Rugrats (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

The Future Maker/Goodbye Reptar

Hey, Chas.
Thanks for babysittin'.
Bummer I could only score
five tickets
to the Fondue Festival.
Happy to skip that one, Randy.
I already have a fraught
relationship with cheese.
Make it hot and who knows
what could happen?
I woulda joined ya'll
in a hot-cheese second.
Always down to help
with the kiddos, though.
The "Fishy Song?" Some days
I wanna toss the tablet
out the window
to save my poor eardrums.
Ooh, we we're limiting
Tommy's tablet time
to educational content.
Yeah, check back
in six months, Deed.
That's our cue to fondue.
Oh, man, we had
some fantastic fondue parties
in my day.
I've even got the scars
to prove it.
Probably shoulda worn pants.
Ah, no regrets.
Wow, Lou, I didn't realize
you were so passionate
about melted cheese.
Why don't you take my ticket?
Oh, I couldn't do that, Betty.
Seriously, Lou, enjoy.
I think I'm coming down
with something anyway. Achoo.
Sorry to hear. Gotta run.
I'm not really sick, you know.
I just didn't want Lou to
feel bad for taking my ticket.
Betty, I know a real sneeze
when I hear one.
Plus, you've got bags
under your eyes,
and you look ready to collapse.
But now that you mention it,
I am kinda beat.
Now let's get you all settled
in Chuckie's room
so Aunt Betty can rest.
That song
is stuck in my head forever.
Oh, no,
the "Fishy Song" is stuck
in Chuckie's daddy's
head forever.
That means we can't
hear it ever again.
We brush our tooth
to that song.
Our hairs too.
And I always listen
to the "Fishy Song"
right before I go potty.
I just hearded the song
for the firstest time today,
but I can't remember life
without it.
If that song's stucked
in Chuckie's daddy's head
there's only one thing to do.
Pull it out of there.
If we make it extra cold
for Chuckie's daddy,
the song would drip out
of his nose holes.
Which button, Chuckie,
a dragon breaths or a snow fake?
Snow fake, Tommy.
Snow is cold for sure.
Aw, still warm.
Bet that button's baby-poofed.
Classic Chuckie's house.
Ooh, I know another way
to get that song
out of your daddy's head,
We can make him sneeze.
When I sneeze, stuff shoots
out of my nose
whether I like it or not.
I always like it.
But, you guys, maybe my daddy
likes having the song stuck.
Nobody likes when things
get stucked in.
Like when my lollipop
got stuck
in your hair, did you like it?
- No.
- Me neither.
It tasted terrible after that.
- You're right.
- Stuck stuff is awful.
One time, my grandpa
put a bunch of black stuffs
all over his eggs and eated it,
and then he sneezed and sneezed.
Pepper. I know where that is.
Are you sure this is
a good idea?
Bradley, the only thing
I'm sure of
is that the president is stuck
in the middle of the Earth
and he needs
our help to get out.
Man, "Mission to the Middle"
never gets old, am I right?
Brr, it's cold as Iceland
in here all of a sudden.
You have chills!
I knew you were
coming down with something.
My germ radar is impeccable.
Maybe you're right.
I feel like I haven't slept in,
like, 18 months.
It's the portal
to the middle of the Earth.
Now we can get
the president unstuck.
Mission accomplished.
Uh-oh, Bradley, haven't you
heard of tunnel rats?
You're not out of the woods yet.
Sorry, little guy.
What are you doing here?
I coulda sworn
I latched that baby gate.
Sorry, guys,
guess I'm not a good sneaker.
Now the "Fishy Song" is stuck
in my daddy's head forever.
Wait, maybe we got to find
a door on Chuckie's daddy,
like the one on TV.
And instead of unstucking
a president,
we'll unstuck the "Fishy Song."
My mommy is been showing me
all the parts of the body
in this medical book.
Found it.
"All of the sounds
and songs you hear
get inside through your ear."
- How?
- That ear doesn't gots a door.
Well, growed-ups are always
talking about
their poor eardrums.
Maybe that's their ear doors.
I got a drum.
Follow me inside the eardrum.
Ooh. Wow.
Wow, Chuckie, the inside
of your daddy's ear
is just like melty crayons.
I hear the "Fishy Song."
