Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s04e06 Episode Script

Kiss From a Rose

- Previously on Roswell, New Mexico
- The alighting.
- What do they want with me?
- You're the Savior.
Now that you're all grown up,
they'll come.
TEZCA: This is what our Triad
is meant to do.
Just as Ophiuchus has a plan
for you, Max,
it has one for her.
MAX: I'm sorry. I'm gonna fix this.
"There are things in Car eyes
you'd find interesting."
You are the Valenti Car eyes
point person.
Do you have any idea who might
have sent that letter?
Probably the crazy güera Allie Meyers.
Anatsa taught me
not to be afraid to love again.
Powers on the fritz?
Okay, forget everything
you thought you knew about
breakfast burritos, because
this one has tater tots in it.
Where's Clyde?
Out of town.
Retrieving something for me.
Why wouldn't he ask me to come with him?
I give the orders.
Did he go after the final piece?
The final piece?
I just wanted to know
if we're-we're going home soon.
What else would the plan be?
And to accomplish said plan,
no more Earthly distractions.
I'm committed.
Of course you are.
You took care of Eduardo, after all.
He's never coming back.
Now I need you to do the same
to your new friend.
LIZ: You're up early.
Trying to learn to control myself
so last night doesn't happen again.
But it's hard to find inner peace
when every time I close my eyes
I see myself nearly killing you.
You also saved me, Max.
It's like I got signed
by an alien rock star.
I feel what you feel,
through the hand print, okay?
I know you're terrified
about what I did,
or what what I might do next.
Maybe I am.
But you got to remember, the
handprint's a two-way street.
And I know you're scared, too,
and feeling guilty.
I don't understand how
to control this power
or what Tezca wants with it.
You're gonna learn how to control it.
I can't control her interest in you.
I mean, Jones gave her your name.
They're after you, Liz, and you saw
the look in her eyes,
t-the wheels turning.
We can handle it. You and me?
Max, my God,
we have survived worse things.
We can do this.
You know, we should call the DoD.
Maybe they can bottle our love.
I'm serious.
What better way to combat
the anger and the fear
you're feeling than remembering
how loved you are?
And who is this?
You remember.
My dad, he sends them to me
everywhere I go.
It's a reminder that there's
always someone who has my back.
It's a partner to ride with you
when I can't.
It's Maria.
She says Michael is sick.
We don't get sick.
LIZ: 108?
Aliens usually run at 102.
(COUGHS) MAX: We've never had a fever.
When did this start?
Last night. Dallas thought
he would sleep it off, but
- (HOARSE): But I'm dying.
- MARIA: You're not dying.
(WHISPERS): Is he dying?
I have run every test
I can possibly think of.
He has multiple strands of the flu,
strep and the common cold.
I mean, all at once.
It's like he suddenly has
the immune system of an infant.
Why, Liz, does everything ache?
Will you make it go away?
Well, he's definitely an infant.
Hey. Do you have any other symptoms?
Yeah, my alien mojo. Missing.
That makes sense, actually.
The regenerative protein that keeps you
from getting sick is the same place
where you derive your powers.
So, uh, what took me down
Some kind of super bug?
Maybe there's a connection
with the alien fruit?
Dallas ate it, too.
What if it was exposure
to the octahedron?
Well, I-let's not jump
to any conclusions,
- okay?
I'm gonna take the
samples to Senovative.
- Science is gonna solve this mystery.
- Yeah.
Yeah, of course, I'll be right there.
- What is it?
Uh, a couple of my deputies
just picked up a vandal
at Take Me To Your Latte.
Pretty sure your boys in beige
can handle
a misdemeanor without you.
The vandal is Bonnie.
She's insisting on talking to only me.
Shotgun. I know her better than anyone.
Hey, you can barely get out of bed.
You think you're gonna run point
on an interrogation?
I promised that I would protect her.
Let me keep that promise,
okay? You rest.
Are you sure you're okay?
