Rugrats (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

The Big Diff/Final Eclipse

Hi, Tommy. Look who's here
It's Sid the Sock!
Ooh, are you the cutest
grandson I ever saw?
Are you footloose
and fancy free?
Step aside, Sid.
Selma Sock wants to play
with her bubbelah too.
You wanna dance?
Not much, Betty.
Just labeling
my food storage containers.
That's brilliant.
This morning, I fed the twins
dried lentils instead of cereal.
They ate 'em, but still
not my finest hour.
Is that Tommy?
Yes, Tommy has a video call
with my parents in Florida
every day after snack time.
Twenty one mixed kale fusilli.
Can you come
do my kitchen next?
Tommelah, it's me,
Bubbe Soup Bowl.
Where's my spoon?
- I don't see any spoon.
- Do you see any spoon?
Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.
It's nap time, Tommy.
Wave bye-bye
to your Bubbe and Zayde!
See you real soon, Tommelah.
Love you!
Snack time!
Who wants Reptar Space Puffs?
Guys, guess what?
It's almost time to watch
"The Bubbe and Zayde Show."
Hmm, I never saw
that show before.
What's a Bubbe and a Zayde?
Are they fluffy kitty-pillars?
No, they're
my grandma and grandpa.
They live inside a thing
called the Florida.
The show comes on every day
after snacks-time.
You guys are gonna love
"The Bubbe and Zayde Show."
Is there a Stu and a Didi
at this location?
Because we're here!
Oh, we made it, finally!
Boris? Minka?
Uh, hello.
Mom? Dad?
Weren't you supposed
to be here tomorrow?
Oh, you know
your father doesn't like
to be late for a flight,
so we got to the airport
a little early.
By a whole day?
Could you blame me?
I want to see
my only grandchild!
Boris, you're scaring him!
What are you talking about?
He knows his Bubbe and Zayde,
don't you, Tommy?
Look what I got for you.
It's for Hanukkah.
Well, okay,
so it's a little early.
Ah, cheap batteries!
Now our only grandchild
will think we don't love him!
Tommy needs
to get to know you, that's all.
Give him time.
Stu, why don't you show
my parents your new workshop?
My dad's garage is now
my professional inventing space.
Oh, and I've soundproofed
the workshop.
Now when something
explodes in here,
no one else can hear it!
Ha! Just kidding.
I'm sure that was a one-off.
What's this thing?
That is so dangerous!
What if the baby
crawled in here?
Not to worry, Minka.
Got that covered.
It's my new
Garage Lock-out invention!
A child-proof security door
you can only open
with a special numerical code,
and by pushing these
colored buttons in sequence.
Let's get you settled in.
You can sleep in our room.
We'll bunk with Tommy
for a few days.
I could use a nap.
We got up at 3:00 a.m.
You know, to be sure
we packed everything.
Guys, these peoples
can't be Bubbe and Zayde.
How could they even
fit in the Florida?
They're too big!
Maybe they growed up
since the last time
you saw the show?
Maybe, but these peoples
don't sound like them, neither.
It might be them.
Grandmas and grandpas
always bring presents,
and they brought you that, um
I wonder what this toy is.
Whatever it is,
it needs a nap.
Phil, that's it!
When my studriver gets sleepy,
my Daddy puts in new batteries,
and then it goes back to Norman!
So maybe Bubbe and Zayde
just need new batteries.
How could your parents
come a day early?
We're totally unprepared!
I know!
All we have is quinoa
and Reptar Cereal.
Maybe we should make
a quick run to CheapCo.
It's Free Sample Tuesday!
I'll ask my dad to watch
the kids so we can both go.
- Hey, Pop!
- What?
The ghost is clear.
Just one slice of cheesecake.
What's it gonna hurt?
Maybe we can put
some batteries under here.
No batteries in this shoe,
just a sock
With eyes!
Oh, now I gotta worry about
socks lookin' at me
when I sleep.
That's not a regular sock,
it's Sid the Sock!
He's on
"The Bubbe and Zayde Show!"
I wonder why he's not talking.
when my Mommy is sleeping,
I do this to her nose,
and she talks.
Well, we tried.
Time to go play with our toys.
Chuckie, that's it!
If they're Bubbe and Zayde,
they can't do their show
because they don't gots
all their fun stuffs with them!
Come on, we gotsta help them!
I slept like a rock!
Aren't you glad
- we came a little early?
- Here they come!
When I give the 'ficial signal,
Get ready to give them
all the fun stuffs.
Oy, what a mess.
But these babies are so cute.
I never want
to go back to Florida!
who needs it!
Oh, wow!
I forgot about Tommy's new toy.
Maybe Stu has some batteries
in his high-tech new workshop.
I think I saw a vacuum cleaner
in there, too.
Did you hear that, Tommy?
They're never going back
into the Florida!
Even with all the fun stuffs,
"The Bubbe and Zayde Show"
won't come back
Maybe ever!
In all the months
I've knowed Tommy,
I never sawed him
like this before.
We need the secret code.
Our son-in-law, the genius.
