Rugrats (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

The Fish Stick/The Pickle Barrel

- Careful.
- Careful, Daddy.
What's that?
- It's just a smudge.
- And it's gone now, see?
Remember, Princess, what
you drive isn't who you are.
I know you didn't mean that,
Keys, please!
- Have a fun time.
- Be safe!
We did it, guys!
We builded our Reptar TownCity!
Explorer and a ballerina,
so she needs a sparkly tutu
waterproof spacesuit
for her scuba dance recital!
Slow down in the house,
The babies are playing here.
Okay, Aunt Didi!
Of course, today!
I'm driving her
to the underwater space station
right now!
Some people don't understand
the art of dance.
Chuckie, watch
where I'm driving!
Oh, hey, Aunt Didi.
Angelica, you have to be
much more careful.
It's not safe to talk on
your toy phone when you drive.
No phone, no problem!
It was Spike's fault!
Sweetie, we have something
important to tell you.
Remember, simple and clear.
When, in the course
of human events,
it becomes necessary
for one's driving privileges
to be suspended
We're taking your car away.
For now.
- What?
- You're taking my car?
You can't take my car!
I'm calling my mommy and daddy!
And my lawyer!
We already talked
to your mommy and daddy
and we all agreed.
You need to learn to be
a safer driver. Keys, please.
Grandpa! The growed ups
are taking my car!
- No wheels?
- Aww, that's not fair.
Don't you have a belt-weaving
class at the senior center?
And I need to set up
for my live-streaming vlog.
Stu, you can take care
of the car
like we talked about, right?
Uh, hey, Pops, you wanna help?
I would, son, but you know
the senior center.
If you're late all the good
belt buckles are taken.
Not pretty.
Hang in there, Sunshine.
Sorry about your car,
It's not fair.
So I almost on accident
hit a couple of you babies
and knocked over
your block city.
She coulda given me a warning!
Or lots of warnings!
What's a warming?
I dunno,
but if Angelica wants one,
it must have chocolate.
But you know
what the worstest part is?
If it can happen to me,
it could happen to you.
What are you talking about,
You of all babies
should know, Susie!
The bigger you get, the more
growed-ups take things!
Wait a minute.
Once the growed ups took away
a giant stripey lollipop
for no real reason!
And I only licked a half of it!
That's what I'm trying
to tell you.
My my my my poor car!
Sitting out there alone.
Babies, this is bad.
- Live stream.
- Here we go!
- Hello!
- I'm Didi.
Welcome to the first episode
of "Didi Does It."
Today, I'll be showing you
how to make a unique,
fiber-wall hanging.
Aw, Deed, you gotta try
this pastrami sandwich.
It's from the best deli.
And here's my best friend,
Betty, did you come by
to help me on my live stream?
Which is currently happening?
- Oh! Uhhh, yeah. Sure.
- Let's go with that.
- Excellent!
- Ha! Let's gather materials!
Cynthia, we can do this.
Maybe it's all right not to
have a car for a little while.
We'll just learn
to walk places again.
Walking's not so bad,
And when you get tired,
you can always crawl!
Yeah, we don't have cars.
And we're happy.
You're just like us now!
I'm just like you now?
But I'm not a baby!
I have my own car!
I can't go backwards.
What's next?
Sleeping in a crib?
No! Angelica, I never thought
I'd say this
but we're gonna help you!
You will drive again.
Come on!
Making a calming art piece
that invokes the beach
can help us unwind and relax.
How about the wrapper
from my sandwich?
'Cause nothing says
beach like a good sandwich.
All natural.
Kid friendly.
Art is open to interpretation.
- What do you think?
- It's your new Reptar wagon-car!
- It's almost a real car.
- How bad can it be?
Hey, babies!
Can't this thing go any faster?
I need to feel the wind
blowing in my hair!
Stop the car!
Susie, listen.
What if someone
gave you a different,
not-as-yummy lollipop
as the one the growed ups took?
But you got a chance
to go see your
old, stripey lollipop again?
Even just for a minute.
What would you do?
Uh, I'd go see it?
I knew you'd understand!
I just wanna go look
at my real car, one more time.
Come with me!
I guess just looking
is allowed.
I know I'm not a-pposed
to drive it,
but I can touch it. Right?
Well, I guess that won't hurt.
And I can sit in it!
Uh, maybe that's not
a good idea.
I just want some o'
that Cynthia Car smell.
you're not thinking what
I think you're thinking!
