Rugrats (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Second Time Around

[upbeat music]

- [laughs]
- [whimpers]

[frog croaks]
- [giggles]

[car horn honks]
- Ta-da!
- Whoa!
- [laughs]
- Whoa!
- Aw!

[dramatic music]

- [grunts]
They said it was imposter-ble
to bring them back to life.
[upbeat music]

- Tommy, this place isn't even
on the map!
- Shh, we don't want to scare
them with any loud noises.
- Phillip.
- Wasn't me, Lillian.
It was my foot.
That was my butt.
- Okay, you guys.
Glad y'all had fun.
Time to go home!
Uh, you know the stuffs
in my Mr. Tippy Cup
is not supposed to shake,
[dramatic music]
The ground's not supposed
to shake neither!
[birds cawing]

- Hurry!
- Go, go, go, go!

- Guys, I'm not exactly sure,
but I think I losted the key.
Yep, I'm sure.
- You losted the key?
Tommy Pickles, the driver has
one job!
- I guess we're getting eated.
- Yep, nice knowing everybody.
- Get eated by a dinosaur?
Not today!
- I didn't know we could leave.
- But, guys, Tommy's not good
at running yet!
[all gasp]
- [growling]

- Hang on, everybody.
This might work!
- Let's go, junior carpenter!

- Hold on to your bottles!
- Tommy, I think now might be
a good time
to go faster!
- Don't worry.
It says right here--
stuffs in the mirror are
furtherer than they appear.
- Maybe it said closerer!
- Oh, for feet's sake!
That's why the little kids
should leave the reading
to the grown-ups!
[tires squealing]


Reptar overboard!
Tommy, stop!
[tires screeching]
I'll save you, Reptar!

At least you won't get
crushed alone.
- [roars]
- Look!
We founded a hamster ball.

- [gasps]
- We'll be okay.
What's safer
than a hamster ball?
[both screaming]
- Somebody
wants their toy back.

- [sneezes]
- [roars]
- Aah!
- I don't s-suppose you're here
to give me a t-tissue.
- [roars]
- Tommy!
- Over here, Tree-Rex!
- Good job, junior carpenter!
- Go on, Chuckie.
I'll distract him!
- You're a natural
- Hurry, Chuckie!
Tommy's screwdriver
is getting sleepy!
- [slowed]
Never give up
- [gasps]
Be nice, Tree-Rex.
Be nice.
- [roars]
- You dumb babies!
Aunt Didi!
- Angelica!
Did Tommy do that?
- Yes, he did, Aunt Didi.
Babies are so mean.
- Tommy, that wasn't very nice,
and we don't waste
Mommy's milk.
- Come on, Cynthia.
These babies are beneath us.
I'm getting diaper rash just
looking at 'em.
[upbeat music]
- [grunts]
Football and deviled eggs?
And it isn't even my birthday.
Go long, boys!
- How long is long, Betty?
- And he's down.
- Chas, how many fingers
do you see?
- One more than our
eighth-grade wood shop teacher.
- The wrong guy to teach us
table saw safety.
- Honey, this could be serious.
- [sniffs]
Is it me, or does this egg
smell off?
- [sniffs]
It's you.
- Oh, good.

- Who wants spring cheese?
- I'll take that!
- And what about mushy taters?
- Hand 'em over.
- Phil!
- Oh, sorry, Chuckie.
Forgotted my manners.
Want some?
- Ooh, these bones look
like Spike food!
Fetch, Spike!
- Hey, you tinkleheads!
You better not have eated
all the good food!
- Uh, Phil has some
mushy taters.
- You're gonna get
in big trouble!
What am I saying?
You get away with stuff just
'cause you're babies.
Life is so unfair.
[somber music]
- All right, let's head
on home.
- What a lovely day that was.
- Today was good!
- I'm sure glad we sprayed
for ticks.
- [whimpers]
[scary music]

- It's okay, Chuckie.
He can't hurt you.
He's way out on that island.
Come on.
Let's be brave guys together.
Starting now.

