Rugrats (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

Great Minds Think Alike/Betty and the Beast

Oh, Cynthia, no one's
ever had it worse than me.
It's raining,
and I'm stuck inside
with these dumb babies,
playing their dumb baby games.
- Here, Reptar!
- I made you a snack!
Mmm, good! What is it?
Fresh fried spider legs.
Ah, don't worry, Chuckie.
They're just
pretend spider legs.
I don't know
how you two do it.
Do what, Angelica?
Stay friends.
You act like you're not
a-scared of anything.
Not that I believe that,
but Chuckie's
a-scared of his own shadow.
You're just so
what's the word?
Think about it.
You wear glasses,
and Tommy doesn't.
Tommy wears a diaper,
and you don't.
You have lots a hairs,
and Tommy's a baldy.
I gots hairs!
Okay, not as many as Chuckie,
but I have some.
Real bestest friends
are 'zactly alike.
Take me and Cynthia.
We're both super smart
and dress flabulous
and have yellow hair.
But you're a kid,
and Cynthia's a doll!
Don't listen to him, Cynthia!
The point is, real best friends
like all the same things
and do all the same things.
Are bestest friends
always the same?
Sometimes one gots a bow.
Well, sometimes me and Tommy
do stuffs at the same time.
That's another thing!
Tommy doesn't drink
from Mr. Tippy Cup,
and you do.
Well, he could
if he wanted to.
Ha! I rest my cake.
Come on, Cynthia.
Let's go do
bestest friend stuffs.
Oh, no.
Is that?
Did I leave incense
burning again?
- It's worse.
- I found a gray hair.
How?! Why?!
I'm only 33!
Well, welcome to aging, son.
Someday, you'll be glad
to have any hair
that isn't growing
out of your ears.
Didi, I found a gray hair!
Aw, you're going to look
so distinguished with gray hair.
Like a wise, noble wizard.
No one wants to be a wizard!
I wanna be an ageless elf
with long, flowing hair
and level six powers!
Ah. Hi, Didi. Sorry I'm late.
I ended up really bonding
with my rideshare driver,
and I think I'm invited
to his wedding now.
He found a gray hair.
- Best not to talk about it.
- How could this happen to me?
Aw, Stu.
Getting older isn't so bad.
You get to wear sandals
with socks.
Easy for you to say, Chas.
You're eight months
and ten days younger than me.
Just a kid!
We gotsta show Angelica
that we're the same.
When I say "go,"
say your favoritest aminal.
- Go! Doggy!
- Bunny!
I-I never knew
you likeded bunnies
more than doggies.
Well, yeah.
Um, okay.
How about we say
our favoritest food?
- Go. Nannas!
- Carrots! Aw.
Hey, let's say our
favoritest food
at the same time.
Okay! Go.
Fuzzy bologna!
Well, I'd stay
and offer comfort,
but I've got Chuckie
on a strict schedule.
He's gotta be close to home
for his next potty time.
Yep, we're due for a number two
at 2:00.
Sorry, Tommy.
Gotta take
your best friend away.
- Grandpa, rain is boring.
- Make it stop!
No can do, daffodil.
Rain is Mother Earth's way
of taking a shower.
And between you and me,
she was getting a little funky.
But you can join me.
I'm gonna meditate.
Fine! I'll medicate with you.
Now, close your eyes
and listen to these
relaxing whale songs.
Ugh. Grandpa!
These fish can't sing!
You were totally wrong, Pop.
Day two of being old and gray
is just as bad as day one.
Ah, guess I'll meditate
in the kitchen.
Or make some eggs.
Come on, Angelica.
Morning, Stu. How're you do
It's one gray hair!
You know that'll spread,
Oh, hey, Lucy.
Tommy found some clothes
I was saving for him.
Guess he's experimenting.
Stu threw away
all the Earl Grey tea
because it has "gray"
in the name.
Something's different 'bout you.
'Cause I'm trying to be
more like someone else.
Now I'm just like Chuckie.
Tommy, you can't just
put on some clothes
and ditch your diaper
and say you're like Chuckie.
Why not, Angelica?
'Cause I bet you
still can't drink
from Mr. Tippy Cup!
Yeah, I can! Watch!
See? I did it.
Um, Angelica?
These glasses make you
smell different.
Now what?
Stu, I can't explain it.
Chuckie wouldn't
put on his clothes
or shoes or glasses.
Maybe he's afraid to move on
to the next stage.
I can relate.
Hey, I brought something
to help you out
with that gray hair.
Well, you've had worse ideas.
Uh, Chuckie?
How come you're wearing
a diaper?