Face-to-face with an alien again?
I got backup.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Sorry, I did not mean
to, um, to use
your pec as a-as a pillow.
No. No, use me.
That's what I'm here for.
Wait, do you do you feel used?
- Oh, my God, of course you feel used.
- Oh, no.
Of all the men in Mexico,
of course I had to rebound
with Kyle Valenti.
Um Did I-did I just
did I just ruin our friendship?
No, of course not. I mean
we both knew what this was.
Right? Just
two friends blowing off steam.
(EXHALES) Oh, my God,
thank God, thank God.
I was just so worried
that I'd made it awkward,
- No, not at all.
- Thank God.
Because, honestly, Kyle, that was
exactly what I needed.
Very impressed.
Two thumbs way up.
Um, I'm gonna make us some coffee.
And I'm naked.
I know you could use
telekinesis to open that jail cell
and walk out of here.
So, why are you really here?
To talk. This was the safest
place I could think of.
And why would you want to talk to me?
Everyone keeps going on
about you being the savior.
I need you to save me.
So, your coffee Uh, cream and sugar?
Kyle, I really feel like
we should maybe talk about this?
SONYA: Talk about what
That you had sex?
- Uh
- Don't play dumb, primo.
Your shirt's on backwards.
Oh, your friend Liz
emailed the instructions
to fix my freaky Frodo eyes.
Do you think you can keep your
pants on long enough to help me out?
That won't be a problem.
Last night was just a one-time thing.
Well, technically,
two times for some of us,
but message received.
An escape hatch.
All the mysteries of the
universe at your fingertips,
and you can't figure out
how to work a phone?
I was afraid if I called,
you'd tell me not to come.
You were right.
I deserve that.
You deserve worse
for not standing by your own daughter.
Kyle told me you ran into
an alien wearing my skin
like some sci-fi Buffalo Bill.
Tell me,
when was the last time
you gave me a second thought?
When that shapeshifter
locked me up in her hideout,
you were all I could think about.
It was a wake-up call.
Wondering what she'd done to you.
If I'd lost you forever.
You've already been pretending
I'm dead for a decade.
Why stop now?
What are you working on?
Reexamining that sample we found
at the oil derrick.
You don't have to keep your
little alien secrets from me.
That's clearly a new sample.
It's not epidermal tissue, it's saliva.
And look, this looks
like an alien virus.
Mm, human viruses.
Which is strange,
because it's an alien sample.
No, I think it's an alien virus.
See? Triple helix.
You're a futurist. How did you see that?
Oh, after a decade
married to a scientist,
you get pretty good
at looking over shoulders.
Allie filled an entire hard drive
of biological anomalies.
There should be
something alien in there.
You think you got a copy somewhere?
I always keep a backup.
Alex, it's Maria,
leaving you another message
to let you know your boyfriend is sick.
Can you please get some cell service?
- Call us back.
I know Alex is busy, but you would think
he would check in.
Any improvement, big guy?
Accio, Alex.
Still no powers.
Well, you know what I was thinking?
You're not totally powerless.
You're still a great engineer.
Yeah, maybe the Avengers
could use a roadie.
Snark aside, I need your help.
This is the glass that my dad embedded
the equation to decouple
Max from Jones on.
Well, now it looks like the s'more
that fell on the campfire.
Yeah, hence the help.
Look, I-I don't know how
much is still usable,
but I was hoping maybe we could
try to recover what we can,
look for clues on it?
You think we overlooked something?
Maybe. It can't hurt to try.
Uh, I got Kyle to get Deep Sky
to loan me the Lockhart machine.
I was thinking maybe you could
make some adjustments to it,
get a broken DVD to play again?
All right.
I will take a crack at it.
This is a worry doll, right?
Allie bought it for me
at a tourist shop a million years ago.
Mm, to remember her
when she wasn't around.
You tell the doll your worries
and it takes care of them for you.
Can't say it worked.
I can't imagine what it's like
to have a sick kid.