This way.
We're near the brain now.
"Your brain is right
between your ears.
It holds your wishes,
thoughts, and fears."
- Look, a train.
- We can ride this to the middle
of Chuckie's daddy's head
and find his song.
Being inside my daddy's brain
isn't so scary.
I spoke too soon.
So this is the middle
of the Earth.
- What? What? What?
- Did I miss the best part?
Aha, only a sick person
would fall asleep
before the Earth
splitting open scene.
I better go make Betty
some soup.
We founded the song!
- Yummy, yummy in my
- Tummy.
We must be in the tummy.
Let's just find
the closest way out.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure
we don't wanna take
the closest way out.
Maybe we can go back
the way we came.
Food goes down this slide
into the tummy.
And burps go up.
Being inside a tummy is yucky,
but I'm not giving up.
If I don't help my daddy,
he'll be stuck with
that "Fishy Song"
in his head forever!
Hey-hey, my tuna sandwich.
That was a close one.
We're back in the brain.
I hear those fishies;
Follow me.
It's here,
all the nice stuff
we do together.
It's the bestest part
of my daddy's brain.
What if the fishies
come in here too?
They might never wanna leave.
We gotta ride these fishies
right out of my daddy's brain.
Susie, where is the eardrum?
I dunno,
but there's his nose holes.
Don't worry. Noses have
not one hole but two.
Helpful when you say achoo.
I feel like a million bucks.
You cured me.
That's my famous Finster soup.
No, kids.
Oh, no, no, no, no, it's okay.
Don't cry.
Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Sorry. Ahh!
Are you okay there, Chazzy?
Sorry. Ahh!
Here you go, pups.
How did I forget to latch
the baby gate again?
I swear I don't know what
goes on in my brain sometimes.
- What's up with that sneeze?
- You getting sick?
Ooh, yeah, definitely clammy.
Let's get you some
of that famous Finster soup.
Hey, Lil, why are you
drinking like a kitty?
I'm practicing.
Me and Lil wanna turn
into kitty cats.
Think about it. You get to eat
as much cat food as you want.
And use this litter box.
Hosting a cat adoption
concert is a great idea, Betty.
So many cats are going
to find new homes.
- Oh, one already has.
- I adopted him for the shop.
His name's Copy.
Copy-Cat, cat humor. Get it?
So where is Copy?
Eh, you know cats,
don't see him for days.
Then he pops up out of nowhere
and surprises me.
- I love how they do that.
- Hey, Betty.
Hold the phone.
Is that Bob Brine?
He's singing here?
Can you believe it?
Chas heard he was in town
and found a way to reach him.
Turns out Bob Brine is
a huge supporter of cat rescue.
Bob Brine, never thought
I'd see that man again.
You know him?
Oh, Pop and Bob Brine
were best friends.
They used to sing together
a long time ago.
Ever heard of Pickles and Brine?
Doesn't ring a bell,
but add some peanut butter
and you got a dynamite sandwich.
How about you and Bob
sing together tonight here?
Not a chance. We haven't seen
each other in ages,
and it's fine by me.
Stu and Chas have tried
to get Pickles and Brine
back together for years.
Won't happen. Playing music
is what made us stop
being best friends
in the first place.
Don't even ask me
about the fight.
Wait, your grandpa
and his bestest friend
stopped being friends?
A'cause of music?
Your daddy plays music.
What do you think, Chuckie?
Anything is postible, Tommy.
Music might be more dangerous
than I thought.
You thought music
was dangerous?
I think everything
is dangerous.
Here you go kids,
orchestra swag.
- Wait, we shouldn't do this.
- We're playing music.
So? It's fun. Try it.
- I do love the kazoo.
- No, we can't.
What if playing music
makes us stop being friends
like Tommy's grandpa
and his bestest friend?
Don't worry, Chuckie,
we're just playing at home
with music toys.
That can't hurt anyone.
Ow! Again!
Maybe you are right, Tommy.
One little blow into the kazoo
won't make anyone fight.
See, Chuckie,
everything's okay.
Come on, Pop, who cares
about some decades-old fight?
You two belong together.
You're Pickles and Brine.
Oh, yeah?
Who says Pickles and Brine
always have to go together?