[car horn honks]
- Double shot, full-fat,
triple whip,
and three sweeteners
for Jen Z.?
[silly music]
[camera shutter clicks]
Make sure to tag us!
- Hi, Betty!
- Deed, Chazzie!
What's shaking?
- Betty!
Hey, I don't mean to alarm you,
but the twins are playing
with mud.
- Chas, after the morning I had
with them,
be thankful it's mud.
- Guys, I've 'cided something.
My daddy says I'm brave,
so I'm gonna start being brave.
- But would a brave Chuckie
still be a Chuckie?
- Nope, not possible.
- Hey, if Chuckie says
he's gonna be brave,
he's gonna be brave.
- You guys can stop talking
like I'm not heres.
- Okay, let's play
pirate adventure
so you can practice.
- But we're playing
coffee shop.
And I'm the "pasty" chef.
- That sounds like a nice game.
- How can you practice being
brave playing coffee shop?
- How about pirate coffee shop?
- [laughs]
Take your seats here,
- Here are your captain-chinos!
- [grunts]
[accordion music]
And here's your pirate pasties!
- Umdo you have any pasties
without mud?
- No such thing!
Eat up, mateys.
- But some peoples don't likes
to eat mud, Lillian.
Tell her, Tommy.
- What?
- You eated it?
Is it good?
- Mmm, yummy.
Try it, Chuckie.
- No, thank you.
- The landblubber won't eat
my pie.
- Phillip!
- Sorry, it was the pirate
- I thought you wanted to play
pirate coffee shop
so you could learn to be brave.
- I do.
I'm a brave pirate boy,
so I'm gonna eat this pie,
but I don't think
I'm gonna like it.
I'm a brave pirate.
I'm gonna eat a little mud.
Brave pirates eat mud.
[gags, coughs]
I did it!
And it was
only a little terrible!
- Lookee, a worm
in Chuckie's pie.
- That pie should
probably cost extra.
- It's only part of a worm.
- Where did the other part go?
- Into your tummy, silly.
- [gasps]
[dramatic music]
I eated a worm?
[soft music]
- Breathe deeply.
Let it out slowly.
Feel your arms float
to the clouds.
Just follow along with Grandpa.
Pretend you're coloring the sky
with your favorite crayon.
Mine's periwinkle,
mainly 'cause it's just plain
fun to say "winkle."
It's also fun to embrace
the silence.
[doorbell ringing]
Push back the distractions
that prevent peace of mind.
Let someone else answer
the bell.
Ah, for the love of--
Hold that pose.
I don't need any magazines,
and I'm not switching churches.
Oh, Angelica, it's you!
How about a hug?
- Later, Grandpa!
I got a 'mergency.
- Dad, what happened
to the doorbell cam
I installed for you?
- Turns out I'm more
of a face-to-face kind of guy.
- [coughs]
Hey, big bro!
Whoa, that's on fire again!
That was a big one.
- Why don't you invent
a door cam
that Dad will actually use?
- Will you two stop?
I don't need
any of your digital garbage.
Not the doorbell,
not the seniors dating app
you put on my phone.
- What's wrong
with Silver Beagles?
- Every time I go to check
the weather,
up pops a picture of a granny
tending her tomatoes.
Let's make a deal, shall we?
You boys don't interfere
with my technology,
and I won't tell you that
you're being overgrown kids.
- Were we just insulted
by a Silver Beagle?
[upbeat music]

- Phil!
- Our ball!
- Not again!
- I guess I'm stronger
than I smell.
- [whimpers]
[somber music]