You think having a partner will help,
but they're in just as much pain
as you are.
And we tried to support each other
however we could.
Max and I do the same thing.
I actually gave him one of these today.
That's nice.
I mean, all those supportive words,
the little tokens,
they're just stopgaps.
Band-Aids over gaping wounds.
Words can't change painful realities.
What can?
Maybe nothing.
Maybe it's all just coping mechanisms.
We spent years trying to cure
our daughter's illness together,
but we still drifted apart.
You're gonna find that cure.
And then you're gonna find
your way back to Allie.
I don't believe
any situation is hopeless.
That's what I like about you, Liz.
That optimism.
Come on, methane leak.
Move, people, move.
I'll transfer the prisoner
and then supervise the repair.
I'll call you when it's all clear.
That's a fake leak, right?
You wanted to talk?
If you need protection, I need to know
who you are and what
I'm protecting you from.
You think this is a trap.
I know Jones had plans
to get back to Oasis,
so tell me, how are you gonna do that?
You think Tezca would tell me
something like that?
Didn't answer the question.
I would if I could.
All I know is that the alighting
is already in motion.
Alighting. How do you know that word?
Tezca keeps saying it.
I was hoping you knew what it meant.
Well, I knew someone who said it once.
Noah Bracken.
Friend of yours?
No, he was no one's friend.
H-He did the things
no one else wanted to do
and took pleasure in doing them.
And the blue flame?
What does Tezca want with it?
The way Tezca speaks, the
the puzzle isn't complete
without you and
And Liz?
We shouldn't talk about her.
Tezca says it makes you angry.
Liz and I are not puzzle pieces.
No, I-I, um
I think that you're somehow the
glue that holds them together.
All right. (EXHALES)
You could've found me weeks ago.
Why now?
Tezca ordered me to do something,
and I couldn't do it.
And what's that?
Kill Michael.
Why would she want Michael dead?
There's a rift in our Triad.
Clyde has been
he's been questioning her leadership.
And she can feel me pulling away, so
two birds with one stone.
Remove a threat and keep me in line.
Why does she need you in line?
What is your piece of the puzzle?
You came here to talk,
and you are not talking.
I will be in my office,
when you decide to quit playing games.
MARIA: Soup's almost ready.
I just can't remember one last
ingredient from my mom's recipe.
MICHAEL: Oh, no worry.
I'm so stuffed up,
I couldn't taste Sanders' boot
if he stepped on my tongue.
What the?
DALLAS: Oh, come on.
Show's about to start.
MARIA: All right.
So, how does this work?
We get to talk to your father?
Uh, his consciousness, if we get lucky.
All right. Here goes nothing.
Hello, son.
If you're seeing this, it means my time
on this planet has passed.
I wish I could answer
all your questions, but sadly
there are restrictions.
Merely his consciousness, but that
No, this is, this is just
what he said last time.
MICHAEL: Maybe it's like Space Alexa.
Ask it what you want to know.
What do I need to know
about the tree in the sea?
It's the triquetra.
In-in his locket. W-Wait, what is this?
THEO: In the wrong hands,
they could bring ruin to our home.
Wait, Dad.
- Is that it?
- Yeah, that's it.
I'm sorry, Dallas.
It's just another dead end, man.
Maybe not.
That Bible.
- I recognize it.
- What?
Wait, how is, how is that possible?
MICHAEL: The embossing,
that-that embossing
is so specific,
I saw it in Bonnie's cave.
I thought you might want some company.
Generous of you to think
I deserve sympathy.
Well, after what I saw back there,
you at least deserve a drink.
That package Isobel found,
the one that led you here?
When it arrived, I saw that postmark
from Car eyes and I just froze.
I couldn't open it.
I was too afraid to hear
what she had to say.
But if I'd opened it sooner,
I might have realized what happened.
But Sonya almost died because
I was too much of a coward
to own up to my own mistakes.
That package wasn't sent from Sonya.