'Cause that's what Tommy does!
And he drinks from a bottle
like this.
Why are you trying to be
like Tommy?
So we can be bestest friends!
Where is Tommy, anyway?
I can't see without my glasses.
You two can't even be alike
when you try.
Forget bestest friends
I don't think you can be
friends at all.
Maybe you're right, Angelica.
Everything came out wrong.
'Course I'm right.
I guess this is goodbye.
Uh, he's over here.
Uh, goodbye, Chuckie.
I'll never forget
all the fun times we had.
You two sure about this?
We tried to act alike, Susie.
What more can we do?
Oh, I found another one.
Got it! Nope. Here's one more.
Are you kidding me?!
Well, that took ten years off!
Chuckie? Where you going?
Oh, don't cry, champ.
Chuckie'll be back soon.
Uh-oh. Where's your diaper?
Code yellow!
Well, just goes to show ya,
you can take the baby
out of the diaper
But ya shouldn't.
Roar. Roar!
- Roar.
- Chuckie! Is that you?
- Tommy!
- I haven't seen you in forevers.
How you been?
Uh, 'bout the same as when I
sawed you this morning.
Oh, me too. Ah.
I guess I better go back
to playing by myself.
What's that?
You know, Chuckie,
I been thinking.
We like lots of the same things.
We both like digging
for treasure
and pudding
and "Reptar in Space."
Don't forget ladybugs
and bouncing on the couch
and the moon.
I guess it's not enough
to make us
bestest friends forever.
But we are bestest friends,
So Angelica must be wrong
'bout what makes people
the bestest friends.
- You think so, Tommy?
- Yep!
Now let's open this treasure!
Wha? Huh?
What's this stuffs?
Stu, you gotta see this!
The boys found
our old time capsule.
Oh, man!
I forgot all about
burying that thing.
There's my digital pet ferret.
And it's still alive!
Eh, it lived a good life.
What?! Your old hacky sack!
Rainbow. Head stall.
Toilet stall. Jester!
Yes! I still got it!
That's the Stu I know
and applaud.
Hey, let's play some Doorstop.
I call first game!
Oldest goes first,
that's the rule.
Only by eight months
and ten days!
Come on!
Chuckie, we're gonna be
bestest friends
until we're as old
as our daddies.
Ew, Cynthia!
Look at those gross,
dirty babies.
You two preserve each other!
Ooh. Wow!
Look at this place, Chuckie!
Can't, Tommy.
I gotta keep an eye
on that robot
sitting on my daddy's head.
we've officially made it
to the 20th Annual
"Final Eclipse" Convention.
A whole con celebrating
the best sci-fi movie ever made!
It feels like just yesterday
that we saw "Final Eclipse"
in the theater.
Remember that, Stu?
I got that sour ball
stuck in my palate expander,
and we missed the ending.
Well, nothing's going wrong
today, fellas,
'cause I, Captain Burton,
will do everything to make sure
we accomplish
our main objective:
To have our kids
be the first humans
to see the teaser trailer for
The Next Galaxy"!
We're going
to the next galaxy!
Just like my hero,
General Jade O'Neil,
the best space pilot ever!
And these are her team
The roughest, toughest
space cowboys
and cowgirls in the galaxy!
- Day passes to your left.
- Weekly passes to the right.
The most annoying things
in the universe.
- All right, badges, please.
- Avoid them.
- At all costs.
- Badges. Scan your badges.
We're on a real live
I wonder how we blast
into space.
This is General Jade O'Neil
coming in.
- Do you copy?
- Yes!
We hear you loud and weird,
General O'Neil.
Glad to see you recruits
made it to the
"Final Eclipse" convention.
It's gonna be
out of this world
And on Planet Utera.
Be wary, though.
I heard galaxy gossip
that Evil Lord Crater
may be there.
If you see him,
remember to use the Alpha.
What's the Alpha, Susie?
It's power inside
every peoples and aliums.
You put your hands
on the sides of your head,
and then bad guys crumble
before your eyes.
Does that really work?
Of course, Chuckie!
What do we have here?
A bunch of O'Neil's
space cowboys
trying to leave Earth?
Not today!
Blast them outta the sky,
As you wish, Lord Crater!
Looks like Lord Crater
and his henchmen found us.
And also forgot
that there are cowgirls
on this mission too.
Don't worry my team'll
hold them off.
Good luck, and remember:
The sun never sets in space!
Chuckie, look!
- We're on the alium planet!
- Nope.
I'm not looking till I know
that scary Lord Crater guy
isn't here.
Come on, Chuckie,
you gotta see this!
Nothing like Uterian air, boys.
