Rugrats (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Lady De-Clutter/New Puppy

[whimsical music]
- [chuckles]

- [laughs]
- [whimpers]

- [grunts]
[frog ribbits]

[horn honks]

- Ta-da!
- [laughs]
- Whoa! Ah!
- Aw.

- Whoa-oh-oh!
Good job, junior carpenter.
- Wow, you fixed-ed it,
- My trusty studriver
can fix anything.
- Okay, Stu.
You've done this 500 times
Watch the blades.
Avoid the fire.
Get to the door--
- Guess who I just
got off the phone with.
- Game over.
Your doors are closed.
- Deed!
I was this close
to beating level 20.
- Oh--is this "Door Slam"?
- "Door Stop," Deed.
It's about an ordinary
transported to a universe
of endless doors,
and I have to find out
how to open each one.
Who were you on the phone with?
- Lady De-Clutter.
She'll be here any minute.
- Wait, isn't that
the bossy lady
who convinces people
to throw out their stuff?
- I think you mean
the compassionate,
but firm woman
who improves people's lives
through the art of
- I don't know, Deed.
Our own personal organizer?
I mean, who needs that?
- We do.
- [laughs]
- Oh, I better clean up a bit
before she gets here.
- Go ahead, but I'm keeping
my video games,
even if you do call them toys.
- We'll see what the
professional organizer says.
- Didi,
that's--that's not funny.

- Did you hear that, Chuckie?
My mommy says
the organizizer is gonna come
and take my daddy's toys.
- Why would she want to do
Doesn't she have her own toys?
- Di!
Hey, kiddos.
Have fun, pups.
Is the phony here yet?
I came over as soon
as I got your text.
I cannot wait to meet this
Lady De-Clutter.
- Ah, she's here!
[dreamy music]
Lady De-Clutter!
Thank you so much for coming.
I'm Didi Pickles,
and this is my husband, Stu.
- [gasps]
The positive vibrational energy
in my heart
recognizes the positive
vibrational energy in yours.
- Boy, that sure is a lot of
- And this is my best friend
Come right in.

- Hmm, ah, mm-hmm.
- Ooh.
- Hmm.
I'm picking up a lot of
very low vibrational energy
in here.
- Oh, good!
- No, that's bad.
- Oh.
- None of that now,
Lady De-Clutter is here
to set you on the path.
Didi, Stu, and, um,
to the kitchen!
[playful music]
- Who's that bossy lady,
- She's here to take
my daddy's toys--
And maybe my toys too.
- She was looking at your bear
kind of funny.
- Don't worry, Teddy.
I'll never let no one take you.
Come on guys, we gots to hide
my toys.
[upbeat music]

- [grumbles]
- [laughs]

- Sorry, Teddy.
Hold your nose.
- What about that one?
- This isn't a toy,
it's my Stu-driver.
- Hide it in your hair,
- Can't, Lillian.
Already storing a hot dog.