The man's tool organization
is a mess.
Boris, open the door already.
I can't!
He must have installed
the baby-proof door backwards.
We're locked in!
- We're stuck!
- Help, let us out!
Call Didi, she'll let us out.
Oy, Where's my phone?
Maybe it's in
your other pocket.
I just checked all my pockets.
You might have missed one!
I don't know my own pockets?
Maybe we can find Tommy's
for-real Bubbe and Zayde
in the Florida,
and they'll cheer Tommy up!
I think the button is
Try this one!
Ooh, I love a button!
Maybe it's this one?
What are you guys doing?
We're making the Florida work!
That's the phone!
Hold still,
the phone is in your purse.
It's Tommy!
Our grandson called us!
Tommelah, darling,
Bubbe and Zayde need your help!
See the door?
It's locked.
Go get help.
Find Mommy!
Where's Mommy?
Borie, he doesn't understand.
Babies know much more
than you think.
Tommy laughed at all my jokes.
Babies will laugh
at soap bubbles.
Tommy, look who's here!
It's Sid the Sock!
I need help!
Go, bubbelah!
Go and get help!
Get Selma Sock.
I don't have her.
I wear footies for travel!
Then get the footie fairy.
I don't think this is the time
to be introducing
new characters.
It's me Bubbe the Soup Bowl!
That purse holds more
than our first apartment.
we can't get outta here.
I think your Bubbe and Zayde
wanna get out of the Florida
Why? They're funnier in it.
Maybe, Phil.
But they're my
Gramma and Grandpa so
a baby's gotta do
what a baby's gotta do!
Bup bup bup,
I'll take that, sprout.
Boris? Minka?
Boris, look.
The barefoot hippie is here!
Lou, help!
We're locked inside
Stu's workshop!
- Finally!
- We're free!
Ah, now who's
the barefoot hippie?
Mom, Dad, we're home!
And I brought you some
meatball samples!
They had a wonderful time,
but they're back home now.
They decided to call
a little later
when all the babies
can see them
- Hi!
- It's Sid the Sock!
- I'm here!
- And his new friend,
the footie fairy!
Hello, kiddies!
Boris, give me some room.
I think you got a little
Last one!
Victory will be mine!
Oh, no, you don't.
Hey, this one's about
the God of Tricks.
Whoa, he wasn't playing around.
Don't stop, Randy.
If Stu wins,
we'll never hear the end of
Now we can tell the story
of Stu Pickle-us.
A smart, funny, and handsome man
who ate more tubs
of Greek yogurt in one month
than either of his friends,
putting him one step closer
to winning
their Gut Health Challenge!
Victory lap!
Now, you get some yogurt tubs,
and you get some yogurt tubs,
and you all get yogurt tubs!
Uncle Stu!
I put all these raisins
in this cup thing
like you asked me.
Hello? Museum of Art?
I'd like to report
a masterpiece!
Gentlemen, feast your eyes
on The Golden Raisin Cup.
Great job, Angelica!
Can you hold on to this
till the end of our competition?
Yeah, sure, Uncle Stu!
Okay, fellas.
One of us will claim the trophy,
after the final test:
To see who
can do the most sit-ups.
Oh, Stu?
Charlotte said
she'll join the sit-up contest,
so just wait until
she's finished on the phone.
Aw, man.
I bet Charlotte
can do more sit-ups
than all three of us combined.
Losing's not so bad.
Look at me, I'm happy,
and I've never won a single
competition in my life.
Chas, you are both
an inspiration
and a cautionary tale.
Hiya, Spikey!
Whatcha smelling?
There must be some yogurt
left in these cup thingies.
You look thirsty,
God of Building Stuffs!
Want something to drink?
- Sure, God of Juice!
- Whatcha got?
Well, grape, of course.
And apple.
Sometimes I get
a request for cranberry.
Where's my juice?
I love being
the Goddess of Playing Tricks!
Phillip, I do not wanna hear
any more toots
from that flute.
Ha! She thinks the toots
are coming from the flute.
Who are you talking to?
My butt.
What are you doing, Spike?
Hey! Watch it!
I played a trick on you.
You dumb babies almost
ruined the most precious
the world's ever seen.
Jonathan, "no free shipping"
is not a final answer.
It's an invitation to negotiate!
You're welcome.
Mommy, Mommy, look!
What is it, sweetheart?
Mommy has a sit-up contest
to dominate, and
Ugh, is this the trophy
Uncle Stu made?
Not everyone has the creative
vision that you and I do.
That's right, Mommy!
Uncle Stu's trophy is so
Let's call it
a starting point.
It's like I always say:
Either make something perfect,
or don't make it at all.
Now that's
a perfect work of art.
It is perfect!
And I won't let anyone wreck it!
That's my little girl boss.
Now, time to go
crunch my way to glory!
Listen to this story!
"Once upon a time,
a man with wings
went shopping for some clouds!"
I'll tell you babies
a Greek "miffology."
Once upon a time,
some dumb guy with feathers
did some stuff,
but nobody cared because
something way better was
happening somewhere else.