- What's the matter, Chuckie?
- Oh, it's just life, Tommy.
It's so hard.
The one time I try to be brave,
I eats a worm.
- It was only part of a worm.
- I'm just gonna sit here and
not be anything "differenter"
than I always am.
- Well, then
I'll sit here, too.
- [sighs]
Thanks, Tommy.
You know, it's kind of nice
here in the peas and quiet.
[tires squeal]
- [barks]
[tires screech]
- Is there a doctor
in the house?
Oh, yeah, me.
- Angelica, everybody knows
a kid can't be a doctor.
- I guess you haven't seen my
Doc McDingaling bag
with official sticker.
You only get this stuff
if you're a real doctor.
- My mommy is a real doctor,
and she doesn't have a sticker.
- Eh, she probably stuck it
on a shoe or something,
then walked all over it.
Now, listen up!
We're gonna play hospital,
and Susie and Finster are gonna
be my first sick people.
And Phil and Lil--whose idea
was it to invent babies?
Here, you two are gonna be
my nursers.
Spike, you be the tool cleaner.
- Aw, I wanted to do that.
- What can I be, Angelica?
- You'll be my sweat wiper.
- And I wanted to do that.
- Nursers, hand me
my tongue stick.
- [groans]
- Open up!
- But that was
in Phil's diaper!
- Ah, everyone thinks
they're a doctor.
Now say "ahh."
- Aah!
[upbeat music]
- I got to say, Betty,
I wasn't sure
about moving in with Stu's dad,
but now I don't know
what we'd do without him
to watch all of our kids.
- Oh, the man's a saint.
Without him, I'd never get in
my 10,000 steps.
Be faster to just walk.
- I'm working
on a special order
for a new mom with quadruplets.
What do you think?
- Throw some clip-on bottles
on there,
and you'll make her day.
[phone rings]
- Hey, honey!
- Deed, you're not gonna
believe it.
- Should I be worried?
- No, unless you're afraid
of facing your past.
- I do have
that one ex-girlfriend
who still kind of scares me.
- Ready for it?
Our favorite band of all time
is getting back together!
- It can't be--
- Do not joke about this,
- Oh, yeah!
- Y2K!
This is big.
I got to cancel
all my piccolo students.
- And we are so gonna be there.
- Oh, I'm just so excited!
- Yep, and I got the tickets!
- Quiet, Spike!
Skilled sturgeon at work here.
This is not good,
not good at all.
- Doctor Angelica, I have been
waiting here a long time.
- Tough luck!
I got Finster on the table.
I got to figure out
what's wrong,
and trust me, with him,
there's a lot wrong.
- It's 'cause I eated a worm,
isn't it?
- You ate a worm?
- [gasps]
Only part of a worm.
[serious music]
- Hmm.

- Once, I eated
a watermelon seed,
and I thought my tummy was
gonna 'splode,
but nothing happened then.
- [gasps, clicks tongue]
Oh, this is way worser
than any old watermelon seed.
Chuckie, I'm sorry to say
you've got
- What is that?
- Well, first you'll get all
long and slimy,
and then you'll turn into
a worm who has to live in dirt.
- No fair!
- Lucky!
- But, Doctor Angelica,
can't you fix
his Wormy-Oliosis?
- If only I could, Tommy,
but there's no cure.
Well, got to go!
I'll send you my bill.
And I don't take pennies!
[soft music]
- "And then the leopard,
ever so sassy,
"swallowed a warthog
who was even more gassy.
"That happens to warthogs
who have lizards for brunch,
"and lizards who eat birds
have double the punch.
"And when birds eat the frogs
that have finished the slugs,
"not to mention the fish eggs,
all that's left are the bugs."
Why would Aunt Linda recommend
this book?
Sweet dreams, pal.
- [whimpers]
- [caws]
- Aah!
Whoa, whoa!
This isn't the clown dream,
is it?
- Gonna go fishing ♪
Gonna need some bait ♪
A juicy little worm boy ♪
Will do just great ♪
- Aah!
[dramatic music]

narrator: After the worm boy
sheds his favoritest arms
with its favoritest hands
and fingers,
he can no longer hug his daddy
or pick his nose.

It's here in the yucky dirt
that the sad worm boy lives
a solitary existence,
eating only bits
of rotten fruit--
- I might be a worm,
but I'm not a aminal!
- The worm boy then produces
a nutrient-rich poop
that helps the garden to grow.
- And now you're talking
about my poop?
- Yes, because that's all
worms do.
Except, of course,
when they're wiggling away
to avoid becoming
someone's lunch.