That was probably sent
from a scientist named Allie Meyers.
You were too busy beating yourself up,
you didn't bother
to get your facts straight.
Appears being thorough is
a reoccurring problem of mine.
What happened between you two?
When Sonya was a teenager,
she and I didn't exactly see eye to eye.
So you're a little bit country,
she's a little bit rock and roll.
Ah, the way she'd tell it,
she's Rage Against the Machine
and I'm the Machine.
She got it into her head that Deep Sky
was profiting off alien secrets.
She tried to hack our accounts
and play Robin Hood.
She was labeled an extremist.
I felt like I had to distance
myself from her, to protect her.
To protect myself and my career.
(SIGHS) But I never meant
to estrange us forever.
Well, you're doing the right thing now.
Kyle, I was too afraid
to have this conversation
because I was afraid
of what she might say.
And now I realize how much more it hurts
to never get to hear
what she feels at all.
The virus is attacking
the regenerative protein.
SHIVANI: Incredible.
Except the virus burns
right through them.
I mean, it's strange, this-this
virus was clearly built
to replicate inside of a host,
but it's not replicating in this sample.
Which means your friend
can't spread it.
But someone else did.
A virus like this
would require close contact.
I mean, close.
How close have you gotten
to Bonnie and Clyde?
In a sitting indoors unmasked
kind of way.
We haven't formed
any blood bonds or anything.
Any other kinds of bonds?
Uh, Bonnie
she did kiss me.
I don't think she kissed you 'cause
she finds your sarcasm irresistible.
I think she kissed you
so she could disable your powers.
(COUGHS) You! Are you the reason
I don't have any powers?
Yo, what are you doing here?
You should be resting.
You stay away from her, Max,
unless you want your own postnasal drip.
You're sick?
That's never happened before.
Hold up. You did it on purpose?
Michael, I can explain.
I was just trying to help.
So that's your ability.
You disable powers.
I never should've let you go undercover.
Save it, Max.
We're in your mindscape.
Where you can only tell
the truth. For once.
The guitar lessons,
the fireside chats, it was all a lie.
Oh, you're gonna accuse me
of double-crossing you
when you went and gave me
a Dementor's kiss?
I was protecting you.
The moment Clyde realized
that you were the Dictator's heir,
he knew he could use you
for his own gain.
You act like Clyde
is some kind of puppet master,
when I have him eating
out of the palm of my hand.
Or are you too blinded
by his stories of Oasis
to feel him reeling you in?
If Clyde offered to take you home,
would you go?
It's a complicated question.
Because you can't lie
to yourself in here, either.
Because I've been dreaming of
home since I was a foster kid.
That is what Clyde preyed on.
I know because I was a lost kid, too.
I kissed you to save you from
falling into the same trap as me.
Oh, you didn't save me!
You erased me.
I feel like I'm in an episode
of Storage Wars.
Or Marie Kondo's nightmares.
But Michael said he saw the Bible
amongst all of Bonnie's keepsakes,
so it's got to be here somewhere.
It's here. It's here.
The Bible,
the triquetra necklace.
Do you think your dad
found God when he was on Earth?
Maybe he was drawn to a story
of persecuted people
making a life for themselves
in new lands.
Hmm, apple doesn't fall far
from the alien tree, huh?
Huh. Speaking of.
Does this mean anything to you?
Every clue's more cryptic than the last.
You know, Moses had the burning bush,
but at least the bush talked.
If you think the Bible's part
of your story, it probably is.
We know that you have memories
from 1947 buried somewhere.
I know just the right alien
to help dig it out.
You're leaving?
Dallas needs my help
in Roswell.
I don't know, this got weird, right?
And it-it doesn't have to get weird.
It's good, so
I'll see you back at home.
U-Uh, you can't go.
Look, the longer I keep this inside,
the harder it'll be
to tell you the truth.
Keep what inside?
Isobel Evans, I am terrified of you.