Well, technically brine
is the vinegar
that makes the cucumber
into a pickle,
but that's neither here
nor there.
I wonder who that could be?
tell me you and Chas didn't
What a total surprise.
Look who is in the neighborhood,
our old friend Bob Brine.
Bob, looking well-preserved.
Lou, same old sour pickle.
Ha, there's that classic
stage banter.
The magic is back already.
I have imagined this moment
many times.
You went off on tour
all those years ago
singing the songs
we wrote together by yourself?
Because you didn't wanna come.
Because I had a family.
And I didn't.
So now the big star
has come crawling back.
Well, let's hear it;
Bring on the overdue apology.
Please, I'm only here because
Chas told me you changed,
which I see you haven't one bit.
Yeah? Well, neither have you.
- Did you all see that?
- They're fighting again.
Wait, what if show my grandpa
and that man
that we can play music
and still be friends?
Then they'll stop fighting
and be bestest friends again.
Okay, let's play. Ready?
Am I in your way?
Not at all. Keep playing.
Tommy, I can't kazoo
with you cowbell-ringing
right in my face!
Tommy, Chuckie, listen, you
both love playing music, right?
And you both love
being friends, right?
Of course, but Tommy was
ringing that bell way too much.
And Chuckie was kazooing
right in my ear.
Sorta seems like you're acting
like Tommy's grandpa
and his friend.
Oh, sorry, Chuckie.
Oh, me too.
Let's try again.
Look, I already
told these boys.
Pickles and Brine
are in the past.
I never even think
about the act.
Oh, yeah, Pop? Then what
are you doing with this? Huh?
- "Bottom of the Barrel."
- You still have our old album.
I haven't seen that in years.
Where did you find it anyway?
Right here on this wall
where it was hanging
in a custom frame.
Must use it to cover up
a hole.
How about we play your song
just ones for old time's sake?
Whoops, sweaty hands.
Lou, I think I broke something.
Don't worry, Chas,
don't need it.
I'm high-tech now.
You? Huh, I'll
believe it when I see it.
Well, watch and believe.
play "Bottom of the Barrel."
Of course, searching
for Thomas, Paul, and Carol.
I said play
"Bottom of the Barrel."
Understood. Searching for
watermelon peril.
No, barrel. Play barrel.
Sir, there is no need to yell.
- Ha, real high-tech.
- Quiet.
Who knew that kazoo
and cowbell would sound
so heavenly together?
Tommy and Chuckie could be
the next Pickles and Brine.
Hey, how about we get
those two on stage
tonight at Betty's Beans?
And I suppose you want
Chuckie to go on tour
for 20 years while Tommy
gets left behind at home?
So you would admit it; You
have been jealous of my career.
Please, I wouldn't trade jobs
with you
if you were the last
coffee house singer on Earth.
- Sorry, boys, not meant to be.
- Mr. Brine, wait.
A good pickle needs time.
I'm sorry, Chuckie.
I guess music is dangerous.
We can never, ever play again.
I wish it didn't come to this,
but here,
hide it forever, Phil,
I will never ever find it.
Not in your diaper.
Well, I'm out of ideas.
Your turn, Lillian.
This too.
Not there.
All done.
Now, don't tell me or Tommy
where our instruments are
no matter how much we ask.
Don't look behind the couch.
It's been nice
knowing you, Tommy.
I'm gonna drink
some more kitty water.
Your ears look
pointier already.
Welcome to our
Care for Cats concert.
Thank you all for coming.
I'd like to introduce
our special guest
who really cares about cats,
the one and only Bob Brine.
Thanks, everybody.
Hey, there.
I'd like to start with a song
I wrote a long time ago
with my best friend.
It's about the power
of friendship.
Pretty hard
to sing it by myself, but
sorry, need a minute.
Grandpa's friend needs help.
We gotsta go up there.
Take your kazoo.
But, Tommy, if we go up
there, what will happen to us?
I don't know, Chuckie;
All I know is no matter what,
I'll never stop
being your friend.
I guess I'm not singing
by myself after all.
Come on, kids,
let's make some music together.
Yes, sir.
Lillian, is that you?
Thanks, everybody.
Thank you. Rock and roll.
- Thanks, Lou.
- Love you, pal.
Missed ya, buddy.
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