Rugrats (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

The Bubbe and Zayde Show/The Perfect Myth

Dog Monster is eating up
the whole Empire City!
We gotsta stop him!
Stu per Twin Powers!
I wish someone woulda told me
a'fore we started
playing this dog monster game
that there was a dog monster
in it!
Quick, Chuckie,
what's your stuper power?
Running and hiding?
Mostly hiding.
Don't worry, Chuckie.
My stuper power will protect us!
Whoa, Tommy's got
flying powers!
Come on, kids.
It's time to take a picture.
Daddy, can I play
with your phone?
I wanna practice my poses
for the picture.
Sure, princess.
Wait, here, take Mommy's.
Just a reminder,
this is the official portrait
for my city council website.
I'm rebranding myself
with a new slogan:
"Charlotte Pickles,
Of the People."
That's where you all come in.
You're people.
I mean, Jonathan?
Mm hm! You are.
Also, we couldn't get real
people on such short notice.
Okay, I need to get into
a super creative head space,
so I'll call you when I'm ready!
Mommy, those drooly babies
aren't gonna be in the picture
with me, are they?
We don't discriminate
based on age or attractiveness!
I gotta draw the lines
at drooliness.
Dog Monster's leaving,
We can go back to fighting
grime and saving nice grandmas!
Hey, babies! What'cha doing?
Hi, Angelica!
We're playing stuper-heroes.
Wanna play?
Love to. Can't.
I just came to tell you that
you're not gonna be
in my mommy's picture after all.
Too bad.
My mommy says
I look 'dorable in pictures.
Why can't we be
in the picture, Angelica?
It's truly sad, Finster,
but the picture's
only for peoples.
And everyone knows babies
aren't peoples.
- She's got a point.
- I'm good.
Wait a minute, Angelica.
Babies grow up to be peoples.
That is usually true,
Susie Carmichael.
But not you babies.
If we're not gonna be peoples,
uh, what are we gonna be?
Well, since you asked, Tommy,
I'll show you.
Here's how we all look now,
But watch.
Gaze into the Future Maker
and see what life
has in stores for you!
Wow! I'm gonna be a Spike!
Ooh, oh! Me next! I knew it!
Move, Phillip, I wanna look!
The future!
I don't know if I wanna
see the future.
- It'll be okay, Chuckie.
- The future's not scary.
Ah! A ghost! Oh. It's me.
Hey, if I'm gonna be a ghost
when I grow up,
now I really
can turn invisdible.
Susie, look!
Oh, I'm so excited.
I wanna be something stuper.
I'm gonna be a what now?
The Future Maker doesn't lie!
So now do you see why you
can't be in my mommy's picture?
Because you're never,
ever gonna be people!
Have fun playing, babies!
- Dog Monster's back!
- And he's hungry.
This time, we gotta stop
Dog Monster once and for all!
- I'm Dog Boy!
- I've got doggy running power!
- Don't worry, Tommy!
- Rainbow rocket to the rescue!
Got you covered, Lillian!
I'm Laser Mouth, and I'll use
my alium laser power!
And time for me
to turn invisdible.
Just call me Chuckie the Ghost.
- I'll stop him!
- Hey, Dog-Monster!
I'm, uh never mind who I am.
Just try and get through my,
uh, my uh, taco shell?
Stop smelling me, Spike.
I was gonna use
my stuper-shield,
but I'm a taco now,
and I don't think
tacos have stuper powers.
Tacos do lots a stuper things!
Yeah! Lots a things!
Like, like, um, Chuckie?
Lil. How should I know?
Oh, I got it!
Tacos can throw themselves
at bad guys and knock 'em over!
Wait, no. That's hamburgers.
See what I mean?
What can a taco do,
besides fold?
I'm just gonna sit over here
and try to think of some
stuper-stuff, okay?
You just keep playing.
I know they're
both good sides,
but which is my best side?
I can't believe I put my
good sweater vest on for this.
I can't believe
I put pants on for this.
Daddy, when are we
gonna take the picture?
This is boring!
I know, princess.
But Mommy needs her picture
to be perfect.
Just like her.
Thank you, Drew.
You've just given me
a brilliant idea.
Jonathan, is there any way
you can just suggest
the presence of people
in this photograph?
But it's really all me?
- Hey, Foster!
- You came to see me.
You Musta knowed I was sad.
Everyone's playing
stuper heroes 'cept for me.
'Cause I'm a taco now.
Don't laugh.
Trust me, there is nothing good
about being a taco.
