Roswell, New Mexico (2019) s04e07 Episode Script

Dig Me Out

- Previously on Roswell, New Mexico
- Why are you smiling?
Because this will bring about the alighting.
How do you know that word?
All I know is that the alighting
wasn't complete without you and
- And Liz?
- Your dad's Bible, I recognize it.
I saw it in Bonnie's cave.
We know that
you have memories from 1947.
Just focus on that
Bible, and I'll do the rest.
Wait, did you see that?
The glasses are the key
to decoding my dad's Bible.
I can't talk to my mom in my visions
anymore, but maybe she's trying to find
another way to communicate with me.
Bonnie kissed you so
she could disable your powers.
There's a rift in our Triad.
Clyde has been questioning her leadership.
I tipped that machete in Bonnie's virus.
Tezca wants to use my abilities
for the alighting,
and I can't let that happen.
You said you wanted to use
your powers for good.
- It's the only way.
- What did you do?
Handprint's gone.
You kissed her, didn't you?
Um, you have to know,
I mean, it was nothing romantic.
What it was was a
complete lack of regard for me.
No, I did this for you.
Making a decision
that is about the both of us
without asking what I think is not about me.
Max, that is all about you.
I was worried that if I told
you, you'd talk me out of it.
Because someone should have.
Liz, can't you see that these
abilities make me dangerous not only to you
but to every single person we care about?
And why can't you see we
would've found our way through it?
I mean, you know what
happened when I kissed you.
Stop making me the banner
for your decisions.
Now I have two aliens without powers
in the fight against the Dark Triad.
Right. Well, Tezca only wanted
me for the blue flame.
But now that I don't have it,
I'm of no value to them.
That is a huge gamble to make with
the life of the woman you intend to marry.
Do I need to remind you they want me, too?
I know, I know, and I can protect you.
No, Max.
The truth is you are scared of
embracing who you really are.
And instead of finding the courage
to step into the future,
you threw it all away.
This is a combo flu shot.
It helped Michael and it should
prevent you from getting sick.
But since you seem to prefer to
make your decisions on your own
So, while you deal with that, I need
to figure out where we go from here.
Uh, isn't it, uh, a little
early for cocktails?
Well, this cook from
a place called Flavor town
says Bloody Marys are appropriate at
any hour and a necessity for an omelet.
You look like you need one.
Max, everything okay?
Uh, no, I got a
I got a tip from the station
that 40 gallons of paint thinner
went missing from an artist's
retreat outside of town.
- Since paint thinner is
- Condensed acetone.
You think there must be
an alien application.
Well, there is.
Tezca uses that stuff to help her body
recover when she shape shifts too much.
Which means she's hurt.
It's the time to strike.
With what?
Harsh language?
We don't have powers.
We don't need powers
to divide Tezca and Clyde.
You said Clyde was already
starting to doubt her.
Well, Clyde puts Ophiuchus
philosophy above everything
and Tezca tends to bend the rules.
So we lean into that.
If you can convince Clyde
Tezca's strayed, that's a start.
No. That's no good.
Tezca had to have already filled in Clyde
that Bonnie got arrested and betrayed them.
Unless I convince him I did it
because I feared her.
He's very protective of me, he'll listen.
I'm going with.
Help sell the story.
Listen, Clyde's a pragmatist.
So, if we intrigue him that we can
help him get what he wants, he will bite.
So, what does he want?
He wants to go home.
Does he have the means to do that?
Clyde needs three things.
He's got two of them.
Yeah, the first is the fruit from the tree.
- Clyde says it's fuel.
- And the second?
It's a map.
From here
to Oasis.
That's home.
Here's what I'm thinking.
- Fuel plus map equals
- Ship.
Clyde said that
he thought with Michael's help
he might be able to find
what he's been unable to.
So, I show up and I offer my services.
And I give him this map as a sign
that, yeah, things might've gotten thick,
but we're still on the same page.
Any, uh, progress on your alien virus?
Tiny bubbles can have big answers.
My usual problem-solver is
Merlot with a Morissette chaser.
Mm, when I'm stuck, it's Kate Bush.
I could play some for you
if you think it would help.
What are you stuck on?
Oh, this isn't problem-solving prosecco.
This is for celebrating.