I-In ninth grade
I saw you make a girl cry
because you complimented her eyebrows.
You know more ways
to break an arm than Ronda Rousey.
And you dress like a Russian
spy undercover at Coachella.
But most of all, I am terrified
that at any second
you would jump into my mind
and discover you are all I think about.
And that you will realize
I'm in love with you.
I've wanted to tell you for a long time,
but I've always been afraid
of what you might say.
Except now I realize
I'm even more afraid
of never finding out at all.
What if I don't know what to say?
Say it wasn't just a rebound.
Say you felt it, too.
Tell me I'm not crazy.
Kyle, you're not.
(EXHALES) Wow, this is just, um
It's kind of a lot, you know,
I'm in the middle of this
breakup and (GRUNTS)
I'm trying to process.
Right, okay. I-I understand.
So say you need more time.
Say you're not ready.
I've gotten really good
at waiting. (CHUCKLES)
So ask me to wait.
No, I-I can't ask you to wait. I
Waiting implies expectations.
And that terrifies me because
what if I can't say the thing
that you want to hear?
'Cause I can't do that
to somebody again.
I can't afford to lose you.
I'll see you back in Roswell, okay?
You need to calm down, Michael.
You're gonna make yourself worse.
I just want to make sure
that I understand
Bonnie's genius plan.
To protect me from Clyde,
you took away my greatest strength?
Our abilities don't make us strong.
They're a sickness.
What do you even know about being sick?
My mother was a soldier
in the Dictator's army.
She wanted to bring peace to Oasis,
and every day, when she left our home,
I thought that was the last
time I was gonna see her.
So one day I-I begged her to stay.
I held her, I cried, I-I kissed her.
You took away her powers.
I didn't know what I was capable of.
And when she realized
what I had done, she was,
she was furious with me.
She kicked me out of my
own home. I was alone.
Until I met Clyde.
He was the one that brought me
in to Ophiuchus.
Tezca said Jones was
a "collector of abilities."
Is that what you did for him?
No, uh no, I can't,
I can't use the powers I take.
But that didn't stop him from using me
to neutralize his enemies.
I wanted to bring peace to Oasis.
I-I thought that if
that if I could just show
my mother, I can make her proud.
I was brainwashed, but
this planet, it opened my eyes.
And-and when I kissed you,
Michael, I thought
that I had finally done
something good with my power.
You want to do something good?
Give me my powers back.
I can't.
I'm sorry. There's no reversing it.
Station's closed.
It's her.
Hello, Sheriff.
I'm here for that prisoner.
Still reaching for that
primitive weapon, I see.
No use risking another outburst.
I only want her.
MAX: You're lying.
You ordered her to kill Michael.
I'm sorry, what now?
TEZCA: Killing him
was a test Bonnie failed.
Let's see how chatty she is
after I cut out her tongue.
Get Bonnie out of here.
Why must I do everything myself?
Bonnie, run.
TEZCA: You always were a fool.
So easily seduced.
Stay back.
In all my years,
I've never encountered
a student as stubborn as you.
We both know how this ends.
Talk to me. Are you okay?
Why are we out here? I need to help Max.
No, no, no, no. You
can't go back in there.
Tezca doesn't care if you live or die.
Oh, yeah? Like you do?
How do you keep finding new ways
to take me out of the fight?
I've gotten really good
at stealing on this planet.
And if I'm gonna stay here,
you're the only friend I have.
Friends don't handcuff friends.
They don't kiss away
their powers without asking!
I might have been wrong
to take away your powers,
but if I let you run back inside
and play the powerless hero,
it's gonna be my fault you died.
TEZCA: I'm impressed.
You're already improving.
- Controlling your anger.
- What do you want with me?
Bonnie said Liz and I hold
the pieces together.
What does that mean?
It means Bonnie talks too much.
And you don't talk enough.
What is the alighting?
A lesson for another time, perhaps.
LIZ: Because of the hand print,
I could sense you needed some help.