- Down here!
It's me, Chuckie!

- Cacaw, cacaw, cacaw!
- Aah!

- And that's when my daddy
woked me up
and said I was having
a bad dream.
- That was the scariest dream
I ever hearded.
- Does my elbow look like
a frog butt?
- Shh!
- Oh, my daddy doesn't
It's not just a bad dream,
it's a bad everything!
I'm doomed!
I'm gonna turn into a worm boy.
- Chuckie, you don't have
to hide!
- Yes, I do, Tommy!
If I have to change
into a worm boy
and live in the ground
where it's dark,
I might as well start
for worm life right now.
- Guys, this is bad.
We gots to help Chuckie.
- You're right, Tommy.
Let's go get him
some worm food.
- We'll be right back,
worm boy.
- Now, Pop, for while we're
at the concert tonight,
I've put together a little
child-care cheat sheet.
You know, feeding schedules,
menu plan,
dangerous plant life to avoid.
This section--
- Didi.
I know how to take care
of kids.
Nothing gets past me.
They should have called me
Lou Potato
'cause I got eyes in the back
of my head.
- It's just that I've never
left Tommy
for an entire evening,
and you're a 70-year-old taking
care of 6 children
all under the age of 3,
which is probably a felony
in some states.
You know what?
I'll just stay home.
- No, you won't.
I insist you go
to that concert.
You deserve a night out
with your friends.
- Okay, thanks Pop, but I'll
leave the book here
just in case.
Oh, but you shouldn't leave
the fridge door open.
It's dangerous for the babies.
[upbeat music]
- Remember, darling, no driving
on Grandpa's carpet.
Those musty shag rug fibers
will ruin
your shiny new wheels.
Oh, hey, everyone!
I wish we could stay.
Not really.
Sorry, I'm
on an honesty cleanse.
Let's go, Drew.
Jonathan's circling the block.
Remind me to tell him he's not
getting that raise.
This cleanse is freeing.
- You two aren't coming
to the concert?
I thought you and Y2K
went together
like hydrogen and fluoride.
Oh, the periodic table is
comedy gold.
- Save the science jokes
for the classroom.
- Oh, we're going
to the concert.
We'll see you there.
Reserved seats at the front
of the stage.
- Now, Drew, it's rude to tell
about the fantastic perks
that come
with me being
City Councilperson.
He forgot to mention
the after-party passes
and complimentary tote bag.
- I didn't vote for her.
Sorry, honesty cleanse.

- [giggling]
- [grunts]
- Ow!
Who hitted me with a carrot?
- It was Lil.
- Let's play something asides
feed the worm.
- Chuckie, want to play
roll the ball?
- Nope!
- How 'bout hide and sneak?
- Nope.
- Or guess what's new
in my diapie?
- Phillip!
- What?
- I looked
in my mommy's medicine book,
and I founded the cure
for Wormy-Oliosis.
This man has all kinds of worms
inside his body,
and it says he was gonna turn
into a worm.
- Just like Chuckie.
- But don't worry.
There's a cure.
The man got a dinosaur tooth,
and used it to wish away
the worms.
Now he's happy.
- Wow!
Chuckie, you don't have to turn
into a worm boy.
- Really, Tommy?
'Cause I'd do anything,
anything at all,
not to be a worm boy.
- Great, then alls you gots to
do is get a dinosaur tooth.
- Oh, is that all?