I just acquired a cryogenics
company in New York.
And I am wheels up to go there in two hours.
Hey, you think I could catch a flight?
Could use a minute out of Roswell.
Should I send a car
to fetch that man of yours?
At least some of those seconds
in that minute are attributed to him.
They say a wild girls' weekend is the
perfect medicine for relationship woes.
Oh, I appreciate it, but I got a
cousin I am long overdue to check in on.
Oh, uh, I have reservations
for sunset tapas.
So you can treat your cousin if you want.
It'd be amazing.
After last night, this is gonna
be like stepping into a warm bath.
Okay, since when do we need the
full spa package for a mindscape?
Since, uh, Theo locked up your memories
trying to protect you,
I figured we could use
the entire, uh, earth, wind and fire.
Meaning, finding my dad's glasses and
decoding his Bible would be impossible.
No, no. No, it's not impossible.
It's just it's tricky.
Maria had to use vision-inducing
drugs to access her subconscious.
But your superpower is water.
So we're gonna use that as a conduit.
- Welcome to the Hot Tub Time Machine.
- Oh.
Okay, thank you.
You know, the tricky
part, really, is just gonna be, um,
breaking down any barriers
that your father might have
- erected in your, um
- Okay.
Uh, well, look, I'm sold.
- Uh, what next, sensei?
- Just to make sure, you're not, like
harboring any secret feelings
for me, are you?
Just here to get my dad's glasses.
That's good. Yeah.
Me, too.
They're not in my trunks.
It's like, I thought that
it would be less awkward
- if I didn't make eye contact.
- Nah.
I see that that's a mistake now.
You know, it's 'cause I think I'm being
a little paranoid recently. I kind of
have realized that I
have certain blind spots in my life.
Like the doctor who's currently in Mexico?
You know, this is actually not
about my mindscape.
This is about you, so just
whenever you're ready.
I am sorry for these
complications to the mission,
but I assure you they will be overcome.
You are the ever-dutiful
soldier, aren't you?
Our-our leader understood
how powerful loyalty could be.
Unlike Bonnie.
She can be naiïve.
- But she's
- Betrayed us.
For Earthen trinkets and endeavors.
She has no place in this Triad anymore.
I will fix this.
But, uh to be certain the
alighting is brought about,
perhaps it's time for you
to share with me the location
There's a reason Jones placed
his secrets in my trust.
I was merely trying to help.
Then give me your arm.
My arm?
To expedite the cleansing process.
Unless you see a better
way to achieving the alighting.
Of course, Tezca.
Long live Ophiuchus.
Okay, Mom, if you're
trying to talk, this is me trying to listen.
Sometimes when you'd go missing,
I'd find you here.
I want you to be at peace,
but I'm running out of answers.
And after yesterday,
I'm just starting to feel crazy.
Are you trying to talk to me?
Please, please, Mom,
just give me a sign.
Is this a sign?
It's just a waste of time.
Uncle Roy? Uncle Roy!
Well, apparently you were close enough
to Maria's great-grandfather
to call him uncle.
Mind waiting outside a minute, kid?
I got some grown folks' business.
Peach pie.
Look who it is.
Courtesy of Louise.
She wishes y'all could come to
the Long Farm and enjoy it with us.
You having any luck on getting
your own farm yet?
Every time I apply for a land
purchase, it mysteriously just gets sold.
But I won't give up,
I'll find a plot eventually.
Someplace where me and Louise can
raise our family safe, and Nora can work.
How is her project coming along?
It's almost finished and
impressive, but that's not why I'm here.
Look, I know you don't want to
hear it, but Louise wants you to rethink
letting your boy remain out of his pod.
She says it's dangerous.
Especially after what happened back
on Oasis, with her daughter's teacher.
Kids are meant
to run, play and explore.
My son needs to be out here,
so I can teach and love him.
You know how to raise your son, but
remember, what you put on a chess board
can become a chess piece.
All right.
A chess board? Chess piece? What
Wh-What game is he talking about?
Project Shepherd, maybe.
Or something to do with Jones.
I don't know. I think
we need to keep exploring.
And that stuff about your teacher?
Yeah, I don't know. I-I don't
have any memories from Oasis.
Whatever it was, it must've
been bad enough to, uh,
put me in a pod, separate me from my mom.