And since I know you've
been running hot lately,
I phoned a friend.
I'll grab the fire extinguisher.
No, I got this.
Was that your dad's machete?
I told him you insulted his cooking
and he loaned it to me right away.
Oh. Didn't realize I was
dating an action hero.
Uh, Sarah Connor?
I think we might have
just found our Terminator.
But no match for my superior genetics.
You must be Theo's son.
Just like your father,
putting your faith in a human like her
when you should put
your faith in Ophiuchus.
Hey, I don't want to get all
"in this house" on you,
but a human like me puts
her faith in science.
Which is why I tipped
that machete in Bonnie's virus.
Then I added a chemical accelerant
to speed things up a little bit.
I've been studying
your superior genetics.
And judging by the fresh ink
on your arms,
I think we're about
to meet what's really written
in your DNA.
Your true form.
Your theory was right.
But my Savior was right, too.
Miracles present themselves
to those who are patient.
What are you getting at?
That, together, you two
will change both our worlds.
Well, Tezca fled,
but at least we're alive.
I'm so glad you're okay.
Well, that is thanks to my two partners.
Oh, God.
Well, at least one of us survived.
- He's tougher than he looks.
- Ooh.
You know, after all the threats
Arturo made, I figured
I would be the one skewered
on the end of that machete.
But it was pretty sexy
seeing you with it.
It's kind of nice,
having the whole sheriff's
station to ourselves.
- Mmm
- What? What-what is it?
LIZ: I'm fine, I'm fine.
It's barely a mark on my skin.
No, no, that was anger
that I was trying to avoid.
But that wasn't anger, that was love.
Max, you've made the Crash down
lights flicker before.
It's okay.
But that never burned you.
I mean, I was worried that I might
hurt you when I was the Hulk,
but now Bruce Banner
is dangerous, too?
What am I supposed to do,
never touch you again?
Hey, look, let's just go home, okay?
Let's decompress. It's fine.
I can tell it's not fine.
The hand print means
I feel what you feel.
You're terrified that this
is gonna make it impossible
for us to be together.
No. No, absolutely not.
Because nothing is impossible.
How can we plan for a future
when Tezca's already
made those plans for us?
Because our love is stronger than that.
Our love is stronger
than all of this. (STAMMERS)
Bottle it up for national
security, okay? Remember?
What if the strength of
our love is what burns it down?
I mean, these powers, these abilities,
they're for the alighting.
I need to be able to control them.
Okay, so, then,
whatever the alighting is,
we will face it together.
Will you stop saying that?
I feel like you hope
to just wish all this away
with some kind words.
Positive thinking only works
when there is something positive
to hope for.
I mean, we are trapped
in this insane plan
that Jones left behind, and
I can't let that hurt you.
What are we gonna do?
I don't know.
Your daughter has your eyes again.
Genetically speaking.
Thank you.
I'm glad she has family to lean on,
even if it's not me.
Buy you a drink?
Make it a double.
I just told an alien that I love her.
Ah, so it's Isobel.
I could tell
your all-nighters at Deep Sky
weren't just about alien medicine.
How'd it go?
Like open heart surgery.
I put Deep Sky on the task and believe
I've found a lead on Allie Meyers.
How about a Valenti road trip
to take your mind off things?
Count me in
but I am done burying
my feelings in work.
If that means you want to cry
it out in the passenger seat
to Olivia Rodrigo,
- I won't judge.
I mean all my feelings
that I kept from Isobel
just formed this massive glacier
between us.
But now that it's all out there,
somehow I feel closer to her than ever.
Like my heart isn't broken,
just thawing.
And I want that for you, too.
Your nephew's a real hopeless romantic.
It's annoying.
But if it gets Dr. Love to shut up about
how the heart's an iceberg or whatever,
maybe it's worth talking to you.
I'm surprised I could get you
back from Mexico so soon.
Oh, well, you know,
- Mexico's always full of surprises.
But when a member of my Triad
needs me, I appear.