- Hey, Lou,
can't thank you enough
for looking after the kids.
How are you gonna keep 'em
- Three words--
Homemade happiness.
- That's two words.
- Right.
Homemade happiness cookies.
- Cookies?
- My poor baby,
I'm sorry I'm leaving you!
When you get older,
tell your therapist
this was your father's idea.
- Deed, chill.
It's one night out.
What could happen?
- Oh, boy.
All right, all right.
Didi, we got to go.
Bye, pups.
- I love you so much!
- Daddy loves you.
- We love you.
- Have fun!
- [sighs]
I thought they'd never leave.
Are you really making cookies
just for me, Grandpa?
- Sorry, kiddo, but
in Grandpa's Cookie Republic,
everybody gets their share.
- Share?
- Yep.
Keep an eye on the munchkins
while I get started.
- Grandpa's 'Public isn't fair,
We're not sharing any cookies,
especially not
with those walking diapies.
- Angelica, we need
a dinosaur tooth.
Do you know
where we can get one?
- Dinosaur tooth?
What for?
- To cure Chuckie's
- See?
I founded it right here
in my mama's medicine book.
- I'll have these cookies done
in no time--
They'll be worth
the wait--promise!
- I do know where you can find
a dinosaur tooth, Tommy.
In the park,
but you better hurry
because Finster's gonna turn
into a worm boy any minute.
In fact, he's looking
kind of slimy already.
Here, take my car.
- But you said if we ever
touched your car,
you'd bite off our fingers.
- I say a lot of things.
Do you want the car or not?
- And the pre-softened
- The babies are playing
a game,
so I 'cided
to leave them alone.
- Being alone builds character.
I once spent 15 days
all by myself in the woods--
or was it 15 hours?
Whew, that was
one bad shiitake.
- Grandpa,
your stories are weird.
I'm gonna go check
on the babies
and make sure they're, uh,
acting like babies.
- Right on, daffodil.
This dough's gone rogue!
- Silver Beagles.
[dog howls, barks]
- Hey, what's this, Cynthia?
Looks like a grandma store.
That one has pink hair.

- I sure hope this is gonna
work, Tommy.
- Don't worry, Chuckie.
Just keep being brave.
- Whoa, is that the coolest
thing you've ever sawed?
- No, that'd be
my belly button fuzz.
- You know how to drive, Tommy?
- Sure, I watch my mommy do it
all the time.
Okay, guys, buckle up!
We gots a date with a dinosaur.
[upbeat music]
[all screaming]

- Oops.

[all screaming]
[tires squealing]
- Those were fragile!
- This would be really scary
if my eyes were open.
[all screaming]

- Tastes like toilet paper.
- [coughs]
- This is so much fun!
- Susie, your idea of fun
and my idea of fun
are three different things.
[horns honking]
- Whoa!
- Silver Beagles.
- Heavens.
Hello, mustache man.
- Finally!
So many questions.
- Aw, now we'll never learn
how to lay a egg.
[laughter, horn honks]

- Hi!
- Aah!

- Aah!

- Tommy, are you even trying
to slow down?
- I don't know how!
- I bet this will do it.
- She's fierce.
She's fashion.
She's serving up some sassin'.
She's Cynthia!
[phone chiming]
- Doesn't Grandpa got any
pictures of me in this phone?
[phone rings]
- Uh-oh.
Aunt Didi.
- Angelica, have you seen
my phone?
- You left it in here!
I'll bring it.
- To answer, just press
the little green dot.
- No duh, Grandpa.
- Hi, Aunt Didi!
- Oh, hi, Angelica.
Grandpa Lou let you use
his phone?
- I'm just answering for him
'cause he's busy.
- Hey, Didi.
How's the show?
Bringing back
those rocking memories?
- Is everything okay, Pop?
- Ah, sure, just me
raging against the machine.
- Are the kids behaving
at least?
- Not a peep out of 'em.
- Could I just say hello
to Tommy?
- You bet.
Sweetie, go show Aunt Didi
what Tommy's doing.
- Uh, gee, Grandpa,
that sounds hard.
I'm only three.
Oh, um, what button do I push
to show you?
- No buttons.
Honey, don't push a button--

- Hey, there's my mommy.
- Angelica!
Hi, Tommy's mommy!
[doorbell rings]
- I'll get it!
You stay in the kitchen
where you can't see nothing!
- Yeah,
that's Grandpa's little helper!
- Hello, Lou.
I was delighted
to get your reply.
Please tell me you're not Lou.
- You mean Grandpa?
Oh, he's making me cookies.
- Capricorn rising,
and he bakes?
[phone vibrating]
- It's Aunt Didi again.
- Deed, hurry!
The opening band's starting,
and they won't be playing long.
They only had one hit.
- Cynthia, we may have to make
a run for it,
after we get a cookie.

