautiful, actually.
Oh, it's you ♪
Inside and out.
It's just you ♪
Maybe it's you ♪
It's just you, it's just you. ♪
You look like you've had a day.
Oh, you know, the usual.
Using science to untether a
shape-shifter from her victim.
Sounds like I missed a couple
chapters of the Alien Book Club.
Yeah, it's been a minute
since we talked.
Which is why I come bearing gifts.
You do not need to thank
me for helping you.
- First glass is a thank-you.
- Mm-hmm.
The rest is an apology.
Everything you've
been going through with Mimi
No, it's
it's about the cure that you gave me.
- Did it not work?
- No, it worked.
It did exactly
what it was supposed to do.
No more brain degeneration.
It also took away the cause.
No more visions.
Wait, that
You-you can't see Mimi anymore.
(SIGHS) I'm so sorry, Maria.
I should have known
that you needed my help sooner, okay?
I'm gonna fix this.
There's nothing to fix.
I might not be able to see
the future anymore, but you
gave me something even better.
You gave me an actual future.
So I don't want you to try
and go back on this, all right?
What I need right now
is not a scientist.
It's just a friend.
(SIGHS): And, uh
I need my friend, too.
I think Max and I want things
to be simpler than they can be.
And I didn't see
I didn't see what was
right underneath my feet.
Well, I think we should
take this bottle and put it to good use
and start swapping some stories.
Well, Liz says she's okay,
but, you know,
I can see her her wheels spinning.
You got to be smarter
about your partnership.
You got to fix that before you try
and get on one knee again.
Copy you.
Since you're leaving Roswell,
I think you should know
look, I, uh
once really cared for you, too, Cam.
- I just
- You love Liz.
That's how it should be.
No expression ♪
Hide my head,
I wanna drown my sorrow ♪
No tomorrow, no tomorrow ♪
I, uh, found it in a storage
closet, collecting dust. I figured
little bit of music
couldn't hurt that much.
In which I'm dying
are the best I've ever had ♪
I find it hard to tell you ♪
I find it hard to take ♪
When people run in circles ♪
DALLAS: Michael. Mike, you home?
Hey, what's up, man? Look,
you are never gonna guess
what I learned today.
All right, that, uh,
Revivalist Church off 421,
me and my dad planted an
alien tree there in '47.
All right, I'm not quite
sure what he was up to yet,
but I'm pretty sure something bigger
than just interplanetary gardening.
That's where
the Dark Triad's been hiding.
- Wait, what?
- Yeah. And that tree that you planted,
the fruit, it's not food.
It's fuel.
So, what do you say? Bourbon?
Get into the details?
Yeah, de
And I find it kind of funny ♪
Your, uh, powers on the fritz?
- I don't fritz.
- Ah.
Are the best I've ever had ♪
I can't.
Whoa, whoa.
- I can't.
- Hey, oh, are you okay, man?
Oh, you're, um
Guerin, you're burning up.
I think you might be sick.
That's not possible.
Yeah, no, aliens don't get sick.
Mad world ♪
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