I can't run fast like Tommy
or disappear like Chuckie,
or shoot laser beams like Phil
or rainbows
outta my butt like Lil.
Aw, you don't care
if I'm a taco or not.
You love me the way I am!
We did it, stuper-babies!
We conquered Dog Monster!
My doggy powers tolded me that
he just wanted a belly rub!
I guess it's finally safe
to be a ghost that you can see.
I spokeded too soon!
- It's Mega Puppy!
- Dog Monster's evil sidekick!
Maybe we just need
a great big bone!
But our stuper-powers
aren't enough
to stop
Dog Monster and Mega Puppy!
Laser Mouth to the rescue!
So much for burping lasers.
I thought this being invisdible
would stop this kinda stuff
from happening to me.
We're in a tight spot,
I may not have
a stuper-shield,
but I'll just have to find
my taco powers.
Over here, doggie-breaths!
- The name's Tuesday!
- Taco Tuesday!
And guess what, doggies?
I'm the yummiest of them all!
Yum! Yum!
Hey, what happened to that
bag of chips I just opened?
Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!
Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! Yum!
Do your thing, stuper-babies!
Come on, come on, come on,
Mega Puppy.
C'mere, c'mere, c'mere.
Oh yeah, yeah!
C'mere. Aww.
Taco Tuesday saved the city
from mass distraction!
Thank sevens!
I figured whether I'm a baby
or a peoples or even a taco,
I can still help my friends.
I think maybe
the Future Maker was wrong.
We can be whatever we want
when we become peoples!
Okay, props!
Ah, I mean, people!
Picture time!
Huh? Huh? What?
Looking fabulous,
Ms. City Councilperson!
Now, everyone, listen up.
On the count of three,
let's all say,
"Charlotte Pickles:
Of the People!"
Uno, two
For heaven's sake, Jonathan,
just take the picture!
Am I am I even
in this photograph?
I said I wanted to be
"of the people,"
not "behind the people!"
Jonathan! Find me at once!
- Um, right away. Uh, okay.
- That's you, behind that baby.
And there's a bit of your arm
next to that man
who I am certain
must be your husband.
And isn't that
your designer shoe
that dear little Angelica
is standing on?
Wait, I'm a what?
Run, Reptar! Run!
Reptar, no!
That rock's too high,
even for you!
Whoo-hoo! Yay!
She's fierce. She's fashion.
She's serving up some sassin'.
She's Cynthia!
We were watching
"Reptar in Space"!
Sorry, Tommy.
Tell that to Duffy.
He changed the channel.
- I heard my name.
- May I assist you?
- You already did, Duffy.
- Thanks.
Now we'll never know
what Reptar was gonna do
with that bowling ball.
Is Angelica gonna be here
for the whole sleepover, Tommy?
I think so, Lil.
But we can still have fun
without Reptar.
Or we can play
with my Reptar doll!
That works.
Your knees?
My company
has a pill for guys your age.
The only side effect
is webbed feet.
- Nah, you can keep your pills.
- Thank you.
- Head's up!
- Hey. Whoop! Ah! Huh?
Good catch, Spike!
Well, hi!
Fine, fine. And you?
Tonight? I mean, sure.
Come over whenever you like.
Yeah, see you then.
Huh. What was that all about?
Probably Yoga Jake coming
over for a wheat grass smoothie.
My daddy and me packed this
special for tonight.
Here's Mr. Tippy Cup,
my blankie,
and bestest of all
Oh, no. He's not here.
Reptar's not here!
He's gotta be. Feel again.
Both hands this time!
Guys, I fee led all over,
and the only thing
in here is this!
What's that?
This is the button I push
to make Reptar's
space helmet light up,
but now there's no more Reptar!
Are you sure
you broughted Reptar?
Now, remember Chuckie,
your backpack's
got everything you need
for the sleepover, okay?
And if you get scared
when it's bedtime,
Reptar will keep you company.
- But now he's not here!
- He's gone.
Hold on, Chuckie.
Reptar's never been here
at night a'fore.
Maybe he's just lost.
I bet he's out there right now,
looking for you too.
Oh, Angelica.
Could you open this door
for us, please?
Then we'll get outsta your hairs
and not make any more noise.
Tommy Pickles,
that's a better deal
than donuts for dinner.
Cynthia, I can't help thinking
that was not
a 'sponsible thing to do.
Honey, can you change
the light
over the She-Shed next?
We're going to be out here
all night
making 150 scrunchies
for tomorrow's Hair Fair!
- Got you covered, Deed!
- Have fun.
- Stu, this is not about fun.
- I'm working.
Ah, who am I kidding?