- [gasps]

- [howls]
[all screaming]
[all screaming]
[soft music]

- Well, uh, let's park here.
- Don't forget to lock it.
[car beeps]
- [gasps]
- [grunts]

[water gurgling]
- I never get tired
of that sound.
- Tommy, I'm starting to feel
a little wiggly.
How are we gonna get
to the dinosaur now?
- On foots 'cause that's
the best way to get close
to a dinosaur.

- Tommy, what if we don't find
the dinosaur before
you know
- I promise, Chuckie,
we'll find him
before anything bad happens.
Through here!
- [grunts]
- Look, Chuckie!
We finally made it!
- Oh.
- There's the Tree-Rex!
[dramatic music]
- I can do this.
[doorbell rings]
- You look like that old man
on the fried-chicken box--
but in a dress!
- Aren't you
an insolent little creature?
Bless your heart.
- Why, thank you!
I have to start all over?
- Don't worry.
I'll help you fix them.
I know a thing or two
about a cookie.
It's too dry.
You used too much flour.
- The answer is always
more butter.
- Where do you want this one,
- Welcome, random lady.
Make yourself at home
with the other random ladies,
all in my demographic.
Angelica, sweetie.
Who are these women?
And why do they keep coming
to our door?
- Maybe to help make
cookies faster?
[doorbell rings]
- Angelica, I don't know
what's going on, but--
- Hello, Lou!
You are a Silver Beagle.
I'm Graham.
Ooh, is tie-dye back in?
- I'll take those,
thank you!
- Huh?
Silver Beagle?
were you playing
with Grandpa's phone?
- Mommy says it's not polite
to talk with your mouth full.
- Look, Graham,
I'm afraid there's been
some kind of mistake.
- It's my beard, isn't it?
I knew I should've shaved.
- No, love the beard,
but the closest I came
to barking up that tree
was a mishap
at a Save the Whales dinner.
I hope you understand.
- Sure.
Keep the flowers.
- [gasps]
[dramatic music]

Angelica, where are the babies?
- [gulps]
- Why would you tell me
the babies were okay
when you knew they weren't
even there?
- It's all
Susie Carmichael's fault.
She had to show off
with her dumb medicine book.
- We're gonna have a long talk,
you and me,
when I'm not so out of breath.
- Grandpa, I know I was bad,
but nobody 'spects me to be
an angel.
- Hey, there, Lou.
You seem like you're in a rush.
- You have no idea.
You got room for two more
on that thing?
- She's fierce.
She's fashion
It's Cynthia
[dramatic music]
- Oh, this bridge is scary,
but so is turning into a worm.
Scary bridge, worm boy.
Scary bridge, worm boy.
Hey, wait for me!
- Whoa, he's so much biggerer
up close!
- And smellier!
Oh, wait.
That's Phillip.
- Thank you for noticing.
- Lucky for us,
he's got lots of teeths.
- He won't miss one, right?
- You don't have to do this,
- No, I said I'd get you
a dinosaur tooth,
and that's what I'm gonna do!
[dramatic music]

- Careful, he might be
- [grunts]

- Oh, I can't look.
- Aah!

I'm almost there.