And I bring sage.
Is that to, um, help me prepare
for this journey into my mind?
No, no, the, uh, journey
into your mind will be easy.
This is for that, um,
vintage funkyardmusk we got going on.
You think I can do it, though?
I don't have Maria's vision
powers or anything like that.
That's true.
Maria's visions gave her access
to memories
across multiple generations
of the DeLuca line, but
you don't need her powers,
'cause you were there in 1947.
So all you have to do
is focus on that Bible
and I'll do the rest.
What you reading?
Bronson let me borrow his book.
Bronson is Maria's great-grandfather.
Tezca said my father put
his-his faith in a human.
What's it about?
Well, some people on Earth
seek answers within its pages.
When you're older,
I hope you do the same.
there may come a time when
you don't remember this day
or any of the days
that we spent together.
But I'll always remember you, Dad.
Son, listen,
the seeds we planted, this book,
in the wrong hands they could
bring ruin to our home,
so I have to protect you.
You might forget everything else,
but I hope you'll always know,
deep down, how much I love you.
Wait, did you see that?
The glasses.
The glasses are the key
to decoding my dad's Bible.
Mimi's famous chicken dumpling soup.
Tastes just like childhood.
- See, that's what happens
when you try to get off
the couch when you're sick.
Just eat some soup,
watch Judge Mathis like a normal person.
I don't want to be a normal person.
You're right. I'm sorry.
And not to be a "I lost
my powers, too" know-it-all,
but I do have some experience
in this department.
You lost your powers?
Side effect of the serum
that saved my life.
I let my psychic abilities define me,
and then, one day, gone.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I realized that my identity
is not connected to my power.
I'm my ambition,
my heart.
And without my powers,
those things get to keep going.
Which, I think,
was what Bonnie wanted for you.
She does keep risking her life
to save me.
You heard that, too, right?
Is that an angry rat?
MARIA: Wait a second.
That poster is from the festival
my mom and I went to every year.
this is the secret ingredient
to the soup my mom always
makes when I'm sick.
What are you saying?
I can't talk to my mom
in my visions anymore, but
maybe she's trying to find another way
to communicate with me?

Sorry about the overtime.
This couldn't wait.
The regenerative protein
we've been looking for.
It's damaged, but it's a start.
Where did Allie find it?
She didn't.
But the same protocols apply.
It stays in this room.
Until my daughter walks out
fully healed.
I'll get right on it.
Thank you.
I'm drowning ♪
And overthinking ♪
Trying to find when you became ♪
A stranger to me ♪
I would scream
if I could breathe right now ♪
I would scream
if I could feel somehow ♪
MAX: Can't sleep?
Tezca will come looking for me.
Mm. I'm pretty sure Liz
bought us some time with that.
We got lost ♪
You're safe here, okay?
And you helped us today.
Keep it up.
I want to help you get
everything you want,
with all the-the curly fries,
hard seltzers,
and-and Spielberg movies
we have to offer.
I've never seen Tezca
lose in a fight before.
Your girlfriend must be pretty tough.
Oh, that she is.
She's brilliant.
Kind, funny.
Yeah, I can't wait to marry her.
But how can I make
a sacred vow to love
and protect her when I risk
burning down the altar as I kiss her?
You want to take sacred
vows at an altar?
And I'm the one in a cult?
Sounds crazy, but
You may not understand our traditions,
but I know you understand this:
Tezca wants to use my abilities
for the alighting,
and I can't let that happen.
You called me the Savior.
I'm asking you to save me.
No, you saw how sick I made Michael.
Oh, I can get over a flu.
What I can't abide
is losing the woman I love.
You said you wanted to use
your powers for good?
Here's an opportunity.
We got lost ♪
The fire went out ♪
Are you sure this is what you want?
How I'll go on ♪
It's the only way.
I can't escape the dark ♪
I can't see ♪
How I'll go on ♪
When I can't feel my heart ♪
What did you do?
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