Pulling a scrunchie-making
all-nighter is super fun!
Hey, bro, carry this over
to the She-Shed
while I test this light.
Carry? No.
That sounds like
Reptar's roar!
It's coming from over there!
The spaceship!
I'm here, Reptar! I'm here!
Oh no. We're too late.
Reptar's gone back to space.
- Don't be sad, Chuckie.
- He'll be back someday.
But what if he doesn't, Lil?
I didn't even
get to say goodbye.
Hey. Oof.
Fine. But just once.
I'm doing important work here.
Celeste, hi. Come in.
Hey, that's not Yoga Jake.
Did someone lose this
little guy?
- Uh, oh, thanks.
- That's Chuckie's. I'll take
- Hello!
- Hi!
Oh, uh, Celeste, these are
my sons, Stu and Drew.
Boys, this is Celeste.
Nice to meet you both.
- Likewise.
- Dad, can we talk to you?
- Now?
- Yes, now.
Please, make yourself at home.
She's fierce! She's fashion!
Who are you?
- A friend of your grandpa's.
- You must be Angelica.
Hm! He's told me all about you.
That would take a pretty long
time, Miss Grandpa's Friend.
Did he tell you
about my best friend too?
She doesn't usually get along
with Reptar lovers.
You mean Cynthia?
Wildlife veterinarian,
race car driver,
and star of her own TV show?
- Finally!
- Someone who understands us!
What're you looking for,
Something that will
cheer up Chuckie.
Oh, don't bother.
All I want is Reptar,
and he's gone.
Oh, there's so much I wish
I coulda tolded him.
Like don't drink from a juice
box when you're walking.
And never put marshmallows you
bited already in your pocket.
Got it!
It's Mr. Mikey-phone!
Cynthia uses one
to sing louderer on her show.
Now alls we gotsta do
is go outside
and find a high-up place.
Then Chuckie can say
"goodbye" to Reptar!
A high-up place?
- Where'd you meet her?
- How'd you meet her?
Does she make good chili?
Sorry, searching
for the perfect recipe.
- Is this a date?
- Answer the questions, Dad!
At the park, we got
to talking at the drum circle.
I'll get back to you
on the chili.
And I hope not,
because I haven't had a date
since your mother passed away.
- Then it's about time you did.
- Mom would want it that way.
And we're gonna help you!
We are?
I mean yes,
we're gonna help you.
How're we gonna do that?
She's fierce.
She's fashion.
She's serving up some sassin'.
She's Cynthia!
You sing almost as good as me!
- Thank you.
- I think we nailed it that time.
Ugh. Chuckie's Reptar.
You think Chuckie loves him
as much as you love Cynthia?
Well, like I said,
Cynthia's my best friend.
But Finster does love
that dumb toy.
Well, why don't you
do a good thing
and bring Reptar back
to Chuckie?
Oh, all right.
But don't go away!
I got lots more songs!
Hi, Grandpa!
Cynthia likes your friend.
Me, too, Daffodil.
Tommy Pickles.
You're telling me I gotta climb
all the way on the roof
so me and Mr. Mikey
can talk to Reptar up in space?
Chuckie gets to have
all the fun!
This is not fun, Lil.
It's hard. And scary.
You can do it, Chuckie.
Here. You're gonna need this.
My button!
Oh, I should've
never throwed it down.
Even though Reptar left
without saying goodbye,
he's still my friend.
But you're my bestest friend,
And if you say
I can climb up there, I can!
Right this way.
Yeah. Here you go.
You think this makes up
for wrecking his car
in high school?
Ah, come on.
I'm sure Pop's forgotten
all about that by now.
Besides, that reservoir
came out of nowhere.
Now where are
those dumb babies?
Resting, one, five, three!
Sounds great, Chuckie!
Reptar, it's me, Chuckie.
I guess you had
to go in a hurry.
I hope you're okay
and you're with your friends.
You might love being in space,
but if you ever wanna come back,
I'll be here.
I just want to say goodbye.
So goodbye, Reptar.
Hi, drooly babies!
I don't got time
for returning stuffs.
And whenever I wanna
say hello, I'll do this.
Hang on, kid!
Well, that was a close one.
I wonder what
you were doing up there.
Whoa, Pop!
That was totally, uh
Oh, ho! You came back!
I told you Reptar was looking
for you, Chuckie.
He just needed to hear you.
Now I've got even more respect
for professional
scrunchie makers.
Oh, Betty,
what's going on over there?
Celeste, would you care
for a cupcake?
Oh, Lou.
Thank you.
Klasky Csupo.
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