Feels good to be home.
That's where they're showing
the new movie trailer.
We should go there now
so we can get the best seats.
- That alien just smiled at me.
- I think.
I told you, Chuckie.
The only bad guy is Lord Crater,
but we 'scaped him.
Please present
your intergalactic
identification papers
and tickets.
That is not a problem,
Not a problem. Stu?
- Oh, man. All right.
- All right.
That's one of
Evil Lord Crater's stenchmen.
They're his smelly robot guards
who are huge meanies!
They really are smelly.
Nobody panic, but I may have
lost the tickets.
Randy, do you have them?
It's Captain Burton,
you Borfball!
Let me handle this.
Listen here, hired henchman!
General O'Neil and I took down
your precious
Lord Crater before,
and we can do it again.
Now, you let us in,
or I'm gonna flip
your "off" switch.
I've dealt with a lot
of Captain Burton cosplayers,
but your performance
is the best I have seen.
That being said
I still can't let you in.
Let me try, Captain Burton.
You will let us in.
Um, did you
just try to Alpha me?
Uh, no.
Can't you just let us in?
"Final Eclipse" was such
an important movie to us,
and we wanna share that
with our kids.
Are you really gonna
turn them away?
No tickets, no entry.
Captain Burton
does not fail his missions!
Come and get me,
you toaster oven!
You come back here!
Aw, man, I don't wanna run!
We just made
the stenchmen madder.
Hope it doesn't
make them stinkier.
Aw, I'm sure it's not
that bad, Chuckie.
Our daddies don't look worried.
How long are you
gonna make us sit here?
Just till we talk
to our manager.
When she gets back from her
orthodontist appointment.
Yeah, we're just like
General O'Neil
and her space pilots.
But look! They escaped.
We just hafta find Lord Crater,
use the Alpha on him,
then we'll be the boss
of the stenchmen,
and they'll have to
let our daddies go!
Guess we found him.
Thanks for the sandwich.
Next time, use more mayo.
I mean, uh
I'll see you henchmen
at the screening!
Don't be late!
Now's our chance
to follow him!
Or our chance to stay here
and pretend we never saw that.
There he is!
First, we gotta
disguise ourselves
like General Jade O'Neil
and her space pilots did.
Come one, come all,
to Mordor's Goods.
You wanna walk around
without a costume all day?
I got your aliens,
your Captain Burton,
your Jade O'Neil,
your Borfballs!
- Ugh! Get outta the way!
- Ew, Borfballs.
Who cosplays as a Borfball?
Lord Crater's
across the bridge!
Let's get him!
We're blocked in!
We gotsta cross the bridge.
Too wobbly. I can't.
You know what Jade O'Neil
would say?
"We're in this together!"
- That's it!
- Chuckie, take my hand.
I just have a tiny fear
of plunging to my doom.
Huh. Oh, wow.
This is really working whoa!
Whoa! Chuckie!
Whoa! Help!
You can do it, Borfballs!
Pull up that Borfball!
What show is this?
Shoulda let my daddy
tie my shoes.
Shoulda let my daddy
tie my shoes.
Okay, Susie.
Uh, pull him up on three.
One, five, three!
Lord Crater!
Henchmen! Step aside.
Roger that.
Oh, I love being an evil lord.
Just crushing it!
We can't give up now!
But Susie, we're not cowboys
or cowgirls
or cow babies in space.
We're just bordinary babies.
We may be bordinary babies,
but we're not giving up!
Our daddies need us,
and I'm not stopping
till they're free!
But how, Tommy?
I think I just found a way.
Time to hit the space highway.
The sun never sets in space!
Hey, those
smaller than usual Borfballs
are taking that thing.
The stenchmen saw us!
- Don't worry!
- I'm gonna lose them.
You yarked my booth,
ya Borfballs!
Hang on tights, cowboys!
Hey, hey, hey! N-no!
"Final Eclipse"!
"Final Eclipse"!
We're live in ten seconds.
I am Lord Crater!
No, I gotta be eviler.
I am Lord Crater!
Okay, I am ready.
I am Lord Cra
Okay, what do I do?
Am I what do I
What am I supposed to do?
Code Norg! Code Norg!
Some babies just drove
a go-kart backstage.
- Oh, no!
- Babies!
Where'd they go?
Go with it!
The Alpha isn't working,
Do it for our daddies!
For Earth!
For da uni-berse!
No! Not the Alpha!
- Susie!
- Chuckie!
Um, guys?
Mind blown.
Our kids saved the universe,
and it's all on film!
My little General O'Neil
took down Lord Crater!
I have never been so proud!
Klasky Csupo.
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