You know what, let's move on.
Where does this memory want you to go next?
Well, let there be light.
Okay, now, tell me.
Is everybody okay? Papi?
Yeah, no. Papi's fine.
Siempre con lo mismo. He's Thank you.
- Huh?
- finally mastered his enchilada recipe,
just in time for the Hatch Day Party.
Which was a nice break from
trying to Ms. Frizzle my GED students
onto the Magic School Bus.
And what about Chocolate Chip?
Is he treating my sister well?
I don't know.
Max is making me feel kind of
Oh, hi.
Liz, this is These are my roommates.
This is Zephyr and Juliana.
The famous cousin Liz
Rosalinda's always mentioning.
Can we talk about how gorgeous she is?
Oh, my God.
We are so excited to meet you.
You have to see what Rosalinda's working on.
Okay, no puedo contigo.
Liz doesn't want to hear
about this right now.
No, of course I do.
Well, I'm not the best
at humble bragging, all right?
But that's enough about me.
I want the chisme.
Uh, perhaps the chisme after dim sum later.
We're actually about to head out
to the art installation in SoHo.
Got to go. You guys should just go
without me, honestly.
- No.
- Lady Teelan will be there.
You've been dying for
an introduction for weeks.
You know what? Go, go, go.
I just got off a plane.
- I could use a nap and a shower.
- Are you sure?
Yeah. Yeah. Uh, dinner later?
I got this fancy reservation.
Yeah, that's awesome.
- Let's go.
- Okay. Bye.
Have fun.
I can't help feeling like I failed you.
You gave me purpose.
Please show me the way again once more.
Tezca said you turned on us.
Attacked her.
You here to try and end me, too?
I'm here to tell you that I had no choice.
I was afraid for my life.
Tezca tried to kill her.
Why would she turn on one of her own Triad?
Because I refused to do
something that you deemed foolish.
She wanted me to kill
the son of the dictator.
My feelings were pretty hurt, too.
A-And when I questioned
if this was your will as well
I have sacrificed so much.
Tezca cares little for my insight.
We don't need her.
To find the final piece, do we?
We do not.
Why should I trust you?
Either of you?
Because you saved me on Oasis.
You made me feel like I mattered.
And this quest to return home,
i-it matters to you.
How could I not help?
Seeing home has mattered to me
since the first time I looked in the sky.
I assume you gave me this
This map to let me dream
about that possibility, yeah?
Well, I don't want to dream any longer.
The final piece, it's a ship, isn't it?
One that my mother built?
All I've ever wanted to do is find it.
I think it's time to explain the
quandary Tezca left us to decipher.
And bring about the alighting
once and for all.
You're sure Bronson owned property in 1947?
'Cause neither digital files nor
these manual logs show that he did.
Clyde told me and Bonnie that Tezca believed
there was a connection
between land Bronson bought
and this final piece that Jones tasked
them to acquire so they can go home.
There's something on this lost
piece of land that they need.
- Uh, what, because
- Because if my
mother built the ship they're looking for,
they'd need a farm big enough to hide it.
Right. And if we find that link,
then you can finally complete
the, uh, hunt you started decades ago.
You want to talk about why you, uh,
hid the star map from the rest of us?
I was always gonna tell you about it.
Judging from that map,
it, uh, looks like a long trip.
Years, right?
All depends on the engine
capabilities of my mother's ship.
And Alex is cool with a decades-long
nonstop flight across the galaxy?
Obviously there are discussions to be had.
Ah, so you do want to go home.
What I want is to know where I come from.
Just because you try burying
questions about Oasis
doesn't mean that I can't be asking them.
Okay, now that I've tried a doughnut,
I'm ready to help find this farm
where the ship must be hidden.
"Sale denied.
"No person of any race other than
Caucasian may use or occupy the property,
with the exception of domestic servants."
What you are holding is a
property restriction ordinance.
Black people were forbidden from
buying houses or land in certain areas.
Sadly, not everything on Earth is
Patty Meltdowns and doughnuts.
That doesn't seem fair.
It's an ugly ongoing chapter of human
history that sometimes leads to violence,
and is often covered up.
I didn't think Earth had
the same evil streak as Oasis.
Well, there's evil everywhere.
You know, I don't think
we're gonna find anything here.