Gods and monsters
from far and side
I am the Goddess of Perfect,
and this is my Golden Cup!
It's the most perfect cup
on Mount Everywhere,
and we're gonna make sure
it stays perfect.
Hey, Spike-asus!
Put me down!
You can stop me
from telling stories,
but you can't stop me
from playing tricks!
No one plays tricks
on the Goddess of Perfect!
We'll see how funny
you think you are
when you're vanished
to the None-der World!
Um, Goddess Angelica?
May I offer you a little juice?
It made me feel better
after the Goddess of Tricks
played the same trick on me.
And you didn't warn me?
Into the None-der World
with you too, Juice-Boy!
Now, you both stay in there
until I say you can come out,
or else!
And you!
Put those baby eyes to good use
watching the Golden Raisin Cup
so nothing happens to it!
Oh, what can I do
in this game, Angelica?
You can build me a temple,
'cause a goddess
as perfect as me
has to have something
built in her honor.
- Come on, Stu.
- Come on, Stu.
Stu, sweetheart,
are you all right?
Sure, just doing
a high-intensity workout
with a belly full of dairy.
Chas, you're like
a machine over there.
How is this so easy for you?
Well, the breath control
comes from playing oboe.
And, gee,
I guess I never realized
how much a lifetime of sneezes
really blasted my abdominals!
And build it extra tall!
And extra fancy!
It's like I always say
Either make something perfect,
or don't make it all.
Goddess of Perfect,
I was wondering,
does bad stuffs happen
if we don't make things perfect?
Oh, ye young
Just keep lugging
those heavy rocks.
Tommy looks thirsty.
Think the Goddess of Perfect
will let me out
of the None-der World
for just a minute
to bring him some juice?
Let me think nope.
But watch me play
my biggest trick of all!
I sawed that, Lil-Monster!
Oh, your one big eye
just blinked!
I win!
Time for a little
victory goat dance!
I did not blink, Phillip!
Asides, I can hear stuff
and watch the Golden Raisin Cup
at the same time.
I can even watch it like this.
So? I can watch it like this.
Doodly doodly doodly doo!
What do you want?
I was just looking
at the God of Juice's cup,
and I thought you should know
that it is way more beautiful
than your Golden Cup
Which means the most
perfect cup is in here!
are you out of your mime?
I don't believe you!
But, just in case, lemme see!
No one's allowed to have
a more perfect Golden Cup
than mine,
so you give that juice cup
to me right now!
Now for the graham finale.
Oh, no! The door isn't opening!
Pull harder!
Look what you made me do!
I'm sorry, Angelica.
I was just trying
to do a funny trick.
- Here, I'll help fix it.
- No!
Don't touch it!
You wrecked everything!
You're doing great, Chas!
Thanks, sweetie.
Here comes the trophy, buddy.
Keep your eyes on the prize!
Uncle Stu, wait,
it's not ready!
My mommy said
to keep it perfect!
Maybe one of these stories
will give us an idea.
These guys in funny hats
had to save
their friend's gold blankie
from a tree monster.
So maybe we could
Uh, Tommy?
grab one of these tubs.
We're gonna go out there
and try to make
that Golden Cup perfect again,
'cause if there's one thing
I know about gods,
and goddesses, and monsters,
it's that they never give up!
Put on your helmets
and follow me!
Come on, Angelica.
- Go away.
- But you have to try.
I don't have to do nothin'.
What if it doesn't work?
Well, it's still
gonna be a good story
and end up on the side
of a yogurt tub some day!
All right,
but only if Goat-Boy
stops all that flute tooting.
You got this, Chas.
Hey, what keeps you in the zone?
athletically speaking, Randy,
I've never been "in the zone."
But if you mean what keeps me
focused and motivated,
I tell ya playing the oboe.
Then your oboe you shall play!
If you think
a silly little instrument
is going to intimidate me,
you have another think coming.
Oh, Charlotte,
let the man have his woodwind.
All right, here we go.
Allegro. Con. Spirito!
Charles, you're doing it!
Go, go, go!
I'm not giving up
without a fight!
- Come on!
- Go Chas!
- Go, go!
- Yeah!
- Come on!
- You got it!
You can do it, Angelica!
Okay, uh,
this one was here.
And I think this one
looked like this.
Fine, you win!
Stop rubbing it in with your
dulcet stadium anthem!
You did it, Chas.
The first thing you've ever won!
The Golden Raisin Cup is yours!
No, if I even touch a raisin,
it'll be hives
on top of eczema for days.
Here, Mommy.
It's not the way you made it,
but I still wanted
to give it to you.
Oh, raisins!
Oh, thank you!
Mommy's so happy!
You are?
But the trophy's not perfect.
Oh, darling.
Nobody can be perfect
all the time,
not even Mommy.
That doesn't leave this lawn.
Now we know what happens
when we don't
make stuffs perfect.
Everybody's happy!
And now we know tricks don't
always turn out to be funny.
but sometimes they are funny.
I'll get you for this!
Klasky Csupo.
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