[triumphant music]
- Tommy!
Can you see the teeths?
- Yep, there's lots of 'em.
Nice and pointy.
- [whimpers]
- [groans]
- Tommy, come back!
[grunts] I can be a worm boy
if I gots to.
Even if I don't look like me,
and I gots to eat gross stuffs,
just so I can make poop
for the garden,
and I gots to go live in dirt
all alone, it's okay!
- But you won't be alone.
If you turn into a worm boy,
we'll still be your friends
'cause you'll still be Chuckie
on the inside.
- Really, Tommy?
- Of course!
Nothing can keep us apart.
- Hold on!
- I'll save you!
- Aah!
- Just, um, hold on!
[dramatic music]
- Tommy!
- Yep, he's a goner.
- He was so young.
- [grunts]
I got ya, Tommy.
Don't let go!
- [barks]

[both screaming]
all: Spike?
[triumphant music]

- Yay!
- Best doggie ever!
- He's a hero.
- Good boy!
- Thanks, Spike.
You saveded us!
- And you saveded me!
That's the braveliest thing
a baby ever did.
- Really?
- And look what broked off!
Make your wish!
[soft music]

- I wish that I didn't have
so that I can keep being
a Chuckie
and not be a worm boy
and stay with all my friends
and hug my daddy.
Thank you, and the end.
- Did it work?
- I don't feel wiggly
or squiggly!
- You're cured!
[cheers and laughter]
[horn honking]
- Off we go!
- Kids!
Thank goodness!
Oh, man, you all had me
so worried.
- Oh, thanks, Graham.
Couldn't have done it
without you.
- Ooh, I'll text you
about Tuesday night bingo!
- You're on.
- Buh-bye!

- [huffs] Come on, sprouts.
Time to go home.

- [barks]
- Not another runaway!
Spike, come back here!
You rascal, you
[breathing heavily]
Kid, don't ever get old.
- Lou?
Last time I saw you was--
- Yoga Flow and Glow Fest!
[crowd cheering]
- I'm Bug, and we are Y2K!
Are you ready to rock?
- I love your hat!
- Whoo!
- One, two,
one, two, three, four!
The second time around
I saw something ♪
That I must have missed
before ♪
What made you great then
was twice as good now ♪
Who could ask
for anything more? ♪
- Of course I'm stuck
behind the world's tallest man
during the most important show
of my adult life--whoa!
Whoo-hoo, I want to stay up
here forever!
- It seems like it was only
yesterday ♪
But so much better
that it gives me a thrill ♪
- Let's commemorate these
great seats with a selfie!
[phone rings]
Sorry, darling, I have
to take this!
It's the mayor.
Okay, Jonathan.
Put her through.
- Who could ask
for anything more? ♪
all: And the Earth keeps
spinning ♪
Spinning like it's
out of control ♪
- Stu, thank you for this.
It's so nice to have
one night off.
Does that make me
a terrible mother?
- You're kidding, right?
I don't know a better mother
out there.
- Is everybody having
a good time?
Come on, baby!
Let me hear you sing it!
- [howling]
- Spikey, come back!
- Whoa!
- Whoo, ha ha!
Fans keep getting younger
and younger!
What made you great then
was twice as good now ♪
Who could ask
for anything more? ♪
- You call that dancing?
Come on, Cynthia,
let's show 'em a real star.
- It seems like it was only
yesterday ♪
But so much better
that it gives me a thrill ♪
- [gasps]
- Pups!
- Angelica!
- Tommy!
- Wait, what?
- Yeah ♪
- What a show!
I think they've gotten better
over time.
- Bug was on fire!
Oh, I think I'm in love.
- Yes!
Wasn't he on--
You what, now?
- [stammers] With my husband.
I'm in love with my husband.
- Pop, I appreciate
that you wanted
to take the babies
to the park,
but they really shouldn't have
been out at night
without reflective clothing.
- Uh, duly noted.
- Jeez, Lou, how'd you have
time to watch the kids
and make three different kinds
of cookies?
- I had a little help.
- Tommy?
- Yeah, Chuckie?
- I've been thinking.
When we play tomorrow,
maybe I can be the brave one,
and you can be
the not-so-brave one.
- Sure, whatever you want.
- Or maybe we don't have
to worry
about all this stuff so much.
- Mm, that sounds nice, too.
[yawns, grunts]
- [sighs]

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