Bronson couldn't own land in '47.
Well, what if he what if he put
it under someone else's name?
Someone Caucasian.
Someone he cared for.
And trusted.
Walt Sanders.
Okay, so how was the SoHo exhibit?
- Oh, okay, it was really good.
- Yeah?
Great, you guys got my favorite table.
Uh, this is my cousin, Rosalinda.
Sorry to crash the family reunion.
Um, the acquisition went
much faster than expected,
and I couldn't pass up escargot.
Liz, you're gonna love the new
gadgets we're gonna have at our disposal.
So, if Genoryx was like being
a kid in a candy shop,
Shivani's R&D budget is like
the Wonka factory.
Your research is what
I'm really excited about.
I feel like the lucky one.
Now, Liz tells me that you're an artist.
Tell me about your work.
Um, well, right now I'm really into
this Mexican muralist from the '30s.
His name is David Siqueiros.
He worked with fractals.
They're, um, infinitely
repeating shrinking patterns.
They are orderly, but also have chaos.
- Fractals?
- Yeah.
The shape lends itself to this
To increase volume and surface ratio.
On the canvas?
Wait, so we were looking for
a way to attack damaged tissue.
- Right?
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, but fractals,
they're all over the place.
In cell physiology, and in human anatomy.
I mean, what if we used that same pattern?
We might be better able to
holistically mitigate damage.
Not only that.
We could regenerate the cells altogether.
I mean, you have this new
cryogenics company, right?
An immersive chamber might be
exactly what we need
to undo the damage
that has altered these cells.
We could flood our subjects'
circulatory systems
with bio-engineered organic
compounds that are in a cryogenic
Yeah, um, you guys sound like
you have a lot to catch up on
in words that I can't even spell,
so I'm gonna catch you later.
Jones is coming.
Don't move. Don't make a sound.
Where's the work you owe me?
It's almost complete. You'll have it soon.
No, I'll have it now.
Give me that little book you're
always scribbling in, your instructions.
What good does incomplete work do?
Leave me to finish in peace if you
want me to provide you what you need.
Killing you isn't the
only way I can hurt you.
Instructions. He-he means the Bible, right?
What if Jones found it?
I think we have to jump forward to find out.
Wake up, son, we gotta go.
It's not safe here.
You remember where we put
our special book and glasses?
Then get 'em.
What the hell is Bronson doing
with a gun on my dad?
You killed my daddy!
That's not your daddy, boy.
We gotta get moving. Come on.
Are you okay?
Iz, are you okay? I thought
I lost you for a second.
Did you you see something, or
I don't know what I saw.
Let's keep going.
Don't keep them together in
case Jones finds your hiding spot.
They'll be safe. I promise.
Keep this far away from Roswell.
I'll talk to the Valentis.
Maybe they can take it south.
I'm in your debt.
You were right, man, he targeted him.
I have to hide my son.
You said your boy is talented with water.
They say the lakes in the
national forests are bottomless.
I doubt Jones'll find 'em there.
Great. Okay, thank you.
My brave boy.
This isn't goodbye.
You'll see me again. I have faith.
I'm going back inside, aren't I?
What if I forget?
You won't forget.
I've hidden your memories to protect you.
Don't be scared.
This Bible will have your instructions.
The key to reading it will be in a
secret spot that only you will know.
When the time comes,
you'll find your way to it.
But where will you hide it?
I know where to find his glasses.
Your work's evolved so
much since you left Roswell.
And so have you.
I'm sorry I was so awful at dinner.
I-I want you to know Shivani
does not know about our secrets.
That's not what I'm worried about.
That's not what I was ever worried about.
What I'm worried about is why
you came all this way
just to brag about some new friendship.
I mean, that was the point of all
the shop talk over snails, right?
It was to try to make me feel small?
Instead of toasting your success,
and celebrating Shivani's interest in it
and all that you had to say about
it, I was the one who felt small.
So I overcompensated by pulling
the subject to science, like a total bruja.
Liz, que dices?
I still don't have it all together.
I just released my judgment on myself.
Letting go of the expectation
of what life should be
has freed me to create one
that actually is me.
I'm completely impressed.
My kitchen is a little small
for churro pancakes,
but you can still tell me
what this is about.