The keys were just sitting
there, like they were waiting
for me, saying,
"Drive, Angelica! Drive!"
Where are we going?
- Who cares?
- I got my car back!
There she goes again!
Watch out for
Jerome the gnome.
You said I should
drive again, right?
- Well here I am!
- Not like this!
You're gonna get in trouble
with the growed ups!
They might take
your car away for good!
Let 'em try! I'm never
going back to the no-car life!
Why's she driving
round in circles?
Hm, I dunno. My daddy says
left turns are hard.
Hang on!
Finster's yard
is wide, open spaces!
We're never going back
to Tommy's yard!
Ha, ha, sure!
We can drive here all day
and all night!
- Susie, get real.
- We hafta go back sometime.
To eat.
And change Cynthia's outfit.
And brush her horse's
mane and tail.
- Right.
- But if you do go back,
the growed-ups
will take your car.
So you might have to
forget all of that.
Well, Cynthia and her horse
will be fine.
But I might get hungry!
Chuckie keeps some
carrot sticks under a bucket.
- Bucket snacks? Forget it!
- We'll get some food at Tommy's.
Then we'll hit the road.
How come Angelica's
the one driving,
and I'm the one getting carsick?
- Fluid, no barriers.
- I like it.
- Pop!
- That was hours of work!
Well, we tried and that's
a success in itself.
Bravo to all of us!
Bye-bye! For now.
You were driving?
I'm stuck!
This is a good time
for Angelica
to learn an organic lesson
about the consequences
of her actions.
What does that mean?
You're stuck.
But what about my car?
Maybe if you showed
the growed ups
you can drive safer and slower,
they'll let you drive again.
- Aunt Didi, Uncle Stu!
- I just had a great idea!
Maybe I could show you that
I can drive safer and slower!
- What was the rest of it?
- You're on your own.
And then maybe you could
let me drive again!
- Now between the cones.
- Slower.
Watch the gnome.
And around Spike. Good!
Angelica, it is a truth
universally acknowledged
that a safe driver is
What Uncle Stu means is
we're proud of you
for learning your lesson.
You can have your car back.
I learned my lesson all right.
Never let 'em catch me.
We're on our way!
Don't start the underwater
scuba ballet recital
without me and Cynthia!
Not my car!
Aw, just once, I wish all
the bottles would fall down.
Hold onto your dreams,
Hi, Uncle Stu!
- Hey, bro.
- Where's your better half?
Oh, Deed went to CheapCo
with Betty
to stock up on household stuff.
Like Neanderthals?
Why not stay home and order
whatever you want from Duffy?
You rang?
That reminds me.
I saw this cool, new toy online.
Gotta get it!
I want to place an order.
- Of course.
- What would you like?
Please send me a set of
Sonic Nirvana Wireless Ultra.
Noise-Cancelling Headphones.
On the double, Mr. P.
You're the best, Duffy!
Oh, man. I thought
I raised you boys better.
"Duffy, I want this.
Duffy, send me that."
- I'm sorry.
- I don't understand.
I wasn't talking to you.
It's all this vulgar
Do we really need more toys?
More clothes? More stuff?
Sorry, Pop, you've lost me.
Delivery for Stu Pickles.
From our warehouse floor to
your household door in minutes!
Uncle Stu just took the box
from the man without paying!
He's a thief!
Oh, they have our
credit cards on file, Muffin.
You just ask, and poof,
you got it!
Just like that genie
in that movie, remember?
Stu, Chas.
Big news!
The GigundoVision flat-screen
I ordered from Duffy
just arrived!
But I could use a little help
connecting it to my
Galactic Vision Fun Station 25.
And also getting the foam
peanuts off my sweater vest.
You know those things
give me the creeps.
- Sure, buddy.
- Be right over!
Chas got a GigundoVision?
I gotta see which model
so I can get a better one.
Dad, you can watch
the kids, right?
Always happy to watch
the sprouts.
- Great!
- C'mon, bro.
We can try out my awesome
new headphones later.
- Duffy genie?
- I want a new toy, too!
How can I help?
Um, can you send me Cynthia's
Hawaiian Holiday Beach Hut?
- What fun!
- Confirmed.
- Wait!
- I want more.
Cynthia's Nail & Waxing Salon
and Princess Cynthia
of Romania's Royal Palace!
Nothing's happening.
I thought the genie
was magicals. Huh.