[dreamy music]
- Uh, what's happening?
- Well, she's obviously feeling
the energy of the kitchen.
Keep up, man.
- Shush!
- And now I ask the kitchen,
what do you wish to keep?
What is no longer serving
your universal purpose?
- Why is that lady smelling
the stuffs in your kitchen?
- I don't know,
but I don't like it.
- Oh
This blender no longer wishes
to be here.
- Really?
I thought we got along
quite well.
We make smoothies together
every day.
- To keep it here would be
to hold on to the past,
and we only deal
in future energy.
- Well, you are the expert.
- Blender, we surrender you
to the past.
- All this talk about energy
makes me tired.
I'm gonna go play "Door Stop."
- Oh, yeah.
Did you just think
I wouldn't come back?
I will beat you.
- Hm.
Hey, Stu.
- Game over!
Your doors are closed!
- Whoops, "Door Stop"?
- Yep.
- My bad,
I heard Lady De-Clutter
was here,
so I came over
for moral support.
Lucy had her to our house
last week.
She alphabetized my shorts.
- Uh
where's all the toys?
- Shh! We hided them.
- There's a lady here
who's gonna take them.
- A bossy lady
who closes her eyes
even when she's not sleeping?
- Yeah, you know her, Susie?
- She came to my house
and took my Debbie Doll.
- You gots a Debbie Doll?
- I did.
She was in the closet.
I was gonna play with her
againsomeday, maybe.
But that lady?
She didn't just take toys.
She took everything!
- Even the water in the potty?
- Even the wormies
in the dirt?
- Even the nummy stuff
in the belly button?
- Everything.
Even my daddy's comic books,
and my mama's hair fryer.
- We gots to stop her.
Come on!
[video game sound effects]
- Whoo, yeah!
- Come on, just a little more!
- These doors are gonna be open
- Gonna get it, yeah! Ha.
- This toaster is telling me
it has served its purpose here.
It has toasted enough bagels.
- It said that?
- Yes, I'm fluent in toaster.
- Good for you.
I dropped out of toaster
in high school.
- [grunting]
- [gasps]
- How am I supposed to make
breakfast or bake a cake?
- Write this on your heart.
"The less we possess,
the less we stress."
- The less we possess,
the less we stress.
- Ooh, what's inside that
adorable little building?
- Oh, nothing much.
Just some knitting
and craft items.
- Oh, she's being modest.
- Didi runs a successful online
boutique from that She-Shed.
- Really?
Lady De-Clutter senses that
the artist in you
clings to unnecessary goods.
- Righty-tighty,
- [gasps]
- Nice.
I'm going to need more boxes.
- Oh, that organizizer can take
all the stuffs in the kitchen,
she can take all the stuffs
in the living room,
she can take
all the yummy stuffs
in all the belly buttons,
but I'm not letting her
take my Stu-driver--
that's where I draw the lines.
- Go Tommy!
- Yay!
- Oh, I'm sensing a lot
of past energy here.
- I'm keeping him.
- If you insist.
Be right back.
[van unlocks]
- Didi, are you sure you want
to keep doing this?
Did you know she took Randy's
favorite comic book?
- "Telescope Man," issue 188.
- Well, I--
I think it's freeing.
[chuckles weakly]
[tense music]

- We gots to get my Stu-driver
out of that lady's car.
- But how, Tommy?
She key-beeped it.
- I think I gotsta plan.
- She-Shed,
what do you wish to keep?
What is no longer serving
your universal purpose?
- Um, Lady De-Clutter?
I also speak sewing machine,
and it is saying it
definitely wants to be here.
- Uh-uh-huh.
- Okay, I thought this was
gonna be a real hoot,
but it's kind of taking
a dark turn.
- Yeah!
- Operation Stu-driver
is a go.
- Get that door open!
- Whoo!
- Oh, no, no.
- whoo!

- They've entered
the sheep's head.
Repeat, they've entered
the sheep's head.
- Oh, no, all my vintage
art supplies?
- Vintage is just another way
of saying
"beholden to musty energy."
- Cool, a crayon.
- Phillip, we're 'apposed to
get the keys.
Push the button.
- Which one?
[car beeps]
- It worked, Chuckie.
I'm going in.
- Be scareful, Tommy.
- Hmm.
- Not my motivational
penguin poster!
This talks to me!
- All right, that's it.
[both grunting]
- Let go.
- [grunts]
- After you find
your Stu-driver
If you see my Debbie Doll,
will you tell her I said hi?
- Sure, Susie.
[all panting]
- I know today hasn't been
easy, Didi,
but you are so very brave.
- Thank you.
- There's just one more thing.
- Tommy, the grown-ups are back
at the house.
- This door is mine!
- Walk through it, Stu.
Walk through it.
- Game ov--
- This home has been
officially decluttered.
Take a moment to reflect.
Lady De-Clutter
will see herself out.
- Afort, Tommy, afort.
The organizerer is coming.
I can't leave without my--
- Tommy? Oh
- Stu-driver.
- I can always count on you.
- [grunts]
- What was that, Tommy?
- Susie's Debbie Doll.
I founded it.
- [sobbing]
- You know what they say.
When one door closes--
- [wails]
- Sorry, poor choice of words.
[somber music]