I've been trying to be
this perfectly supportive
teacher and mentor and
girlfriend, and then Max, he
made a huge decision
without me, and now I feel lost.
Well, Max is stubborn. This is not news.
But that is his journey.
This, right now, is about you.
Liz Ortecho is allowed to make mistakes.
Just like everybody else.
Just focus on what is authentically you.
And news flash, it is not hatch
parties or Mr. Feeny cosplay.
Weird fringe science, that's your jam.
Just, the more that you
focus on being the most you,
everything will fall into place.
Why was this never registered
with the Chavez County clerk?
That property is outside of county lines.
Bronson wanted it that way.
So you own 13 acres of land,
but you chose to live in a junkyard?
Yeah. I like being near the liquor store.
Bronson should have never bought that land.
He would have been happier with a
farm up near his favorite fishing hole.
But that ugly real estate rule;
they wouldn't let him buy it?
Yeah. Yeah, he settled for 13
acres of land that wasn't even arable.
Had a dried up aquifer, a
couple underground caves.
But as long as he had Louise
and the baby, he was happy.
Sounds like the perfect place
to hide a spaceship.
Yeah, this is right near where the
paint thinner was taken last night.
Which means Tezca's probably
already on her way.
I can follow up on this,
but we can't let Clyde
- get anywhere near that craft.
- Mm.
I'll-I'll distract him.
It's okay, it's okay. We're-we're fam.
As you guys say.
You okay?
You know that once you get those glasses,
you'll be able to know everything
you want about your father.
Iz, I don't know, what
if What if I fail him?
I get that.
After I got my mother's sword, I was
I was terrified of letting her down.
Changes everything.
But I do believe that when we step
into our legacy, it makes us stronger.
Okay, damn! I mean, you just went
all Ten Commandmentson that pond.
All right, I was expecting a
little more Dallas and less sword
on our quest to find spaceship parts.
Yeah, well, Dallas is off chasing
a lead on his father's work,
and, um, as for Señor Slicey here,
well, how often have poked
around an unknown cave
- and found something pleasant?
- Good point.
Oh, tranq guns for you and Michael. Smart.
Oh, yeah. I wanted to talk
to you about Michael
before he got here. I think Clyde
is selling him on returning to Oasis.
Well, he's been dreaming about that place
since he first caught a glimpse of
the sky the night he fell out of the pod.
Yeah, I know, but this is
This is more than fairy tales.
I think the-the possibility of returning
home is clouding Michael's judgment.
Got it. So it's like, um, the
protector versus the dreamer.
Right, well, the dreamer hid a map from us.
Kind of like how you hid
giving up your powers from Liz?
Look, Max, I know you want to protect him.
Of course you do. You're his big brother.
Maybe being his big brother
means being big enough
to accept his adult decisions.
What's with all the chitchat?
Spaceship's not gonna just find itself.
Okay, what page
Let's give it a try.
"A map where no roads go
is where all roads lay hidden."
Is that you?
There's nothing in that passage
off to the left.
Look. That's blood.
Smell that? Acetone.
It's gotta be Tezca.
I'm curious.
Did you get here on your own,
or did a treacherous Oasian
nudge you in the right direction?
This has nothing to do with Bonnie.
I'm not talking about Little Miss Naiïveté.
This feels like an ingrate
trying to assert his will
while I'm in a weakened state.
Rest assured, I'm not.
Watch out!
You still seem to be without your powers.
Don't need powers to squeeze a trigger.
Alone at last.
I like your sword.
Well, come and get it.
I-I know you. How do I know you?
No matter.
You'll know me as the last face
you ever saw.
This seems to be the spot, but what
danger should I be concerned about?
Great. Cosmic quicksand?
Let's see what you hid in the
Gospel of Luke about this.
I'm sorry we didn't
find the ship today.
You know, I was unsure about
it for a bunch of stupid reasons.
But, uh, but I know how much
it means to you.
I'm sorry. I should have
told you about the map sooner.
Kinda felt like, in order
to ponder the possibilities,
I had to keep anyone from
weighing in on the harsh realities.
By anyone, you mean me, don't you?
If the dream killer shoes fit
You ever feel like you got two
paths, and they both seem right?
Well, I think it's good that
you ponder the possibilities.