Delivery for Stu Pickles!
From our warehouse floor to
your household door in minutes!
That genie really is magical!
Let's get stuffs, too!
- Back off!
- He's my magical genie!
You want to play,
play with these.
C'mon, you guys.
Let's go finds
our own magical genies!
- Wow!
- This is amazing!
I'm not getting carsick,
I'm not a'scared of heights
up here,
and no birds are pooping on me!
I said you dumb babies
can play with those old boxes,
not these bubbles!
They're mine!
Duffy genie, I'm bored.
I want more toys.
No, really? Well then,
your wish is my command!
- Ha! You really get me.
- Let's see.
I want Cynthia's Dream
Rugged SUV,
Cynthia's Martian Space Base,
and a "USS Cynthia"
Aircraft Carrier!
How long does it take
a dumb genie
to send over all my important
From our warehouse floor
to your oh.
It's you again, little kid.
Uh, s'cuse me, mister.
Is everything okay in here?
- Oh! It's better than okay.
- It's fantastic! Bye now!
I wonder where the genie
keeps all this stuff?
A big closet?
- Nah, I saw it on TV.
- A magical cave of fun stuff.
Then what are we waiting for?
Ah! It's the Magical Cave
of Fun Stuffs!
Say the magic words,
my young friends,
to come inside my cave of stuff.
Wait! A'fore, Angelica
said the genie's name, 'member?
Open Fluffy!
- No, open Snuffy!
- Scruffy!
Open Eggface!
That's not even close.
- Duffy!
- Open Duffy!
I changed my mind.
It's not fair.
You're right, Susie.
We deserve to have a genie
just as much as Angelica.
And I think I know
just what to do.
Bring it in, babies.
When we're done being evil,
let's go to the beach!
- Hi, Angelica!
- Whatcha doin'?
Who me? Not much.
But evil mad scientist
Dr. Cynthiastein
is making scary monsters
that eat dumb babies for lunch!
That's funny.
It sure is.
- It's not funny!
- It's very, very funny!
That's 'cause I'm
the funniest person on Earth!
- Okay, well, that's all.
- Buh-bye.
Why do I waste
my funny on babies?
- Uh, Mr. Duffy genie sir?
- Uh, please send us some toys!
- I'm sorry.
- I don't understand.
- We want some wishes, too!
- Still not getting it.
They look occupied.
Oh, yeah!
Hey, where'd
my Duffy genie go?
Wish for peas on earth.
Genies like it when you do that.
You're thinking
of Santa Claus.
You babies stolded him
from me?
Duffy, I wants more stuff!
- Take it.
- Take it all!
My horse!
Open, Duffy!
- Look!
- The genie!
C'mon, you guys!
Not so fast!
You'll never get this genie.
He's all mine now!
And I'm the most powderful
sorceress in the universe!
Oh, yeah?
Well, we're not a'scared of you,
even if you are
a powderful scorceress!
'Cause all babies
are borned equal!
And no baby is more important
than the other!
And y'know what else?
We don't care anymore!
'Cause oh, 'cause we don't
need a magicals genie.
So you can keep him
and we'll just
- That's all right.
- Pop's been watching them.
- Hi, kids!
- We're home!
- Tommy!
- Pops!
When did you get
all this stuff?
Stu, Drew, can you please
tell me what's going on?
I just got here.
Um, um, it was the babies!
I told them not to order
all this junky stuff!
Um, I mean, it was Grandpa.
He talked to that glow-y thing
and ordered all this stuff!
You were right, kiddo!
These headphones are incredible!
Pop, did you order
all these toys?
Uh, let's not forget
the miniature horse.
You can all see
the horse, right?
Maybe? I could've ordered it
and not even known.
This is why you can't
trust technology.
That Duffy gizmo
is always listening to us.
Replay everything you heard
in the last two hours.
And I also want a Penelope
Pudding-Head play set,
and a Cynthia's Pretty
Prancing Ponies Carousel
and five Cray Cray Caterpillar
action figures and
- Duffy, stop.
- Angelica, you're grounded!
And all these toys
are going straight to charity!
- Please, Daddy?
- Can I keep one toy?
Just one little itty, bitty toy?
Well, okay, Princess.
The mini horse!
No fair!
Why's that kid Charity
get all my good stuff?
- Don't worry, Stu.
- I'll pay for everything.
Duffy, how much did
all of this cost?
Quick tally.
The grand total came to
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