- It feels like something's
missing, doesn't it?
- Yeah, like your whole life.
Holy cow, where's your kid?
- Tommy, where are you?
[phone dials rapidly]
- Hey, it's me,
I'm just leaving
the Pickles' place.
- [laughs]
- [laughs]
Yeah. Tons of good stuff.
It's gonna sell
for a fortune online.
Uh--on the phone
with my next client.
Did you need something, dear?
- Yes, my game!
- You accidentally decluttered
our baby.
- [laughs]
- That one's got
a screw loose.
- [siren wails]
- Get your hands off me.
- Your days of scamming people
are over, Lady De-Clutter.
- "Telescope Man," issue 188.
- Thank you, Tommy.
- [menacing laughter]
- Eh, maybe not.
- I'll take that.
She's beautiful.
- Oh, my little hero.
- Whoa-oh-oh,
junior carpenter.
[upbeat tones]
- You must taste yummy,
- Probably 'cause
I need a bath.
- Hey, there, boy.
Who's a good boy?
Who's a good boy?
You are. Yes, you are!
- [barks]
- Uh-oh, Deed.
Somebody has a new best friend.
- Oh, sweetie,
don't get too attached.
We already have Spike.
But Didi, he looks just like
Mookie did
the day I got him
in first grade.
The exact same puppy breath
and little puppy teeth,
and exact same
little puppy tongue!
- I was actually talking
to Tommy.
- You know, you could foster
the pup for a little while,
until the rescue group finds
him a permanent home.
- I guess we could consider
a list of pros and cons.
- Pro, puppy snuggles.
Con, nothing.
You can stay
for as long as it takes
to find your forever home.
- Right, champ?
- [laughs]
[light music]

- [grunts]
- This canine psychic blog says
we have to introduce the puppy
to Spike slowly
to help them
establish boundaries.
- Spike! Meet my new puppy.
- Stu!
- Sorry.
Our new puppy.
- Stu
- Fine
Our foster puppy.
[mischievous music]

- [babbling]
- Look, Deed.
A pair o' perros.
"Perros" is Spanish for dogs.
We know that, Daddy.
Great joke, Pop.
We love you.
- Hmm.
[vehicle approaching]
That must be Lucy.
She wants to see
the foster puppy.
- But Didi, I'm still bonding.
- Did you hear that Spike?
The puppy's name is Foster.
Hi, Foster.
- [barks]
- [groan]
[somber music]
- I can't stay. I got to--
Aw, now that's
what I call cute.
Why didn't you say so?
Have fun, kids.
- Hey, guys.
This is Foster.
Our new puppy.
- Aw, is he gonna be
Spike's best friend?
- Yeah, two's gonna be even
funner than one.
- Ah, it doesn't always work
that way.
- What are you saying, Lillian?
There's two of us.
- Exactly, Phillip.
I'm still getting used
to having you around.
- I know.
Let's help Spike
get used to Foster.
Who wants a belly rub?
- Me first.
Oh, you mean them.
- [grumbles]
- [laughs]
- Tommy,
come see what Foster's doing.
- Oh, he's so cute.
- Whoa!
- That's so funny.
- Why is he kicking?
[somber music]
- Looks like everybody loves
Foster already.
[crickets chirping]
- [loud crying]
[dogs barking]
- What's wrong, baby bear?
- [crying]
- Oh, Tommy.
It's much too late
for a bottle.
- Hey, champ.
- You're spoiling him.
- What? I just said hi
to the little guy.
- The puppy, Stu.
- [groans]
It's not like I warmed the milk
or anything.
- Why is the sight of a puppy
with a bottle so irresistible?
- I know.
It's like when monkeys wear
people clothing.
- But Daddy forgot we only have
for one doggie in this house.
Shh, it's okay.
[tense music]