I mean, I think I, uh, should
probably do a little more pondering,
and spend a little less
time in protect mode.
Okay, a lot less time.
But, um, look, whatever
you decide, I got your back.
Well, Tezca's still out.
I don't think she'll be very happy
when she wakes up locked up.
You really think she was
your teacher of some sort?
Dallas' memories said as much,
and then I just had some
triggered of my own, so
You know, Tezca said Clyde was disloyal.
He knew she was gonna be there, right?
Which means mission
accomplished. We divided them.
Right, but if Clyde really did play
us, and Bonnie went to distract him
I gotta warn her.
Now, I know I've never enjoyed
these walks you're inclined to take,
but it got me thinking today
about one's journey.
They often start with
the guidance of another,
but discoveries eventually
push one to forge their own path.
Mine led me to overhear an interesting
discussion about deeds and spacecraft.
There never was a ship to be found.
I'm certain your friends
found something compelling.
You wanted them to find
that house Bronson bought.
Is that where Tezca is?
You sent them to their doom.
Their death or hers, such matters
of fate are for Ophiuchus to decide.
The greater matter was
hoping your new friends
would find the actual
spot I was looking for.
The one Tezca's been
so reticent to share with me.
But as you pointed out, streams of hope
shine through the darkness on this planet.
That has nothing to do with hope.
Oh, on the contrary.
It's about never giving up
on what you put your faith in.
It's about where the path
leads the righteous.
And in case you were
wondering, it led us here.
Dallas, is it?
Your journey has been
revelatory for us both.
What are what are you talking about?
Michael thought I was after a ship.
But I was looking for
something much smaller.
Now, those glasses and that Bible,
they're the final pieces in this puzzle.
This is my father's work.
It's not meant for you.
Ophiuchus presides over what is
meant or me, not you, nor the traitor Theo.
Dallas, run!
Do so and there are consequences.
Toss the glasses and the Bible over to me,
- or she goes in.
- Okay, hold on. Hold on.
Please don't do this.
You want to make a deal with me, right?
All right, well, let her go first.
If I let her go,
then what do I bargain with?
Her fate is in your hands.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I frightened you.
I never wanted it to come to this.
But you you have always made me
see that I must take the hardest steps.
Hey, what the hell
is wrong with you?
Hey, I did what you asked. Save her!
You worry about her body. I saved her soul!
But what about your soul?
Let me save you. Forgive her and let her go.
Do you think you're strong
enough to finish your journey?
Reclaim your father's book,
save the innocent?
Because you appear weak
from wallowing in this lesser world.
Not bad, but not good enough.
We can still be happy.
That's what you never understood.
My purpose, it dwarfs
this notion of happiness.
There is no greater actualization
without sacrificing what one loves.
All right, look, whatever your problem is
with me and my father,
it's got nothing to do with her.
Okay, so pull her out.
She'll pay for what she did
against the cause.
You're insane.
This isn't over.
Given I now have the means to
finish what my savior asked to be built
for you and the rest of your
disruptive friends, I think it is.
Uh, the back door will lock
behind you when you're done.
Thanks, Javier.
- Good night.
- Good night.
No, I'm not reading into it.
It could be anything.
A faulty wire.
A rat hitting the
It better not be a rat.
What are you doing here?
Oh, hey!
Thank God it's you.
The, uh, bane of my existence,
otherwise known as bookkeeping.
I couldn't focus at The Pony. Long story.
Well, I just got back from New York
with an idea that might cure Michael.
Figured I'd scoop up some
carbs, and then head to the lab.
You have got your priorities in order.
- Don't forget your milkshake.
- Oh.
I didn't make that.
That's weird Javier left this like this.
Weirder still that
it's Bananas Foster's Ranch.
Every time we try to pull it off
the menu, Alex begs us not to.
Hey, what's wrong?
Oh, my God. It's Alex.
Whoa. What is going on, Maria?
Okay, all right, my mom's chicken
dumpling soup is Alex's favorite.
And the feather floating
in the air: Alex is an airman.
The song that played
at The Pony was Mars Volta.
Mars Volta's the first concert
you, Alex and I ever went to.
This whole time, I thought
it was my mom haunting me.
It was Alex.
But if it's Alex
Does that mean he's dead, too?
It's good to see you, son.
Your journey is just beginning.
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