- Guys,
I had a bad dream last night.
- Who was even more gassy.
- I dreamded that Foster was
in charge of the whole house,
and Mommy and Daddy
and Grandpa
did whatever he wanted.
- And when birds
eat the frogs--
- What happened
when you wakeded up?
- When I wakeded up,
I went to my mommy and daddy's
to make sure
it was just a dream,
but it wasn't a dream!
Foster was right there in bed
snuggling with
my mommy and daddy,
in their bed!
Now I understand how Spike
must have feelded
when he didn't get belly rubs
and Foster did.
'Cause it's the same way
I feelded
when I didn't get a bottle
and Foster did.
If Foster gets to drink milk
and snuggle
with Mommy and Daddy,
that means he's the one doggie.
- What do you mean
the one doggie?
- My mommy said we only gots
room for one doggie.
They must of pickeded Foster.
- He is cute.
- That's the problem, Lil.
Foster's littler and cuter
and newer than Spike,
so he gets to stay.
- But then,
what happens to Spike?
- [screaming]
- Whoa!
- This is not working for me,
Tommy Pickles.
I just got here
and that drool factory
covered Cynthia in dog spit.
- And if he keeps
doing bad stuff,
your mommy and daddy are gonna
take him back
to the puppy store.
So keep him away
from my Cynthia!
- Guys, that's it.
We just gots to make Foster
look like he's doing bad stuff.
And then, they'll pick Spike
instead of him.
Come on!
We gots to save Spikey.
- No, yes.
No, not that way.
Go through there!
Through that one.
Hang on to the key.
[liquid splattering]
- Good boy, Chuckie.
- Ah.
- [laughs]
- Don't quit the game, Chas.
It's still my turn.
[dramatic music]
- No! My Final Eclipse socks!
Oh, buddy, it's my fault.
I just haven't taken you
on enough walkies, have I?
We'll go out
right after I finish
crushing your uncle Chas
at "Door Stop."
Yes, we will.
[upbeat music]

- [grunts, laughs]

- Are you sure it's okay
we take your mommy's
special string and pull it
all over the yard?
- Oh, it's not us.
It's Foster, remember?
[all grunt]
- Oh?
[all gasp]

- [laughs]
- [growling playfully]
- Tommy? Kids?
Are you out here?
My yarn.
Oh, precious.
This is all my fault.
I never should have
left it out.
Who can resist baby-yak yarn?
Maybe Mommy will knit you
baby-yak yarn booties.
Yes, she will.

[all groan]
- [humming cheerfully]
- Grandpa!
Are the cookies ready, yet?
Almost, sunshine.

- [barks]
- Ugh, you sneaky, little--
bundle of cuteness,
with an incredible palate.
- [groans]
- Did you catch that
Yep, it's fennel.
- Let me get this straight.
As usual, you babies aren't
even good at being bad.
So, now, you need my help?
- Yes, please, Angelica.
They're gonna give away Spike
and keep the puppy.
You love Spike more
than the puppy, right?
- Well
I do not like the puppy
or anything that thinks
it's cuter than me.
And Spike does let Cynthia
ride him
when her race horse is tired,
I guess I can help him out.
- Great. What should we do?
- Hmm.
What's in this for me?
- Yeah, there's a lot more
where this came from.
- [grunts]
- Once the job is done.
- I'm gonna want
that entire diaper.

- Hi, Grandpa.
Can you write down a poem
I wrote?
- Hm? Oh, sure. Shoot.
- Dear Aunt Didi,
I'm a bad puppy,
so I'm running away.
You can keep Spike.
Love, Foster.
- Free verse. Dig it.

- There,
now it's legally blinding.
[upbeat music]

- My cookie?
Hey, you took a bite
out of this!
- Did not.
- [crunching]
- Where is Foster going,
- Back to the park
where we got him.
He has to run away
before my mommy reads his note.
Go on, Foster.
Time to go see
your doggie friends.
- [barks]
- Yay!
- Look who I founded.
all: No!
- Go ahead, Stu.
You can do it.
- All right, kids, it's time to
say bye-bye to the puppy.
He's gonna live
at Susie's house.
And I can visit him
anytime I want.
I mean, you can visit him
anytime you want.
- Okay, buddy.
He'll be right next door.
- Come over anytime.
- [gasps]
- Maybe call first.
- Aw, Spikey.
You're my onliest doggie ever.
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music]

- Klasky Csupo.
[sputtering, horn honks]
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